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just saying, showing an animation at the beginning and expecting the user to remember it’s there later might not be effective, especially if there’s been some time since their first usage
Also be careful with iOS’s default back-swipe action, so it doesn’t overlap with your design
Hmm, interesting things to consider. Yeah, playing around with my various android apps I use, the horizontal scroll seems to be pre-learned, there’s no good indication. Instagram for example, I had no idea what to do for the first couple of weeks. In this context it wouldn’t be an app you’d frequently use, so I think the indicator needs to be pretty obvious
I’ve used a number of apps where I tested it quickly and came back a month or two later, and the interactions that were unnatural were effectively hidden from me
That’s the state of mobile design
Too many complex things, not enough space to explain everything
We design in a world of compromises
If it’s an important action, they’ll most likely remember.
If it’s not a very important action, it’s not the end of the world if they forget
just try to have something persistent - either a “bounce” every once in a while or part of the interface showing
Yup, currently we have a vertical ‘drawer’ to expand the toolbar and access the excess buttons (which are optional/nice-to-have type controls - that’s why they don’t get main real estate) but I guess they haven’t found this to work for the users and came back to me requestin a horizontal scroll
What was the problem with the drawer?
I’m not clear (I’m not being brought into the decision making meetings with the client at the moment) but I will check with them. It may have something to do with height restrictions, I will see about it. Just kinda sanity checking the idea as I prototype the request for them
How about repurposing the hamburger icon, put it on its side at the front of the scrollbar 😉
Hmm, maybe not
If there is a way to always have half an icon visible with all the different screen sizes that’s good too perhaps
Awkward implementation tho
it’s mostly because I have 0 interest in spending even a fraction of a second trying to figure out how to use Snapchat, but I find it completely incomprehensible interface wise
I’ve been told you have to have used it for a while to understand it - that there are certain learned Snapchat interface gestures, etc
just please don’t make it anything like that
Tempted now to download Snapchat for the first time just to see what you’re on about…
try it ocflwsy - as a review
I’d love to hear your thoughts
I’ve spoken to dozens of people that had exactly the same reaction
WTF - and then just closed it, because they didn’t care enough to trudge through learning it
I understand the evolutionary heuristics and learned patterns of interfaces…after over a decade of using the ios or touch interfaces, there are certain behaviors that have become muscle memory, and the interfaces have become more complex over time, but it’s been iterative
but if someone were to go from using a flip phone to a smart phone now…it would be unbelievably daunting
from what I understand, Snapchat is the same way
I feel bad for old people that got their first iPad in the last few years, missing out on the original skeuomorphic design
oadjaju just saw that Lightroom Android/iOS have horizontal scroll on their tab
Omg, you monster! 😂 File organisation is as important knowledge of HTML/CSS
Only matters if you want your work to scale or plan on other designers joining the project.
Missed this discussion eheng but I remember reading an article way-back-when that Snapchat was designed so only young people would “understand” how it works, thus cutting out the inevitable wave of older people trying to join in with it.
well, then ding ding ding
Re Framer X

It’s a tool that allows people to quickly get to a working prototype by using JavaScript and React. IMO it’s a great option for that specific task. You can implement state management and build a fully functional prototype that works with real data much quicker than with other tools — but it requires you to be quite comfortable with React and JS. You can basically minimize writing CSS, and instead, use the drawing tool/import from Sketch, followed by adding the logic and animations with code. I think it’s faster than any other method (again, as long as you are fairly comfortable with React and JS).
Of if you’re sending your files to a dev for implementation.

It’s also useful for not spending an hour trying to understand what the fuck is happening, if you have to update the files months later female-technologistskin-tone-2
I personally use Zeplin with developers rather than send them the files.
However sometimes it’s necessary for sure 🙂
anyone have experience with a "from the ground up" Adobe Illustrator course? Looking to learn it as a new skill for finding work in the design field.
found this course and considering how cheap it is right now, might just go that direction
wanting something with structure and relevant to real-world career needs teaching
Anyone have any recommendations for where to find really beautiful / functional wordpress sites aside from the obvious CreativeMarket and Themeforest?
auywrpeni I don’t know much about the course, but if the reviews and price are good, go for it!
I find that the courses _generally_ speak more to the technical aspects of learning Illustrator, rather than the one-off tutorials. Courses make for a much better foundation, and you’ll save yourself a lot of headache in the long run by being familiar with a dozen tried-and-tested fundamentals
Also, feel free to ask here (or DM me) if you need any help!
I taught Illustrator for a few years, and have heard it all 😉
What kind of design job do you need it for? (As in there might be better tools for the job)
Hey guys. What's a simple portfolio I can put together for my wife? She's an architect/interior designer. I am literally just looking for a site/service where I can create 20 folders or so, dump a bunch of PNGs in there, and have a decent looking portfolio site emerge? No need for Wordpress monkeying or Semplice installs or whatever. Just dead simple...
pnrotpwuq Basically this is for my sister in law who is a very talented graphite illustrator who has Photoshop skills but is looking to expand her abilities to be able to better compete in the market. It looks like most design related jobs require Illustrator or something similar so that's what we decided to start with
For that purpose and for an illustrator with skills, it seems ok, yes.
cool, thanks 👍
Carbonmade also good
Hey guys, I am doing a design for mobile where on a product page a user needs to take 3 actions and I would like them to be visible at all times. I was wondering if anyone has any good examples of action bar mechanics you have seen somewhere on the web?
Can you give some context on what the actions are and why they need to be visible? 🙂
Buy now, Request a Quote, Talk to Customer Service 😄 . It’s about a product that is quite expensive so not many people are willing to just buy it online but some are.
Firstly, _Buy Now_ and _Request A Quote_ seem contradictory as one suggests a fixed price, whilst the other suggests you need an input. Then, _Talk to Customer Service_ should surely fall under _Request A Quote_ as they both require (I assume) a discussion with a sales rep.

I’d say 3 buttons is a bit of a push for this type of interface but you’re probably looking for something like
My gut would say to go with something like:

_Buy Now_ // _Chat With Us_

This allows you to capture the 2 types of users; those who want to make an instant decision VS those who need an extra level of support/tailoring.
Did that help at all UD4M05398? 🙂
Hey thanks so much for the comments! The thing is that Request a Quote tends to converts 40% more when people give their details and someone calls them to lock down the sale, even tho the price is the same as the online price.
As a business, the business wants to move more to online bookings because Request a Quote bookings cost customer service resources
And yet again, they dont want to lose the conversions from the REquest a Quote people
Hence why the directive has been show the buttons together until i can come up with a valid justification to why i wouldnt do that and support it with numbers 😄
#MessyShit 😄
Today I’ve been trying out Figma for the first time. First impressions lovely!
it really shines well when it's collaborated on. Very fun tool
I switched recently for a client, its heaven. I'm fully moving over to it for UX
Really? I never tried it but I still trust Sketch and don’t thing I want to switch away from it 😄 yet.
I think it’s biggest highlight is the collaboration for sure ^^
Thanx, guys! Convinced to spend some time checking it out finally :)
I haven’t heard of Elm UJW0R92JC?
Looking for referrals for iOS & Android Developers who co create with designers well
it's a front end language. a rough description would be typescript, react and JSX all bundled together
Super interesting. Will check it out.
All of the devs I use have now gone to full time jobs 😢 Let me know if you find someone good lyypttqt
Anyone know of any good tech/software/companies/agencies in Melbourne?
Envato is a Melbourne company
what are your thoughts on combining signup + registration forms? just one form w email + password, if the user is not registered, the site creates an account, if the email exists, the user is logged in normally
potential addition of a helper text that says "new account will be created" as user is typing password (if applicable)
could get a fair amount of new accounts from mistyped emails,
Number of sites are like that vnzrxnud - especially sign-ups that will log you in if the account exists
You could clarify by having them type the email in first and then having a registration or login as a refreshed second section
Only problem would be exposing a mechanism for someone to brute force validate emails against your user db
That’d be my concern - not really the UI since that’s workable
zxomhuol It’s actually a great idea. And etc is right, some site already do it. To get it just right it will come down to thinking through every possible use case and having a good implementation strategy.
Just bought a Huion.... As a long time Wacom fan, I hope I don't regret it, but the import fees alone for an Intuos was about the same price as the Huion of about the same size and performance on paper
(there was also a flash sale on Amazon, which negated the Huion's import fees of $10)
Any designers out there who can help with creating great designs for tshirt sweatshirts and hoodies? Please DM me :)
I'm working on a HIPAA compliant mobile app design, and I was wondering if anyone had any nifty reading material on good UX design practices for onboarding (and general app design) in respect to HIPAA's patient data security. Please, and thank you. ❤️
+1 for binzyljbnbjlsc request
Oh man, I've worked deep in HIPAA for years and the answer was usually "Hmm... try this and see if we get in trouble." I really haven't seen any standardized guidelines at all unfortunately and I worked for an HR SaaS company that held medical records, employment, insurance, etc. and my last company dealt with medical prescriptions and it still felt like the wild west. I would say be safe, err on the side of obfuscating information when in doubt, and try to look up any laws or rules that may apply to what you're designing.
Hi folks, I was wondering if there are any designers here that have done design for software consultancy companies as a part of their portfolio? I am going to need a hand with design and branding for my business.
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