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Where should we go as a family? Manila, Cebu or Bangkok?

in Bangkok, Thailand by @kaizenpreneur |  | 6 comments

Hi all,

I am looking to get some advice from the collective on where to set up a temporary base for 4-6 weeks in either BKK, Cebu or Manila.

I’m looking to spend 4-6 weeks somewhere with my wife and 3-month-old boy as a trial run on being a little more nomadic in work / life balance. In the months leading up to the birth of my son, my work situation become a lot more flexible. So, although I am doing all my work from my home-base, I really am not tied to being here for any other reason than it is where I am at present.

I am keen to spend a few years slow travelling with my family while working as a DM. My wife is open / curious about this but needs a little more experience and convincing, hence a trial run somewhere.

Why these cities?

My wife is a Philippino-Australian so we have family and familiarity with Manila and the Philippines (although neither of us have been to Cebu).

BKK I have been too several times in the last couple of years - we both like the city and have a few contacts there.


  • Relatively safe
  • Not too remote - for hospitals etc w/ a young child
  • A house / condo / decent apartment at a good cost
  • Possibility to hire assistance / nanny
  • As relatively low cost as possible
  • Reliable and as fast as possible internet access

I currently spend time mentor at some of the accelerators schemes in Australia - so I’ll be interested to also explore and network the startup / entrepreneur and nomad communities while I am there. As well as having potential conversations around hiring local staff, either as remote workers or if I come back to open up a business.

By way of a little background, I have a history in digital marketing, internet marketing startup consultancy, mentorship and business advisory services.

Based on the above - which location would you recommend that best fits the criteria? any recommendations on property rental? tips or advice for DCers on the ground?

I’m in BKK for DNX in a couple of weeks if anyone is attending and/or interested in meeting up for a coffee or talking further.



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