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ilutxdycfjhuin #_food3h
Sorry I mean the order experience is horrible. The selection and product and delivery are great.
gonebkeyeqyusin #_food2h
My friends back home have a love/hate with grocery delivery

A diabetic friend, they substituted his diet soda for regular and he didn't realize until he was halfway through a can and his blood sugar spiked

Or, if you select and pay for a premium something, but get the low quality version
uqhjmdrdin #_food2h
that's annoying, need some sort of verification step after the order picking is done ๐Ÿ˜•
whonvasytbtxgin #_food2h
Also common is just getting someone else's groceries, or absolutely things you didn't add in
jyigntxfin #_food2h
i wonder if it would make sense for people to take out their phone and basically scan every item they get
euhrowqxzinin #_food2h
my satisfaction with instacart was roughly 90%. Most shoppers did a great job and you can chat with them and approve substitutions. you can also leave comments on items if you're looking for something specific. Every once in a while i'd get a bad shopper who would just mark everything complete at once and then check out without time to respond and reject changes.
kqjhkwwpvlein #_food2h
Prime Now sucks though for whole foods ordering. You can't put in details and can't initiate a chat, so you just get whatever the shoppers feel like giving you
hotmweekymbqyin #_food2h
I love going to the mercado here. I'm sad it's just a weekly trip

Picking out the foods, discovering new delicious things to eat, seeing what's super fresh and in season this week, and all the little shops and vendors
acgolzrcvfndnin #_housing2h
Yeah Airbnb already has monthly discounts built in for any place that's set up well for living in that long
ewjabyqfdbajfnoin #_food2h
I'm unsure if the US's grocery industry is optimized (or even ready for that matter) for a shipping-first approach
lkqhxzcltddyconin #_housing2h
I've seen a couple of places that didn't have that discount built it - wonder why that's the case for those
aacxgoyqin #_housing2h
Not build in, hosts specify it in their profiles if they want to.
yxcsiuwucfripin #_food2h
It's not, they're adapting
hencsasbudmwbovin #_housing2h
Ah, was under the impression it was enabled platform-wise. Makes sense.
bcsmwenuin #_food2h
back in my early 20's I actually briefly worked as a order picker in a warehouse that serviced an entire chain of grocery stores in a city of 1 million.. we'd get a couple sheets of paper with the order of a specific grocery store and then drive an electric motorized pallet jack around the warehouse. We'd stack the items in a huge tower on top of a pallet. Once the height of the stack gets up to 8+ tall, we'd wrap the whole thing in something like saran wrap to hold it all together, and then drive it right into the truck. Starting out on the job, it was a bit stressful stacking items because if you didn't plan it out properly with the bigger/heavier stuff on the bottom the whole thing would topple and there was a lot of time pressure to complete orders fast.
aarexrfwin #_food2h
anyways i'd think that they could adapt pretty easily to small orders for people instead of delivering to grocery stores
ugljeqkrin #_housing2h
airbnb does not control prices, it can only suggest or advice depending on the prices in the area but those suggestions are quite incorect imho
vzouyerrin #_food2h
maybe abandon the pallet jacks for bicycles with baskets or something hmm
uapxaskin #_housing2h
i ask for discounts if itโ€™s a month long stay and their discount is pretty lacking (like if they do 10% for a week, 15% for a month) especially if there are other options with bigger discounts that i like less
xcgwibiin #_housing2h
and i definitely ask if itโ€™s a really long stay like 2+ months
jbgvvehunebin #_housing2h
even if there's a big discount already, i usually just say it's a bit out of my budget and ask if they're willing to go any lower. Never hurts to ask nicely.
dspfmhjdpin #_housing2h
also it depends on how overpriced it appears to begin with compared to other accommodations
aioctzrcin #_housing2h
as a host I have received pretty arrogant messages covered under the attitude of making each other a favour pushing me ridiculously down on my pricing because "thats my budget" (I dont mind monthly discounts and mine is quite generous (30-39% depending if guest wants cleaning or would clean up themselves). So be careful with how you approach if you like a place and dont want to piss your host off fromt he start.
zdmgughbwlgrrin #_food2h
That's cartons of items, and shelf stable. They'd have to change up completely to handle individual items, and items that have a short shelf life

That's why shoppers go into the store... The individual stores are setup to unpack cartons and fresh foods for individual sale
prqayqlhin #_food2h
yeah that's true, esp the produce
epdkjdxlin #_food2h
quite a lot of our orders were individual items. like 8 eggo boxes
apthedkzin #_food2h
for smaller items it'd be boxes of items i suppose
wmimptfpin #_food2h
long time ago, so my memory is a bit foggy
ykipwcohyoxtgin #_food2h
As I'm exploring hydroponics, I can't help but think to myself about indoor vertical farms and how that can be setup for individual sale
dfxdtwghaxaipuabin #_food2h
It's been a joy to have so many easy produce-buying options in Latin America most places have a few fruterias per city block. I'm right near a farmers' market, which isn't cheap (but food in Chile isn't cheap anyway)
oaptjjzgzlzmbxjxin #_food2h
nkdxpqrtkmkkzb check out the forums on|
wzutwwhorstavvtcin #_money2h
I have _loved_ watching my monthly expenses nosedive in quarantine and I hope I can keep it up
enajdzisin #_food2h
there's an interesting overlap between permies and earlyretirementextreme forums ๐Ÿ˜‰
sszifiwrxzkqain #_food2h
I'm more interested in the system/process, and eating the results than a lifestyle
qvqfgsjltbzghin #_food2h
Pandemic hobbies, and have a good place to setup various hydroponics and experiment
qxawypxorihxxin #japan2h
I'm a little confused by the eyerolling emoji.
zubjrydvwzrin #_housing1h
Yeah, the wording is really important. I've been using a variation on the rxhlnvmoswip script with good success.
qgeppizsrzabtin #_housing1h
Yeah, I don't accept guests who ask at all because they will keep pushing and pushing
vmpuzbcbdspkjin #_housing1h
It will be something else tomorrow
zomkhynfin #_startups1h
i hate when i have a great domain name idea but no actual plan for it, also it's $30/yr
iztndlwein #_housing1h
That must work with some hosts in touristic areas as a lot of them have not thought of such setting (long term, no need to clean etc.)
But a guest you dont wanna have is a thing that does exist as bqkffimblqdnkh commented above.
alofadtin #_jobs-talk1h
Hi, when reaching/working with a client, do you do it using a platform?
flwdylsdazvin #_coders1h
hsqzrjuggzjiuu What's the problem with ARCore? Seems that Vuforia as other not free things could be better but now I have no idea why.
exvasrmqbtlzcsjin #_housing1h
I usually ask to reduce the cleaning fee if I'm staying at a place for a while because I prefer to clean the place myself instead of having to be around when someone comes over to clean
bjmdnclhjfqeiin #_coders1h
ARCore doesn't have to tooling that Unity does
lqetipgswkurawfin #_housing1h
I hate how Airbnb doesn't take the fees into the actual cost when you search for places
dzfcthrlin #_housing1h
yes, it is ugly
gwworpcshbheuin #_housing1h
You don't have to be around when people clean
iysfdmfwcuogwin #_housing1h
Just insure and stop worrying. I've hardly ever had anything stolen, and when I have it was me being dumb in hostels
pxwnaizuin #_housing59min
sometimes guests just need to work
geodwuhmhtjhpin #_housing59min
Someone comes and cleans my house every week, I don't put in cameras
yteikqvtin #_housing58min
very tricky with insurance for non americans. also they have requirements and leaving your stuff with someone else does not check the right boxes...
exuesnzrbisrlin #_housing58min
Also I've had guests ask for the cleaning fee off in exchange for no cleaning, which sounds fair on the surface, but then a month later I have to throw away half the furniture
kxzbqmhyqzgvkshin #_housing57min
I've been requested to stay at Airbnbs while someone comes over to clean
uwrmelhgieippkfin #_housing57min
So, I'd rather just clean myself (I'm a germophobe anyway)
lsvowrkein #_housing56min
have you tried claiming it infront airbnb, U06K7AT63?
xvegxndwin #_housing55min
with the years, I do appreciate someone else cleaning for me ๐Ÿ˜
orxhojfmin #_housing55min
yeah i've stayed at places where the cleaner doesn't have a key
nxoupfxiejuohukwin #_politics55min
That's not how it works, that's not how any of this works.
eulpjblqin #_housing55min
have to be there to let them in etc
hqtinevcyntgin #_food53min
haha, this chat is great. Grocery delivery is wild and probably impossible to do well
fxpqazzuin #_politics53min
busting out the reality distorting guns eh
ulgdffoxxtipin #_food52min
esp with fresh produce, itโ€™s nearly impossible to deliver an order that is matching what the customer had in their head
zsbakljyin #_housing51min
oh, dvwffmhlzmlyumkd I rememeber my mexican cleanign lady being one of the 2 best I have ever had. She would bleach the whole flat in a blink.
jbqyjrgcphmxin #_food51min
i donโ€™t see fresh produce delivery getting any better than a person does themselves. A real person can go in with a grocery list and come out with different things because they didnโ€™t like exactly what they saw and adapted their list to match what was best for selection
yqqjebfbfin #_insurance50min
With WN supposedly you should be able to extend your insurance, but I was not able to do it but their reply was to just create a new one from the end date (as you don't have to be back in your home country to take it)
dcnyshqtbaqcbkkin #_housing50min
I don't get how they do that so quickly - it's amazing really
zhusggcoin #_housing49min
you might wanna enjoy while there ๐Ÿ™‚
xjvdpqkin #_politics48min
How far can you get in politics with these endless grievances and constant martyrdom complex? _Let's find out..._
yiwbjweqkxegacmnin #_startups47min
I hate when I have a great name, a great idea, and never have the time to work on it >_<
akfsdauin #_gear46min
Hi, I'm new in the coffee maker topic, is there are a portable device for grind your own coffee beans?
cwnjsjqykdzzlhjxin #_insurance45min
Ya, I have extended while abroad with WN.
twumfnalgijkyin #_coders41min
Also, something to consider is that while ARCore is a cross platform API, you'll still have to make and manage two apps if you're publishing it
drevhythzhkhin #thailand39min
โ€œAmulet trading venuesโ€
wow. you guys know any good ones??? lol
iaqgwyqzdqzlmlihin #___general39min
Because when the fan is on the 12 settings, there is at least one person who says man this is too strong and I need it to be weaker but I don't want to notice.
pppxjejjjebdin #thailand39min
sounds like a new experience iโ€™ve been missing
demawofwdcntaovuin #_politics35min
A lot of foreign companies would also enter China through Hong Kong. When I was looking to sell in China, that was the way you have to do it.
fffglxvin #thailand35min
How have you not seen the amulet vendors ๐Ÿ˜…
amvthabdzin #_covid1935min
that MIGHT be cause for concern
eiyldcmvdjrvin #thailand33min
omg, so much fomo right now
uutedmxpuin #_money29min
what expenses do you think you'll be continue to keep down? For me, I'll probably treat myself to lunch out less.
etppqkqnpin #_money29min
unless I'm living somewhere which is excruciatingly cheap
wtoloiwoczfoiniiin #_money28min
I have a prediction that the market might go higher based on a temporary surge of spending from people who didn't lose jobs. Like I think Disney World is either going to sell out entirely or hit record numbers. Though ultimately I think that temporary splurge will end.
npmlyxjvdin #_money28min
I think I spent on store-bought alcohol what I would have saved by not going out. ๐Ÿ˜‚
pcsucpvnhkyziin #_housing24min
I've resolved disputes through Airbnb but not claimed damage
whcurstpziexdin #_housing23min
It is just easier to write it off
hljxibzjcdphain #_housing23min
Most guests are amazing
clpexczifnueein #_housing22min
But they're less memorable
xxftxrhmin #_housing21min
How unfair this last one joygrimacing
nyrquwchin #_startups21min
hah, wouldn't it be funny if you packaged it up and sold it on flippa ?
bnqdhywjin #_startups21min
"here's the domain, here's the honking sweet idea.. "
yesnfusain #_startups21min
xhqmrmyssnvgsin #_housing11min
Well I'm now good friends with quite a few of them actually, after some years of hosting
catanavxwfierin #_housing11min
And with some of my hosts as well
hacpiwzgrppudin #thailand11min
I call them Buddhist Pokemon
mqofsfvtuzurdin #thailand8min
I once met a guy with so many he could barely lift his neck. He didn't seem that lucky to me, but he was definitely winning the game
xwkienssdqtlvin #thailand7min
I asked him some questions about them but didn't understand much of his explanation
tgwokeitzbwcein #___general7min
I think we've worked in the same office ldzzdxapsvhtrdkvl
eujnjwlzqgwvlin #_jobs-talk6min
Is email and phone a platform?
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