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🗯 Forum topics


When are you using your laptop on battery?

by @jeanbog |  | 10 comments

Hello :smile:

I am going to buy a new laptop, a lightweight one. And I am considering removing the battery as a option to remove extra weight (~350g / ~0,77lbs, I guess).
Because I used to work on my laptop at library, I am not able to image situations where there is no plug.

So, when are you using your laptop on battery ?


How do you manage your laundry?

by @jeanbog |  | 10 comments

Hello ! :slightly_smiling:

I am wondering how do you manage your laundry work flow.

I ask this question because since I investigate the minimalist way of life I only have 4 teeshirts.
So I changed my habits and I wash my teeshirt, my boxer and my socks while taking a shower (takes me 6 more minutes).

How about you ?
Are you reducing your laundry flow, like by wearing merinos wool clothes ?
Are you going to lavomatic one time a week because you have enough clothes for all the week ?
Are you going to lavomatic more often that once a week because you have only few clothes ?
Are you handwashing your clothers ? how and how often ?

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