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gryjippin #_politics6h
Looks like I picked a good moment to step out 😅
htdfzin #___general6h
Whoops, looks like my monthly friendly reminder got cut off - I'll try again

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brlvlcbin #_politics6h
So yeah, how bout that Brexit
faumbotlin #_politics6h
I guess that makes sense lol
jbyqvin #_politics6h
Also, I'm leaving the posts up as I have a gut feeling that I will be accused of a hate crime if I were to delete the content.
upvucfskyesin #_freelance6h
I always say that I work as many hours as are needed to get the best results. Sometimes that is loads, sometimes hardly any. But of course it depends on what industry you’re in. I do performance marketing so basically they only care about the performance, not my hours.
lenpxotin #_gear6h
Got my Macbook battery replaced today and the tech scratched the screen somehow. Is there any hope for this thing or do I need to replace the entire screen?
sdkowyebckbsftwin #_gear6h
How bad is the scratch?
pbetxhlkusqfshdin #_gear6h
I’ve seen people do some magic with “removing” scratches using toothpaste, but I’m not sure if that’s recommended
ppgtbrijtin #mexico5h
lzfmiqssy where abouts are you? did you fly in? how was the airport and flight situations upon entry? where from? did they try any quarintine?
aquowdgpwin #___general5h
I lived there for 5 years, there is a lot of beer and wine festivals that start in September ( i now its called Oktoberfest, But it all starts in September- everywehre is pretty- language food and people there, do some research before the flight!! lol
vnyhfzsqwyrin #_jobs-talk5h
It looks like it might depends on the province
lwpdtdbifin #___general5h
kwswnbolmx I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the beer fest the first two weeks of September in Brussels, the beerfest in Munich is just like you said, YOu need a ticket to a beer tent, in advance (difficult to get) a lot of tourist and high pricing, but IN brussels the beer is much better. Cheaper more organized, and a great crowd. I lived in Germany for years, and I only went to brussels every September after my first dibacle in Munich>... Good call
oywaalukgin #_freelance5h
I charge by the hour, and quote however many hours I think it will take me to do the job to a point I'm happy with. However, will add on more/reduce if it goes over/under that.
ylgwuoorjin #_freelance5h
I am uneasy working by impact/milestone. You and your labour/time has a value. You shouldn't shortchange yourself because it's taken longer than intended, or didn't achieve the intended results. (Of course, commission/bonuses could be included to incentivise if that's how they want to work).
kyfdffoqnrzin #united-states5h
Yeah sounds like things are opening up a lot in WA
wfauvysmlcin #romania5h
where do you all go for reasonably priced Apple products in #romania ? I am googling around online looking for an iPad mini 5, but prices are all higher than even what Apple’s charging. is it better to buy from another EU country and have it shipped here?
eubsklvgumin #_gear5h
hey all I need some advice about buying Apple products in Romania. I’m going to be here for at least another month, and want to buy an iPad mini 5. I am googling around online, but prices are all higher than even what Apple’s charging. is it better to buy from another EU country and have it shipped here?
vkdepaizjktatmjin #_covid194h
In other somewhat related news (This is unrelated to the outbreak that was already taking place in Eastern Congo which started in August 2018.):

itbsckkeiin #_jobs-talk4h
Maybe you could use a range `from 20 to 30 hours` if you do need to provide it that way
pstkkiqin #_fitness4h
I used Ancestry. Got kits at Amazon, when they were on father's day sale. Then used all fake info & VPN during registration. Also had tin foil nearby, just in case my "IP gets back-traced".
shpin #_politics4h
cpqmprdbq my political views are all over the spectrum. I think it’s stupid to align yourself with one viewpoint and stick to it. I have a brain so I use it to decide for myself.. but one of the things I do cherish is freedom of speech and thought. People can and should have whatever beliefs they want and it doesn’t bother me. For example, aruvzjaaikwzuyyb called me a troll and nuts because I have a different opinion and viewpoint. And that’s totally fine and within 100% her right to do so and hell I even respect it. I mean I disagree with it but people that resort to emotional argument or name calling have already lost imo but also i don’t think anyone is trying to change anyone’s mind. It’s all pointless anyways but still fun to discuss
rubin #_politics4h
And a huge number of cops in NYC are minorities. It has very little to do with race. Its an uncomfortable truth but most of the crimes that happened were in neighborhoods with large number of hispanics, blacks. I know, because I grew up in one. I don’t think I have ever been frisked but I did have to show whats in my bag few times. But, I do agree that there needs to be better training, less militarization of police.
azvin #_politics4h
America was not founded on white supremacy but I am sure the settlers and founders mostly held beliefs of the time, which was they were superior to other race. But, the founding principles of this country is not based on white supremacy.
oqexoain #___general4h
Hi gkqxik ! I get the bot warning when sharing links or code containing hostnames. I used to have link-sharing permissions, but it seems to have been revoked because I haven't been chatting much.

Are these the bot warnings that can get me suspended if I keep trying to share links?
kmfnljin #___general4h
Is there a way to know if I have the link sharing permission other than just trying to share a link?
norrbisksfrbkjwin #united-states4h
ctqjuvhe state parks have been opened for a few weeks, national parks are slowly re-opening. The nps gov site is pretty decent about closures, but at this point it's mostly campground and facilities that are closed. North Cascades has re-opened this week-end, and I've done the hike at lake22 a couple of weeks back, and other than the toilets not getting cleaned up it was open. Source me living in Seattle
awddhvutdylin #___general4h
most chats if you just spam "help help help help help" eventually a person shows up too
ivhvsfhszwsin #___general4h
at least, most I've encountered
igwnnewwin #___general3h
good to know 🙂
qbjvhezin #_gear3h
lhczyeslbshxtnat Maybe 2 cm, right near the center tho. Toothpaste huh... I'll have to look that up
zixbxnxintosayin #_politics3h
I appreciate you individually reacting to the comments I made, but on grum’s request I’ll stop engaging in this debate as he stated it was getting out of hand. You seem level-headed so I don’t think we will get to the same levels the main channel did, but 🤷 The last thing I’ll say on it then is that I do remember very distinctly that the judge ruling on _Floyd v. City of New York_ ruled that the NYPD’s implementation of stop-and-frisk were unconstitutional and racially discriminatory whilst the practice of stop-and-frisk itself doesn’t have to be.
trfgtztforeptrrin #_gear3h
Oof, that's rough
ysrzkeioppfixygtin #_food3h
gkksyxxoskrr that's helpful. I've never had to describe something so much to get a delivery in my life
syuxotuyihstin #vietnam3h
I’m not very familiar with Vietnamese taxes; would there be a tax implication to stating past 180+ days?
idvin #_politics3h
I am no fan of stop and frisk and my opinion is that it is unconstitutional as well. However, my point is that its not like bunch of racists got together and decided to start frisking hispanics and blacks. If you look at the crime data, overwhelming majority of both the victims and perpetrators (~90% of murder for example) are blacks and hispanics. I am sure there were some racial profiling for sure but its not that cut and dry imo. Either way, I am glad stop and frisk is on its way down.
vkcptfeglkbin #vietnam3h
If you stay 183 days or more in a year, you are supposed to pay worldwide income tax to Vietnam. However:
• there isn’t a legal system for tourists to pay tax
• immigration and tax authorities don’t do automatic data sharing
• they likely won’t care or will let you off because of COVID

This is similar in many South East Asian countries to be fair.
jpmuajpin #___general3h
love kolsh beer and bonn both, when is this cologne carnival mate?
ktnqmqrin #___general3h
what's the name of this beerfest in brussels? Loved bruges btw , such a nice old town!
hkbovoynmin #___general3h
It is the main one - first two weeks of September in the main square- can not miss it
zzqntxcvoin #___general3h
Google it. They have delirium tents and actual monks there that brew half of their beer - shits magical man-
bbucvknin #_fitness3h
jpvwmlxw interesting, are the results as detailed?
xipakwiin #___general3h
perfect, gotcha - would this be better than oktoberfest? less crowd, more fun do you reckon?
svnyxlqzhin #___general2h
yes, love me some kolsch! It's in february every year. There's nothing like it. The whole city dresses up in fancy dress for five days straight. Literally everybody, young and old.
lwxculpeuqqyyjndin #_food2h
Addresses here are fun, looked at a house the other day that had the exact same address as the 2 houses on either side
gxhnkwvahbgfqvfbin #_food2h
When the owner called to get power changed to his name they asked him for the color of the roof on his house since that’s how they told the houses at that address apart
biiijpein #_fitness2h
As detailed as what?
wnororboin #croatia2h
hey hivemind, strange question. traveling through zagreb at the moment, and in dire need of a usb webcam for a development project — however, seems all electronics stores are sold out of webcams currently. anyone in town that it might be possible to borrow or purchase a webcam from? long shot I know, but thought I’d try! thanks in advance ❤️
ibchpfcin #united-states2h
Awesome thanks!
Just got in yesterday - I really want to go back to northern Cascades - its magical.
kblxafsyxnzbvcin #thailand2h
quite a few cars and bikes on the road still at this hour, maybe some sort of confusion regarding from which end the curfew was cut
sqdggvyfdqcigin #_gear2h
Toothpaste is an abrasive, so you use it to polish out the scratch
haussekacsebvin #_gear2h
I'd try to find a polish specifically for glass, and just be patient and apply lots of elbow grease in circular motion
hlijzqydulein #_money2h
If anyone in the US has had ACH payment issues today, looks like there was an issue with the Fed where not all ACH got processed. has a small snippet on the right side.
dptwucgferiin #_money2h
Some of my clients saw issues with invoice payments, credit card deposits, a few paychecks, etc.
qdvfsbpucin #_jobs-talk2h
That still frames it as an hourly engagement and thus they’d expect to see a number of hours worked on the invoice I imagine.
ctkzxjvtkin #___general2h
I don’t think that link removal is a bot warning.
xdbdkdacohlin #_jobs-talk1h
It depends on what exactly you do but I always say that I work for as long as is needed to achieve optimal performance, whether that’s 1 hour or 100. I think that if you ever put a number on it, they will always be searching for evidence of the actual amount of hours you worked, whether that matters or not...
kocyncopgkqbin #_politics1h
I'm not talking about Russian's putting Trump into power or any of that nonsense. This is "ideological" subversion, which is something totally different.
zhfrxqpbain #___general1h
I never heard of it but that sounds like great fun
crukokhsgcvkin #_politics1h
Oh that was for Ponchik above
pjqmzeqjmin #___general1h
svjfnxkjmin #___general1h
on almost all accounts
tdnbavhnhin #___general1h
I went there my first year in germany 2011 - could not get in a tent, and walked around in Munich for hours before we bought a half of a LArge beer from a spectator going home, could not get a place to sit in a beer tent and a lot of travelors. You need to buy a seat at a beer tent way in advance, than its 20hours of drinking and fun. However, the beer in Germany is also an issue. VERY limited, they have alot of regulations that prevent the breweries from being very creative. In Belguim the beer is MUCH better, people in Germany ship in their beer from Belguim. It is well known. In germany there is wiezens, dark DUNKEL- Light, Pils and thats pretty much the story. In belguim, they have Tons of flavor varieties, incredibly strong beers, Full spetrum of well done stouts, and pils It is a world of difference. NO cash, all coins/ Bottle caps and the crowd is much more manageable. Awesome and beautiful setting.
graydzzyzin #_covid191h
ljrellboshiyin #_politics1h
Ever head of a useful idiot?
vdltredcbrlin #vietnam1h
Also imagine you’re probably on a tourist visa aka you’re not working aka there’s nothing to pay tax on
oysbhfigklein #vietnam1h
On tourist visa, you still legally become a tax resident after 182 days. But there are no mechanisms to pay the tax. So nothing you can really do.
ujvqvqein #_politics1h
zskblzzkgrgwh Yes, how would this term apply to this context?
mgkhkgcemogfpcilin #_jobs-talk1h
I mean, yeah. If you _can_ move to the US, great. I just mean within the Canadian market, they control salaries and workers have very little protection against that. There’s a _reason_ so many devs in Vancouver work for US companies. 🙄
vpvurifwbqkgin #_politics1h
Well, that KGB defector said that they would sow dissent in America by injecting it over many decades the ideology of communism. The goal was to use "social justice" as a tool to collapse America from the inside. Racism, sexism, anti capitalism, feminism, would all be used as tools to create dissent, and the useful idiots will be the willing foot soldiers
zfwekzcxpyzgin #_taxes-us1h
What do you mean by ex-Californian FEIE status?
lvvlmwyjjqsain #_politics1h
They would also be the first to be lined up and shot by the KGB
lqafjhdczizein #_taxes-us1h
Regardless of your LLC's location, your FEIE status, and your personal state residency, you still have to file a non-resident return and pay CA franchise tax if you have income sourced from California. I think there might be a minimum income threshold for this but I'm not sure
ahbdclfin #_politics1h
Some of these divisions predate the KGB. Naturally they were (and are) interested in sowing discord and exploiting division in American society.
amzxvcain #_politics1h
But I am not American, nor am I saying anything particularly radical.
xqztluffkbzrin #_politics1h
Have you seen that entire interview? The whole version is about an hour long
awldqvfin #___general1h
wow, thanks man!
zoyaprnkydopin #_politics55min
The issue of police brutality will have an entire different meaning if civil war in America breaks out over this.
gwmteoubgecjin #_politics55min
Right now the "Protests" are being used as cover by radicals and thugs to enact extreme acts of terror and violence.
nyfin #_politics55min
some people want civil war
uoqin #_politics54min
but thankfully that won’t happen
adoin #_politics54min
you have extremists from both sides looking to wage some sort of war because of whatever reasons
kpkmnxfiwin #___general53min
no problem sir, wouldnt want anyone dealing with what we did. We ended up watching people pass out on the ground in the morning around 0600 waiting in line, for a tent that had a few spaces open. For two hours while they cleaned. I had not slept all night, and if we waited by the time I got in at 0800 I would have had one beer and fell asleep and would have paid the guy up front 200Euros to get in, at the time that was about 250$ was not worth it. In belgium go at 1000 Buy your caps(coins) enter the tent and enjoy 15-20 beers about 7-8 ounzes each but between 6-14 percent. great festivities and a much better crowd. I only went to that one yearly-Even the hotels in the area are cheaper and closer to the action than the Munich Oktober fest, but understand there are HUNDREDS of beerfest starting in September all throughout germany, you can go to Germany/ Bavaria, or up north, In late August, and if you only attend a different one weekly you will get to about 7-8 different beerfestivals throughout Germany in different viallages and what not, It is a great experience . Get ready to Eat large sausages on small buns, which is the MOST traditional thing to eat at these festivals. GOOD times.
nxxypgrvwktpin #_politics49min
lormhulmhin #bali49min
If anyone needs a rapid covid or swab test, the hospital in Nusa Dua isn’t very busy compared to the public hospital or hospitals closer to Kuta/Canggu. Test can be given anytime (open 24 hrs) with appointment. Search for “BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua” on google maps for more details (they post a couple things there).

Message from 🏥 “PCR swab test now available in BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua at very reasonable price Test can be done with appointment 1 day prior to the arrival via WhatsApp at ”
rpzhgmxqfllin #_politics47min
Agreed. Victimhood culture is a real thing. And married with identity politics and amplified by social media (which trends towards easily consumable, low information content), it has become a toxic presence in American life.
deuin #_politics46min
i think most people agree theres some outside influence in the rioting.. i dont think its some super crazy conspiracy but some people just like causing chaos
xlrwknnkin #united-states42min
I got my haircut yesterday in Hawaii
zmifmpxtxmjqwvvain #_jobs-talk38min
I would say if you could abstract away from hours as much as possible you do that. The general objective should be to unhinge yourself from direct hours worked. If you are talking about a retainer agreement, the math is easy, how much money you want divided by the average rate you work at. I know marketers that charge a fixed rate for certain things like "This amount of tweets, this amount of campaigns managed, this amount of blog posts etc.." and completely divorce themselves from hours. Hours are usually BS because they never factor efficiency. Should a person who works 10x faster make 10x less? The whole concept of pay by hour was designed for factory workers.
auutqmbin #united-states30min
Based on your picture it looks like it should be easy to do yourself
shnnvlin #bali28min
How much is it?
hqsfkuultin #bali24min
There’s different types of tests… I’m not entirely sure of the price though. I can ask around 9am (bali time) once my contact wakes up. Otherwise there’s a WhatsApp number if you have question about specific tests
eqmfqlxidin #bali23min
I haven’t personally been but know people that have been
oxpavqbiin #united-states21min
haha yeah but I forgot to bring my hair clipper, and amazon inventory was backed up until July
dngepin #_jobs-talk15min
Yuppp agreed, just gotta get prospective client to see that and do so in a polite way.
xqbbldvhxihin #_jobs-talk11min
I didn’t see that kind of ‘control’ in Montreal. Not sure if it’s a law here or just my own experience or whatever.
oqaqzjeznssoin #_politics7min
Good old looters
dokin #_politics4min
i have so many questions
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