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I never dreamt of holding a million LUNA, until now...
wouldnโ€™t mind biggest comeback in history after buying 50k LUNA it 0.0002 ๐Ÿ˜„
lol, sounds nice in theory. But they basically have infinite supply now. It's not going back anywhere near $1
I think it would need to flip BTC for that to happen. Unless they burn the entire supply
Traditionally in trouble, they are losing revenue.
I think Kucoin. But ya that's the other problem. If they get black listed like XRP you might not be able to sell/transfer anywhere so be careful where you hold it
Iโ€™m very happy about upgrading to X - stores more alts and also the bluetooth connectivity is extremely useful
I recommend this create a 25-word wallet (this last one is a password). so you can keep the other 24 in a cold wallet safely without worrying about someone reading.
What's better about ledger than Trezor?
I didn't do much research on Trezor. I went straight to the ledger.
There's even a video of a guy who managed to hack a trezor. (I don't know how replicable this is. I haven't seen the video either)
Safest thing is to not have any shitcoins lol
I am in Berlin, doing web3. If you are interested, we can talk in Berlin or online.

I am making a blockchain based walking app that earns more money the more you expand a blank map.

ใƒปA mapping app where all you have at the beginning is a blank map, and only the places you walk will be mapped (automatically when you walk, no need to paint or anything).

ใƒปIn addition to the fun of increasing the number of maps, the system uses a token economy to earn money as the maps spread.
Sounds fun! Coming from a stepn user
Does anyone have connection to any ETHโ€™s OTC? I have customer want to buy big amount of ETH.
Me, too.
We have OTC at vauld and would be happy to help to connect to someone
wlgaryzctv Are you using STEPN?
is the app opensource?
not yet!
ping me when you change it to FLOSS
I like these move-to-earn ideas, not sure if they are sustainable long term, but I found them pretty cool. Keep it going
Does| count as a bank account for FBAR reporting purposes?
seems like no at this point
hm - I might be mistaken though, originally read that as crypto....but if its a website that holds your crypto for you...perhaps one could make the argument you should report it ๐Ÿคท
Hello crypto folks. If anyone is in NY this week, would love to have a drink!
Check out LocalCryptos
I'm looking for a web3 product idea
Iโ€™m gathering 5 people to meet in Spatial where we can share web3 projects. Are you interested?
Great! Letโ€™s get three more people before hosting the event. Do you know of anyone who might be interested to chat about web3 or crypto in a Spatial?
I am not sure!
Used trezor and ledger. They get the job done but hard to get good support. And trezorโ€™s recovery is complicated without buying a new trezor. Ngrave is next level tier for hardware wallets. But more pricey but airgapped, eal7 chip, and better customer service as well
Does anyone have experience with "Launch House" in NYC? ๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿ‘Ž ?
Lol. "People in this channel tend to join #dubai and #panama too" Oh, cryptobros
the old peak is the new bottom
That may be bullish at this point lol, might wick into liquidity around 14-16k
The real crypto bros still donโ€™t care about the price billed_capdog
I already bought the dip at 32k you noobs
DCA...DCA everywhere
also, you can buy AirBNB gift cards with bitrefill (which supports Lightning)
I am satisfied with my current investment. even after losing a lot of money. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
I don't invest in tokens, but in DeFI (much riskier, but also with a high return). so I won't even say where I am, because apparently it's not your thing.
seconding not satisfied, should have held way more cash for eth and rune bargains! :D
probably lots of solid defi out there but feels like a minefield with bancor, solend and many to be seen with other unsustainable yield models. $rune is the only one im comfortable with but also one of only a few ive had enough time to read up on.
in fact, it's the opposite. There are few that are sustainable. this drop in prices clearly showed which projects are good or not. currently I only trust projects that work with tokens that have some kind of price control.
yup but i had missed the changes in bancor v2->v3 so that came as a total surprise to me since my DD was old. anyways, as i didn't have enough cash sidelined two tokens are enough for me to DCA my coming salaries. any interesting projects to look into though?
yieldnodes, horde, grape (my currently favorite), masternodes (ihostmn), wolfer
thanks, ill read up at some point
im just $rune and $thor (leveraged rune :smile:). and still reading up on composable which i want to be excited about
i dont know rune, but thor is like the others. i dont trust anymore.
how so? since a few weeks thor income comes from affiliate fees so yields are actual use
are we talking about the same thor?
denominated in rune and since rune is tied to TVL it's obviously down with the market
thorswaps thor token. not sure if there are others
the only projects I know of that actually earn income from fees are yieldnodes and wolfer (it hasn't even started yet). or invest directly in masternodes (ihostmn)
any other is unsustainable and will die sooner or later.
grape and horde are unsustainable. but it has the advantage of having price control. I'm just enjoying it while they work.
might be worth looking into $thor if thatโ€™s what youโ€™re interested in. TLDR; thorswap is a UI for crosschain DEX thorchain. $thor is their token that used to get yield on emissions but emissions will wind down now and yield comes from the 0.3% affiliate fee they charge by swaps on their DEX UI. 75% of the 0.3% affiliate fee goes to $thor yield
no idea what that is, not the one
this was the thor i was referring to.
but you sort of have to be bullish on thorchain otherwise itโ€™s not interesting at all
I understood. this staking return is very low. does not fall into the highly risky category that I was referring to in DeFI (1% daily).
im hoping rune goes x60 and thor takes off with it at least 1/5 of the way
rune price is based on how much volume is in the protocol
more volume, higher price
so this fits into token price appreciation. I only invest in passive income projects.
then you can skip reading about both. $thor will for now move with $rune
the main difference is the price can go up or not (it's a bet). a passive income project is sure to happen (but you can lose a lot of money, because it's much riskier).
rune is priced by TVL though so itโ€™s a bet on other l1s and/or crosschain dex demand. sure thereโ€™s token speculation but not only speculation
but yeah itโ€™s not for yield farming at all so nevermind really ๐Ÿ™‚
I started betting on token appreciation, trade and such. but I didn't earn money consistently. I like strong emotions and high returns. ๐Ÿคฃ
> leveraged rune
This would make me extremely uncomfortable in this market ๐Ÿ˜…
i remember some discussions in these channel some months(years?) ago about the counterparty risk that was to put your BTC on BlockFi to generate yield...
and now this
that's why I invest in high risk DeFI projects. At least I'm aware of the risks.
I mean ideally you're aware of the risks for all your investments and then build a portfolio of things with different risk levels, no? If all you invest in has a high (correlated) risk, then sooner or later you won't have a portfolio anymore ๐Ÿค”
My strategy is raise capital with high risk. then with the results look for safe investments. I already "lost" a lot of money with this drop in prices, but now I'm focusing on projects that are anti-falls. you learn from mistakes.
In your analysis what projects are anti-falls?
read the entire thread
Thanks for the share!
gemfist to zero. Hodl to the end.
So it's more like buying lottery tickets, and if you win you're gonna look for sound investments? ๐Ÿ˜œ
I think the problem is people who win the lottery are usually broke after a few years because they never learned how to manage their money. Equally, it's hard to make the switch to safe investments if your high risk bets work out, because it's so easy to be greedy and optimistic when things are going well. But if you can pull that off, then it might work! ๐Ÿคž
i was like this before the ukraine war, so i lost money. my filters today are different.
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