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People are scared that these are places where you go off and never come back as the rules for entry is that you're no longer allowed to contact families. This is again with hope to not condem whole groups of families who are still in isolation together due to CNY.
contact as visit or contact as phone, etc?

The main frustration is most people aren't putting themselves in the situation of what they would do and are expecting flawless and calculated actions in an environment where a virus is constantly changing and information is becoming available. What is happening now in China is a reaction that most countries would encounter. PPEs aren't stockpiled around the world, there a huge lack of tests, in some countries they're incapable of running any test in fact and are sending tests abroad. Healthcare anywhere would crumble under the numbers. The same need to prioritize reagent tests on the dead vs living would occur too. Reagent or test kits being needed to confirm fatalities are those of virus...
Massive evil things happening bandwagon is much easier than trying to look at the human aspects of making the discussions under the lack of preparation.
Because it's China that doesn't disappear. #endpreach
Can't find source for this to share. Just visualise a megaphone guard stipulating rules of entry of no freedoms to leave as the intention is to quarantine, contain spread. No family visits because infection risk.
just got to that chat now but thanks for typing up all this and keeping us updated lfvwnymdmqwyl
I have to spend 3h in an airport in Bangkok, I forgot my masks I'm stressing out
You'll be good - experts say hand washing + no face touching is more effective than masks.
jmqxnuuewzte ask, there might be free masks being handed out by staff somewhere
Yeah it's mostly placebo but a damn effective one tbh
<@U03TWFWKX> tried a few times to no avail
hcewnkypuzco wash your hands with soap a lot and don't ever touch your face
If you itchy put your face in your upper arm to scratch it thats what i do
usuajotbnudk time to make a sign and sit and panhandle for a mask.. be the best begpacker you can be!
Alcohol sanitizer is sold out everywhere too
But soap is everywhere
Don't touch door handles
Press soap and sink buttons with elbow
Press elevator buttons w elbow
Open door w feet and if pull door open w paper tissue
Corona can survive up to 100h on surface
ATMs are very difficult
I try use back of my hand for it and then wash soap after
sngevogsgh udvwsgaakqfiiyhhlfs mentioned a cool trick of using a car key or the back of a pencil to press ATM buttons before
yhjktmopv nice yes i use room key card to press elevators etc
Or phone
No worries xweoz ๐Ÿ™
Speaking of tricks. Seen a few people now (including ourselves) use a normal lighter or slighly modified lighter for buttons. The modification is to put a single thick metal wire over the flame, so you press the button with the metal and then burn off whatever it touched with the flame. Wire saves you twisting the flame around the lighter and burning your fingers.
That's brilliant.
Saw a video of that
I always have wet wipes with me. Wrap my finger in the wet wipe, use atm / pull door, dispose of dirty wet wipe, wash hands at next opportunity.
Are they alcohol wet wipes?
Ah just to cover finger got it
They have isopropyl methylphenol in them, can easily get them in cosmed and watsons.
isopropyl methylphenol is like 75% alcohol, good against bacteria, not the best against viruses. Ideally you want 99% to kill viruses, but better then nothing and can still keep you clean when you're without sink and soap
bleach > alcohol
rasyltowrs Like you suggest, I elbow pretty much everything nowadays. But now I am worried that my elbows are virus infested. I come how and touch my bed with elbows and then my face goes onto it... Turtles all the way down.
Nice if you can find it, anything marked as "Kills 99.9% of Viruses" is in pretty rare supply here though.
I suppose I would use my knuckles than elbow, easier to wash
Wow I didn't think the Philippines would enforce the travel ban on Taiwan but they are.
150,000 Filipinos work in Taiwan.
Thatโ€™s surprisingly pro-China of them
To classify Taiwan as part of China
Italy and Vietnam also included Taiwan in their flight bans but at least Vietnam rescinded it.
It's 100% because the WHO classifies Taiwan as part of China. Politics before health.
Oh I see Duterte is apparently warming up to China these days
ktdsqhqvq Duterte playing 2 sides, US and CN smart guy
Like the Thai did with US and RU/FR etc
Yeah, itโ€™s the smart move
that's genius
Should I ask my family to send me some box of chirurgical masks and/or n95 masks and/or alcohol sanitizer to Singapore? Iโ€™ve honestly been doing a poor job of taking care so far and I canโ€™t really buy any of this anymore here.
Hows the general situation in SG? Is it business as usual but with more masks or are places closing down etc? A friend of mine is contemplating if he should cancel his week long holiday trip there.
A week seems like a bit much for _just_ a holiday there at the best of times
Last I heard (this morning) it sounded like the virus had "just landed" in SG and nobody is sure yet what the impact will be
I would still take the trip personally
Can you imagine a world in which you KNEW everyone else had good hygiene and washed their hands thoroughly after using the bathroom each time?
Advice is mixed still. I'd personally still wear, it's aggressively encouraged in CN and if it doesn't protect you (that's the mixed part) it at least protects others if you're sick.

N95 as I understand are less comfortable but can be reused more, surgical upto 4-5 times if you've not come into contact with people but generally recommended you throw them away after 4+ hours of use. There is also apparently a period of time to take the masks off before adding another as use for long periods isn't recommended either.

But as people have pointed out, there seems to be more benefits with hand washing and avoiding touching your face (without cleaning hands aggressively before hand). With that in mind the sanitizers could be useful.

All that depends also how much you're going outside as the mask reuse issues or lack of ability to wash hands regularly will impact what you'll benefit from most.

Gloves would a sensible buy, either throw away or ones you can deep clean every use and depending on how extremely protected you want to be, googles.
Isn't there nearly 50 confirmed in SG? If you exclude the cruise ships. SG is top 3 in confirmed cases at the minute.
Keep an eye on Nepal
Iโ€™m still holding strong in south malaysia right by border of singapore haha
if it gets worse iโ€™m gonna leave
even though thereโ€™s been a few cases in johor bahru malaysia
Thanks for your advice!!
i just left SG
just landed in EU ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ yay
no masks to be seen here
also nobody couhging thoug
i dunno if it was placebo but everyone in Asia was coughing like a madman
ilcjerkuxbymgxtigef can you imagine a world where there's sinks outside everywhere so ppl can wash their hands without going into a dirty ass bathroom ๐Ÿ˜›
My least favourite thing ever are those dumb, tiny sinks that have become fashionable, where thereโ€™s hardly enough space to rinse your hands without touching the sides.
Also, those dumb Victorian plumbing taps.
Paper towels help solve all of this, as you can use them to turn off the tapsโ€ฆ but if thereโ€™s no bin near the door, Iโ€™m throwing them over your floor when I leave. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
zwxpznrmyu how long were you at the airport? iโ€™m transiting through singapore later this week as well. i hope to be able to find some quiet spot away from people but idk how realistic that is.

also, with the coughing i feel like some of it has to do with pollution too. iโ€™m in vietnam right now and have barely left the apartment, but whenver iโ€™m out i come back with a sore throat, and iโ€™d be coughing for a while.
oqrlsarlraf i was at sg airport about 4 hours, was hard to avoid ppl, wore mask at all times
my brother in the us is sick + coughing, looks like flu
i asked my dad if they're testing for corona, he flipped out at me for even suggesting the possibility
i guess one way to not see increased cases is to not test
nxsqhuz i feel like this is the case a lot
you could also make your own, check cdc guide diy from cdc - wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/12/6/05-1468-f1|https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/12/6/05-1468-f1
These next months are going to suck for me, because i have a really sensitive throat and get the coughs every year
Now everyone is going to think I have the virus
Just don't fart.
youtu.be/5faOFdMfti8|https://youtu.be/5faOFdMfti8br />
Expert panel on the COVID19. CDC, Ex. White House Ebola Response Coordinators, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, etc o the panel.

Just happened a few hours ago.
what do they say, whatโ€™s the main idea?
It's 4am here so haven't watched everything.

Some snippets:

In general vaccine takes 5-8 years. Yet they're doing okay on starting their trails time wise. Without glitches they expect vaccine trails 2.5 months away but phase 1 and phase 2 trails take a year at best. This is explained more in depth as to why on the video. After that year the challenge of production is as hard as the vaccine is itself. They didn't discuss timescales on production.

Highlighted that Singapore is seeing community spread, positions may change now to focus resources away from prevention of access to more on mitigation of everyday risk to people. Hinted as same approach elsewhere may follow.

Disagreement from panel on travel ban approach in US gov. They delve into explaining the challenges of US specific health care and that preparing for pandemic is especially complex. Privatisation, local state governance, small town infection and hospital care all very hard.

Double standard massaging throughout from everyone that it's low risk but absolute risk of pandemic and delves deeper into areas of concern then reasserts low risk. Mostly because they've not got clusters yet.
Measures discussed in possible outbreak, big emphasis on social distancing. Tele working, tele school, tele medicine.
(tele is remote?)
Occasional stabs and heavy hints at gov funding and the need for more. One positive was vaccine can be accelerated as with trials but at the cost of "many many 100s of millions" in funding with something that could ultimately fail and is a gamble. If successful could be used as soon as it becomes available.
Some discussions on CFR (Fatality rates) but very little info seemed available to them and didn't want to speculate. They did say do believe less than 2%.
Also a call in there to China for more information.
Hope that's a reasonable tldr. Compared notes with others watching the whole thing and that's most of the areas covered. Goodnight all.
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