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Comparable? You mean a commercial project?
They don't check if you are making money or not. If you are building something just use the hobby plan and start. If eventually your project makes money and you can pay the next plan do it :)
No I have similar solution to vercel
I maybe didn't make that clear
It just deploys ya to S3..

Question what about DNS and vercel? I think they want you to transfer your domain to them? Is that right? That sounds painful if so..

What are the pain points basically?! 😅
I don't need to compete with Vercel I am probably gonna distinguish marketing to the alternate ideology people since they now ban people for anything these days but I have to evaluate that and a few other strategies
The DNS you can use your own nameservers or vercel ones. And I think the pricing is up to you.
Vercel also has some automation in their api I think.
And they also have some projects in the examples that have a one click deployment button.
You press one of those in the examples and you have a Shopify with nextjs frontend in a click. And stuff like that
Also Amazon S3 is more for image and files storage. Is not the same as vercel.
Why would anybody pay for it lol
Or they’ll pull a slack and make it real expensive to pay for it sounds like
I have the equivalent of service hosting but they're two separate pipelines
anybody here tried “Diffusion Bee” yet?
It claims to be a stable GUI for M1.
One click installer
Am I the only one whose commit messages slowly degenerate in quality and detail as the day progresses?
Something breaks, what did you change? What is "stuff"
git commit -m "git commit -m" melting_face
git commit -m “wip”
g cm “up”
g m “squash”
what did break? “fix images not loading” and you have context in 2 months 😉
expressing it also allows you to reflect why you did that and why it matters
Cool, how is it compared to a monitor?
Too useful, too many characters.
Yeah. Without `rebase -i` I'd look like a fucking idiot if someone saw my history.
Tend to work on something that ends up inter-tangled for about a day sometimes, and then go back and move it to a branch, and then start breaking out discreate fixes/features from it into atomic branches to merge in a sane sequence, and fixup the commit messages at the same time.
☝️ Especially if you run `bisect` a lot.
Question, have any of you put the cloudflare CDN through the ringer, do they throttle?
Like a portable monitor? It's much better bc it has the retina display, it's a standalone device, shares apple ecosystem features... I could go on
A high end portable monitor will cost $300+ so iPad Air being around $500 is much better for the money
From reddit, I’ve read that some site owners have been fine doing 2 million requests with 50GB of cached data per day on the free tier
it's good to have use cases separately. no, you don't need separate domain entities right now, but you might need them when system grows
Who knows a minimalistic (paid) ticketing service for customer support tickets.
Just need
• online form (text and screenshot upload)
• custom domain
• simple issue tracker
Maybe|Helpscoutbr />
Not sure what the issue tracker part means but its a simple yet effective solution and not as complicated as Zendesk and others out there.
That's the one, thanks U031VDLR743!
I am doing 5 to 10 and around 500mb to 1gb per minute. It seems to be swallowing it though.
Anyone knows if it's possible to have Apple Mail change the “disposition” in the attachments when using an external SMTP server?

It seems like the default behavior is to set “disposition inline” and I need it to be “disposition attachment”

Couldn't find anything on the settings or apple community.
hi just writing docs for a similar product, is it called static assets when you define what assets your frontend app (css and javascript) sends to the browser on load?

i know there is the concept of what you import and then webpack traces that stack, but this is when you specify some external resource. is that just called “static assets” ?
yes, the css/js/image files you ship are sometimes called static assets. sometimes however it’s just the stuff that doesn’t go through your webpack pipeline - so it’s truly static in the sense that what’s in your repo is shipped in exactly that way to the browser
depends on your point of view. from browser point of view all the css/js is static. from the build pipeline pov it’s not
Have you tried adding the attachment via the paperclip button rather than dragging it into the message body?
I seem to recall that used to work at some point.
HTML is also sometimes classed as a static asset from a CDN perspective even though served HTML is often changed.
Yeah, did lots of tests but that didn't work either.
Hi! Not sure if this is the best channel but asking for help my team is preparing a mock ecommerce site to present some technical features, and I need to help populate the site with products. Do you know any free or paid asset libraries where I can find product options (e.g. t-shirt sizes, colors, etc)? I’m thinking of something like Unsplash but for ecommerce entrepreneurs and businesses? bonus points if it’s for clothing products (but it can be other types of produts as well).
i think there’s a few JSON API’s with lorem ipsum data.
just google “JSON API lorem ipsum”
Thank you!!!
Use GPT-3 & DALL-E to generate content?
Has anyone here dabbled with PSHTML?
in the event anyone is on desktop and would like to give some of my open-source library docs some read
of course if there are any glitchy things (i only tested in chrome on mac) lemme know.. likewise if any of it is hard to follow.. content is still WIP
I'm hitting a wall when using jest+typescript, does this ring any bell to anyone?
I think installing ts-jest isn’t enough. You also need to adjust the config file to include it as a transpiler.
shouldn't `jest --init` do this automatically if it has actually already asking me the question "Would you like to use Typescript for the configuration file?" (to which I answer yes, obviously)
I think the question just asks if you want your config to be in TypeScript.
I have no idea what the output config looks like.
But if you follow the directions in the ts-node docs it should work.
> You can also use the jest --init command (prefixed with either npx or yarn depending on what you're using) to have more options related to Jest. However, answer no to the Jest question about whether or not to enable TypeScript. Instead, add the line preset "ts-jest" to the jest.config.js file afterwards.
oh, those docs look indeed more specific to typescript, thanks, will check them out
Yes there are independent projects.
However, answer no to the Jest question about whether or not to enable TypeScript -> holy shit, UX is terrible
ts-node isn’t part of the Jest project. It’s third party.
most common way now is use babel, transpile ts and run jest after
Bot deleted link, but you can try find reference by yourself in CRA main/packages/scripts/utils/createJestConfig
OR you can try pretty hype tool “vitest”, I’ve heard some good reviews on it, may be they handle ts from the box
Hey, Is there any chat bot abstraction SDK or framework something similar to Universal Infrastructure as Code frameworks?
Basically looking to build telegram [and Whatsapp chat bot] bots.
IMO jest and babel aren’t a very good fit.

Best is actually to use dqcvtwzobb which uses a rust transpiler. The downside is that it doesn’t do type checking but imo it’s not a problem. We run the whole project thru tsc in CI to ensure type safety.
There are also esbuild based jest transpiler. But it seems to be a bit more finicky.
following your guide it worked yxexablc thanks; maybe you wanna reply to my stackoverflow answer to get the points?
+1 for vitest. Jest is a trash fire. Vitest is much better.
I think Microsoft had bought a product that does this and integrated into Azure, can't remember the name (bot framework or something), it makes it quite easy tk add multiple providers like FB messenger with a couple of clicks but you're tied to Azure infrastructure
Hi all, I'm looking for .Net Development Consulting Services, does anyone have any recommendations? Preference for EU companies. Thanks
qtmcvdirrai Check this repo out - Hope that helps
It just means you have no `current_user` in the session. I think this is because the route is expecting you to be logged in to call this API
`current_user` is a helper variable set by the Devise gem and it represents the current logged in user
I thought that earlier as well - I tried both logged in and logged out, with Google auth and devise login. When I'm logged in the error becomes a table not defined error, when I'm logged out its nomethod - I tried breaking it in other ways, seems like it's something to do with _listing_
Just use Framer Motion and call it a day

GSAP is way too complicated and old-school compared to Framer Motion, react-spring, etc
Did you figure this out? Can you share what your routes.rb file looks like?
Yeah I did - see the edit in the original post. It was a typo LOL
😂 ok good. Glad to hear it
Has anyone went through the effort of getting off of AWS/Azure etc.. via COLO. I was recently looking at the hardware cost of blades etc.. and was surprised how far they have fallen.
I do a lot of cloud and on-prem (colo, data centres, etc). There is a big trade off going to colo and that is agility. You'll have a set amount of resources and will need to manage a lot of things yourself that AWS, etc would otherwise take care of for you. It's fine if you have a stable app that doesn't change much in terms of patches, network and compute utilization, etc.
Hey. I do .net development and consulting. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you need help wirh. Based between the UK and Singapore. but we don’t do unity 3d. Just mentioning that as noticed your company in your bio and saw it did 3d software.
Thanks bxkojckicmyfjsw this is not based on unity but somehow similar 3d platform.
I'm doing something in the middle with a VPS, mainly DO now but gonna move to hetzner as the DO machines are pretty anemic for their prices given hetzner. Hetzner for ex has a 2-core 2 gb ram system for around 5 bucks while the DO droplet has 1 core and 512 MB RAM
Colocation is always cheaper than cloud when you exclude labor. Things like dead disks, remote hands, firmware updates, etc. can eat up a lot of time. You also have to deploy your own automation and asset inventory. I've done projects on both colo and aws so I have a pretty good idea of what's involved
There's services like Hetzner and Equnix that can give you the best of both worlds, bare hardware and an API to deploy it
What's the best self-hosted platform-as-a-service? Something where I can git push and it auto deploys the app. I've been using coolify () and it works great, has a GUI and auto git deploys, compared to Dokku
You can self host supabase, it doesn't do apps and deployments like coolify does but it's a pretty solid platform
stvccbrtohczqbvgzk Fly is not self-hosted is it?
oh sorry missed that
yeah for that i used dokku ages ago, but was so much effort
Oh ok. Sorry wouldn’t be able to help with 3d. But if you need anything server related please let me know :)
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