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Ohhh, I would love to see this. Can I find it by googling the author of the book?
- Salud Digna is a large lab chain, and have the best price on PCR tests at $950| />- Atend is a nurse-in-a-box service. They come to your house with various services including covid tests.| Order vรญa WhatsApp at
- Chektahora specializes in at-home tests with results in less than 24 hours. I don't know if they send a nurse to do the test or if you have stab yourself in the face yourself.| />- Schedule a rapid antigen test with Farmacias del Ahorro| Their website is broken, so you might need to call to schedule the test or just walk in.
Tell me more about it
Thanks U01A6HZUL2W. look forward.
hello! I see everyone is sleeping here, quick question, is it possible to travel to Finland from UK? I've been looking into their gazillion border rules and restrictions and I believe that only essential travels work...but they consider relationship as a essential travel, so visiting your loved one. So can I ask a friend to be my fake girlfriend, ask her to write a letter or some sort of doc?
Eventhough they consider relationship as essential travel it's still open to interpretation based on.... something? gut feeling? So could go either way ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Iโ€™m still pondering how lighting will combat bear and bull market price volatility? Btc still has movements of plus and minus ~20%
apples and oranges?
I donโ€™t know what that means
The nomad bot got me for posting a link. Just Google โ€œcatch me if you can Google talkโ€
If I sell something worth $1000 and the market dumps 20% itโ€™s less than ideal
Luigiโ€™s closes dine-in at 10pm and they stop accepting takeout orders at 10:30
ah this could be interesting! much appreciated! prayskin-tone-3
Yes, I did a very comprehensive blood test last week and was shocked by the prices compared to other countries. PRAMITA and Diagnosis are very close to each other in Denpasar and had very similar prices. I paid 7.8 mil for 34 parameters I think.
Yes, if it's one thing we know for certain, it's the covid cultists don't "Blindly believe BS" from the mainstream media.
if I'm south of Chiang Mai I just try to stay inside with aircon from ~10am-4pm
I love how the people who were shrieking "PEOPLE ARE DYING" for an entire year every time someone got sick, quickly turns into THOSE ARE JUST ANTECTDOTES and all of these horrible personal stories of agony and suffering are just little meaningless statistics to be swept under the rug. Very dehumanizing!
Visa & bitcoin on-chain obv isnโ€™t the same thing at all. One is a thin, 1:1 retail payments layer, through TTP, pull-based, several layers above the base layer and with deferred settlement and currency agnostic. Visa can denominate and settle in bitcoin, just as easily as it does 100+ national currencies. The other is a base layer settlement network, not 1:1 (IIRC biggest txn ever output/recipient wise was >10k+), broadcast-only, store-forever if use in non-trusted setup, push-based and immediate settlement, and not money unit agnostic, but specific to bitcoin itself.

The highest txn costs involved in using bitcoin as MoE has very little to do with the method of payment costs (eg narrow txn fees, time, if on onchain, obv alleviated on offchains like lightning), but more to do with stuff like tax & accounting treatment, delta in upside vs fiat if oneโ€™s balance sheet isnt 100% bitcoin as thereโ€™s conversion costs involved although same oppt cost ofc, volatility, etc. Everyone has different preferences. Big difference in oneโ€™s attitude wrt bitcoinโ€™s volatility if one lives under USD/EUR/GBP/CHF/JPY/AUD vs anything else.

While debit cards generally do the largest number of txns in quantity of txn, itโ€™s a minuscle part of total dollar value moved in existing financial system, exactly because itโ€™s many layers removed and not meant for larger txns (in US, ACH credit + debitโ€™s the majority of it). The mean btc txn is like ~30k USD currently, while debit & credit cards are like ~100usd.
Thousands more examples, those are just the ones that floated to the top of reddit. On a pro vaxx board
Oh for fucks sake these limitations
/en/guidelines-for-border-traffic-during-pandemic - you prolly checked the list already at Border control's website. `5.3 Interpretation guidelines restriction category 2` explains that:

> Additionally, relationships between people who live in different countries ("long-distance relationships") are accepted, as are other committed ways of being together.
> Fundamentally, border inspectors trust the words of travelers. More detailed information may be inquired in isolated cases. The regulations for entering Finland on a basis of a dating relationship apply to partners of Finnish citizens and to partners of EU/Schengen citizens residing in Finland and their family members as well as partners of third-country nationals residing in Finland with a residence permit.
Maybe that'll stick
yeah I saw that, UK falls under that group of restrictions, category 2, that's why I was asking, because that doesn't make sense, anyone can say that he/she has a relationship
"border inspectors trust the words of travelers"
well I sure hope they trust mine xD
Google Fi charges $10/Gb for the first 6GB, after that itโ€™s free up until 32GB, at which point your speeds will be throttled unless you want to pay $10/Gb above 32GB
The only way to get your data cut off is if you stop paying your bill. That said, there are some countries where Google Fi has shit coverage.
I understand, I tried some coworkings this year and my favourite is Passeig de Graciaโ€™s WeWork, but there are a couple in the center
2nd one for me| ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh, gracias ๐Ÿ˜€
I will check it
You try all of them ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Not really try, I mean at least I went there to ask conditions
And to see the places, the conditions are all different on each one
Usd is also more effective for crime because it is not tracked as well. I wasn't really talking about absolute values more about relative ratios of commerce for btc itself and also from an American perspective of criminality. Things like silk road or Ransomeware. Though that may no longer be the case.
I am talking about direct exchange for goods or services.
Ransomeware which we could deem a service is doing something like 1.5 billion usd a year which I not fully confidently believes probably dwarfs all other forms of non FX commerce for crypto by relative ratio.
USPS is probably the cheapest option - if you use the slowest service it's $1.20 to send a postcard or up to 1oz letter
We don't need to speculate about criminal usage; there are companies (e.g. Chainalysis) whose business model is detecting criminal activity on the blockchain. They estimate ~0.34% of Bitcoin transactions were used for illicit activity in 2020.
That compares to 2-5% of global GDP that's involved in money laundering (UN numbers).
Ransomeware is by far IMO the biggest political threat to crypto to date. Though the USA banning a particular financial instrument for political reasons I think would be unprecedented.
any recommendations for a general medical MOT in Dubai? all-round checkup?
I got to France recently and knew someone that entered Greece. You can enter as long as you are vaccinated (including the 14 days after your final dose). But when I entered, I was not fully vaccinated and they let me in, my friend too (in France) but I had to prove that I am in a relationship with a french citizen (reason for me to enter cannot be tourism), but my friend didn't have to prove anything.
Can a non-EU citizen (Canadian) who is currently in the EU enter Hungary right now? I'm also vaccinated.
Good inspiration. I've got a small, stainless steel caffetiere. Not too heavy, and shouldn't beak.

Can't post links, but amazon also has some callapsing silicone ones that might take a metal round filter well. There's also "primula brew buddy"
no, unless you're coming for a euro game with a ticket in hand, but I think that's limited to a 72 hour stay
for now afaik only people from countries with which we have a bilateral agreement can enter if they are vaccinated... there is an exception for business trips but as a foreigner I'm not sure I would risk it. this should be changing soon
When I was a day trader, with $10,000 in the course of a year I did $1,000,000 in transactions. I think there might be some conflation going on.
As a percentage of total FX and trading, sure, but as a % of settled commerce, no way it is 0.34%.
sszskyfipjauzn how much did it cost for private rooms there?
The one reason it might not be as high now, however, is because there has been a lot of settled transactions for NFTs.
Iโ€™m going to travel to Budapest next week as I have a ticket for France Portugal. You made triple-check as my flight schedule covers 4 days, but thatโ€™s ok for euro 2020 tickets holders
Hey U013T9C3XAP. Let me know how it went if you decide to go for BSI. I was actually interested about having a full check-up with them.
lol so this just happened
they are lifting Schengen border closures on June 24th
unless something unexpected happens
yes, they are, I go to the gym from February, not sure when they opened
Most NFT transactions settle on Ethereum, not Bitcoin, no?
Trading activity is generally off-chain (on exchanges) โ€“ settling on-chain would be very expensive
And increasingly on L2 chains (Polygon, etc.) I suppose
Yes, ethereum, I am hopping around a little between crypto in general and BTC.
Sure, but I don't think criminality actually matters except for one particular reason, political will to ban it. I don't think anyone actually cares about illicit activity but ransomware is highly problematic because it can be made political. As far as I am aware it is not any American political platform currently but it is literally the only thing I am watching for with my google alerts.
Amazing!! Iโ€™m in centro. Will dm to see if a coffee works.
Thereโ€™s already very pro-bitcoin states. USA-wide regulation wonโ€™t happen. Thereโ€™ll be pro, anti and neutral-bitcoin states, just as there is already.
Ugh the Ontario lockdown has been an absolute nightmare. Seeing the States open up while being on the other side of the border has been....... HARSH. I can't imagine how much more locked down Toronto was. I am desperate to head to LatAm
In case it's useful to anyone, looks like thr colive (monthly) package at Selina is getting incredibly expensive at many locations (in Costa Rica for sure, not sure if elsewhere). I paid $640 for a month, and when trying to renew, the price for the same is now $1,140 ๐Ÿ˜…
What is the primary thing preventing USA-wide regulation?
Looks more like you are the big redditor here. I never use it. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Like could it be challenged constitutionally?
Hey! Ah amazing!! Would you be able to DM me with the info? Thanks a ton!
And again, thousands is shockingly low reports of complications for any medical treatment thatโ€™s literally been given _a billion_ times. Do you not under how statistics work? Your odds of having complications from the vaccine are waaaaaaay lower than your chance of dying of covid because you didnโ€™t have the immunity the vaccine gives you. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
I took my test in Coyoacรกn with Salud Digna. I went to Casa Azul and then walked over to SD to take the test.

950 pesos as advertised

A little bit out of the way for you but if you squeeze in Casa Azul the same day it's not bad.
Also, many of the vaccinated people that died did not die of the vaccine, they died of covid because idiot anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers keep going out in public, ignoring health guidelines, and exposing others to the virus. Even with two doses you donโ€™t have 100% immunity itโ€™s still possible to get the virus with the vaccine, just a lot less likely.
Ah guys, not sure my friend and I will make it. We both work US hours and we are working
So glad we stayed in Vietnam ๐Ÿ˜„
On the other hand I missed all of the "lockdown" events and memes. Now when we'll be back everyone will be like "do you remember that time when ...." and we'll be like wut?
Just did!
I donโ€™t think there are too many of us (if any at all) in Puerto De la Cruz at the moment ๐Ÿคจ
I could use some more anger in this thread actually
Damn. No visa issues? Still getting extended every 6 months?
I got this from my Doctor's office, might want to check Carbon Health
elpolin #_gear11min
Ikea's Markus. Stay away from "gaming chairs".
rdpbfbmpbggrvn where did you get this ball? I've be wanting to try this for a while
So for the quarantine period I get a flight to Jakarta quarantine there then how do people get into Bali? Another flight?
Also any recs for a travel agent?
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