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We moved away from last pass, come to think of it I need to find it and make sure it is wiped.
Mishandling of PII puts risk of 86 million usersโ€™ private content leaking to China "Four engineers working at a Chinese affiliate of LINE were able to access the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of LINEโ€™s users."

Time for Japanese to switch to Signal or Telegram for messaging apps
so azure is down, like everything.
Even the status pages that are supposed to say what is working is down.
second month in a row with issues on azure, no?
I think it lasted 15-30 minutes, they are not having a good time.
Hi everyone,
I'm supposed to create a webshop "from scratch" (that only serves 2-3 digital products). Found this headless ecommerce platform called commerce.js Do you think it is worth the fees or is it worth to code the backend from scratch? Somebody has experience with the complexity of such a project?
mrgsockvpmxphmmk I have to ask, why?
dsomctprnidmerxro apparently the fees of a hosted e commerce platform are too high for them
They we're talking about 10%
havent checked though, I'm new to this, too
Plus I like the challenge if it makes sense
Shopify is a fixed monthly rate. It's only a challenge in the sense it takes a lot of time.
Also building a store from scratch makes sense if you have sales, worrying about commissions up front is silly.
My guess is this client is under paying you as well. If you want to do it for the experience, ok, but realize this is a wheel that is done.
Okay so I am reading under the lines that its not particularly difficult but quite some work. I assume I am underestimating the complexity, too?
Have you done a webshop using shopify before?
Is this a low-/no-code approach?
Ya, you can add css/web hooks etc..
Also check snipcart as thatโ€™s extremely easy to integrate for custom solutions rwbmcyavvejzzlas
One of the bigger issues for doing something from scratch is that if what they are selling doesn't sell and they drop a bunch of money on you to build something, they will most likely blame you. These types of clients can be nightmares.
This is a rather odd question, but does anyone know why concat in JS doesn't modify array in place and instead returns a new array?
I agree, Chrome is the new IE
wake up sheeple!
Except Chromium is open source. That is like saying linux is the new windows.
Yes the primary chrome distribution is problematic, but you can use other distributions, there is a lot of them.
It doesnโ€™t matter what you can use if the majority doesnโ€™t
the problem is any vendor getting enough market power to set their own standards vs adopting the standards set by committee
Is Google doing that?
Javascript is grasping more of a functional programming identity. Likely same reason map, flatMap, filter, donโ€™t mutate an array. But if you want to mutate you can just use .push(...otherArray).
I am asking honestly btw because AFAIK, Google has been following W3C etc..
I mean you could do push.apply, just push would add the array as an element to the end.
I used a spread operator.
No need for .apply, youโ€™re living in the past
As far as I can tell they are for the most part now, but maybe I only think that because I havenโ€™t had to write a browser prefix manually in years
the screenshot posted from the orange site is mostly concerned with tracking, which while a legitimate concern is a very different issue
and then there is the argument that giving google the opportunity to set their own standards is a problem even if right now they donโ€™t have the motive to do so, because they may in the future
Ya, development vs market share is two different issues. I consider how I am doing web dev now vs how I did it 3-5 years ago, and it is much easier in terms of compatibility. Monoculture etc.. etc.. but man it is way less stressful.
but Google is scrapping third party cookies, they are changing the way they do tracking entirely going forward because the writing is on the wall with these regulations. Cohort tracking is the future.
Essentially instead of individual fingerprints, they throw everyone into some cohort based on environments. Advertisers are nervous because they probably think their ROI will drop, and they are right. However, even if Google scrapped all tracking, people would still buy advertising with them.
The bigger issue for them is ad blocking, not tracking IMO.
and of course it works with TS and is converted.
wonder what other stupid stuff I am still doing now, I have to go do some reading.
Hope youโ€™re using async/await.
does async work with es5?
Pretty sure if you target es5 w/ typescript youโ€™re all set.
But i donโ€™t think es5 supports it natively, no
Embrace, Extend, and eventually Extinguish
Although technically all 3 parts are running in parallel rather than serially like the wording might suggest
Hi everyone! Somebody has experience with adsense earnings? I'm working on a simple blog, currently with very few access, but I'm curious about growing this blog and trying to earn money on it with adsense
gqigmafezex What do you actually want to know? In general to make adsense work, you need a lot of traffic. The type of content you serve matters a lot, financial will pay out more. The average CPM is $0.30 to $2. So if you want to make say $1000/month. You would need about 500k to 3 million page views. You need to pump out content regularly. Generally you won't make money from the blog itself, the money is in the email list. So as you get subscribers, you can hit up your subscribers with offers which will be much more lucrative than adsense.
Also, ad size matters, a large single banner can potentially pay out more than a bunch of smaller ones as it increases competition on the blog/site. I was on a Google special list for awhile because I was making something like $10-12 per thousand.
The reason for this is that the ads were strapped to a well used web app. The challenge is if you can make that kind of money from ads, you are probably good enough to make 20-30x that off subscriptions.
Has anyone here worked on or built fairly complex identity access management / permissions for a saas company at all? Iโ€™m working on a project atm for a HR company and have some questions.
Yeah twice now, both with Cognito, not for the faint of heart
I ended up settling on granular permissions (read-deals, write-documents, create-users) and then each user archetype (agent, owner, accountant) would be assigned a bucket of those permissions relevant to their job
The more you can guard in your application, the easier it is. The more you have to match your permissions to cloud permissions (AWS IAM, Azure GroupPolicy, etc) the harder
I haven't done it but that sounds like a legit nightmare trying to match permissions.
The best permission model I've had a chance to work with is role _and_ action based. You define all actions, such as `edit_foo`, `create_foo`, `delete_foo`, `view_foo` and so on. It's not limited to CRUD, you can have actions for anything you want, really. Then you group actions into roles. Actions are never to be granted directly to a user. You grant roles. And roles can be composed of other roles. Users can have many roles. This is very similar to PostgreSQL model.
I think the term is RBAC?
Also see so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. It's a standalone server, but has libs for many languages.
And if you don't end up using Casbin, you can at least borrow some ideas.
Weโ€™re actually using Casbin, so nice that you mentioned it! Here is the exact scenario weโ€™re discussing in our Eng/product team a lot:

Given a user does not have access to view SSNs but they do have access to complete HR processes (that might contain SSNs), should they be able to see SSNโ€™s in the HR processes?
Itโ€™s a kinda crude example but basically we have a bunch of locations where SSNs might be shown.
But that feels like a product question, not a technology one?
MongoDB for example allows field level encryption, so someone might have permission to view a customerโ€™s details, but the SSN would be encrypted and unreadable
only a user with permission to decrypt the SSN would be able to read it
Thatโ€™s true, yes. Our question is more on whether itโ€™s โ€œnormalโ€ / best practice to change permission to specific data based on its context (not like a standard RBAC format which would be on the users role/s only)
Casbin has ABAC support too, which can be an attribute on the user. E.g. `user.canViewSSN`?
Got it! I'm working on a music blog, just for testing purpose/fun, and I was expecting to earn some money with adsense, but after these tips, I'll probably put some ads from google and focus on affiliate programs
About email list, these offer you said is about affiliate programs, right?
Impressive! That's awesome
Affiliate is one way but the other way is to just setup a shopify store and doing reselling which will net you a lot more. The tech is now in a place you can set all that up and never have to touch anything. I don't know what you want to sell but let me give a cliche example. You run a health/wellness blog and you send out a monthly news letter where you sell scented candles that you have tried yourself and try to hook people with how amazing they smell.
Hi people! Someone know if there are difference between ranking .net vs .com domains on google?
Nice! Thanks for helping!
when the upload is faster than the download.
Gigabit with a lot of users does that to you...
I'm actually interested in how the hell they can provide 50 mbps down in a hotel with 600+ people
That should be more than enough for insta though.
Oh also if nothing else works you can always try patreon.
Everyone complains about insta.
I can download a netflix show on my phone at 5MBps but insta doesn't load a 10 second video
Google has claimed for years there is not
some SEO folks I trust claim that is false, and that google regularly lies about how their PageRank works
I think if you have to choose between a good dot net and a bad dot com, go with the dot net
Users get to websites through search and apps and links and mobile browsers donโ€™t even show URLs anymore
a good domain has never mattered less than it does today
This is exactly my current issue lol
Iโ€™m a huge fan of sites/content producers that rely on patreon.. theyโ€™re much more friendly than ad driven sites
And they can be very successful
Patreon or GitHub sponsors or other similar types.. onlyfans as well.. all good ๐Ÿ˜œ
Yeah sounds like a dns issue to me, or sounds like ISP is doing some traffic shaping/blocking for instagram
You could try using a VPN
meh, donโ€™t care enough about instagram to have a vpn on my phone
mvuwfkau does Instagram work better with mobile data, or sucks on both the mobile data and the hotel WiFi?
mobile data works fine
You can try nextdns .io - simply install their app and can see whether it was a DNS issue - their free plan is generous enough, though I gladly recommend the paid one
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