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I do occasionally. The iPad Pro 11 & Apple Pencil are great, but I find that I often need the lack of distractions and lower friction of old school pen and paper.
If anyone needs a Dribbble invite, Iโ€™ve got one.
Krita is pretty cool. Anyone use it, or have another recommendation for making concept art?
May I ask, what do you specifically mean by concept art?
Iโ€™ve seen some people using Procreate / iPad Pro
wljmzwebqua for me... generally for video games, to get the feel of an area down, or play with creature sketches
Very cool snzidzvtgljcoa in a past life that was my jam
I used to draw and paint a lot in digital too... But, let that skill slide. Bought a graphics tablet (the screen less type) recently and have been meaning to brush up
Huion honestly broke my Wacom fanboy streak. The cost and shipping of the tablet to Mexico was the same price as the import fees alone for an identically specced Wacom ๐Ÿ˜
Does anyone know a way to โ€œhackโ€ something similar to cssโ€™s `min-width X` in Figmaโ€™s auto layout components?
bjychoeqpzo for simple graphics the|noun project> covers most of my needs. But maybe youโ€™re looking for something less minimal?
thx xafegxsvx i do lean on thenounproject a lot when i need starting reference oints for things. in this case, though, iโ€™m looking for animated gifs and stickers on a transparent background.
the kind of things that youโ€™d see on giphy
Yeah, those are a little more โ€ฆ colorful
How are animations/transitions normally designed/mocked up when sent to developers? Is it mostly a feedback loop between product manager/designer and developer or there are specific flows I should learn about?
I'm thinking more of mobile here, i.e interaction effects, feedback, focused inputs and the likes
It helps to take some time to define the most used animation patterns, and call them in your instructions at the handout (button.onClick pop1). Most devs don't care about details as much as we do, it can creates useless back and forth. For unique elements I haven't seen special workflows, you have to go for the feedback loop..
Bonus points if you make the effort to talk in terms and structure they're used to, and they'll love you if you find them librairies of coded exemples of what you want
thanks cryhoijwjcstde my situation here is that I'm the developer. So I developed an app all alone and what I did was, 1. wireframes (with a design in mind). 2. develop 3. develop the design on the go on top of the code, playing with what felt better etc. I know this is not the normal workflow but I don't know how to use any design tools. Since I like product/design I'd take care of many of those details but I'd just apply them as I'd see fit (following a standard ofc). Now, I've hired a dev to help me move faster so that I can focus more on the product definition and these bits get lost in translation or slow us heavily. For now what I've done is things like "I want these buttons to have the same feedback as in this video of another app", "on press should apply to all this area EXCEPT this icon", "the dropdown should work exactly like the one on this video" I even use terms down to the actual programming language or files since I developed earlier versions myself... But it's hard to get what I have in my head in words... especially when it's something 'novel'... so I normally end up messing with the code myself again, which defeats the purpose ๐Ÿ˜…
Oh, that's a situation a bit different from what I'm used to, so I'm not sure I'd be a great help. It seems that your dev is not as comfortable with animation as you are. In this configuration I see 3 options 1 - you compromise on your expectations and go for more standard and accessible motions
2 - you "train" your dev to be as fluent with animations as you are
3 - you find a way to share the requirements in a way that everyone can (and will) follow
And by the way, a good workflow is anything that feels right. If this is something that important to you, you could very well take over the code for those fine details. Have your partner take care of everything else and set you up so that you just have to code those complex interactions
yeah, let's say he is technnically much more capable than I am (animations included) but has absolutely 0 notion of what looks good/bad. The perfect thing would be for me to give him the animation in video so that he can code it. but many animations don't exist or need to be "adapted" and this adaptation is where he fails to grasp the idea. Another part of the problem is that ideas are justt that, ideas, and until you can see them executed you can't be sure if they'll work well. That's why I'm not sure it's worth it to keep coding them straight away and with communication issues, or if maybe it's better to get someone to do them on adobe or whatever tool is used. So far we've done what you suggest in the last paragrraph, it's just a bit stressful because I need to keep a portion of myself developing (updating tools, frameworks, libs etc) instead of being able to focus on everything else involving the business...
i guess I'll try to document better the easy/obvious interactions and try to find someone who can create the aniamtions without code, so I can see the result faster while still having an idea of how easily implementable/performance-wise possible it is
Yeah motion design is a booming field you should be able to find some great ppl to help you with that. You could even use tools like Lottie to directly translate an after effect animation into a native svg equivalent the reduced integration time might compensate the cost of a dedicated motion designer
yeah hmm from total ignorance here but I believe the animations I have in mind are only doable with code. They are not animations move icons or characters or the like, it's stuff like when you press a block, other blocks move around and change color dynamically sort of
but thanks for the ideas!
i'm sure coming from the development side is making my life more difficult here haha
Hmm yeah it might not help you in this case...
When you can't overlook details your life is pain no matter side you're on ๐Ÿ˜
good point ๐Ÿ˜‚
vhcrxpj yeah seems like you need a designer to make the adaptation of the example animation ideas to what would make sense for the app
rrgjlvdjp yeah, the tricky bit is, what sort of designer, product designer? ui/ux? motion? ahh
uijpxge a visual/graphics designer at the very least
ux designers aren't necessarily visual at all
dunno about product designers either
yeah, I guess I need them all at once lol..
maabtuy technically ux folks go by โ€œux strategistโ€ or something these days
To differentiate from visual design
Itโ€™s more about user interviews and planning flows and more evidence based
Probably donโ€™t really need that
qikjqub a motion graphics designer might be able to mock up the interaction for you in AfterEffects, then share that with you developer.
Some developers work better if they see exactly what you're trying to achieve. Descriptions, if you're trying to get a very specific result, may not be enough.
yeah I wonder how expensive that is tho... especially since you need to make several iterations I assume
for the not so advanced animations, i.e interactions, transitions you'd just make some sort of document that defines each type of behaviour for each button/area
If you're able to imagine and/or describe it
Things like position, side, color, opacity, and timing. How long the entire entire sequence takes. If there's an ease-in or ease-out
I see! and which job role would be the one doing this? ux?
wcivrad what? where do you get ux from "motion graphics designer" ?
ux isn't design.. ux is "user experience"
pwzsgyciu I understand motion graphics designer would be the perfect role for advanced animation demos, but for more mundane interactions, transitions, etc, I wonder who is normally in charge of the documentation/specific decisions that are sentt to the developers. I believe this sort of interactions got a lot to do with the user experience that's why I guessed ux, but I really have no clue
crfgmzv I think interaction designers specifically do this kind of stuff, might be a good buzzword to use when looking for designers to do this.
yfnwyap the thing is, with UI animation to have it feel right it's kind of a dark art. Working with curves and often adding in delay timers and things

It's not difficult to get the base animations in place, as long as the API supports it
I was going to say that โ€” we used to call them interaction designers. I feel like all I ever see now is this โ€œUX/UIโ€ abomination. If you see someone labeling their specially as interaction design definitely ping them!
awesome! It also confuses me, everything seems to be ux/ui now, in the end I need to finnd someone with a more generalistic set of skills but still, the people I've talked to are like "oh no I never did that". Too much specialization lately ๐Ÿ˜›
yeah, that's why I'm not sure if it's even possible to find someone who can go from conception to implementation
I've done a few myself, but they aren't the best... (xD) and also I don't have the time to focus on them... I see there are ever more coding designers but they seem unapproachable!
One of the better tools to show interaction design is invision studio. It's not a fully rounded tool yet but that is something it has going for it.
If you're curious around tooling and the fastest way to show interaction. Another one especially when focused on iOS is keypoint... It has the same native transitions as a developer may have when developing. Neither are 100% right but could be good option to show what you're looking for quickly...
awesome, thanks!
exzqovn no problem
The keypoint direction is kind of a quick and dirty way but it has worked for me in the past.
quick and dirty = good (while it's not end product ;D)
haha yup, it's been the fastest way for me to show a developer what I had in mind while working remote
not the greatest for a final delivery but if your working in a certain style it can be helpful ๐Ÿ˜„
Got another dribbble invite if anyone wants one
kind of interesting to think that there's a large forum with active members all based on an macromedia's freehand app made in 2005
Virtual Maker Faire 2020 is a day away!
If youโ€™re into that sort of thing.
Youโ€™ll have to google that if youโ€™re curious.
Has anyone done physical product design before? I'm designing a box for a product I'm selling online. Wondering if there's anything I need to include on the box, like a barcode or something? Or is that only if I'm going to sell it in stores?
I know someone who does freelance package design, if you need some help I can give you his email
Well, I've already got the design, and no budget ๐Ÿ˜…
yfujwqhci you only need the barcode if you're selling in stores

Applying for a UPC/EAN/ISBN is easy though, and might be worth it if you're going to print a large run of packaging
I don't plan to sell in stores right now, and I'm doing print on demand, but if it takes off, I'll probably consider selling it in stores. Do you have any info on how those numbers work? Is it a big central database?
Yes, and you apply and they give you a number
Obviously it's not free
Any idea how much it costs?
You'll have to Google that
It's up front pricing
sudppvqms liek $5 (i vaguely recall amazon might reject certain UPC codes or something, so always worth doing some research later)
USD โ”€ $
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