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hzjzsjncqin #_bargain-travel6h
But seriously.. you have me on whatsapp and things!
zcdgsnnzhin #_bargain-travel6h
TLDR The noise ratio on NL became unbearable for me, and then there was weird stuff where I was silenced, and a bunch of people I respect had privately let me know they were disengaging from NL and moving the bulk of their communications to groups that avoided the worst of the NL jerks, so Iโ€™ve mostly stepped back from NL too. I do periodically dip my head back in to see if itโ€™s gotten any better around here, especially as some folks (like you) are primarily NL based still.
oeaqlivbain #_bargain-travel6h
When I check my slack activity Iโ€™m always shocked how much time I used to spend on here trying to contribute ๐Ÿ˜‚
orcwzzvgrhxhepboin #___general6h
pvighggcst That was the name of the thing I was looking for.
ftorwntaqin #___general6h
visalist appears to just be a nomadlist clone but consuming some iffy free data source. A quick cross-check shows out of date info.
lpbcsvxerin #_bargain-travel6h
wgdhresvtp Feel like we should be asking how many hospitals/tanks/etc you bought since last time ๐Ÿ˜‚
zvgmfsnoxpfgwzisin #_bargain-travel6h
I joined some telegram groups but they died lol
najmaelpwin #_gear5h
Asus UX 331 UN is not too bad, light, well made, touch pad is annoying crap, but otherwise if moving to windows it won't be bad (well maybe bringing another adapter would suck), I bought one years ago for about 1.1k or 1.3k โ‚ฌ
eyedaupzin #thailand5h
Thatโ€™s a strange rule
sqoszvin #thailand5h
Maybe it has something to do with presenting passport or something (making sure itโ€™s really you)
qlyekvin #thailand5h
In any case itโ€™s kind of a relief since I canโ€™t make it to Bangkok any reasonable time, and need to order custom anyhow
fawidhin #thailand5h
But yeah youโ€™d think if you pick up at the Apple store theyโ€™d be ok
zkgnhenvin #thailand5h
If memory serves me well, last time I wanted to ask for vat refund I had to fill in some form in the store, but that was ~ 3 years ago.
zapmshrevapiin #bali5h
awesome!, will go to jatiluwih, its closer to ubud
pazozwpjin #thailand5h
Yea they wouldnโ€™t let me fill out the form since it was ordered online. I did purchase a power pack to charge the Mac at the Apple store, at the same time, and that they allowed me a VAT refund form for the power pack.
rrrkubfsin #thailand5h
Yea strange rule. I even asked before I ordered but they said no. Itโ€™s stated on the Apple web site too when ordering. I forget the link though.
efsxzlnisin #_bargain-travel5h
I purchased a full respiratory isopod.
ivqojuikein #_bargain-travel5h
but Iโ€™m waiting on shipping
mrsdutjawin #_bargain-travel5h
once delivered I will be effectively fully protected from people, and those around me will be fully protected from me
mccktpfsjin #_bargain-travel5h
shipping wait times are a pita tho
ouhzlsbtoiwefcpin #_politics5h
Well he did get his education at UGA soooo
xtrhzvwgqlntvzxin #_politics5h
(The football player)
tneohlzaxtlsvebin #___general5h
The guy stopped working on it as his project at some point last year (he posted a lot on IH)
glhqlbpxvin #___general5h
interesting. Well itโ€™s $7k/mo of passive and he got a buyout off he rejected, so good job him.
ljnjlzvzahdznhin #_coders5h
For anyone looking for a project to work on and wanting to contribute
rtcbvqwttqjfin #united-states5h
ifdwkrwkvs I love seeing your progression through the Midwest. This summer Iโ€™ll likely be doing a similar journey (by car) from MKE to CHI to Indy to Michigan to see family and friends.
fspeutjjpin #_startups4h
hey sjaqodnyjay congrats on the success! Can't say I've been in your position (yet) unfortunately, but adding more people always felt like a last (but eventual) resort to me. Lambdas are definitely super scalable, and if possible, serving static content behind a CDN is always a win, although it sounds like your API is what's working overtime.
wavlfzqrkin #_startups4h
Automatic prod --> staging database syncs is a clever idea, just don't accidentally send out emails or anything while you're doing staging testing... I've done it. Also I know DO has pretty cheap snapshots
yvobgrnuzin #_crypto4h
just bitcoin U07G2NYE7? Or other coins?
hvgsgudilin #_startups4h
also depending on your stack, if you can any of your APIs to a lambda, it's a pretty big win. You really wouldn't have to worry about any infrastructure.
cbdyqohoein #_startups4h
also monitoring... Sentry's free tier is pretty great, I'd recommend it, and it's easy to add. So nice to get a slack any time anyone hits an error.
mfcamcockcuhqyein #___general4h
Yeah very impressive for a โ€œfun side projectโ€
azhrviqirmbxlukin #___general4h
Life goals
pebvpvhenhmwnin #_freelance4h
I've done my share of that lately, and although I have UI skills I intentionally don't advertise myself that way, so I don't have the authority I need to make it better :(
yweulbtpngin #_startups4h
thanks U6V3LA9PF!
bifxizrin #bali4h
If you feel like driving for longer time you can check Beratan lake as well. Amazing place.
penidjfin #bali4h
It feels like you're touching the sky there :)
lafpbozfhttwqin #_gear4h
Also beautiful
lfnnvmvyqpvagrfin #_politics4h
Anyone hear of this before? />
The messaging I'm hearing is that this should be implemented now but in the long-term we need to do additional police reform.
juhkddxin #_gear3h
as follow-up to my prior complaint about vietnam vpn, they must have duct taped the wire because singapore is blazing good again
vqatryzgjin #united-states3h
My bf officiates motorcycle races and they had their first race up in Wisconsin last weekend. We decided to drive up to avoid flying, and we're taking our time getting back to Birmingham. We knew it would be a weird trip due to Covid, and then all the rioting happened... it's been unique for sure
ugzqxbhsmmmkuin #united-states3h
That's crazy but also kind of cool
vnbccemeggkufin #united-states3h
I'm imagining your trip like the movie Zombieland
lipurqbkmkin #italy3h
Drove from Rome to the Amalfi Coast yesterday and am now in Ravello. The journey was totally normal.
raqrkufrgin #argentina3h
Every province has their own conditions, strict lockdown is only for the capital, surroundings and a couple more provinces
wywgnujoyoluvzpzin #_freelance3h
hgysiatp The easiest way I think to deal with this situation is to get them to define their timelines and tell you when things are going to be finished and if it is long ask why. He probably is slacking, slacking is a cost of doing business but if he quickly back loads the work it can end up being the same cost. If he starts giving ridiculous quotes or taking too long, you will just have to find a new freelancer. Also get him to tell you how many hours he thinks it will take.
hxpptpgygwlikhwrin #_freelance2h
You will find out real quick if he dragging stuff out of you to make more money. If something that should take 15-20 he quotes as taking 80, he is probably dragging on purpose. I find this is a bigger issue with developers who charge too low of an hourly rate, the most honest developers I have worked with all had high hour rates.

I find the moment you start asking about how many hours are being worked you inject distrust and the whole relationship collapses. Going forward you could use something like toptal's time tracker that takes screenshots etc.. of the desktop. If you start off using that you can say it just makes everything easier for paying for work done but asking for it to be used after the fact has the same effect of saying, "I don't trust you."
aqniaziehirmlswain #_freelance2h
More then likely if you ask them why they were slacking, they will come up with some BS excuse that is clearly a lie but if you act like you accept it and then make it more difficult for them to lie in the future, you could get a more honest relationship. They might think they could get away with more lies in which case you will have no choice but to fire them but a lot of times with new relationships there is sometimes a testing phase for people to see what they can get away with, so it can be a difficult balancing act with those types of people.
ocgzfjlsin #___general2h
Hi friends! I just joined and am going to start my nomad-life in august by traveling to tenerife for two month (slowmad I guess?) ๐Ÿ‘‹
twgvvnpin #___general2h
Go as slow as you like, there are no rules!
elfnxzxoebuin #___general2h
I'm from Baltimore originally and then moved to the Bay Area. Next stop not really sure but was leaning towards Berlin
fcsgjvzviin #___general2h
hello U014RDLRS6R. Late-summer canary islands sounds ideal.
qtvbzlqcin #_freelance2h
yrjhgbwz This sounds like you need to have a planning / estimation on your project. Go through the steps the dev takes to accomplish the tasks together and ask for estimations. That way you can easily see if there is a bigger gap or change. That mostly is the case when something is unclear and the dev is struggeling, not slacking off. So ask for needed help/clarification.

However, judging a dev by his estimations vs. spent real time is dangerous in the beginning when you don't have a feeling of how well he estimates (always too low e.g.).

In general you want to have everyone on the same side. You can archive this by including them into your plans. Talk to them about the finished product / the timeline.
fnlsdgvzmevldonjin #_freelance2h
fdgazyvib It's different when you yourself are a programmer and know how long stuff takes and there is a non-trivial amount of developers who will purposefully take advantage of non-technical project managers. This is a bigger issue with lower charging developers, India is notoriously bad for say quoting 12/hour and then quoting 100 hours for a 20 hour job and filling it up with stuff that is unrelated to code. I would say and this is just my experience that developers who are completely up front and honest with their time and estimates are in the minority. The ones who get me stuff done and don't drag stuff out I cherish.
lqqzixarylpdizypin #_freelance2h
I have this one freelancer I work with that charges me something like $150/hour but he consistently comes in cheaper than everyone else. I got 3 quotes from 2 agencies for a particular project that were all for 5k+ and he did it in 6 hours.
nfzefqpqrrztpsluin #_freelance2h
2 quotes were from the same agency because I pushed back.
eglzvjbuin #_freelance2h
Ya that's true. I am a developer/PM myself and have just worked with a handfull of remote freelancers. Knowing roughly how long something should take (at least if you do it yourself) helps alot.
ncuekydycitoqwqpin #_freelance2h
I have had developers back peddle on me in real-time if I play stupid at first and then reveal I am actually a developer. Sometimes it's not about money, sometimes they just want to have it spaced out over a longer duration. That is why I generally prefer milestone payment but it is not always possible. I get it, I can have ADHD and don't want to work on the same thing straight either.
fddyupvgxrjtnjauin #_freelance2h
That's why I am on here right now, I am procrastinating but I do need to do some work. BBL
zpieyquvin #_freelance2h
tlvsulqgin #croatia1h
Thank you! We ended up finding one on the local craigslist! ๐Ÿ˜„
ixrptwsgiixnuyqbin #_pets1h
TIL that there is a Mexican Xolo appreciation FB group...
swsmqxtsehdilbwin #_pets59min
I love that group!
lbsborucnin #_bargain-travel56min
What are your fav travel credit cards for europeans traveling in Asia?
voljsoin #argentina46min
Yeah, where you getting that info from cause I too am pretty sure leaving isnโ€™t possible. Would love if it was true
bqusvvin #argentina40min
What a terrible article title. โ€œcoming out of quarantineโ€ but everything says it is extended lol
qmutmvin #argentina39min
If anyone has official sources that say it is possible to leave the country while still not repatriating I would be very happy!
tsyiqnin #argentina38min
uhakmohauin #___general30min
two months doesn't even qualify as slomad imho ๐Ÿ˜„
zrzfzjhjqin #___general30min
I think "normal" is 1-3 months anything less than that is fast/ultra-fast
xoftqxwkgin #___general30min
6 months to a year is more like it although I've never personally done more than 3 in the same place but that might change
nofbujdqiin #___general30min
other than now, back home, but it's not of my own volition ๐Ÿ˜›
tmzkxodxxin #_money29min
this shit is crazy
swlaohsvgin #_money29min
boeing went to the moon. airlines too
ocreifxyrin #_money29min
and the whole market (except for tech companies) with it
hszmffbubwbjrbein #_money26min
Flash recession?
pjwwdgjin #_money26min
Yeah two days ago Delta was at $25 and today it's touching $40.
upnyupnspin #_money26min
I bought some MGM (vegas hotels and stuff), boeing and norwegian a few days ago and they're all waaay up
foadvxtadin #_money26min
I'm just not sure how long to hold, this ain't gonna last forever
lgowzalwrin #_money25min
would be better to take my gains and put it all into tech stocks and index funds imho
kbnqyrtin #_money25min
There was also a run on Hertz, but I still say they declare bankruptcy soon
hiifnmxhmin #_money25min
norwegian cruise lines i mean
rkockfilkin #_money25min
ah yeah that's nuts too wtf
fmnboombein #_money25min
some big fomo stuff but no idea what it is based on
yrvvpujoxin #_money24min
boeing is up FORTYTHREE PER CENT compared to monday
oggstauwqin #_money23min
and literally all major stock markets seem to be in the green
gzaxidltsfsmwnin #_money14min
yeah, I bought some TUP (tupperware) a few weeks ago and it's up about 300% now
uqldyjqmpin #_money13min
I keep saying I can't wait for the dip to buy in but at this point I'm 50-50 on it
lpjfmnplhin #_money13min
there wil be one but imho not as deep as the unexpected clusterfuck of march
gxyrmnasmsvegein #_money13min
SP500 is so far up was thinking of selling and entering again in autumn
xaynrpolrin #_money13min
and hell knows when. could be in july could be in november could be never
cmmyicsrlin #_money12min
I mean it makes so little sense that you can come up with 5 different sets of reasoning both ways
sharoowyblvrblin #_money10min
I think this weeks run has been just because people are seeing things starting to open back up again, pretty much nothing else has changed
afvifwomsuvsphin #_flying7min
yeah, all of my flights since march have been redemptions, literally booked one <24h from departure (longhaul J)
pgjqqwnwzin #_money5min
to the moon
lpfwzgohein #_money5min
(don't bother reading the second half, who cares ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ :smile:)
kwvbbufmjocsdtvin #_money37s
But also this:

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