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oh so they actually allow you to use multiple domains with the free version ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
NextJS is my favorite all-purpose framework. You can generate 100% static pages if you want to, or pages that are partial % static pre-generated with partial dynamic functionality. Plus they have a very lightweight mini backend/api built in that can handle basic server side api stuff.
Always been full stack. Eventually you don't care. Everyone have their preferences. Also sometimes being "forced" to code in a language which you think you don't like might change your mind or at least make you learn something
Also more is good for your CV. As long as you only list language in which you're at mediocre+ skill level.
Who do you query?
If you control both sides, just enable TLS1.3.
In general which client shouldn't mater. They all use the same stdlib afaik. If it's very sensitive you probably don't want node but Rust or some verifiable language, but that should be fueled by serious concerns/demands.
2nd and 3rd party services
To answer the question - I'd use stdlib. Less code, less attack surface
And keep node up to date
You have 2 big surfaces the channel (make sure you disable old SSL protocols in the client aka use TLS1.3 if you can), and the data (sanitize/don't blindly trust)
Maybe someone with more exp can pitch in too
Your advice is solid
any other recommendations should be based on a specific threat model since theyโ€™ll likely be tradeoffs
Because you might want to receive the same material in 2 different languages.
Also love how it's not clear which one of them is the stupid drip campaign.
lols, what website is that?
Such a dream, instantly signing up for 100+ newsletters
is the link for that hashed or can you use that page to subscribe someone to all of those with just their email address
Being a "fullstack developer" and only knowing one language doesn't make sense. In most of the software development projects you prolly need at least JS, SQL and maybe a scripting language for devops, and _usually_ another language in backend with which the business logic is implemented with.

Languages and frameworks are just tools you use and sure there are plenty of jobs even if you only know how to use hammer, but it makes sense to learn skilsaw, drill and even tape measure :slightly_smiling_face:

And what wbpiogpe said before specialisation before generalisation โ€“ yes, if you wanna make a big buck then specialise, but specialise in domains over tools. Meaning if you specialise in computer vision algorithms your market value is totally different than if you "specialise" in JavaScript (read actually you don't know how to use any other tools).
wyzvigkon "full stack" means different things depending on where you are ๐Ÿ˜‚ In Australia, for example, full-stack truly means that you know JS & stuff for FE and then a second language like C/Java (.NET as well) for proper BE work. Someone who knows JS and can do NodeJS + MongoDB for example would be a "senior FE dev"
the gap is usually really narrow... IMO you cannot know everything, I agree with sjvmgmpn that specialisation is key
In Europe, I say I am "fullstack" because I can make & deploy an app by myself (using JS), but obviously, there are FS devs who know 5 languages and could do it better
Mechanical keyboards in coworking spaces yes or no?
Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ Is anyone going through (or succeeded at) the process of finding their first junior developer job? Iโ€™m curious what resources are out there to help people solve this problem. Are there any companies who charge a fee to find you a job, or is there too much competition for that to make sense?
remote or in office is fine as well? pre-COVID junior remote was virtually non-existent (maybe freelance only), I don't know how things stand now
Yeah, so I get the feeling that it doesnโ€™t actually make sense for any company to hire a junior dev (when youโ€™re starting out, you invariably cause more problems than you solve :upside_down_face:).

The weird thing is that thereโ€™s a sudden jump from not getting a job at $30k/year, to having a super flexible job that makes $80k per year with a few yearsโ€™ experience. But my impression is that the โ€œentry levelโ€ junior dev jobs all require 2 years of experience ๐Ÿค” What do people typically do to bridge that gap - if the end goal is working remotely?
> What do people typically do to bridge that gap - if the end goal is working remotely?
I got in-office job first ๐Ÿ™‚ then transitioned to remote. I tried to always be employed but never stopped looking for other positions that would suite me best
Was it easy to find an office job? Were you self-taught, or did you do a CS degree or a bootcamp etc? ๐Ÿ™‚
I think building a network will make it easier to find a job especially a remote one - so trying to build a network on linkedin or twitter could be a shout. Maybe even show the learning process. People might be more feasible signing someone they know from a social instead someone who โ€žjustโ€œ applied
I had a degree so wasn't too difficult
jlrpjvfb If you don't have a degree, or even if you have a degree, a portfolio is important. I would say it nears 95%+ of the time that the junior that will get a job is the one that can show something.
My short stint I walked into a high paid office job and beat out people with degrees because I came in with multiple apps and a game. The world has changed now, most tech firms only care that you can write code.
zoonztdg I know some very big companies will actually hire right out of a bootcamp, I had a friend who got hired into IBM from one bootcamp she took in Toronto. There might be a lot of opportunity if you are willing to work in an office for a year right now with all the people quitting.
I was chatting to somebody at Le Wagon the other day, who seemed to give the impression that most of the โ€œ80% of grads employed in 6 monthsโ€ seem to be unpaid interns ๐Ÿค” Having worked with lots of junior devs over the years, it does seem like they have โ€œnegative productivityโ€. Surely it only makes sense for a company to hire you if youโ€™re going to stick around for a few years?
Itโ€™s probably easier than itโ€™s ever been for a junior to get a remote job, but itโ€™s still a hurdle. Working effectively remotely is a skill that takes discipline and onboarding/training new developers is so much easier in person
but as always the big hurdle in the job hunt is lack of work experience
2 years of experience for entry level is because they hope youโ€™ve gone through university and have 2 years worth of internships under your belt as a new grad. If you donโ€™t fit that model, it gets much tougher
The good news is โ€œanyโ€ work experience in tech counts, whether that be working at a wordpress agency (low barrier to entry) or running your own startup
Outside of really big companies, most small tech companies will not take a risk with a real junior as in someone who never built a project outside of their bootcamp/school. You need to build something or multiple things, this isn't really optional anymore.
If the above wasnโ€™t clear enough, please for the love of god no
from what Iโ€™ve seen, if u did a bootcamp is much easier than self learning.
if self learning, u need to go on freelancing platforms and build up a portfolio and keep sending CVs everywhere
Pretty much all the generations born after like 1980+ have people who have been writing code since they were 14.
Depends on the type of learner you are as well but that is why I think it is important to build something you want to. I can't do the whole "do this exercise" learning, I like modifying example code.
IMO, assuming the example code is actually decent that is better because you actually see how things are built versus throwing an entire database into an xmlDoc because you only know xpath for some reason.
`modifying example code` - this is 80% of a devs work, makes more sense to learn this than to build something from scratch, if u want to work for a company
there are some "silent" mechanical keyboards
yeah, degree doesn't matter that much, what matters is some experience ๐Ÿ™‚ but if you have neither it would be tough, so getting experience is worthwhile and bootcamp might actually be the quickest way
Video proof?
mmm search for switches Gateron Silent, MX Red, MX Speed, Romer G to name a few
I mean they will sound like someone using a keyboard, but don't have that annoying "clicky" sound some switches have...
My Aliaz switches are basically silent.
I don't understand keyboards, but I thought if it doesn't make noise it's not mechanical ๐Ÿ˜„
I don't understand the stigma, people typing hard in non-mechanical keyboards can be really noisy as well
qgpuycvp I'll send you one for your bday ๐Ÿ˜‚
It has been my experience that the loudness of the keyboard is directly proportional to how how loudly the user likes to constantly talk about using mechanical keyboards. ๐Ÿ˜†
^ this.
`the stigma` == have to mute people all the time on calls due to the annoying noise , same in offices.
never caught one in a coworking
I agree, but what I meant is that you can be loud without a mechanical keyboard as well (even louder :joy:)
never saw an example of that so Iโ€™ll say โ€œI doubt itโ€
Iโ€™ve been working from coworkings for 2 years now
I've seen people on calls, people playing videos on their phones, people with Slack sound notifications on... All more bothering than someone typing ๐Ÿ˜‚
I'd say the worse I've been to was Dojo Bali - a great social club, but 0 consideration for others
Dojo is where concentration goes to die
I was paying for dojo just for the social part, never worked from there, horrible place to work from.
Tropical was nice though .
Outpost was also super loud.

In Barcelona and Portugal most coworkings have silence areas or rules , the ones I've been anyway
Yep... I think that's why in Bali these "premium" coworkings are starting to arise
To weed out the life coaches stuck_out_tongue_winking_eyestuck_out_tongue_winking_eyestuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
someone had to say it ๐Ÿ™
I know some basics of html/css and I tried comparing the styles/tags in the Chrome Developer Tools but there are soooo many styles, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good tool to diff the styles as they are rendered
or any other tips
That looks like the container has `display flex;` and thereโ€™s some differences in how itโ€™s laying out the children based on whether youโ€™re in edit mode or not
`flex-direction column;` on the container would turn the bad one into the good one
`flex-wrap wrap;` on the container might also work, assuming the children (the image and the article) have either a width or a flex-basis set
I donโ€™t know enough about wordpress to say why it would differ between read and edit mode, but possibly part of whichever theme youโ€™re using has some CSS in the edit mode that is also affecting your page, which makes it look like itโ€™s good to go until you leave edit mode where that style isnโ€™t being applied
if it's not flex - for me it surely looks like something odd (or additionial/missing css) on the parent component
Hey all :wave:
I am thinking of creating my first but I want to have some head start with a boilerplate code.
I would prefer to work with react, typescript and would prefer something built on top of firebase. Firefly is a good example but it is too simple. Do you have something better?
a first what?
Fill in with "Web site", "Web application" or just "application"
facepalm sorry I missed that part. Let's say SaaS app
Maybe check whether the viewport width is the same when youโ€™re editing and viewing. Itโ€™ll be easier to fix if you can reproduce the bug in edit mode.
Hey guys,

We're trying to build a team in Brazil, do you guys know the best schools where we could do our sourcing?
Anyone else working in Github workflows and actions? I am being forced and hating it. Wondering if it is just me. Seems like you have no parallelisation of steps, caching/artifacts is really slow on top of that so pipelines are awkwardly constructed in sequential steps.
It doesnโ€™t accept valid YAML too so had to use a preparser to expand aliases and anchors so I donโ€™t copy and paste a bunch of code (made worse because of lack of step parallelisation). Iโ€™m pretty sure it is just a bad written wrapper around Azure devops services now.
I use them extensively and really like them - we do parallelisation at the job level where necessary. I did find caching slow when I tried to use it..
example of using matrixes to kick of parallel jobs
probably not ideal but you might be able to use carvel-ytt to generate your action configs to keep things dry (yaml templating)
apparently private runners can significantly speed things up (which may affect caching speed?) - Iโ€™m not sure what scale youโ€™re using things at but could be worth looking into?
I do a lot of GitHub workflows work. I have very mixed feelings about it. I like that it is integrated and UI is nice. But YAML config is definitely shit. This wasn't their leading design and was clearly an afterthought. The beta release was using the same syntax that Terraform uses (the name of the DSL escapes me), and then for the release they went with YAML. I think maybe Terraform DSL was also not a good fit, but clearly this was the last minute switcheroo and they probably didn't have time to cover all the corner cases and that's why we have so much garbage invented syntax in it.
I found a project that I haven't tried yet, that allows you to define GH Actions in TypeScript (like AWS CDK constructs) and then it transpiles to YAML. This might be an ok middle ground at the cost of more build complexity.
Well, thatโ€™s the problem really, a matrix would redownload the cached dependencies from previous steps (around 3gb) before starting each command. And yes we use self hosted runners now but then you are just putting distance between cache and runner which makes it worse.
You have no options for distribution of cache close to your runner either. You can set gitlab runners to use s3 over local network at 100GBPS.
yeah, Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™d use it if we were dealing with large amount of data
if your runners are self-hosted then couldnโ€™t you have buckets in the same region and just cache stuff yourself?
Yup but talk about reinventing wheels. We already had to do it to support trunk based development in Github. Various things like cherry-picking
yeah, there are some really peculiar aspects to it
Yep pretty similar issues to Azure devops
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