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Would you try living and working on a sailboat in Lake Balaton, Hungary?

in Lake Balaton, Hungary by @gabor_magyar |  | 9 comments

hi All!

Me and my girlfriend are running a boutique creative agency in hungary (iโ€™m originally art director, and she is from the client service side), our hobby is sailing, and accordingly we just spent our profit on buying a brand new sailboat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We love travelling, so we were not really interested in buying a static house like most of other young couples do.

The yacht is called milky way, sleeps 6 persons (fits 12), has 2 bedrooms, plus one living room w/ kitchen, and one bathroom as well (with shower and toilet of course). She lives on Lake Balaton, at the central marina of Balatonfรผred (the most popular city at the lake). She uses green energy only - she goes with the wind smooth and quiet.

Now iโ€™m thinking if i could combine โ€œpleasure + networking + some businessโ€ by giving the boat for rent for exclusively nomads like you or us:)
Iโ€™m curious if it would be interesting for some of you.

My questions are:
- Would you be interested spending 1-2 (or more) weeks on the yacht?
- Would you prefer more doing it e.g. at the mediterranean sea instead of lake balaton?
- Would you be okay to pay around 1000 usd / week / person? (this price is special, way under the current market)

Let me share some more details:

We are planning to transport the boat to the mediterranean sea next year, where it could be possible to cruise around nice countries and islands (crete, sicily, malta, mallorca, โ€ฆ). Itโ€™s more tempting for me, because i already know balaton very well. Thatโ€™s why iโ€™m asking your opinion. So thanks in advance in case of any comments, questions, or whatever other activity below!:slight_smile:


USD โ”€ $
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