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I actually discovered some interesting titles through readwise. On the emails with highlights they include "Based on your highlights, we think you'll love this book recommendation..."
jsdkdelhvjxcmw It depends on your tastes. For example, I’d trust the books that the Literary Review or London Review of Books deem worthy of review (and found many gems that way), but that works best for literature/history/poetry. But perhaps there are analogues for non-fiction and business. I still believe in curation in this sphere
To piggyback on the Readwise comment, I downloaded it the other day, and at least for my particular style of e-reading, it's a game changer. I highlight copiously, but hadn't been going back through my notes. Can't recommend it enough.
quipxu the number of integrations, too... and the fact that you can just drill down on highlights of a particular book

Before signing up, can someone confirm if there’s an option to hide things like lesbian porn from the kindle library or if there’s an explicit content filter?

If they don’t have this, does Anobii or Readwise have it?
yes, you can only show books you've actually added in your lists of reading, want to read or read books - don't add the ones that you don't want
I’ve been using Goodreads for over 5 years now, but after these comments I just downloaded readwise to check it out.
I was intrigued by these comments and found LibraryThing which seems like an alternative to Goodreads, but LibraryThing looks even older than Goodreads - which is an impressive feat considering Goodreads is an Amazon company.
I was inspired to finally get into Isaac Asimov — inspired by Apple’s upcoming release of a show based on Asimov’s Foundation series. I love it! Easy to see why he’s considered the father of modern SciFi. I’m into my 5th book in the series. Also, outside the Foundation series, I highly recommend his book The End of Eternity, which is perhaps his best book, and a solid stand-alone story.
Yeah, speaking of upcoming films inspiring hasty reads, DUNE was so good, and the audiobook is IMO one of the best ever made
No mucking around either, it’s in medias res from the first chapter
The dune series audiobooks are great
lvxuchxuxwsmzespz szpgtyilb Any links for the audiobook? Sounds intriguing to me
Scott Brick and cast
Scott brick is great
I read end of eternity last year, great concept
Can’t seem to find a Movie or Film channel so this will go here!

Got any favourite movies or seen a stellar film recently? Please recommend it :smiley_cat:

Going to have movie night soon. Usually it’s action, thriller or something with zombies in. Open to just about anything or everything except snuff, gore & pornos.

Now the last pick was BAD. Watched Tenet & no one knew what was going on because the whole cast were mumbling. Even I wanted English subtitles. Didn’t finish the film, we started playing Among Us instead.
I recently watched Promising Young Woman which I really enjoyed!
Ahh, the Tenet is confusing in the first time. You have to watch it two times to grasp the concept first. But it's a good movie.
If you are into fantasy adventure film then The Hobbit and Lord of the rings would be a great choice if you haven't watched it already
Really liked The Dig, if you have even the tiniest atom of anglophilia it should be up your street, and stellar acting from Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan
Zombies not sure how I missed Train to Busan
also Judas and the Black Messiah
Tell us your fav films nvqbrudcnjidilyodv and I will try to recommend new movies for you
tbh, I'm not that passionate about films (I watch them with people as something to do and enjoy them. But I could never get excited about one. I won't go into why as it's probably not the time). But a film I watched recently that was fantastic was JoJo Rabbit. Utterly bizarre but hilarious and poignant.
me too! watched it last month, it's hilarious
instant fav
Promising Young Woman, Possessor (slightly horror but not much), Save Yourselves, Palm Springs, Arkansas
some randoms from last year Knives Out, The Gentlemen, The Invisible Man, Archive
blgvymuztcbtpx it's not often I say this, but Hitler was fantastic.
The Gentlemen was hilarious
pytkvsqomv Favourite films/movies!

Judge Dredd (Underrated)
Fight Club
The Matrix
Pulp Fiction

In both of these, either Batman or James Bond become decrepit then rise out of the pits of darkness & despair:
The Dark Knight Rises

Your Name

Untouchable (French version with François Cluzet, Omar Sy)
Little Miss Sunshine
The Handmaiden (Korean version The one with the decent lesbian sex scenes)
Rise of Skywalker (KYLO REN!!)
Amélie (French)
Seven Samurai (Japanese)
Infernal Affairs I & II (Cantonese III was crap)

female_zombie 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ Zombies
Train to Busan (Korean hands down the best zombie movie)
28 Days Later/ 28 Weeks Later / still waiting for 28 Months Later

scream_cat Horror (trying to ween off these)
The Shining
Knives Out was good! Will check out the rest, especially The Gentlemen smiley_cat+1
Twice?! :scream_cat:
We ended watching the Youtube summaries on it instead.
Conquered TLOTR & Hobbit. Someone beside me was reading the book at the same pace as the movie 😹
If you want to add one to the French list, La Haine is absolutely stellar 🙂 and for the Korean one if you want a classic (not for the faint hearted) then Old Boy should be on there!
Also I’m now definitely going to have to try Judge Dredd
I am not sure how these films would be outside of a cinema (where you can be distracted by your phone and things like that), but these are some of my favourites of the last couple of years

```Bodied ```

It is not for the easily offended, but a really interesting and funny commentary on woke culture and freedom of speach

```Toni Erdman```

I laughed so hard I cried in this one.

```Diamantino ```

This is probably the weirdest on the list, but another classic in my mind.

```New Order```

People are comparing it to Parasite for the class commentary, and I think similar as i didn’t see a lot of the plot twists coming at all
Oo, such good recs for movie night
Also, watch cartoons + eat cereal! rabbit Looney Tunes is so classic, cute, n fun
Possessor by the son of David Cronenberg...they both dived into the plasma pool
+1 for Toni Erdmann
Also reaching back a bit further in time three of the greatest mofoing thrillers ever :

(metascore of 99, take that Breaking Bad)

Rififi has the longest and most thrilling, hear a pin drop scene ever
Knives Out was a random pick and enjoyable too
Army of shadows -- the book is also short and a nice read. just read it a month ago 😛
If you like that kind of movies I would recommend Costa Gavras movies
such as "Z" , "The Confession", "State of Siege"
latptglekvzleqeypj thanks ! let me think about it
Lol 😆
Tony Erdmann is the next pick! 😸 Thanks for the recommendations.
Magic Mike is fairly lightweight
good premise but second half falls off a bit
Logan Lucky is good fun
also Hustlers, Yesterday, Silver Linings Playbook, Green Book
Soul (pixar)
if you wanna cry 😿
UUN2X0747br />Memories of Murder (2003)
Since you liked Seven Samurai I would recommend Ikiru if you are in the mood for a suuuper sad movie
Do you like Michel Gondry ? Eternal Sunshine, Be Kind Rewind, The We and the I etc.
Wes Anderson ? Moonrise Kingdom, Rushmore etc.
If you target a specific niche I could help more (french movies for example :fr:)
> Open to just about anything or everything except snuff, gore & pornos.
Is there any need to mention this? What kind of internet communities do you hang out in that might suddenly recommend snuff unprompted?
Or is it just an overactive imagination on your part? 😛
vcxpsgtoi One can never be too careful! Took me flippin’ ages to recover from “2 girls & ”

You have a point though. This isn’t Discord where the average age is 12.
Thanks for the recommendations! :smiley_cat:

hushed Do you know of more stellar French films on par with Amélie, The Untouchables & La Haine?

Looking for films with heart warming feel good vibes or a plot twist that makes you laugh & go “OMDAYS!”

Dare I say “Frozen” had this sort of twist. Knives Out had this to a certain extent too.

Do “M. Night Shyamalan plot twists” fit the bill? :thinking_face:
Youre welcome ! yeah I rec Gondry movies already :)
Do you like musical ?
Definitely need a movie channel
Will have to scroll beyond the limit of free slack to find anything on books 😂
Are there any books that you guys don't recommend in the non-fiction personal development space?
For example I saw a very good critique of the book "Why We Sleep" by guzey dotcom and wanted to know if there are other books where facts are chosen just to give the claim power and aren't entirely true or practical
Slightly unrelated- the local theatre back in my old city ran an interactive stage performance titled “Camelot The Shining City”. Audience members were given audio headsets, we were evacuated as part of the plot & taken outside to watch scenes reenacted by Town Hall, saw slow-mo outdoor battles with flaming swords & even a “suicide bombing”.

It was a very unique play. If anyone knows of anything like this, please post it here.

It’ld be great to have something extra to look forward to when the pandemic lifts.
hey, Nick! this one?
Yes that one|Sound of Metal> is also a really great film! The director captioned it as it would be for anyone hearing impaired in order to create equality within the viewing experience.
UUN2X0747br />Soundtracks is def the thing that makes a movie whole ! I used to dislike musical comedies... once I discovered The Young Girls of Rochefort. Lookit up on youtube. now its my favorite movie ! I recommended it. Also whats great is that the director (who wrote the french lyrics!) also made the english version so the english version is very good (its not just a random shitty translation, its unique). I could try to find the file for you if you want
yjcyzxiwzo That’s an interesting choice! From Youtube clips, it looks like it’s a musical about Ballerinas. If you have a link to either the original French version with English subtitles or the rare English version, that would be great! Youtube & Amazon Prime aren’t playing dice.

Thanks! 😺
I could try to find you it. I cant send any links right now because Nomadlistbot bans any link from me. Its not a musical about ballerinas though :joy:
The main two characters are dance teacher and music teachers, hence the whole movie is about dancing and music 😉 . There is a lot of "mise en abyme" in the movie, for example inside this musical comedy there are multiple others musical comedies. Also, there is a character that plays the music compositor of the movie (Michel Legrand), etc.
I have it in french but I need to find the english version. I know it exists (you have excerpt on youtube and I have the original soundtrack in english on my computer)
kakurmeqfu Aha! So that’s the term used to describe movies such as “Inception” where they have “A dream within a dream”. Mise en abyme.

The Young girls of Rochefort sounds & looks like a feel good musical. If you happen to know where the French subtitled version is, that would be great. Posting URLs with spaces in them seems to work if you’re not able to post the full thing. smiley_cat+1
Will look for it and keep you updated :wink:
Yes, do you know about Vache Qui Rit milk cheese ? The logo on the box is a laughing cow, who has 2 earings made of the box of cheese who has a laughing cow who has earings made of ...
Wow ! nice fur ! 😄
The big bounce..
Has anyone read Around the World in 80 Trains?
I'm enjoying it but I feel like it's all complaining
I've never read that , is it good? I'm reading Dune right now , i recommend it :)
I'm liking it but a lot of complaining. It's bumming me out a little bit lol. I'll have to check out dune!!
if you like science fiction you will love it and the movie is coming out to, still it depends of the genre that you like :)
My favorite sci-fi’s (audio edition strongly recommended!):
• Snow Crash (Neil Stephenson)
• Hyperion (series) (Dan Simmons)
• Sprawl Trilogy (series) (William Gibson)
• Revelation Space (series) (Alastair Reynolds)
I’m currently halfway through Stories of Your Life and Others, pretty solid little collection although slightly woo-woo for sci-fi
I just finished Open an autography Andre Agassi. Can't recommend it enough
Since I couldn’t find a suitable channel, I can highly recommend the netflix show “The Serpent”. 70s southeast asia, mainly Bangkok, based on a true story about a serial killer preying on western backpackers. Even though I wasnt around in the 70s but only lately, it felt very authentic and at some point I felt whoever wrote the dialogue must have been a backpacker, too :stuck_out_tongue:. I totally binged it. 1 Season, 8 episodes, highly recommended
rftqsu What does “woo-woo” mean? (Sorry, not a native speaker)
pyrkilejvi from urbandictionary:
> Woo-woo is a slang term used to describe those who believe in phenomena that lacks substantiated evidence to prove the claim of the phenomena. It can also refer to the explanations for the specific phenomena itself. It also describes the method a person uses to understand such phenomena, based on the subjective nature or their personal philosophy which can be neither proven nor disproven. In this sense, one could associate woo-woo with philosophy, religion, or any other branch of study concerning itself with knowledge that is open to interpretation or subjectivity.
kind of a reference to any sort of mysticism, new age theories, etc hmm
so I guess he's saying the stories in that collection are not as realistic as typical for other sci-fi perhaps
Ya it's like they skew a bit mystic but don't dive fully into that realm. Similarly, I'm not a huge fan of magical realism because it's basically the premise that mysticism and magical things are real. I think stories that seem possible, even if it's far off future technology, are more visceral because they could potentially actually happen.
dcqhahquzw I'm needing a new book - did it end up being worth the read?
USD ─ $
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