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Covid19 Chat

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SF is now 72% one jab
I'm still annoyed I can't buy the shot... I would happily pay a couple k just to get it done.
You can, setting up UAE residency costs about that much.
Yeah, heard about that. I'm currently hoping Portugal will come through for me as they accept applications from non-residents, but not holding my breath as I'm relatively young and healthy.
How long does it take to get the residency?
Just got my first Pfizer dose in Canada, thought it'd never happen!
qavqjpcveqx Think I will be able to get mine on the 17th.
I'm excited to see who complains about pfizer/moderna flu. I was wiped out on both jabs
Had first moderna jab and no side effects. I don’t normally get symptoms from vaccines though. I did like 3 at once, plus yellow fever on its own, before I went to Africa once and no issues. Moderna was particularly sore on my arm though, started getting better after 2 day. Completely gone within 5.
I mean vaccine do trigger an immune response that can have certain symptoms like tiredness, runny nose etc.. but nothing even remotely close to having an actual flu.
I have heard people say that and I am fairly confident they have never actually had a real flu before.
It’s a spectrum. The response can certainly be more than an actual flu. Fever of 102C is not out of the question, for example. The key is that it’s not actually fucking up your body and replicating,
The actual flu knocks you out for a week, and not drowsy, like you can't get out of bed because every single one of your muscles ache.
Depends on the person
I’m a little embarassed to say I’ve never got a flu vaccine. I’ve probably had the flu. I’ve been sick, mild fever, etc. I’ve never been knocked out for a week with muscle aches. Up until I lived in the UK (for some unkown reason), I never had a fever over 102C. I’m only saying this to highlight that I’ve probably had flu numerous times, but everyone’s mileage varies.

I’ll let you know if 2nd dose is an outlier to my flu experience,
Sure there is a spectrum, but they have done some studies on this stuff. I think it is fairly common to mistake the cold for the flu or some kind of other infection for the flu. With flu chills are usual (when you break out in controllable shivering) and body aches are also very usual. Heavy severe coughing is very common.
In general if you "think" you had the flu, there is a high probability you didn't have it because it is usually pretty hard to miss.
Yea you shouldn’t have a cough with the vaccine. Honestly not sure what points are being made anymore. I’ve never seen a blanket statement from any reputable source that says the effects of the coronavirus vaccine is categorically less than any flu symptoms
Ok maybe I’ve never had the flu. That’d be very surprising, though. I’d rather defer to the fact that immunology is complex.
PSA everyone get the coronavirus vaccine if you can and your doctor has not advised otherwise.
flu vaccine makes me feel low for a couple of days. The mRNA makes arms sore and (in some people) flu like because, from what I've read, that's where the proper proteins are built (insert medical mumble). Tiktok has had lots of great EIL5 descriptions
Now it's been past the 14 days since the last shot, and now I'm waiting for my gf to get shot #2 before we hit up the olive garden or whatever people used to do in california a year ago
Hi everyone. From time to time I use my Instagram account to remind people about SEPSIS and the fact that it needs to be treated as a life-threatening urgent medical emergency. Since the world’s attention is understandably currently on covid, I hope you don’t mind me using a few moments of your time, through this channel, to remind everyone that Sepsis kills 11 Million people per year, worldwide. The odds are you’ll know someone who’ll get Sepsis. It’s critical that it’s identified and treated quickly (within 1hr). Unfortunately many medical professionals still fail to spot it, so please don’t be afraid to keep asking - particularly if you’re travelling “COULD IT BE SEPSIS?”.pray
Interesting..... literally saw a news story about that this morning
Damn. I’d never heard of Sepsis before today…now after googling it I’m afraid I’m gonna die. Is there a vaccine?
If not wtf not? 11m out of the 55m that die every year are killed by it ffs...
sepsis is a state your body goes into from fighting an infection such as a bacterial infection, COVID or flu. it's not a virus or a bacteria that can be vaccinated.
If you're truly afraid of sepsis, then absolutely get your coronavirus vaccine and yearly flu shots
and don't swim in stagnant swamps with open cuts
Hey y’all! Is there a good up-to-date resource on which countries are open to travel given COVID-19, or what their entry requirements are? I’m looking for some kind of aggregated list of entry requirements
The IATA website generally has identical source data to that used by ticketing agents and airport check-in desks.
Thanks, was also looking for something like this. The chance of getting to Asia looks pretty bad as an European 😞
If you’re slowmading and planning to stick around for a bit, a lot of Asian countries will give you a non-tourist visa. You just need to be okay with the extra paperwork involved in the visa application and the cost of quarantine. For example, I’m in South Korea on a D-10 visa.
I'm actually only planning to stay for 1 (1.5 max) months per country, so I don't think I could get a non-tourist visa
Ontario in Canada just opened up vaccines to 30+
Hi all, I tried to use search function but I can’t find an answer.
Is there anyone who had a J&J/Janssen’s vaccine? :D
Chile is currently vaccinating anyone 37 or older, and they're lowering the age limit by one each business day. This Friday it's expected for it to be open for anyone 35 or older, 30 or older next Friday and so on. Borders are still closed, though.
I don't know anyone who received it, everyone I know received either Pfizer or Moderna.
In Californa, the JNJ shot wasn't allowed until recently. Mostly it is deployed at walkups where a patient is unlikely to return for a second shot, like homeless shelters
though a lot of tourists are flying to San Francisco to get it now. Fly in for the weekend and swing by the public hospital
In NYC they are using it at all walkups, especially the subway stations + touristic places
makes sense to me. No ultra cold storage, single jab. Some pubs are doing "free pint for a jab" promos that are doing well
Get a JNJ shot and receive a ticket to the Yankees match, a 7-day metrocard or whatever cool initiative
yup, exactly. Easy process. Show your ID/Driver's license, sit, jab, 20m waiting time and on your merry way
employers in other states are offering a day off, $50, $100. Just odd incentives
My wife got the J&J one. She did have some side effects for a couple days (feeling off mainly) but nothing too severe.
In Russia everyone is invited to vaccinate, but mostly people don’t do that because they don’t trust the gov. I don’t trust it too but I took the shot anyway for lulz
I've heard conflicting reports on Sputnik V. I'm not sure what to believe
But you are here chatting so it at worst did nothing 😄
Maybe I’m already dying… it just takes decades 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
Is losing the ability to drink coffee/wine better than dying?
Very interesting. Technically speaking, Fauci did fund Peter Daszak’s vehicle ‘Ecohealth Alliance’ which in turn funded Wuhan Institute of Virology. There are government paper trails to substantiate this.
sounds like life 😛
Yeah Fauci is playing politics
Which is expected, he’s basically a public health politician
You can do it in Russia for about 120$. I saw private clinics offering it. The list of foreigners allowed to Russia is quite big at the moment
Hmm, maybe this is finally a reason for me to visit Russia :)
I got it also. No side effects.
I am not a fan of Fauci. The only reason people like him is because he "stood up to trump" and by stood up he did a complete 180 about masks and admitted he lied on purpose about masks being useful. He pretty much helped fuel the entire anti-mask movement and yet for some reason people consider him a hero.
He literally said publicly that the reason he lied about mask usefulness was to protect the supply for healthcare workers. He literally made up random stuff not backed up by studies about touching your face etc.. on national TV.
whatever, /rant over.
Yup - entirely agree U06FWGSG1. Although that happened in most counties. Canada, UK, and NZ are certainly on the same list. It’s not as though I’m particularly low in ‘trait disagreeability’ but that was a definite milestone in the formation of my paradigm of cynicism relating to the veracity of what public health officials are telling us.
He has certainly had missteps, but overall I think he did pretty well under the circumstances. I think a lot of people in that situation would’ve given in to pressure from the top and just said the virus is nothing to worry about. That’s what happened in Brazil, another country where the president demanded health officials deny the science or else.
I think the anti-maskers would’ve found justifications for their position no matter what Fauci did. When people really want to believe something, they are very good at finding justifications for it no matter how far-fetched.
I’m not sure I would so easily excuse him for blatantly lying about things that can affect people’s health because he had other motives, no matter how good those motives were. You want the public to trust someone like him and he did so much to damage that trust. Bad form imo
Fauci is also a big supporter of gain of function research but when asked about it he plays the political game and denies it.
Sure, but it doesn't help when every conversation starts with, "but Facui said" or "did you see what he said in march?" Sure he scuffled with Mr. T on hydroxychloroquine etc.. and pushed back on early later.
I believe the Obama administration banned funding for gain of function research and when Trump took office Fauci pushed the funding through to the Wuhan labs
And now denies “funding gain of function research” because he funded the lab, not the specific research even though he clearly new what was going on?
lsactixnslj They didn't ban it, they temporarily stopped funding until better procedures were implemented and later the GoF came back.
I see
Ban was a bad choice of word
Are people taking the lab leak hypothesis more serious yet?
Does anyone care where covid19 came from or is it still racist to ask?
I am not sure, but if it leaked from a lab or came out of a market does it even really matter at this point? It's not like these viruses can't emerge organically, if it wasn't leaked there is probably a good chance something would of emerged like this eventually. Artificial or natural, this seems like a massive problem that we are really bad at handling. The real issue when it comes to concepts of racism is that closing borders was considered racist, which is absurd. Recently Canada locked down flights from India and the India minister was saying it was racist.
It matters to the extent that if it did leak from a lab then we need to immediately stop gain of function research and take a hard look at whether or not it’s worth doing considering that the idea behind it is to get ahead of pandemics not to cause them?
Racism would be, "We are blocking india forever." not "We are block India because you have massive amounts of surging cases right now."
ghjfawhzjog GoF is too easy to do. Good procedures and leveraging to head of pandemics would probably be more prudent than waiting for a bad actor to do it and just drop it off with the world unprepared.
I don’t want my governments funding research that can cause a global pandemic that shuts the world down for 2 years and causes long term damage. Whether the same thing can happen naturally is irrelevant. We still need to be more prepared for pandemic but that’s a separate conversation.
That still doesn’t change the fact that if it did come from a “Level 4 Lab” or whatever it is then we need to take a seriously look at it. We can’t just continue doing this research and let viruses escape.
If they want to justify GoF research then educate us on how the current coronavirus GoF research has helped us in comparison to the damage it has caused.
Oh I agree, if it was a leak they still need to investigate it and figure out what went wrong etc..
So yes, I guess from that angle it is important if it was a leak.
Especially because all kinds of viruses are in these labs, not just modified ones.
Yeah… in my opinion we have to address both sides of it. First, figure out where it came from and see how we can improve/stop that from happening again. Then second, figure out how we can be more prepared for something like this in the future.
Whether it’s from a lab, a wet market, or whatever I don’t care but I think it’s extremely important to keep searching until we find the source.
A recent JRE episode had a great interview about this exact thing. It was very level headed not conspiracy theorist. The guest explained how Fauci is connected to all of this by finding all of this research including the Wuhan lab in China, which gained stream after US stopped doing the research.
And apparently experts warned two years ago that lab had safety violations. But nothing was done.
And all of the “experts” that went to investigate the lab had their own interests. It’s like wolves guarding the sheep. There was no independent investigation. They basically went asked a few benign questions and left.
Neither the guest, JR or me are claiming that it did come from a lab. The only point they are making is that this theory cannot be dismissed and needs to be properly investigated in order to avoid this again. So far the investigation was not real.
We all know what really happened, it is a global anti-human monkey league who snatches virus virals and releases them into the wild.
Indian variant is looking like a real global issue. UK cases of that variant increasing rapidly, despite being under heavy restrictions still and other variants decreasing. Singapore has lots of untraced cases suggesting it spreads differently.
My current understanding is that it [at least initially] leaked from a factory rather than a lab. The Wuhan Institute of Biological Products. It was then deliberately spread in Dec 2019 / Jan 2020 possibly in an attempt to give credence to the narrative that it originated outside of China.
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