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# _housing22min# bali39min# _crypto43min# spain1h# _money2h# __roll-call2h# chiang-mai4h# _covid194h# ___general6h# _startups6h# _coders6h# _music6h# mexico7h# _gear7h# _politics8h# _relationships8h# _bargain-travel8h# _ruby10h# hong-kong10h# _jobs-talk10h# _taxes-us11h# _food12h# _flying12h# bulgaria13h# vietnam15h# united-states16h# ukraine19h# thailand20h# _fitness20h# _books21h# taiwan23h# japan1d# _pets1d# portugal1d# philippines1d# montreal2d# india2d# _insurance2d# budapest2d# medellin2d# italy3d# _productivity3d# berlin3d# paris3d# _freelance3d# ecuador4d# malaysia4d# australia4d# lisbon5d# serbia5d# united-kingdom5d# _outdoors6d# argentina6d# _design6d# slovenia7d# canada8d# chile8d# romania8d# netherlands8d# singapore9d# prague10d# georgia10d# _marketing11d# south-korea11d# _show-and-tell12d# denmark13d# new-zealand13d# egypt15d# costa-rica15d# _javascript15d# austin15d# amsterdam16d# brazil17d# _photography18d# china20d# miami21d# peru22d# germany22d# belgium22d# london22d# _legal22d# _overland-travel23d# new-york-city24d# colombia25d# russia27d# switzerland27d# south-africa29d# greece1mo# sweden1mo# toronto1mo# _language-learning1mo# las-palmas2mo# panama2mo# venezuela2mo# _taxes-intl2mo# indonesia2mo# san-francisco2mo# turkey2mo# middle-east2mo# myanmar2mo# kuala-lumpur2mo# poland2mo# cambodia2mo# europe2mo# croatia3mo# laos3mo# tel-aviv3mo# uruguay3mo# estonia3mo# _lgbt3mo# _podcasts3mo# puerto-rico3mo# africa3mo# ireland3mo# sri-lanka3mo# france3mo
giqvagocuin #_bargain-travel8h
mzavlpmq for flights SKYSCANNER has been my go to move for years, all over the world. best prices!! also I had some questions?
bkiivizycin #_bargain-travel8h
Where abouts is the best place to be nowadays for digital Nomads- I am in Mexico CIty now, it is ok, I just lived in AMsterdam Netherlands, the air is a bit much to deal with, anyother interesting projects or locations you know of Pleae reply of message me here (IF YOU HAVE A PERSONAL knowledge of the place please) thanks a bunch
lnrpmmphin #_money8h
Yeah some people eat more because of the loss of inhibition but in others it causes them to lose their ability to recognize or feel hunger apparently
ebwsksgfslxrin #_coders8h
cool, i got introduced to a couple years ago at a tech talk, and came across the bookmark when i was reorganizing some stuff and thought i'd look into it again
ezdlxqmulin #mexico8h
Anyone here In/at/near/ Mexico city?
qqogjcjidasbin #_coders8h
i understand the basics
ojpmxfqykin #mexico8h
Got here from the states, after living in Europe for a while. Polanco Area, and Lease is up soon. Looking to find another place here in Polanco (if anyone knows somewhere in Polanco with good prices let me know) its pretty pricey here comparitively. Or I may head to another country altogether.. Any info would be helpful. My spanish is not as 'legit' as it once was...
aaffvoddqwodjtjcin #_startups8h
soul proprietorship sounds way better
kbcxzbslin #_relationships8h
I mean, a lot of dating sites have "want children? yes/no/maybe" right in the profile details, right next to height information and job information etc
uzcfrelbin #_relationships8h
so i mean some people will ask your height, or if you want children
chlugvabin #_relationships8h
both are kind of annoying filter questions (for the recipient)
ysedrqhhin #_politics8h
races are described by colors, tangerine is a color
qcagpanjin #_startups8h
especially for bali.. i hear ubud is the best place for soul proprietorships
ggvhvaakin #_startups8h
dnlvabeonraxt i assume you're talking about a canadian sole proprietorship? what's your question? maybe somebody can help.. but i don't know if any canadian is doing exactly that in exactly bali right now
siywbonnin #_housing8h
zahfnojyeo damn, those aren't the cute little beach crabs i was expecting.. they look like serious land crabs
yazqqdtvin #_gear8h
uhh, that person thinks pointer sounds more formal than mouse? i disagree
iwkzrapdin #_gear8h
i'd flip it around
srplfewjin #_gear8h
trackpoint style mouse .. nub.. nipple pointer.. the last one can also be improved with an alliterative "clicker"
seiahloaxin #_housing8h
But these ones scuttle around like little ten-legged roaches
tamzsnxyqrslcin #_gear8h
click and clack the tappet brothers!
cysegvytpsuepin #_gear7h
Mouse definitely is more formal - the resemblance to a mouse was noted in the original description of the english/engelbart device.
jistwgfalguitin #_gear7h
This is however, _not_ a mouse, and bears no resemblance to a rodent
rpvrezajin #_housing7h
airbnb idea everyone should report a listing that clearly does not have a comfortable chair when it has the "Laptop-friendly Workspace" amenity
luobwzizvhzrpin #_housing7h
brb reporting every airbnb ever
ftvlhqqtptcoybnin #mexico7h
Are other colonias a possibility?
wsksqrtin #_startups6h
Wonder what relevance does location have?
ztavtboin #_startups6h
Also I donโ€™t think Canada had sole proprietorship status anyways.
znxixxvin #_startups6h
Thereโ€™s self employed and incorporated provincially or federally.
ayzauaiolgin #_money6h
In an unexpected turn, I've kinda been drinking less....
ljwrcliin #_startups6h
Self employed has no registration or any formal recognition to it. You just make money as self and report it as income
gmarntlwlein #_money6h
I've always hated working from home, so am usually out working in cafes / bars or coworking
xyliwymtroin #_money6h
And often in the evening I'll have a few beverages as I'm out and about
pitqmdqllgin #_money6h
In fact I've been getting tired like clockwork at about 10pm, going to bed around 10:30pm and waking up at 06:30am
tdsqxszaiyin #_money6h
Which is almost 180 degrees on how I've lived my life pre-corona; as a night owl
lfwsvsxin #_coders6h
Iโ€™ve looked into arc codes before. Also listened to a podcast with a founder. Got bad vibes about it. Founder seemed very arrogant and high horse. The tech seems like an underdeveloped Heroku mixed with Kubernetes.
gspwuqpvwin #_housing6h
Yea seriously. Asked one just yesterday if they had a desk they could equip a room with because there was not a single photo of anything that looked like a laptop friendly workspace. I think they considered the high-stool breakfast bar arrangement a laptop friendly workspace.
qtyqmfzin #_coders6h
I think Pulumi is a winner these days in orchestration / infra as code.
pwzeosdfmpin #_music6h
The UK generally does have a world-class music scene
nbuplanin #_coders6h
Itโ€™s still not widely known or recognized much, but I donโ€™t know of any project with such momentum and breadth of coverage and adequate levels of abstraction.
zggmumtvgsin #_money6h
The amount of surplus money I've had in the past couple of months too has been a bit of a punch in the face of how much I clearly spend on coffee, food and alcohol out.
hllpqnbnfin #_startups6h
I think you basically have sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation
ekhbbttxamin #_money6h
(Though I'm recklessly putting a lot of it into perhaps my rate of expenditure will pan out the same anyway)
vexdktpbhin #_startups6h
I have a sole proprietorship in Canada. But donโ€™t touch Bali
iuszqcgrowin #_money6h
My reasoning being rather unintelligent gambler mentality that, that cash usually vaporises anyway with zero returns, so I may as well allow it to vaporise with a large upside opportunity.
jkivkfhzbztanxhsin #_covid196h
Ok, so if I am keeping track.
1. Crazy wild fires
2. Pandemic
3. Chernobyl fires causing radioactive rain
4. Locust Swarms in Africa and India.
Are we sure this isn't biblical?
zoxxmlicin #_money6h
aaaand we're back on topic
ncehwudpin #chiang-mai6h
i'm kind of undecided if i should keep staying in bangkok or come to chiang mai
iphkozehin #chiang-mai6h
how are the coworking spaces/cafes in chiang mai these days?
rjtttcucin #chiang-mai6h
please someone sell me on chiang mai.. i'll be easily convinced.. ๐Ÿ˜›
goqbiphgrin #_covid196h
Are you thinking four horsemen or ten plagues?
bdfeydoyrrbxiblrin #_covid196h
Also I just realized that my zodiac is Rat and this is the year of the Rat, so that makes me sad.
cyalslirrhbdsbtein #_covid196h
Horsemen maybe.
knoflxin #chiang-mai5h
Come south. Islands are open, beaches are awesome and the water is great :)
kslfrpudxjtgwin #_housing5h
In an otherwise perfect apartment, it's next to a fabric that makes some noise

But, in Mexico you have to chose your noise, and this is far more tolerable than the places I was before
ftkfxqlgain #_covid195h
gbwpriwoin #_covid195h
I donโ€™t think the Ratmen come in fours.. how about the Six Ratmen?
lvjeftzbmptgrin #chiang-mai4h
Why not all three
txwnwqiogpuwrmyxin #_covid194h
The researcher pointed out that although most of the incidents predicted for the year of the rat have taken place early in 2020, the calendar foresees that there will be bloodshed due to mischief that will occur in and around Northwest Africa; many places will be damaged by rain and hail and looting, and pillaging and theft will escalate in the second half of the year. He added, โ€œSince we are in the spring months, we may still face rain and hail, after the locust invasion and virus envisaged for the year 2020. But hopefully, these predicted events will not happen.โ€
wjabulorinaxktavin #_money4h
"Personal income surged a record 10.5 percent last month after falling 2.2 percent in March. Savings soared to a historic $4 trillion, with the savings rate hitting a record 33 percent. But business closures weighed on wages, which dropped 8.0 percent in April after falling 3.5 percent in March."
ovbynbsfin #_covid194h
only trust predictions that have been recorded on the blockchain
dknypcqxin #_covid194h
adftzmechjxkzqnnk i was gonna check that link for sources and then see if it even matched up with whatever| might've recorded.. but no source links at all so nevermind
hgctpwembztin #chiang-mai4h
Not sure about coworking. But pretty much all cafรฉs are open. The city has woken up from Covid-19 sleep 75% and Iโ€˜d say itโ€˜s worth coming here. Apart from that I like that there arenโ€™t huge crowds on markets and such so it might feel a bit safer than Bangkok.
hapkzwvdupbqxgcin #_money4h
Sounds about right
tduajlgsklokruin #__roll-call2h
bgxntzsqnmxveub just arrived in Tempe, #united-states
itfhiifwwgin #__roll-call2h
aowtgmkfswr just arrived in Tallinn, #estonia
vianikkcin #_money2h
dfkxfcyqin #_money2h
and i was quite surprised to see some site i've never heard of before being ranked #28 ``
beinbwocin #_money2h
why would anyone trust a baby for investment advice? crazy
tzuwpcslin #_money2h
forex sites seem to rank pretty high under the investing category
sdcnxmfin #bali1h
Hi all, is traveling into Bali really only allowed as of October or do local sources say something different? Thanks :)
grghsdhgthmvin #spain1h
finally I got my ticket back to Tenerife for the 3rd of effing July
kdlskzqjin #_crypto47min
cyexzpdu to use cryptocurrency to send money to another country, you basically buy some cryptocurrency in one country, and then sell the cryptocurrency in another country. stellar lumens is a cryptocurrency XLM. if you can exchange it for BTC or ETH, you'll be able to easily sell the BTC/ETH using| or| there's people that offer western union, bank transfers, etc. hope that answers the question
uruhgdejin #_crypto47min
wtpttjkbin #_crypto46min
hey folks.. I have a question about running a multi-cryptocurrency business
cmbvcmtpin #_crypto44min
i mean any business that's dealing with multiple currencies is pretty much acting as a currency exchange... do they take any extra measures for hedging the value of their holdings or other risk control methods?
wuawxxvhin #_crypto43min
or is it best to somehow ignore the value of the holdings of each crypto and only count/convert any transaction costs?
bcdeztpin #bali40min
No official word from the local government yet
tjopfkhin #bali39min
I think they'll open up the visas starting June or July
pdovumfin #bali39min
You need a covid test to board the flight
bgajrjcin #_housing32min
So far the "Laptop-friendly Workspace" filter has been useless ๐Ÿ˜• it seems it means 'There is a table and chair in the house'.
uskqvnmin #_housing31min
I think is even worse to use that filter since is reducing the amount of good results
bkagxgozin #_housing30min
i think airbnb should basically have a popup with checkboxes that ask each separate thing properly
wsvfvhhin #_housing28min
yeah the problem might be with the vague wording. would be better if they had `Working Desk`
bhpzqwuzin #_housing28min
```[ ] There is a desk or table
[ ] A person sitting on the chair can fit their legs under the table comfortably
[ ] There is a chair with a padded seat in the room```
qgutfjuzin #_housing27min
break it out into some sort of multi-checkbox questionaire maybe
urlzcqhmin #_housing27min
could be dynamic
coyxoolin #_housing26min
I think thats a good idea in theory but not in practice. It would make things harder for the company, for the hosts and for the users
nfrqfayyin #_housing26min
i think users want accuracy
xazrhbzkin #_housing25min
and hosts probably want to be good hosts but they probably don't even THINK of proper chairs and such
prnkklirin #_housing25min
they only think about what looks good, or they think people are just tourists and won't spend much time in the room
ojnkjrain #_housing24min
^ thats true. Hosts are focused on short term tourists so looks is the priority
uuigtxcfin #_housing23min
but still a ton of long stay places will just give one of those stupid curved plastic chairs or something
xzwedmpyin #_housing22min
i guess it really depends on the tier of the room though
mlxnkiwhin #_housing22min
like basic room vs a place that actually has a couch and stuff
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