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Thank you, looks really cool
I now have a new requirement for destinations There has to be at least one meal prep service that can deliver to my place.

Holly cow where was this thing my whole life, saving tons of $$ and more importantly time ๐Ÿ•
it's hugely popular in Poland - there're tens of companies competing in every major city
meal prep is very popular in the states, all started with the bodybuilders and competitors. and not cheap in the states, its a time saver for sure but if youre not a picky eater, meal prep can be even cheaper if you do it yourself
Only saving you money compared to eating out. It's much nore expensive than buying ingredients
I was doing that before but found myself spending too much time on it. Basically going out for the ingredients, and then spending a few hours cooking and then cleaning.

That was basically I all I was doing on Sundays. My kitchen savviness is also not great, more often than not I end up throwing away food or ingredients I didn't use.

That's also not a great option if staying at a hotel or in a place for less than a month as some Airbnb barely give you the basics.

Totally worth the extra $$ imo. I got back my Sundays and eat healthier than ever.

Also the one I'm using in Medellin only delivers Mon-Fri so I still have weekends to find nice places to eat at smiling_face_with_3_hearts
we have services like this in Costa Rica
I love it, same as you. I save a lot of time and money (before I was eating out), and I get to eat delicious things, different every day and week and healthy
We had that in Da Nang. If you go there I'll connect you with a chef.
IMO it's nearly impossible to be somewhere popular off peak with good weather. Peak is always related to weather, I have never been to a location where peak times didn't have the best weather.

Your best bet is try to go just before or after where you might get some good weather, or land and get a place before peak so that you have to the place through peak times and don't pay a premium.
AirBnB add-ons to the price (cleaning fee, etc.) often put it higher than a hotel stay. I usually look at both, but to get a cheaper price it can also get sketchy. Hotels (in the short term) at least have less drama... or at least the drama is predictable. Then there are those AirBnB hosts who offer you a deal for cash if you cancel the reservation and go direct... and you then lose the AirBnB protection if something goes wrong. Arghhh.
What's your preferred place to find quality data on cost of living for potential bases? Every source seems to have its own skew or incompleteness.
Currently trying to get an idea of where is the cheapest spot in Europe to stay for about 3 months. I've been to Georgia and Turkey, as close to those price levels as I can get would be ideal.
Iโ€™ve been using Numbeo and itโ€™s quite accurate
Anyone know of database of sorts of these services per country?
Numbeo, I usually would add 30-40% to the rental cost for a furnished apartment and that seemed to be generally accurate, Numbeo is by locals for the most part so the rents they list are for unfurnished/leased apartments.
Though inside of a country COL can vary GREATLY between cities/towns, so you might want to look at that list as well as just the countries.
I still find it amazing how much difference there is between a $1k airbnb in South America and one in western europe.

The price/quality relation is quite noticeable. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Or any western country really.
That's why I am renting in Colombia
True, I have to move to europe for 6 months because my work hours will change to CET but definitely disappointed with the airbnbs and stays in my budget :facepalm:

I should have checked that before asking for the change and it being approved ๐Ÿ˜‚
A lot of Colombians desperately want to move to Canada without understanding the COL differences. I have a relative who moved back from the USA. If you are making decent money the COL in Colombia is so much higher.
We sometimes got strange looks when we told people we were moving from Canada.
Yeah people often think that western/developed countries are automatically better but don't take into consideration their expenses will most likely go up considerably and it will probably mean they are not as comfortable on the same budget.

Of course it doesn't really matter if you're making big bucks but for most that's not the case.
I'm seeing now how I'll go from a really nice apartment in the 14th floor on my building with cowork and gym to probably a room or really crappy apt if I go to Spain or portugal which were my first options ๐Ÿคก
btw tvgphsrfwxpa I would suggest taking a look at Poland, Albania and Croatia. Good price/quality relation for I was able to check for my own trip.
Ty all!
Which cities that you guys have been to recently are still somewhat priced normally yet have at least a decent nomad community?

Iโ€™ll be heading to Buenos Aires soon and heard awesome things about it. Bansko seems to be quite popular and cheap as well.

Any other places that come to mind?
Chiang Mai
Rio, Florianopolis, Tbilisi.. but nothing beats BA when it comes to community and price
Can confirm Chiang Mai. Prices very reasonable here. Although itโ€™s low season so not a ton of people yet.
Floripa would be high on my list if I was in SA.
The language meetups in BA are really fun Midweek ones for actually learning, Weekend ones for getting drunk and meeting people haha.
Google Travel shows the info of peak season for a location
I agree you canโ€™t beat BA for value but itโ€™s winter there now
rbkyhocbnuewvzb & nbddz Definitely super excited for BA, only heard awesome things thus far.
rycuaganxxvbds what meal prep service in Poland are you using?
I'm not using any atm. Not staying in Poland for very long when I visit.

Just checked at apparently there are 171 available in my home town. There are some comparison engines. They are in Polish only and don't work very well with Google Translate, but you can try

Iโ€™ve been looking at airbnbs and they seem to have higher prices now than before the pandemic, to the point that matches hotel prices. I was wondering if any of you has experience getting a discount in hotels for long stays? if so, how do you manage that? Do you contact the hotel directly?
Yes, usually speak directly to the hotel. Alternatively, on eg booking [dot com] there is an option to only filter for hotels that offer long-term stays (ie 30+ days)
Spain is relatively cheap if you are not going to the tourist areas like Ibiza e.t.c.. Also the same with Greece and Italy. Just try to avoid big cities and your good. But still, I don't know your definition of "cheap" which is different for anyone.
super cheap is relative.. interested to know what you find on this one!
seems like there are potentially some options in southern Sicily and Puglia in Italy, but you kinda have to dig to find a place off airbnb and prices spike for Jul/Aug.
Some hotel chains (Marriott, Hyatt etc) build in long stay discounts if you just search on their website. 5, 7, and 14 days seem to be common thresholds. Benefit to doing it this way vs through a booking site is it's usually much easier if you have to change / cancel the reservation to go directly through the hotel
^ Also if you book directly, youโ€™re gonna get status very quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Marriott offers now 16 days Platinum challenge - highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for the advice! I was actually booking only through booking(.)com so far (to the point that I got to genius lvl 3) but I never thought of booking directly to hotel chains! Iโ€™ll try that for my next destination, as Iโ€™m not willing to pay the same for an Airbnb. For those of you who have experience, is it possible in these hotel chains to get monthly prices of about 1k~1.2kโ‚ฌ or am I aiming too cheap?
It depends where you're going. A few months ago (when they were reopened but with required quarantine) I saw some really really steeply discounted Marriotts in Bangkok that would be in that price range, if you booked for several weeks
But in like western Europe, east Asia etc, would be pretty tough
Sometimes large franchises won't do it, but for smaller hotels just talk to the hotel manager. Yih can usually get a 30%+ discount over prices listed on booking.
Hotels are now often a better deal than Airbnb for me. Get a Gold status with hotel chains like Hilton and enjoy other perks to make it worth it. For long-term stay itโ€™s better to go through usual local marketplaces like Craigslist/Kijiji/OLX/FB Marketplace.
I got almost 50% discount for my stay in Ibis Hotel in Yerevan for booking 30 nights. I had to reach out to them and their sales team but it was pretty smooth.
Booking alone charges nearly a 25-30% fee alone
you must have a home to share, but it can be a rental, you don't have to own it
Any interest from 5 other people to share a Duolingo family plan?
Hey! Count me in
Maybe;-) What language? Or does that not matter? And what's the price for family plan? prayskin-tone-3
You don't all have to be learning the same language and it's $120 USD for 6 people for a year so $20 usd a person if we can gather 6 people in total
Me ๐Ÿ‘‹
Iโ€™d be in
Is it possible to track progress separately?
My understanding is they'd all be separate but we'd all be friends and see each otherโ€™s progress
And is there an option to port my current progress into that account? :)
Happy to be the sixth person ๐Ÿ™‚
I am starting to plan an around the world trip for my family (me, wife, son) next summer. Where is a best place to book an around the world ticket? Or is there a better way to do this? We are thinking six months to a year of traveling. Any tips will help! I don't know where to start!
I'd advise you to place by place, plan three months, enjoy, and plan the next three months.
You watch to inch around the globe, don't criss cross (if trying to save money).
In the days Before Covid (BC) I used to plan everything... months and months in advance. What life During Covid (DC) imposed on me was different No plans any farther ahead than you have to. It became referred to as "The Three-DayRule" because restrictions were rising and falling so fast everywhere (oh, and now there's a big war too) that you were going to go out of your mind, and increase your stress... trying to keep to a schedule more than 72 hours ahead was a bad thing. We can't predict life like we could 3 years ago, and although I yearn for 'normalcy' again, I think those days are done. So i just went thru 7 months of travel, 17 flights, 4 countries, and little of it was booked more than a few days ahead. It gave me the freedom to move (as covid chased me around the Middke East and South Asia) if things started to get bad, or if that long-desired city (I'm looking at you, Pondicherry) that I wanted 6 weeks in... just did not impress at all, and I could bug-out when I realized it wasn't fun anymore. I got to do several cities just because I wasn't tied to a schedule, and I avoided being stuck in accomodations that looked great online, took my money, and turned out to suck. The unexpected stops are usually the best. You can lose money on cancelled flights, you can lose money on accomodations because of new travel restrictions or lose money on a last-minute bad covid test... You have no control over so much of the travel regimen now. I say "Embrace it." You might pay more for flights, you'll have to be 'visa savvy' in your choices, but you'll probably get there. Be flexible and have a list of possible destinations... and add/remove as situations change. Use NomadList's funtions as your research tool to know your options. The 3-day rule does work... and it can reduce your stress if you can bear to embrace it.
I did a walk-in with luggage to a hotel in a smaller Indonesian city Oct 2021, set myself up for 3 days, and went back to the desk after 48 hrs and changed it to 30 days. The discount was like 60% off the regular online price. Elsewhere 30 days seems to be the break, too. The thing is, if you haven't SEEN the place with your own eyes, you should be cautious about longterm 30 day+ rentals. Its worth it to pay for 3 days at the going rate to make sure. Lots of things dont show up in reviews CTP 5x a day, construction on a lot ajacent to the hotel, pool/gym/restaurant closed due to covid... you get the idea. Watch those no-refund bookings on long-term reservations.
Thatโ€™s very helpful! I didnโ€™t think about doing that :)
Thanks! That looks great but it doesnโ€™t look like itโ€™s family friendly. We have a five years oldโ€ฆ
eogvjvcbajpv what makes it not family friendly? I would check travelling with kids Facebook group for more insight.
famvamdtsmoalu I like your style. something you mentioned is the fact that probably I have lost more money in lost flights than what I would have pay extra if I just booked a few days before
buy a flight, sell your shit and leave, book as you go, with the flexibility you have when moving around and staying in places longer you average out the costs of the flights
Wondering what would make it not family friendly?
I have a few extra spots on our family plan and would be happy to share. ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh I would love that zvftslyeebyvqg !!
Me too :)
Cool! Please message me and I will add you. Some of my kids are not interested. ๐Ÿ˜’
yfontvtqtxux and waqbiljldndvijxwc Because I just joined a couple of days ago, I canโ€™t DM anyone. ๐Ÿ˜… Sorry about that! Please email me at . ๐Ÿ™‚
Just to clarify, I know families like travelling "certainty." The '3-day rule' I mentioned previously assumes you've done your research in advance and are fully versed on your options. That doesn't mean starting to research 3-days before getting on a plane, it requires doing the background research well in advance, and knowing about those options so that, once you 'pull the trigger' just before you go to your next destination, you already have a flight, accommodation, points of interest all in your 'folder,' so you pick the proper destination when the time comes and hit "go". A variation on this is to buy a round-trip, adjustable ticket to a central, international airport (like DXB for example, where you can get to India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia , etc... Emirates calls their "Flex Plus I think) for a 6-month trip. Then you book all the one-ways within that 6-month bracket. You will always have a return (I saved money doing this on the last trip, as prices for airfare between last Oct and May jumped significantly, more than offsetting the cost of the adjustable ticket), and that might give the family some closure, its no longer an 'open-ended' trip. Savings and restrictions can change, and it might not always be a good bet. Hell, when I left in October Europe was sort-of at peace and Johnny & Amber were barely in the news . ๐Ÿ˜„ Good luck!
Yeah, let's inform each other. At this point I am just looking into buying around the world ticket from Star Alliance, although they seems little pricy.
I feel like if you are expecting certainty with a child you are going to have a hard time, even with my young daughter I have to be ultra-flexible. If something isn't working, I don't force it. The only certainty that is important to keep is sleeping schedules and food.
Even if everything is set ahead, flights will be missed, child can get sick, child can have a melt-down. Parents can get sick etc..
Buffering is super important
IMO, the only thing more stressful than not being sure where you are going to be next is knowing you have to be somewhere next. It sounds crazy and stressful but it's not really that bad and it is especially important if you are moving pretty fast. The ability to be like, I know we were planning to leave next week but we are burned out or want to spend more time in this location for another week can't be understated.

When my wife and I were doing fast travelling for 6 months hitting up wonders the ability to kick out our hotel stay so we could literally do nothing for a couple of days was huge or if we got sick when we arrived somewhere it wasn't a big deal. The quicker you move the more stress you are under and it substantially increases the likelihood you will get sick.
So I had no idea I have โ€œAll platinumโ€ status in Accor hotels. There are some nice things like morning check in and late checkout I can take advantage of.

Whats in your opinion a better option for loyalty program at hotels? Looking at Europe and Asia mostly.
Hilton is solid in terms of amount of hotels/affordability. I use this map to use loyalty points
For example, DoubleTree by Hilton can be booked for like ~$25 in places like Malaysia and Indonesia if you do it with points. Then you could get room upgrades, free breakfast and executive lounge access as well.
and also late checkout until 4pm ๐Ÿ˜‰
Iโ€™ve sent a few emails to hotels in Riga asking for better rates for long stays and the answers have been unsatisfactory. They did present an offer but the prices were too high, so Iโ€™ll definitely try your approach U01DGESCY0G! Thanks for the advice!
IHG has been great. The points almost never expire and you get a ton by opening a credit card through them.
HolidayInn in many cities in EU and fancier Interacontinental in some
hey guys! ๐Ÿ‘‹ do you have a good tip or idea for a cool location where we could organize our next company meetup? computercongaparrot (small team, only 8 people). Apart from our Canadian colleague, most of us are currently spread out through central Europe (+-) and it should take place in first half of October. Due to the current situation, I think the best would be to meet somewhere in (central?) Europe (pref. with good weather :wink:), a place that most of us could reach by train (or car). Please share if you have any cool suggestion! Any tip or advice would be very welcome! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Good weather in Central Europe in October? You'll need to be south. Maybe Athens
You are right, beginning of October is already unstable. Greece would be indeed nice and could be an option, although difficult to reach if we want to avoid flights (if possible).
Southern Italy? Or maybe even Croatia? The south of Spain is still pretty nice in October and that's about the same latitude as Southern Italy and Greece. I'm usually near Valรจncia (more precisely Jรกvea) in the time around October-December.
yeah, south of Spain or Italy would def. be great, although reachable for all of us (quasi) only by plane. But you are right, Croatia could be a good destination! Any specific recommendation for Croatia? Thank you for sharing ideas!
I haven't been there in twelve years, but Dubrovnik was super nice at the time. It's at the southern tip so would be warmer longer, I assume. Not sure how it is now after the Game of Thrones tourism, might be busier.
Thereโ€™s a good podcast episode on the Art of Manliness called โ€œThe secrets to booking cheap flightsโ€, good tips ๐Ÿ™‚
thank you
What are the key takeaways? ๐Ÿ™‚
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