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hyzshctggudin #taiwan5h
Didn’t receive it with Taiwan Mobile (new 90-day card registered in March, with my passport entering in Dec)
gmvgyizdin #_covid195h
Yes, but I hadn’t heard a temperature below normal was a symptom. Also, it just caught my eye because when I was convinced for a few days that I had it my temperature was below normal
plfiwxctbspin #taiwan5h
I think the gov is backtracing a number of people who entered in early March. Is there any time point that you might meet?
uzhsgiqdnfiin #thailand4h
ukbvdkcnqfbro iirc you are in Samui? Why you decided to do this move?
uztdslgnafxlin #taiwan4h
I've entered two weeks ago, maybe it stops soon. I'll ask them what's happening if they call me again.
frjamhmain #_covid194h
But even today I can’t achieve 98º unless maybe I’m sitting in full sun. I’m basically a lizard
wjqyrtikin #thailand4h
rapidly diminishing? they're not on the table at all if you can't do a border run.. and you technically can't i think?
zxqpgcatin #thailand4h
we should find out in a day or two about an automatic extension for everyone hopefully
fkmmkyefin #_covid194h
So many red flags in that article.
“He defines success as ‘Not to die.’”
“In an exclusive interview with former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani”
msblwddbdyin #_covid194h
If that's for real, is awesome, could solve the ventilators shortage in many places. I think I've read an article about inconclusive results of hydroxychlorichine, but maybe the key is in the combination. No idea
tfojnpmcin #_covid194h
Normal temperature falls in a range between 36 and 38 C
vnqxypsysxin #_covid194h
But kind of shady website, lack of data, Rudy Giuliani... Let's hope that or something similar works...
aduziunain #_covid194h
Yes. They don’t say how low it needs to be to be considered a symptom in that article. I’ve never seen it listed as a symptom anywhere else
fvlolpxin #taiwan4h
You are self-quarantining at present?
umrjzehin #taiwan4h
They might just ask you to stay where you are and pay you a stipend. Better look into it.
jtslvsvin #_productivity4h
oytirnftpbm yeah that's also called Focusmate - you can set it up amnytime
uquowgdin #_productivity4h
Focusmate is blowing up right now with lots of users, highly recommended
bjqeollin #_gear4h
yqgcclgxbjtigwgjn iralnnitix This is why India is doing better
dajarllin #_covid194h
I'm confused by this story because I thought we already knew asymptomatic aerosol transmission was a thing?
wzghruinrin #_covid194h
"catch the corona so you can go back to being a human" parties when? 😄
eyvuintin #_covid194h
I'm trying to figure out how credible this is but it's a blizzard of partisan nonsense out there...
lcysblqin #_covid194h
Please do not ☠
fefzkoolrin #_covid194h
I'm kidding but if this was already a thing I would definitely want to catch the thing (then self-quarantine) so that I can live my life
shmkvxgdrin #_covid194h
I know that's also irresponsible because it could potentially go wrong as unlikely as that is 😛
fijjwunrjin #_covid194h
but I think this will be what many people will be thinkin
ngcvvprvsin #_covid194h
ambrhidawhidin #thailand4h
Feeling lonely here. Also a bit stir crazy.
ipunlvein #vietnam3h
Krista I called its a wrong #. Thanks anyway.:-)
erdceezyupnepqpzin #_gear3h
xcmgvdai It doesn't link to a particular answer
liqlfmiuuin #thailand3h
Drove through Lamai yesterday, its deserted.
juhxamsfin #_covid193h
I'd never infect myself intentionally, because I understand the risk that causes for others, but I'd definitely be relieved if I were recovered already. I'd probably volunteer for a vaccine trial if I had that option.
sfxmcfhcqzjqin #thailand3h
I’m in fisherman’s village... ghost town
rnveppuin #vietnam3h
The contact person is Mika ‭+33 6 45 06 42 13‬ - on WhatsApp
rtfxltryzin #_covid193h
well ideally if you could stock up for let's say 3 weeks and stay completely alone you wouldn't really endanger others...if you could like get it in a controlled environment all alone at home
pisrhvubcin #_covid193h
but if you were one of the people who were affected by it very adversely and had to go to a hospital then yes
gbzcsfdvqin #_covid193h
and you can't really rule that out as unlikely as it is
uzkzisrin #_gear3h
znwnmzmyaxgfbezwr but have you tried that on a video call? 😄
jkctouezuin #_covid193h
I read somewhere that like most of those findings in school/uni of great projects are often shelved after initial PR because not enough funding, real need or similar reasons to use them in real world
wjviwaxvgsqin #vietnam3h
nwdoecein #vietnam3h
sorry mate, good luck!
tbrwenmin #_gear3h
balaji's answer
oflfmmkdin #_covid193h
That doesn’t seem a very credible source. I also don’t think the drugs he gave them are that uncommon. The one patient I know in the hospital here was given hydroxychloroquine (because why not?) but she stopped taking it because it upset her stomach. She has mild symptoms and was only tested because she’s flight crew. She’s in the hospital for quarantine — not because she requires a high level of medical care.
qiguvnvmin #_covid193h
Sounds like a spin on a common practice for political purposes
gjxlmlcissfin #vietnam3h
nsltuqwpin #bulgaria3h
bars are closed in the whole country, so once Bansko is out of quarantine it means it will go into the kind of lockdown whole country is in, which is not much different to be honest.
hephkbppehegpin #_gear2h
```Check out Peplink's product mix. Also ULive make a device for video streaming that LiveStream first used that handles mobile bonding. dmgdslra ```
ooroxnin #vietnam2h
> coordinated with My An Ward Health Station to organize related tests to Covid-19 for all immigrants residing in the area.
(Da Nang)
dyuphyblin #spain2h
Computer company says they can deliver the computer raised_handsskin-tone-2
ihdjpxrxqprcin #_covid192h
Just landed in Frankfurt, and we are told we are going to disembark in groups of 40 every 5 minutes, so they can measure our temperature
qmdhyzpbesqtin #_covid192h
And because it's an almost full A380, this will take up to 1.5 hours
popmccdein #_gear2h
```On Jan 17th, India announced mandatory thermal screening of all passengers from China. Coronavirus threat Mandatory health screening of passengers from China at 7 Indian airports. This was before even quarantine was announced in Wuhan and just 41 confirmed cases worldwide. You can compare this with UK's response [London has far more flights to China than Indian cities] 5 days later that was much more limited UK to monitor China flights as virus precaution. UK's applied only to just direct flights from Wuhan and not other flights.

By the time India had 2 infections, the state that had them declared emergency on Feb 4 Kerala declares coronavirus outbreak as state disaster

By the time India had 10 infections, there was a nationwide taskforce on March 4, with a wide range of measures. Government's multi-step strategy to tackle coronavirus spread in India

By the time India had its first death from Coronavirus, all tourists from abroad are stopped India suspends tourist visas over coronavirus and even citizens are mandated high restrictions People with travel history to Italy, S Korea need 'negative' COVID-19 certificate to enter India.

Compare this strong response with those of Europe and USA.

In short, if you are asking why India is yet to fall a victim for not just this epidemic, but most other global epidemics, because we stop them at the gates.```
cpidbomjin #_gear2h
not sure that particular answer is all that convincing though
gfzudwqcin #_gear2h
I might have dropped my jawbone jambox mini one times too many over the years. I’ve been really happy with it but should probably start thinking about replacing it. Who makes a good one that’s similar? Maybe one that can withstand my clumsiness? I guess the mini did pretty well since I’ve been using it for 5 years
uebelxgyrin #chile2h
bfvoatkuuin #chile2h
I am self-isolating. I'm booking flights for October, should conditions be met.
ysjpapoin #india2h
on a less serious note, is anyone running out of booze?
neqlbrbin #_gear2h
it quite is mate, india has always prepared well for epidemics - because if we fail, we fail big!
edxlljhin #_gear2h
1.4 billion~ almost fucked
rtuyatdin #india2h
yeah man, haven't had a beer for a week now!
vchohomin #india2h
nothing is open
wzxowfkin #india2h
thankfully, got lots of whiskey, gin and duty-free collections to use
xlweohqin #india2h
Anyone got any contacts in bangalore for booze? I know cigarettes are selling like drugs now!
szzcuycin #india2h
its india after all
rbyqlarjzin #_covid191h
yeah, been there, done that… (I'm Romanian)
bkvrkbtuain #_covid191h
eh I'm Hungarian and no this is not similar at all
hblmopin #_coders1h
Thanks y’all, I’ll prob stick with Heroku though I’ll give a quick look to fire base
hmrbrjysiin #_covid191h
for one thing there really is no real shortage of any essential products, at least for now
drpeetiaqin #_covid191h
for another, I can't go outside other than to go to the store so...
ryfzshin #_coders1h
Doesn’t Zeit only do functions? Not heard of render
fkkhflfmdin #_covid191h
I wasn't alive for the socialist regime but as far as I can tell that never happened here because why would it have?
fdoahzjmwin #_covid191h
yeah the borders being closed is similar
aidreqontin #_covid191h
re Frankfurt landing
bpimxnqlrin #_covid191h
still better than what I experienced in Budapest a week ago flying in from Dubai
jlmenivyfin #_covid191h
~400 people in a hall, no way to keep our distance
iotrkerljin #_covid191h
waited in line for 3 hours and nothing was actually done
pkzitswdtin #_covid191h
they didn't take our temp or anything
ftnwfwvrtin #_covid191h
dude just took a pic of my passport then twiddled his thumbs for like 5 minutes then let us go
ekigzpin #_coders1h
Render seems promising I’ll give it a shot
ytexafin #india1h
As far as booze goes, I am all stocked up for the next couple of months, if need be 😅
hgjlpiaxuin #_covid191h
it was the most pointless exercise in futility I've ever experienced, they might us well have just checked our passport like in normal times and let us go on our merry way, I feel like that would have allowed for less potential cross-contamination than holding us there for hours then not really doing anything useful
wdbsyvgin #_relationships1h
I have a Kobo. It integrates with Pocket, so all articles you save is available on the device.
Not sure if I like it, because I never read books anymore 😆
dgmwkwmplyin #_covid191h
dpkabvrhuv do you feel more prepared because of it?
zfzoyjpiuin #_covid191h
nope, just more cynical :)
xxjdwmyhoasokfin #japan31min
A Japanese friend told me it’s unlawful to have a lockdown in Tokyo, hence the _advice_ given for people to stay at home this past weekend.
fhdquwwbtahcfoin #japan29min
But I did go to central Tokyo today and it was a ghost town. I’ve never seen the back alleys of Omotesando deserted. Pretty spooky
otpbbiogtgkfjbin #japan28min
Good thing the population takes advices from local gov pretty serious tho 😅
gqflrfegogsin #_covid1925min
It’s a misleading title:

There is a study led by HZI Braunschweig in cooperation with other institutes in Berlin that aim to test 100,000 people in order to see how many have developed antibodies - to further clarify how social immunity against covid-19 is progressing and how soon can normality return. There are no “certificates” whatsoever.

It is also said that current tests may very well result in false positives as they cross-react with other harmless coronaviruses in circulation.
relsulgnfgiin #montreal22min
In some regions, mostly regions where there are less people and are far away / vulnerable Here’s a list Bas-Saint-Laurent, l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, le Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, la Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, la Côte-Nord, le Nord-du-Québec, le Nunavik et les Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James
ecwpjigdxvkin #montreal18min
Beds number make sense, I think ICUs are 60 or something like that.
zwagrtfyyaigimbin #___general17min
InstaCart is doing hella shady things
qxhoudpvdzwin #montreal15min
72 actually in ICU beds
rzoiydscufsin #montreal14min
In the Government’s projections, the curve’s ‘plateau’ would happen around the 20th of April
dnbilfhmin #georgia9min
I didn't say the word "safest", I said "one of the best" (I am also taking in account the low cost of life under quarantine and the number of decent services you can still get like proper food delivery, for instance + a possibility to stay for the whole year without a visa). But to me it also feels like the quarantine and social distancing measures were imposed here at the very right time, earlier than in most countries (if we assume that we trust the official numbers). And they seem to try to follow the South Korean strategy, tracking down every single contact of infected individuals. People gathering for prayers are now requested to stay outside churches and keep their distance, similar rules in supermarkets and pharmacies.
But the question of how widespread is the testing is the key question, I agree. That's what the death rate (increased or unchanged) should reveal eventually. Overall, just trying to be optimistic 😄
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