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Hi everyone, My name is Alfonso, from Spain. I’m heading to Portugal for a month or so and then to Sardinia. I’m a Software Engineer at I’ve been a nomad for more than 8 years.
Hey everyone, my name is Tenzin. I worked in a sales role for 8+ years selling to technical folks at Fastly and recently quit a couple months ago. I'm currently in Lisbon 🇵🇹 & will be participating in a Web Dev bootcamp + writing more. The plan is to start working in Web3 after so would love to connect with anyone in the space!
Hey yomuacqho I know Thailand such as Bangkok / Chiang Mai has quite the active scene for other nomads.

Penang (Malaysia) for food, slight bias as that's where my family is from but verified by other travellers.

Wouldn't recommend Australia at the moment. Always seems like it's a a few weeks away from lockdown here.
Hi I’m axel I’m a freelance web developper & designer based in Paris :fr:
I’ve lived 7 months in Barcelona :es:
and heading to Brazil 🇧🇷 in 3 days
Here for new experiences and meeting new people !
Available in gbesfr starting in :flag-br:
Always up for a new experience, to discover thing and of course to travel !

Into #digital-nomad #fire #aventure #queer #feminism #slow-travel #city-travel #minimalism #personal-development #crypto #dance #festivals #coliving />
Looking forward to meet you people on the road !
Hello everyone! Glad to be a member of this community! I’m Abdulla, from Saudi Arabia & Sudan. I’ve been nomad living it in Europe since 2015. Before that, I lived in North America & the Middle East! I spend most of my time building SaaS products. I am interested in getting to know like-minded people! Let’s connect. DM me :)
Hello. I am Sarthak, I'm a freelance web developer based in India :flag-in:. I intend to be a nomad once the restrictions ease. I have a couple of years of experience in Web Development and I'm looking to connect to someone who can mentor me in terms of giving me a direction. If that's you, let's connect. :)

👋 Hi everyone, I’m Jessica - Born and raised in London, _finally_ packing it all in this summer to start exploring the world.

I’m a Technical Product Manager, recently started my own consultancy after building products at Google, The Guardian, and UK Government. I also build/bootstrap SaaS products on the side.

I’m looking to make friends, so please say hello - I’m heavily tattooed with purple hair, you literally can’t miss me 😅
GL - hope you do better than I did, I was planning on going to Madeira for a few months, and haven’t left yet 😆
Hi from ex-lavender hair 😂 Do you have any idea on what your first destination going to be?
grpvwvec is that a thing? haha large_purple_circle 😂
zuqrglypwquwket when I used to live in a city with very few colourful girls around - I’d always complement them. Unnatural hair colour is like a sisterhood 😄 but regarding the “_ex-_” bit - I am not sure, just waiting for my hair to grow a bit moar before I can go full lavender again
Thank you U01527Z37GB! Fancy grabbing a coffee and walking in London to say hello? I’m planning on leaving London in ~April
Sure, I’ll probably be back in London before then, will drop you a line.
Hey dzufmlka (part of the crazy colour hair sisterhood 😂 ). Probably Portugal, trying to decide between Lisbon and Porto… and then onto Phuket (or another city in Thailand, depending on COVID) for the winter months! What about you?
Hi All.
I’m Anatoly, and I work at QA Automation based in Moscow :ru:.

I recently started working at remote and decided to travel around the world. My following plans are the Philippines, Thailand, and Georgia.

Thanks to everyone who shares information in Slack chats or on the website. This information has been very beneficial to me.
I appreciate your input 🤝
Heeey everyone :dancing-dog:
I’m Mica… QAleesi, Mother of bugs (AKA QA Analyst) from Argentina.
In Napoli, Italy since November (getting the EU passport :dancer:) and going to UK 🇬🇧 ¿in April?
I’ve been working remotely for a while and that’s pretty much it. Looking forward to meet-chat-share-learn-everything congaparrot
rqinwtcfju Woohoo, I've used to play softball in my childhood ... welcome!
psshbfcyfeojzdz You've been a nomad for 8 years? There are not a lot of us (10 years here)

Where has been your favorite place to nomad? 🤗
U4MTANW6Bbr />Oh! Nice! Thanks!
Vanlife ❤️
wcviprywlpn curious to hear more about your climbing in Mexico, only place I know of is El Potrero Chico. Any other recommendations for an intermediate sport climber?
• El Potrero Chico I went for NYE and it was amazing
• Oaxaca City Some climbing but not very well maintained, uneven chains

• CDMX Adamante Escandon gym is brand new, big for city, really strong climbers and hard grades
• Puebla City Rocódromo Fusión gym is hybrid indoor/outdoor gym, with 70ft sport routes
• Oaxaca City Erikuas tiny, very friendly, tough bouldering gym with great community

• CDMX bouldering comp, Boulder Smash 2022, March 12 I'll be attending, yall should come as well
• DWS in Merida
• Sport in Jilotepec 1h from CDMX
• Sport in Los Remedios, 1h from CDMX
• Sport in Peña de Bernal, 3h from CDMX
Hi everyone! My name is Micayla, I'm from California, and I'm new to the digital nomad life but very excited to live my travel dreams every day. 😊 I first caught the bug to do this full time after I spent a month working remotely from Ireland in July 2021. I was shocked at how possible it was to live whatever kind of a life I wanted and have been chasing that feeling ever since! Next up, I'm headed to Mexico City :flag-mx:, then Dublin :flag-ie:, Madrid :es:, Sevilla :es:, Manchester :flag-england:, and Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 with the idea of moving to the next place every month or two. Excited to be here and get to know you all! waveskin-tone-4
Hope you enjoyed Morocco. black_heartblack_heart
I Applaud guys/gals for being 8/10 years on the road. I wish i had done early in my career. I guess, it was not a thing back them (No Wifi). now I am an empty nester, I plan to spend most of this year on the road. Just waiting for Covid to subside.
Hi everyone. My name is Faisal. I'm from San Francisco :flag-us:, and I work in marketing for an AI startup. After many years in Silicon Valley, I've traded the silicon valley hustle for remote work and travel adventures. It's been amazing! So far I've been to mexico :flag-mx:, peru :flag-pe:, and am currently in colombia :flag-co:. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to explore the world while doing meaningful work, and building meaningful connections. Looking forward to connecting with many of you like-minded nomads and adventurers! 🙂
Hey there :wave:

Lucas from 🇫🇷  France, living in flag-de  Berlin since 2020 but thinking of moving to 🇵🇹  Lisbon in 2022 given the amazing quality of life.

I "digital-nomaded" quite a lot in 2019, around Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Australia, Spain etc. Now, even if I regularly have wanderlust, I'm more sedentary than I used to be :smile:

Professionally I do product management/design + no-code, and work in FinTech at a company called Bonsai.

In my free time you'll see me outdoors (hiking, kitesurfing) as well as cooking and mixing electronic music. I've been embracing ideas and practice of mindfulness/meditation for 3 years now and I'm constantly torn between my job that requires to stay up-to-speed with many digital tools & trends, and my ideals of switching off more and more from social media and screens.

Happy to chat about any of the topics mentioned above, hit me up if you're interested
Welcome!! I also work in fintech, but in growth. I feel you on being torn about switching off from social. I want to spend less time online but my job requires the same - always up to date on what's going on in digital advertising,
Whereabouts in Colombia? I'm headed there on Sat for a month
i'm in medellin. heading to cartegena this weekend
Hi everyone 🧡 My name is Lena. I was born and raised in Russia, St.Petersburg 🇷🇺 and have been living in Berlin 🇩🇪 since 2016.

Professionally I do data science for a research company digital science :female-technologist:. I also enjoy writing, teaching, dancing and basically anything that involves being creative, adventurous and oriented towards self-development.

I have joined the nomadlist as I am considering to relocate in April to Lisbon 🇵🇹 to try out the FIRE method (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and enjoy living close to the ocean. I am coming next week, from _18.01_ _until the end of the month_ to have a feeling of the city and hopefully connect with the community.

I’d be happy to meet and/or co-work with anyone who’s already in the city in this period, as I’d love to experience it as a local, and also connect with those who are planning to relocate there in the nearest future!
I am also now in Berlin and thinking to move to Lisbon in April 🙂
Welcome! I'm basically doing the same "test" until 27.01, and I'm now 95% convinced I'm going to move here permanently in March/April 😄
Welcome to Lisbon !!
Do you and Lucas like hiking ? we could organize a hike around Lisbon, with others nomads
Sounds good U01N2CLQDB5! Sorry I can't answer your DM yet because I'm a new member, only in 2 days!
yeaaah I'm supposed to have your whatsapp but I have to rebuild my whatsapp from scratch, my phone died.
what about Sunday 23 for a hike ?
Sounds good! Let's keep in touch then.
That's a good idea erlluqfyjv , I should be able to join :)

I'll be working during the weekdays, would you recommend any great coffee places with Wi-Fi for work?
I'd recommend taking vodafone 1eur per day unlimited internet 4g sim card (15 euros for 15 days or 30 euros for 30 days). it goes very fast inside Lisbon, like 60 Mbps and you'll be able to work in (almost) all cafés.
You can ask more questions about best coffee places in the #portugal channel !
Hello! My name is Slawomir and i’m form Poland :flag-pl:. I work as a software engineer (at the moment unemployed :upside_down_face:) I’d love any outdoor activities road cycling, tenis, surfing, volleyball, dancing (salsa, bachata, zouk etc), hiking. I take some very amateur drone shoots - if someone needed. I’m planing visit Gran Canaria at the begging of February, hope to meet some of you at any stage of your trip. 👋

Hello everyone,

my name is Sandor, I was born in Hungary and raised in Berlin, Germany.
We can talk in deflag-huus and un poco :es:.
I’m a freelance Full-Stack Web Developer. I’ve the freedom to work from everywhere but didn’t really use that opportunity. I finished my 4 weeks vacation in Mexico and instead of going back to cold and sad Germany, I decided to work for the next 4 weeks from Playa Del Carmen.
It might be the start of my own digital nomad journey.
I’m happy to meet friendly people to drink a coffee or a beer, chill at the beach or being active.
I’m always open to talk about tech, sports and our beautiful world.
In my free time I like to cook, hike, bike and for sure watch YouTube and Netflix to calm down.
I’m always open to help wherever I can!
Feel free to contact me.
Why did you choose Portugal for FIRE?
Because our language looks like Russian duh!
Hello nomads,
My name is Arthur I was born in Brazil and currently I am living in Florianopolis, Brazil.

I am an Analytics Engineer providing services for a US company, helping customers with Apps data from Google-Play and Apple Store.
I can talk English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I am a beginner nomad, just spent a month in CapeTown with HackerParadise nomads on last November.
Now I am spending the summer in Florianopolis, and also planning my trips for these next months, probably in Central America and then Mexico on May.

I like surfing and trekking, any other outdoors activities. Also a fan of pubs to taste local beers and local wines.

Hi, I'm Mateus :flag-br:! I'm a software engineer and I like to take some pictures when I have free time. I just arrived in Barcelona and I need some tips on what to do here in the city.
Hey I'm Antoine, currently in Paris, I'll start my nomad life this summer with my girlfriend :fire:
I'm a Sales Operations & Productivity Manager in freelance.
See you on the road ! 🤘
Hey everyone.
My name is Alyona, I'm from Moscow, Russia.
Currently I am working as devops engineer in the education startup. My main hobbies are drawing and making music (I play cello and violin mostly).
Haven't traveled a lot as nomad lately, but going to change this soon starting with trip to Budapest.
Welcome! I do DevOps too!
::cries in YML
Hi everyody, I'm Peter and I'm originally from Germany. I live now for some time in the Ukraine in Kirovograd, which is about 200km south of Kyiv. I'm thinking about moving for some months to Portugal soon to warm up a little bit I work as a product owner/manager mainly for German clients. I'm travelling with my wife and 2 cats. Two years ago we started our first nomad-journey and visited Ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus and Moldovia. Then we settled down again in Munich and Berlin. But travelled around is a lot of fun so we started again last december. Im happy to be part of nomadlist now!
This message was deleted.
Welcome! You should link up with kojrcwfzvvpzs He also does great travel videos.
Hola Mateus, I was in Barcelona in October and had a blast. Happy to share some highlights:

Gaudí architecture:
• La Sagrada
• Casa Batlló
• Casa Milà
• Parc Güell
beach_with_umbrella La Barceloneta
:fountain:️ Montjuïc
deciduous_tree Ciutadella Park
• Quimet & Quimet (Standing tapas bar)
• Cerveseria Catalan, Ciudad Condal, La Flauta (these are all from the same group, just different branches, they're all _fantastic_!)
• El Nacional (More upscale, they're split into different sections, depending on what you're eating grill/seafood, tapas, etc)
lhfrdkqfsog ahah exactly
rnpwhlvf have you already find a nice place to work from? I'd be glad to join! :)
vqhbrlnnoltpq yes, I’m working from Impact Hub near the center (Tv. Pedras Negras 1 1.º Direito, 1100-404 Lisboa). It’s a great spot with lots of cool people!

I can’t put the link here as I’m a new member but I’d be happy to give you the contact info of the manager if you want to learn more.
dyotxssr I was thinking more about meeting & coworking in coffee places, but enjoy it there!
I recommend Impact Hub LX too
I prefer a more relaxed and minimalistic vibe to traditional coworking spaces, I think the only coworking I ever liked is Factory in Berlin
Haha funny I’m also part of Factory 🙂 I like it but it’s often hard to find rooms for calls
beware some cafés forbid laptop (or sometimes only during lunch time), for example The Mill
I'd recommend also checking out Anjos / Arroios area once you're done with downtown
Yeah, I’ve found a few laptop-friendly places and will check them out in a bit. On a side note, if anyone wants to meet up for coffee or a drink today / after-work, I'm down - just arrived vskin-tone-3
Hey Alex! I'm living in Boston too. Happy to connect if you have any questions!
Thanks for you recommendation, helps me a lot. 😉
Howdy all, I'm Joe, a US Citizen who has called Canada home for Nearly 20 years. As of this past September I sold my house and have gone full nomad. I'm a Ruby-on-Rails Engineer, and I arrived in Mexico city Dec 31st 2021.
Hi Matt, I'm staying in Roma Norte, and mostly working from my apartment, occasionally I will work from a coffee shop. I'm very happy in this neighborhood and I don't believe Juarez is all that far or different. Roma seems to be safe, and I have no more safety concerns walking around at night here that I would any large city. So far I'm really enjoying my time here. I'm mostly here to escape the snow and winter of Canada, I haven't really gone out and about exploring all that much. I am really digging the plethora of options when it comes to street food vendors. My family has bought me a bunch of airbnb experiences as a gift for this Christmas, they are being rather tight lipped as to which, but I know they start this weekend. So more exploring will occur in pretty short order, regardless of if I want to or not 🙂 . I have no real issues so far, The only negative I can think of is the city is kind of smelly, but if that's my only concern I think I'm doing pretty well.
Hey, welcome. Stay longer, it's worth it;-)
Hey Jonathan, welcome (soon) to Lisbon, also Frenchie here and decided to move here this year 🙂
Welcome Alberto! partyparrot
Welcome bro!
Hi everyone! I’m Gianluca, Gian for short. 21yo, born and raised in Italy, now moving (literally now, typing this from the plane lol) to Dubai to start my nomad journey.

Currently working as a Software Engineer in startups, as well as independent projects. In my free time I train (mainly weightlifting), read, play the guitar and code some more if I haven’t had enough during work time. Also into anything to do with wine :wine_glass:

Happy to be part of Nomad List!
Welcome! Definitely stop by Peru on your way to Argentina :star-struck:. There are lesser know places in Patagonia like Villa Langostura.
👋 Hello everyone! I'm Diego, currently living in Peru.

I'm a Product Manager working with tech companies, 100% remote. This march I'll start as a digital nomad going first to Madrid.
Thanks Diego, welcome to you as well!
Hi everyone! Happy to join this Community. My name is Vagif, I was born and raised in Azerbaijan :flag-az:. I have been living in USA us  since 2017. i am working as Data Quality analyst. i have started my digital nomad life 3 months ago. Currently in Mexico City 🇲🇽 . Would love to meet up with other nomads throughout my travels and find cool communities along the way
PN Huascarán is also break taking
Hey Diego! Are you a freelancer?
Hey! I'm not sure :joy:. I work for TopTal, so I work on several long term products.
Same as - I'm from Ireland originally, living in San Francisco but have been in a few European places - happy to share any experience that's helpful.
Hello folks! My name is Zarema. I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm female software engineer and lead, community organiser, speaker. Now I'm working with Lido DAO (investigate DeFi world). I love and collect contemporary art. Start travelling at 2021, I like to find and meet art places. Currently in Bangkok. Would love to meet other nomads 🙌
Hey everyone! My name is Eric, I normally work in venture capital supporting startups, but right now am on sabbatical writing a novel. Originally from Canada, I’ve worked all over. Europe, Middle East, South America, etc. Currently am in Bogota. Happy to connect with anyone in Colombia or just people in general. If you’re trying to launch a startup, I can probably help with that as well
Welcome! While I am here for a couple of months, you are still ahead of me in terms of traveling 🙂 As I also want to travel month to month and will go to Portugal this summer, I would like to ask you one ❓ How are you searching for accommodation? Do you book online with the risk that you do not like it (or can't work effectively) when you arrive?
Okay, sounds straightforward and true. I would like to visit both places. I just need to make sure that everything works out as I'm also starting a new job.
Hey welcome :)

Is the marketplace Avito?
I visited their HQ in Moscow a few years ago!
Indonesian here , nice to connect with you
Hi! I'm Craig, 29 abd from the UK. I've been living in Vietnam for the past 4 years and am currently in Mexico. I work full-time for an online business broker and am looking to meet other nomads on my travels!
Hi I'm Anna and live in Miami currently. I'm only a part-timer when it comes to travel nomads, hopeful to make it full-time in the future 🙂 I'll be in Stockholm on tuesday if anyone is there!
Hi all! Kyle here from Montreal, Canada. Been a full-time Software Engineer/Founder since 2016, already been travelling whilst working remotely. Looking to head somewhere warm in mid-feb - probably SE Asia. Always open to tagging along with others/meeting new people. ☕️
Hi everyone my name is Dogus from Basel, Switzerland. Currently, I am working on a web app and would like to travel a bit this year, preferably to a Spanish-speaking country as I'm trying to learn the language. Always open to meeting new people...
Hi! I'm Morgan from Australia. I develop software (WordPress & WooCommerce). I'll be heading to the EU for some cooler weather 😂 I'm trying to go sooner to Ski in Bulgaria :crossed_fingers:.I love backpacking and trying local food. I'm looking forward to meet people along the way!
Hi there! :wave: I am Jordi from Amsterdam, The Netherlands :flag-nl: and I am currently living in Spain, Barcelona es As a professional, I am a software engineer — worked for three years in the music licensing field, now working on SaaS solutions in e-commerce. As a not professional, I am an amateur jazz pianist 🎷 Next month I will go on my first digital nomad adventure to Pokhara, Nepal:mountain::flag-np:. If anyone is there during February and would like to meet, hit me up! 🙂
yjlsdpu what do you mean with the X?
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