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My friend who's getting married booked a non refundable room at a discounted rate at the Ritz-Carlton for me. They later called me to take my credit card number over the phone. They never placed an authorization charge on my card nor is there any receipt etc. I might not want to go anymore due to the virus.
What are my options? ๐Ÿค” cancel the card? Dispute it if they charge it?
Pay it because #ethical? />Get travel insurance that includes cancelations?
sejbgkgztzm could cancel the credit card ๐Ÿ˜…
Yeah I was thinking of that. Normally that shouldn't work if they have already placed a charge on it. But they haven't at all.
cant you dispute payments on credit card?
I can, I think. Never tried that. So far they haven't charged me though. Supposed to stay there in 2 weeks.
I actually have a similar situation
got a train for Madrid but things are getting nasty there... didnt get the insurance thing either so...
I actually looked up travel insurance, Aviva offers 50% return if you cancel for any reason (100% for a valid reason) but the booking has to be within 7 days of taking the insurance. Thatโ€™s way too late now unfortunately.
it looks like i'm in the same situation, i'll still try to dispute it via CC
Yeah my hotel booking is in Tenerife, technically Spain too. โ‚ฌ1500 though -.-
ouch, that for a full month?
7 days lol. Ritz-Carlton
ugh, is it worth the money? I'm a cheap ass when it comes to lodging haha
Normally I don't do that but it's my best friend's wedding ๐Ÿ˜…
gotcha! xD
That's a helluva destination wedding (unless y'all are from there)
The couple is European but living in singapore like me ๐Ÿ˜…
honestly maybe contact ritz-carlton.. find out about it.. blame it on coronavirus or something
chances are your friend's credit card is associated too
so if you canceled on your end they'd still be on the hook
might not be completely non-refundable..
It's not refundable at all. Discounted rates... He made the booking so pretty sure he's on the hook yeah. Their whole wedding party there is already paid for
But yeah I won't screw over a friend like that haha. I'll pay if I have to
Or offer them to charge me one or two nights or so
yeah, are you gonna call RC?
I'll ask my friend first. Maybe we can get a cancelation deal
Disputing it would be fraud. Disputes are for when you didn't get the service. Not for when you didn't get insurance and now changed your mind.
If it's your choice not to come (as opposed to a government ban or something), leaving your friend on the hook or trying to negotiate them down seems pretty crappy IMHO. it was your choice not to come and your choice to agree to a nonrefundable room
some of my customers' banks seem to disagree because they keep winning disputes after having used my service lol
sounds like you need to build some protections in for delivery. but yeah, that sucks.
there's very little you can do on digital products... so I kinda "count on it" already
i don't even dispute many times anymore because disputing costs me more
ah yeah, digital products are a pain like that.
I literally just said I would not screw over a friend like that...

Anyways. Wedding is off but my room is not lol
A lot of hotels are providing refunds on non-refundable bookings, due to Coronavirus and maintaining good-will. It's worth a try.
If at all possible, look into accepting something like BTC, which is non-reversible. There's a reason discounts of 5-10% is often offered when you pay in crypto, because the charge-back risk is eliminated.
But yeah, I get it's not an option for most.
Phone hotel already?
It's going to be a group effort. Latest news is that we can move the whole wedding + rooms to another date. Let's see
Iโ€™ll have to contact Norwegian for my flight there and Sixt for my car rental though ๐Ÿ˜‚ damnit lol, I usually book things quite flexibly and the one time I donโ€™t it bites me in the ass haha
Depending on the product you may be able to shift your strategy to a slightly larger customer segment, raise the prices and then encourage them to switch to ACH or the local equivalent.
I work on a gift-card related product that basically converts credit card debt into cash (so a huge fraud risk) and we're doing something along those lines
Best we can do with credit card payments is limit top-ups to the amount of VC money we're willing to burn on customer acquisition
It's not great
shouldnt larger customer segment mean lowering prices?
I mean larger companies smaller market
Not the inverse
oh gotcha
Anyone ever done FREIGHTER travel?
I wanna get back to South Africa and avoid airports/airplanes and cruises.
I'm currently in Panama, but I could fly anywhere in Latin America. (Wanting to avoid the USA at the moment).
I could not figure out how to make that work when I looked a decade ago
Please tell me it's changed
Any other places I could bring a box of textbooks&projects and unplug for a few weeks would also be welcome
You can do that anywhere...
osouqrwmphfzvurpz Have you checked the Seat61 web site? It has freighter information.
Report back if you do it! ๐Ÿ˜Š
alaswndnppwyrm Yeah, but it's _easier_ on the moon
Not sure Freighter is much different than Cruise.. the crew quarters/living areas are likely small, close toghther, recycled air etc.
What sites are doing well for you folks in these times of deals ?
Cheapoair seemed to consistently give me results that were $100-$200 cheaper than the rest
Anyone knows if it's possible to contact Wizzair through email? Can't understand a single word their English speaking call center is saying ๐Ÿ˜ž
Come to Canada. Our currency has crashed 8 cents in the USD since last week
Dont think you can, at least if youre an American
Some Canadians canโ€™t even come to a Canada now
Trying to make my carry-on 5kg is impossible, my laptops are about 4 kg (without any chargers or anything) ๐Ÿ˜ž
why do you have multiple laptops?
looks dumb if you only throw one laptop across the room
How about old trick with put bag on weight control without laptop? Keep it in your hand man.
Because I use the other one for playing video games. At the same time as a backup because being somewhere and your main laptop dying could be very expensive
Yeah, I will go with that, put both of them in the packable backpack and with motorcycle jacket on will look like a back protector, without laptops got the backpack to about 5 kg (still had to take out most of the other electronics too)
I think this is the right place to ask. Iโ€™ve booked a condo at Airbnb for a really cheap price - about 120usd for full month. And several hours later host ( actually manager whoโ€™s called me before and said that everything is ok but corona ) asked me to cancel my stay there cause detection of corona infected person in this building. And now another condo in this building has raised the price to x17. I understand that it was a mistake at their Exel table or something like this BUT why I am I not worthy to be bounty hunter, huh?
toxiyxrxrppz I would not agree, you paid, they accepted the price, if they don't want you they have to cancel it themself (and then you can complain to airbnb that they threw you out)
Also to me it just sounds like they see a way to make more money so would not trust much that they say (because I seen some people saying that in other places like Australia people are pumping up the prices, while for example in other places people lower them so someone would have a chance to stay and quarantine)
So should I call the airbnb-police?
Or as if nothing had happened to try to enter the luxury bomb shelter from the covid into?
You might as well try Airbnb support - if youโ€™re a frequent traveler with good reviews they know how much youโ€™re worth
Sounds not pretty good for me, lol.
Cause in the past my ex wife do this at her account.
But now, no wife no social respect.
What airline limits to 5kg? I donโ€™t think I ever travel with less than 10-15kg in my backpack. ๐Ÿค”
ndqypqrhjztu 100% it was a mistake fare, probably why they asked you to cancel, you can avoid canceling and maybe play dumb and see if you can still get the room..
In the end, they canceled it themselves.
So Iโ€™ve found some condos but manager told me that one month is a short time rent. Who is right?
pretty much everything under 6 months in my opinion
hzxpeoeoonxf you probably have to offer to pay an extra 1k baht per month to get them to accept 1 month
Ok I got that. Thnks
Well I'm not even sure about the airline, it's like emergency flight so not all rules apply ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Just got an alert on some sub $1000 return flights from vancouver to Australia later this year - that seems crazy cheap compared to any other time Iโ€™ve looked.
I've seen a lot of deals CA -> AU in a similar range in the past year. But they were from east cost mostly.
Anybody had any luck getting actual money (not a voucher) back from a TAP canceled ticket?
Chase card got me a full delta ticket refund for two international round trip tickets where we already flew one leg of it. Pretty interesting. Need to use the vouchers by the end of the year though which is an optimistic preposition
Oooo, what was the process for that?
On the chase travel website they have a covid FAQ section and it links to a page where you can enter your itinerary number and request a refund. It auto-emailed me a day later we got the refund
Just giving flights away, that's a pretty sweet bargain ๐Ÿ˜…
gsoarke I havenโ€™t received the refund on the card yet but had a phone chat with them in which they refunded. I donโ€™t recall all the details but my LIS ORD leg was cancelled so they were willing to refund. Pushed hard to have me defer travel to the future but agreed to a refund.
How long did you have to wait to speak with them? Mine was ORD-LIS so maybe thereโ€™s hope
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