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xvyitzifin #_fitness17h
ueaiconrf yep that was about the time 😅
vjstcokgdpaybhlwpyin #_fitness17h
You’ve had that exact experience, yeah? I had a psychotic episode a month or two back when I had four espresso martinis.
uzeaffojin #_fitness17h
like I commend people for being human guinea pigs in attempt to min/max the species, but there sure is a lot of BS in there
tmcxybzhfqgsmmwjakin #_fitness17h
I’m a sales copywriter for SaaS… and I’ve interacted with the people who write alternative medicine sales copy.

These are very, very bad people.
bgxgeyzuin #_fitness17h
also, your study does not defend your point bnoxrcfhq 😉
hsclncnkin #_fitness17h
maybe pick another one 🙂
umsqakdqhwyxrygwuxin #_fitness17h
These are people who laughed when I questioned their ethics.
smijpigkin #brazil17h
Hi Luan -- I'd be down for joining you guys if you can suffer an English-only speaker? (still learning Portuguese)
jmkjwquxin #brazil17h
Ugh actually, I just realized I have a doctor's appointment here in SP on Thursday

Will catch up with you guys another time, sorry!
vscuwzlnqfwzbfuvuyin #bali17h
etfqubd There’s only a couple of routes… whichever one has more jungles/hills!
fmranfuhin #_politics17h
rrzrcqffrwresczis i think there's always been a sliver of the right that can see that it's good for business. more consumers, cheaper labour, blah blah blah.
bugxxvomfpiddcoumwin #bali17h
Rent? I’m unsure. Buying is slightly complicated. Technically it has to be licenced to someone Indonesian. Nils Kattau (lives at 308) knows a guy who can arrange this!
pusomamvin #_politics17h
it's the nationalist, tribalist right that has issues with it
wlldvgbydeuvin #_fitness17h
wait, herbalife won't cure my cancer??!!
hbzfbmlopin #_dating17h
honjmsvgmag yes the biggest problem of nomad dating, everyone transient. Only way to somewhat solve is to repeatedly visit the same few places.
jtwalzuooin #bali17h
Makes much more sense now! I'm actually trying to organize a month long work-trip for me and my 5 colleagues. So the goal is to organize everything remotely and just arrive in heaven. 😄
puzqmklvxin #bali17h
But yes, facebook pages, i totally forgot about them!
eqmvpgfzduqtrin #_fitness17h
Better liquidate that lifetime supply. I have an idea... Maybe find people to sell it for you, and take a cut of their sales. Genius!
nhbtadxiin #_fitness17h
I know a guy who is a multimillionaire from selling roundup…bought a great yacht..thinks it is ok…
wjnobgzhin #_fitness16h
his kids do no like him in a way.
igchxsahsvooin #_fitness16h
"in a way" meaning at all?
xbzemsdqin #_fitness16h
Meaning they cannot dislike him totally as he is their dad. Sorry, typos
oyhdpfbunqxzhin #_fitness16h
"Thanks for helping kill off all the bees, dad. Nice boat, btw"
vzjfojjqmazfin #_fitness16h
damn, I like a good parental comeuppance. I am disappointed
unmrbztdin #_fitness16h
I had to edit that one up another time xupqrrwfxrjio
edlbtfjuovbjin #_fitness16h
no worries krvnvzhbg 🙂
izezalgyin #_fitness16h
essence=sick the fever must have gotten me
lohwhmixin #_politics16h
“We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.” - Louis D. Brandeis
uognfxzrpuqein #_fitness16h
😟 sounds like it's going around Europe with the temperature smack
dvoomtlnlslqin #_fitness16h
feel better
zdntnizin #bali16h
by protections I meant gear, are you talking about the same thing?
can’t see the connection to “licenced to someone indo”
tqmfmrmgin #_politics16h
i found this pretty convincing from an economic point of view, but i'm not a trained economist so i might be missing something >https://www.amazon.com/Open-Borders-Science-Ethics-Immigration/dp/1250316960> - any thoughts?
mdhibxnkin #_fitness16h
was in a mall for a couple of hours on sunday and noticed tons of sick people, including staff. Thought it would not get me as it usually doesnt, but overtrained and underate for a day and here I am…Eat your protein, kids.
vakvjxpieuhncin #_outdoors16h
Findings from using a cat can alcohol stove at 5000m... The biggest problem I had was getting the alcohol to heat up to vapor temp on wet sandy ground that soaked up heat. I'm definitely going to add a steel primer tray to my kit.

Once the ground got warmer around the can stove, things were cooking fine, albeit a bit slower than normal (could also be that the water was nearly freezing too)
fiudlnnwxttmfin #_outdoors16h
I think if you have time at camp or don't want to invest in kit they're still a good option. If you're time limited hiking/camping, then a canister stove is superior

Next trip Going to try a cheap Amazon stove and canister to compare
tsuvzwwoin #_fitness16h
“I am really not having the msg talk.”

not sure if you are actually wanting to or not…
lwtzgosxin #_politics16h
concept of kialo seems interesting
hzapqain #_dating16h
I also always fall for people not as transient...
xoqmfmmain #_politics16h
although that particular example i've linked is unfortunately lacking quite a few arguments on both sides
qsneygcpin #_dating16h
or to be up front with travel plans for the next 6 months and only match with people that have the exact same travel plans? 😉
yaxhbuin #_dating16h
And there is always this slight imbalance where the time seems to count more for me because of visa days, etc
fzuukqhuin #_fitness16h
stimulants - whether meth, cocaine or caffeine - put the body into an altered state. It’s essentially a chemically induced stress response. I believe sleep is the #1 priority for good mental health and caffeine absolutely has an impact on that.
aliqfhlbin #_fitness16h
oh for sure. Some really useful tools in there and also a lot of validation and clarity if you are a CPTSD sufferer.
jzhgqsnmklgquhqzfpin #_fitness16h
Thanks, that’s really helpful to know! I really appreciate the tip.
ctyousqlajlovxlwyfin #_fitness16h
If avoiding coffee makes much difference, I’ll have to take out a billboard somewhere.
pngwusvsyqatizxmmain #bali16h
Ah sorry, I mis-read you!
ronavkqhidulzwmmvein #bali16h
You can buy helmets all over Canggu, although of questioable quality.
dhzuznnozigvmggcmmin #bali16h
I’ve found a proper motocross shop in Seminyak and plan to get some awesome gear there.
afehwxquin #_fitness15h
haha. People hate hearing coffee has negative side effects. It’s the worlds most culturally accepted drug! (more than alcohol? I think?)
baekvgpkin #_fitness15h
looking great! I commend your commitment to healing 🤘
vigzwzxwgxgin #_jobs-talk15h
React Native 🖐 ayfyfdduk
ybxgvpkmizxdin #_fitness15h
I'm on week 2 of >https://future.fit>, a new workout app that combines a real trainer sitting in San Fran, programming your workouts, and the app cues you (via headphones and Watch) while working out with music. So far, it has been pretty cool. It looks like the app gives me 2 free guest passes for a month trial. Holler if anyone wants to try it.
oydlgmjbojgqin #_fitness15h
(I get absolutely nothing from giving out those passes, btw)
frxtnyxbjhcmxzamkoin #_fitness15h
I mean, I know I’m super-sensitive to many drugs. Especially stimulants. Cocaine/speed is BAD for me. So it’s weird I’ve let this one fly under the radar.
afupkein #_money15h
Rappi cash is amazing in Buenos Aires! Highly recommend.
euidhurhsgqhgladin #_money15h
I'm in a two-horse town near Esteros de Iberá right now lol. The otherwise lovely hotel I switched to this morning takes cash only, and yes I will be dinging them for it on TripAdvisor.
zoiolrizuoin #mexico15h
nice thank you!
xxsvgbkkgdin #brazil14h
nhlmxvrfu It will be pretty much only english, i don’t think xsdcniihw speak any portuguese hahaha
dqwxeflkytin #brazil14h
It will be later in the day, at night. We will probably stay there until late so ping us when you can, maybe we are still there after your appointment 🙂
wncrmydnin #brazil14h
English is fine
phaagbyupvcyoin #_food14h
Getting slightly better at french style omelettes. What a great way to eat leftovers
jxdykijbjgin #chiang-mai14h
Ah the cocktail place
eemhktrzin #chiang-mai14h
jesus.. AQI avg is up to 127
tovsigwsin #_fitness14h
It's probably because coffee is so normalized that you wouldn't have considered it to have a similar impact
amhigvpbin #chiang-mai14h
i'm breathing smoke in nimman 👍
mcwxqntrwin #_fitness14h
wksdukkfbwxdypckqxx qdfneealq Can't remember the exact recipe (the site went down long time), but as far as I remember I user to take big cup of warm water, and teaspoon of ACV and teaspoon of honey. Even if it doesn't help with sleep it's not a bad drink for the evening (sweet and sour). I think it works by ACV just being good in any case for you, and honey is some carbs/sugars so you don't crash during sleep (which leads to waking up groggy and stuff). Just not sure why it's not working on me anymore, but those couple of weeks when it did was amazing 😞
gmqriyckein #_fitness14h
ngveitchm `ESPECIALLY fucking David Asprey (he recommends drinking coffee every day? no way…. does he sell it or something?)` Yes, he "invented" the BulletProof coffee
hnvfcczjein #_fitness14h
On the other side butter in your coffee/tea tastes amazing 🤷‍♂️
awaytpqkin #_fitness14h
Tim Ferris has this in a night routine video on youtube, remember watching him demonstrate it a log time ago 🙂 probably still easy to find. I used to drink acv in water in the morning, but I switched back to herbal tea with a ton of lemon and some raw honey. dkagnmaucx
vsyawbvthin #_fitness14h
uypmdtxqj I think he took it from some other biohacker, but that guy died and my guess someone forgot to pay the domain/hosting bill so whole blog went down and seems wayback machine wasn't so great into saving those pages 🤷‍♂️
yqauzbssin #_fitness14h
so even those who drink religiously acv at night die, damn 😄
cuzxnrtoin #_fitness14h
wqadcogems skip the honey i think
upjcngkyin #_fitness14h
at night
wuodezrsin #_fitness14h
there is a theory according to which a bit of carbs at night makes you sleep better, as it lower costisol
wlzqzrkwein #_fitness14h
Before sleep

2T apple cider vinegar
1T raw honey
cup of hot/warm water
jdtvbbowxin #_fitness14h
`Taking a small amount of honey by itself before bed will raise blood glucose while you sleep, putting you in a deeper sleep faster.`
qujupptjin #_fitness14h
and also carbs help you produce tryptophan which turn into melatonin. the only problem is, another theory says melatonin is made in the eye by infrared light in the morning and some uv during the day == thats the circadian clock, no?
ajmntxrvin #_fitness14h
and that same one claim that insulin needs to be low for melatonin to rise…thats why eat 2-4 hours before bed
parlgeyfin #_fitness14h
so, go figure. But i do sleep better after s tiny dessert at dinner, or after
cjjbhhxdmin #_pets14h
oxqyujmhhl The awomgxetvyghtg and opyvooedx would probably have most info, but it seems the general summary is that if it's small enough you can put it under the seat, otherwise it's cargo hold (drug them if they are too anxious)
moiikdhxesesin #_pets14h
mmmm there’s some conflict about whether it’s a good idea to use sedative for air travel
rowqpdkzhfuhin #_pets14h
generally i’m against it - especially if the animal hasn’t had it ever before
wtmjoxttmin #chiang-mai14h
_Everyone figured out when the smoky season is, we have to get them before they all leave_ troll
cjjjpnjbin #_pets13h
no sedatives
xnbhwqmnlin #_fitness13h
That reminds me should eat some boiled eggs before bed for extra testosterone 😕
usxystabin #_pets13h
most airlines don’t allow animals to travel when they’re sedated
ypevtyfcrin #chiang-mai13h
Where u think the smoke comes from?
lpvkpicgin #_pets13h
you train them to like the kennel first, then they don’t feel that anxious inside it
dkbcanlvin #_fitness13h
Now, I dont know how that works 🙂
foahynpxin #_pets13h
also, it’s much more safe when they can maintain their balance in case of turbulence
uywnbjrmcwvmin #_pets13h
for me i started feeding my cat only in his carrier
bvfpdccrpmlnin #_pets13h
and hiding treats in there sometimes
dvfdzpttxpczin #_pets13h
so he slowly had a better association with it
lubzcpmbin #_pets13h
my dog literally sleeps inside her kennel, i’ve put her bed inside and that’s where she goes when she’s afraid of something
sakoamewxzifin #_pets13h
i mean he’s not the biggest fan of travel but he sleeps in it sometimes and silently glowers until we arrival
uyhxlfguocnhin #_pets13h
odcfkyaphin #_fitness13h
fnfinyzhs Too lazy to look for exact details, but if My memory doesn't forget it's something along the lines of testosterone is made around 4 AM from cholesterol, so 3-4 boiled eggs gives enough of it for production 🤔
znujxikhxowxin #_pets13h
yeah mine was good and slept in his carrier until he had the cancer therapy a few months ago
gjlkkpgcdwdain #_pets13h
sadly going to the vet daily in it didn’t help…
rlnreogvsjgbin #_pets13h
so need to work on fixing that super negative association now
gjsdfdnxin #_pets13h
😞 poor thing
xtzsyoyrivivin #_pets13h
he’s fine now!
fiepoouqyfsgin #_pets13h
tho i’m still nervous about those 3 month checkups
lxajyamsin #_pets13h
after I lost my dog a few months ago going to the vet with my second one turned into an awful thing
mwfplsunzxecin #_pets13h
oh no! i’m so sorry about that
rtthvmqcin #_pets13h
I’m always afraid of possible random bad news that can come out of nowhere
bbxtucxdyyudin #_pets13h
i mean both situations
vysknfamcswfin #_pets13h
it’s really hard when it’s our furbabies
ihmmnsgesakncbin #_gear13h
Thanks. I caught it in time for the $59, which feels good. I wanted one anyway.
cbchrjnhin #_pets13h
thankfully she’s doing good ❤️
svdyuwoulknsin #_pets13h
awwww lil bb doggo
cqwmkxfpobbjin #_pets13h
much love and blessings on all your dogs
btxbguvmwpzin #___general13h
Is there a good entrepreneurship course out there? Or even a degree I can take?
wlcvsnshauahnjin #_gear13h
I have a some Sony WH1000-MX2 headphones. I normally (bluetooth) pair them with whatever devices I'm using and I've been really impressed with the audio quality. I had heard a lot of folks from work and otherwise online have heavy preferences for wired headphones.

Today I tried using the 3.5mm jack to listen to my laptop, and I am not at all impressed. The A2DP bluetooth (audio sink) audio profile sounds soo much better than the wired connection. I think a bunch of you own either the XM2 or XM3 headphones and I'm curious if you've experienced the same.
kijmkqmssqain #_gear13h
Yea, I'm not too much of a fan of using them wired except maybe on the plane when watching the in-flight media.
owmjxikqiuoqgin #_gear13h
I can tell the difference between wired and unwired, but usually use my headphones wirelessly for the convenience factor
gimlhroelin #___general13h
jhtnylpfxnhc Probably just do stuff, would be weary of any entrepreneurship course. You can also watch videos by YC for startups
rlcrxbyiin #___general13h
here we go again!
olyibrmwin #___general13h
rhgsjydbrzuq check in #_startups someone posted the same recently
ujqbfdgoin #___general13h
and +1 for anything YC related
fzsedbetbqbin #___general13h
thanks 🙂 sorry this probably gets asked alot lol
jnukpgbiyznin #___general13h
how about mentors? where would i find one?
uotyqtotin #___general13h
faczwuacin #___general13h
introductions by someone else
gwkeqksnin #___general13h
also twitter, start following key people
bgjxrqydin #___general13h
i haven't done it, but amy hoy's 30x500 seems reasonably legit
cgqybmmiin #___general13h
but really its all about testing and experimenting on what works and what doesnt. Just do it, fail, learn, fix, repeat.
kwrreafgwin #_fitness13h
zbeyljmngjryygjdhkv I love coffee, but large amounts of caffeine give me anxiety, so I quit for a couple of weeks every few months to reset my tolerance.
puiowfzrsin #_fitness13h
For me at least, tolerance to the stimulant effects builds up much more quickly than the impact on stress/anxiety etc, so 'resetting' means I get to keep the benefits without needing to drink so much that I get the unpleasant side effects.
fqavtawcain #_fitness13h
My mood is definitely calmer and more stable off caffeine, but I never feel quite as good as I do on it.
fqwyqwdiin #_fitness13h
l-theanine with coffee helps with the anxiety
sjvjptlygin #_fitness13h
The easiest way to quit is to taper off over a couple of weeks. I used to mix regular coffee with decaf, starting with 100% caffeinated and changing the ratio by say 5% each day until its pure decaf. That way you don't need to change your routines at all, and you never reduce your intake enough in one go to cause withdrawal symptoms.
fbqbrhfhin #_fitness13h
same stuff thats in green tea naturally
fycxzewbzin #_fitness13h
I've tried that, but it never made any difference
quodmdywqin #_fitness13h
Oh, and jftsenvkhetaidlpwye If you do decide to quit cold turkey, be careful! Caffeine withdrawal is a common trigger for depressive episodes, if you're prone to that sort of thing, and can actually spike your stress/anxiety in the short term.
kbttrurdqjuzvin #_fitness13h
I've been mixing my later cups of coffee with decaf too, as an experiment
nlofdzlqkkklnrjxin #_outdoors12h
Is that volcanic rock in the foreground?
wwwfmtapjscbtlsgin #_pets12h
And cats 😻
ufhekfcdxspxin #_outdoors12h
hmmm unsure
emavouuptpqwin #_outdoors12h
this is the izta hike UDZH0EJHJ!
gxarihspoxtin #___general12h
A summary of 30x500 is Find a place online where they speak about what you want to build and what their problems are. Build the thing without these problems (or with these fixes if you prefer).
jlnkruqgxzykpgehin #_outdoors12h
Probably so, then
yvfprbxgin #_fitness12h
Id do this when I was too sensitive to caffeine, now I am not 😄 which of core has its cons.
bfekduftcvhxuin #_fitness12h
I need to find a good decaf... Think I'm going to get a grinder and experiment more
brshmxiimin #_fitness12h
Weirdly here in Costa Rica I don't think I've seen a single pack of decaf coffee anywhere
ijvfvacnein #_fitness12h
I guess it would be some kind of sacrilege
tmdadpnfsklsrin #_fitness12h
Try a big store like Walmart or a grocery chain
qjsztlaahin #_fitness12h
All of the big supermarket chains here are Walmart-owned
mqnauedtfin #_fitness12h
They have aisles packed with a hundred artisan coffees, but no decaf
huvizmuizhppein #_fitness12h
dknyxnbnilqin #___general12h
+ building an audience (or interacting with an existing audience)
pdomwxncjvxin #___general12h
If you read all her blog posts, you can figure it out. The thing 30x500 won’t do for you is putting the effort.. there’s no magic, you still need to work on your stuff 😛
zwxhucjvmin #_fitness12h
jhvyifusls Buy a sharpie and write `decaf` on package troll
aklsgrlwabcin #___general12h
i bought the make book. still need to read it lol. but was looking for something more structured.
amivhwerlfyoin #_housing12h
airbnb's website is 💩
qrylfczfvopzin #_housing12h
loading a wishlist just crashes the whole website out
afnuhputjtnin #___general12h
Here’s a quick structure go on Capterra, find something you could build, find the issues people are having and address them in your product..
pjklogjdvpquin #_housing12h
so now I have to be a heathen and use an excess of tabs
sdpuaibijanin #___general12h
Don’t try to have a novel idea that doesn’t exist yet… 😛
uxdniysjuin #___general12h
It seems that the thing is that you just have to DO things, and if you do things you will probably figure out most of the stuff without any courses and what not 🤷‍♂️
lwiebuzbbtoiin #_housing12h
I know, but I will continue to gripe about it until someone fixes it. I demand results U03Q8GR1G!!
jzztflnlkin #_housing12h
hstimgvceevzt I think you will turn to dust sooner than before someone fixes it. That is one of the reasons why I sometimes prefer to make my own changes to at least get something (not like any of big companies are making that any easier)
bwdyfzttzdkkin #_housing12h
oh yeah, you had that great add-on you made. Smart man. I have finally found a reason to get back into coding 😅
jriymrdzfin #_housing12h
Yeah, kind of one of the reasons, just to help out myself, it's still on my todo list to make some improvements and do it shareable, but still haven't came to it (should do that soon because will need it soon) :smile:
I still like often inject some CSS in a lot of sites, like using normal font size (so you don't need to be an eagle to see anything), or hiding notification badges (I get too distracted by them) or even whole sections of them, usually sites end up looking more broken but at least they become more functional 😄
nsxovuzpfxfkin #_housing12h
haha you take a very open source mindset to the internet 😂