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Today i think it's the best option to earn money in crypto
You rent a node to process transactions. Close to 1% per day
has ethereum and polygon today. but many ahead will come. and ethereum 2.0 will be much better, because the rates will be lower.
Proof Of Stake is very similar to the legacy banking cartel / fiat system those who have more get more income, therefore inequality keeps increasing ad infinitum
if you want to look for more energy-efficient PoW blockchain options, I'd look into Chia (created by the BitTorrent protocol creator)
it's no different to PoW. You need money to buy hardware to mine. The more money, the more hardware, the more return. It's PoS with a lot more resource consumption, so not very sustainable
Hi there, I am just looking for a good SEPA to Crypto connection. I used to have WIREX, but they cut the SEPA.
Hello everyone. I have a question for any freelancers who are billing their clients in crypto. Are you using crypto invoicing platforms to do so, and what's been your experience so far? Any recommendations? Thanks
it is very different. hardware ages, one needs to constantly update it and invest new money into it - in PoS this is not the case - once you get a critical mass of supply, the chain is yours
new hardware can be created, new coins cannot. i.e new participants can more easily enter PoW versus PoS
sustainability can be achieved via PoW without much problem. I suggest you look into the papers going over PoWโ€™s ability to unlock stranded/remote energy sources, ability to make use of unnecessarily spent energy (gas flared)
it is actually very concerning for the longevity of any blockchain if at its beginning the supply of a PoS system is concentrated. the deal is basically sealed at that point - try to project it 50 years into the future
oh, it's called Nuri now
Thanks for your points, but i still disagree and would be glad to discuss this further out of interest :slightly_smiling_face:

> new hardware can be created, new coins cannot. i.e new participants can more easily enter PoW versus PoS
Actually it's the opposite. I can buy some FTM, AVAX, ETH2 and other stakable coins and delegate small amounts to validators. When I want to do the same with bitcoin, I either need a high investment to buy hardware and operate it or I join a farming pool, that has made those investments.

And why do you think those chains don't create new coins? AVAX and ETH do not have supply limits, so generation (and therefor inflation of existing coins) is controlled by the protocol. FTM does have one, I didn't even know - interesting :smile:

> it is very different. hardware ages, one needs to constantly update it and invest new money into it - in PoS this is not the case - once you get a critical mass of supply, the chain is yours
I don't think, that this an argument at all. On a logical level there 2 things, that influence distribution:
โ€ข How is the chain bootstrapped (there should be limits per person of the max buyable amount to prevent initial concentration of power)
โ€ข How does the protocol reward actors in the network
Using PoS everybody gets the same return based on the share, that is staked. So if there is a good distribution at the beginning, it will remain similar throughout the lifetime, if validators behave similar (maximizing their profits). The only way to get more power, is to buy huge amounts and stake them. However the same applies to PoW and buying hardware (hardware prices are rising fast and thus making it even harder to get started).

> sustainability can be achieved via PoW without much problem. I suggest you look into the papers going over PoW's ability to unlock stranded/remote energy sources, ability to make use of unnecessarily spent energy (gas flared)
The whole world is basically looking for ways to provide green energy for basic needs, energy production, food production, mobility. How is exploiting energy sources, that are not used yet sustainable?

> it is actually very concerning for the longevity of any blockchain if at its beginning the supply of a PoS system is concentrated. the deal is basically sealed at that point - try to project it 50 years into the future
Agreed. It highly depends on the bootstrapping of the chain and how distribution is managed, but looking at BTC it is also far from a broad distribution (2% of wallets own almost 95% of Coins - yeah, this does not reflect reality to 100% due to the wallets of exchanges, but I think the rough dimensions are correct). Also the consent mechanism does not influence initial distribution at all. If the bootstrapping is done wrong neither PoS nor PoW will change anything about it.
There is a new concept proof of time
It's more efficient
uilqhpdcjsvnrge I guess you mean Proofs of Time and Space, which is what Chia is based on, the chain I mentioned earlier in this thread
People not realizing, that these sentences
> In POS you just get more power for being rich.
> You have to spend your money on hardware and electricity to get more hashpower.
are equal
Are we in another crash?
this is definitely a crash, lets see how low it gets
It's not just crypto, stock markets have been down this week too
Feds are going to be increasing rates, this will slow inflation but is driving a lot of investors into bonds. I imagine speculators are also pulling out of crypto which is pretty volatile.
shopping time
Buy orders at 32k โœ…
Fibo retracements 0.5 at 35k & 0.618 at 27,5k, let's find out...stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
what is happening ? should we sell ? sweat_smilesob
The aim is to buy dips not sell, you sell when itโ€™s green
Next halvening is only 2 years away
What will that do? Lead to a run up as it gets closer in theory?
I think it's reasonable to take some off the table when it's bleeding out like this
As yhdovtrygc said thats my way of thinking right now...
Just have to buy back in at the right time and not wait until it goes all the way back up
Block reward halves, miners have to price in the operational cost. Halvening gets priced into the market. Historically months after the halvening date. Sparks a bull run.
Good luck with your attempt to time the market ๐Ÿคž
Good luck holding your bags down to the depths of hell!
If you think it is going to zero, sell everything. If you dont think it will ever recover, sell everything.
Outside of that you are just locking in losses out of fear.
Whether you're locking in losses or not completely depends on where you bought.

We could go further down from here, in which case having some stablecoins ready will be useful. If we hit a solid floor and start trending upwards then it's easy enough to jump back in.
It could also sky rocket next week and you are boned.
People who all sell at the bottom use the same logic. The head and shoulder pattern had been forming for months if you didnt sell on the breakdown you already missed the opportunity.
Reducing some exposure during a global market crash, waiting for the dust to settle and then jumping back in when there's more clarity is fine with me. Still lots of upside to come from here so it's best to be down profit than out
2020 was a crash, this so far is a correction.
I'm talking crypto though
Well, I'll stick to my strategy of buying low and selling high, but I guess that only works because lots of people do the opposite, so don't really want to talk you out of it ๐Ÿ˜œ
Haha! Buying low and selling high assumes you can time the market, good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰
When crypto is soaring, "IT'S THE FUTURE, IT WILL KILL THE USD."
When it is collapsing, "HAH HAH! WE TOLD YOU IT IS A SCAM!"
juunwwdsqlruzzixc Now you quote Peter Schiff? ๐Ÿ˜‚
zmketdjuml touchรฉ, you're right that it's also a form of market timing, but it's a much more long-term timing than trying to time the bottom in the short term. It's also very easy to execute if you assume that the long-term trend is upwards... Also, it's not really something I do very actively with my portfolio, what I do is more like "oh, market dropped by 20% because of this covid thing, let me sell these bonds and buy the cheap stocks" and "oh, market went up like crazy in 2021, let me sell enough to cover my living expenses for 2022 to take off some risk"
Makes a lot of sense, I try to do the same :)
Don't have any bonds though. The stablecoin 6% yields are my safe space and etfs
I am 100% in on chocolate futures.
Either it goes up or I am going to be doing a lot of baking.
This is /s
phhmcqarhz Again though, the investing 101 advice is to take risk off when the market is at an all time high, not when it just dropped significantly...
If you're in it for the long-term, it's great, you can buy even cheaper then ๐Ÿ˜
I took risk off about half way through this dip not right at the bottom
So when are you planning to buy again? ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Going to wait for everything to stop bleeding out like they are now. As soon as we start going sideways or in a healthier direction I'll jump back in. Not bothered about trying to nail the exact bottom
They have done studies and shown that people who wait usually miss most of recoveries because the bulk of recoveries happen very quickly.
This was even the case in 2020.
Interesting, sounds about right. If you miss some of the best days then it can have a real negative impact on your returns.
That's why a lot of people in for the long haul just average down.
Time in the market is better than timing the market is a good quote
Yeah these are good times to dollar cost average in
Lower your cost basis
My window is 10+ years I am just going to be buying ETFs all the way down.
My portfolio is pretty boring, the only thing I feel is special in it is a water ETF. Lithium takes 500,000 liters per metric tonne mine (ev cars), climate change is depleting clean sources, and those carbon scrubbers if they go mainstream use ridiculous amounts of water as well. Water issues is something that been talked about for 15+ years but I think we might be getting to an inflection point.
but only a small percentage of portfolio.
I also have BTC
but I have had that for years.
yeah low fee ETF's are pretty solid
So the amount the get for their work drops in half, so the price needs to rise to cover their operational cost?
Don't average down, don't try to catch falling knives etc etc.
Correct, miners choose how much they sell their bitcoin for on the market, so the price needs to adjust to ensure they turn a profit after all expenses.
Has anyone used the crypto smart contract language Solidity (_do you recommend_)? Does anyone know of a declarative smart contract lang (_I'm not a fan of imperative Object oriented programming_)
Broadcast it for?
to the network, the bitcoin blockchain for example
makes sense? (Iโ€™m not sure it does)
if you're not a fan of imperative programming why do you put "JavaScript engineer" in your bio xD
asking here as well as I expect a lot of you have dealt with banking related issues if you where to setup a crypto related business (tech product, not investment firm), which country and bank/banks would you pick?
why choose banks at all?
we have one part of investors that invest cash and most countries require a traditional bank account tied to the business
hiring people as well, not everyone wants to be paid crypto, so that would limit us in options, I prefer if we can play both sides as needed
Depends on what you are trying to make but I would say USA. You don't want to avoid red tape, you want to be the company that has all the red tape covered if you are targeting businesses. People vastly undervalue how much paperwork is worth.
they are not equal, the subtle point I made about one system being open to new participants and the other not still stands.
I myself already hire only people that are ok getting paid with crypto; they can always convert to fiat later if they need to
oh Iโ€™m with you on that, Iโ€™ve never tried running a company from USA though (EU citizen), my assumption is very paperwork heavy but maybe Iโ€™m wrong.
my main concern in this moment is how to get a cash investment into the company -> I canโ€™t have a transaction to a personal account and then move it on as that triggers tax.
xuoswhniklchj If you only will receive money from investors and send money to your employees, then you should be fine in the most countries even if your business is crypto related. For example, you can be a consultancy company developing crypto-projects, daos etc. If you going to issue and sell securities, check UK, Lithuania, Luxemburg, but you would need some kind of e-money licence. If itโ€™s just a trading engine, then Estonia should be the best. Outside of EU, Georgia (country) is crypto friendly.

P.S. Iโ€™m not an experts, and donโ€™t take it as an advice, do your own research, itโ€™s just a direction ๐Ÿ™‚
You can also try something like Revolut, online bank account. They are modern and fast to communicate with to solve any issues. It will all depends where the money would come from , with which purpose and where the money would go to and which purpose.

Many banks are OK with normal Buy/Sell of crypto for a corporate account, you can probably find such banks in almost any EU country.
vacairrkspk For EVM, your choices can be Vyper and Solidity. Other networks like Solana use Rust, but every EVM-compatible one will be Solidity-based or Vyper which targets the EVM as well.
JavaScript is both. Most of the modern syntax has been declarative and continues to support both. I also choose projects that avoid OOP
ygpoclaq Do you know of any better approaches to writing smart contracts that do not use Solidity? With security as a concern, but not cost or time
For example React's best practices are to use Hooks which are declarative and avoid JS classes. Node.js has both declarative or imperative HTTP frameworks
Thanks, I'll checkout Vyper. I certainly hadn't read of Solana. With a brief read it seems like it is a competing blockchain platform to Ethereum
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