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kjinvmhcmin #_money7h
there wil be one but imho not as deep as the unexpected clusterfuck of march
wletgeqdomtmwein #_money7h
SP500 is so far up was thinking of selling and entering again in autumn
uuegkozmiin #_money7h
and hell knows when. could be in july could be in november could be never
tmtzsadpein #_money7h
I mean it makes so little sense that you can come up with 5 different sets of reasoning both ways
aomalppirhzmyain #_money7h
I think this weeks run has been just because people are seeing things starting to open back up again, pretty much nothing else has changed
apprzysrsikwjxin #_flying7h
yeah, all of my flights since march have been redemptions, literally booked one <24h from departure (longhaul J)
vwnqpruqrin #_money7h
to the moon
yspwtohtrin #_money7h
(don't bother reading the second half, who cares ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ :smile:)
jtbspaohwbxcdfzin #_money7h
But also this:

msahjlfavin #_money7h
bears go home ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜„
mewrmwrnxoin #_politics7h
If cops had to do BJJ excessive use of force would crater
wemegbfyebin #_politics7h
1 - situational confidence leading to calmer gun usage
2 - practical physical combat skills
lrzhbugmfin #argentina7h
Yeah, very misleading
nimohmrwqolbzrftin #___general6h
Anything under 1 is month is ultra-fast, under 2 weeks is Masochism.
icmytlqjkin #___general6h
I remember in the world nomads fb group someone posted about being on the move for 2 or 3 years going to a new place every 3 days to one week and I was, just how
kfmlgcjyaslin #___general6h
also WHY
yjtpgbvdqpmin #___general6h
you don't actually get to see the place at all
jgsqprjzdxsin #___general6h
you get to your airbnb, go to sleep, work for 2 days straight to catch up on your travel day, and then get up and move somewhere again?
brjeuwchsfsptcoin #___general6h
Less culture, more expenses, more time spent planning. Seems....illogical
idivaqnfiqhin #___general6h
ssdwtkbjeelin #___general6h
even if you're one-bagging it so you don't have to pack and unpack
cejwzwhdjaxin #___general6h
the going from one place to another is always tiring
fleqmzvsdegmcsfin #___general6h
I hit my one-year anniversary living in CDMX today and I still feel anxious leaving it in a few months because I don't feel that I've seen everything
tfvsxiigujdeyfyin #___general6h
I could never travel like a typical nomad. Definitely slomad.
gddxninotntqin #_money6h
"And there is an element โ€œFOMOโ€ [fear of missing out]; there are millions of new online accounts โ€” unemployed people sitting at home doing day-trading โ€” and theyโ€™re essentially playing the market based on pure sentiment."
vqamqwlllpcmwntpin #___general6h
When I was in Argentina, I went someplace new every 2-3 days for aa while. Can confirm exhausting.
ysaeutyqzin #___general6h
hi ppls, โ“ i'm building a meetup thingy for the site and Slack here which proposes meetups if a lot of ppl are in one place (based on the trips data):
1. should it ask/poll what ppl want to do on a meetup? like drinks or dinner or coffee
2. should it ask propose a venue, or ppl should pick it? or poll a few venues?
3. should time/date be polled too? i was thinking of defaulting it to friday 7pm as a nice time
yjalqeuryin #___general6h
oh and 4. of course this is for after corona ends etc.
qcxhumsin #_crypto6h
btc & ltc & eth & etc & dai
ouldcraloin #___general6h
wuoiohnakm upmwhlfbmgmwjzvd yeah, esp the traffic visalist gets is interestingly big, like 700k MAU, revenue seems $2k/mo now, so seems i'm missing out on some of that traffic by not offering that
fwcin #_politics6h
xviin #_politics6h
itsa good first step
hmbin #_politics6h
icpspzkbg that girl completely snitched on him
yzoopqkhin #_politics6h
Haha totally...scorn girl, perhaps?
yznrqkhdvin #mexico6h
ywwdmstztxolvny welcome sir! Here in Polanco- everything still seems shut down no- gyms or theaters just yet- how was the airport upon arrival?!
frfovqscsvpin #_money6h
oiyjcnidtxgin #_money6h
I don't have the ovaries for day trading
jcstpimumdbin #_money6h
I already a high strung person
qrhwkdmidsuin #_money6h
I would not do well
qebyjgecin #argentina6h
anyone know if it's possible to move from BsAs to Salta or Mendoza nowadays?
toktpcgin #_fitness6h
guys i _really_ miss the gym ๐Ÿ˜ž
qpsin #_politics5h
who knows
ynzin #_politics5h
maybe she had a moment of enlightenment
pklin #_politics5h
its kinda fโ€™d up
jnmin #_politics5h
thankfully i say the most fโ€™d up things among people i really trust
juiin #_politics5h
and to me it seemed it was mostly in jest he was saying it and she seemed to kinda laugh at it too. but hey lets wait until hes famous and pretend im doing something
shexkvhnxthin #_fitness5h
I miss my pre-pandemic body
arhdbwznvfgin #_fitness5h
which sounds like the same thing but is clearly not ๐Ÿ˜‚
eejrusxwyin #_money5h
I don't day trade, I actually bought most of the stocks I bought in the hopes of longer-term gain, but then this happened
kdfsjsvsyin #_money5h
e.g. Boeing long-term will certainly recover because the US gov will not let it go bust
rljxjezbrdhinnain #_politics5h
Hopefully it's treated as a first step and not a final step ๐Ÿคž
kwklfrpiyin #_money5h
it might take a while (or maybe not, as evidenced by today, but i suppose this is probably temporary) but it will
kskbvoklqzosseiin #_politics5h
His parents are super nice so it's kind of a surprise hearing that from him
nvhin #_politics5h
do you know him?
myrin #_politics5h
fxsvocbmvkatefiin #_politics5h
Personally, no. But he is from my neck of woods and I've had positive impressions of him even while acknowledging that he played for a rival team
cnrin #_politics5h
did you go to GT?
eifavciiuuuouvkin #_politics5h
hbkin #_politics5h
i know your fight song by heart
rwhin #_politics5h
even though i didnt go there
cimin #_politics5h
fun fact nixon and kruschev broke the ice by singing that song
pedoktvxgogin #___general5h
sounds like a really neat feature veieynnyai meetups have always played a huge role in (my) the NL experience!
1) yes, i think this would be good
2) ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ I can see arguments for both, maybe keep it simple and let the participants figure that out
3) I guess you wouldn't want to re-implement doodle, so maybe poll 3-4 different times?
upzcjfzhkxqltrzin #_politics5h
Yes!! That's one of my favorite fun facts
wvnvnwtgin #_money5h
Crazy run up today. Boeing dropped a bit from the morning, it's "only" up 11.5% now
qoain #_politics5h
yep, mine too. but i just think he was being edgy like many of us were/are.. but we live in a society where we are quick to judge people and find the worst in them
vhlrzvarxin #___general4h
Just link to timatic ;)
xoavvpqbcin #_bargain-travel4h
I used to have the centurion card when I lived in the uk
ygoqvvcarin #_bargain-travel4h
It was awesome
cjaziyovdin #argentina4h
It's pretty hard to get out of BA by road at the moment. I just escaped to Rosario a few days ago and we got stopped to have permits checked twice.
ydhywrtfgin #argentina4h
I read that most provinces will open borders to each other soon, but not BA
fjluvnwjtin #_covid194h
it feels so weird, the whole pandemic feels so "yesterday", but at the same time I know it will probably flare up again
zuchkhyfiin #_covid194h
going to Slovenia in July (border already open), here is to hoping no major changes between now and then!
gjkvqkfnvdnpinfin #mexico3h
We have shelves full of beer here again
ynxtzcjxyjvpzrgin #mexico3h
I just grabbed a handful and they feel warm so Iโ€™m assuming they just literally restocked them
tvfffozlwin #___general3h
hi pxuofngrjz looking forward to this feature. It was/is the only draw to couchsurfing for me. And those guys ended up nailing the event side of things.

1. Yes that makes a lot of sense. Or perhaps it could let people input their own ideas, as what people want to do might depend on the location?
2. Personally, I'd be wary taking suggestions from something automated. However, a poll on the part of town/area would be super useful.
3. Yeah i think it would unnecessarily exclude people if the time/date was rigid.
uiowpfjxbin #___general2h
I just watched "The Staircase" on Netflix and then looked up the facts of the case online. It's a bit annoying with these netflix documentaries that the narrative is so heavily tilted towards one side! They left out a bunch of shit that totally changed my mind from "hmmm might have been him or not, who knows" to "it was totally him (but still not beyond a reasonable doubt because the prosecution is full of idiots)
zvbyorxiein #___general2h
it was similar with the joe exotic one where they made carole baskin out to be a self-righteous annoying cunt and main bad guy and a potential murderer and then you look into it and it turns out it's like 80% bullshit
sljlbhatmobrmevvin #___general2h
lpjawjefsj I think most documentaries are tilted because it makes them more entertaining.
swpipzhmxhojuibdin #___general2h
Also interesting drama on the whole Joe Exotic story. Carol just got his zoo 4 days ago and lowe has to leave the premise.
gfwvqmisvnutin #___general2h
cgrxyundpj Sounds like a great feature. For 2, it could be interesting if it suggested a few places and then also let people add their own suggestions before putting it to a vote. I could see that being more of a version 2 thing though.
tdwrfawjrookjuin #europe2h
Iโ€™m sure I might, but I suppose thatโ€™s part of the convenience, right?
joodkcjyxakbesmhin #___general2h
I did it in January over about 3.5 hitting 3 wonders with the wave of Corona behind me but I had to factor in a bunch of do absolute nothing days. No work, or leaving the hotel. Even then I was still exhausted by the end.
lphzknmletsnin #___general1h
Hi vwooezrrkez and URR0B2U5Q. My partner are I are in Miami now waiting out Covid and for our lease to end on November 31. We were in SF for about 9 years before that. We're also still trying to decide on our next place and considering some of the same places. Some places we're considering are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, and Taipei. We are having trouble narrowing it down further.
ghrnpqakqxdlvin #united-states1h
wow... LSD is never that empty.
vaepdvijfyuin #___general1h
Rome would be really fun! I would need at least 5 years to get to visit all of the museums and galleries. I have a terrible time deciding on locations and I'm constrained by time zones. If I could include East Asia & Southeast Asia, I would never be able to make up my mind!
hrgoshnesyfnin #___general1h
I know, Rome has endless things to see. We spent a month there on our last long trip (2009) and still feel like we barely scratched the surface. By the end of the month we had seen so much art and history that it was hard to make myself cross the street to walk into a church with a well known Renaissance painting unless it was supposed to be truly spectacular
tzlfaxejozhfrdrin #_politics1h
I just learned about the Lady G situation. Can 2020 get any more surreal?
euhgtkffsbjkfin #mexico49min
Yeah, the local store which has worked hard to get beers had cases of Tecate on hand they haven't even had time to unbox
cyykjlmtauexhin #mexico49min
I haven't even drank the beer from my first batch yet ๐Ÿ˜†
muhtgtnenkxin #mexico47min
the superama near us has had a ton of beer this whole time but I think it was all imports? weird
yktin #_politics46min
lady g?
mhkin #_politics46min
fcasvdpskhtgjin #mexico46min
The City Market in the upscale part of town had consistent craft beer in stock
wfqnxiwnrvrbiin #mexico44min
I did learn something though, and I hope you guys don't banish me for saying this...
tqlwlxyyffvbwin #mexico44min
I actually kind of dig super low ABV beer ๐Ÿ™Š
ckokxdsrin #___general44min
well i'd expect a fastmad that's constantly changing location every 3 days or something is only doing short hops, like 1-3 hour trip to the next destination hopefully
mzffaymnwubin #_politics7min
Twitter rumors about Sen. Lindsey Graham. Could be true, could be false.
vvwcldzcyxzin #_politics2min
Maybe itโ€™s me, but I donโ€™t really care about โ€œsex scandalsโ€ in politics anymore. I donโ€™t care if theyโ€™re on the Right or the Left. As long as everybody involved is of age and consents, go to town!

I donโ€™t care about your private life. Just serve your constituents.

After traveling for awhile, this seems like a US-centric fixation to me.
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