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probably a lot of free resources these days to encourage people staying at home
free online education, books, etc
free smbc books ^
went back to terry pratchet, simpler times
which books are keeping you company in this home-time?
100 Years of Solitude ๐Ÿ˜ญ (actual book I was reading before this all went down and still am)
Haha I had "Sarah's Key" on my shelf - about a Parisian who hides a Jew in a closet for years during WWII. NO THANK YOU putting it down
what are your thoughts on Robinson Caruso atm spmahtetxhdu
Haha looking better all the time - at least he could swim and run around !
I have friends in NY that are using this time to build out their farm
Just read be here now, reallynice book
This channel is pretty dead, so I thought I'd list a few books I've recently enjoyed:

_ZeroZeroZero_ by Roberto Saviano
--Recent history of cocaine trade in Saviano's very-Italian discursive style, there's also a TV show on Amazon

_Fanon_ by John Edgar Wideman
--Loosely about Frantz Fanon but also lots of other things

_Anthropocene Rag_ by Alex Irvine

_88 Names_ by Matt Ruff
--Fast and breezy novel set in the world of VR, for fans of Ready Player One

_Hurricane Season_ by Fernanda Melchor
--Trippy Mexican fiction, murder of a witch told from multiple perspectives

_On the Plane of Snakes_ by Paul Theroux
--Probably the last long-form travelogue by one of the all time greats, this time he drives through Mexico

_The Enigma of Arrival_ by V.S. Naipaul
--Despite being a monstrous person, no one wrote better about dislocation and cultural collision. This was one of my favorites of his.

_Amnesty_ by Aravind Adiga
--All of Adiga's work is great. This one's about a Sri Lankan immigrant that witnesses a murder in Sydney and weighs the risk of telling the police with deportation
Love Paul Theroux! I havenโ€™t read that one
I found "Cutting for Stone" in a bookshelf so that one's up next
if anyone wants to read about a non-covid corona, is a fun read. It's about the Corona reconnaissance satellites in the cold war.
literally launching satellites into space for a short period with film cameras, then dropping the film back through the atmosphere, and catching the film canisters before the soviets could get them. because why not.
i'm reading Calculating Stars now, really enjoying it
I'm half way Sapiens, pretty easy enjoyable read... I really enjoyed The Black Swan btw awmotwxt ๐Ÿ™‚
Good to hear that, I'm also slow reading and really enjoying Anti fragile - he really knows some stuff that we don't - it's very indepth but beautifully written wtytfcy
Sorry all the naysayers and guys who hate Taleb's writing - maybe a bit more patience and reading slowly might've helped ๐Ÿ˜›
Finished the Company of one (paul jarvis) - really nice book that questions growth and focuses on strong principles
I should read that one too (as an indie dev). I read Fooled by Randomness a couple of years back and I also enjoyed it but found Taleb a bit arrogant and not very to the point, I enjoyed the black swan better. I'll probably read Antifragile at some point. I think it's one of those reads that by the end of it you are like "damn the time reading this book was well invested" as in "it changed my mindset". Now, the problem is to actually interpret it well and making decisions with it in mind, even if it costs you going against what's socially accepted
Yup, really need to jump to decision making, hence jumping to anti fragile and skipping the first two but reading their book notes online from famous folks
But, I'm sure there would be some gold nuggets if you go through them and take your time, so keep at it - keep highlighting if on kindle!
Anyone has read the Rosie Series books? I personally found it a good read considering the gloom atomosphere due to Covid 19.
Has anyone read "Mans search for meaning" by viktor frankl
jbrvhrjxeg one of the best books you'll ever read - <0.0001% of people have felt that level of pain and actually documented it
makes you realize this covid is a joke next to good old concentration camp times
I actually enjoyed better the first part (live in the camps) because he doesn't go for the typical narrative of how miserable they all were. He simply states facts one after another, as objective as one can be.
sort of like in the movie son of saul but without a trace of hope beyond his positive attitude
Hey guys/gals!
What is your preferred software of choice when it comes to ebooks? Currently I manage my ebooks on Calibre on my Macbook and read them on my android tablet with ReadEra. With calibre Iโ€m satisfied but Iโ€™m looking for a more connected, synced solution for actual reading that would sync between my android tablet, phone and macbook. Any suggestions?
i would imagine there'd be some e-reading service that'd let you read the same book across all those devices since they'd support apps/proper browser & have internet
like the kindle app equivalent
That would be great if there were pxxqjmvja but Iโ€™ve not heard of one, have you? Iโ€™ve been sticking to kindle across devices just because of the sync but the ibook experience is so much nicer
Kindle does the job well

read dot amazon dot com - for any screens, just use browser
and the notebook inside has all the notes highlighted
I am completely out of the amazon ecosystem nowadays. Loved the kindle, had one then got pissed off about DRM
I wont touch amazon books anymore
As nice as the UX was
uoeuikmupt I really like the Kobo experience
if youโ€™re reading on your computer, I havenโ€™t figured out a way to add non-DRM titles to the app, but itโ€™s not a problem if youโ€™re just reading on your tablet and phone
however, I donโ€™t know if you can sync bookmarks across non-DRM titles between two devices
out of curiosity, how many books are you managing?
ozyybwjwlsx Thanks, I thought a lot about the kobo a couple months back. Iโ€™m managing just a couple hundred books. Until end of last year I read on a very old kindle device, then lost it on a flight and reevaluated. Thing is, I have a tablet and I started reading on that one, and realized while the lighting issue is definitely apparent, it is not as bad that actually warrants getting an e-ink device again. Its just more weight for not too much gain and since I travel with backpack, all of that counts. So I decided that I will not get a new e-ink device but continue reading on my tablet, phone (occasionally) and Macbook. I use the calibre companion app on android and it works for syncing my library although the UX is kinda wonky. And Ideally Iโ€™d have an app that works on android and on Catalina, with sync of bookmark etc.
And, not sure how to say, but I prefer my books drm free so not sure how much of an issue that will be
Thereโ€™s a Calibre plugin that deals with Kobo DRM
dunno if that helps ๐Ÿ™‚
oh, and fwiw I was referring to the Kobo apps, not the device
Ahh I see okay
Worth a look then I guess
Tomorrow, Tor is giving away a free copy of Way of Kings, the first book of his series. If liked GoT, and haven't heard of it, I'd say you'll like it

oh, it's good times
Sanderson does like to drag it out; there's a narrative structure that most books don't do that lets you the reader experience the plot in a gratifying way; but it can feel like it drags on at first
Agreed, but fully worth it. The characters are fairly deep
with gems in them
Canyons. With giant worms, that have gems in them.
Any writers, shows, movies, genres, etc would be much appreciated
Magical realism might be the term you're looking for
Stranger Things, Dark, and The 100 might be other TV to look at
Ya I've tried magical realism, but I feel like they go too far down the everything is magical and needs no explanation route. I was reading 100 years of solitude and the alchemist and while they're cool, I don't like that everything can just be magic-ed away. I'd like it to feel real but just have a hint of supernatural, thriller, surreal vibes
Another good example would be like the movie Unbreakable, where its grounded in reality and everything is normal except one guy for whatever reason is very strong and basically can't be hurt. Even his nemesis is just a dude who decides to be a terrorist
Sorry, to go back to your examples, Dark is a great one though. Adding it to the list because that fits perfectly, I only watched season 1 so I'll get on watching the newest one
A Song of Ice and Fire is kind of like that (not modern, but "realistic" with the barest hint of magic)
rmnoznjtl Agreed, and I would say parallel to the first season of that where it was like slight hints of the supernatural but everything felt like interesting people that just happened to live in the medieval times. So that vibe, but not in a fantasy realm
Bright (the movie) also maybe? although it does end up having a bunch of magic
Ya, that one is to me where it starts becoming fantasy land. Totally cool, just not my vibe
Thanks for the ideas guys, lmk if there's any more but I appreciate the help ๐Ÿ‘
I feel like present day "sci fi" or "speculative fiction" might have some stuff
if it's also present-day
Books that your description made me think of:
Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman) - possibly most things Neil Gaiman actually, and
The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern) - a classic. Both grounded in reality, normal universes, but then a magical twist - although both of these books then take you into the magic world in some way. So maybe still too magical for your genre search
It's just the term used, that I think is more accurate for you to search new inspiration

Just like sci-fi, each story has gradation about how far out there it gets. Not all start to go wandering through the weeds of wackiness
It's been awhile since I read it, but I think American Gods is a good example

My impression of it is that you as the reader, decide to suspend your disbelief about the characters, but who is you meet in real life would chalk a lot of their "powers" up to coincidence and likely think they're doing too many drugs
I actually thought of The Secret Place by Tana French. It's a straightforward murder mystery set at a school in Dublin, but the prep school girls can do magic tricks occasionally though this doesn't really do anything with the plot. Fabulously well written
I'd love a good book club, but my reading taste is all over the place. I wonder if there are any digital bookclubs or reddit groups where everyone sets out at the same time, like watching a weekly tv show and having post episode discussions every week
What are you reading lately? xbchno
Just finished Blood Meridian and then the three body problem, currently on the second of that trilogy. I love the concept of three body but the translation of the writing is just a slog. Before that it was Rendezvous with Rama , The Snow Leopard, and Flannery Oโ€™Connor short stories
Ohhh nice. Iโ€™ve been meaning to dig into Cormac McCarthy for a while. I was told to start with All The Pretty Horses as the first in the Border trilogy.
Just finished Ready Player One which was light and fast and fun. Lately Iโ€™ve been randomly reading short stories by Ray Bradbury. Travel stuff from Bruce Chatwin. And just started Notes From Underground by Dostoevsky.

On the non-fiction side, Iโ€™m currently interested in (and have a pile of books here waiting for me about) emergent design, facilitating collaboration in innovation, business models, and entrepreneurial ecosystem design. rqxnpb
vkxevcmcgbyi if you get into Cormac McCarthy, I strongly strongly recommend The Road. One of my favorite books of all time. They actually made a decent movie out of it as well (it wasn't intended to make any real money, so it stays pretty true to the book)
The road, both book and movie are excellent. Blood Meridian was otherworldly and hyper violent in between just long stretches of slow poetic desert. Cormac McCarthy is my favorite author despite my hatred for his weird formatting and zero quotation marks
My book club picked The Great Believers awhile back and now doesn't feel like the greatest choice. It's set in 1985 and the premise is that the main character's friends all die one by one during the AIDS epidemic
Sometimes its cathartic to take in media that parallels a current stressor, but sometimes it just opens a wound up even further. I've enjoyed watching pandemic movies lately, but the other day I just broke watching something and decided to pull back into some light-hearted entertainment for a bit ๐Ÿ™‚
Just finished reading "the Truth" by neil strauss , what an insane book and some dope adventures in the world of polyamory, orgies, swingers and what not , wow!
๐Ÿค” on being a dictator, wrote to market and 5000 Words per hour... good for faster writing books.
speed reading?
no writing for the authors here ๐Ÿ˜€ speedreading on my iPad doesnโ€™t work very good, but I am already at 100 pages a hour.
oh wow, you wrote 100 pages in an hour?!! Are you kidding me?!
I will PAY you to teach me that shit lol
jrrawgaj please enlighten us on how we can write 100 pages in an hour! Would love to know more
i think he meant he's read 100 pages of the "5000 words per hour" writing book ๐Ÿ˜‚
which doesn't make sense.. there's only 88 pages in that book (i just looked it up)
oh sorry i'm tired.. just speedreading of books in general i see
well a page is only about 300-600 words on average, and average reading speed is like 300-400wpm or so.. bump up the speed and find books with smaller pages.. and boom, 100 pages in an hour ๐Ÿ˜‰
lol decent hack
yes in general ๐Ÿ˜œ and intend Gomeras bigger books.
wifetxtj not writing 100 in an hour, but you can try dictating.
i'm reading Wittgenstein's Major Works, and slow reading isn't slow enough to define how slow I'm reading it xD
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