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One way to find out...
> a ton of people will (and are) using it to โ€œwriteโ€ code they donโ€™t understand, and are going to cause a shit-ton of problems for themselves and others later.
This is perfectly fine as long you understand/research how the code works. The rest is taking care during the following:

โ€ข unit testing your code
โ€ข code reviews
I am outspoken about the current state of it, but some people have brought some things to my attention that are worth noting.
1. Like all ML/AI, it is REALLY good at transforms. So switch syntax between, say c#/javascript etc..
2. It's pretty good at finding issues with code
3. There is a certain value of asking it for guidance on how to do things versus actual code.
The actual code it spits out is oftentimes junior and unoptimized. It can use completely wrong algorithms etc..
It's also important if it doesn't know something, it just lies and makes stuff up. So you have to be vigilant.
> it just lies and makes stuff up
Therefore, you have to do your homework hence:

โ€ข unit test your code
โ€ข code review process
Anyways, I am not advocating for people to use if they don't want to. Personally, I will recommend it to anybody who ask me about it. It's a great tool for learners, juniors and seniors depends how you use it
quinn 8d
hyuhonxotl The Slack-Discord bridge seems to be down. The last message from Slack in Discord is Jan 25.
dekim24 8d
out of curiosity I asked it to build an API with some basic parameters I gave it (programming language, API framework, basic data model) and it did a surprisingly better job than I expected, but I would never consider copy pasting that kind of code into my work
dekim24 8d
I've been using it for simple tasks though (basically like several-line functions to accomplish some simple task, where I'm too lazy to look up answers in stack exchange), and using the code as a starting point but knowing there might be errors to fix, and that's saved me some time on a few occasions
quinn 8d
Yandex source code leak includes ranking factors used in its search algorithm.

quinn 8d
Messages from Discord seem to arrive in Slack (the next post, about the Yandex source code leak, I posted in Discord), but not the other way; Discord feels like a ghost town, there's almost no new messages there (it's clear that 99% of the conversation happens here on Slack).
How do you guys track technical depts in your company?

A bit of context, weโ€™re working on a MVP for a startup, we have to take decisions and sometimes those decisions were wrong (can be multiple reason, functional spec changes, wrong assertions etc..).
Iโ€™ve identified some areas in our code where I could they we accumulated dept.

Iโ€™m trying to find a way to document it soy devs are aware of what I see as dept and try to control it and avoid it to spread in others areas.

I was thinking about populating another wiki page but Iโ€™m not sure this will be efficient ๐Ÿ˜…
roger 8d
Do you mean technical debt? Iโ€™ve found to be useful. It doesnโ€™t tell the whole story but a decent job of detecting duplication and ball-parking complexity.
moltar 8d
1. Document all debt as open issues
2. Provide time to pay back the debt
Repayment can be either as one day a week or full sprints to pay back some chunk.
I would suggest to first identify some metrics that the technical debt is hindering the development speed, progress and productivity.

If you cannot come on with some tangible metrics on why this is happening due tech debt, then it's probably not the moment to tackle it...specially if it's an MVP that you might throw away or pivot eventually.. if it doesn't work
Itโ€™s not really about duplication, is more about architecture decisions.

For example:

we decided to hide from our domains that all our entities are versioned and deal with that in our repositories.
Now some domains actually require those versioning information.
Moving all the logic back to the domains seems a huge effort for this MVP. So I donโ€™t want to tackle that now. I want to find a way to explicitly state it somewhere so people are aware of it. Understand this weird interaction and do not add more of this mistake in other places.

Maybe open issues can solve that, Iโ€™m not sure everyone will be exposed to this issue tho.
Thinking about it issues can be a good place, every devs go through git so it will be popping for them
moltar 8d
Create an issue. At mention everyone involved. Add checkboxes for every dev to check off that they read it. Also do a group call if itโ€™s a major issue and explain it.
Iโ€™ll try that! Thanks ๐Ÿ™
edward_ 8d
Depending on the size of the issue, they can be also projects and if possible part of a roadmap, otherwise do a triage system or something so these issues are not accumulating substantially (interesting enough, the perception of Issue vs Project affects this and the importance of actually fixing something in the mid term as opposed to just throwing it under the bed)
We also have created issues for tech debt. This way its trackable along with all of our other tickets, and we can pull it in and work to resolve it when we have bandwidth.
nomador 7d
Chat GPT is going to take our dev jobs soon? I have replaced stackoverflow and google with it, some times Iโ€™m bored to think or search documentation, I ask it directly to write the code. It cannot (yet) build something complex, but definitely the junior devs will not need me anymore to ask questions like how to do this on the x platofrm..
I think yes, but not in the next couple of years. I like the idea that in future everyone will know how to code with the help of AI, programmers will be like handypeople to repair whatโ€™s broken ๐Ÿ˜„
nomador 7d
That sounds like we need to change jobs in 3 years ๐Ÿ˜
rbgk 6d
Slowly at first, then all at once.
If chat GPT can figure out legacy systems and code, but probably not for a long time. It's very different go from write a new project from scratch to writing complex piece of software with dependencies.
Also, for the most part, it is stupid. Almost all the regex it generates is broken; a lot of the hype revolves around people not verifying results. It could be more like a calculator, a supportive tool, not taking our jobs. Things like| are a more significant risk of taking your job for a lot of stuff.
rbgk 6d
For now
Self-driving is less complex than writing code for the most part (stay on the road, don't hit things), and they still don't have it figured out. I am not dismissing the idea, I just think the timeline is probably longer.
rbgk 6d
To start itโ€™s just about making programmers more efficient, cutting team and company sizes
rbgk 6d
But the efficiency will keep increasing
rbgk 6d
So while it might not make programming as a job disappear, it will make a lot of programming positions disappear
Ya but that has always happened, you either move up or get pushed out. Like people who only knew html/css at the start of the internet.
Induced demand is also a hard thing to predict, it could lead to more programming jobs.
rbgk 6d
Until one day itโ€™s just a single programmer / product manager type having a collaborative chat about the next release
So because programming becomes easier, it pushes the wages down so company's hire more developers at their same budget and just do more.
If you are predicting the future there is a good line I have heard. "If it's rational, it probably isn't honest, and if it's honest, it probably doesn't seem rational." I think that tends to be the case for tech a lot more often than not, so the rational thought is "AI will replace our jobs" but the honest answer might be something that doesn't seem rational to us right now.
Losing our jobs would force us into new careers, but it could be way worse, we could just see massive wage slashing.
but really this all preventable if we collectively just all start spamming github etc.. with terrible broken code.
Personally I am not very impressed by ChatGPT. On the surface it's shiny but in reality it's just a better dumb chat bot.
I think eventually it'll be good at generating a lot of boilerplate and simple code, leaving more time for more complex tasks which in the end will mean more skill and more $$
No, it won't take our jobs for the next 10 years at the bare minimum. It will(and it's already) making us more productive.
manu 6d
It also can't come up with specs. Specs for programmers are usually incomplete and they figure out the details. For the AI, you need to give it the specs to get a good result.
manu 6d
I thought about outsourcing programming for my own services sometimes. But by the time I have written down the specs in detail and iterate on them, I might as well write the code.
manu 6d
So this will affect the lower end jobs that just implement ready specs first. If your job includes specing features and any kind of domain knowledge, it's probably safe for now. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Outside of coding with things that don't require perfect engineering precision, it is really good. That's why it can pass medical exams/MBAs etc.. If the test was to produce accurate functional code, right now, it would fail.
Here is something I am working on right now and trying to make a decision about, "I am looking to implement live connectors which would pull in third-party data from different sources. Should I do the data pulls client-side or sever side and what are the benefits and draw backs of both?"

It's response
There are benefits and drawbacks to both client-side and server-side data pulls.
Client-side (JavaScript) benefits:
โ€ข Reduced server load
โ€ข Faster response time for the user, as the data can be fetched and processed asynchronously in the background
โ€ข More control over the user experience as the data can be directly manipulated by the userโ€™s browser.
Client-side drawbacks:
โ€ข Security concerns, as sensitive data may be exposed if not properly secured
โ€ข Limited by the capabilities of the userโ€™s browser and the userโ€™s network speed
โ€ข More complex code and difficult to debug, as code must be executed in multiple environments.
Server-side (backend) benefits:
โ€ข More secure, as sensitive data can be kept on the server
โ€ข More control over data, as data can be pre-processed and transformed before being sent to the client
โ€ข Scalable and can handle large amounts of data
โ€ข Easier to debug as all processing occurs on a single server.
Server-side drawbacks:
โ€ข Increased server load
โ€ข Slower response times as data must be fetched, processed, and then sent to the client
โ€ข Limited control over the user experience, as data must be sent to the client to be displayed.
In general, server-side data pulls are the safer and more scalable option, while client-side data pulls offer faster response times and more control over the user experience. The best approach will depend on the specific requirements of your project.
The thing about the UX is a little odd though because even if you fetch the data through a server, you could still do modification of it in the browser.
nomador 6d
It responds well to well defined questions, e.g. make an authenticated request on javascript to perform an order on binance futures. Or how to sort an array or filter etc.. things that i remember junior devs were expecting other to write them
Also I think client-side pulls would be more scalable because there is no scaling.
nomador 6d
The response to above is clearly up to you. Chat gpt can write good code to well defined questions, but you have to ask chunk by chunk for the code. You will still have to design architecture. Perhaps can write function by function etc.
But it also does strange stuff as well, a common thing drop items from an array based on logic, the best way to do this is go backwards through the array but it gave me a response of going for and doing i++ which is super junior.
The other issue is consistency, if I ask for an email verification function, I have had it given me different regex for the same question.
nomador 6d
I asked the same above and it did it backwards ๐Ÿ˜‚ yes you have to check the answer, and sometimes you need to redefine your question to get a correct answer. But donโ€™t forget that this is a product that is going to improve, and more like this will appear as well
Well, we will see if it improves; it might get worse. This isn't like other code, where improvements are made by the developers; this a training model that puts data through a blender. The only possible way it could improve is for the model to improve and seeing that this thing has already consumed pretty much all of github, the only way it could really be improved is if all the data fed into was manually curated.
Or some how appending data with different weights.
That's the big joke, developers don't actually know specifically why things happen, they can reason about it, but they aren't writing code per se.
Imagine telling ChatGTP to develop code for something like Twitter and deploy it to the web so it goes and does it all on its own and presents it to you. Then you find bugs, so you tel ChatGTP "When signing in, the regex used for email verification has XYZ bug in it", so ChatGTP goes and fixes it on its own. Then you continue testing the site and ChatGTP continually fixes all of the bugs you find. Then it has problems scaling, so you continue with this process until you have a seemingly bug free, feature rich, scalable Twitter clone. Then you get to look under the hood and see the code. What do you think you'll find?
if(regex1) return true
if(regex2forBug) return true
but on the plus side... maybe commented?
spaghetti code?
Chat GPT hold my beer.
So it's not a problem of ChatGPT but how much popular open source projects are written
^ that's what I meant about i++
React project is even using `var` , if I ever do that in my job I might be stripped and parade nude while chanting shame.
let is es6, so anything pre es6 would use var. I sometimes forget because I was writing JS before es6, but the people you work with sound annoying.
It's a joke, nobody would care at my job ๐Ÿ˜† Also, we have a linting on CI/CD so it would be automatically flagged anyways
I am still transpiling to ES5 from TS because I still have users on ES5.
let still works, it just creates another local var.
Yea 100% of coders jobs will be replaced by ChatGPT source trust me bro
Hey, everyone. What are the best resources (free/paid) for a designer who knows a bit of code to learn iOS development? />
This is for you haha, it's by a designer who shows you how to make Swift and React apps
Although personally I'd look into Flutter, you can build for both Android, and iOS (as well as web and desktop if you want to later on)
I haven't looked at native recently but it feels like for a lot there isn't a need for native anymore and most the reasons to do it are now gone (performance, UI smoothness etc..)
If you consider Visual Studio Code which everyone loves is a web app, that pretty much settles the UI argument IMO.
VSCode is so slow
Is it?
I use it because of the extension support but yeah I'd use vim in general
Yeah it can lag a lot on large files
Is it slow everywhere or on Mac?
Idk about Mac but on my beefy desktop it can still crawl sometimes
I am still stuck in VS because of legacy stuff, but my dev partner has been pushing for me to switch.
Yeah it's good for what it does
Vscode is only slow because of the typescript compiler trying to keep up. Working in typed languages and wanting IDE support and dev ergonomics, my expectations for IDE speed are very low but vscode has been the best imo.
dactrtr 1d
as a designer thats also learning i strongly recommend the websites mentioned and this one| also at discount) these books are great visual guides when you forget something and also for learning, the 100 of swift ui its really good, I recommend starting there and then move to another resources, used to have a subscription for designcode but at some point was kinda just to look how Meng do his code, another rrally good source its Sean Allen(youtube) and a few guys on twitter (sarunw, dimillian, flowritescode, twannl) also If you want to ship to every platform flutter its kinda similar to swift (designer perspective) and could be more convenient, i prefer swift cuz well i just like it muscleskin-tone-3
woooow, thanks a lot guys. It will help me a lot.
Spotted in the wild, a reddit comment saying they have tried Google's new Bard AI and it is significantly better than chat GPT.
Do you think Bard will take our jobs? /s
Apple built an iPad app โ€œSwift Playgroundโ€ to teach beginners how to build apps but I donโ€™t know what itโ€™s worth
luisrieke 17h
Will there be a programming interface like Github Copilot for Bard AI / Google's AI?
uiyimfzcyrxgiryp I am just going to go ahead and learn how to hunt rabbits and live in a forest now.
Feel like I will be pretty dedicated if I am escaping AI over lords.
Next time, I will ask Bard/ChatGPT if wearing a Rambo-like bandana/knife increases our chances. Will keep you posted โค๏ธ ๐Ÿงฃ ๐Ÿ”ช|Google's Bard shows incorrect information in its launch ad>
so much for taking our jobs
Interestingly, Google cares about accuracy so much just for information, and yet everyone applauds Tesla when its mistakes literally kill people. Google will be ok.
Google Maps has similar issues but they have such good feedback systems it fixes very fast, I wouldn't be surprised if they figure out something similar with bard.
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