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Hey all. For all those who are coming to the Champions League Final (at Celctic Irish Pub Istanbul) I will get there early and get us a table. I will update in here so you can spot me. Looking forward to it!
Coming soon to theaters near you "Special Ogreation Shrek vs Russia"
Canggu is such a silly place
Slow travel from Australia won't get me very far ๐Ÿ˜

I thought about bringing them in the suitcase but they're huge!
It's a freak show!
ovhqcsrincrzq thanks a lot! I will check those recommendations next month when I will be there :)
Highly recommend people traveling around if they're here. So much to see
I do coworking with friends for social reasons.

But it's never as productive as working at home.
I got a small one from a ikea/jysk somewhere, didn't bring my own. It's still much better than 95% of the ones in the places I stay, and the foam compresses better if it's the last to go in the suitcase ^_^
Think I'll do that
IKEA run on day 2 :)
Hey digital marketers, what would you recommend a friend who wants to find a remote job in your industry? She has a background in human resources and transferred into online marketing a year ago. So employer branding might be a good fit. However it seems to be hard to find a remote position, at least with German employersโ€ฆ
Happy to connect! Workday Freelance consultant here
Hey Sam, I'm looking for the same and I have similar interests/lifestyle. I would probably look for something with a smaller budget though. If you find a place, let me know! I'll also look for it.
We exclusively use e-sims
I have a UK virtual number on top of that
Use Skype for ad-hoc virtual numbers if needed
It'd probably be cheaper to use physical sims but meh
anyone around in bangkok today? fancy meeting up?
Hippy 3, chelsea hotel, and nice souvlaki around in pangrati.. Very nice area !
Good means
Clean, safe, good location, quiet, with good wifi
Why ?
If you think they donโ€™t actually have the money then you're usually out of luck.
Otherwise you could consider sending them a โ€œletter before actionโ€ which is a mandatory step before taking them to small claims court. Read up on what you need to include in that letter. That usually gets people to take action because you can then also threaten to claim any legal fees you incur as part of taking them to court.
I left for Porto! Lagos was quite dead but there's an awesome hike from Luz to the south, highly recommended.
If your dog wants to shit all over the pavement then Portugalโ€™s perfect!
Nope. I donโ€™t actually use a lifting belt. Many gyms include them too.
Which account type did you pick? Pound, euro..?
Hey guys, I am currently in my second year of studying SWE and I am taking a break to do an Internship at Intel in the Netherlands. Itโ€™s a โ€œremoteโ€ 9 to 5 where my manager does not want me to go to far away (more then a 2 hour difference). Im in my second week and I kind of dislike it. I am at home to whole day, not doing much and I barely have a lot of free time. I donโ€™t see myself doing a straight 9-5 for the rest of my life (big company or not). I also donโ€™t see myself continuing school. Are there any options for working 24hr a week and earning around 10k a month in the next 5 years? (remote ofc). I am turning 20 this year, have 4 months of experience and I am currently making 2k a month at Intel if that helps. Any advice?
Perhaps we could find a touroperator crazy enough to make a tour package for nomads ๐Ÿ˜Œ
I'm fully eSIM. Home provider + eSIM Airalo wherever I am. Works flawlessly
If you are going to Quebec, or Ottawa area _(that's the geo limit for customers, but the phone works everywhere in Canada and US)_, then you can try| They'll ship you a SIM ahead of time and you activate it when you get there. There are no contracts or any funny business. You can cancel any time online, no questions asked. The plans are also very competitive.
Hey all, i'm going to Ubud for the first time next week... usually staying in Canggu. Which area should I look for a villa to stay a few months? Looking for a quiet place
That sounds like it would get old really quick.
Do you really need a lifting belt though unless youโ€™re a competitive powerlifter?
Otherwise I'd use an eSIM if your phone supports it.
I donโ€™t know if that is possible but sounds awesome. Iโ€™m at a point where I achieved to make 5k after taxes working 30h per week, and I have 5 years of programming experience. In case that gives you some perspective. Iโ€™m feeling like Iโ€™m reaching the ceiling though. But there are probably people that do better than me.
dsotouyv definitely achievable start freelancing and work your way up to an hour rate of 10k/4/24 = ~105 -> snoop around on upwork to see what profiles match what hour rates, find areas in software engineering that you have an interest in, that has and will have a demand, and specialize.

To kickstart it start building your own projects -> it brings you learning, portfolio and if you are lucky also revenue.

Downside is that there are no employee perks and you will be running yourself as a business.
Thanks for the reply! Your situation sounds nice and tbh I have not travel to Thailand / Indonesia yet so donโ€™t really know how far i would get with x amount of money. How much would you say it would take to travel around Asia / any digital nomad place and afford a nice apartment with a pool (lol) and not have to cook and clean too much anymore?
Everyoneโ€™s situation and wants/needs are different -> figure out how much money you need, then work backwards from that on how to achieve it.
If I'm on W2 am I able to deduct expenses though monthly and yearly? I thought that's 1099 only?
I guess it really depends on what you are looking for regarding housing. If you go for coliving options, you might get the pool for a cheaper price than maybe renting an apartment on airbnb :joy:. I havenโ€™t been to south east Asia, but I can say that a nomad cost of living in Japan would be about 3~4k monthly without pool, but without having to cook/clean.
I would be under the 35% bracket
No doubt belts can help you lift more - but that's irrelevant to me. All I care about is getting stronger. And there are strong arguments that belts could impede progress and allow lifters to get away with poor form.
no specific advice but just a warning that seems that tougher times are comming

it'll be more difficult to get a job, especially for more junior people, and developers will be less pampered
In the area of Porto where I am at it is _SUPER_ dog friendly. Two huge doggie areas (parks) within 10 minute walk from my house.
Also I do see lots of people with dogs, lots of professional dog walkers all the time.
Also ran into a dog training class in one of the parks.
Donโ€™t let it scare you though, tough times donโ€™t last forever, just require working a bit harder and specially smarter than usual -> focus on your skills and improving and you will be fine. Iโ€™d rather be a junior in tough times and learn to sail properly than only knowing how it is when you get pampered and hit the tough times having much more responsibility and not knowing how to handle it :D
There's definitely a deduction for people who move over a certain distance for employment but only a tax professional can advise you. There are many deductions employees take but usually only when greater than the standard deduction
I see thanks for being so helpful, do you have any tax advisors or cpa I can speak with you recommend? hzyacmehx
ocmbqylgf have you read Bell Hooks โ€œAll about Loveโ€?
lqhcjlnicm does taxes for many nomads
Oh great pzcguevjuy good to meet you thanks fkexhvhdx
The faster you stop seeing BigTech etc (Intel too) as high rated, the faster you can start living
Border run last i checked
Generally I avoid unnecessary tools lifting belts, gloves, React
If any football fans would like to join me at a sports bar to watch Champion League Final on Sunday feel free to DM me blushsoccer
Yeah I try to keep it as simple as possible. You should use react though ๐Ÿ˜‰
Agree. I want to get stronger - not mindlessly hit PBs by any means possible.
If youโ€™re lifting properly with full ROM and slow eccentric movements then there is no point comparing your numbers with someone who does partial reps using gloves/belts and doing fast eccentrics.
Always depends on your goals. Lifting to me is supplementary not my primary physical activity. High reps, good form, never chasing numbers, injury prevention.
Mind muscle connection
Moving deduction is gone with the TCJA17 unless it's military
Liftingโ€™s my primary physical activity and I enjoy 1-5 rep rangeโ€ฆ but I'm still cautious and much more interested in good form versus PBS.
You'll see some huge guys train with fairly moderate weights - but rigorous form.
It is? That's just the first one that came to mind. I know there are other deductions people take even if they don't own a business but drawing a blank
My ex roommate was strength and conditioning coach for University of Texas and he always preached that philosophy.
Almost all the big power lifter guys are chronically injured as well.
cbwlglddbj was under the impression employees couldn't take deductions
Human body is not meant to withstand that weight hence the need for suits, belts, and straps.
Yeah, I read an article by a consultant surgeon and powerlifter who said the fittest guys he knows in their fifties trained with moderate intensity.

The guys who trained with the highest intensity mainly ended up too injured to train.
Unless something else has changed eoeqpzfqyd and employees are forced to take the standard deduction?
Agree. I lift 4-5 days a week and love it. But I mix up barbell, machines, and - especially - cables.

Isolations are underrated.
how exactly do you not have a lot of free time when you arenโ€™t doing much? doesnโ€™t check out for me.
also, donโ€™t forget that most internships arenโ€™t managed that well and have a bit of a ramp up time before they find a good fit for you - they donโ€™t know you yet after all.
My advice would be to be more proactive with your manager about the current situation, tell him that you need more challenging tasks and see where that goes. Donโ€™t work 9-5 if you donโ€™t like it. take a 3h โ€œlunch breakโ€ and work some more in the evening if thatโ€™s more your thing
I am an employer and you'll interest me much more if you've taken your own route in life than collecting BigTech on your resume!
Standard or itemized is allowed, but 2% misc deductions are gone, so no more employee deductions
tvizhfoxee โ€œitemizedโ€ means โ€œitemized deductionsโ€
Max up to 2%
Right, so figure in your deductions as well
I see thanks both!!
Hi all, my name is Thorsten and since 2015 I'm a nomad (and finally I managed to subscribe here). :pray:
I am a germanyparrot content marketing entrepreneur but living a location-independent life :green_heart:
I'd love to meet some of you folks on my next travels! Happy weekend and greetings from Malta :flag-mt:.
Hi everyone, just coming to Sofia for a bit, does anyone know any nice coffee shops (preferably not chains like starbucks and costa) where are laptop work friendly with good wifi?
In August is Sziget festival in Budapest = 400k relaxed people from all over the world joining the city. :heart:

(And against heat I can recommend plenty of baths, parks, islands and famous Lupa beach. ;-))
mztcledn looks interesting I see they offer Wifi too Iโ€™ll be in Renfrew which is near Ottawa
Guys! coming to Bali in August for the first time. heared that for firsttimer canggu is the best to start. we thought about staying in a coliving space for a month and then see maybe for a week another part on the island. What are your tips?
rzcnnpfgsnaftai Apparently Barista Coffee and More is a good one (). I haven't tried it myself but plan to sometime next week.
yikyrfxerea is organizing a|meetup in London, # at Snow, 39 Broadwick St, Carnaby, London W1F 9QJ, London|John Snow> on Thursday, 2 June at 18:00:00. "If the weather permits, let's have a happy hour in London! The John Snow is the best place to be!" โœ… RSVP here
Oh thanks ypgxnyeyhwbufkuh that one looks perfect I shall check it out!
pbysdpkflaucyfl If you do, let me know how it is.
Do it! No real tips except enjoy yourself!
And get a scooter motorbike
You can't walk
DM me the info please qxsrrvzylzzwynv
I've gone and returned! But only because I love Dublin that much haha it's definitely not the easiest spot for digital nomads compared to other destinations.
For the longest time, the cheapest data plan you could find was Fido's data-only tablet plan $10/mo 2GB, $15/mo 4GB

I've been out of the country for a while, so I'm not sure it's still the best atm
anybody in Lagos and knows where to watch the cl final tonight?
I just have a very bad memory of a heatwave in Budapest (in 2 different years)... But for sure, Sziget sounds amazing ๐Ÿ™‚
Also never been to Balaton in the summer and I think its' where everyone goes to escape the heat
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