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Tangem cards right inside my wallet like any other card. I put a super long and random password on my cards which you need if anyone gets access to the physical cards. Buy three and link them together. Each transaction requires that password plus the physical card. The best part is the seed phrase remains inside the card, so you donโ€™t have to hide it (hand-written seed phrase) in a safe deposit box like I did with my Ledger Nano X when I still used it. I have two types the Tangem multi-currency wallet from their website & Xumm (XRP wallet) Tangem cards that have some additional wallet functionality for XRP. I have never had anyone look through my wallet at an airport, however my luggage has been randomly searched before.
maralig 3mo
Hi all :grinning:
Any ideas where I can post to sell Crypto Hunter GPU Mining Rigs - currently outside of London. (other than eBay or FBmarketplace)
any interest here?
bobz_zg 3mo
Anyone using wirex app? Any feedback on them.
Looking too generous so Iโ€™m a bit suspicious. Donโ€™t want too keep too much money in there but I would hate to miss the party
Anyone down for a coffee and lightning/nostr chats in El Salvador... hmu ๐Ÿค™
... there doesn't appear be a location channel
teio 2mo
Anyone in istanbul?
This might all be true if you only consider crypto as a store of value based on digital scarcity. But there certainly is value in providing a platform for decentralised applications, which is why Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin as the leading crypto currency eventually ๐Ÿ˜œ
knocte 2mo
what applications do you have in mind?
knocte 2mo
ueykxtcnonwggsyd looks like a great article, thanks for sharing, will have a slow read
knocte 2mo
ouoenawof DCs are really interesting; but I'm a bit scared of how a big change it is, maybe they should be activated in Litecoin first
pravin 2mo
Looks interesting! Can we spend in any currency all over the world? Curious on forex rates, do lmk if you take it up
knocte 2mo
ah, you got me excited for a moment; but in the website itself it says "Temporarily paused while we integrate new issuing partners."
note decentralized apps have been unproven despite many years of heavy investment. It all seems to boil down to finance apps so far
I also have a strong opinion that tokenization is an anti-pattern. The instant liquidity incentivizes the wrong things, which leads to the wrong things being built. Seems quite uphill
The internet was also unproven despite many years of heavy investment ๐Ÿ˜‚ I agree on the tokenisation though, 90% of projects are just about making money quickly rather than actually building useful software, it seems
knocte 1mo
you mean tokenization?
jnic 1mo
Cool, be nice to disintermediate brokers in secondaries markets, would make them way more efficient. Would definitely use a platform like that.

I assume there's a bunch of legal considerations around trading in securities + operational considerations for things like board approvals of transfers? Would love to hear more.
jnic 1mo
Awesome. You guys have a Twitter or something I can follow along on?
knocte 1mo
lxzowxiq I have the feeling that we're talking about different things; emsmctbuhukuqhn was probably talking about tokenization of tangible assets (and I agree with him on that); but shares are not tangible, so I think tokenizing them makes sense
You should check create Shamir backup with Trezor to avoid single point of failure
knocte 1mo
what do you mean?
knocte 1mo
as in, you want one or you're asking around what's the experience like?
kellykim 19d
anyone attending smartcon in barcelona (oct 2-3)? i'm organizing a co-living house of crypto nomads and would love to invite nomadlist peeps!
kiter2718 18d
Can anyone help with some tips on a crypto hedgefund? This is my resume.
pravin 18d
Sounds exciting! off to singapore for token2049 and SE asia side this time, let us know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚
knocte 17d
seems smartcon is spawned by ChainLink? IMO one of the biggest shitcoins so it's a no from me haha
knocte 17d
MVP engineer? as in Minimum Viable Product?
knocte 17d
or as in Most Valuable Professional?
kellykim 17d
ooft, no comment! :joy:

for what it's worth, i won't be attending the conf, but know there'll be a bunch of people in town ๐Ÿ˜Ž so mainly riding off the back of that
kiter2718 17d
perfect question -- yes
knocte 17d
if I ask "does A mean X or Y?" I'm expecting a "X" or "Y" answer, not yes
kiter2718 17d
You "x v y"
Me "yes"
You "wtf"
Me "x ^ y"
kiter2718 17d
please help me, I'm out of the crypto game right now, I need your help
knocte 17d
wat? dude this doesn't have anything to do with crypto
knocte 17d
you're choosing acronyms for your CV without knowing why
knocte 17d
kiter2718 17d
do you have the information I need or no? you can search "fractional cto" "mvp engineer" or "william dvorak" use google, that's my source of truth
kiter2718 17d
I need to learn the dark web, but Google is my Bible, teach me what I don't know.
pixtron 17d
when i google โ€œmvp engineerโ€ will i get a โ€œyesโ€? partyparrot
kiter2718 17d
you tell me
hey everyone, what newsletters related to crypto/investing/trading do you subscribe to or follow? Looking for some new gems, have been happy with the milk road for a quick overview and a laugh.
pravin 14d
Bankless, Ryan from messari, nansen and dune newsletters

I'd go towards data providers/hosts as that's where you can unearth more signal from the noise
Thank you vhtwonhe what do you mean with data providers/hosts in this context?
pravin 14d
Just Google dune, messari, nansen - they all provide on chain data, all crypto data is publicly on chain
What is going on in this thread
kiter2718 13d
People think I'm a scammer, because they're hung up on the wrong details. I want a hedgefund to work for to lead a new arbitrage or currency trading project. Check out my resume and brand presence. My website is for MVPs, not optimized for ethereum, but I built a microlending platform with $50k, I generally build at 15/87 the price. "myprice"/"competitorquote".

Appreciate any leads.
elpol 13d
Looks like a bot
kiter2718 13d
Why is crypto built on trolls. Is there an admin in this channel that can deal with this crazy response. Search me up. William Dvorak
I didn't know you were the inventor of the famous keyboard
also looked at the resume, did you really put "Job Offer, Coinbase from Brian Armstrong" on there? lol
kiter2718 13d
It's funny, but the timing is important, because I got out of crypto for many years. It's the reference from a billionaire. I didn't invent the keyboard.
kiter2718 12d
I came to your space and gave a status drop. I don't respect you guys enough to research you and talk at your level. I hate the lockerroom bullshit, and only engage when I respect someone. I'll find my hedgefund someplace reputable.
You can't just 'tokenize' value. Bitcoin is unique because it's (1) A store of Entropy, (2) Decentralised, (3) Deflationary, and (4) Secure.| has a crypto article almost every day. Guest writers include 'The Crypto Capitalist'.
Working on a documentary project with gemini & the winklevoss twins and looking for leads in Bali, Thailand, and India. Shoot me a message here or at
What kind of project is it? What's the angle and what kind of leads are you looking for? Sorry for the mount of questions, but just seeing if I might be able to help.
Long form crypto documentary about the halving and real life use cases. E.g examples of means of exchange at markets, renewable Bitcoin mining, local education initiatives
knocte 7d
embqzwodixbothv do you mind asking the twins when are they going to support Lightning in their exchange? it's kinda embarrassing that even Coinbase is going to get at it earlier than them IMO
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