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I used to manage a printing press and fucking love physical books (that you can smell), but I travel w a kindle and audible
But I still bought The Beach by Garland, because when in Thailand I want to sweat on that book and earmark the pages and leave it for the next traveler
I definitely like that read a book and leave it behind vibe. That’s one of the things I’ll miss switching to digital
giving audiobooks a try, never really tried the audiobook thing before
also been reading a lot more lately. Deleting FB and twitter from my phone has been a wonderful reclaimer of my time
anyone into scifi? looking for slightly realistic femtotechnology scifi… short stories are fine. no greg egan though
Like, nanotech?
no, explicitly subatomic particle scale or smaller. random interest; but have found very little fiction or even realistic musings on the topic on the internet…

a reasonable intro is if you google ‘There’s Plenty More Room at the Bottom Beyond Nanotech to Femtotech’. or ‘Femtotech? (Sub)Nuclear Scale Engineering and Computatio’ (for the second you’ll need to use internet archive to retrieve the essay)
Gotcha. I don't recall reading much about that, most scifi is around nanotech, even the high tech futuristic stuff like in the Culture series
just read daemon by daniel suarez, highly recommend; if you’re a software engineer / play a lot of video games you might love it! very unique story (scifi)
hmm yeah it’s quite rare; have looked for a few hours and so far have only found greg egan’s books (which just use femtomachines as stand-in ultra powerful computers) and “dragon’s egg”

feel like i am googling the wrong thing…

just realized - a hard to google example would be three body problem - the first trisolarian weapon encountered by the humans looked like its surface was bound by the strong nuclear force
Because the mechanics of that world aren't well known, and honestly mostly based on statistical probability, so it likely ends up just turning into mysticism

Also, people care about stories that effect their world at a scale that's more perceivable and graspable. Even nanotech struggles with that, against being too magical
So really, it's not a good mechanic to base a scifi novel on, because even a "super structure" at that scale is really just a nanobot or bacteria
but superstructures of subatomic particles might behave in very nonintuitive ways that nanotechnology can’t replicate. which we can kind of speculate about based on current understanding of physics

e.g, imagine a wire which could pass through anything while being billions of times stronger than the best atom-based material - there’s a proposal about this titled “AB material” by a russian professor named Bolonkin; it seems sketchy and like bad physics from a cursory glance though

separately there’s this discussion a professor had (from the second google phrase above) with a famous particle physicist:
```I was visiting the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) in April/May of 1997, and had an opportunity to chat a bit with Murray Gellman, the father of the quark and a Nobel Prize winner in particle physics, SFI's most famous member. I had been putting off writing this essay concerning the possibility of a "femto-tech", i.e. a technology based on femtosecond and femtometer phenomena. Since the femtoscale is nuclear and smaller, I needed to talk to a particle physicist. Murray seemed a good bet. I asked him "Can you think of any phenomenon which might serve as a basis for femto scale engineering and computing?" I told him that so far the only things I had come across that might be possible bases were :-

a) Nucleon Chemistry on the surface of neutron stars?
b) Stranglets (agglomerations of S(trange) quarks)?

If strangelets are stable, as some people think, they could be of macro (humanly visible) size. Murray immediately surprized me with his reply which I duly wrote down. He said that some 25 years ago he had organized a meeting with some of his colleagues, "Most of whom are now dead", he said, to look into the possible industrial applications of :-
c) K(01) and K(02) kaons
I didnt know what he was talking about, not being a particle physicist, but I looked up the kaons in my particle physics books at home and found them. What was not clear to me was how such particles might serve as a technological basis for a femtotech. I asked Murray if I could email him later for details. He said ok, so I did, but so far have not had a reply, which might have enabled me to give this femtotech essay more substance.```
and i guess i am really curious about murray gellman’s conclusions, or whether other particle physicists came up with anything communicated through scifi

(e.g, dragon’s egg, which explores nucleon chemistry, was written by a physicist)
i’ll just email these people
Femtotechnology plays a critical role in the 2005 science-fiction novel _Pushing Ice_. _Pushing Ice_ is a 2005 science fiction novel by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds.
I can't remember the books/authors but I feel like I've encountered a number of books that touch on sub-atomic/femto scale technology
There was a series of books by some author, one of the books was about advanced humanity building nanoscale/femto scale "humans" to live on a sun
Oh I'm thinking of the Heechee Saga
by Frederik Pohl
hmm, or maybe not, I'm not sure
omg tysm!! gonna check these out..
Audiobooks work best when it's anything that has a story, more conversational, of course fiction.
What doesn't work - books like Factfulness, Thinking Fast and Slow, NNT - anything requiring application and thinking and re-reading
"Can't hurt me" has been mind blowing exceptional though, audiobook + podcast + live chats wow
I disagree, been listening to non fiction (including thinking fast + slow and all of NNT’s books) for years. I’m listening mostly over long commutes
oh not heechee, I was thinking of Stephen Baxter's Xeelee sequence
"submicroscopic" people living on a neutron star 😄
no real hint into femtotech though i suppose
hmm were you thinking of Dragon Egg?
Dragon’s Egg

From Wikipedia -

```Around 3000 BC Dragon's Egg cools enough to allow a stable equivalent of "chemistry", in which "compounds" are constructed of nuclei bound by the strong force, rather than of Earth's atoms bound by the electromagnetic force. As the star's chemical processes are about one million times faster than Earth's, self-replicating "molecules" appear shortly and life begins on the star. As the star continues to cool, more complex life evolves, until plant-like organisms appear around 1000 BC. One lineage of these later became the first "animals", the earliest of these stealing seedpods from sessile organisms and some later lineages becoming predators.```
I haven’t read that one yet
I liked flux
been thinking more about this, i bet it boils down to what kind of learner you are
i also agree that fiction can be great (esp with the right reader)
yup, to each their own, those were my thoughts only 🙂
and some of my friends from the book club, each of them voracious readers
Most of them I listen to once, there are a couple i re-listen to (Meditations, Antifragile, Vagabonding, etc)
in the middle of Antifragile (audiobook) – it’d be mostly fine if it wasn’t for multiple data tables which are super confusing to listen to.

in general, I don’t have anything against listening to self-help books, either
"Branch books are the most common type of book you'll find in the non-fiction section. These are books that consist of a single idea. The rest of the book is then padded out with examples, extrapolations, and implications of that single idea. A good example of this is Nicholas Nassem Taleb's _Antifragile_, which can be summarised in a single sentence "the world consists of systems that are fragile (break easily), robust (are difficult to break) and are antifragile (gets stronger the more you try to break it e.g. like democracy)." The rest of the book explores the full implications of seeing systems as 'fragile/robust/antifragile'."
"It's no accident that I summarised Taleb's _Antifragile_ in a single sentence above. The key feature of branch books, for me, is that you can easily summarise them. Which then implies that if someone has written a good summary of a branch book, you can read the summary _instead_ of reading the full book."
Since I have not read any of Galen’s books I still don’t grok that idea even with the one liner summary
I haven’t noticed any improvement to democracy either
Galen? I meant Taleb, must've been a weird autocorrect
Hello :)
Any recommendations on books about managing teams remotely or how to keep good communication level?
Following this
Remote Work is good. And Zappier put out a great resource on how they do it. let me find it.
Thanks :) didn't know zapier had remote workers
Todoist's blog also has some good articles on the topic
bgeivwxpuhqwdt Remote work by whom?
"Remote Work" it's by Jason Fried and David H ..
Rework is similar
by same possie
If you like theoretical physics, you need to read Carlo Rovelli. Start with Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, then move to The Order of Time, and then Reality Is Not What It Seems.
Lectures on Physics by Feynman is an all time favourite
Did y'all know that millionaires read 1 non-fiction book a month?
😏 i read like 5 romance novels a month so i would be a total billionaire by now lolol
I've tried reverse engineering this by reading 1 non-fiction book/month to become a millionaire. It has not (yet) worked.
I’m trying to read a book a week this year. So far so good, I read ancillary justice last week, started smarter better faster this week, and I’ve been listening to the count of Monte Cristo audiobook while gaming.
I never understood the X book a week/month/year goals. I read books that are a 100 pages and books that are a 1000 pages. Wouldn’t it be better to have a goal of reading X amount of hours or pages instead? Or are we thinking all the book I read average to a certain amount of pages, so as long as I read 52 a year I’m good? Some weeks might be 0 books finished and some weeks 2 books finished.
No way! It’s exactly one book a week! If it’s a thick book don’t start it unless you’re gonna finish it. Save the thin books for the busy weeks
Also aim to read 200-30+0 pages per reading session for proper Deep Reading
We all know about Deep Work.. well Deep Reading matters too
Reading 20 pages at night before conking out isn’t reading troll
qaeqgfhnwfc it’s just an arbitrary goal. I needed to see out to read more, and my reading goals for the last few years had gone unmet. Something ridiculous like a book a week would put me in the mindset that If I didn’t read every day I wouldn’t meet the goal. So yes I may finish 0 books one week but 2 the next. That’s fine. As long as at the end of the year I’ve read something near 52 books l I’ll consider it a success.
heeucacpi I’m keeping the longer books as audiobooks for when I’m doing mindless tasks, on public transit, etc.
I totally get the "quantity shouldn't be the end goal" argument but I find that focusing on quantity is a must (for me) to maintain reading motivation.
The most logical path isn't always conducive to building sustainable habits. Sacrificing efficiency for the sake of building a habit eventually pays for itself, in my limited experience.
exactly, my end goal is the habit
my challenge is to actually read every day
I read 12 books in 2018, then in 2019 I set the goal to read every day, and ended up with 28 (some were thick or quite complex and reread several parts)
and this is the moment where i introduce my app but since we're in nomadlist I'll instead put an emoji 🙈
Is it an app that helps to read more? If so it's in the context so would be able to mention
Anything better than just the reading challenge section of goodreads is something I’m interested in hearing about :)
haha it's a habit tracker ()
qcygstqstgmta I checked it out this year, what a mess
I don’t really check other people reading challenges
I just use it to track my own reading
what's the feature that gets your attention?
ryzoyui Downloaded your app. I’ll give it a go.
🙂 Give me feedback! Hope it helps 😛
I read 120 books last year czrzipi
that's like a book every 3 days >.<
Damn nkqbhkqlmaggtfvxn and how did that help you? what type of books? curious!
Yeah that’s intense
I’ve been forcing myself to read too. Started with 5 pages a day, and now I naturally read more (but still a minimum of 5). The goal is to be constant at reading 25pages per day. There is a nice article in Farnam Street about it, google “Just Twenty-Five Pages a Day Farnam Street”. 25 pages a day it’s a lot of pages at the end of the year and not much of a time invested per day 🙂
it really made a difference for me, I think the momentum helps go through books faster because you are more focused and remember better what you read the day before. If you start taking 2 or 3 days off reading sometimes it's hard to catch up, lot of lost time changing contexts etc
like this year, the least productive reading days were when I was struggling through boring parts of very specific books
They really help my productivity. 🙂
I wonder, how many stories are out there where issues of independent workers are represented? Is there a good quality “nomad story” out there?
U0E97L85Pbr />Side hustle school, TMBA podcast , DC Tribe - check all these out - heavy stories there
nomad collections by danny flood
USD ─ $

by levelsio

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