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no wait I think you're on CET?
it says CET on the calendar screenshot u sent too
maybe ur calendar is still set to CET or smth?
as that's the TZ of NL that makes sense?
the ICS file i produce doesn't add a timezone so it shd just fit into any timezone u have set currently
Yeah but I figured it changes automatically based on my current timezone
Which it does otherwise it wouldn't say the time in CET between braces
weird a F
Gonna find a place for my laptop and check my settings
i'm in Thailand timezone btw now
It doesnโ€™t do this when using an iCloud calendar but it immediately moves after itโ€™s been saved to Google so Iโ€™m thinking that Google automatically sets it as an event in my home timezone on their servers?
i think so, can you check what timezone is set on Google?
google has a concept of HOME and it changes it after 6 mo in a new place
but not too fast cuz u might be flying for bizniz etc.
Export as CSV from profile page not working - generates html download. Easy to parse the html into CSV but think it will confuse a lot of people ๐Ÿ™‚
Fixed now! ob_start() was missing and so ob_end_clean() didn't flush the previous HTML when CSV'ing
Cool :)
Hijacking thread - trying to get in touch with you or someone at rebase quite urgent with startup funding and my tax situation plz halp ๐Ÿ˜…
ah sure, what's the issue
do you have the email of your immigration advisor?
are you a paid customer alrdy?
Not yet, waitlist too long for my situation. happy to pay double if I can expedite. Don't have single immigration advisor but got a few different opinions. On UK passport but South Africa tax resident.
ahh ok got it, it's impossible to expedite now it's fully booked until March I think
but if it's too long, u can self refund and google another immigration NHR service
there's more
but the process takes months regardless with any agency
2 months would work
ah yes so i know some things about it but IANAL but i can share what i know
what's the challenge now
if I exit SA tax after YC funding then cap gains on my equity will be massive
ah got it, can u delay the funding?
i'd delay and then move and then get the funding
have to flip GmbH to US parent co anyway so natural delay but canโ€™t push later
ah yes, ok so i'd recommend googling another NHR agency
and email a few
and see their timeline
cool will do
i wish i could expedite but eery1 asking and immigration advisor close to burnout lol
non-stop calls
no probs totally understand ๐Ÿ˜…
any tips for the process? should i apply for visa from South Africa or come to portugal and do it there?
planning on going to Germany early feb
IANAL but generally u apply to PT embassy for D7
this lets u fly into Portugal and stay there
then in PT u rent place, register, apply for NHR etc.
it's much easier to get to Portugal than Germany tho visa wise
thanks for your help! ๐Ÿ™
for ZA
assumign ur ZA
UK passport helps
ah ok then fine
maybe i should apply from London?
yes so generally u should apply in your citizenship or residency country
ok. citizen of UK and ZA but tax resident ZA
e.g. we have Ukrainians here in Thailand who will need to fly to Ukraine to go to PT embassy to get D7 for PT
they don't rly let u do it elsewher
in that case both would work i think but i'd go with PT embassy in ZA to be sure
will chat to NHR consultants and probably apply from ZA then
can also call them
perfect, thanks
Looks like thereโ€™s no difference between matching in Dating page and in Friends page.
If both have a dating preference and a friends preference, weโ€™re matched as Date no matter where the click came from.
I have matches in Dating section that Iโ€™m sure I didnโ€™t _swiped right_ and after using just the Friends page and getting DMs `X and you both liked each other as dates` , it kinda confirms the bug.
Hii, yep that's kind of a limitation since I don't log the match_mode yet, but I will soon and then that'll be fixed
Nice, trying to fix
``` echo html_entity_decode(htmlspecialchars_decode($slack_bio));```
still returns:
```Full stack web developer PHP, Laravel, Vue, UX design & development.

Recently graduated for my bachelor's during my graduation internship at the Dutch Police's Innovation lab.```
super weird
echo html_entity_decode($slack_bio,ENT_QUOTES);
why php be like dis
Oh yeah used that many times
```Full stack web developer PHP, Laravel, Vue, UX design & development.```
Recently graduated for my bachelor's during my graduation internship at the Dutch Police's Innovation lab.
nice works
I've fallen for the exact same thing lots of times a few years back
so weird, i think it does encode them by default tho?
thanks for the report
No problem, you know where to find me if you need more QA ๐Ÿ˜‚
Nice, same here. I think it happens because it also logs your own msg as unseen which it shouldn't. Will fix!
For sure haha also let me know bigger things you see wrong like macro
and missing features etc.
Sure thing!
๐Ÿ› `ย refused to connect.` when trying to access the Neighborhoods tab from any location
Confirming, the neighborhoods tab completely disappeared for me
Hoodmaps is having some DB problems cuz the DB became so big so I need to rewrite some code to make it static
it's already highly static but the thing that breaks it is moving the map to unique lat,lng coords and then retrieving data
so my plan is to pre-generate every latitude longtiude combination and make that static too
and rounding the map move lat,lng up from eg 53.23243, 2.34849 to /static/53-2.json and pre-gen
that can then be cached extra on Cloudflare's CDN and speed the whole thing up so it doesn't hit the server
cause hoodmaps so heavy it's literally taking my other sites down lmfao
Not really a bug, but the lack of threading on this Slack board really reduces the utility and creates a lot of extra notifications. Given how many rules already exist, it might be nice to add some direction and community standards around the mechanics of Slack usage.
Only bug reports please, see title
cockroach Bug reports only please, for member support ๐Ÿ‘‰| Feedback requests in the feedback box on|
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