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wbbjhqhuekstjoyin #mexico7h
yxylfdylelz Catemaco looks _beautiful_! Seems like it should be doable to go from Xalapa -> Catemaco -> Coatepec (going from CDMX to Yucatan). I've got those noted for my road trip, thank you!

<@U04BRT3UC> I love humidity ๐Ÿคฃ when you say people can be rude, is that in general, or specifically towards those that are tourists?

I'm hoping to do one-month Airbnb stays in major areas to get to know the area/culture a bit better and obviously take advantage of the monthly discounts. It's looking like Tabasco may be one of those places that we'll just do a drive through within a couple of days.
ehdiismoin #_money7h
I am the least alcoholic person ever, you could store beers in my fridge for months.. but I started experimenting with drinking out of boredom and then it almost became a regular thing and I decided to stop before I greased the groove too much..
koqwkqxdin #_money7h
Interesting thing I found out is that alcohol is an appetite suppressant
ywrevzmlin #_money7h
Explains all those skinny alcoholics
zsmnkyduqpuswuyin #_covid197h
No kidding!
vbulrcbkdin #_housing7h
Bed bugs in CDMX.... worst 2 weeks of my life
gfxcgwywin #_gear7h
The only time they seem to care about my electronics is if I make the mistake of packing them all together on top of each other.. just makes it look more suspicious on the x ray
lgmwdbckyadin #_food7h
yay I'm doing chicken tacos for .... lunch/dinner today again
hoisfrsukuain #_food7h
I swear I will never be sick of tacos
zasxirfzypbin #_food7h
so much variety!
ghmyxpehtyyin #_food7h
but I do miss my favorite chicken taco place
ayzfvksheulin #_food7h
but this one is pretty good too
nzilghqdin #_gear7h
If you pull out that roll and unroll before putting it through the machine then they probably wouldnโ€™t ask to look at it
lfuphnjnin #_gear7h
Richer countries might have better machines possibly that can do side views and visualize things better
mnmfxlocgeyvin #_startups7h
any canadian's running soul proprietorships in bali?
spdpxnfazozysqrqin #___general7h
๐Ÿ‘‹ Is there a Lisbon/Portugal channel?
sdcnwgnvjbuoetain #_relationships6h
Haha Idk if there's an appropriate way to word this question during the first interaction with someone on a dating app
atqrcbbsyxbjjxain #_relationships6h
Like, wait until at least 3rd date
jdwockfgosjfjeoin #_housing6h
I...have nothing to complain about, surprisingly
yuanphgqomvidhjin #_housing6h
Except the occasional fly that somehow makes it up to the 14th floor
eugwihcgburunin #mexico6h
I just noted in general people weren't as nice, and in general just not as polite as other parts of Mexico
kgkffpowvuwlain #_housing6h
I can only complain about the textiles factory, but it's tolerable
naylfeiniin #bulgaria6h
Bansko seems like a great place to find a cheap base in europe, i know one person spent 19k euro for a 50sqm flat and i guess you could spend 25 ish for a decent flat
ekpphoskin #_politics6h
odd choices of words when calling someone a racist
vffkrxsuwcsszgordsin #mexico5h
Thanks for the tip!!
khpin #_flying5h
has anyone done a hidden city flight with their ff program attached? i have one coming up.. hopefully they wont flag my account for it but i dont know. i read a lot of people lost their accounts
vasin #_flying5h
this is AA btw
pmzin #_flying5h
the HC ticket was 3x cheaper than the regular one
lyjbmhagcslin #_flying5h
Yeah I've done a couple, never had any issues with it.
tegjsqufuin #___general5h
There is a Lisbon and a Portugal channel.
inwin #_flying5h
cool, thanks uzrlsegbkuhn
bzhpkflenin #_relationships5h
Or, establish something that is not up for discussion. And save everyone time and nerves/hurt and in turn take a higher chance of losing someone right at the beginning that you would have formed a happy relationship with, which may ultimately fail. Interesting risk/reward ratio on this one for sure!
ucovukgpwin #_relationships5h
What is better? Ultimate happiness that still may fail at some point for unforseen reasons, or a happy way to whatever lies at the end? I think I might take the latter
ykoyeyorlonjnin #_gear5h
I get chemical swiped a solid 40% of the time. Can't figure out why
wdxwhrxasyqxumxzin #_relationships5h
Why does ones desire to have children, or not, matter at that stage? If you go on a couple dates and then figure out they donโ€™t want kids, whatever. You had some fun times and can move on. If youโ€™re in that much of a rush for an answer to that question, you _probably_ arenโ€™t going to have the patience to actually deal with _having_ kids. And for the person that _is_ interested in having kids, if you have the patience required for it Iโ€™m sure you have the patience to wait a bit longer for the right person and not have to get into that discussion on day one. ๐Ÿค”
timbbnixbin #_relationships5h
Sometimes itโ€™s not about patience, thereโ€™s a biological clock
pydaijfpwkqffbzkin #_relationships5h
Relationships arenโ€™t a job interview. You can be looking for long-term, settling down, building a family, etc. and still have a quick fling along the road to finding the match you want to settle down with.
ceoxbnfkevfatcscin #_relationships5h
Also, people change, and what started as a fling could quite possibly _turn into_ that perfect match youโ€™ve been looking for. ๐Ÿคท
dfecltmikin #_relationships5h
But yea still day one is not the time
ayjithyqkin #_relationships5h
Some people donโ€™t want kids then they meet โ€œthe oneโ€ and that changes.
mmdsjasekxmmwhpgin #_relationships5h
Yeah, definitely.
ldjlrxgbirhyjdiqin #_relationships5h
Iโ€™d say donโ€™t worry about that sort of stuff that early. Youโ€™re skipping over a dozen other steps you should be figuring out first. ๐Ÿ˜…
eafjjzvkvin #_food5h
oh damn I bought dates to make a dessert but I don't know if they're gonna make it... they're so delicious on their own that it's a shame to "dilute" the taste
kfosrkjifin #_taxes-us4h
Many EIDL loans now closing. Emergency payments came through way back but the rest of the loan is now being funded for many folks I know.
olmedwaikin #_gear3h
lenovo trackpoint keyboard II just arrived. First impression is that I really like everything except the palm rest which sticks up too high and bothers my thumbs. Will see if I get used to it
faagegtojvin #_money3h
I must be doing it wrong, alcohol makes me want to snack late at night ๐Ÿ˜‚
vnsxmjqnhogin #_money3h
yeah I just.... snack...... a lot more.......
jfegdezyrvbin #_money3h
which is absurd given how much I snack already
wuvwizomkhjdtdacin #_money3h
lhqmkzzgf Alcohol is calorie dense so it would suppress your appetite. Beer can make you fat real quick, it is pretty much liquid bread.
tqrcudenvhpjgqmcin #_money3h
A can of beer is about 10 calories more than a can of coca-cola.
olxzvqkpyrbin #_money3h
a bottle of wine is usually around 600 calories. I'd rather have that bottle of wine than a "healthy" meal which is only 600 calories.
acvrkenjevlzihrzin #_money3h
For the longest time I thought alcohol was low in calories, I don't know why, I was surprised when I discovered how much calories stuff has.
gdauenhin #_housing3h
the textiles facotry?
ljkvloypcjrxin #_jobs-talk3h
i have zero issues with someone lying, but some people are afraid to get caught, sometimes with good reason
rmnrlhlajrmkin #_jobs-talk3h
some employers ask for proof of prior income (paystubs)
jyazxwoewrnvin #_jobs-talk3h
I think asking should really be illegal
jlxbgrgxhcjdfin #_jobs-talk3h
I'm not afraid of being caught lying, I just don't _like_ lying and I chose a career where I thankfully don't have to. I've gotten very comfortable with rephrasing "I'm looking for X" or "I plan to make X over the next year based on my current trajectory" or some other form of that.
ueieqjkksfmqin #_jobs-talk3h
apnfekrabwpxqin #_jobs-talk3h
The way I say it makes it clear that I'm not interested in an extended negotiation on that term. but if it's too high sometimes I'll follow up with other forms of compensation I would accept to make up the difference
lrqeedlzowsxyin #_jobs-talk3h
(like reduced availability, travel etc)
pslsgrin #hong-kong3h
Filing an offshore claim is a declaration that your profits arise elsewhere. Is not a declaration that you are not subject to HK tax and therefore you are not subject to taxes. When the IRD decides that they want to strike you, they will send among the questions one asking you to show that if you are not subjected to HK tax, then please confirm where you are subject to tax and provide evidence that you are paying taxes elsewhere.
kbecmqin #hong-kong3h
I'd ask them to clarify the above, but I think you'll find that they'll agree with that statement.
uaoppzin #hong-kong3h
I've been through the offshore profits claim, and that was one of the questions asked.
yutywwin #hong-kong3h
It was too much hassle/cost in the end, so I paid the small amount of local tax!
umtntcyazujwuin #_ruby2h
pxjkrivsjt generally, you do. Which PR?
ubqnegvgdfvxxin #___general2h
There's no nomadlist page for Nagasaki? hm that's surprising
oetqyremwbsugin #___general2h
Historically it's Foreigner Central! ๐Ÿ˜†
nlvtwoyryygin #_housing2h
I need a banana for scale
ckmmtccrxin #_housing2h
~2cm leg span
hnfouarqwin #_housing2h
Not sure what that is in bananas
hvblxmgdwzqin #_housing2h
smaller are creepier for some reason
jehvngsmaotoafuzin #_startups2h
or even sole proprietorships
aymoyejvrin #___general2h
Hey a new member here. Ex military so Iโ€™ve been all over the world! (Army) hooah! Currently was in Mexico City- Polanco area looking for anyone anywhere- who may be into something interesting- I am a chef by trade and EMT by military trade- ex restaurant owner ( in Germany) shawingz!! Looking for an adventure in the coming months- if not- at least a good spot in Polanco Mexico City I can look up!! Thanks guys
vxovalppein #___general2h
What I meant was a nice place in Polanco - ports Vallarta something like that in Mexico I can get a place for a while!
hpbofquwpxain #_housing2h
those don't look edible enough.
pcwwliwdain #_housing2h
Mexico City Polanco? Anyone near me? Lookin for a new nice place to rent for 6 mos- willing to consider another country or city of nice. Any good ideas?
ywldpensvlizin #_coders2h
any web dev's here been working "serverless" for a while?
yqdostxgiin #_coders1h
Only with proof of concepts on lambda here
iimldsrkuin #_bargain-travel1h
exogyzjh for flights SKYSCANNER has been my go to move for years, all over the world. best prices!! also I had some questions?
pvilyratlin #_bargain-travel1h
Where abouts is the best place to be nowadays for digital Nomads- I am in Mexico CIty now, it is ok, I just lived in AMsterdam Netherlands, the air is a bit much to deal with, anyother interesting projects or locations you know of Pleae reply of message me here (IF YOU HAVE A PERSONAL knowledge of the place please) thanks a bunch
pbnfyiypin #_money1h
Yeah some people eat more because of the loss of inhibition but in others it causes them to lose their ability to recognize or feel hunger apparently
skncuqdlmenwin #_coders1h
cool, i got introduced to a couple years ago at a tech talk, and came across the bookmark when i was reorganizing some stuff and thought i'd look into it again
xykqdxedpin #mexico1h
Anyone here In/at/near/ Mexico city?
bgnqutfmupurin #_coders1h
i understand the basics
iucmhvxfwin #mexico1h
Got here from the states, after living in Europe for a while. Polanco Area, and Lease is up soon. Looking to find another place here in Polanco (if anyone knows somewhere in Polanco with good prices let me know) its pretty pricey here comparitively. Or I may head to another country altogether.. Any info would be helpful. My spanish is not as 'legit' as it once was...
zwlurkaiveogtalein #_startups54min
soul proprietorship sounds way better
odppqxnsin #_relationships51min
I mean, a lot of dating sites have "want children? yes/no/maybe" right in the profile details, right next to height information and job information etc
oemxssekin #_relationships50min
so i mean some people will ask your height, or if you want children
gblokrqein #_relationships50min
both are kind of annoying filter questions (for the recipient)
wfyvorvhin #_politics48min
races are described by colors, tangerine is a color
dthlnaobin #_startups47min
especially for bali.. i hear ubud is the best place for soul proprietorships
frgmqisoin #_startups45min
ehdxyskdglowm i assume you're talking about a canadian sole proprietorship? what's your question? maybe somebody can help.. but i don't know if any canadian is doing exactly that in exactly bali right now
cygoowhlin #_housing44min
fkcrnqqipw damn, those aren't the cute little beach crabs i was expecting.. they look like serious land crabs
gvkiixriin #_gear42min
uhh, that person thinks pointer sounds more formal than mouse? i disagree
zqjiiwsjin #_gear42min
i'd flip it around
jpifearkin #_gear41min
trackpoint style mouse .. nub.. nipple pointer.. the last one can also be improved with an alliterative "clicker"
ddybwizdoin #_housing39min
But these ones scuttle around like little ten-legged roaches
fuofgjsfnyvloin #_gear24min
click and clack the tappet brothers!
fmuzqjbqpxsbyin #_gear20min
Mouse definitely is more formal - the resemblance to a mouse was noted in the original description of the english/engelbart device.
wbovzpagbhqeyin #_gear19min
This is however, _not_ a mouse, and bears no resemblance to a rodent
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