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Danish, fan of AGF, passionate about business and marketing, liberal and a lover of volunteer work. m

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17 Jan '16



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How to find business partners as a nomad?

by @digital  | 17 comments

Hi everyone,

Starting in May 2016, Iโ€™m taking a year and a half abroad to work and develop my online businesses. Iโ€™m making more than 10k dollars per month at the moment from mainly 2 revenue streams. It works well but we all know how things change fast online - thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m always looking to launch new businesses.

We all know how the team is important in each profitable business. Thatโ€™s why I would like to meet other nomads to launch online projects together.

Iโ€™m more a digital marketing expert and have as well some web design + web development skills. My ideal vision will be to rent a house at 3 or 4 (a programmer, a designer, a marketer and an operations/sales expert for instance) and work together on new online projects (eCommerce, saas, or anything else that can be profitable). We can even be more in the house and would work on other/more projects. Because the team will probably be international, our projects can have a quick international scope (Iโ€™m French and I speak English and Spanish as well). We would change our location every 2/3 months to enjoy the nomadโ€™s life :smile:

Do you find my proposition interesting? According to you, how can I improve it?
Or, do you know any other way to find business partners as a nomad?

Thank you very much for reading me,



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