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There's a "Brand Book" sometimes
This message was deleted.
I haven't a website editor before but my thing is building editors. Website builders for the most part are relatively simple because they just use blocks.
Have you ever wanted to switch from being a designer to being an advisor? For already two years I‘m thinking to make the switch, but my imposter syndrome doesn‘t allow me.

When I design for clients the results are visible, but advises are not visible. Yet, most of my clients don‘t have a design problem—they have a strategic problem. So what usually happens is they hire me as a UI/UX designer, I do the job, but in the back of my mind, I‘m sure they are going to fail. And that‘s where my creativity drops. I wish I can tell to them all the mistakes they are making during the process, but don‘t want to offend them because I‘m hired for another role.

I definitely need to switch from selling my hands, to selling my brain. Because my hands can only do so much, but my brain can help many more clients. I can‘t design for clients anymore, knowing that the core problem lies in their vague brand positioning and their incorrect product-market fit, or the lack of it thereof. I feel a moral obligation to stop designing and start advising, to help them not make the same mistakes as most startups do.

Is anyone else going through these struggles?
I did this by starting to present myself as an "expert" outside of design, but with value proposition and strategy as a whole.
I just started overstepping my mark with clients I knew trusted me. Over time, I converted them into clients who would let me manage or help grow their team rather than doing the work myself. It's a loooooong slow process though imo.
> Yet, most of my clients don’t have a design problem—they have a strategic problem.
point_upskin-tone-2 I’m with you on that
How do you know that they have "incorrect product-market fit"?
Simple. They don‘t have a centre of gravity when they talk about their business objectives and product features.
They keep changing. And such changes are too risky to be done during design and development stage. That‘s where the money are wasted. What they should do is invest part of the money in strategy, so that they can safe much more when they know what they are building, and most importantly, what are they not building.
I did something similar- but I went into consulting work. I ended up being the person to create/implement the changes needed. Some industries are easier to break into than others.
You said that you bill for a certain product outcome, not for a design artifact though right? And you’ve encouraged and argued endlessly with developers on here to do the same. The way you’ve promoted how people should charge their customers, companies aren’t wasting design and development resources by flippantly pivoting, they’re only wasting _your_ resources as the contractor trying to help them.
True, I was encouraging people to ditch the hourly rate and charge value-based fees. But because that approach is riskier, the price should be relatively higher because the transfer of risk shifts from the client‘s side to the service-giver‘s side. But in order to minimise that risk, it‘s crucial for there to be a discovery stage, so that scope is tamed before a designer puts a pixel, and a developer writes a line of code.

So, I envision the following:
1. Strategy call with the client
2. Workshop to understand system‘s complexity
3. Building the product based on the insights from the workshop and aligned to the strategy discussed.
For it to happen, there needs to be plenty of awareness on the client‘s side how step 1 and 2 will help minimise risk for step 3. Usually clients skip to step 3 and waste all their budget building the wrong thing.
These scenarios and challenges are most prevalent in startups, when they still struggle to find a product-market fit. So the 3-stepped process would be most valuable to them.
Why would a customer pay for the product risk up front to a mid level devops engineer who made some determination out of their area of expertise that the product would need to pivot N times
No, a client can pay to someone who has expertise in connecting business needs with product features. Not necessarily a developer. In fact, I think the industry calls these people business designers.
Yet you hijack conversations with devs asking how much they should charge hourly to tell them they should charge for business outcomes and not per hour, then “everyone wins”
Oh, no. I see the conversation has got out of context.
You said that customers waste dev and design money by pivoting. But you also say customers shouldn’t be paying for time, they should pay dev and designers for product outcome. The statements are incompatible.| />
In your model customer just pays one fixed price and pivots all they want. It’s the devs and designers that spend more resources.
This message was deleted.
What kind of developer?
Hey fam, what are some good sites to find talented people for video editing
Depends on what your budget is. I've used upwork and another on-demand video editing site that pushes out content like clockwork with low-effort briefs. What's your frequency and budget? Both work but there's a learning curve to get better at it.

I can even share the project briefs that got us some amazing applicants in these marketplaces.
Also depends on what output you want. Upwork can get something for $200-300 per video and the other agency I used charges $2000 for unlimited videos. Quality and content style varies. We were looking to get some quick content variations out for ad testing.
Cool, posting there but need a mix of video editor w social media marketing skills. A bit harder to find. Ideally someone who can start off part time and in time develop into full time
We post daily
there's also peppercontent which is a content market place based out of India. SMM is very culturally sensitive - so I'd recommend hiring someone who's from your target demographic's culture.
wyvdwnljdwnv haha I know exactly what you mean, thats a great tip
Hello! Does anyone have any good tips for travelling with a LARGE computer monitor? I can’t do design work with my tiny laptop screen. I like having a BIG secondary monitor (the bigger the better). I use a 34" curved monitor at home and the smallest I’d want to work with is 27" but even that doesn’t fit in my luggage (once it’s in a padded box).

It’s probably too big to be considered a carry-on and I don’t want to pay extra for another checked luggage item. Any great ideas out there??
I know they sell “portable monitors” but those all seem way too small for what I like to work with.
Some kind of compact hard shell monitor case that could fit into my checked luggage bag might be ideal.
wgzdnobewi How long are you planning to stay in a place?
It's not impossible to get a 27inch monitor for $200 and a lot of places will let you sell it back to them for 50%. If you stay in a location for 3 months at a time, that works out to around $400/year, or roughly around $35-50/month.
So I would say is it worth it to go through all this hassle to save maybe $50/month instead of just buying a monitor at each location?
I did this for nearly 5 years, I have even bought more than one.
Thanks for the input U06FWGSG1! I plan to stay in Puerto Vallarta for 1 month. I see they have a Costco there where I can buy a 27" monitor for roughly $300 (CAD).
Maybe I could just buy one there and then sell it before I leave…
I would say try and find a local computer place and just talk to them, most of them would be happy to take back a monitor for 50% that has only been used for a month.
I have done it a few times.
I have also done the selling stuff on FB etc.. but I find it is usually a hassle and it is not something you want to deal with especially only for one month.
Just an idea… What about posting on a local board for temp rental? hehe… There might be someone willing to rent them.

I was reading I was like at my fixed home (hehe) I have like 4 monitors, not all in use.
Are there 2d game artists?

My girlfriend just started working as 2d game artist and she is relying on photoshop, wacom intuos pro and 2 large monitors. She has a large iPad Pro, but says that Photoshop on it is not enough for her to work on it.

How do you guys travel and work?
I have a 27-inch 4K monitor stored in Portugal, Bali, and the UK now. Easier than flying thenm.
Where do you store them UECRXRJ3G? Do you have a storage space there or at people's houses or something like that?
lol thanks bot
uuaqvgtsyimgva I've got a UK home + a storage box in Bali and will get one in Portugal.

I've also got friends who are happy to store stuff - although sometimes this causes friction if I'm away for too long.
Hi there! 👋 What are the best UX tools, in your opinion (mainly for running surveys)? I'm currently switching from Frontend Developer to Designer, and the amount of "must-know" tools is insane :exploding_head:. I'd appreciate your help!
I'm not a game artist, but I've been using Affinity Designer on the iPad to replace my photoshop workflows when on the move. It works pretty well, and let's you design in raster as well as vector.

Changing tools, both digital and physical, is definitely a learning curve though.
I think it’s hard to say without knowing the parameters of the project/ test. Google Forms, maybe?
Typeform is the best by far for me 🙂
Check out Sprig if you want to integrate it with your product. Otherwise typeform is great.
Shoutout to BlockSurvey for the extreme privacy focus. Still more niche but I find them quite comparable to Typeform for a lot of things
Hey, any recommendations for tools to make UI animations (e.g. for displaying on a marketing website)?
Depends on the complexity of animation. Ideally, if the interface is designed in Figma, that software has some animation capabilities. And with that, you don‘t need to jump from tool to tool.

Otherwise, I can suggest my favourites PrinciplesforMac and Protopie.
I've heard a lot about Lottie (I believe Webflow integrates with it), but I've never used it
I can't send a link, but "Lottie" by AirBnB could be worth checking out. Search for "Lottie Web"
Thanks, all!
Are UI animations doable for beginners? I was looking into how to learn myself but ended up not making things animated. I wanted to model the Lemonade Website
You're talking about the Lemonade/com website?
You say UI animations but the prominent animations on that site is like, illustration animations
To make those as a beginner.. On one hand they are minimal, but on the other they kind of mix great illustration with efficient animation, I think it would be hard to replicate. Maybe get 75% of the way then ask for input to adjust it.
I'd be more concerned on the drawing part tbh, but if you can draw that, then you also have that feel for the animations to make them _nice_
Just animating _something_ though you should be able to do as a beginner, why not.
UI animations are usually just clever uses of CSS transition properties and animations but the really complex stuff requires Js libraries to trigger and control how and when animations play. For beginners that know CSS yes it's doable and it's a good thing to learn
Another vote for Lottie. I’ve worked with designers that use it, and they were able to prototype & deliver very quickly. From an engineers perspective - it works well but there are instances where their React library has memory leaks. If the team you’re working with ever notices performance issues, point them in that (i.e. “memory leaks”) direction.
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