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qukoczlsin #___general2h
did you get it hurricane proof or they insure?
nfsugwcpin #___general2h
Cat 4 proof
Cat 5 bye bye
zwgqapvfin #_fitness2h
pxtvkfhancwe as long as you smell plants
rfnxvahdin #___general2h
I always wonder how people deal with the stress of what might be happening every summer
kiqbyvvein #_fitness2h
smelling is almost the same as eating
fdqtssvnin #_fitness2h
get all the benefits ๐Ÿ˜‰
lxpnxidfin #___general2h
I know you can have both โ€” greece and malta are like that, a lot of the Med too.
rqvlifnain #___general2h
people pray a lot, me I just flight to Toronto during hurricane and ..... shit my pants ๐Ÿ™‚
lajlwhpbphvztwwhin #_freelance2h
As it turns out, SquareSpace looks like it offers a ready-made solution to a requirement of mine. Will be trialing it shortly.
adxjbciiqpokwedcin #___general2h
fiuvjzctin #___general2h
whbyxclnljscywzpin #___general2h
and yes, owning a boat you can occasionally go out on would be fine. I was referring to the people who want to boat nomad. I really wanted to do this at one point then after talking to some boat people, they changed my mind because.
1. Sailing long distances is hard work
2. You will end up living in marinas most of the time
3. Boats are a maintenance nightmare
rsqqjuiin #_fitness2h
"does it count if i garnish with plants and then remove all of it before eating?" < xnvlmaxfpfzn
cnjitvhhin #___general2h
rljudkarg do you work for a local business or started one or how did you get residency, or you stay half a year only?
tdliabibfgdstygkin #___general2h
but on the positive side, I could put on a pirate hat and pretend to be jack sparrow.
iflsoitfvrphrmkdin #___general2h
So still a toss up really, but still might try it.
lxjvoxpvin #___general2h
I have multiple friends who run their businesses and sail long distances. I join them from time to time as I cannot afford nor maintain a boat aloneโ€ฆengines just still do not make senseโ€ฆand seeing how resourceful they are, I feel like a kid when it comes to boats still
bnapacosin #___general2h
hfewwdctp I move there because of tax, because my business was 100% online & service.
And because of the proximity to the USA....
wicvbneiin #___general2h
hjfmsmmuxcdsideej better drink rum ๐Ÿ™‚
bjiddtssin #___general2h
irlbmbgyz I got confused you are from Poland or Franceโ€ฆ.:)
lvtfvslqin #___general2h
Right now I'm in Poland with my fiance ๐Ÿ™‚
vskersyvin #___general2h
so you registered you biz there?
qmfhcejxin #___general2h
ugrlisoyin #___general2h
HK & Bahamas
ygrsosfsin #___general2h
hyzvmvgzin #___general2h
I wish Bahamas only, but it's kind of though to get all "eBusiness" tool you need to run an online business in this country.
zvxvxuzwin #___general2h
Ive heard bermuda is nice for that, or not yet?
yuavgdeain #___general2h
I don't know about bermuda, or other caribbean island such as St Kitts, Cayman, etc...
I only know about Bahamas sorry.
vvjjkunjin #___general2h
no worries at all, thanx!
fbzvtaptin #___general2h
most boat people don't necessarily own the appropriate boat for sailing around and staying out of marinas.. many resort to motoring instead of sailing, and do short excursions, and go from marina to marina
tyymhwgjin #___general2h
liveaboard cruisers that sail around all the time probably typically have smaller boats that are easier to maintain and singlehandedly sail.. 35feet or less typically
khgzydwfin #___general2h
and usually something like a dory hull boat or catamaran, more of a shallow draft so they can moor easier in shallow bays
smmgyxyyin #___general2h
at a sacrifice of speed
tcdfmihqin #___general2h
ktarekytra if you don't know him, google about Fabrice Grinda:
cxglyudgin #___general2h
40+ year old, minimalist (for at least 5+ years, don't know if still is today) but with multi million flat in NY and house Cabarete (Dominican)
ngauybjlin #___general2h
very interesting man .... and early nomad (he's french)
xtispbiwqoeqottpin #_politics2h
lolol, ignore everything I have said about Biden? What the actual
qvjzwflnin #___general2h
vojqwzuho 40+ items you mean? counting the properties ? ๐Ÿ˜›
aprkjurjin #___general2h
oh you meant age, nm
isgtwrihin #___general2h
40+ year old sorry ๐Ÿ™‚
oeugvklrin #___general2h
ok he mentions 50 items in the article
yccfeuawfjqhqugdin #___general2h
Sounds like he is keeping about 6 million+ things.
xkidzsunin #_politics2h
I'm surprised biden is only 4 years older than trump
uxtmiaurin #_politics2h
he should dye his hair orange
aklwcvwfin #___general2h
he's keeping 1 6million thing
zkiihxolin #___general2h
He's an incredible entrepreneur, with 300M+ in exit.
And while having over 50M in bank he did try the true minimalist lifestyle for 4 years.

During that time, he JUST keep his 6m flat in NY lol ๐Ÿ™‚
mmkmpegnin #_books2h
exvlymogx What are the lessons that you liked the most ?
rqptdjgmbsbsbsin #_politics2h
first he needs a toupe
zyvzsaioin #___general2h
but no GF, all his stuff in one bag... and his Amex Centurion
zscywathxncgblhkin #___general2h
There is this wave of rich minimalists, I am not sure how I feel about it. In many cases I feel that they are just delegating their stuff to other people. When they eat out, the restaurant has the stuff. When they hire the cleaners, they bring cleaning supplies. They say they don't need much to live but they don't really seem to be very generous with their cash (from what I have seen)
iviivkdqin #_books2h
can't remember ๐Ÿ˜›
swjlajecin #_books2h
I think that says a lot ๐Ÿคญ
ommimoktin #_books2h
oizmduwht i'm not super interested in military strategy though, only read a bit of clausewitz and my mind was blown.. if you google on him & his book, many think it's the one of the best books on military strategy, more readable than "the art of war" too
tonklzukin #_books2h
"The Art of War" is more of a collection of phrases
duonqanxin #_books2h
the art of war needs to be combined w/ someone else's analysis & examples etc
ojuvvyilin #_books2h
deuwjaybu Iโ€™ll check about him then, thanks !
xalakfhnin #___general2h
Well no matter if extremely wealthy, rich, ok or poor.
If you travel with one bag, you can't have an iron and vacuum cleaner with you, or kitchen stuff to cook.

Behind minimalist seems to me as "Freedom" to be able to move without looking back about what you left behind.
fbbyrvbgcqxlpqlqin #___general2h
I travel rather minimally and have lead so much stuff behind but it is super decadent and wasteful and I acknowledge it as such. I was referring more to the recent rich personalities showing off their empty expensive properties.
jlphdminedsiqlcin #___general2h
They don't own stuff but they seem to not really go without so they end up paying for others stuff. Nothing really wrong with that I guess
muepztryin #___general2h
gjtpwauautqjnyihm the opposite is true too, some people I don't know personally (but I know people working for them in their property) own "expensive property" and "boat" but they also have 10 staff taking care of their stuff when they're away and being extremely generous with them, and they wouldn't change their job for a $100k.
gyrfknvcqlyaqurmin #___general2h
Ya. Like I said, I am not sure how I feel about the rich minimalist. There is some cognitive dissonance because I imagine a lot of these people who are rich become rich by selling people stuff while they themselves don't buy stuff. However, that isn't really different that Jobs or Zuckerberg stopping their kids from using the internet.
mywkdbfocmsecrajin #___general2h
I guess I would only care if they are using it as some sort of virtue signaling.
uoyeykntyppmuysqin #___general2h
I think it's just that minimalism got trendy. ๐Ÿคท
rgacajkkin #___general2h
being a minimalist is easy.. just try traveling with carry-on only
plonxbnvin #___general2h
Rich minimalist are like the poor minimalist, except on a different scale.
They both buy "experience" and don't own but rent the toy they use ๐Ÿ™‚ ?
sdtiyuwcin #___general2h
and they both need a business to support their lifestyle....
dicqzipnfkamxmylin #___general2h
Ya, personally I like the aesthetic of a consistent aesthetic in terms of stuff. I think a place that looks like a surgical theatre is rather ugly IMO.
cartmjfiein #_fitness2h
It's the thought that counts?
iafzfpytdhwmxhqqin #___general2h
Like I would rather have stuff that inspires some kind of zen feelings, than entering an empty room with nothing.
rptfemxuncqijgyyin #___general2h
So that is my feeling, I don't get it when you own a place, that would be boring. Also I am talking about extreme minimalism, not the stop being a hoarder type minimalism.
tvqstgrknvbin #_pets2h
โ€œMove away, youโ€™re hiding the TV - Trying to watch my show hereโ€
hlkdiin #australia1h
Big thumbs up from me too dmqqoofb you wont be bored down there
apxuielpgin #mexico1h
Yo! I don't wanna get into any trouble, but I read through the whole "empathy" discussion above, and I did want to at least throw something out there. Without weighing in on Mexico specifically nor lemidiant's specific points above, do people think it's fair to suggest that different cultures have different attitudes towards how to treat others, individualism, etc.? Do people think any sort of conversation around that idea is inherently racist?

For example, there are certain countries I've been in where people on public transport are very cognizant of those around them and don't want to talk and disturb others. And where the culture generally encourages people to really value "doing right" by others. In others, people are more likely to talk loudly etc. and/or are less likely to care about doing right by others (to be clear, loud talking and not caring about doing right by others are hardly perfectly correlated). The latter group may have more of a dog-eat-dog/individualistic attitude. For example, there are some countries where I'd be less confident someone would tell me the truth about whether a soup is vegetarian.

Another example, in some countries, people would generally think of someone acquiring a lot of wealth and spending it on very lavish consumption as perfectly normal/natural, and in others that person would be seen as an asshole.

Obviously, humans are individuals, and there are "good" and "bad" people, or people of different values, in every society. But doesn't culture shape individuals towards, on average, certain outlooks/attitudes? Is it racist to suggest that Danes, Americans, and Japanese have different attitudes towards interaction with strangers?

Thank you for attending my ted talk.
hdsisktcfin #mexico1h
And again, to be clear, I'm not specifically condoning "mexicans lacks empathy" nor has that even particularly been my experience here!
nqjehviin #australia1h
Awesome, thx guys
kdwnppjirdqusin #_gear1h
I think about buying a new backpack? I plan to cancel my flat in Nuremberg and travel for longer time. Maybe Minaal, Tortuga or Aer Travel Pack 2. Any opinions or recommendations? ๐Ÿ™‚
fnzxcsuzhuain #_gear1h
Personally, I just went in a store and tried a couple and bought the one I liked the most. I also checked the dimensions. I stayed at places months at a time and just used my backpack when switching places, so I didnโ€™t need all these gadgets etc.
pjwdlzzrylqin #_gear1h
I even traveled with an ugly and small school backpack for a while. I guess the question is, why do you want to buy another backpack? Your current one is too big, too small, not practical enough.. ?
xzfkqcxyxmlilin #mexico1h
nymbsgcawkyuhin #_flying1h
why do we all get hyped up about a virus every 2 years or so
hpwdwgvzdcljqin #_flying1h
like a few hundred ppl die in a small region, in the grand scheme of the world itโ€™s nothing. but the pandemic storyline just really captures our attention, idgi
rsoytbgmhxgdbin #_flying1h
even SARS was like 4000 deaths I think?
vvkbifbjqxoobin #_flying1h
not saying its not tragic or not a problem, but the scale of the news coverage is wild
zqozkwqpdwyzyzsin #_pets55min
he lay on his back in da crack
otkwazdipwcczyfin #_pets51min
and eat snack
cmlrlalfoprrdqin #_pets49min
zqxnin #bali49min
qzluhkrfoo One other option could be to get revolut maybe? I think they ship their cards outside EU and you could transfer $$ to it
sygtin #bali46min
jcguadkc thanks for the link. They are quite affordable at around 320 pounds for 6 months, not bad ๐Ÿค”
irljyqpfrppkmfxin #_pets44min
afternoon goals
ymifin #bali43min
also jlrprssyj thanks for you recommendation on twitter as well. For 6 months with truetraveller.com|truetraveller.com goes to 188 pounds. Even more affordable ๐Ÿ˜„
kzjsjzbdin #_flying41min
kvmujjqlhevhuz it's a big concern when it's highly lethal and highly transmissible / contagious.. it's important to quickly control the spread of it and give the scientists time to find some vaccines
ofiygznjytin #_flying41min
I don't want to get sick in China for one
vgmbawpain #mexico37min
i think every culture has their own logic, so people within that culture are usually nice to each other, just the same as any other culture
yropdxgoin #mexico33min
for example when i'm driving on my motorbike in vietnam, and someone is coming up behind me on my left, they always honk to let me know that they're coming up on me, and about to pass me.. it'd be considered rude if they didn't honk, according the organically evolved rules of their driving system..
vomztajvin #mexico33min
in other cultures, honking is considered extremely rude however
efhbotqoin #mexico30min
but in vietnam, passing is done on the left side, virtually never on the right.. also quite a few motorbikes have no mirrors, or only 1 mirror.. so yeah, honking is polite communication there
hufaadpin #chiang-mai21min
Isnโ€™t the smog now from forest fires and not from crop burning?
arfotneucclin #_gear13min
word. what is it that you want out of a new backpack? what have you discovered about your travel style that you want to be solved?

iโ€™ve had a lot of different set ups over the years and slowly realized that i wanted less organization out of my main carry on backpack but i did usually want a lot more organization out of my personal item.
iqbzntemwdvymin #mexico11min
have you been to india? they drive by sonar
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