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OG of credit cards is Dinersโ€™ Club ... who has even seen one these days? ๐Ÿ˜„
Could you imagine a "Dinersโ€™ Club" idea becoming a major cornerstone of modern economy? Can you imagine your life without a credit card today?
"One day the entire world will pay for everything with our Dinersโ€™ Club card" said noone ever.
Also think about innovation in the space even in just the recent times... Who remembers| for credit card processing? This was just a gateway too. You still need your own merchant account from a bank, for which you have file bajillion forms and paperwork, subject to approval, etc... It was _not_ easy to get one of those.

And now fast forward a few years later and we have Stripe ... with a valuation of ... wait for it ... $95 billion.
And they didn't even invent credit cards. Just doing some basic infrastructure stuff. Doing it great, obviously and offering a tremendous value to the users without a doubt.
f u knocte
uulzccwxw You need to define what you mean by "fundamental". The term fundamental is normally used to valuate something numerically. For instance with a stock you have p/e ratios p/b ratios etc.. and you can use those even if incorrectly to establish a baseline value for the stock.

Crypto has no fundamentals of that sort. What do you mean when you say "fundamental"?
I think what you mean to say is crypto has utility but (visible) fundamental ratios etc.. as in a means to do fundamental analysis it currently does not have.
So for instance BTC us currently at 55k USD, what fundamental number would you use to determine if at the current time you think 55k is undervalued or over valued?
Sure you could just say it has qualitative fundamentals which doesn't make for an interesting conversation because to date that is the only thing it has ever had.
At least currently, I don't think there is any fundamental data points that can be referenced to do a valuation.

I am talking about fundamental analysis.
tl;dr Doge is the future, sell all your BTC.
I understand all of this.
If he was trading doge on his nintendo DS, that kid has a bright future.
10 years from now buying coffee at starbucks with Doge.

"Daddy, why do we buy things with Doge?"
"Because the internet destroyed the world hunny."
Damn you doggy coiners
I hope you get rekt
Yeah, I see loads of friends apeing into $DOGE without any understanding of it's fundamentals (hint there are none) or its true utility (zero). Lots of people going to get rekt.
wdmswruktaoldgnly I dont know what u going about when talking all that bs about the word fundamental
I'll tell you two big fundamentals of bitcoin fungibility, no counterparty risk,
and there are many more
"no counterparty risk" is most commonly referred to as "self-sovereignty" but I dont think most people understand it properly this way
Could you use this same argument for gold?
oqzauqoz Are you not familiar with fundamental analysis?
Tell me how you use either of those two things you mentioned to determine if BTC is over valued or under valued at the current time. Seriously, I mined BTC at $500 and have been sitting on it. This isn't me taking a crap on crypto, I am talking about financial evaluation.

When it comes to analysis determining if BTC is currently over valued or under valued, there is currently no visible fundamental data points that can be really used.
This isn't some new idea, everyone knows this. When a stock bubbles you can look at underlying data and go ya that is definitely over valued. However, with BTC it is ambiguous because there is nothing you can point at so whatever its true value may be, there is not any way (right now) to even theorize.
Gold is a future, and all futures you can potentially determine value based on coming supply and demand. For instance, if you had insider knowledge that Gold supply was going to run out or that new Gold supply was discovered, you could make a valuation theory.
I honestly donโ€™t understand futures enough. But wouldnโ€™t BTC resemble gold in this sense? Except for the fact that we know exactly how much supply there is in BTC (we donโ€™t know that with gold).
Iโ€™m trying to understand how best to determine value as well. Seems like the only logic in 2021 is everything goes upโ€ฆ.until it doesnโ€™t
Real quick a future is a contract for actual things. So when you buy a gold future, you are buying ACTUAL gold, if you let the contract expire gold shows up at your house. What happens is people trade these contracts and make sure they sell them right before they expire to someone who actually wants the gold, oil, etc..

The little I have read on people trying to fundamental analysis on BTC revolves around looking at trade volumes etc.. but it's hard to reduce that volume to something meaningful.
For instance, let's say you could know the following numbers.

1. The amount of volume that is done to purchase actual things versus speculation.
2. People actively sell crypto to move into other crypto or something else like stocks/gold
3. Government purchase programs
4. Crypto that is about to be abandoned or lost
5. Crypto that is recovered
Any of these things could help you come up with a valuation.
Lost crypto is deflationary, recovered crypto is inflationary.
An attempt
Actually, stock-to-flow is a model that determines if BTC is over/under valued. Its based only on historical data, true, but we clearly see the relationship with golds s2f and other assets
monetary goods arent valued, but priced (at the margins). sure, FA in the context of relevant markets, like gold and some market expansion or other stuff, is OK, but itโ€™s obv nothing like doing a DCF or anything of that sort
If you could aggregate current crypto transactions by business or ecoms gateways, you could then come up with a ratio that would be somewhat useful as a valuation metric for price to adoption.

In the future we might have general gross tax numbers.
With forex etc.. You can look at the underlying economy, interest rates etc.. Now with tlsa and micro we might get some transaction numbers but it is too early.
DeFi seems a good candidate for FA if that's your vibe Uniswap, Curve, Aave, Lido, etc. have revenue, TVL, etc. and might point to a broader valuation for Ethereum
Doggy coiners gonna get rekt
This is a really long commercial break.
Well technically you can say it DID went to the moon. Who says whatโ€™s up and whatโ€™s down in space?
SNL wiping out billions
What a time we live in
He didn't do that bad except that last sketch was so cringe.
I had luckily dumped all my BTC moments before as I needed liquidity for a startup investment
now shifted my ETH and altcoins back to BTC
Poocoin, great investment
Itโ€™s funny to go through the verified contracts on bscscan, every 5 minutes thereโ€™s a new safe/Elon/doge/moon/shiba/goat/Mars coin popping up
just bought some chad token
for the lols
these are the new erc-20 shitcoins
can imagine the markets are going to be flooded with this crap very soon
A lot of Eco/Green coins as well after Elon's tweet
I think the only value in these is that it teaches you how to use metamask, and pancake swap
which is still a pain point
you would have thought the process would be frictionless by now
yeah Pancake swap can be annoying some times, specially with these tokens that you can get billions of with u$10
alrighty I bought one and a half billion of the chad ๐Ÿ˜‚
Apparently musk stopping BTC payments is more important that all the inflation fears that have been plaguing WSJ etc..
I actually expected Bitcoin and Doge to drop a lot more than it did on that Musk tweet. Just goes to show how much buying support there is right now. Big finance have definitely moved-in on crypto.
I donโ€™t get it. Doge is dead

I donโ€™t quite understand what is he trying to prove?
a dead project
Apparently the reports of its death have been greatly exagerrated.
someone posted in here a while back that development has continued on other branches of the repo, but the main branch hasnt been updated in years
actually pretty genius move to try to co-opt the doge project given that it's probably the 3rd most recognizable coin after btc & eth
the strongest memes will win (in the sense that bitcoin and eth are memes too)
maybe Doge devs will transition the coin from PoW to Proof of Time and Space?
I had a look at chia, it borked my laptop had to remove all my farms
yeah I think the repurposed external hardware PoW protocols are unnecessary, seems like a waste of material and energy its not a market they were built for
How much of a blow do people thing this will be for bitcoin generally? Just a speedbump or might the concern spread?
Speed bump
zdjcpkegrx IMO it is all a speed bump but my timeline is 20-30 years but I also think humanity is going to figure out fusion power.
Elon will use this to get into clean sustainable Bitcoin mining, or some other related project that will make $$$ and fund his Mars missions
What's wrong with proof of stake? While it's also not perfect, it seems quite likely to me that Ethereum 2.0 will overtake Bitcoin in market cap when it lands. At that point I'd assume Ethereum to become a lot more well known and don't really see why people would get into Bitcoin over Ethereum. But always open to having my mind changed ๐Ÿ™‚
yeah lots of people increasing the % of ETH in their portfolio recently which seems sensible
History is not favorable to eth though, Iโ€™m surfing this wave up until July 14th
Not waiting for the dip after their team delays London
Is your concern about releases taking too long? Or what do you mean by history? I'd rather they do it properly than rush things out, and it's certainly a monumental task. As I'm investing more with a 10+ year horizon, I don't care much about a few months more or less. Of course, if it takes too long than other blockchain will eventually take over...
Hedge BItcoin with Eth, hedge Eth with Polkadot
burn all crypto go back to fiat
Burn all fiat go back to barter.
Elon has hinted he dumped Teslaโ€™s btc holdings
nice, time to buy more Chad Token
Chad or doge?
Chad ๐Ÿ’ช
won't be long until there's a Chad Doge token
USD โ”€ $
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