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What sites are doing well for you folks in these times of deals ?
Cheapoair seemed to consistently give me results that were $100-$200 cheaper than the rest
Anyone knows if it's possible to contact Wizzair through email? Can't understand a single word their English speaking call center is saying 😞
Come to Canada. Our currency has crashed 8 cents in the USD since last week
Dont think you can, at least if youre an American
Some Canadians can’t even come to a Canada now
Trying to make my carry-on 5kg is impossible, my laptops are about 4 kg (without any chargers or anything) 😞
why do you have multiple laptops?
looks dumb if you only throw one laptop across the room
How about old trick with put bag on weight control without laptop? Keep it in your hand man.
Because I use the other one for playing video games. At the same time as a backup because being somewhere and your main laptop dying could be very expensive
Yeah, I will go with that, put both of them in the packable backpack and with motorcycle jacket on will look like a back protector, without laptops got the backpack to about 5 kg (still had to take out most of the other electronics too)
I think this is the right place to ask. I’ve booked a condo at Airbnb for a really cheap price - about 120usd for full month. And several hours later host ( actually manager who’s called me before and said that everything is ok but corona ) asked me to cancel my stay there cause detection of corona infected person in this building. And now another condo in this building has raised the price to x17. I understand that it was a mistake at their Exel table or something like this BUT why I am I not worthy to be bounty hunter, huh?
uqzsatkbzvew I would not agree, you paid, they accepted the price, if they don't want you they have to cancel it themself (and then you can complain to airbnb that they threw you out)
Also to me it just sounds like they see a way to make more money so would not trust much that they say (because I seen some people saying that in other places like Australia people are pumping up the prices, while for example in other places people lower them so someone would have a chance to stay and quarantine)
So should I call the airbnb-police?
Or as if nothing had happened to try to enter the luxury bomb shelter from the covid into?
You might as well try Airbnb support - if you’re a frequent traveler with good reviews they know how much you’re worth
Sounds not pretty good for me, lol.
Cause in the past my ex wife do this at her account.
But now, no wife no social respect.
What airline limits to 5kg? I don’t think I ever travel with less than 10-15kg in my backpack. 🤔
ipjtwtryhrcd 100% it was a mistake fare, probably why they asked you to cancel, you can avoid canceling and maybe play dumb and see if you can still get the room..
In the end, they canceled it themselves.
So I’ve found some condos but manager told me that one month is a short time rent. Who is right?
pretty much everything under 6 months in my opinion
mwsbwpwezxsy you probably have to offer to pay an extra 1k baht per month to get them to accept 1 month
Ok I got that. Thnks
Well I'm not even sure about the airline, it's like emergency flight so not all rules apply 🤷‍♂️
Just got an alert on some sub $1000 return flights from vancouver to Australia later this year - that seems crazy cheap compared to any other time I’ve looked.
I've seen a lot of deals CA -> AU in a similar range in the past year. But they were from east cost mostly.
Anybody had any luck getting actual money (not a voucher) back from a TAP canceled ticket?
Chase card got me a full delta ticket refund for two international round trip tickets where we already flew one leg of it. Pretty interesting. Need to use the vouchers by the end of the year though which is an optimistic preposition
Oooo, what was the process for that?
On the chase travel website they have a covid FAQ section and it links to a page where you can enter your itinerary number and request a refund. It auto-emailed me a day later we got the refund
Just giving flights away, that's a pretty sweet bargain 😅
qiioatk I haven’t received the refund on the card yet but had a phone chat with them in which they refunded. I don’t recall all the details but my LIS ORD leg was cancelled so they were willing to refund. Pushed hard to have me defer travel to the future but agreed to a refund.
How long did you have to wait to speak with them? Mine was ORD-LIS so maybe there’s hope
My phone says that I called their U.S. number ) on March 15 at 19:45 PDT for 8 minutes. Pretty quick!
cobnrsx if you got them on the phone ask them to refund the full airfare in the next 7 days according to EC 261/2004 Art. 5 1a and Art. 8 1a:

And be super nice. That seems to go a long way. 🙂
It usually does. Thanks fellas!
Air canada cancelled one leg of my flight but not the other. Now they’re pressuring me to voluntarily cancel the second leg of the trip for credit. I’d prefer a refund on both, should I wait them out and cancel as late as possible while credit is still an option? I didn’t know they could actually just cancel one leg of a connecting flight
This is not a flight I intended to take after I booked a new earlier one home. I was waiting it out to be cancelled by the airline so I could get a refund, but did not expect a half cancellation 🤔
It’s likely the first leg was operated by Lufthansa and the second is operated by air canada.
When is the flight?
April 3
Policy is that we get credit if we cancel within 24hrs of departure.
Wait em out
My flights are all getting canceled, one by one
Just spoke with them. The guy said he was aware of the regulations but can't give a refund. Guess I'll take it up with my credit card company 🤷‍♂️
dchhgbxoqd Show no mercy. Air Canada has fucked 2 of my friends already by cancelling only one leg and being unresponsive for 10 days +
Air Canada did the same with me (cancelling only one leg) and I couldn't reach them... Luckily I have a very good travel insurance and so they paid me the whole amount.
Thanks for the tips guys. I will wait until the last minute, cancel the second leg if they haven’t already, then try and get a full refund off my visa
I am really pleased about Emirates solution for canceled flights:
> Keep your ticket option
> You can choose to keep your ticket and we’ll extend its validity to 24 months from the date of your original booking. The fare amount you paid for your original booking will be accepted for any flight to the same destination/region at any time with no fees during this period.
> You don’t have to call us if you have a cancelled booking. We’ve now extended the validity of your ticket for up to 24 months so you can just call us to reschedule your flight whenever you’re ready to travel again.
> You don’t need to do anything, we’ll keep your booking status as open and you can reschedule your flight whenever you’re ready to travel again.
I had one flight booked to a location I will always return to from a major hub (where I am now) so it’s perfect. They also have a voucher option if you prefer.
That's awesome
I wish Copa would do something similar, they want me to call them to use the credit to book a new ticket :/
AA looks like they're doing something similar
hmm, so i suspect a fair amount of hotels are offering long stay promotions especially these days..
the problem is that agoda/booking (and airbnb to a lesser extent) aren't really setup for these promotions
so it seems like there's a missing long stay/promotions hotels site perhaps
like at least a site that aggregates hotel deals somehow, or a site that all hotels will post their deals on?
what constitutes long stay? 1+ week to anywhere between 6-11 months? I’m curious
well my hotel has "social distancing weekly promotion (7 nights)" and "social distancing monthly promotion (30 nights)"
I had people passing flyers and actively trying to recruit me to their hotel today in Da Nang 😄
my hotel has their promotion on their website too etc, so it's at least somewhat public, not sure if they posted it around anywhere else, i should ask
probably facebook
I've looked at hotels (here, no travel) assuming there would be some crazy deals on. There are, but with all the amenities closed off I don't feel like I can do better than my own home
I saw a 70,000/night room going for 16,000
Nice deal highlighted on SecretFlying with EasyJet for flights across Europe for €3 (min 2 pax)

Luckily, I’ll be travelling with the wife but even at that price I assume you could book a second person and not even travel with them cheaper than booking a standard ticket.

Also, not sure if it’s still in promotion but they had hold luggage for €0.99 too.
Anyone subscribed to premium mediums to get hold on error fares?
hey guys
is there any site that shows what countries are already allowed to travel to?
like open to foreigners etc
zzauulgn there is. Check about 3 days ago in the #___general scrollback. It's accuracy was questioned however
rmaeqtizpoycsq thanks !! found it in case anyone else needs it
Theres this huge list with information from IATA’s timatic. Might help as well.
That IATA one has the best info of any “one stop shop” I’ve seen, but double-check with the relevant government website before acting on it. Some countries on there haven’t been updated in weeks
And they’re not great on nuance - they write things like “people who have been in $country cannot enter” with no clarity about how recently you should not have been there, or “people from $country cannot enter” with no clarity about whether they mean citizenship, residency, or recent presence
Thats actually the infos the CI Agent reads, when they check you in. Based on that info they decide if the let you fly or not.
We’re safe. Humanity will survive. Madagascar Airport is closed 😂
is there a good website to search flights with a stayover ?
nrcrdqmr skiplagged maybe
fmlxdhey I’ve had good luck doing it manually, looking at common layover cities between me and my final destination and then experimenting with a multi city booking.. i usually manage to get it to about the same final price
Thanks i will try that :)
ecavpyvo for flights SKYSCANNER has been my go to move for years, all over the world. best prices!! also I had some questions?
Where abouts is the best place to be nowadays for digital Nomads- I am in Mexico CIty now, it is ok, I just lived in AMsterdam Netherlands, the air is a bit much to deal with, anyother interesting projects or locations you know of Pleae reply of message me here (IF YOU HAVE A PERSONAL knowledge of the place please) thanks a bunch
rieerxws I’m trying to link you to a website but the bot keeps zapping my message. Search google for airwander
That’s shows flights where you can have a nice long layover somewhere
thanks, will give it a look later 🙂
Hi! I have to request a refund with Turkish Airlines for a cancelled flight. They offer the refund in miles, voucher (+15% in value) and standard refund. I’m tempted to ask for the voucher, but I’d like to know if anybody has any experience with this or any recommendation. Also, how long could take for the standard refund to be paid? Thanks!
First of all, lucky bastard that they’re offering a refund! I have two airlines that unfortunately did not offer it, and stuck with vouchers. If you decide to go for the voucher, which could turn out to be a little profitable, it’s worth considering a few things:
• until when can the voucher be used for?
• how likely are you to want to use the voucher before that date, and how likely is it that you can?
• how likely is it the airline won’t go bust?
An example for the latter is Avianca, that has just gone bankrupt. Often airlines will still operate for a while when they go bankrupt, but when there is a good chance they won’t make it I wouldn’t take my chances and just go for the refund
eevhobswf I've asked for cash back, and they said ok without any problem. Sixty days wait. ~ 80 days passed, still no cash 😕
Same with thailand and indian airlines, gotta give them more time I guess
money stuck with airlines and hotels, bad time for them
Thanks for the input. So I guess in case of the airline gone bankrupt, my money will probably be lost no matter what I ask for as refund. I think I’d actually need to flight back to Spain with them (if they start offering those flights), but right now I’m probably stuck here for three months, and it doesn’t look like the cash would arrive before that time has passed, so I can’t rely on having that money back…
USD ─ $
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