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Outsite provides coliving spaces for remote workers all over the world

Outsite is a network of high-quality co-living spaces around the world for digital nomads and remote teams to live and work.

We asked founder Emmanuel to tell us more about it and the kinds of remote workers that visit his spaces.

How did you come up with this coliving concept?

Outsite is a collection of coliving/coworking spaces in exceptional locations. We host both individuals and teams.

Coworking at Venice Beach

I came up with the concept 2 years ago when I was tired of working remotely and working alone from Santa Cruz. I had a great lifestlyle of mixing surf sessions and work but no social life. So I moved to SF, discovered coworking and loved it. Then I started to miss the beach so I thought it would be good to have a space where I could stay, work and be around like-minded people. I remember I actually put up a fake listing describing the concept on Airbnb and Craigslist and I was surprised by the demand so I did it!

What about your short-stay homes for individuals? Can you tell us more? How many locations do you have at the moment and how many are in beta?

We are currently located mostly in California (San Diego, Venice Beach, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe) but we are expanding fast. We have 2 exotic locations in Costa Rica and Puerto and should open others in the next few weeks. One of the locations we will open this year is one of the most remote locations on earth. We will also target interesting cities.

Outsite Santa Cruz

Any cool stories about people you’ve met in the spaces? What do most people do?

Oh so many! Best part of this business. Some became friends! Some guests met their wives/husbands in the spaces, some found a really cool new job, some others got investments, etc. I would say that we have a good mix of backgrounds now. When we started in Santa Cruz, it was mostly tech people (developers and entrepreneurs) but ever since we opened other locations, we have had a lot of creatives and designers. Also it’s really cool to see some professions that are starting to get into remote work like lawyers and CPAs.

Work and surf at some of Outsite’s spaces

How are your team retreats different from others on the market?

Well, the main difference is that we own our spaces so we can control the experience better. We don’t rely on other’s people homes or hotels. We also carefully curate our partners for the activities and we know the local community.

Are there some activities you’d suggest for team retreats and why would you recommend them?

If we are at the beach, I always recommend surf class as it’s very good for team building. Bonfires are very popular too. We are also experimenting with cooking classes!

Bonfires at team retreats

What’s it like running home-sharing spaces and team retreats? Have there been any challenges? How did you learn from them and how has Outsite changed after these challenges?

Yes, that’s one of the main challenges of our business. We still don’t have a lot of inventory so sometimes it’s challenging to balance both individual and team retreats. Luckily companies seem to book far in advance and individuals book closer to the date. I think we will resolve the issue by simply adding more locations and inventory. Some locations will be more suited for individuals and others for retreats. Both our individual and team retreats complement each other as a lot of times individuals come back and bring their team or vice versa.

Standing desks at Outsite Venice Beach

What are your long-term plans/goals for the future with Outsite?

Becoming a global hospitality brand for this new work & travel lifestyle.

Do you think that there will be an increase in remote teams and remote workers?

Well it’s happening right now. The question is how big and how fast. I really believe it will depend on companies. They need to understand that the new generation want to have more freedom and the ability to work & travel at the same time. More companies need to make that possible for their employees. I am not only talking about fully remote companies but also about getting companies to let their employees enjoy that lifestlyle for a few weeks/ year. I actually cowrote a manifesto with Rodolphe from about it.

Precision Nutrition held a team retreat at Outsite Costa Rica

What are your thoughts on the market viability for coliving spaces?

It’s definitely viable but it’s not easy though as it’s a low-margin business and very capital-intensive if you want to do it well. I see as it as a real estate/hospitality business. It’s not that different from hostels and boutique hotels. Now, can a coliving player do something like what WeWork did for coworking spaces and manage to get a crazy valuation compared to their revenue and number of spaces? I am not sure.

Want to book a stay with Outsite? Get more info on their website. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Disclosure: Outsite has paid Nomad List for advertising and promotion and pays Nomad List commission on bookings.

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Outsite provides coliving spaces for remote workers all over the world

Xiufen Silver interviews interesting digital nomads and helps organize Nomad List's meetups around the world. She's also a successful street style and fashion photographer.
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