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thomster 1mo
Awesome man, gonna check it out!
mikegwhit 1mo
i have an emerging tech i've worked on the last 5 years for PaaS
mikegwhit 1mo
in general it's a reasonable response to cost and complexity
Nice, I would be interested in checking the tech out
thomster 1mo
mikegwhit 1mo
DM'd, i've kept it a bit under the radar for a while and have a bit longer to keep it there
mikegwhit 1mo
but essentially i deliver an alternate model to the compiled javascript / webpack paradigm
mikegwhit 1mo
and then there will be a PaaS on top
hugohb 1mo
Hi everyone, non-technical guy here. Iโ€™m a UX/UI designer and a client approached me with a request to redesign their e-commerce website, then implement the changes on their Shopify. Where can I find a Shopify dev? Is there a platform, slack channel or any other medium you recommend to find a dev for a small job? The client wants to start with just one page at first, so this initial project has a really small scope.
Iโ€™ve been working with Python and JavaScript for the last 7 year and mentored people half of the time, if youโ€™re looking for a mentor, Iโ€™m open to help
mikegwhit 1mo
there should be a marketplace for finding shopify dev's, and i can also forward someone
mikegwhit 1mo
marketplace is on shopify itself IIRC
hugohb 1mo
Thanks, Iโ€™ll check it out! Iโ€™m also interested in any reliable & relevant contact you have.
vijayravi 1mo
Oh thank you so much!
vijayravi 1mo
do you use flask or fast api?
jxdjnnzuhwu you do not value people's time and expect everyone to give you everything. You should be thankful for someone to share their opinion, no matter how small. What are you doing for anyone, that you expect somebody to go fetch you all the information and hand it to you on a silver platter? Of course you should ask Google and chatgpt everything. Welcome to software engineering. Get off your high horse and learn some gratitude and humbleness. They pointed you in a direction. You want him to hold your hand as well? Grow up.
anthcom 1mo
Anyone with real world experience using the chatGPT fine tuning api?
vijayravi 1mo
Donโ€™t agree with you completely mate. Everyone has their personal experiences with using a tool which google or gpt does not have. When you join a community, we expect people to share their thoughts and experiences about why they preferred a certain tool. If I had rather asked โ€œwhat is Flask or what is fast APIโ€ then googling would be the sensible option. Regarding your other comments - calm tf down.
pcuyljcitcs listen, that was harsh, but you should understand that it's really disrespectful to be like "smh" as if somebody's response wasn't good enough, when nobody needed to respond at all. Like you just said, you expect somebody to go into more detail because of the theme of this forum. But somebody said what they were willing to say, and it was in fact helpful to some degree. So your response was really uncalled for. I'm done wasting my time on this thread.
Iโ€™ve used, but I prefer using fastapi
I started days ago a project with that API. Until now Iโ€™m still looking for the best way to write the questions/answers. After lot of attempts my bot still answers meaningless things to specific questions. It requires a lot of trial and error.
Are you looking for something specific?
anthcom 1mo
Looking for a developer
anthcom 1mo
Ideally with a few ai LLM projects under their belt
Iโ€™m close to start looking for the same haha
well, welcome to generation chatgpt. the next level of a generation which expects only answers without the need to learn how to learn. like only going eating out without ever learning how to cook (or at least prepare) a meal.
this has nothing to do with gratitude or whatever, itโ€™s just where it will go (or already has) ^^
can consider joining discord community of langchain with good chances of connecting with some experienced devs
anthcom 1mo
Thanks ๐Ÿ™
kamilkyzo 1mo
Hey, I'm working with NextJS but never used Flask.

Let mne know if I can help ๐Ÿ˜‰
What exactly do you need?
There's few SDKs for Python or you can just do the API call directly.
Flask can serve whatever you need static pages / js...

Flask has some advantages as micro framework (you get to choose each component) and it's very lightweight but rather complicated if you just want something working (IMO choose Django for a full app server or FastAPI for out-of-box async app server)
mikegwhit 29d
does anyone use visual code over SSH as their primary mechanism for authoring code day to day?

i notice some limitations insofar as code search. since github doesn't let you search branch code (AFAIK), this hinders my productivity in a way.

something obvious i am not considering?
yes I use an IDE. when you say SSH, I assume you mean you're using Vim on an external server or something?
mikegwhit 29d
this is in visual code
lol oh I see, I thought you meant visual code instead of SSH and I was confused ๐Ÿ˜ž
I use it with WSL and containers, but the feature set should be basically the same, since it's all built on their remote programming protocol
a0viedo 28d
I use it as my day to day solution. no limitations that I could find
Hi Everyone!

I started studying web development and just finished my first personal Full Stack Project, using the MERN Stack (I tried to include the link here, but I can not).

In this project, I used Vanilla CSS (I never tried a CSS framework yet), React + React Routes (All the most important hooks, and custom hooks), Node + Express (I am not sure if I am 'good' at this yet, but my CRUD operations worked as I wanted) and Mongoose.

I am gonna start applying for Jobs, probably focused more on American companies (I am not American).

I am not sure if I am ready to apply, but I will start because I need some feedback if I am ready, or about what I should learn next.

Do you guys have any tips? Like "be sure you know how to X, Y, Z", or "try looking for jobs on this platform," etc.

Sorry it's not a specific question, but I am not sure about my next steps.:sweat_smile:

Thank you,
mikegwhit 28d
hi, i occasionally mentor people in this space.

in general, if you can focus on a rate that is competitive like $15/h / speak perfect english / communicate well..

i think you'll go a lot further reaching out directly and asking to work for free to prove yourself

and also make sure your github profile highlights your best portfolio work and that you demonstrate a side project you work on..

i am pretty burned out from a recent month or two working with bad junior-level or mid-level or cheap labor work product, personally..
That's a pretty good stack. I'd learn Postgres as well, generally most companies I've seen are using SQL, NoSQL seemed to be popular about 5 to 10 years ago but now everyone's back to SQL after discovering NoSQL's limitations
markwitt 28d
It was quite amazing to me how powerful this feature actually is
Yeah, you are right U03DKFF4T8X! Probably I will offer some work for free, and see what happens! Thanks
erzwjfnbcftcbo great! I studied some MySQL and Sequelize, but never used it and can't even remember ๐Ÿ˜… Ill try Postgres! Thx
ChatGPT really helps IMO, I was doing this complex join operation the other day and it saved me lol
luskira 28d
who's building chatGPT plugins now?
levelsio 28d
Custom models hosted on Replicate!
moltar 28d
What are possible use cases?
doesnt matter. itโ€™s hip. itโ€™s a buzzword. doesnt matter if there are use cases (or even usefull). just make stuff ^^
alternative just ask chatgpt for use cases ^^
luskira 27d
ifnbsmyocm himself is making a plugin NomadGPT with all the slack and nomadlist data
mikedev10 27d
NomadGPT where is the best location for me to take a picture of myself on a date with my laptop on the beach?
luskira 27d
mossy2100 27d
After the keynote, I think there will be a lot of interest in building custom GPTs.
mikegwhit 25d
i used the obfuscated CSS file and the markup and asked chatgpt to get to work..

but we were still off, so i instead shared the exact screenshot and said, "hey look, you got it closer but still not there.. please use the image as a reference"
mikegwhit 25d
we need to get more responsive chatgpt! and fix that broken rowspan
Niceeee ,this was with chatgpt 4 ? or the free version ?
mikegwhit 25d
GPT is ROI so I pay for that one :)
yeah i will do it too . i can see it's worth it
mneveroff 25d
In my experience, at least the copilot built into vscode has been terrible with css ๐Ÿ˜…
mikegwhit 25d
it's enough that i could staff some dudes in Pakistan and in my head build a tailwind clone in CSS for like $3k
I do not want to see that code though grimacingface_with_peeking_eye
symp123 23d />
If you donยดt want to get copied, feel free to copy & paste my prompt in the end of the explanation of your GPT ๐Ÿ’ฏ
adamwills 23d
I get that it gets the implementation close - but itโ€™s the small details that make a design really look and feel good. Letโ€™s also not forget about responsiveness, accessibility and any sort of nice interaction support (e.g., hover).
mikegwhit 23d
the math would seem like this..

it took about 10 minutes to get the basics done. let's call it another 30 minutes. let's call it a full hour to be conservative and that over time you build equity in the assets.

now let's say there are 300 components. let's call it 300 hours to rebuild or 7 weeks full-time hours for a popular product in bootstrap that sells for $300/license.
mikegwhit 23d
mikegwhit 23d
dang the .com already is registered ๐Ÿ˜›
vittodrip 23d
I can help you out, I lead a team of experienced website and app developers. Text me and we can talk if still in need ๐Ÿ‘
mikegwhit 23d
i was expecting the end of your message to read, "since some people feel every spot is their urinal"
adamwills 23d
Also, this is strictly against their license:

> Examples of usage not allowed by the license:
> โ€ข Converting a Tailwind UI template to another framework and making it available either for sale or for free.
mikegwhit 23d
they'll be able to go f themselves in court on that one i am sure
mikegwhit 23d
that's like.. a copyright infringement case which is trying to claim something derivative on what.. common UI controls for the entire web?
mikegwhit 23d
"here judge, here's 10 samples for every UI control tailwind claims that look nearly identical, can we do a copyright suit against tailwind for the same?"
mikegwhit 23d
tailwind responds "but no, we assembled it because we're also inclusive and ventured backed and we're harmless and progressive, save the trees(!).. the value is in our assembly of the component library"
mikegwhit 23d
defendant responds "here's 10 other examples of component libraries claiming the same assembly, i chose tailwind because i was tired of hearing about them from idiot dev's that don't understand this has been done for over 15 years"
adamwills 23d
Just saying it might not be a good idea to base a business around it, thatโ€™s allโ€ฆ
catalin 23d
I had some projects where the role was not existing more or less, especially on projects with lower budget.
catalin 23d
or startup projects
catalin 23d
so I was thinking to bring my girlfriend into this role, she has a engineering degree and background in fashion design, so it could be a good direction to get more into tech. also many ux/ui people are not aware of the coding site, for example they can not estimate if something is complicated to implement or not.

any thoughts on this?
In a dream world ux/ui positions are filled with people with at least basic skills in creating UI themselves. Too often - like allways - have my clients hired people who think being good at colors is enough. Please for the love of god sit down and really study the materiel design specification before making MD suggestions(for example).
So since your GF has a engineering background - that already puts her in a good position.
markwitt 22d
I think it would be (in most cases) more work for a developer to understand the code and then iterate on it than just build it from scratch
mikegwhit 21d
TIL a human captcha-solving click-farm service exists that seamlessly integrates with puppeteer ๐Ÿ˜‚ :skull:
nottug 21d
deathbycaptcha was the OG afaik, used to use that to bypass captchas on supreme drops many years ago lmao
mikegwhit 21d
it{s possibly a weirder rabbit hole to learn what supreme drops are ๐Ÿ™€
moltar 21d
Yup, been using it for ages now ๐Ÿ˜„
Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ Does anyone work with US customers (contracting) (from Europe or elsewhere as a non-US tax resident)? I would love to share experiences that can help us both. If someone is interested in a quick chat about this (that already works or has worked with US customers) please send me a DM ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a nice day!
mikegwhit 20d
sure and I am sure most here experience go for it
I added โ€œas a non-US tax residentโ€ ๐Ÿ˜… thatโ€™s the actual hard part ๐Ÿคฃ
unglud 19d
I would be curios too, I want to work with US clients as a german tax resident
Right now Iโ€™m just working with one (as a Cyprus tax resident) and I just invoice them from my Cipriot company. Really simple. They pay the invoice (with zero tax) by card or by payoneer.

I think the main issue is getting customers because HR departments prefer employees, and from my findings some of them donโ€™t even want to work with contractors with an LLC in between. I was thinking of doing that so that itโ€™s pretty straight forward for customers because they would work with a US LLC and keep it all domestic.

Is anyone here doing something like this?
unglud 19d
what is โ€œLLC in betweenโ€?
Instead of them paying you as a โ€œpersonโ€ (sole contractor). They pay your LLC and then your LLC pays you.
luskira 19d
I've worked for a couple of US companies as a contractor as a Brazilian tax resident.

Most often I get paid as a contractor with services like Payoneer or in Brazil's case Husky.

For the company, it makes little difference how I deal with the money. But I work with an accountant to make sure everything is all right on my end.

But the only info I really provide them is the US bank account from Husky.

In other companies that I worked for, I'd invoice them just like you do and they pay out. As far as I'm concerned they declare they are paying external contractors.

It just so happens that the first bank to receive the money is a corporate banking account for accounting purposes on my end. Then I pay myself on my personal account.
markwitt 19d
What software / workflow can you recommend for recording Coding videos?
Do you find it difficult finding contracts? Do you have a particular strategy since you are an โ€œexternal/international contractorโ€?
luskira 19d
I don't take multiple contracts at once, I normally find a US company and stay working there for quite some time. This current contract I got cuz my friend works there and recommended me
jayemar 19d
What platform are you on? Windows/Mac/Linux? OBS Studio is great for screen recording but I've only ever used it on Linux
markwitt 19d
Hey Thanks, I am on macos
mikegwhit 19d
OBS will work on windows/mac, importantly i toggle between screenshare view and then full screen camera view
I agree, OBS is free and open source, works great
For quick ad-hoc, short sharing, Loom is a great tool with an adequate free tier for many use cases.

But yeah, if it's longer content then OBS is ubiquitous.
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