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xrqawfmxohxwin #_housing12h
qejqvsklmcvwgu I don't have a license. This is something I hope to remedy down the road but probably not in the immediate future
udbmgythypanwin #_housing12h
yeah, if meeting people is a priority then it might not be for you. for me the priority is caring for the pet. if i'm somewhere i can go out occasionally if i feel the desire, that's cool, but it's definitely not a requirement. all i care about is if i will have access to at least 1 decent shop for groceries and a couple cafes to chill at during the day.
kdgcgfnin #_food12h
'potato product'
wdzstcgactegoin #_housing12h
but i also work evenings so going out is just not a big deal to me in general. night life is the last thing i consider when choosing a destination.
wuzvfpexin #_food12h
Could be a Dunkin Donuts and KFC crossover product.. a new kind of donut.. caramel on a round white bun
xsmtcipsnwqgin #_housing12h
Haha you're lucky. I feel like so many more destinations would be open to me if I cared less about meeting people. It's not so much about nightlife as finding a community to hang out with. Like Ubud was fine for me even though there's no nightlife to speak of
dmucpfoamin #_food12h
Has anyone seen Supersize Me 2? The things they do for these food photo shoots is disgusting
zgainaorin #_food12h
Like cereal is using super glue for the milk
yfzebrhin #_photography12h
Wow, that's pretty great to see
cxtofqxein #_photography12h
Had one of these when I was 18, loved it more than any digital camera after
wuqzkfcjin #_photography12h
Ah, might do some ebay impulsive shopping
sdesrivqqcutlin #_housing12h
yeah. it definitely makes things easier being an introvert. ๐Ÿ™‚ when i want to be social i head somewhere i know people or make plans to meet people. and then after being social for a couple weeks/months i'm basically desperate to be somewhere i don't have to talk to people. lol
podbwhwoyhnnfin #_housing12h
i would still consider it though. like i said, most of the sits i've done have been in places where meeting people would have been pretty easy, had i desired to do so. ex montreal, chicago, london, edinburgh, amsterdam, brussles, cambridge, etc. and those are just the bigger cities. I also had plenty of mid-sized cities where I could probably have hunted some people down if I'd wanted to.
konuaskiecktpin #_housing12h
but, those are much more competitive sits to get so you'd need to have a track record. so you might have to bite the bullet and do a couple non-optimal sits to get some reviews to make it easier.
eklyuovdptokxin #_housing12h
if you did a handful of more rural short sits just to get reviews you'd be well placed to start going for the more competitive ones.
kegvgwgkcxgbrin #_housing12h
oh, dublin and geneva for bigger city sits too. i should make a list some time... lol
hwvbfssmkfgabin #_housing12h
but geneva i was social as i used to live there so i had friends to hang out with.
hjtnirgjkaanouin #_photography12h
I'm enjoying it very much. It takes me a long time to setup a shot. It's so worth it and I think with time I'll get quicker.
ultyocrndnpein #_housing12h
Ahh rad
jufrirmqpbsxwrin #_photography12h
We will try a black and white film next. It's already loaded. Can't wait to see what happens
ewobxmdjxyjuin #_housing12h
Maybe the rural sits wouldn't be so bad if I brought someone with me. You've given me lots to chew on, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
dzjpbcfzfkjjjin #_housing12h
i think if you did a couple for just 3-4 days you'd probably survive the social isolation, right? ๐Ÿ˜„ i probably wouldn't do one for a couple weeks but there are lots of people looking for quickies.
gptmfmeohxaqdin #_housing12h
if you're not already a paid member of THS, remember to get a referral link to sign up with so you get 25% off. ๐Ÿ˜„
uozrkimuzipvin #_housing12h
Ooh I will PM you if I decide to go that route!
ghbtrgpdfutfxin #_housing12h
fchdfoexhxobin #_housing12h
Issue with super short stays is that the cost of getting to the destination would really eat into the amount I save on housing. So, kind of defeating the purpose of sitting in the first place. Although I see what you mean about biting the bullet just for the sake of getting reviews
dnbujgocpnvojin #_housing12h
yeah. definitely the longer you stay the better ROI. but sometimes you just have to deal. and if you can arrange it well, buses can be relatively cheap.
rzwfofnwtcmgin #_pets11h
hey folks! i have kittycat updates btw
tqbpyiitonfdin #_pets11h
kitty got his ultrasound and the good news is that his liver values seemed to just improve on their own without the vet doing anything (heโ€™s overnighting at the vet) so itโ€™s HIGHLY unlikely itโ€™s another type of cancer - his oncologist and the other vet didnโ€™t think so at all
iihnnjesprexin #_pets11h
waiting to see if he has toxoplasmosis though and start him on antibiotics
wakmciltujrsin #_pets11h
iqdpdirwjxcuin #_pets11h
nlgxw hrwzngortrzjsvspi gmqxoehefygtlc
fhknhvemltexin #_pets11h
also classic gatsby the cat photo
krypbjdtin #_photography11h
I have a Diana+ camera somewhere, it is medium format lomography one. I think I only stopped using it because developing became such a struggle
ulhakgznin #_photography11h
black and white would be beautiful with a bit of grain
tvxahtlifain #_coders11h
Oh are you just using up your vcpu credits?
esiyrhlkphpuflin #___general11h
I rebooked all our Japan hotels a couple days ago and saved $$$
rsnhhwmgoslppqin #_flying11h
yeah, the tokyo hilton was surprisingly cheap, sadly the conrad not so much, otherwise I would have booked that
aqmtszyrpixomoin #_flying11h
dreulwmdywfmrdty anything good ex-BKK? MH has a decent sale to the usual suspects but haven't found anything else
wafehahrin #_covid1911h
Interesting stuff on the WHO corruption :( youtu.be/AwFTZawOc9k|https://youtu.be/AwFTZawOc9k
xwrmrxolcein #india11h
Saw an awesome coworking space here ๐Ÿ‘€
zqbaqstcquin #india11h
curious to see more coworking spaces before making a commitment
ettknddgejwcwmlin #_flying10h
Didnโ€™t find anything
drwcuespupswuhkin #_coders10h
The constraint is on ENIs. Later I find out that EC2 based containers canโ€™t access the internet without a NAT gateway
qjmqpdjoetavbrqiin #_pets10h
Yay! And now you can go to Bariloche!
kvqkpehyhxxfin #_pets10h
yeah! for now the plans continue unabated
qugpzqwdixdmkyin #_flying10h
Bkk-kul-icn is pretty decent, about 2โ‚ฌ/tp
khjcjbcxdkmdlupxin #___general10h
ogpgftcxyyslmmxzin #___general10h
Japanese hotels are fucking great right now
mdjnnjin #colombia9h
I'll be at Carnaval in Barranquilla Feb 23โ€“25 :dancer::man_dancing:, and Santa Marta 25โ€“29 if anyone want to meet up. :hugging_face:

BTW there is lots of discussion of Carnaval events and meetups in a couchsurfing event "Carnaval de Barranquilla 2020" (I don't have link-posting privileges here yet so can't share the link).
swiziqmpin #_covid199h
I'm more skeptical of a rando YouTube channel called "China Uncensored" than I am of an organization with a track record of dramatically improving public health outcomes around the world. But maybe that's just me.
jvokahhivawkbscein #_covid199h
uhg... so apparently 7 new cases have been discovered in italy.
ojfibqin #mexico9h
Just arrived in Playa ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ•บ
pktexvjfpuzuuvtain #_coders9h
This is going to be a long night.
vsbvlusoin #___general9h
Yeah. I've been caught out by US immigration a few times with two passports. You should be entering and exiting the country on the same passport. Because the passport numbers need to match in their database. You can leave one country on a passport (the one you used to enter the country) and then use another passport to enter the new country but expect to get pulled aside and questioned about it on arrival. Because the passport numbers wont match on the airlines records.
lkaimnkvfin #_covid199h
China Uncensored pretty legit reporting tho but IMHO
sjcycfzqiin #_coders9h
Did u launch smth?
ztbmepafzlvvtppoin #_coders9h
Nope my service just got used by some large italian news site
uyixmblfpkzzaykqin #_coders9h
I won't make money from this, besides bragging rights, it just hurts. Happens every few months, but this looks like my biggest hit to date.
hshqibgjcin #_coders8h
What service you make?
tcalijkqglusouqyin #_coders8h
Scribble Maps
hgbfuxldvin #_coders8h
Related to Covid that it's taking off in IT?
mobwrtinhijbpywwin #_coders8h
Ya, the 7 infections discovered in italy.
qwucvixuwin #_covid198h
Holy shit didn't know
dvitin #_covid198h
ugh was so disappointed that thereโ€™s no video of messiah baby
wkpieiwglin #_coders8h
Cool you get traffic!!
itlxweein #_covid197h
Most China content seems to be propaganda of one kind or another. You could say that's media in general but I feel like anything to do with China is even more biased than usual...
vqxmmttin #___general7h
I think it depends where. I travel within EU a lot, and I can use one of my two passports or an ID card. I switch between all three pretty much depending which one lands closest to my hands / where they are in my bag. Never had any sort of issue or even a question, even if I check in with one document and then show another at the airport (including two different nationalities).
I don't tend to do that outside of EU though and generally travel in-and-out on same passport, and most definitely do so for places that do stamps.
qvstxlhctin #___general6h
Added last 180 days to Residence Calendar too now, because ppl here requested it
extojbvin #_photography6h
These photos are fantastic!
nmrvin #_covid195h
Itโ€™s amazing how few people know Shen Yun is just Falun Gong propaganda.
gcrwlvin #___general5h
Howโ€™s the WiFi on Mars?
qlfhin #_covid195h
I donโ€™t know if this was discussed before, but the US and WHO knew before the new year of Covid-19
zbwgin #_covid195h
China had already reported it
lflxin #_covid195h
We received numerous diplomatic cables at the end of December.
fiuzgorvapmahin #_design4h
UX is definitely it's own discipline... It can be difficult to work with a designer who doesn't have UX/UI experience, or can't frame the system and mechanics for the user experience in their mind
fldxqazczbcgfzkin #___general4h
Thanks U02HTASB2!
frxfdbipin #_covid194h
cewxr yeah the Wikipedia on the outbreak mentions dec 31sr being the day that WHO was notified iirc
aanhprncin #_coders4h
Has anyone successfully gotten Patreon's OAuth flow to work? Their authorize endpoint keeps giving me a CloudFlare CAPTCHA instead. ๐Ÿ˜ž I've tried everything I can think of.
vpaxbvfrfin #___general4h
WiFi on Mars has a latency of 20 minutes ๐Ÿคจ
iarecumugfin #philippines3h
Hey vlbvmsytk I've heard great things about siargao, although is mainly for surfers, right? Maybe in another visit ๐Ÿ‘
eoynkuhsin #philippines3h
tuagfpgytpw Nah, that's like saying Bali is mainly just for surfers :)) Amazing beaches, unspoiled by shedloads of drunk drugged up tourists, beautiful beautiful island, friendly locals, loads to do even if you don't surf, speaking of which - why not take a few lessons? Beginner friendly!
xnoauwvzuyvin #_gear2h
eukbqdwxltahhupay are you using a split keyboard?
vxyeagjyynvin #___general2h
Thatโ€™s close to light speed (~3 mins) ๐Ÿ˜‚
yoegqtin #___general2h
What carriers work over there? Do I need a dual SIM phone?
nfgjakgin #_coders1h
Are you on VPN? dfstzfnzr
psrqxqdin #_coders1h
CF is sensitive about some VPNs.
hihbcfzbmin #___general1h
ozcaytaoszma nope, Mars to Earth distance varies "It takes 4 to 24 minutes (depending on where earth and mars are in their orbits) for commands to reach Mars spacecraft from earth, this latency is roughly what you would expect over an internet connection to earth per transaction."
zlljxfvyflwpimiqin #_gear30min
yeah I'm using an ergodox right now
tzebbqxoucqteppbin #_gear29min
it's not perfect for me since I have smaller than average hands but there has been a coincidental complete elimination of shoulder pain since I started using it
olnsmctafrkwmein #_photography28min
I'm a little worried about black and white. Not sure what sort of scenes are best. Probably portraits?
gwetmwmqin #_covid1927min
China uncensored is pretty legit to me too, I've been following this channel for more than a year now and I don't remember doubting even once what the guy said in the show, you can easily find other sources on the things he says on the internet (he also points to articles all over the internet during the show)
wwfkrwsubiluidin #_photography23min
Wife is very good with the camera. She took three of the photos above. She's teaching me how to use it. It's fun!
tmxgnbdtfoifrkin #_photography21min
Lomography style sounds fun too. I just read a little about it now.
lgbhqtvein #_covid1916min
Being funded by the Falung gong or not doesn't remove the fact that one can easily check the sources from the video, and if these sources are trustworthy then what makes the show untrustworthy from reporting from these same sources? I guess one could say it's their bias toward emphasizing how bad the Chinese regime is... but I guess you cannot withdraw the rage people have after being prosecuted in their own country for their unharmful practices
nugzecvbufxeain #_photography7min
egevacnjuxlfeby black and white truly shines to show the texture, and form of something through the image
qgjhiqqzkhfnuin #_photography3min
(not my photo)
iwbovpslpucriin #_photography3min
Here's an example of showing the form of something. If it were a color photo, the sunset and cars would dominate. But, using B&W the contrast of the trees, and the empty dark space in the upper right takes priority
kxzzkpddxkzmhiin #_photography35s
I see. That makes sense.
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