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From the prices I saw that leasing only makes sense if you lease long term. Short term rentals seem way to overpriced to me.
Actually buying a used car and trying to resell it later might be worth it, if you donโ€™t mind all the effort related to it.
Id just keep the cars that you have now, drive them to your different places that you're staying a few months in, and when you go to Europe, store or sell them.
Hey, people. An update to all. Tribevibe is growing, and if anyone is not a member yet, feel free to become one.
Iโ€˜m in the process of strengthening my positioning, and looking at the current members, many are creators. So, Iโ€˜m thinking to narrow it down in a way to offer more value to creators. I yet need to find a way how. ๐Ÿ™‚
I was in Amman, Jordan recently and nomads living there raved about their experience. Very cheap, nice weather for this time of year, and I'd hope flexible enough for your passport?
Do you consider it too risky to book a flight with a layover in Ethiopia for 2 weeks from now? I don't wanna get stranded in Ethiopia if they suddenly ban flights from there
I wouldn't be anywhere in Africa right now due to potential travel bans
Does anyone know any good alternative to Airbnb? Iโ€˜m currently gathering various affiliate partnerships from different services valuable for travellers, and since Airbnbโ€˜s referral program is no longer active, Iโ€˜d like to find an alternative.
Iโ€˜m doing this because I implement all these perks in my community of travellers and digital nomads.
Iโ€˜m also open to partner with some of the members here, if you are into the hospitality industry, or offer tools or services valuable for those who are more often on the road.
I use Flatio but I donโ€™t know their affiliate program, try to contact them.
Do I ? I just build communities ๐Ÿ™‚
Iโ€™ll check out Flatio. Although I prefer to make direct contacts and make custom partnerships, to bring in unique value to my community.
In Europe they are big, doesnโ€™t hurt to check ๐Ÿ™‚
In US I used Vrbo. Not sure if they offer it anywhere else :)
Vrbo is good, also lhmgjaamtwxfivzf works with a company that does more high end house swapping
Yea, _much_ better quality than Airbnb and it's not even close, but the catch is you need your own place that you can list to be able to participate and that excludes a lot of nomads unless they maintain a home base.
What was the company name again? Or is it not public yet? I don't remember
It's called Kindred, they're live_kindred on instagram. Not public yet, you need an invite code.| in Mexico and Brazil
Just registered at Casai. Letโ€˜s see what itโ€˜ll offer. Thanks, Valerie!
vmdpnxtwlcuoye well I'd avoid Ethiopia right now but not because of Omicron but because of the civil war ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ the rebels are supposedly closing in on the capital. that might change, or it might not, but a lot of countries have sent their non-essential embassy people home
Oh yikes that's crazy
I know two people who flew ethiopian airlines with a layover in the capital. one flew on friday and the other flew yesterday. They both reported no issues, everything seemed normal. That said, I personally wouldn't risk it unless I really had to.
I assume it's the kind of thing that is all or nothing. Either the airport is fully operational or it's not. I mean if it gets dangerous, which it isn't right now, it stands to reason that they would just cancel all non-essential flights. But they won't shut it down as long as it is still OK. And I assume there is no screen at the airport showing the distance of the nearest rebel positions. ๐Ÿ™‚ But last I checked they were still 100+ miles out.
But looks like Casai is unresponsive to my messages. Not sure how reliable they are.
Let's not forget what happened in Ukraine and Iran recently ;)
What did?
well, "recently"
I suppose he is referring to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752

i.e. flying near conflict zones can be dangerous
(it usually isn't because airlines don't like bad PR and dead people, but shit happens)
Thatโ€™s so strange. They are generally very responsive. Have you messaged them on WhatsApp? Thatโ€™s generally where Iโ€™ve reached out to them on and have gotten a prompt reply back.
Were you looking for an affiliate link?
Yes, that's exactly what I am referring to. For weird political reasons airspace was not shut off and a catastrophe had happened.
Also, what happened in Afghanistan this year. Lots of people got stranded when all of the air traffic was stopped. Even some US citizens were not evacuated and were stuck there for months, writing pleas to the US government to come get them.
I wouldn't go anywhere near any serious conflict zones, if it can be avoided.
I'd be curious if it ever gets that bad in Ethiopia, Ethiopian airlines is a large carrier unlike the ones that got grounded in Afghanistan, maybe they would move some operations to a nearby friendly country?
Ethiopian airlines is state-owned, so I doubt they'd relocate operations.
I don't bother using anything other than Google Flights these days. Very fast and efficient to find good prices.
> I preferย ย right now.
They redirect you to Google Flights (not an affiliate)
So, yea, I'd agree with U03DZAFU9... Google Flights.
If one doesn't care about dates or locations then error fare finding sites (like scotts) are handy.
But I personally do care about date or location - so just use Google.
I flew from South Africa to Germany one week ago with Ethiopian. It was the quickest way for me to get home after the EU issued a travel ban for flights from SA. I was nervous taking that flight due to the civil war, but it was perfectly fine. A bonus was since I didnโ€™t fly in directly from SA, nobody cared about my quarantine status (I am still doing quarantine for the sake of it, but unlike friends who came back go Germany via Lufthansa on a direct flight, had no health authorities checking on me)
Their Whatsapp seems to be incorrect, when I click the bottom-right icon on their website.
Iโ€˜m looking to make a deal where not me, but my members are getting the discount, to increase the perceived value of my community.
Yeap, definitely they are unreachable. I even replied to their newsletter, and the email ended up with a hard bounce.
It's a bit of an open ended question. Do you want flight deals or are you trying to found flights on specific routes?
I just got back (as in 1 week ago) from Zanzibar, used Ethiopian airlines, 0 issues.
I like the Kiwi website
I like skyskanner ๐Ÿ™‚
I have a Hyatt free-night certificate (for category 1โ€“4) that expires tomorrow night. Anyone here want to spend New Years Eve in a premium-mediocre hotel? ๐Ÿฉ
I'm down for it and have one in my city ๐Ÿ˜‚
It's free to whoever wants it. Your only cost would be getting there and hotel food/services.
Whoops, I got the dates wrong hotel certificates expiring on Dec 31 means that check-out must be on or before Dec 31. So this free night would have to be used tonight.

jaaviiic can't use it. Anyone else?
Hey. Can anyone recommend any trustworthy website with hotel last minute deals?
DIY - snaptravel
White-glove - Upaway
Upaway looks ๐Ÿ”ฅ I am ready to hand over credit card info. Thereโ€™s no actual app though, Iโ€™m just texting a random number. Have you used this before U02P4EDQ5JB? Is it a real thing?
If you dont have a destination in mind, NextVacay is best in my experience, better deals than ScottsCheapFlights. I fly where its cheapest
That's cool! Upaway is a real thing - check their IG. There's a waitlist for the app though but it hasn't been launched yet.
I was a big fan of HotelTonight for last minute hotels, havenโ€™t used them in a few years though
thread anyone else using Upaway? thread
How was the experience with Upaway?
fnvsnyowmbcdvkcqz experience with Upaway has been okay so far, they just started recently and are only 4 people, got some angel money and are doing a seed round soon so itโ€™s super early days
they all seem very nice, I think Iโ€™ve texted with or talked to 3 of the 4 people at this point
Will keep an eye! Thanks
what did you like best/worst?
Best was that they respond fast. I tried delegating travel planning to my virtual assistant and with a professional travel planner on Upwork. Both times it didnโ€™t work out because the response times were too slow. Iโ€™m hoping Upaway is able to keep responding quickly so we can work out the planning and itโ€™s not just because I signed up recently.
Well, glad to know! Looks promising to start with then. Let us know as you learn more about it?
I canโ€™t think of anything for worst yet but I will keep you posted
What's the URL to Upaway? I googled it and only finding things like hot air balloon services.
Always using Momondo.
ipopyxlyoiwbmx thanks for sharing.
did you find something for this U39BV858T?
not really ๐Ÿ˜ž
Pretty late to the conversation but I'd love to know if there's a service/app/tool that can do this instead? I'm compiling a list of all tools mentioned on Nomadlist in the past 1 year and this is a recurring problem with not one verified solution mentioned across the board. Have y'all found a tool or is it still a manual process? esxldgos mppuhpamhl U0224TEKEAXbr />
Included Landing and Anyplace by nzyslszugplce but it's not a direct solution ๐Ÿค”
wfvluihtzbanf did you find a solution to this? What did you end up using?
Hi okjubetvezue did you find a solution for this? Was Shipito helpful? Trying to compile a list of all tools mentioned/recommended by Nomadlist audience in a single database. Want to confirm with you first. Thanks!
lycufgzri uggbwpovyk do y'all both still recommend using itamatrix?

(I'm compiling a list of every tool mentioned on Nomadlist so want to know if y'all still recommend before adding it to the list! Thanks again).
Hi guys, I'm building a database of all tools/companies recommended by Nomadlist members in the past 1 year so it's easier to stay in the loop.

So far, from this channel, I've sourced a bunch of recommendations for cheap flights, connecting flights, meetup tools, crowdsurfing alternatives, luggage help, hotel booking sites and a few more niche services. Are there any other relatively unknown tools/services that you're using that you don't mind sharing with others? Appreciate the help. (I'm crazy to do this, yes).
rvbqhwuxscmy DHL, sucked it up. Sendmybag is useful and cheaper if you match the requirements and not shipping to annoying countries ๐Ÿ˜„
Thanks! Glad to know. ๐Ÿ™‚ mvwfvdlfvzemu
My main ones are:

โ€ข Passport index
โ€ข IATA Travel map
โ€ข Wise
Thanks! I didn't have Passport index on my list. Will add that ๐Ÿ™‚
Not sure your question, I rent on Airbnb/VRBO & manage remotely
found out about />a few days ago, pretty useful for travel restrictions info, a better version of|
Unsure how known Nextvacay
I've only found one mention of it so far. Thanks!
I'm still using itamatrix ocassionally. I've seen their new UI but old UI was fine for me as well
yeah what do you mean by verified U02P4EDQ5JB?br />
accommodations are too complex to have one-sized-fits-all. depends on your budget, destinations, work requirements, etc.
yay! Thanks so much oeaucmwlim
One that I like that it's not obvious is| to check direct flights from a specific airport. Good when you're flexible and you don't like transfers.
Good morning
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