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kszmoljkwxjfjin #_covid198h
What I've decided to do is stop worrying about it and hope for the best.
arwelgcin #singapore8h
I'll dm you dqpsyasqpha โ€” hope you don't mind!
pnojetpxytkin #_covid198h
Maybe some warning/advice message and a link to www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
nfbvqojin #_covid197h
I would avoid nonessential travel to any areas with low disease surveillance capacity or poor quality healthcare. Just imagine systems get overloaded and you also need care somewhere; will you be able to access and/or afford it?
vjvaehdin #_covid197h
Case fatality rate doesn't seem that high but the % of serious cases in need of hospitalization seems a little concerning. But it's also hard to puzzle out how much hospitalization is a result of containment efforts.
sqkazain #_covid197h
if you add warning to specific places => congratulations, your site is now responsible for tracking corona everywhere
bmopojain #_covid197h
Preparing for shortages wherever you are also makes sense, especially if you normally need any sort of special medication.
otdljmein #_covid197h
That link I posted above is full of sound advice IMO.
cnelsohztmqlkin #_fitness7h
Accidental OMAD and 24 hour fast today. I feel quite good. Broke 2 personal records on chest day while fasted. Now I'm intrigued.
czuovhomin #italy7h
guys I already booked a flight and hotel for next week to Venice, Florence and Rome, but today after seeing the news of Italy coronavirus cases Im wondering if I should cancel this trip
hgffquexin #italy7h
italy imposed lockdown in a dozen of towns in Veneto and Lombardia region
pyfkin #_pets7h
Yay for healthy Gatsby!
qqhutin #_freelance6h
Where do you guys usually find work? Platforms like Toptal? LinkedIn? StackOverflow? Word of mouth?
nakjiin #_jobs-talk6h
๐Ÿ‘‹ Currently available for my next iOS gig!
earth_africa Remote only
hammer_and_pick Swift, RxSwift, Objective-C
rocket Let me know if you have a cool opportunity!
bmldaqaicqwwin #_pets6h
solrjhwjyin #_startups6h
ML might be overkill. If you used a completely random matching function you'd still outperform 90% of the recruiters that contact me on LinkedIn
enmljbmtin #_covid196h
Anyone have any info about which countries have the most capacity in their healthcare systems to cope with increased demand?
omtqijpyin #_covid196h
Something like most available hospital beds or respirators per capita
zcohvdeglin #south-africa6h
pbsbeesqr sleep!
ypmhrspsyvin #greece6h
Thank you! ymosjykif
pyzdxjimfin #italy6h
Iโ€™m in the same situation (wondering). Iโ€™m in Florence right now and have a train ticket to Venice in 3 days. Thinking about cancelling this trip. Iโ€™ll check the news tomorrow to decide, I guess
ldbgawrbain #_gear6h
yhvpuxfamkxkhhaqy As in one that tracks floors climbed and records elevation during activities?
agvshrrgnin #_gear6h
Any device with a barometric altimeter should do that, so maybe a Fitbit Charge 3 or Inspire, or any of the Garmin Vivo series (except the Vivofit), depending on budget and other features
oalvifyljin #italy6h
From yesterday to today Iโ€™ve already noticed people now talking about the virus in the streets and more people wearing masks. But since thereโ€™s no cases here yet, itโ€™s normal.
eepepqoin #_covid195h
respirator FOMO ๐Ÿคฃ
mzeumjcsjuwnin #_covid195h
kfzedwbkox should add that stat ^ to NL listings.
pymvibjin #_freelance5h
I find my clients mostly thru the slack group of the CMS I specialize in
sbrdgbmdwhin #___general5h
This is on my bucket list, and it would be fun to do it with other nomads, but only one night in each city doesn't allow much time for tourism
kfgwyhwgin #___general5h
lol, I'd say this is very specific kind of trip not for everyone
jhlnozmykknbyuxin #_crypto5h
You don't need to use blockchain wallet for anything
amsclzrpzljbqxnin #_crypto5h
just have to hand them the xpub key
wbiaablcaujodrcin #_crypto5h
Funds go straight to your own wallet
eqaqhgntrin #south-africa5h
Ambien. Or just stay up a whole night/day ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
nsjzweosfmprjdsin #_coders5h
wpzxfkogrel I'm wondering about this single threaded event loop vs real concurrency comparison in terms of performance. Elixir is praised to perform well in situations requiring real concurrency, but there are pretty much no benchmarks I found to back up that claim
yndpqgstrauravqin #_relationships5h
I remember reading that stalled conversations could be punished
qqpniisxldouzruin #_relationships5h
Or never initiating a conversation with a match
bqpoutwbervgyvmin #_relationships5h
But this info is at least a year old by now. Haven't kept up with the algo
areoqqsxzqasahgin #_relationships5h
Tinder's pricing is pretty crazy these days. A super boost in western europe for 12 hours costs 150 EUR
gtgwkgirein #_covid195h
Which shows cities with at least one top ranked hospital
fcyzuectqin #_covid195h
Beds per capita is a confusing stat, for ex Japan has rly high cuz elderly use hospitals as retirement homes
tlbqmuoykdgcin #_relationships5h
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a thing. If you have too many matches you haven't talked to yet you're barely getting new ones.
wmhwjifyvnajin #_relationships5h
Noticed the same
ewbyvhcigkin #_coders5h
for js the language is just simpler to use, and since most of the work at least in browsers is done elsewhere then it probably is a good tradeoff
kfnghammpgin #_coders5h
for erlang I'm not sure that it is geared towards raw performance (like one would use c/c++ or rust for)
xpcapbpbhsin #_coders5h
it's more for just having a short-lived throw-away attitude towards threads
nalsqstddmin #_coders5h
and regardless of if erlang has real concurrency, it still wont be able to really do more than the number of cores at the same time
xbuiofdmin #_coders5h
actually, event loop doesn't have to be single threaded. c++ and java now have similar concepts continuations, fibers, kotlin co-routines
uhrjmshiqin #south-africa5h
Sleep whenever you want to sleep
xaduxhyvqin #south-africa5h
Stop trying to fit into a specific sleep cycle
kbwhdfwhnin #south-africa5h
Then slowly your body moves back to your normal cycle
xrqlgtltmin #south-africa5h
Benefit of remote async work imho
bvgpqqmin #argentina5h
Leaving argentina today after 3 months. It was great.
The most Aregentina thing that happened? When I left today they stamped my passport with the exit date March 23rd instead of February ๐Ÿคฃ
szdhngbwin #_startups5h
what sourceress?
ufhakwhijin #_flying5h
This is standard for laptops etc
xalztvwnin #italy4h
yea, also they cancelled venice carnival last day
ittfrbpwin #italy4h
the issue is that it's spreading fast
fzaqylbuin #italy4h
more than 100 cases and 3 deada
diivzurofsupspuxin #_gear4h
kpcoeuxhok Does it takes elevation changes into account when figuring effort? I have mountain hiking in mind.
mbqwfzijsiizuxbin #spain4h
What's the best way to find lodging for a week or two in Seville and/or Malaga? Not seeing much on Airbnb.
xekpnurwxin #_gear3h
Yeah, they claim to
mfntrxiswin #_gear3h
Some of the newer devices also have pulse oximeters now, which might be interesting if you're doing stuff at altitude.
jgaoyezndin #_gear3h
_I_ think either a Fitbit Charge 3 or Garmin Vivosmart 4 would be good entry level trackers for mountain hiking.
ybggivkjin #___general3h
Their faq recommends only 2-4 hours of work a day, and if itโ€™s on the train thereโ€™s basically no internet
mbizdopjfin #_gear3h
If you want to get really serious and/or money is no object, the Garmin Tactix and Fenix watches are the gold standard for outdoor adventuring.
gxnghnpwin #_flying3h
Although there are popping up more and more Airports with the new 3D Scanners where you donโ€™t have to remove anything anymore. Read that AMS is one of those.
schsihetmpnwyyin #_flying3h
yeah, at AMS non-schengen you donโ€™t need to remove anything. I get laptops and ipads but all electronics is just stupid for a place like finland
bnhgnkjqeybvopin #_flying3h
And to say itโ€™ll speed up things is pure bullshit
wnrdefguoin #_design3h
I donโ€™t think itโ€™s particularly horrible or stupid. I do think the ordering is very off, too. Overall though, the thinking behind all of the tasks/steps seems sound to me. The only horrible or stupid part of it is that they arenโ€™t compensating for the designers time, itโ€™s very time consuming and should be paid work.

Hiring designers is notoriously hard, so it makes sense to take time in the process.

What do you find horrible and stupid about it?
zaqltchglin #_freelance3h
100% word of mouth for me!
bomjhin #italy2h
Guys, you probably haven't noticed that it's a global problem. The only difference between Italy and most of the other countries is that here we had the first case a few days ago, and immediately the big and multi-tiered public healthcare system started to do diagnosis. Since today they started to cancel school trips and sport event, something that in other places didn't happen.
Do you really believe that un USA there are 35 cases one for big city? Nope, it's just that there if you go to the hospital without an insurance after you have to sell your house to pay the expenses.
Three cases in India after that they discovered the first case weeks ago? Bullshits,

I totally agree that in a case like this one could make sense to avoid wandering around, but only because if you get it and it goes bad after it would be hard to face it.
zqwyfin #italy2h
Maybe I'm a bit biased, but I don't think there is a safer place by now, specially because people got crazy and they started to close inside the houses so you could enjoy beautiful cities without crowd. I'm thinking to visit Venezia after years :slightly_smiling_face:
For sure I won't cancel my week in Napoli at the half of March and I'll try to enjoy my month between Thailand and Vietnam between March and April (if they don't forbid this kind of travels).
ykpleltngrfaqin #italy2h
i tend to agree. i don't alter my plans unless there's war or some sort of natural disaster. outbreaks like this happen every few years. if you take normal precautions you should be fine. and as tzsbme said, this is a global issue so there are very few developed places you can go that aren't impacted to some extent and you won't face some risk - especially if you're going via public transport.

i was in mexico during the swine flu outbreak and they basically shut down the country. closed all attractions, bars, etc. people were wearing masks, basically all the same stuff you're seeing today. we used to have pig parties where someone would rent out a house and entry was a 12 pack of beer. you'd just walk around town until you heard the music and then knocked on the door. before that it was the bird flu a few years earlier.

i just don't see the point of changing plans to avoid something that you have 0 control over. it's like people who didn't want to go to paris after the bombing when really, paris was probably the safest place in europe at that point since everyone was on high alert.
gsrrgepin #_photography2h
wypaazghuin #italy2h
I agree, but my only concern is getting โ€œstuckโ€ there. I saw that theyโ€™re locking down nearby cities, and if possible I would try to avoid it, since in like 10 days Iโ€™ll be flying to Brazil. Thatโ€™s my only concern right now, since this public peak of infection is new in Europe and donโ€™t know how they will deal with this.
azfrktxuxin #___general2h
Great to dev locally or write a book
nwcsein #italy2h
My two cents it's not about Italy or wherever else, it's only about being at home or abroad/in another continent. On my side I absolutely don't care since I don't have wife/children and mortality in young people is extremely low (something like 0.2%), so until they don't forbid me to do whatever I like, I do whatever I like. Moreover if I get it after I'll be protected so problem solved.
pfrwcdckdin #_relationships2h
what about trying to get the person back? Or jist wait and see what happends ?
mezcotxcbin #_relationships1h
Everyone is telling me to wait acouple of weeks and see what happens... not easy
wrxgyfbssin #_covid191h
yfkveuwhwin #_legal1h
You can spend a shitload on ip protection
wdvleemxjin #_legal1h
U can get some eu pattern, its some spanish agency that does it
mweheizpcin #_covid191h
i'm now just 2 countries removed from there
dqplhmrkfin #_coders1h
Anyone know a api/easy to scrape site that has the current ongoing football games ? Im working on a mvp that needs sport data
dvtviqrlnin #_coders1h
Bbc has like current games but a pain in the ass to scrape the html of the page
hhvakkzqlfmvgin #_design1h
The fact that they are not paying for peopleโ€™s time is the horrible and stupid part.
ogecbgcvfapktin #_design1h
Companies can feel free to take me through whatever process they want, so long as they pay me my standard hourly rate.
fsgmwbyhurddjin #_design1h
But us designers are a bunch of millennial pussies who donโ€™t know how to unionise, and therefore we get treated however the companies wanna treat us.
ovqitscckfpwain #_design1h
And that is really sad to see. These interview processes are getting more and more drawn out. It used to be that getting a test project was considered intense. Now itโ€™s a given that youโ€™ll A) get a test project and B) not be paid for it
fumjwjlxin #_startups56min
well, a bunch of ifs can also be called ml
camxrxpgin #_startups55min
but yeah, the idea doesn't sound super exciting
puhfolrruoboin #_design33min
A design challenge with the brief of "Design an app for this oven without physical buttons" shows exactly what kind of work you will be doing there. I have worked on similar projects like that one, and I can tell you that (1) an oven without physical buttons will not exist due to safety concerns and (2) that the most important work on that app will be around preventing any kind of potential problems, as the outcome would not be some data loss, but could destroy houses and kill people.
ubicvhadytdlin #_design32min
Whatever they are getting out of these exercises has nothing to do with how designers would perform in a real world scenario, working with a team and how to deal with constraints is 98% of Design work, and nothing of that is getting tested in this stupid exercise.
chvfyqvalfswin #_design28min
The only people who will be completing these challenges are designers who are focused on UI, have enough free time, and do not get snatched up by other companies who actually know how to hire designers, which means they basically eliminate the top talent just because of their process, no wonder they have a hard time finding good designers.
vfsjzkzgqopyin #_design26min
Hiring good designers is easy, if you have good people who can evaluate their work. Let them walk you through their own projects, what decisions they made, how they would change these, and get them to talk to the rest of your team to understand how they communicate with people from different backgrounds.
xrsybxiioztdin #_design24min
We have hired 30 designers over the last 12 months, and our process is 1 interview with another designer, 1 interview with a design manager, 1 interview with a product manager, and 1 interview with the design director. Just walking with them through their portfolio and their own experiences and learnings, no take home challenges or whiteboard exercises.
coqddekyrorniin #_relationships9min
Yeah, doing what increases interation all around is rewarded. Blindly swiping right or matching and not writing gets you lower priority
fjiupnezqavnoin #_relationships9min
Changing pictures or updating your profile puts you back in the deck, so changing something every week is rather effective
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