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pprlrxqvvkhzsgiyggin #_fitness13h
I know I have them and can take the edge off by meditating… but they’re still very strong.
sylfjrhwlrkzhvsoodin #_fitness13h
It’s not so bad if I’m single… when I’m in a relationship (as I am now) it causes issues though.
ejubpgeuolhzisdmyqin #_fitness13h
I would just disappear for a day or two.
awfjvzkfin #_fitness13h
ah yeah
gwrjcsdnevaemouurdin #_fitness13h
I can get bouts of rage. I know myself well enough to not express them; but it gets tiring supressing them.
adqabftqin #_fitness13h
just work out
mgpfbgqddfxrruxwubin #_fitness13h
ddnsrfneq I work out six days a week and used to compete in Muay Thai.
mbdjookeofdbildtwoin #_fitness13h
Working out helps, for sure.
rxppgzmain #_fitness13h
maybe too much testosterone, work out less
uvkienlyifqinszdqfin #_fitness13h
ecjypbyrin #_fitness13h
more tofu, more soy
xxmzcfsvazcmfgonnsin #_fitness13h
I eat tofu every day!
qdzxobstin #_fitness13h
more yoga
ctwxcrcrin #_fitness13h
lvcymizeksvdvgntaqin #_fitness13h
Surfing is probably the best thing of all.
jpfoklbqin #_fitness13h
tai chi
lzurotxzfmfvrirfxfin #_fitness13h
My ex-girlfriend is a sports psychologist and wrote her thesis on the therapeutic benefits of different types of sport.
qypbeoyuwdxqhoyyxyin #_fitness13h
Her conclusion is that sports that involve sensory immersion are more therapeutic.
iarnzdeibktcbxin #japan13h
Thanks eldahvnf I’ll add that to my list 👏
qbpwqghprqwoegpyscin #_fitness13h
Football/rugby use the same part of your brain for communication that work does, so they’re not as therapeutic.
dlixzezyeklyskkkwpin #_fitness13h
Surfing immerses your senses and gives that part of your brain (I don’t know what it’s called) a break. So it’s more therapeutic.
kirnpxznrtnzeeiaizin #_fitness13h
Freediving too
unnvdibvin #_fitness13h
🤔 interesting
wmrczedjin #_fitness13h
but the stress relief from beating on other guys and then drinking beer afterwards might counteract that "work" thing perhaps? 😉
hybrrcbuiqmiizgchjin #_fitness13h
Just Add Water is a great documentary about the surfer Clay Marzo, who has Aspergers… and the relationship between him, his condition, and surfing.
fmsextyeohwmifpjisin #_fitness13h
A recent study shows that - contrary to popular belief - punching things compounds feelings of anger; it doesn’t ‘release’ them.
xtynuqmlin #_fitness13h
that's true
jdnsynebwmsetnpnfbin #_fitness13h
Anecdotally, I’d agree. Boxing when I was angry was horrible.
falucdfpfuoapzwmfain #_fitness13h
My best sessions were when I felt good.
rcnskfsdemin #brazil13h
Hey guys, me and obtkqebkn are going to meet in a bar called Charme da Paulista (In front of MASP at Av Paulista) this Thu at around 18h. Is anyone around? 😄
vljraddohjgdsgfqoqin #_fitness13h
The feeling of affection and warmth when you have a really great session with someone you like and have battered the hell out of each other is difficult to describe.
cfufkigsin #_fitness13h
have you had brain trauma, like concussion etc?
My sleep got bad at some point and I hacked it with more sunlight during the day and less blue light at night — switched to incandescent and infrared bulbs at home and my displays and eat enough tryptophan to produce melatonin. I did not like chicken but it really made a difference.
stdmwuiyin #_fitness13h
Also, how is MSG usage in Bali? Some people get violent from it — red a report from doctor Amen recently
pzrmujbofmzbtulxfoin #_fitness13h
bxqekiefx Yeah I’m a big fan of orange lighting on all my displays, and low brightness.
aycpcakwin #_fitness13h
Who has a clinic for brain health and a podcast and says impulsivity and other behavioral problems are often due to some brain damage, which might come from even underfeeding
cilxmwydhpfdxxfawwin #_fitness13h
Unsure about MSG, but I eat pretty much exclusively plants.
fkspsvhvfpqpvyavlein #_fitness13h
Umm. Just a very violent childhood.
gxvuuflxin #_fitness13h
Did you have the same issue when you ate meat?
vderbjvzein #_pets13h
Hej 👋
kfpgupbqxlbvehpoomin #_fitness13h
tgkbmjhhhin #_pets13h
I just posted in general but someone pointed it might be easier here
amtmzpapbin #_fitness13h
lbzglyjyxhkuyitboxb For sleep you can try drinking before going to 🛏 warm water, Apple cider vinegar, honey. It doesn't work for me anymore for some reason, but when it worked it was amazing, I would fall asleep quickly, and wake up so full of energy that it was impossible to stay in bed even for a minute 😄
erbnswoxbin #_pets13h
Does anyone have experience travelling with their pets above the usual 8kg limit airlines have for staying in the cabin?
pcekewcbjzdpurczzgin #_fitness13h
I understand the psychological model pretty well. Doesn’t instantly fix it though!
abhgmpjijpquvbyqyain #_fitness13h
fgaxrplwxy nice, and vegan! That sounds appealling.
wjscdmviin #_fitness13h
for sleep also — alcohol wrecks melatonin. 2 glasses of wine and Id be in trouble
yaobwyiiwin #___general13h
Ok thanks for the explanation. I will take care !
eubsmkytqtin #japan13h
Last full day in Japan starting tomorrow morning 😭
uvnnqugxqgin #japan13h
at first i was like "i'ma be cool, nbd"
zchdywwdckvuzesamfin #_fitness13h
Yeah I LOVE gin but have stopped drinking it apart from special occassions. Sadly!
zqcqpinhlcin #japan13h
and now it's HERE
ekpbgjngin #_fitness13h
fcmebemerd whoa, I am trying that. I have troubles getting out of bed lately 😄
lzwzqprvrein #japan13h
and i'm all... "NOT YET, PLEASE NOT YET"
oxnjlifkin #_fitness13h
you can day drink! just not after sunset
mwlzpxwuvoxraachfiin #_fitness13h
Yeah, I’m ok with a few G&Ts in good company.
nmlmulmsvwxxmwrbthin #_fitness13h
OK here’s a clue… I (stupidly) had four espresso martinis maybe 2 months back.
xktyyqgipuin #japan13h
It's easy to love a place when all you're doing is tourism
dbxrtjzqeqdkxozanxin #_fitness13h
I had the worst episode I’ve had this year, by far.
gjjkzikdktsysyngchin #_fitness13h
I was a wreck for 2-3 days
oraspepmxzpxymoctyin #_fitness13h
Reallly hope that’s a clue it’s caffeine I’m sensitive to.
fghhfzvighmmin #_books13h
Yeah crazy. I can’t wait for a dramatized, slightly fictional version. It’s going to be popcorn worthy.
khlycdhbliwmmufdvrin #_fitness13h
(only just remembered that)
ssmjhvrnin #_fitness13h
yeah that will do it
kasadhkxxnejin #_fitness13h
hlkllrwdrvjouhjbvca I experienced something similar many years ago. I switched to tea (black) and since have a much more solid sleep, no anxiety, etc.
zwjebtnbin #_fitness13h
caffeine for sure is not for you
wfqugpfrin #_fitness13h
if only that solves it for you, it would be great 🙂
jteqnmhljpsxjmvxlmin #_fitness13h
orcwkdmbjmkac thanks! Do you mind me asking, did it have a dramatic affect?
jsajxdywitkvktekdqin #_fitness13h
nxxhkqljk I hope so. I wouldn’t be so reductionist, if I hadn’t tried so many different things. But the author of this book strongly argues that just one undetected food allergy can have a huge impact on wellbeing.
kpqjboin #chiang-mai13h
I’m grabbing a drink in nimman if anybody wants to 🍻 - some very empty (though classy-feeling :thinking_face:) bar called Caravan at the moment
tvsohpgyin #_fitness13h
which book is that?
axqowoetrppwthin #_taxes-us13h
For you U02T6G2G0? I’ll just post it right here.
seszdqpafyqcrwpbzfin #_fitness13h
‘Unstoppable’ by Ben Angel
gwoqzsozxqovpxaivkin #_fitness13h
Basically I woke up feeling awful last week, and saw a Facebook ad written by a guy who said he was doing everything right in terms of fitness, meditation, diet, and still felt terrible… and THEN went on a quest…

£100. Worth a gamble.
fpcpiulrernummdzpcin #_fitness13h
the ad copy spoke to me
wsmylisyujvfin #_fitness13h
ruixqerhrzptxuxobqq yeah drinking two cups of coffee would make me jittery for hours. I wouldn’t be able to sit down for long. I couldn’t focus.
cprjqhfscwjlin #_fitness13h
Switching to black tea solved all of that.
vjgugbfswsiyin #_fitness13h
Now I can drink 2-3 cups of tea a day without problem.
itogtumysxxuonhfimin #_fitness13h
Thing is, I don’t notice much effect when I drink a strong cup of coffee, probably because I’ve done it for so long… so I was skeptical it could be the reason.
bxcthpqpliygmin #_gear13h
Hmm. Mine didn't have that. Must be new
xyqhxvvddstmuwhmsoin #_fitness13h
Unaware of her caffeine allergy, Ruth continued ingesting caffeinated products for the next 25 years. Her physical and mental health deteriorated, and in 1999 she was diagnosed with personality disorder and bipolar disorder, which resulted in her being committed to a locked ward.

Finally, a wise doctor diagnosed her with caffeine allergy. Her story inspired her to write Welcome to the Dance Caffeine Allergy — A Masked Cerebral Allergy and Progressive Toxic Dementia.

pmfbbmgsjdoxxgeoedin #_fitness13h
^ I’ve heard this story a few times.
gvcpsxsxvqaiin #_fitness13h
Now my problem is that technically caffeine breaks my fast and I’m trying to intermittent fast.
hhcuhmmskmrzfgexplin #_fitness13h
Yeah I do intermittent fasting.
oivulvyiuhukxcwtlwin #_fitness13h
Here’s a positive story for a break from my blues…
xgjmtbmxin #_fitness13h
xzdhqmafpksvogkaiuk give it 4+ days for the withdraw symptoms to pass and the body to readjust and see how you do after and if needed to dig deeper
lgxpnuhzin #_freelance13h
Anyone doing ionic?
I might have a small project, I’m making vue.js PWA website and client would like to have it as iOS and Android app as well.
Might consider alternatives as well.
swsntcletfedlqueznin #_fitness13h
blzeoasaf thanks! Day one I feel calmer. I’ll report back in a few days!
vmhnkwsunpjfgin #_pets13h
I have travelled with a dog once but it was mostly as a courier
wbftqzvndvtsgin #_pets13h
Stayed in an airbnb where the hosts were rescuing dogs
rqmvopgaradmxin #_pets13h
And we told them about the stray we found the day before and they helped us catch it and it was later adopted by a family in Germany
swclkuqydqhvein #_fitness13h
After 2 or 3 days, the headaches start. They may last for a few days.

It's recommend to taper off caffeine over a week or two if you were a heavy coffee drinker.

I quit cold turkey years ago, and drinking Gatorade helped a lot quitting cold turkey. Didn't know about the headaches until later

I drink coffee now though
jphtgnifin #_jobs-talk13h
Anyone doing ionic?
I might have a small project, I’m making vue.js PWA website and client would like to have it as iOS and Android app as well.
Might consider alternatives as well.
inkucgvzin #_freelance13h
Ups, moving to #_jobs-talk
kknqfdzein #_taxes-us12h
I tried to sign up for N26 the other day and received a message saying that I need to call a number
dbtouyrvin #_taxes-us12h
I assume they noticed my IP was in an area they’re vigilant about or they didn’t like my virtualpost mailbox address
dbuueqqdpogbiin #_outdoors12h
Likely my oopsie was a freak incident. I'm sure they would have held up over regular abuse. Maybe change the strap?
wjspualxdzdsmgfpctin #_fitness12h
Cheers! I only drink one a day, but it’s a long black (strong).
gnvywtsrmzukjckuvrin #_fitness12h
In a way, I’d be quite pleased to experience headaches - as it would prove I was indeed addicted!
hdfoluntovmuxin #_fitness12h
OK, you'll likely have just minimal headache episodes. I suggest to over-hydrate and take in electrolytes to mitigate
lznewvvoohardin #_fitness12h
Good luck on your trip there. I remember debating for weeks to drink coffee again, I knew it was going to be a black hole I'd need to maintain, but started up anyways
xqesin #_politics12h
The stated strategy of the protestors is to shut down all transit to entice the public to join in on the protests.
dqhcraqzdin #_fitness12h
Hey folks,
Not sure where I should put this since there are no dedicated channel...but I'm looking for a guide regarding health, medication and insurance in Asia.
There are prescription drugs to prevent diseases like malaria. I can buy some in France before I move in but can't buy for the whole year I'm staying at once.
Any idea on how do you deal with this stuff ?
kztgridvyrouvin #_fitness12h
It's optical, wrist. Sometime I'm going to be bored enough to setup my Wahoo Tickr (electrical) to wear for a full day and compare
rvdprphin #_fitness12h
Are you going to be in high risk locations for the whole year? Can you just buy it there?
njpdkaqfin #_fitness12h
Have in mind those drugs are no joke on your system and probably not needed to take them for a year unless really living in the judge and might have a worse effect on your health than malaria itself.
keshgevrain #_coders12h
njwfq I’m confused when you say leave it to SQL.. metabase logs in as a single user to the DB, so I’m not clear how row level security would work if I let the DB enforce it by login?
yxunerodxin #_coders12h
I’m happy to learn how to save the $20k however 🙂 If there are a few magical keywords I need to get busy with google and stack overflow, I’m all ears
vggvhqdyrin #_coders12h
(MB pricing starts at $10k.. but RLS is in the $20k tier)
tqmmutemin #_fitness12h
A friend’s friend got psychotic to an extend he wanted to be admitted in psychiatry.
vkvftuugdin #_coders12h
I _could_ go down the views route but that’ll mean putting a ton of manual work on my team. Although.. maybe its something we could make the jr team knock out in a day if i buy in pizza
hxgomlromin #_coders12h
~40 tables per user, ~80 users = 3k configs in MB they’d have to set up.
fpqzfzdnvzxrzin #_fitness12h
I agree there. The only drug for malaria that doesn't have crazy side effects is Malarone, but it's spendy. I'd get some of that, and also know that it can cure malaria if you get it diagnosed quickly, and just keep that aside in case. But... that's me
bgcxahllqavizin #_fitness12h
Malarone is also losing it's efficacy in certain areas, IIRC
jbiclzmsin #_fitness12h
Some other friends of friends, who go to high risk areas get tested in a big city hospital before they leave Asia instead of taking pills ahead of time.
I always like to say — repellent and clothes.
xnnrqhryin #_fitness12h
ecdxyuesot where are you going exactly?
plquin #_coders12h
Well, you could automate the creation of views programmatically
jdtkin #_coders12h
Even automate the creation of users, etc
llrfin #_coders12h
MB is backed by pg backend
uxboin #_coders12h
Views route seems the most realistic if you need to lock down sql as well
lggutrxcuin #_fitness12h
Thanks ! I'm moving to Chiang Maï first and there should be no risks there. But I will probably get adventurous in Myanmar/Burma where it's listed as a potential risk. So just want to get precautious here. I do not intent to take a pill a day for 1 entire year. Only when needed of course. I was not sure about the ability to provide myself with preventing drugs in Chiang Mai
iinapuohsin #_fitness12h
I got myself a few pills of malarone just in case
paxkjqxizin #_fitness12h
Thanks I'll keep that in mind
vpfimlyarin #_fitness12h
Clothes and repellent works 😄
uyaymdmswbispin #_fitness12h
Have enough for the course. It's listed somewhere, it's definitely a week or two? You should easily be able to get that before going.

I repackaged them into a small bottle, tightly packed. Never needed them, expired and disposed

Also, like I said... double check it's still effective where you're going too
giqhwpizsin #_fitness12h
Awesome idea. Ok nice to know I can get them there instead of bringing a ton with me.
okovuvedouzcdzoin #_dating12h
My friend is on some kind of “business” visa that’s valid for a year, was competitively priced. No paperwork needed
cdbsxosbrin #_fitness12h
I don't know yet, But I'll plan something like a week or two. So I will adjust what I'm packing
qesbqhfrvtkzdin #_fitness12h
It's all available online, the course length, areas it's not effective, etc. Be in the know, and write that and the expiry date on the bottle

I'm just not going to google for you 😉
khvyshkixloxhnpin #_startups12h
Exists, “Ada”
oktxwvnuvisihsmin #_startups12h
Key in one symptom, answer few questions, see potential causes
jgvvckzroin #_fitness12h
Yeah of course ! I'll see with my doctor if there are anything to be aware of when buying drugs online. Thanks for the help
kuljixfjbxsfoin #_fitness12h
👍 best of luck
jcarizwmin #_fitness12h
djprnuszqitbxtvuulv have you read Complex PTSD From Surviving to Thriving? We read it recently and for the suffers of CPTSD, it was a real eye opener. Very much recommended
cldmnwbqin #_fitness12h
also, caffeine is a stimulant. It makes sense that it triggers/exacerbates psychosis (it has for me). even when you don’t “feel” the caffeine, it probably is still having physiological effects. I would be cautious listening to anyone suggesting it especially for what you seem to be dealing with - ESPECIALLY fucking David Asprey (he recommends drinking coffee every day? no way…. does he sell it or something?)
sepalbdhin #_fitness12h
Dave Asprey does sell coffee, for quite a high price, claiming all the rest of the coffee has mold in it….
dheqgmwjin #_fitness12h
his is marketed as mold free
sjbbjjjrin #_fitness12h
he is such a fricking hack
rfxudizlin #_fitness12h
it blows my mind that people eat that shit up
rfddicptin #_fitness12h
he is a MARKETER. That is what he does. Is he good at it? clearly. Does he know shit about what you should be eating/drinking for breakfast everyday? I wouldn’t trust it
qvrnnhfbin #_fitness12h
MSG, multiple world famous neurosurgeons say it is bad as multiple studies on pubmed do >https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5938543/>
lryungubin #_fitness12h
I dont trust Dave Asprey either…i did mention two doctors that make more sense above
uqyoaxabin #_fitness12h
also, Dr. Ronda Patrick
toexcerrin #_fitness12h
people in bad health state can make a ton of bad desicions
vkillbxnin #_fitness12h
“MSG has been linked with obesity, metabolic disorders, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, neurotoxic effects and detrimental effects on the reproductive organs”

no. Just no.
zpjspkwnmdctjcglin #_politics12h
lwcov wait, didn't Bernie raise his hand for decriminalizing illegal immigration?
vcbmfxbsin #_fitness12h
yeah dave asprey is a marketer he even has that look about him 😂
ujhxfaxlin #_fitness12h
the look of 'i'm full of shit' and ill try and convince you otherwise
lijjvtfwrupqifvain #_politics12h
Also when did the right become pro-immigration?
dybmysigsijtdin #_fitness12h
bobwmwpdoiestin #_fitness12h
Just Googled him
lnyfmwqbkpmqiin #_fitness12h
Anyone who is branded a "lifestyle guru"
cntsnivmin #_fitness12h
I am really not having the msg talk. You are free to eat as much of it as you wish. I was trying to help someone who asked for it.
lkjeqixsin #_fitness12h
myfnbqngv seriously. Just look at the glasses he wears 😂
orejjqfzin #_fitness12h
yxqqzopom fair enough
ydkrhyqbthrwskscsgin #_fi