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pravin 1mo
Maybe, just run for it?

Like david goggins ๐Ÿ˜›
pravin 1mo
Hitch hike could be creative
martijn 1mo
There have been times where google maps wasnโ€™t aware of public transport but rome2rio was.
+1 for trying rome2rio just to see what options it gives you.
ufpawjlvcjbq rome2rio seems to work pretty well.
But basically it reveals that the destination is pretty much unreachable (or only with a very long trip 4-5 hours when I'd fly to Naples & navigate to my actual final destination from there).

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

I'll refine my strategy further, using itgrin
hmeytnqf hitch hiking would actually be an option.grin
celenaliu 1mo
Hi, have you successfully extended your visa free stays in one of these countries? If so, how was the procedure like?
Has anyone tried using transatlantic cruises as an alternative to the overpriced, brutal, and usually redeye flights available nowadays? It looks like repositioning cruises are often actually cheaper than the equivalent flight. Not sure what the wifi situation is like, but itโ€™s tempting.
mikedev10 1mo
wifi seems like it would be straight up terrible
dahdah 1mo
I just hear from programs like Nomad Cruise that the wifi is very expensive and very hit or miss. Considering they take a lot longer, it doesnโ€™t sound like a worthwhile tradeoff. But maybe someone whoโ€™s been on one of these has a different opinion.
If they just sailed straight across the Atlantic, I think it would be worth it, you could take a few days of vacation and enjoy the cruise ship. The problem is they want to do a million stops so the cruise spends most of the time along the coasts. Instead of taking 5 days, it takes 12, and burns too many vacation days.
I wonder if thereโ€™s an option to get onto the cruise ship midway through, at the stop right before it leaves for the transatlantic portion. Do they require you get onboard at the first stop?
ballew 1mo
It is also possible to get on freight ships in the guest cabins, though last I looked there was no cell and you'd be hanging out with crew
ballew 1mo
> The average length of a|freighter voyage >is 40 to 50 days, though there are some shorter trips available last a couple of weeks. A roundtrip from the U.S. West Coast to Australia/New Zealand and return takes about 46 days. An around the world voyage lasts generally 80 to 100 days or more. Hong Kong China to Los Angeles USA, has an estimated average time between 18 to 20 days of transit port to port.
> A westbound voyage from Los Angles, CA. to|Hamburg, Germany is about 41 days.
bigmillz 1mo
Hi all - looking for a couple short (like 1-2 week) trips to get me out of NYC winter - always brings me down.

Going to Cancun in December, maybe a friend's house in Florida in Jan, and checking out Kenya

Already did 32 flights this year so money is a little tight.

Any recommendations? If it helps, I have Delta Platinum, so on lesser traveled routes I normally get upgraded. Despite cost cutting, I try to fly business/first for long flights so I don't blow half a trip because of being unable to sleep on the plane

Barbados is a real winner all year round. The US dollar is pegged at 2 to 1, so if you are earning in NYC income bracket the cost shouldnt be a shock. Local language is English. Beaches are great. Weather 82F most of the time. Stable government. Good internet speeds. Fast direct flight from NYC (4 hours). No visa needed for US citizens. As long as you avoid "high season" (the month of Dec, and also during spring break month of March) it can be a reasonable destination. St. James is the swanky part, where the famous golf courses are. Good luck!
I did some research and there is one option. Itโ€™s called the Queen Mary 2 and it regularly crosses the Atlantic in 7 days with no stops. The idea is to simulate the experience of glamorous ocean liners from 100 years ago. The wifi is apparently terrible, so this would only work if you are taking vacation or your work can be done with only email.
In terms of cost, the entry level is 800 GBP, but youโ€™re paying for a week of accommodation in addition to the actual transit so it probably works out to about the same cost as flying, but the route is Southampton to New York City and itโ€™s only about once a month so youโ€™d have to really plan around it.
I posted in #_pets about it because they allow big dogs on board and it seems by far the safest and most comfortable way to get them across the pond, but for nomads like me who just hate transatlantic flights I think itโ€™s unlikely to fit many peopleโ€™s needs.
bigmillz 1mo
This sounds very worth looking at, and always wanted to visit there! Thank you
rgqqzzdsweoncz I've had family (older and retired) take the queen mary across the pond, and they've loved it. I think it would be really neat when time permits!
Whatโ€™s up with AirWander? I havenโ€™t used them yet but they had rave reviews. Seems like they were the only tool on the market to search for stopovers. The tool is gone now and the website says theyโ€™ll be back in early Fall but getting close to winter time and their social media looks dead. Did they run out of money? Any alternatives aside from manually trawling through Google Flights?
ballew 1mo
Not that it is the best deall, but TAP includes up to 5 days for stop overs
ballew 1mo
for Portugal/Lisbon only of course
nightfury 1mo
Not quite the same, but I have used this bkvactqorxmyav to at least find out which airlines have hub connections to help narrow it down
nightfury 1mo
I dont use the pay options so it limits some but good visual and then start stacking multi city tickets on airlines to see the savings options
nightfury 1mo
You can narrow down by airline from/to a location for free
Hi all. Are vaccinations (hepatitis A/B, rabies etc.) cheaper in places like Vietnam, Thailand, or the Philippines than say in Korea or Japan?
dvpita 29d
I'll be on the road again from end of January, is this going to be useful for me?

I usually just look at the options of direct flights from nearby airports and book a flight to the next destination, sometimes spending a day or two in a stop over
dvpita 29d
wlovndirpcizxh what was that paid service u used to get stuff booked by another person?
also the concierge service you get with amex credit cards and other private concierge services will do the same thing
I found| useful in booking a recent flight to Thailand, helped me decide to do my stopover in London to minimize travel agony while keeping costs tolerable.
dvpita 29d
Sadly I canโ€™t have Amex in portugal ๐Ÿ˜ข
nightfury 29d
Same itโ€™s how I planned my Istanbul to kuala trip recently with multi city ticket
tatiana 25d
does anyone know the best website right now that will send alerts for flight search to anywhere with flexible dates (from a specific city)? What is the latest greatest thing โœจ thank you
pravin 25d
Kiwi, momondo might help a bit
guido 25d
What does that mean? Do they pay for the hotel?
tatiana 24d
Google flights
davorb 22d
i like to take a week or two off and go hiking in the alps and places like that. i feel like you need a full day to experience things like that.
davorb 22d
if you havenโ€™t been, i really recommend visiting the dolomites
I enjoy| for essentially "i want to go _somewhere_ around this time of year from x city"
montes 15d
I'm not a big fan of|, I always get a "We found no tours this date range and filters"
montes 15d
Someone knows if there's a tool for "I want to go from x to y spending max $200/month in flights, making between 2-5 stops and spend between 2-4 weeks on each stop"
montes 15d
For now I do it manually and using mainly google flights
Momondo, skyscanner
I've been contemplating to start a YouTube channel for my website for the longest time. However, that means that I would need to be more stationary to ensure somewhat decent video quality.

What countries have fairly relaxed visa laws (I'm a German passport holder, btw) and allow stays of at least 6 months, possibly longer? So far, I've thought about the following options:

โ€ข Argentina met plenty of folks that just stay here on tourist visas for years at a time. Penalties for overstaying are ridiculously low, too. And it's insanely cheap.
โ€ข Philippines one can stay 3 years on a tourist visa, which is very enticing.
โ€ข Colombia 6 months in a year is doable.
โ€ข Anywhere in Europe because they don't control entries if you're a European passport holder. Barcelona would probably be my favourite but COL (especially rent) have unfortunately spiralled a little out of control.
Any other suggestions that offer decent cost of living and have somewhat decent weather?
dvpita 14d
Well, you can just buy good gear and take it with you.
But if u donโ€™t, plenty of places in Portugal and spain to stay that donโ€™t break the bank.
Also all over Asia you can do tourists visas and visa runs so u can literally stay forever
dvpita 14d
I hear overstay fines in Brazil are also really low
oxyc 14d
peru had a $1/day for overstaying when i was there at least. I actually lived in ecuador but stamped into peru only to go back into ecuador and pay perus fine instead. plenty of people who did it
tatiana 14d
thank you!
oskard 13d
I heard you can get better prices by using a VPN, anyone tried this? I'm getting weird results
sixit 13d
The QM2 is the world's only Cruise Liner and its great if you need to do some work without wifi. Wifi is terrible and expensive. There is an on-board kennel for cats and dogs. The dogs get a US and a UK lamppost for scenting. Food in the main galley is almost 24/7 and all you can eat . Booze is expensive unless like me you were crew ๐Ÿ˜ and it was about ยฃ1 a pint. There are pools on board and bars and a couple of clubs but this is for an older crowd. Worth an experience.. as I say , i was paid to do it and I think the passengers were impressed with the service they got. Hard work for the hotel staff and for us lot below decks .
Does anyone know how to enter passport name on the airlines website for countries that only have a NAME and no first/last name? Iโ€™m booking flights for my Indonesian friends, 1 of them only has a single word as his name and the others donโ€™t have first/last only NAME. The airline website requires something in both first and last name fields (Iโ€m trying to call the airline also, but they have really long waits)
Donโ€™t see how YouTubing requires to stay somewhere for 6 months given there are more travel blog YouTubers than the world needs already. If they manage so can you. 2 GoPros and a mirror less should fit into your bag
dvpita 12d
Whatโ€™s his full name like ?

Iโ€™ve run into similar problems due to having too many names so I put them all together with no spaces:
sun_mir 12d
Yes :white_check_mark:

Usually have <5% cheaper flights of the total cost...
But sometimes just a waste of time considering the minimal discount, mess with currency exchange rates, and spoiled nerves ๐Ÿคท
Brazil has a overstay fine of 100 R$/day , max 10'000 R$, with risk to get deported (happened to a friend) and/or can not enter more (while there are always "land-ways"...). But most countries get 90 days, plus 90 days extension... so...
I think thatโ€™s the opposite issue, kkylqgrm :slightly_smiling_face:
<@UU2NLDXU1> Different airlines probably have different ways to handle this. The standard appears to be to use FNU/LNU (First Name Unknown / Last Name Unknown) as a substitute. BA for instance request for the first name to be entered as โ€œMr/Msโ€, so it could still be worth checking with the airline what their preferred practice is.
dvpita 12d
So whatโ€™s the name like ?

Just one letter the full name ?

oskard 12d
Ok, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Any consistencies in terms of countries that are cheaper to book from?
sun_mir 12d
Depends on the airline company, I think...
Got the best deal on Lufthansa (or something :thinking_face:) while was flying from Caribbeans back to Europe
Itโ€™s like JOHNDOE one word
and then others are
โ€œMary Jane John Doeโ€
But thereโ€™s no clear last/first name
dvpita 11d
Yeah so do the same as I mentioned above.
Put some names together in a way that thereโ€™s a first name and a last name.
Doesnโ€™t need to be accurate as long as all names are there.

Iโ€™ve flown as

okay thank you
cesarf 11d
Anyone has any luck upgrading emirates economic to business via skywards? Should i get the flex or a better economic ticket for better chances? Cause just getting directly the business one via points is twice the points and more in fees than economic ticket
cesarf 11d
Not sure if is a workaround or not, also perhaps is cheaper cause we donโ€™t get chauffeur service?
Yes. They never fly with empty seats in Business or First. Just put the auto upgrade on, and you might get upgraded up to 48h before. Getting the flex means it will just cost you less skywards to upgrade. I don't think it gives you a better chance (but no 'scientifically' proof here)
jyezxfkortmq I'm not a travel blogger or plan to be one. I blog about business topics, so planning on doing something in the style of Ali Abdaal
yncrsloagfhk yeah thus far I'm kinda leaning towards Buenos Aires and Argentina. Met many folks that have been living there for over a year and just pay a $40 exit fine when they leave
yeah wsiuyhvrujdm also got same info regarding ARG
oskard 8d
Is there any open source-like guide on cheap ways to fly?
Does this work for any americans? When viewing flights for foreign airlines I usually get redirected to their US version of the site because my point of origin is in the US and then get charged in USD.
django 8d
Jacks Flight Club is pretty good if youโ€™re from the UK
cesarf 7d
Oh nice, didnโ€™t know there is such option for auto upgrade, thanks!
necmttn 5d
Has anyone tried this onwardticket[.]com/ ?
mexico is demanding onward or return ticket and iโ€™m not sure when iโ€™m gonna leave. so wonder is this can do the trick ?
you can get a real ticket that can be cancelled in the first 24hrs
or buy a refundable ticket
oskard 5d
Afraid not ๐Ÿ˜• But thanks anyway!
dvpita 5d
Itโ€™s not advisable but some people make it work.
I usually just buy the cheapest flight out I can find
Yea Iโ€™ve seen it recommended. It is a real ticket, they just cancel it for you a couple days later.
isn't there an automated slack message that warns against this. let me try, onward ticket
There it is
I used that service many times, it worked fine. But yeah some people have had issues with them. Safest bet would be to buy a refundable ticket or a cheap flight/bus ticket out of the country
dvpita 5d
Iโ€™ve had issues with it back in 2020 flying from bali to KL, they didnโ€™t want to accept because there was no reservation code or something
necmttn 5d
I guess i found a way, united airlines has 24 hour refund and farelock upto 2 weeks which gives a PNR number as well. Gonna use that
dekim24 3d
Any flight to or from USA has to be fully refundable within 24 hours, that would be my recommendation
dekim24 3d
Specifically since you're near the US
necmttn 3d
Yeap that's the plan
jmestn 3d
does anyone exclusively stay at a certain hotel chain during travel in SEA and collect rewards? none of the loyalty offers seem that appealing across brands spanning Indonesia/Thailand/Malaysia/etc
I know you were asking for a hotel chain, but nothing looks decent in Asia from my research and these Agoda awards are pretty good
jmestn 3d
That's what I'm doing now too. Agoda/Booking is always cheaper than booking direct with a specific chain and not worth the price match headache. Was hoping there was a chain trying to snatch up nomads with loyalty discounts
I use booking too
pravin 2d
Marriott bonvoy pretty good, if you use the points and hierarchy of hotel chains well - has a good presence all over asia

Eg Pay cash/card at lower end marriott hotels and collect points via both and then stay at higher end (JW or others) for super low prices using points - needs a bit of work, but if you enjoy travel hacking, then good.

Amex card - keeps adding to your marriott points with 1:1 and at times 1:2 transfers
Is it easy to cancel through the United website? And does the refund post quickly?
dekim24 2d
It's really easy to cancel but not sure how quickly the refund posts, I've never tracked that
dekim24 2d
I had Marriott premium for a few years and this year am going for Hyatt status. Marriott is way better in se Asia, there's a lot more hotels especially on the cheaper end, in cities like Bangkok and KL. Also having status in general is really rewarding in Asian hotels, they treat you like royalty compared to in the us where maybe you get a corner room and a free bottle of water if you're lucky
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