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Is it possible to become a digital nomad as a Vietnamese citizen?

in Vietnam by @animaniax |  | 3 comments

Hi all!
I was meant to post this little inquiry for some times, and keep skipping due to tight schedule :v.
First off: The name is Toan. Yes, Iโ€™m Vietnamese and non-US/EU citizen :slight_smile:
Second: Is it possible for me to become a full digital nomad?

Iโ€™m aware that itโ€™s never been an easy road. Just wondering how itโ€™d be for non-US/EU citizens like myself.
I have a +5 years background as IT support analyst, with specialties vary from helpdesk technical, Windows OS and system support, IT infra/service management, business analysis fundamental, software project management, to Linux sysadmin and programming (Java/Ruby).
Recently, along with my aims to become DevOps/IT Project Management, I also target to fully independent location, due to new found passions on exploring the world and growing tired of 9-to-6 days.

From what I have observed so far, mates, youโ€™re all/mostly coming from 1st-class nations, either North America, Japan, or Europe. So you have no issues over choosing your path, work remotely or start your own business. While money isnโ€™t really a problem to me (a.k.a I usually require very little accommodation during my backpack travels, only (wireless) internet and clean room, thatโ€™s all), Iโ€™m stuck with the whole visa requirements and other paperwork things. Freelance could be a choice, but I find it is almost impossible finding positions even remotely related with my current skills/expertise. Iโ€™m a non-American, have no EU permitted working visaโ€ฆ Any other options for me? Any idea/suggestion is welcomed.

I donโ€™t need my own business. I only need to strive as IT professional, be able to work anywhere I want.

Thanks for the attention, mates. My apologize if my English is so bad that you have no idea what Iโ€™m writing :v And yes, I understand that all my concerns might sound naive, as Iโ€™m a newbie & only targeting recently.

USD โ”€ $
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