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reverseme 2mo
Another 50% down
It will probably go up or down. Might stay the same though
ETH Prediction for 2033 though rocketrocketrocket
sun_mir 2mo
An interesting concept to turn your old/spare smartphone into a cold private-key vault, i.e. self-custody of crypto assets

Has anybody used that or something like that before or knows any analogs to compare?
reverseme 2mo
Question is, what happens to your crypto if AirGap goes out of business? I immediately switch off when reading about how easy it is to use them but in the list of features you have all sorts of crypto jargon normies don't understand. How user friendly are you lol
What is BIP39? F knows ๐Ÿ˜„ but I'm to feel confident coz bs baffles brains.
I never heard of them. I store my keys in an analog secret offline way called piece of paper ๐Ÿ˜† directly on chain, so any wallet can read it once restored with keys. But I stick to one chain so I don't care about any other ones...
sun_mir 2mo
But what kind of business? :smirk:
It's OSS, there is no interaction with proprietary services involved...

I do agree though on concern about complexity. It's the next level of nerdiness ๐Ÿค“
knocte 2mo
been using similar method for ages, but not with a smartphone but an old laptop
Binance collapses
shyormzlmko I think you're talking about a different use case. Only paper is fine as long as you never transact. This solution is an actual cold wallet that you can use to sign transactions when needed. You'd still want the seed phrase backed up on paper in case the old phone breaks, gets lost or similar
haohaodu 2mo
Hey dnl community! We're looking into how DAOs do payroll in crypto and I was wondering if anyone knows anyone who gets paid in crypto or works at a DAO by chance?
eu4life 2mo
hrqrgmti yeah i remember you mentioned it long time ago. But even though a made a reservation on travala, when I check-in at the hotel, they didnt recognize it, the booking id and end up paying with credit. At least it was just a one night cause i miss the airline check-in
knocte 2mo
did you email travala? I only had that problem once or twice but it was just due to some lag in the reservation arriving to the hotel, just had to poke travala and everything was solved
eu4life 2mo
I will
eu4life 2mo
Meanwhile the idea of crypto index fund sounds something interesting for those who sit on extra cash, not my case, but hope it change soon
haohaodu 2mo
hey guys, any recommendations for people to follow on twitter / general social media in order to stay up to date on crypto news/trends?
jnic 2mo
Recent CEO issues aside, The Block is solid. If you're looking for a Substack then check out Something Interesting, good writing
jnic 2mo
Crypto Twitter is mostly traders, but if you're interested then Cobie, GCR, DonAlt, Hsaka are solid traders
Dunno about you but I like coffeezillaโ€™s content a lot. Just saw the part 2/3 of Logan Paulโ€™s CryptoZoo scam and even if you donโ€™t like the guy itโ€™s really entertaining on how he presents the story, amazing work heโ€™s doing on that one.
haohaodu 2mo
Has anyone ever had any trouble
-> Paying in different local countries' currencies while they were nomad-ing?
-> Holding cold wallets while on the go?
sun_mir 2mo
It depends on what you mean by trouble...
I'm dealing with it for the last year. From time to time selling crypto P2P for the local currency in several countries. Not a super optimal approach and conversion ratio but still much better than drawing money through the ATM
regiani 2mo
More Coffeezilla videos
More regulations
More self-custody
More Lightning Network adoptionzap
regiani 2mo
Telegram channel pttpfjhbdtxuewh /> Short weekly updates
knocte 2mo
what P2P exchange do you use?
knocte 2mo
sun_mir 2mo
knocte 2mo
why not use a nonKYC P2P exchange? I'm sick of KYC
sun_mir 2mo
It's quite loyal to ukrainians :shrug:
...and I also trapped myself with it early on, so wasn't even aware that something like Uniswap has p2p fiat exchange ๐Ÿค”
sun_mir 2mo
Looking into it now. How is the fiat exchange possible at DEX at all?
sun_mir 2mo
Ok, sorry :face_palm:
knocte 2mo
I'm confused now, can Uniswap do fiat?
knocte 2mo
P2P exchanges without KYC can do fiat too, example HodlHodl, LocalCryptos, etc
knocte 2mo
but I thouhgt Uniswap was only crypto-to-crypto; and Ethereum-based only
eu4life 1mo
Had you used Bisq?.
slava 1mo
In Cyprus, profits from trading cryptocurrencies are not taxed, however any realised gains from the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies of a trading nature are taxable at the rate of 12.5%. Crypto companies are obligated to pay the same general taxes as other types of businesses operating in or from Cyprus.
knocte 1mo
what's this binance pay drama all over twitter? does binancePay not support bitcoin?
knocte 1mo
ok apparently this is the reason
knocte 1mo
this is worse than BitPay facepalm
Thoughts on usdt and crypto .com delisting? Curious on future outlook for tether as I run algos that trade btc eth derivatives tied to usdt ๐Ÿค”
jnic 29d
Imagine the market will continue the gradual shift toward USDC?
sun_mir 29d
Still a question if due to that the USDT will be delisted entirely for all CDC users or canadians exclusively? ๐Ÿค”
sun_mir 28d
Although| !=|, I read an interesting article related to the latter event about the Miami phenomenon /> Hoping that might be interesting for you as well...
knocte 28d
I would not touch USDT with a barge pole
knocte 27d
I'm actually thinking to short it ๐Ÿคฃ
austin 27d
Nice $BTC pump and low chatter in here, something tells me we are going to $20k+ on this move
knocte 27d
unpopular opinion we should have a #_bitcoin channel face_with_peeking_eye
austin 26d
Honestly charts are useless
austin 26d
just find a bunch of group chats buy when itโ€™s quiet
austin 26d
and sell when itโ€™s active
austin 26d
im still super bullish weโ€™ll go over 20k here
austin 26d
tomosuke 25d
Is anyone working on developing DeFi?
eric_khun 25d
currently building an analytics tool for web3 project, happy to connect ๐Ÿ‘‹
eu4life 24d
I held some USDT, but since most crypto exchange distrust of it, is there any other crypto with a parity 1on1?. I'm asking this, cause I'm using it for emergency-expense funds
jnic 24d
USDC and DAI are both well-regarded. Former is similar to USDT (dollar-backed) but slightly better regarded; latter is crypto collateral backed (but over-collateralised)
I understand why people want to hold savings and investments in crypto, but why would you hold your emergency fund in crypto? Isn't the point of an emergency fund that you can quickly access it to pay expenses in the traditional financial system? Won't it take unnecessary time to go through an exchange in an emergency?
cy 24d
fwynvizyyrfjkvda Crypto can quickly p2p trading anywhere in the world. You can't bring a huge bunch of USD paper notes with you everywhere.
USDG from Gemini had no scandals so far
eric_khun 24d
I trust more USDC (I wish they we backed 1:1 with usd , but canโ€™t ask that much ๐Ÿ˜ข )

I prefer it to DAI , no fancy algorithm behind . USDT, donโ€™t hold that long term, no on knows whatโ€™s going on with that thing
eric_khun 24d
izzxwovfboam what happen to USDG if gemini goes bankrupt?
You get the dollars back they hold in a bank account for you
knocte 24d
zocheceocpmj I wouldn't be so sure about that, I bet there would be a haircut
knocte 24d
plus, this possibility of bankruptcy is getting higher odds these days due to the lingering issues with Genesis, DCG and FTX
Sounds like itโ€™s not for you in that case and you can just keep your dollars in a bank account
Whatโ€™s going on with USDT? What exchanges distrust it and why? I found that crypto dot com unlisted it in Canada to comply with some regulation, but nothing else.
jnic 23d
How is USDT responsible for exchange bankruptcies?
mgmgmg 23d
Good :thread:
I prefer USDC
knocte 23d
I prefer DAI (even though I would prefer DAI to still be single-collateral based, i.e. SAI)
Why USDT is the biggest fraud in crypto? I really want to understand, thanks
emilylai 22d
Not a builder, but marketer at the biggest web3 agency if need any help or tips

Worked with projects like NEAR, Rarible, Celo, Flow, etc
knocte 21d
a stablecoin on top of BCH? how the hell you can trust that, man
knocte 21d
I agree about USDT not smelling well, but Bitfinex is more trustworthy than Roger Ver
haohaodu 20d
Hey I was wondering if anyone has ever built in the crypto payments space or knows anyone who does?
knocte 20d
fair enough about trust vs verify; but I verified that BCH doesn't have segwit, therefore still vulnerable to transaction malleability, therefore you cannot build a second layer on top of that
Isn't the USD 1:1 with USD?
nickursu 20d
It's like 1 USDT = 1.005 USD
lol, joke missed.
nickursu 19d
got it now, I thought it's a typo
markooo 18d
Just curious, do you know about lightning?
knocte 18d
it is
knocte 18d
I work on a Lightning network implementation, iwctihigh you seem to not have enough knowledge about this, I'm sorry
knocte 15d
no, it's needed for payment channels
knocte 15d
if you want to create a single payment channel and there's transaction malleability, you could get your funds locked, without being able to recover them
knocte 15d
and no, you cannot do VISA-level of scaling on-chain, it is literally impossible
Or maybe saying that it's propaganda is propaganda thinking_faceexploding_head
1GB Block size is still just a 1024x increase, you can't just keep putting bigger machines there.
Also, it would lead to more centralisation as less people would be able to afford running nodes
bmcvqrwj Could you read the white paper and explain it to me so that I can be proved right? /s
knocte 13d
google BCH? hahaha, man, I know what's BCH and BSV and those shitcoins, I in fact got the airdrop and sold the tokens immediately once their market pairs appeared on my exchange
jnic 9d
I'm sure it does have some interesting fundamentals (language, tx throughout, etc.), but given current market narratives I think most likely it's just pumping-because-it's-pumping, rather than hype about the tech specifically
jnic 9d
Its current FDV is silly
eu4life 8d
Localcrypto went out of business, winter is here. They're advertising Localbitcoin, but that's another custodial escrow system. Is there are any alternative to LC?
eu4life 7d
You're da man. God bless you
knocte 6d
LC was so good huh, I will miss it
All big cities - and many medium sized metros - will have regular local Bitcoin events. Just grab a beer and get chatting to people, and youโ€™ll soon find out whoโ€™s buying/selling. A good place to start is meetup_dot_com. Iโ€™ve done a fair few high-ish value transactions while airing at the bar... albeit with people Iโ€™ve got to know over a couple of months.
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