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🗯 Forum replies


Any digital nomad surfers here?

by @thierrymeier_ |  | 9 comments

I thought it would be beneficial to have a little directory of digital nomads who surf. While I like to go surf places by myself and meet people on-location, going with fellow digital nomads on surf trips would definitely streamline everything a bit more (less partying, more surfing and working :blush:)

I am originally from Switzerland, currently in the Americas but heading towards South East Asia towards the end of the year (eyeing Sri Lanka, Indo and the Philippines) and then possibly Australia for fall.


Can you name companies (5+ employees) with distributed/nomadic teams?

by @ggeorgiev |  | 12 comments

So far I have:
Buffer, Toptal, Maptia & Upworthy - fully nomadic, the employees & founders are always on the go

Basecamp, GitHub, Mozilla - known for their distributed teams and mobility but majority of workforce still in HQ

Can you help me find more? I am doing research for digital nomads infographic.

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