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wjxnasqmciefuusdin #_politics1h
I really don't see a path to single payer in the USA just because it is so partisan. You need to the right to even partially accept the idea and for them universal health care is the first step to the hammer and sickle, it's not, but good luck convincing them of that.
ejtfmqhiin #_politics1h
I appreciate that Bernie and his supporters have the positions they do and that some of them may even be good ideas but the primary debate has been occurring in a fantasyworld where Dems have 60 seats so not sure why thatโ€™s worth dividing the party over when there are problems they can actually solve like saving SCOTUS
nscwdzqwneuin #_politics1h
I'm still unsure about your endgame guys. You're talking like everything was going well and moderates can get their way easily while we are headed for 4 more years of Trump, and generally the US system is a back and forth of implementing policies so that the other party can remove it in 4/8 years after for more than 40 years
gvykbmvqpqbin #_politics1h
Maybe I don't have the good vision but I don't see the US getting better overtime
utbxkgtcetpin #_politics1h
So another moderate sucks yeah
kglkvijpjrjkfuhlin #___general1h
yibxbujsle What?
hevgtqoejqhin #_politics1h
Especially a senile one
suxmvbcgin #_politics1h
Our system makes change almost impossible but that isnโ€™t the fault of moderates or any faction. Itโ€™s the filibuster. You canโ€™t do anything without removing and if you did then it would prob give the edge to Republicans b/c they control the senate more often
gcimrcdjnblghqnsin #___general1h
Though it makes sense, it's better to survive, I just thought disney would have way more cash reserves on hand.
qigeumljyvdin #_politics1h
So let's change the system no?
ipbfinhein #_politics1h
You canโ€™t change the senate problem without a constitutional amendment
dauwdbnacytin #_politics1h
fpkgvtboin #_politics1h
And states wonโ€™t give up their power
raswuqxpin #_politics1h
To me the debate is whether youโ€™re voting on the policies that match your personal preferences the most or voting on trying to actually make change, although it may be smaller than you want it
xpbnshjyin #_politics1h
I just donโ€™t see how Bernie can make the case heโ€™s going to start a revolution in the general when heโ€™s losing worse than his big loss in 2016
gccgsezgrrain #_politics1h
Yes he lost, everybody got that. Seems like a lot of people are happy with this
flxolwwidtnin #_politics1h
I still don't get how that's going to be better at the end
ddekzsprin #_politics1h
Do you not think Biden will be better than Trump
nlykjrqftyxin #_politics1h
Oh yes totally
rvyyumxptjnin #_politics1h
A mop would be better
pvpikhgggwhin #_politics1h
But I don't think Biden will win against Trump, since we're talking about electability
jpzxltndtoftvxmyin #_politics1h
Bernie didn't have a better chance IMO.
xasywxrcin #_coders1h
AirPods aren't bad. I use them with Android.
xiawkgyyin #_politics1h
But 2018 and the primaries demonstrate that Democrats want a center-left candidate
mueslptkin #_politics1h
The left didnโ€™t flip any seats in 2018
jsvirantlrpin #_politics1h
Being better != being good

As I said, I don't see the endgame with another moderate, it will be better for a few years, maybe pass a few policies that will stick, and then it's back to 0
jhlcucztdnsin #_politics1h
-2 in some cases
vpxgtmhkin #_politics1h
The same would be true if Bernie was elected
oeamuiglin #_politics1h
probably worse b/c I think it would be worse down ballot
upsipxutctgin #_politics1h
I don't know how acting to change the broken system would be worse than keeping it as is
jvnlesrmin #_politics1h
How would Bernie solve the senate issue? Nobody can
qvlaenmrvspkodsxin #_politics1h
That's how the whole system is supposed to work. The left throws something out there and if it works, it works, if it doesn't it get changed or rolled back. It's controlled evolution but in order for it to work progressives need to do one big thing at a time, if they try to do multiple big things there will not be the will for it and it would also cost too much.
pvntlnfuzdiin #_politics1h
pvchdmfxvqtexyasf Sure I get that, but I don't see it going in the way of democrats the last few years
zgwolgedicvin #_politics1h
Except Medicare maybe
hevskriwmdkin #_politics1h
Republicans have so much their way that gerrymandering, voter suppression is not an issue anymore (as in they won, it's done)
dyfgfmicin #_politics1h
Yeah like I share the pessimism about the governmentโ€™s ability to reflect the will of voters but I just donโ€™t see how Bernie and the like are a solution to that problem with their lack of electoral success
vquxvqhmpwbin #_politics1h
I can understand ๐Ÿ™‚
zskabcmjwqbin #_politics1h
I will try to keep being optimistic and rooting for changes, even too big
dxulxiruin #_politics1h
bwykiflhhumin #_politics1h
It's not even my country ffs
equuiypormuoihdwin #_politics60min
IMO the left should focus on minimum wage first, and only that. It's insane that nearly half the country makes under $15 per hour.
iljldtkjrftlgjssin #_politics59min
and if they focused on only that I am sure they could make the economic case for it to some on the right.
qdlhfqosinhin #_politics59min
That might be a better strategy yes, making the people realizing the policies are actually for them (which I don't think is the case right now)
hgtpymuynmfin #_politics59min
But of what left are we talking? You either have single persons like Bernie, or... nothing
yvlzwcitvbsin #_politics58min
The DNC is not left, it's etablishment
dtfxpntobjtin #_politics58min
And I don't mean it in a "DNC is not left enough" way, I really have serious doubts they actually want those policies implemented
ahpstdwgin #_politics57min
One of the big reasons I left the U.S. was b/c of the cost of housing and thatโ€™s an area where I think Bernie is particularly bad by advocating for failed policies like rent control
ovjpdcygsbxpicrxin #_politics56min
You don't think rent control works?
usmshmiqin #_politics56min
No it discourages building new housing
qypyivdoin #_politics55min
look at the places like NYC and SF with the worst supply problems. rent control is a big part of the problem
kjnjrscwin #_politics55min
that plus dumb zoning laws
zlrnatdzin #_politics54min
vs many parts of Asia where they build up instead of out/invest in public transit
lwqtpatfyzxcofksin #_politics54min
So your logic was implemented in Toronto. It has failed miserably, rent from when I was there sky rocketed after they dropped rent control but development did increase. There is a couple reasons it doesn't work in big cities.
1. There will always be more demand than supply in big cities
2. It only works if there is an incentive to have renters, if there is foreign money involved, it doesn't work.
sjzujnvquerhuwulin #_politics53min
Canada has a big issue with foreign money buying up real estated.
gpehimutyptmvmin #thailand52min
Ah, bangkok is banning booze too it seems. From tomorrow until the 20th like CM
hhhwvcugin #_politics52min
There are multiple ways that the problem needs to be addressed. Zoning, no rent control, Iโ€™m also in favor of a land value tax to incentivize efficient land use. Iโ€™m not saying rent wonโ€™t go up in cities with high demand, they probably will but at least it alleviates the supply problem
xqfrzqtynbuvgnnzin #_politics52min
Also NYC only has rent control for old buildings or old contracts, new buildings don't fall under rent control laws. I have a friend there who has a rent controlled unit from when he was 18, he pays like $1000/month where all the other units in his building are 6k+
rttllpnouuyin #_politics51min
If people can't pay for it, it doesn't alleviate the supply problem
apycwgqfin #_politics50min
People will pay for it, just not necessarily always the same people
qspchwteuhbozhfrin #_politics50min
Correct there is a math problem. If I have 10 unites and can say get 15k for one, instead of 1k/each, it is better for me to make them all 15k/month. I will make money and pay less in utilities.
wowmsctiin #_politics49min
My endgoal is not to freeze a city in amber so that all the tenants are the same. Itโ€™s to increase supply and keep costs down as much as possible
wazjlewcsdocrfpuin #_politics49min
This is part of the problem with eliminating rent control, you can induce scarcity without rent control, the same way they do with diamonds.
yrilcrtqbotaucbrin #_politics48min
I don't care if the units get rented as long as I get the one rich dude.
vowmtwmiin #_politics48min
yeah I think your example is clearly a bit exaggerated but I donโ€™t have a problem with that really
ygqpagyqqdvrentjin #_politics47min
So you can have entire buildings that are less than 50% occupancy or less in the case of foreign entities where they don't care about rent at all and just want the capital gain in 10-20 years.
txmedntain #_politics46min
Part of why investing in real estate is so desirable is b/c the supply is artificially restrained. If you incentivized high density with a land value tax and removed the other artificial supply problems that begins to look less attractive
vuiqurygbxrin #_politics44min
Housing is a basic need, it doesn't have to be attractive
eltnacjvin #_politics43min
Food is a basic need but I donโ€™t want the government putting price caps on the market
bcuveriyvkcwkczyin #_politics43min
Keep in mind, this is with rent skyrocketing.
vkvkybqyoksin #_politics43min
As long as all the people can eat I don't care either
blmbtryyzzncxtbkin #_politics42min
So essentially they eliminated rent control, rent prices sky rocketed, more buildings were created, and vacancy went up.
sszzculxfbttyrfcin #_politics41min
Without rent control, wealth inequality kicks in and the real-estate will cater to the richest and they no longer care about having apartments empty.
nxkvuxoxrodvgvoain #_politics41min
I also used to think rent control kept rent prices high, it's the opposite.
wrmdylrifepedtoain #_politics40min
Extra Supply != lower rent prices
aiijjoglin #_politics39min
Iโ€™m admittedly not an expert on whatโ€™s going on in Toronto but it sounds like demand is outpacing supply still even with those changes. It seems like what policy you prefer depends on what your goal is. It sounds like you are more concerned about allowing people who are already in Toronto to continue to afford it even if it comes at the expense of new development. I donโ€™t think thatโ€™s sustainable and would prefer to have the market meet the supply problem, unhindered by the government.
ypktksodin #_politics38min
I just donโ€™t see how long-term setting price caps is going to help the city overall. If new people want to come in and are willing to pay more I donโ€™t see why they shouldnโ€™t have a right to compete on equal footing with existing residents
hxrgvvccin #_politics35min
But the idea of vacancies are at least partially addressed by LVT b/c it cuts into the return on the investment
vuygumdein #_politics34min
To me this whole debate is about how early you get into a city, b/c the earlier you get in the more rent control. To me that seems to favor older people like boomers who are often the target of the supporters of rent control
mwikgonrrtrxfgegin #_politics29min
So the market argument is well if you can't afford to live in NYC, Toronto, SFO etc.. you shouldn't live there, it's not for you but ultimately what ends up happening is just the middle gets hollowed out so you end up with either very rich or very poor. A city can function in this way but then you end up with an SFO situation where if you take a wrong turn you see people shooting up on the streets on the way to your expensive mansion.
wisssbebdyntuchcin #_politics28min
A market doesn't have to be fair, a market doesn't necessarily regress to a mean of fairness especially if you have monopolization that goes on.
ntwioaahin #_politics27min
Yeah I mean the wealth gap problem is a big issue and realistically would need to be addressed by far more than just housing
kufsrqsnin #_politics27min
But SFโ€™s policies are extremely beneficial to the older generations who got in early and bought real estate
gtbuuphpin #_politics26min
and sure some people benefit from rent control but I think far more are harmed by the complete lack of new development and restrictive zoning
yuzitjztdgizjycuin #_politics25min
As an investor sure I can say, I don't care if middle class and poor people get kicked out buildings and I only maintain 10% occupancy if get my ROI from that 10%. That is better than being forced by the government to maintain say a 50% occupancy via rent control to get my ROI.

If all you care about is ROI, people don't really matter and it is not a human choice it is a number choices.
uusovjfkin #_politics22min
Yeah I mean not to rehash the entire debate but I think in this case ROI/helping people arenโ€™t mutually exclusive. I just think it comes down to whether new people coming to a city should be able to compete for housing on a level playing field
mpuslvuzwywmsmghin #_politics21min
I know there is this free market philosophy that if there is no government controls everything will regress to some mean and everything will be fair and poverty will be eliminated, but markets are not inherently ethical, ethics can only be imposed through regulation. What happens with zero regulation is you end up with monopolies that induce scarcity.
khzrflsmin #_politics21min
Yeah iโ€™m not a full blown free market guy. I studied economics and very much believe that market failures exist but I think the market + LVT is a good way to solve this problem
uogmwlzyin #_politics20min
LVT in particular addresses monopolization of land
khjzzsnlin #_politics20min
and you could argue that itโ€™s a regulation of sorts b/c itโ€™s the government incentivizing density
iqoftoxqin #_politics19min
just through a market mechanism
yqvsyrudin #_politics17min
The market argument is that we need to look at removing government from the entire process. When you're left with some sort of quasi-free market solution, you're left with problems.

I am talking about the zoning laws. In Toronto, this is a major problem. Government is stifling supply.

Rent controls are a terrible solution and compound the issue. If rent is established at less than their equilibrium levels, the quantity demanded will exceed the amount supplied, and rent control will lead to a shortage of apartments.

So, those that are most negatively impacted by the poor and lower-middle class.

It's the cobra effect. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_effect
btlsijqbaguvrhzpin #_politics17min
It's a challenging problem, if you could set rent control to a point where ROI is still maintained but requires say a 70% occupancy rate this could help stop rents from spiraling out of control but how good is the government at actually figuring this stuff out? Minimum wage in the US is still $7.50 per hour.

When ever you implement any market control you have the huge potential of it to back fire if the market cap is too low, like in venezuela.
bdldqiivjvkttbbwin #_politics14min
Housing is something super basic and if you have no controls it can certainly be abused because people have to live somewhere and the problem is when it comes to say creating massive building it isn't this vibrant competitive marketplace where they compete, there is a small amount of players.
klmizpkxbuyoxsskin #_politics13min
Free markets don't solve anything when the market is three people with all the money in the same industry forming a cartel.
bdsloxzezakwfkewin #_politics12min
Case in point, Canadian telecom.
zzpxlivkin #_politics11min
But this implies that people are forced to live in place X with zero mobility when that's not the case.
ihqrgrrkin #_politics10min
If prices are too high in San Francisco, I can move to Blackfoot, Montana
cvlnlxcfszqfkmcein #_politics3min
Well you have the intelligence and capability to do that. The biggest inequality to me is actually not money, it is education and intelligence. So the underlying debate is what is the responsibility of the intelligent to take care of the less intelligent which is something that you don't really have control over, you get it at birth.

My general world view is let the intelligent and capable compete and then use their excess as a safety net. To me having no regulations on real-estate seems like a really bad idea, look at the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
kaaqvcqhdxin #_covid192s
They are selling to governments like UK and Spain thousands of test kits and they discovered they don't work properly, imagine the quality/reliability of shady Alibaba stuff...
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