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There was a guy way back in May 2020 in this chat saying how he was immune since he had gotten rona. I hope he is ok
I mix with a lot of nomads in Bansko, the feeling I get is many are vaxxed, but there are not too many direct discussions on it as I guess it can be a divisive topic.
I have met some who are anti-Covid-vax for whatever reason, but again they don’t shout about it.
My Uncle got blood clots and had 2 heart attacks after the Vaxx, but recovered, my father had a very mild case of the ’rona months after his vaxx.
Swings and roundabouts.
Sorry to hear. Do you know which shot they got? AZ?
But I think its mostly OK, just a few instances of blood clots from what I understand…
but I guess that sucks if its you...
it's calculated voluntary risk taking, the nice thing about vaccines imo. you're not taking chances but rather consciously forego small risk of a vaccine instead of potential bigger losses. which I think works in other directions for antivaxx folks, they would rather take their chances
Got mine today, thanks for all the help & info. Here’s my datapoint

• Submitted docs August 21 (Sept 3 arrival, zone 1, no confirmation email)
• Received email w/ PDF certificate on August 31
I was vaccinated in Montenegro, but they wrote my name wrong on the Certificate (they exchanged a letter, “Marselo”)

Will I have problems at airports because of this? Or is it okay since they verify the passport number?
I highly doubt anyone will care, misspellings like that are fairly common with travel documents in general because romanization is imprecise
Has anyone here been testing for blood clots – via analyzing fibrinogen and D dimer levels?

This is very concerning to me and seems all too common

For those who've had covid, vax is not recommended... a real problem for the mandates
Not so U02AQ0EFDV3. The recommendation is to receive a vaccine after a certain number of months from infection. I believe it’s 4-6?
And most countries’ mandates include the recovery period with certification from the health authority I believe
I’ve only had one guy actually scan my QR code and look at it for more than a split second. Everyone else is happy the moment they see a QR code on my phone. So you’ll be fine most likely
but this is for ICU patients, right?
Anyone mixed vaccines? Like first dose AztraZeneca and second dose Pfizer? Any side effects or problems?
Lots have, and I think there’s been quite a lot of research into it. Some mixes have provided better protection than 2 of the same, etc…
Had a chart+source I was going to follow that up with that I thought I would be able to find but my googling is letting me down.
Was a study based on titers after 2 doses and 3 doses of varying mixtures.
I think this question would be much more pressing when it's time for a booster 3rd dose as at the moment it's not very clear to me how would that work
I had J&J followed by a full course of Pfizer.

First Pfizer made me feel like a steaming hot pile of garbage for about a day and a half - which didn’t bother me as much as it could have since it made me more confident that I’d developed some immunity - I’ve been totally fine since.
Anyone can get the test
Ya I was fine with first pfizer, but 2nd pfizer did a number on me for a day.
Same here but with Moderna
But why would you want to get the test if you are feeling OK? It seems like fear-mongering/paranoia
My friend had 39.5C fever for a day and was a big delirious after the second moderna shot.
Yep, me too
I'm not sure if reaction vs no reaction does actually mean anything for the resulting immunity (i.e if there were any studies on this)
vlctfzzrv don't know about studies but I've heard it emphasized that you shouldn't draw conclusions from that, I suppose you heard the same
with mixing I would only mostly worry about it messing with travel plans. recognition of these things is a mess. _where_ you get the exact same thing also matters
yeah. still many folks discuss side effects as a proxy for vaccine effectiveness?
I know many people in Germany mixed because of availability/news there - apparently it's good
Why get one vaccine and then another as well?
Does the immunity stack?
Is max protection better if I just get them all?
I decided to get an mRNA vaccine after the J&J because there was no data coming out about J&J’s efficacy with the delta variant. Funnily, about 3 days after I got my first pfizer, they released data saying J&J was highly effective against delta, so I jumped the gun.

I also worried that J&J might not be recognised for travel as many places as Pfizer is, so that was another consideration for me.

There was a study that looked at the people who got Astrazenica followed by mRNA and they had a better immune response than people who just got two AZ vaccines. Not sure how it compares to people who got two mRNA vaccines.

I can’t post a link on here since I don’t use this slack enough, but the article was in Nature and called “Mix-and-match COVID vaccines trigger potent immune response” if you’re interested.
This message was deleted.
or perhaps it’s better not to broadcast your twitter account founded on political commentary into a channel that says “Absolutely no politics” in the topic.
Let the guy sleep.
It’s because everyone wants to prove they are right and not you.
It’s what they teach you as a child and feels natural for you.
For some it’s natural to share, for some is natural to take care of them self first.
And you can’t blame someone for feeling the way they feel
Western society is ‘me first’ schooling, they don’t understand eastern way of thinking
Personal opinions
It’s polarized because everyone wants to prove their point. Nobody is listening, everyone is talking
You have a message that you want to send, a receiver of the message that will interpret what you said based on their personal experience and emotions.
That’s why imo it looks like everyone is twosting what you said, and it is true
Everyone has an opinion. 1 person = 1 opinion
Maybe it’s just visible now when we have a
technology to share/consume more than before
30 years ago we were communicating via post
revtzjqjybjwovawh that’s nothing unusal. They were not fed by media what to think
Because there was no internet
They were not consuming information to have an opinion
I know, I’m just saying. I was watching desrt storm live on CNN in late 80’s
And it was fake
lsjpkximwc I personally blame greed. Some people see oportunity to climb ladders of success over dead bodies and they are more eager to get something for them self over others who are not so motivated.
Divide and conquer, that’s very old school
oh sht I missed everything
These studies aren’t even studying the effect of ivermectin fyi. It’s just drawing a correlation of number of covid cases to announcements made about ivermectin in select countries. let’s just let the actual studies run their course, which fyi last i heard haven’t been very promising.
That’s a fair observation. Worth nothing recent trials haven’t been designed very well. Seems that even the Oxford ‘Recovery’ trial fails to administer the dose until after the viral load has peaked at around Day 5. I guess that this is largely because the trial is home-based (they mail the drug/placebo to you after a delay for becoming symptomatic and enrolling). And hospital trials are generally very late stage disease.
The founder of FLCC reported that he and his family got covid, despite taking it. The AFLD another group promoting it also sells it. However, even on the FLCC website under the disclaimer, they make clear none of their claims have been verified by double blind trials.
Of course now the claim is that it's just not effective versus delta.
Most of the trials are DB-RCT (see diagram above and brackets next to each trial)
The founder did indeed contract very mild delta variant. The original iMask+ protocol was 2mg/Kg once per week. They’ve since increased it to 2mg/Kg twice per week... which makes sense since the half life [oral admin] is only 12-36hrs.
Ya I am manually going through these studies, this is BS
Well not total BS, but the improvement # are over a base for instance, mahmud 66% over 44% but the sample group is rather small but these results are far from miracle. A couple studies listed on here are reporting no difference.
Did that diagram post btw? I just see a black square.
44-66% reduction ain’t at all bad though.
There is quite a few meta analysis in here for example with contradictory views />Conclusion "Based on the current very low- to low-certainty evidence, we are uncertain about the efficacy and safety of ivermectin used to treat or prevent COVID-19. The completed studies are small and few are considered high quality. Several studies are underway that may produce clearer answers in review updates. Overall, the reliable evidence available does not support the use ivermectin for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 outside of well-designed randomized trials."
44-66% which isn’t reproduceable, hence why many studies finding no effect.
But I’m sure our FLCCC friends will tell us which are the ones we can trust.
Improvement numbers can be misleading. If the sample is 10 (in two groups), the first group has 1 recovery and the control has 2, that is a 100% improvement. It looks promising and possibly therapeutic, but nothing pointing to it really being a miracle fix or solid alternative to vaccination.
Due to fraudulent data.
Iirc the confounder was the Egypt study, and it was resubmitted without that particularly study... so now it’s 23 DB-RCT’s instead of 24. I do however agree that more data will be a good thing.
In one study, I don't know what the impact will be in their revision, but I imagine this is a problem because a lot of these studies are coming from places like India. Nothing will be for sure until there is some larger studies done in the USA.
Thankfully there are actual studies on potential therapeutics being done. But we’ll have to wait and see which ones wintertactics agrees were done right before we can really judge
That’s true. And it’s a shame because India created some of the best virology doctors and researchers in the world.... inc. this guy|
Well, at least he is posting citations and not just random youtube videos. I don't know if he is working back from a conclusion or not but I respect the citing even if he has different conclusions about said studies.
Citation to FLCCC who are publishing their own “research”, citation to a retracted study, and instagram. I guess slightly better than when he was pumping hydroxychloroquine.
Though the FLCCC stuff would be links to YT except YT keeps tearing their stuff down for misinformation so they have to self host their videos. So no points there.
A couple days after symptoms is when a patient would realistically be starting their IVM treatment if it were mainstream. It’s not like ppl are going to be popping IVM before they know they have covid.
I think it would be totally fair to say that I’m working-back from the FLCCC’s conclusions. They’re all highly reputed highly published Emergency Room doctors treating Covid daily. In this field, an H-index of 91 is as authoritative as it comes|
H-chloroquine was superseded [in treatment protocols] by Dexamethazone, and then by Fluvoxamine. They’re all effective in moderating the immune response (most covid fatalities are due to cytokine storm days after the virus is dead and undetectable). I think ‘pumping’ is a little unfair... H-Cl is a generic with a production cost of a few cents per dose. Ivermectin is also a generic with a production cost of $0.12 per course of treatment, so it’s not like anyone’s going to profit from it. Ref|
Seems like sound logic
Hello together, we are planning to fly to Nicaragua or another country in the area in November. Do you know what the situation is regarding Corona measures there? Which cities can you recommend in Nicaragua for a family of three.
I watched some doctor speak about the treatment methods. He had a very valid point. He says that the main mistake when evaluating early treatment is that each individual thing is evaluated in isolation, and when we see a small improvement it is discarded as ineffective. But he says that rarely in medicine a single treatment is used for major issues. Cancer, aids and most other serious illnesses are always a combination of different treatments directed at specific ailments and their side effects. And if applied things in combination, and early enough, many major issues can be prevented.
Look at Joe Rogan this guy threw a kitchen sink at it, and was back to normal 4 days after 😄
Not saying that an elderly unhealthy adult can get there this quick, but even same doctor mention above says that old people should be on a protocol for 30-50 days.
Like low-dose aspirin (blood thinner), and many other things.
In other words, his point was that we look at COVID as "one disease" that we need to "combat". But in reality, it's not like that. It's a collection of different things that are a direct result of the disease. And we need to focus on early treatment of these things separately.
My own analogy would be like if you had a car collision. You might have damaged your bumper, radiator, lights, some hoses and some structural damage as a result.
And now the solution is to fix these things individually, and maybe take it to a body shop for a repaint.
But when someone proposes to fix a radiator, everyone yells that it is not an effective solution, and it will only fix a minor part of the problem and car still cannot be driven and needs to be scrapped.
And then the entire world is fixated on prevention of collisions. For that they stopped all car traffic. Increased safety rules. That everyone has to drive 5 km/h, and not too late or too early, and not too far from home, and other rules.
I actually think this is a good idea. Would prevent so many deaths and injuries per year. But I think we need to hard-restrict the cars to 5kmh
All we’d need to do is schedule appropriately.
Only downside is really boring car chases in films….
right, but then it was last year when "cars" were very new (following your analogy). I think this year most of the world (not looking at Vietnam or some other countries) is much better at dealing with covid (thanks to vaccines, drugs and better protocols mostly) which hugely reduce number of preventable deaths from complications
5 is taking it too far, but I think 30 km/h is reasonable limitation for cities
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