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Don't really know what channel this goes in - but I've been slowmading with my dog. And we have some stuff now. (he's not a light packer) How do you guys move stuff? It's a bit unwieldy for me to actually move his crate etc.
i'd ship it or sell and rebuy on fb marketplace after evaluating whether or not you truly needed it -- the latter option is actually good for that.
Thereโ€™s also a #_pets channel ๐Ÿ™‚
Best shipping options for Europe<>UK
For a box? Pallet? Container?
Large, awkward box ๐Ÿ˜ž
Any moving service is usually a good starting point to search for. They take โ€œawkwardโ€ shapes and sizes.
anyone here did ticket around the world using miles? I have 40k points on USA hsbc over 60k points on UK hsbc and 45k on miles and more.

From my understanding I can already use those hsbc points to do trip like London -> Bangok -> Tokyo -> LA -> London, but I wonder what other connections are good? Or what other points system should I consider except for avios? Maybe itโ€™s more economical to use UK hsbc for avios and US hsbc for something else?

I also hear you cannot have different cities on those, so maybe itโ€™s better to get uk point for london -> asia -> LA, then do a road trip and use US hsbc points differently? I donโ€™t know there is many different options and those airlines systems are very hard to get good informationโ€ฆ
I love when hotels have different prices for Sea View rooms and don't even have a photo of the view -_-
+1000! most hotel room photos out there, at least in booking are quite lame
From my experience, if you manage to get your stuff in boxes of 23kgs of less it's way cheaper. A 23.5kg box was like 4 times the price of the 23. Regardless of the size. Then I used one of these websites that compare prices, and ended up using dpd (or similar name). I had more than 23kg, so I splitted in two parcels.
I'm having a brain lock, what's the flights site that shows a world map with flights and costs? Let's you dynamically roam the map and pic destinations when you don't really care where you go?
Also shows trains, etc. But I used it mostly for flights
Looks like kayak cloned the idea, but not as robustly
you can also roam the map with google flights
jyocomhsyu nailed it, gracias
so whats the latest on skyscanner type websites? Anyone have horror stories of using the ones that come up on google flights?
checking the prices and for some reason these sites are much cheaper than booking directly, but worried about them screwing me over somehow
Iโ€™d be careful with third parties fulfilling the booking, some of them are notoriously horrible to get flight refunds from. Often if you book through them and want a refund (which in this time is more likely) the airline wonโ€™t handle your request and itโ€™ll have to go through these third parties. There are some stories of them just going AWOL and/or being impossible to get a hold of
yeah, was looking at trustpilot and seems like thats the case a lot of the time, but i'm wondering if its a normal booking and i am definitely going to be on it, if its worth it.
since its like 35% cheaper
I will never book with with a reseller to save money on airfare again..

Iโ€™d booked flights to Vietnam and Mexico from TravelUp because I think they were maybe ยฃ20 cheaper than booking directly with the airline. In February 2020 my cathay flights got cancelled, and TravelUp moved me to a flight a few days later when I could have just flown out of Gatwick on the same day. I think I waited on hold with them for 4 hours only for them to tell me they wouldnโ€™t help me. Cathay kindly was able to help (even thought they werenโ€™t supposed to).

Then I had flights in May that got cancelled, and TravelUp just refuses to respond.. They wonโ€™t tell me how to redeem my travel voucher from AeroMexico, just โ€œcall us when you want to book againโ€ with no info about validity etc.

Had had I booked with Cathay Pacific/AeroMexico I could have done all of this stuff online.. All up Iโ€™ve probably spent 20-30 hours trying to deal with them, and buying through them maybe saved me โ€ฆ ยฃ40?

So thatโ€™s my decision going forward at least :sweat_smile:

I agree with you, third party sellers are good to show you the possible routes though, so you can buy it directly.
For sure! I also like how Google Flights almost always gives you the option of booking direct with the airline ๐Ÿ‘
same! I carry a large suitcase because I usually add a lot of food due to specific diet needs. I try to stay in one location for at least 3 months. Can you hire a local to help you with moving?
just booked indirect. Only added 2 hours and was almost a third the price. Yeah even with this one it was getting worrying, basically selling it as "no service, no email support". And if you want ucstomer support you pay extra for it, and people who pay more skip over people who paid less, so basically if you dont pay for support you'll constantly get skipped over. Oh well
Along with flight schedule changes, the connection delays seem to be where most of the issues are with OTA such as TravelUp, so buying flights with no-stops will be less risky
I wonder if credit card protection could mitigate issues with OTAs like TravelUp, i.e if you're screwed just file a claim to bank and at least get some cash
Probably wouldnโ€™t help with a missed connection issue, because the T&Cโ€™s of these paperchain OTAโ€™s are very clear that you assume prettymuch all risk.
Cool site, thanks
Just realized the flags next to our names are less used than previously

Do you remove it by privacy or is it COVID-related?
It seems like the flags are still working, you don't have one as your NL profile doesn't have a location set for today. Not as much travel due to government travel restrictions
Yeah probably travel restrictions then
Hi! people. what do you use to get the cheapest reservations of valid return tickets? i used to use smth like this schengenvisaflightreservation.combr />it's always about 30-50usd for 2 ppl + sometimes insurance. already paid them at least 1000$ ๐Ÿ˜„ anyone knows a cheaper alternative? i hate planning months in advance for return dates and next trips, so using real return tickets isn't an option.
I book with star alliance miles and cancel
Does it work as an outbound ticket to show when, for instance, I get to Mexico? I still haven't decide when I need to leave and where to
$17.77 when adjusted for inflation
He did a lot to show the US how to approach travel in a better way (minimalistic packing, getting off the beaten path, appreciating cultural exchanges, etc.) He was very formative for me growing up.
Yeah the Cultural Exchanges are always appealing to me. There was almost always a "friend" in the video that would show how to live like a local
Cheep cheep ๐Ÿฆ
Do you know the best way to report an important error on the website? Like for example when itโ€™s written ยซย drinkable waterย ยป but itโ€™s not
Maybe you can email him.
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