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fixing now thx!
โœ… fixed, now re-gening cache
It's not clear that you need to do the "Is your Slack account deactivated?|Activate your Slack here>" option
I give up.
Fixing! Thanks
Fixed now I changed it so that it posts meetups with the Nomad List bot account instead of the organizer user. Sometimes it's buggy because the organizer isn't in the channel or doesn't have the right auth tokens connected. So it is much easier to just let Nomad List post it!
When creating or updating a trip on your profile, the list of members who you might encounter or have encountered is different from when the page is loaded initially (generated in PHP all at once as opposed to loading the trip dynamically using fetch requests), I am guessing that the queries are slightly different in terms of filtering out people who want to stay private?
(I have not included a screen recording because I'm not sure why someone extra is showing up, they might have explicitly chosen to hide that)
Also, maybe I'm just blind but I'm not sure how to get my Slack status to automatically update based on my current location ๐Ÿ‘€
hvjmuwkeigos add a future trip and it'll update on the day of dep
Ah thanks I'll see why
I'll go check for you
I did that yesterday for today (Munich) but it didnโ€™t show up unfortunately! Itโ€™s announced my arrivals in #france before though, however it didnโ€™t set my status to France either
It might be timezone thing
Try adding in 2 days
fair. Whatโ€™s the serverโ€™s timezone?
I'll add a thing later which will post the trip instantly when you add it if it's the same day
Thatโ€™d be neat
UTC but the trip thingy runs daily so might just be mismatch
Also I changed server last week from SF time to UTC so maybe possibly related
Ah I mustโ€™ve added it after midnight then
The date thing is a bit F'd, date input gives me a client localized unixtime I believe, not sure
Otherwise it uses the date in UTC and makes it a unixtime
I was already wondering why arrivals were now announced at 2am instead of 9am ๐Ÿ‘€
Easier maybe if I kept it just a date but these are 2015 code decision ๐Ÿ˜‚
Yes exactly, it announces them all zjspjmw UTC or previously SF time
I tried to announce them timezone localized but became even more of a clusterfuck
Little bit of code baggage from 2015 db structure choices etc. Will fix when time
understandable ๐Ÿ˜›
u must be dealing with 2001 code?
feels like it sometimes
But most of it is also from around 2015, and although I really want to skip some dirty bits I often rewrite almost everything I encounter for a specific task just to save some time and or troubles in the future
Nice yes same, smart, better than total rewrite
Haha yeah we're sort of doing of total rewrite but gradual :stuck_out_tongue:, I convinced them to switch to Laravel as the old codebase was really chaotic and without structure
However the codebase was and is so large that it wasn't possible to neatly rewrite everything in one summer holiday, and after the summer holiday you can't risk having a broken site so many things were roughly copied to the new laravel site, still losing out on efficiency and/or structure
So I'm still fixing that along the way :D
same keeps on happening to me, what solution did you find?
Haven't found a solution, just using a photo which is not my best and not the one I intended to use here
Will investigate and get back to you two. But pls be patient because I need to go through a few more bugs!
And send me the pic that doesn't work and browser and OS and I'll test
Checked tpfwpvlye this was a human mod flagging photo "Please use a picture with a less bright background."
See| for why NL requires good pics
That's fine, no rush! But if you're up for some feedback, I personally really dislike this good pics policy. No other platform has this requirement (as far as I'm aware).
Yep I see why people wouldn't like it. I also like to be anon for ex on platforms. But because this is a travel community with people meeting up there's value in knowing each other's faces
I think the future is anon but that's hard to do with a group of thousands of ppl. A chat with 10/20 ppl can work anon though I think. But it becomes arguing at scale, see FB groups etc
I absolutely get that, but I've met with several members of the community who look nothing like they do on their profile photo. The feature is great, but I could be uploading a photo of a friend or a random dude on the Internet. If you require real validation, then request a personal ID photo, otherwise it's just senseless in my very humble opinion.
Yep sure. But requiring ID has other consequences and many would get outraged. Running a community is a balance to strike with everything. Very challenging. Any decision you make will make a number of people unhappy and others happy.
So it's more like trying to see what keeps the community healthy instead of doing the logical rational thing
Can't see anything bad about them ๐Ÿ˜„
xtpdxvzzk I talked to mod and you can set the last pic now and it'll be OK'd!
Nope has to be an unedited photo
I had to try ๐Ÿ™‚ OK then!
I'm trying to follow the profile link nnsifunpm but i get redirected back to the home page. im logged in, and im a member ๐Ÿค”
so he followed me, and then i was able to see his profile

his profile was set to `members only` . i believe i still should have been able to see his profile before he followed me though?
I think that's because you're a new account
To avoid stalkers signing up
Takes 30d
๐Ÿ‘ thanks for the heads up. i was aware of the slack restrictions but not anything on the actual site.
Is there a channel for new feature requests for| I am sure this question is asked before could not find.
Feature request Is it possible to come up with some kind of current `covid-safe` score for the cities, shown in the `Scores` tab?
Nope, hard to gauge. Other sites better for that. I do have live data on cases
โœ… Some JS caching issues in the last hour erroring some pages, fixed now!
โœ… Fixed only Lisbon showing on the map due to a JS bug
I listed Skopje, North Macedonia as a trip but the country is not highlighted like the other countries on my map
Macedonia changed their name to North Macedonia, but it wasn't changed in the countries GeoJSON yet, now changed!
Update itโ€™s automatically posted but my status hasnโ€™t updated ๐Ÿ‘€
lol nice, will remove thx!
You can always add a "trusted dealer" to the guide ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Am I the only one who experiences issues with the UI? After the maintenance works I can't find the button to add my trip. The EDIT TRIP button doesn't work for me as well.
owkpeee oops must be bug, will fix!
When I try edit a trip nothing happens (delete works). Also I donโ€™t seem to be able to find the button to add a trip within my settings page? Tried within FF and Chrome. Maybe Iโ€™m missing something obvious?
Same bug, see above
โœ… fixed now
โ€œFollowโ€ doesnโ€™t work for me. Redirects to `/?join=nomadlist` as if Iโ€™m not authorized, doesnโ€™t update profile. Something borked :neutral_face:
FYI, probably frontend issue - there is no request to api endpoint before redirection.
I tried in different browser and after re-login, with no success
aqlqapzkasfzjco fixed now, I had some problems with the user logic, it should work now
purposely hidden for more space
pauewfk fixed now
works as expected now โœ… thanks!
โœ… ok now I accidentally rekt the top bar and it was hidden on all other pages, fixed now
I tried to post something in a couple groups about flying and it flagged me as spam and banned me for 15mins. I honestly think the spam alerts are too aggressive and it's becoming frustrating to use the slack
Thatโ€™s because you are new around here - also Hi! lol good to see you here
Oh haii haha. Oh is it more strict for new ppl?
Not sure how they gauge it - but there are certainly restrictions like not being able to share external URL for first 90 days
It might be helpful to have the guidelines posted somewhere to review? (And maybe the link shared by the Slackbot as a reminder when a post is taken down?)
But maybe there is a concern that "bad bots" would use that info to evade the "good bots".
It's because you're a new member, so probable likelihood you're a spammer from perspective of mod bot. Stay longer and it'll slowly become more moderate
Generally posting links isn't a good idea here
The internations link on FAQ page of nomadlist is wrong. The TLD is .org not .com
Also note, the time-out wasn't related to new user links. It was for flooding. Posting the same message in multiple channels is spammy behaviour. The ModBot wouldn't time out purely based on new user links. The guidelines are provided at signup, shared by the ModBot when items are taken down and posted monthly in the announcements channel.
I tried to sign in from an iPad which used auto complete to add my email, but that failed saying I wasn't registered because of an extra space added by the auto complete at the end, maybe it could be possible to trim the string before doing the login?
Climate finder when adding rain filter i get no results at all + it changes the region to Oceania.
added trim now
thanks, fixed!
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