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We did Munich for Oktoberfest last year. Did the outfits, the rides, big tents, the whole thing.

We all had a great time and I crossed it off my bucket list. But having done it once, I donโ€™t know that I would go out of my way to go again.
I was planning to do it this year, cancelled obviously. Just want to do it once even if it's stupid.
I also think its worth to go at least once! The only problem was to find places to sit. It was so crowded when i went. Not sure if it is always like that.
berlin :)
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I've always been put off Oktoberfest for similar reasons as mentioned above โ€“ the cost, the crowds of bell-ends etc. But I will give it a go one time. In other German festival news, I went to cologne carnival this year, and it was one of the most fun weekends I've ever had. I cannot believe it's not already been taken over by the international tourist brigade. Maybe give that a look in if you're not keen on Oktoberfest.
I'm okay with _those crowds_ if I know what I'm getting myself into and it's for a maximum of 2 days.
When they pass through day in / day out somewhere you're actually living, that's when it starts to get rough
Stay woke, sheeple! ๐Ÿคฃ
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warning A monthly reminder that if you've been auto-warned by the bot for bad avatars, promotion, advertising, cross-posting, spam etc please don't ignore it and especially DO NOT TRY to bypass the bot by modifying your post or having others post it for you.
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I lived there for 5 years, there is a lot of beer and wine festivals that start in September ( i now its called Oktoberfest, But it all starts in September- everywehre is pretty- language food and people there, do some research before the flight!! lol
ncgiffrdrm I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the beer fest the first two weeks of September in Brussels, the beerfest in Munich is just like you said, YOu need a ticket to a beer tent, in advance (difficult to get) a lot of tourist and high pricing, but IN brussels the beer is much better. Cheaper more organized, and a great crowd. I lived in Germany for years, and I only went to brussels every September after my first dibacle in Munich>... Good call
Hi fwgmyt ! I get the bot warning when sharing links or code containing hostnames. I used to have link-sharing permissions, but it seems to have been revoked because I haven't been chatting much.

Are these the bot warnings that can get me suspended if I keep trying to share links?
Is there a way to know if I have the link sharing permission other than just trying to share a link?
most chats if you just spam "help help help help help" eventually a person shows up too
at least, most I've encountered
good to know ๐Ÿ™‚
love kolsh beer and bonn both, when is this cologne carnival mate?
what's the name of this beerfest in brussels? Loved bruges btw , such a nice old town!
It is the main one - first two weeks of September in the main square- can not miss it
Google it. They have delirium tents and actual monks there that brew half of their beer - shits magical man-
perfect, gotcha - would this be better than oktoberfest? less crowd, more fun do you reckon?
yes, love me some kolsch! It's in february every year. There's nothing like it. The whole city dresses up in fancy dress for five days straight. Literally everybody, young and old.
I donโ€™t think that link removal is a bot warning.
I never heard of it but that sounds like great fun
on almost all accounts
I went there my first year in germany 2011 - could not get in a tent, and walked around in Munich for hours before we bought a half of a LArge beer from a spectator going home, could not get a place to sit in a beer tent and a lot of travelors. You need to buy a seat at a beer tent way in advance, than its 20hours of drinking and fun. However, the beer in Germany is also an issue. VERY limited, they have alot of regulations that prevent the breweries from being very creative. In Belguim the beer is MUCH better, people in Germany ship in their beer from Belguim. It is well known. In germany there is wiezens, dark DUNKEL- Light, Pils and thats pretty much the story. In belguim, they have Tons of flavor varieties, incredibly strong beers, Full spetrum of well done stouts, and pils It is a world of difference. NO cash, all coins/ Bottle caps and the crowd is much more manageable. Awesome and beautiful setting.
wow, thanks man!
no problem sir, wouldnt want anyone dealing with what we did. We ended up watching people pass out on the ground in the morning around 0600 waiting in line, for a tent that had a few spaces open. For two hours while they cleaned. I had not slept all night, and if we waited by the time I got in at 0800 I would have had one beer and fell asleep and would have paid the guy up front 200Euros to get in, at the time that was about 250$ was not worth it. In belgium go at 1000 Buy your caps(coins) enter the tent and enjoy 15-20 beers about 7-8 ounzes each but between 6-14 percent. great festivities and a much better crowd. I only went to that one yearly-Even the hotels in the area are cheaper and closer to the action than the Munich Oktober fest, but understand there are HUNDREDS of beerfest starting in September all throughout germany, you can go to Germany/ Bavaria, or up north, In late August, and if you only attend a different one weekly you will get to about 7-8 different beerfestivals throughout Germany in different viallages and what not, It is a great experience . Get ready to Eat large sausages on small buns, which is the MOST traditional thing to eat at these festivals. GOOD times.
Those instances are just an auto-delete and won't turn into any suspensions automatically.
Good to know. I've been walking on egg shells.
Alas no way yet to find out when the link posting will be allowed. The number changes based on the amount of spam attempts. At the moment breaches of the guidelines has spiked. Providing the number may lead to people joining, occasionally posting and then spamming once that number passes.
thats not woke, thats confused ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hi there, how can I participate in semipublic chats as the one for Argentina?
leexnolrcj I think youโ€™re looking for the #argentina channel
Yep, Argentina is very open, always has been. Accepted many nazis fleeing Germany at the end of the war
well, afaik there is also a huge Jewish and Arab community there. And a ton of Germans from before the nazis...
and boers, too, apparently
and welsh people (?)
and cattle
the welsh contingent in argentina has always befuddled me
if you use words like 'befuddled' they always will
well, I considered 'confused', but it doesn't confuse me. 'Intrigued' suggested a degree of interest that just wasn't there. 'Befuddled', on the other hand, hit the right spot of indifferent intrigue.
may I suggest discombobulated
Does anyone here know what country in Asia will be the first one to open up to tourists?
I think you can go to Thailand, but you need to quarantine when you arrive.
yes, chinatown
O really? My last info was that airports were closed at least for european people?
no tourist is getting in anytime soon at the moment
Hmm.. Maybe it was Cambodia ?
Or South Korea hm..
Wasn't Japan opening up soon?
This looks like itโ€™s up to ๐Ÿ“…
That doesnโ€™t look like a reliable source atleast re Thailand. There has been no date set as to when tourists or any foreigner for that matter can arrive. They will first let only work permit holders in and even they have to do 14 day govt quarantine, the guestimate is they can start arriving on 1st of July. It will most likely be months before people from EU/US can enter on tourist visas.
Well, you can still look at the open countries. Wherever there are dates with โ€˜maybeโ€™ are just guesses like you said.
Yeah but the site you linked stated โ€However, Thai authorities have announced that Thailand will be open to tourists from 1st July. โ€ which is not true.
Well.. just email them, what can I sayโ€ฆ ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Just look at โ€œWhich Asian countries have their borders open?โ€ --> Thailand not in it. Hopefully, you would check your sources and do some research before traveling somewhereโ€ฆ
what's wrong with web slack reseting my unread messages to several days back?? It's annoying as fuk, anyone else having this issue?
fuck slack
Come on, cut it some slack!
Itโ€™s just software!
when you compare slack to other messengers like telegram, the technical choices they both made early on really shows.. it's quite interesting to observe.. I get the sense that slack developers are stuck in a huge morass of junk code, whereas telegram developers are able to maintain a much higher development pace.. not to mention way better native apps, overall performance, handling unread messages properly, syncing between desktop/mobile, etc
altho the last big update slack did seemed to have caught up a bit
I "like" when I want to scroll through messages on slack and I'm suddenly teleported to a random time in the slack timeline
Hey folks, Iโ€™d like to sell my MacBook sleeve to the folks in the Chiang Mai group. Am I allowed to post something related to that?
Is there a channel for co-creation? People looking to work on open-source projects, art projects or collectives?
jxwofzgpp That would be awesome. I would love to see an art project! sounds great man. You should start one
ngxxjxspp i'd try #_show-and-tell for now and if there's a lot of interest we can create a separate channel!
so annoying, same weirdly happens on Telegram all the time
absolutely, I hope they can add some TEAM -> CHANNELS structure to Telegram soon, then I'd consider moving this Slack over to Telegram
looks like someone finally pressed the reset button for 2020
Cool, what else do we need? Solar storm? Super volcanoes?
"close" within 3 million miles.
Don't give July any ideas pls
almost 400 earths away.. about the equivalent of passing by 0.15 miles/0.25 kilometers by a standing human ๐Ÿค”
0.0025 % of the size of earth so .. about a 5 centimetre pebble
a 5 centimeter pebble passing by 1/4 km away.. scary! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Yay! So the secret Nomad List Telegram group will be resurrected. At last! skullclapstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
Force = mass velocity ^ 2. Thatโ€™s why a .22 bullet hits harder than a paintball, for example. A pebble going fast enough can hit like a bomb.

Kinetic orbital weapons (or โ€œGod Rodsโ€) have been in design and development for awhile now, and are pretty scary stuff.

thoughts on Estoniaโ€™s new digital nomad visa?
acumyz apparently it didn't live up to its potential, i don't know the details
assuming we're talking about the one that's been around for the past few years?
oh yeah, i didn't check the relative velocity.. but hm, looks like it'd be traveling around 1 feet per hour or less (at the converted human-size metrics)
oh you mean the e-residency right?
nope this is a new thing
i canโ€™t share a link because apparently i havent been active enough in the past 30 days
but if you google estonia digital nomad visa there should be a few news articles from yesterday
PM me if you've got a better link
interesting that they predict 1800 ppl per year would apply for it
udiqqrseucvxkldlj proof that the DN community is far larger than you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰
yep thatโ€™s the one
laughs in EU passport
USD โ”€ $
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