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๐Ÿ—ฏ Forum topics


Which Indonesian visa is the most hassle-free for staying there for 6-12 months?

in Indonesia by @david |  | 6 comments

Which Indonesian visa is the most hassle-free for staying there for 6-12 months? By hassle free I mean reasonably easy to obtain, not too expensive, and ideally without frequent renewals. I will arrive in Bali in April 2015.

The visas that come to mind are:

  • 1 year business visa (but the first stay can only be 60 days, any following stay as long as I want?)

  • Half-year sosial visa (but I have to renew monthly and cannot leave for a few days without an exit/re-entry permit?)

  • Tourist visa which I convert into a sosial visa (probably itโ€™s cheaper and more hassle-free to do the sosial right away before arrival?)

Which did you try, and which were easiest? Do I need a local invitation, and what is the easiest way to get one without getting into obligations?

Would anyone be so nice and invite me for a business visa? If yes please PM me, we can talk of course before you agree to help me out on this one.

What I want to do in Indonesia (starting in Bali) is surfing, looking into starting an online business, or โ€˜looking into investment opportunitiesโ€™ (if arriving on a business visa).

By the way, I have an EU passport.


๐Ÿ—ฏ Forum replies


Does international health insurance for digital nomads exist?


by @al_steffen |  | 59 comments

Hey Nomads!

Iโ€™m looking for an international health insurance (no travel insurance) for my nomadic life. It should cover the basic services and at least be accepted in the EU (itโ€™s ok if itโ€™s not accepted in the US as Iโ€™m aware they rarely are). Nice to have: enter into a contract online. Anyone got a good experience or a recommendation?

Thanks in advance!

USD โ”€ $
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