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edjivpuvehgvrvin #hong-kong12h
too bad, I really like hong kong
xbfbqstztrjgin #_fitness12h
It takes a few weeks, but once I gave up coffee I started enjoying my mornings more, especially once I stopped using an alarm clock to wake up. It became a much smoother transition from sleep to awake. I'll have the occasional (once a month maybe?) tea if I'm waking up super early, or am really tired from something, but anytime I've tried coffee since then I get very jittery and anxious.
pqexosin #___general12h
nicoqycgpwrdp I can schedule it with my fnb banking
prdvakin #___general12h
they allow quarterly scheduled topups of R5
llqpnehihin #thailand12h
wrjnuyeyzxze Think your best bet would be to METV and after 9 months you can look into other options with new data you have about Thailand/etc. You can travel some with EDU visa, but it will depend on the school and you probably won't be able to do it for more than a month, and EDU visa has some cons too that some people actually say they would have rather went with just regular visa than dealing with EDU.
gjlzjeuzfqarin #___general12h
that's convenient, should solve your problems then. I'd make sure to have the SIM in your phone at least quarterly as well to avoid losing the number
jfgzqmin #___general12h
My phone supports dualsims, so I'll just leave er inside, then set a monthly reminder to switch it on
xexkuxin #___general12h
what a process, all just to maintain my whatsapp number...
uzfykidfzrin #___general12h
tbh - I would be using that number for most 2FA services that mandate SMS
jtcweumsqvin #___general12h
You want something consistent and stable for that stuff
ijzybbjmnkdkin #___general12h
I mean it's a pretty small price to pay. R60/yr and the occasional SIM swap. Frankly, much cheaper and easier than Fi, considering some nomads are getting cut off by Fi
lkutzwsvfsozin #___general12h
actually, R20, since it's quarterly not monthly. That's about a euro per year
lbtsmjwgjin #_gear12h
sxvff When watching that video when it started plugging in cables I got such a big want to plug C1 into C2 😂 _It can charge itself_
gaierzyain #hong-kong12h
osiaorkfgsxqstcin #chiang-mai12h
This will not be an intricately timed event by which I mean I ordered ribs already
yqolqnin #___general12h
Yeah, cost wise it's great. Just stupid that it's 2019 and we have to jump through all these hoops. Not sure why whatsapp is so in love with pairing accounts to numbers, and for 2fa you can use much more secure options than a cellnumber.
blslpqqxupin #chiang-mai12h
Staggered ribs
rabspwwxnwin #chiang-mai12h
I'll be heading over in a sec
eyywnpsslkin #chiang-mai12h
I'm round the corner in Nimman Social
mvncsgkdtwin #___general11h
Yes SMS 2FA is a nightmare
mgzxjqmhpbin #___general11h
And now banks are introducing it under EU regs
hvaqmcsuaxin #___general11h
Except Revolut who use mobile app push notification instead because they have their shit together
iotaurwpcxfcdrin #___general11h
2/3 of my banks have mobile apps for 2FA, only my thai bank still does sms
jgnpnin #_gear11h
I’m def interested, sometime around the middle of next year, if you’ll still be around
unenawslrin #___general11h
Yeah, think it depends on the bank, banks in Lithuania I think are using mobile apps for 2FA (they got rid of some other not secure auth methods), but it seems like all banks in Portugal made SMS 2FA mandatory facepalm
bjmhzfozboin #___general11h
It's not the country - its an EU reg
cpjifntrxkin #___general11h
sytgioxdjpin #___general11h
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. To accept payments and meet SCA requirements, you need to build additional authentication into your checkout flow. SCA requires authentication to use at least two of the following three elements.

(e.g., password or PIN)
(e.g., phone or hardware token)
(e.g., fingerprint or face recognition)
espurwavxin #___general11h
But I think the banks choose which 2FA to do, I know for years banks in Lithuania was talking about trying to decide on what to use because by regulation they have to increase security and all banks decided that they will use 2FA app for it
eeywxevowrfftdin #___general11h
enforcement of PSD2 luckily won’t start until 2021, at least in the countries I operate in
rjmwghthhtin #___general11h
Well somehow the UK just pushed back on the whole thing....
rswftqyvkkin #___general11h
The FCA were just like - "yeah, we're not gonna bust our ass to get that done by your deadline"
qebqbgcin #_fitness11h
I'm over here on my third espresso for the day (:heart::flag-it:) so am definitely not clicking that link lol
bewmicgzjqfthqbdin #argentina11h
Second citywide power outage in two days. #overit This is where my global North entitlements really start showing. Thank Bog my new phone has decent battery life
vywruvghin #_fitness11h
The only coffee that I like taste and effect wise would be cold brewed. Probably because most of the rest are too acidic and burnt. I like my life without coffee more, but to do that it requires an amount of moving around that computer jobs do not provide/allow for. Sitting and no coffee — my metabolism crashes.
ytrkrpin #_gear11h
bukmtglyjqitgcqst that depends on if you're in a country that has full apple presence and not just resellers
ktumzgin #_gear11h
proper Apple stores have amazing customer service
jjsnvlhqfncumwhpcgin #___general11h
Anyone who thinks SMS-based 2FA is a good idea should be fired and banned from working in any technology job for the rest of their life.
ungtmzhbnclwkytlumin #___general11h
It’s a clear admission that your IQ is below 80.
tomijbeosuxjotzvwxin #_gear11h
Bali has none of these things.
rtjjgbixin #_crypto11h
selling or buying large holdings can significantly move the market just from one whale. So it makes everything unpredictable and volatile.
xjqncflmymcgdwziin #___general11h
Heck, companies are still keeping passwords in plaintext in 2019. The bar is so low as to be invisible.
ugxlpvvlfuwwjzxbiuin #_fitness11h
lfiajuzlm great Reddit article! Thanks
mcjorztyin #___general11h
yeah i don't know how they still manage to do that
micnpdqgnbpibiiyaein #___general11h
I always find the password leak panics fun. They remind you how many people don’t use a password manager.
uiaavdzkglybtawbin #___general11h
No meaningful penalties for higher ups
unmtqjiain #_fitness11h
glad you like it! often there’s meditation woowoo on this /r/, but I find OP insights valuable
mpjodlxcramuqkcfzcin #___general11h
Not using a password manager isn’t the total failure of intelligence than advocating for 2FA-based SMS is… but it’s pretty bad.
cedtmepcin #_fitness11h
other thing that I’d recommend is to try out matcha tea
joirtuduin #___general11h
you would have to be very junior naive to store passwords in plaintext though, last company who did this was facebook.
etshajxisdczxatgin #___general11h
If no one's watching, the tendency will be to skimp on technology and processes that aren't directly linked to profit
wyjuihnrnumnmjcwin #___general11h
You see less of this in regulated businesses that are audited
uhjaaimysrkdetbgvfin #_fitness11h
I’m gonna stick to…. nothing!
xuiqlhuiin #___general11h
eh its not much effort to install bcrypt
zdwzjmzbwyzualswzain #_fitness11h
Water, coconuts, and green juices
ipijghjvin #_fitness11h
tastes like..green tea.. though
tozdtzynxjflhzin #chiang-mai11h
You guys still at rustic&blue? Will be there in about 10mins
dflbnsvlvlin #chiang-mai11h
nayhzrunxakiin #budapest11h
you have to activate that? ok
rfilxhdfpspgolhin #chiang-mai11h
oahjyviin #_crypto11h
Yeah, I really feel like it's a whale's world, and sentiment analysis is a fool's errand. The market isn't rational, it moves for inscrutable reasons, and then people start making up post hoc explanations, often by invoking some obscure news in China, for example.
ecjjwakin #_crypto10h
This isn't a data-driven argument, mind you... just my general sense of watching this space for a few years. There was definitely a time where Google Trends activity seemed to correlate with price, during one of the earlier booms, but I haven't seen it work like that since then. There are plenty of one-off events in crypto market history.
mvhusljin #_fitness10h
I appear to be in the "I can drink unlimited amounts of coffee and it'll reduce my risk of heart disease" demographic
lakpin #_gear10h
Apple has remote tech support
rnojmtbfnnjvkmgin #_fitness10h
Monitoring my coffee consumption was pretty beneficial for me. I have 2-3 cups in the morning and none the rest of the day. I feel like I don't really "need" the coffee but it's more of a relaxing routine for me. My energy levels are more stable during the day.
tvvjssyhjlgein #budapest10h
yeah telekom is a bit dickish about you using your EU roaming. They only publish the info in hungarian too, so you have to google in hungarian to figure it out 😄
npmpxqvyygaqddtnin #_politics10h
qhnmj are these videos you recorded?
nkdwybmdauein #hong-kong10h
wow shit 😞
irdiyiin #_gear10h
been clinging to my mid-2014 mbp this whole time, waiting ✊
wspxxzffifbpuin #_gear10h
qiodlfin #_gear10h
“Magic Keyboard” 😂
hsdtnoehkin #___general10h
I actually do some work for a payments aggregator and zero _countries_ implemented 3DSv2 including the SCA by the deadline. Most opted for an 18 months extension, while two have _slighty_ tighter deadlines.
Very very few card issuers were ready (Revolut being one happy exception), and almost no processors.
ugocehabxrzgin #_gear10h
it doesn't break! Magic!! 🧙‍♀️
rbjuoyin #_gear10h
this looks fantastic though
pilxlwbctin #___general10h
In the eComms world there was a big panic because SCA was going to decimate acceptance rates until the last minute pull back…
kybolgurcisnwvin #_gear10h
lvqqhkmqwyin #___general9h
Yeah we shat ourselves
zsipgcfqxiin #chiang-mai9h
Moved in to My Beer Friend
bwejaznqawin #chiang-mai9h
For those in the thread
allomin #_gear9h
Wtf - this thing is insanely expensive and the biggest feature is that most of the stuff that sucked since 2016 is finally fixed?
usdzsin #_gear9h
What a joke
gmzonin #_gear9h
Display isn't better than other offerings
aubjuin #_gear9h
Serviceability is non-existent since everything is soldered
mxxnnnin #_gear9h
insanely expensive is very relative
lvybain #_gear9h
Upgrades are eye wateringly expensive
rasbblin #_gear9h
if it is your livelihood and a durable good you keep for 4-5 years especially
woyaiin #_gear9h
What flaming hot garbage 😂
sppkmkin #_gear9h
and tax deduction, etc
otrwkin #_gear9h
Yeah if it's your livelihood being unable to service your device *stall* is an absolutely huge financial risk
yrcxsin #_gear9h
rvvfwbin #_gear9h
yeah, but if I earn 30% less because I can’t run adobe suite alongside a unix environment then…
gzsyzrin #_gear9h
I def wish there were other options but WSL is not one (I tried)
qlizrin #_gear9h
So it's like a Thinkpad x1 extreme but heavier, with worse components, less durable and not user serviceable
pzmynin #_gear9h
8 cores +64gb +8tb isn't special. Tons of workstation options out there with 8 cores, 2 dimm slots, 2x m.2...
azkprin #_gear9h
Radeon 5500m is an 85 watt chip. And they're going to cap it at 35 or less and market it for pros?
gamfoin #_gear9h
Mind blown. Even for Apple this is insulting.
zebnfuin #_gear9h
again, I think many of us think of hardware as an investment. In the delta of my income is an extra $2k+/mo. because I am able to work in the Mac OS environment, then over the 4 year life of the device you’ve made an extra ~$100k…for choosing a device that cost maybe $4-$5k
ldxokin #_gear9h
I get that they needed to throw out the 15" model entirely since it's so poorly regarded so maybe this is just an interim half step to bury than line for good
citkfbin #_gear9h
I do wish there were better options but for professionals it makes sense
zmtgliqbrbhqacin #budapest9h
Vodafone has it enabled by default. Been using it all around Europe, very happy with it.
apxjozldblqzolpbin #_gear9h
Give me a 13” with the screen and keyboard upgrade and I might start to care.
zsmdpin #_gear9h
100% this - a 13" with a screen upgrade and available 6 core comet lake would be fantastic for tons of people
dcxalfsczprebhin #_gear9h
If you enjoy using linux (you've been running Debian, right?) I don't think you'll have a good time running on a Windows machine. I tried running WSL v1 and v2 and still ended up with linux installed in a Virtualbox VM. I still prefer my ubuntu thinkpad x1 carbon for work and crostini on my pixelbook for on the go access to remote infra.
bruswpmgvjxktsin #_gear9h
I'm happy to bounce ideas if you want to try troubleshooting your DNS woes. 🙂
ptjwuddrybqhchubin #_gear9h
Really like the physical escape key, but 15” laptops are just _way_ too big for me. 13” is barely small/light enough.
ivikfin #_gear9h
The 16" base model actually isn't terrible but there's no way all those upgrades can be utilized in those thermal constraints. And having 8tb of soldered disposable storage holding your critical data is 🤯
lyrkbqjmsnbrmoryin #_gear9h
I’d love Apple to take the design improvements from the Matebooks and port them back to Apple laptops.
ircvvin #_gear9h
I'd like to see Apple or Lenovo take the bezel improvements from Dell 👍
nqaklucuzcnurwxkin #_gear9h
The Matebook X Pro is an amazing piece of hardware. I just wish it could run macOS. 🙄
fnsqhmpurbwuimotin #_gear9h
I haven’t actually seen the Dell bezels, but the Matebook ones are _super_ slim.
liinebcmrwgdmxopin #_gear9h
It’s clearly from a company that is used to making smartphone screens with little to no bezels.
iguppydzdilain #_housing9h
The idea sounds interesting.
prdixtjfmfbatin #_money9h
Still showing it. This is very odd.
wnhsbowdin #india9h
thanks for the tips fojvdkfuh
txiqin #_politics9h
Not the ones I just posted, no
dlpkin #_politics9h
But I’ve been in the middle of plenty
cshbin #hong-kong9h
They plan on targeting gas stations tonight
ytzoin #hong-kong9h
So stay away
njdtin #_politics9h
They plan on targeting gas stations tonight as well
zwqyin #_politics9h
A 70 year old man is in critical condition because they threw a brick at his head
nkknain #_gear9h
tcxazhv I absolutely get your point and the 16" looks like a huge upgrade from the 15" for most people. I just don't see how that gives them a free pass for making impossible to repair hardware when they have such a poor record for reliability.
fnlvqin #_gear9h
If I was locked into macOS and this was my only workstation caliber upgrade choice for 2019+ I'd actually be angry - since I'm not I can just be amused from the sidelines. I wonder what percentage of macbook pro 15/16" buyers are locked into macOS for work / income reasons...
toptbwin #_gear9h
oh yeah, it’s my nightmare
gubbojin #_gear9h
especially living in the places I have
zarzin #_politics9h
The news coverage in the western press is infuriatingly biased - reporting, for example, the police are running a siege on Chinese University, while the students are “defending the university.” Failing to mention, of course, that the kids were throwing stuff over the second bridge from the university onto the train tracks and lighting it on fire to shut down the MTR.
regouoin #_gear9h
I spent literally a collective 40-50 hours or something and $1400 dealing with the Bangkok apple store’s shoddy servicing 😒
wzbiin #_politics9h
So when the police show up to clear the bridge and arrest the students, the kids starting shouting about a “massacre.” It’s idiotic
oirkyvin #_gear9h
and I was lucky there even _was_ an apple store
anycin #_politics9h
The student union president petitioned the high court for an injunction to block the police from entering the property (which was denied)
wfalin #_politics9h
My favorite part was when he cited the police tear gas lit trees on fire and was “destroying the environment” of the students
ikpzedgzawlcbvmpin #_gear9h
fucking hell when i bought my mbp in 2015 it was the complete top of the line and was like $3k
bfjqjin #_gear9h
I think just *landing* in Southeast Asia intermediately turns macbook pro LSIs red and invalidates applecare 😭
xyebalin #_gear9h
on one trip they gave me back my computer with a thai language keyboard 😂 😒
tdliin #_politics9h
As they destroy the school, light massive bonfires, throw Molotov cocktails, shoot arrows, etc
ggevin #_politics9h
This is just jackassery
ppdvwtovvlpin #hong-kong9h
have a trip to HK coming up next week.. this will be interesting
gligabcivogin #hong-kong9h
lteyf where are you getting your news from?
qbfmuin #_gear9h
Yeah, for me it's Lenovo or bust. Things are so much easier to patch up. Even they dropped their 14" options with dual sodimms though. That was a real workstation sweet spot.
sprurztin #_politics9h
I'm honestly a little surprised at how poorly the HK authorities have been managing this crisis.
gzdain #hong-kong9h
I’m a Hong Konger
tctfin #hong-kong9h
I’m in HK
mnlkovvwwpin #_politics9h
Today I saw a post from someone I know from back home
utpikzycnliin #hong-kong9h
ah okay
ffwjwfkin #_politics9h
But in any case... _let the impeachment begin!_
lfadfvfxbmin #_politics9h
And how she unironically purchased a book from some hippy bookshop while on vacation in NYC
jgjguvxobmin #_politics9h
"The ABC's of Socialism"
kvrwin #hong-kong9h
I get it from dozens of sources, local contacts, my own eyes, scmp, hkfp, whatsapp groups, etc
nmbwiphzioin #hong-kong9h
dbtfgcrkmwin #hong-kong9h
I arrived tonight no taxi/bus didn't want to get into the center
cftawxakxgin #_politics9h
It stresses me out when people I consider intelligent fall for this BS
ooawyqeryuin #_politics9h
zfgqlwdwqiin #_politics9h
Y tho
ylfmin #hong-kong9h
SCMP has been excellent in its coverage if you want something mainstream
wunmin #hong-kong9h
HKFP not bad, but can’t keep up
edqezhlojgin #_politics9h
I'm just in this channel to get angry 🙃
blspfin #_gear9h
I travelled with a pre-2016 macbook pro 15" for work for years though
fxhmin #_politics9h
What do you suggest lqowmlhh
gztuynirdtbin #hong-kong8h
lkkgiwkxmtaexjrvin #_gear8h
64gb of ram is pretty crazy
ogkxin #_politics8h
What’s blown me away is how completely off the rocker these kids are. No strategy. Just pure destruction. People are fucking petrified
zbhjjltin #taiwan8h
I’m looking for the best way to get from Taipei airport to Hualien around 4pm mid-week.
there are trains, but my friend will arrive straight from Europe so was thinking about something easier e.g. a private taxi to avoid running through train stations with 2 suitcases.
one private taxi quoted me for NT$12000 (US$390) – this seems extremely steep for me :open_mouth::joy:
if anyone has other ideas, let me know 🙂