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Did anyone else notice the huge amount of advertising Antchajn had at the UEFA cup? Very unsettling.
Hi all !
Who is in Paris for ETHCC? Or going to the rAave party on wednesday?
dead-man switch is the way to go
Here for a week + ETHCC Side events! Have DMโ€™d
Is anyone else here also a member of KarmaDAO?
wondering if people take Ledger/Trezor with them when travelling? Have left mine at my parentsโ€™ house but obviously makes it awkward if/when I want to sell.

Itโ€™s not too hard to envisage nightmare scenarios with having it found on you by border guards or police in certain countries.
Nope, cold storage is so I donโ€™t get tempted to sell. But if you want, memorise the seed phrase and you can access your funds anywhere
one on you and one in a safety deposit box, the one on you, just take it apart so that it doesn't look like something important, if it just looks like a flash drive they won't touch it
you should obfuscate the seed phrases you write down e.g. reverse the words or swap the first 6 and the last 6 etc
i carry ledgers while traveling but whatโ€™s the worst thatโ€™s gonna happen at the border? absolute worst case you enter the password wrong 3 times and flash the device
Exactly as dvvwvfrcfbzrd said. Have one hardware wallet stored in a secure location with funds that you intend to HODL. Have another one on you with amounts you want to trade.

And of course, have backups of the secret keys at additional secure locations.
is it just me or should nomadlist move over to discord?
I am not, but in several others, squiggle and meebits, starting a few too.
I think there was a connector?
It is on Discord
But yeah it's done as a sync rather than primary chat location
Whats the benefit of discord over slack? I've never used discord so totally clueless about it.
More chaos
more fun
Discord helps to instil perspective if you think Slack is useless
Iโ€™ve never liked the Discord UI/UX, but I hear they do support threads now.
they even support expiry on threads as a server setting
so the thread self deletes after X time
as for me, I think threads are actually the UI/UX disaster
Anybody hodling $AXS?
dvzxzroia give us the correct code or we do x (plant drugs on you etc) is the worst case that came to me. Then you have tough decision to make. But I know itโ€™s extremely unlikely to happen.
from 0,80 to $6 ... ngmi
yeah itโ€™s wild. Picked up some at $0.22. Offloaded some at $20 then more at $45 - no ways a Pokรฉmon type game should have a $5 billion market cap but kept a bit in case
Thatโ€™s what I thought too. The game almost falls under the ยซย casualย gameย ยป category (aka boring) and is played by a majority of Indonesians for the account of westerners (who owns most of the Axies)
My thesis is that play-to-earn games will be the gateway for financial services (defi) and will make crypto mainstream.

25% of axs players do not have a bank accounts. Isnโ€™t that crazy?
yeah crazy
i come from south africa where the banking situation is similarly fucked and thereโ€™s interesting stuff happening with mobile banking
and I agree play-to-earn games can act as a gateway to financial services but itโ€™s not clear that the gateway will capture the value
Do we have a channel for #NFTs yet? Do we need one?
Native assets
It's not entirely clear which question is getting thumbs down ๐Ÿ˜‚
I've been using Terra ecosystem a bit more recently. Quite smooth. Until I tried doing multi-accounts off one hardware wallet. And the docs / code are frighteningly out of sync. Nevertheless, it's a nice ecosystem.
Crypto will do for now
What's your preferred way for turning your Terra stable coins back into fiat when you need to pay off a credit card or something like that?
xcuyevgq The irony of your profile picture ๐Ÿ˜‚
does someone have a nice google drive sheet to simulate trades? (including leveraged trades)
Option 1 if you have a crypto com card:
โ€ข Terra bridge to BSC
โ€ข acryptosย stable swap UST for BUSD ( See next steps on reason for BUSD ) ย - Can also use 1inch :shrug:
โ€ข BSC to binance
โ€ข binance BUSD to crypto wallet over BEP-20 ( Free transfer, First time you'll probably need to prod support cx crypto to recognise you're using your BSC wallet, but after that it's fine )
โ€ข BUSD -> USDC inside crypto app ( Also zero free and 1:1 )
โ€ข USDC -> crypto card
That took like 4 attempts to remove all the helpful links so the bot would let me post it ๐Ÿ˜‚
Option 2 is a bank account with a linked crypto wallet. migom do them. I'm not at all convinced anyone should use migom though. I still don't trust them money.
This channel works for it
Damn that sounds painful. Waiting for the day I can get a credit card with Celsius and the day they support UST
anyone got a well-written flashloans arbitrage bot they'd be willing to discuss?
Haha, been trying to research this as well
Hereโ€™s a funny flashloan story:

I wrote a flashloan liquidation contract for a small and unknown protocol a while back. I deployed the contract ($1k+ at the time with 200 gwei gas cost).

I found a position available for liquidation and I called the contract with the correct data and I noticed after a minute my tx failed.

Why did it fail? Position was already liquidated. No, not because there were other bots for this protocol searching for liquidations but because a bot saw a profitable tx in the mempool and copied it exactly. The bot ended up liquidating the position in the exact same way I did. Honestly, I was mostly impressed.

Ever since then Iโ€™ve been broadcasting my txs using Taichi Network `eth_sendPrivateTransaction` feature and have succeeded in liquidating a few positions.
```It's cool that you wrote a flashbot liquidation bot. I'm working on self-liquidation contract.

MEV extraction has been increasing more than ever. You also send your tx to flashbot which directly sends the tx to the miner.```
Anybody got any interesting long tail projects to shill me?
Celsius, handshake, thorchain and siacoin are some favorites of mine
Which ones are you shilling these days?
+1 for Celsius. Nexo, Biswap
dunno had a call with some Celcius guys - not convinced
Nimiq ๐Ÿ™‚
> dunno had a call with some Celcius guys - not convinced
celsius employees? what questions/hesitations do you still have? maybe thereโ€™s something you know that I donโ€™t
who is a active crypto trader as well?
Their data breach doesnโ€™t inspire confidence
Yep ๐Ÿ™‚
greetings from barbados ๐Ÿ™‚
finally found a concise explanation of what the heck Loom NFTs are all about
not sure if Iโ€™m the only one finding it hard to keep up with all the NFT related projects
adventurer-themed? but is it for an online game? otherwise I don't see the point
Greetings! simple_smile Nice location to hack from!
The point is that it's quite amazing a game is being built kinda randomly by just random words generated and sold as items
to me it sounds like it will have as much usage and hype (or less) as cryptokitties some for a while, then it dies slowly
Agree but so many innovative use cases with nfts the novelty seems like it will fizzle out once hype dies down in the next bear market
Iโ€™m interested in the concept that memes will become new forms of currency as they get nftโ€™d and fractionalized
Agree it's 99% hype and bs but I think there might be some stuff coming out of all of this
yes, NFTs for games, like in the movie ReadyPlayerOne
I just paid $10k for 8 random numbers, AMA

Do these numbers mean anything to you?
No but itโ€™s rare because it contains a sequence of 3 numbers in a row
yyxqjnyp why you disapprove?
how did you find out about the project and why exactly did you buy it? (except for flipping purposes ๐Ÿ˜„ )
I follow some really legit people on Twitter (who I worked with for the Ethereum hackathon I won in November) and they were hyping it - then I looked at it and thought it was really interesting and the risk/reward profile makes sense to me
oh wow guys look at this let's all jump in, this is totally NOT a scam, right? That guy looks legit, definitely not looking like a scammer from the 90s
Imagine if it wasn't? Ends up being the most lucrative thing in crypto.
Also, I love that he ends with "trust me"
or something like this
I really like the idea of loot but AFAIK the funds spend to flip the loot mostly just go to speculators and not people whoโ€™d actually built with it. Eg if I buy loot for 10k then I own an NFT but now Iโ€™ll need funding to afford to be able to built something around it because Iโ€™ve spent my pocket money on the NFT (unless of course Iโ€™m crypto rich).
isn't he joking?
Geez, bloody sensationalism. Is the article serious or what?
to be honest though, he is a pretty cool dictator.
link to the data breach? I havenโ€™t heard of it but maybe Iโ€™m not up to speed
looks like it was a third party data breach. I canโ€™t provide a link because my account isnโ€™t old enough yet.
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