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`Trying to figure out where to "settle"` yeah, weโ€™re on the same boat :disappointed:
itโ€™s hard when u have so many options.
Yep, prefer city living, that's a bit smaller than a megapolis and still affordable. I'm from New York originally but would like her to have more of a global perspective than what she'll get in the US school system.
And to be able to speak more than English...It's such a struggle as an adult trying to learn, of all the things in my life I wish I had, I wish I learned languages when I was young.
Lisbon/Porto/Barcelona/Valencia/Funchal (maybe too small for you) /Budapest/Prague

from ur description and cities I know, those are my suggestions.
English spoken everywhere (except government/city all services), international schools, very affordable, cheap and short flights everywhere
Yeah, I'm kind of leaning towards Valencia, I also like beaches, even small ones. I checked out some of the kindergartens in just about every city you mentioned and there was a couple in Valencia and Porto that really caught my eye. Funchal looks fun when we can just travel for a couple of months.
I loved my Madeira stay (3 months).
I really like Valencia but never lived there, but the city beaches are 10 times better than Barcelona.
Porto is awesome (also lived there) but the winters are horrible :joy:

so splitting ur time between Porto, Valencia and Funchal would be perfect
Also a big Ultimate Frisbee player and the Spain/Portugal scene is pretty active and I also like golf, have spoken with a couple of the pros at the clubs around Porto and Valencia to see what's needed for membership and stuff. Really my three choices of cities now in this order are Valencia, Porto, Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung
has the plus of being able to save a boat load of's so inexpensive and nice. My mandarin is crap though, but it's also a great place for kids.
Yeah I think when she's in Elementary school Porto Valencia, Funchal could probably be an option. WIth travel elsewhere when we can.
Barcelona could also be an option but not too sure
I've considered it, I figured once I have freedom of movement back a bit could probably check out other cities in the region.
I lived in barcelona for 4 years, wouldnโ€™t raise my kids there
LOL good to know.
Hey! Software engineer here. What's up?
I'm in that group
omg i was wondering what the hell was going on
What happened?
Jeez just a string of massive service providers having issues the last couple of months
We had like 4 outages the past two weeks. Itโ€™s been a nightmare for the devops team.
Hey remember when we paid all this premium money to cloud providers over self-hosting because they guaranteed us uptime?
yxthqwuxpjfiqtsow a few outages a year is still 99% uptime ๐Ÿ˜‚
(figured this was the better channel for it on second look)
I'm building my own little job board, and was wondering if anyone has a list of job tags they can recommend? I know e.g. lists of bad words repos on GitHub, so looking for something similar for jobs. Or is everyone writing these by hand?
nudypikjailqtp so what I'd do is just take all words from job positions and maybe description and remove the most common English words from
it, then you essentially have tags
For Remote OK I did write most tags myself first because it aggregated/indexed jobs, but now companies write their own tags
Also I manually have to add stuff like iOS and PHP to capitalize it properly
Fair enough, that's what I was imagine I'd end up doing as well. Thanks
check this:
~Seems like a bit of a premature optimization tbh. Any idea how many postings/day will be coming in?~

~I feel like you could manually screen 100 postings in 2-3 minutes. Worth automating at some point though.~

Misread your question - carry on ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Re bad words, if you make the price regular like $299-$399 is now standard, you don't rly get ppl writing bad words
We are building in Flutter
If any technical questions - let me know, I can connect with Babken from our team (4 years on Flutter :upside_down_face:)
sure, where is the catch?
Hey guys, I'm currently optimizing my site to get a better core web vitals score, do they think it worth remove bootstrap lib (or similar) and just use vanilla css/js? I noticed that bootstrap stylesheet file is slowing down my page and getting a bad LCP score (~4s), even loading it async
Yeah I'd still rather just complain about the outage then having to fix it sweat_smilejoy
bootstrap shouldn't be taking 4s to download. not sure if you can post links here but how are you including it?
4s is A LOT
ah. im actually not entirely sure what would be causing that tbh. ypjbhrr is more of a web-vitals expert and may have some insights.
I was checking LCP from other sites... most of them is higher than 2.5s google recommendation (nomadlist, fiverr, nyt, etc)
Hey wyszkrhubpv
Not sure about your setup/server etc. I'm gonna go in order to try to get the time down.

1) You have to remove unused js
2) You have to remove unused css
3) As a quick test, you can inline bootstrap style sheet. (with this technique my score went from 93 to 99 and other metrics improved too).
fpbvjcnjbcq can you send the full URL where you host the bootstrap CSS?
It's fastest these days to self host due to HTTPS2/QUIC etc
Esp if you sign up to Cloudflare (the Free account is fine)
Bootstrap is 20kb gzip + minified so it's not a bottleneck at all
Thanks mywzvwe the point is that you'll probably always have some unused js and css code running a site w/ bootstrap lib
ecarbzqjeg I was hosting bootstrap straight on my server, but now I'm retrieving from jsdelivr cdn (bootstrap 4.6.0) - can't post url here due slack bot
Are you not using any bundle or other told that strip away unused css/js?
Ok, do you use Cloudflare yet? It'll improve it instantly
This "unused code" in web vitals I've always ignored and still can hit 95/100
ydsxkkd I'm not using any tool to strip away unused css/js, any suggestions?
ytewiygvfh I'm not using cloudflare, but I'm getting this bootstrap stylesheet from jsdelivr CDN. I'll try to use it. Are you getting 95/100 for mobile, loading bootstrap lib?
why not just bundle bootstrap with your codebase, use webpack for tree shaking/minification, and not use a CDN at all?
I was doing exactly what you said, using webpack for minification and I was still getting a higher than 2.5s mobile LCP. My score is very good for desktop, but it sucks for mobile.
Nice, sorry to be pushy but why NOT use Cloudflare? It takes 5 mins to setup and will speed up your site 10x
CDNs are not necessary anymore with HTTPS2, faster to self host usually, esp with Cloudflare enabled
No problem, I'll try to use this asap and I'll reply here with the LCP score.
Yes, Cloudflare is a good CDN provider even under the Free plan. It can help u reduce the TTFB, by serving your site with their CDN.

Yes, I agreed HTTP2 is helpful. Old web machanism use HTTP/1, that we havr to combine the CSS and JS script to make the site runs faster. We also use defer/async for some reasons in the past due to HTTP/1 load scripy by script.

The LCP score are higher because mobile device usually dont have a good spec like PC. So, u will see the score higher on Desktop but lower on Mobile. To make improve it, you may try to reduce the DOM usage for content paint. Eg. jQuery

If your contents are static like blog. Use use cache to make it run more faster. redis, memcache etc.. generate some cache file is neccesaary

For making site even faster, a proper config of server is required as well. eg. Nginx(frontend), apache(backend) or something else to make sure it runfaster. use a good hosting could help too.

Some other technique to improve site speed is to offload media files(img, videos, etc) to CDN provider. BunnyCDN is good and cheap

Larger site may consider clusters server, load balancing, but not recommend for most site because of the cost of doing it.
The other things is remove whatever don't need in the page. Eg, HTML, CSS, JS etc. It can slow the the page.
eunrnnijal I followed your suggestion about Cloudflare, but I'm still getting ~3s LCP. Cloudflare is really impressive, improved my response time, thanks for this tip, but I'm still getting this shitty LCP. I'm really curious about others sites getting lower-than 2.5s LCP for mobile w/ bootstrap or similar stuff.
lrpsfbxg thanks for this whole explanation, I'm currently trying to use purgecss to remove unused css.
Nice! Can you send your site URL? DM? I'll try fix
I can't send here, but checkout chordlines dot com
I just checked and the bottleneck is jQuery, which you should host yourself, not from the slow jQuery CDN
your assets (imgs etc) are now Cloudflare'd tho, I can confirm it says cache HIT
the image you load is gigantic though
you should scale it to half or one third teh size
p.s. not saying my site is any better, it's always something you spent a week on and then it's fast for awhile and then you add new features and it becomes slow again etc.
I'd love to plug-in my product here in this context but no I won'tgrimacinggrimacing
lvjnbwsbvv , thanks for helping! Iโ€™ll upgrade to bootstrap 5 and remove jQuery. I already tried to remove jQuery lib, but I didnโ€™t noticed any LCP improvement. Anyways, defer could definitely improve my site! Thanks
Iโ€™m also using, but I think itโ€™s also based on lighthouse tool.
Yes related, no need to remove jQuery, just self host it
Faster due to HTTPS2 w/ Cloudflare caching
On off application works good
It leverage twillio under the hood
The light house recommendations are usually really good. In general these scores revolve around seeing anything at all, third party crap is usually a huge culprit for slowing stuff down.
Does anyone know an open source alternative to| It's a widget that provides a CLI UI for web app functions.

It's surprising that a) I can't find any alternatives to this, and b) that a business based on a single drop-in UI element just raised $4.8M.
I'm checking demo page You're logged in as Jim Halpert, a paper salesman using Salesfarce to manage his sales leads. ๐Ÿคฃ
At core it's just map of text to action and a list widget with search
it's just that they've build a lot around it
If you just need the basic features, it's not too hard to build it
Yeah, it's super easy to build something like this, hence my surprise in points a and b above. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
There is UI to add features, log of searches, probably a bit more advanced text search, integrations, etc
4m for this though I dunno ๐Ÿ˜„
Looks like a decent 1 man project/semi-passive income thing though
They have 4 employees, so it's $1M each, after the $800K launch party ๐Ÿ˜›
๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ ๐Ÿ„
I built an internal web app I use for my business. I'd like to add this functionality, but not important enough to pay or spend much time building.

A CLI interface would save a few seconds/day; it's worth building if it `time saved` ร— `num users` ร— `expected lifespan` exceeds development time, which, for me, it doesn't โ€“ย unless I can find a OSS alternative that I can drop in and get running in a few mins.
Just add shortcuts ๐Ÿ˜„
`a` `b` `type text` `[enter]` done.
Yeah I'm currently using LaunchBar search templates. Is that what you mean by shortcuts?
Kinda what github has
go to GH or GH repo and press `?`
It's a bit more power-user'y
last one looks like the thing you wanted
I was thinking something like
Mousetrap looks perfect for when you need something more than `document.addEventListener('keyup', function (e) { switch (e.keyCode) { โ€ฆ } });`. ๐Ÿ‘
I just like emacs style keybinds like `g` followed by `d` for goto dashboard
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