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Hi guys, how are you doing ?

For a client, I'm looking for a tool that allows to track users both on desktop & apps, do you have any recommandations ? (like Hotjar but for apps to ?)

Thank you ❤️ and have a good day.
```Have you looked at Amplitude? Super customisable and very generous free plan```
FullStory has this (fullstory com/mobile-apps/) — haven’t used it for native apps but it’s really good for webapps
Thank you guys, I will try that !! 🙂
Do you mean screen recording?
Yes, exactly !
Maybe UXCam, not sure if they have desktop though
We're trying out PostHog for this
For screen recordings, we've tried LogRocket and it worked well
Red highlight also seems a bit more muted with dark theme
I’ve just accepted that this red is nomadlist’s primary brand/CTA color 🤷
It’s not perfect but considering that the entire site was made by one person, I’ll give him an A++
No kidding! It’s a testament to how much zttptenlyv has iterated on the site, that this is the level of detail we’re now critiquing.
We're not judging the creator, just bringing up issues and trying to be constructive 😎
Yesss pls give feedback! I always listen and fix it
I also think the trips profile page is too messy, I rly wanna re-do it
How can I fix the note thing?
On my travels, I'd be keen to do a free, once a week mentoring session where I pass on my skills to people who are keen to learn. Especially as a way of giving back to the local community, but open to nomads as well.

Has anyone done something like this before?
Awesome! Will change it to that soon, thanks!
Volunteering on a tourist visa gets you deported in most places
I’ve given local talks at conferences and events while traveling in the past, but only through a local network that I was already connected to (i.e. Armenian coworkers / startup community).

Haven’t tried organizing a solo event/meetup. But if you’re working out of, say, a local coworking space, I imagine they might be happy to advertise/host a skill share type activity for their community.

Deportation seems extreme - I thought the problem with a tourist visa is you can’t get paid locally?
Many examples of it in Bali
Of deportation for volunteering
I've done this a number of times in a local coworking in Mexico and Thailand. Giving a free talk or a short course. Usually they are happy to facilitate the "knowledge sharing"
"Knowledge sharing" is not is not usually volunteering. Bali is an extreme case, I think.
ntqvwniqyd thanks for the heads-up! What constitutes volunteering? Does giving a short tech talk count?
Only if people find it useful 😬
Make sure your talk is not useful or you get deported 😂
🤔 Could be a survey in the end of the talk:

> On a scale from “Terrible” to “Deport me”, how would you rate my talk?
How many design geeks does it take to...
jxtlugrobjjhdw I'm a Spanish teacher and I love this!! Thanks!
Design freelancers, where do you find clients?

I’ve been pretty successful with Toptal, but had I found my Toptal clients on my own, I could’ve easily given myself a 50% pay rise by cutting out the middleman.
Contacts at former clients who have moved on / former team members is usually a high chance of getting a foot through the door.
I find these people struggle to pay me my asking rate. Old clients from my junior / mid years, those aren't generally the clients who will pay me my asking rate.
not an expert, but a few ideas could you ask your current clients where they looked before using Toptal? or find other clients with similar profiles?
Great idea. Haven't thought about that.
Networking is the King
nqtnjttw so long as it's not in person networking.

I don't do that because these people are 95% likely to not accept remote freelancers

“I meet you in flesh and blood. I want to see you in front of me from now on”
Once you work with someone…that’s added to bucket…and the work keep coming back in repetitions….
Don’t know where to put this Regarding the match making feature
If I have the chat input-field active and try to move my cursor around with the arrow keys it swipes instead haha. Accidentally made aaaaa buuunch of left and right swipes 😄
Many countries have platforms for freelancers, for example in the UK we use Yunojuno
Not sure if this is what you’re after, but Linkedin’s great for finding recruiters who specialise in the design space. There are lots of interesting freelance contract roles floating around and you can get your feet wet while jumping into lots of different gigs, depending on what you want, are open to and your experience.

Never tried Toptal but heard good things - I plan to apply one day soon.
hqgoupt what’s the toptal cut?
My experience with LinkedIn is that they're just dinosaur recruiters looking for in-house staff at 50% my asking rate.
Well you might have to sift through them but I didn’t experience that - seems since covid everyone’s a lot more flexible with everything.
I think the first is more iconic. It "reads" better with my eyes blurred.
It's reminiscent of a surprise/shock face which gives is more humanity than the other (while I do see some faces there it is not as much).
Both have a lot of character while I think the color for the second is stronger. The first's color palette doesn't seem as well developed. Very nice! These are looking fantastic!
oh we are accounting for the white background when regarding readability though right?
First of all, gorgeous concept, I love that youre going with this style of architecture for your logo.

The 2nd one is giving more “community,” whereas the first one is giving a puebla/suprised tipi
i should share the brand Comunili logo perhaps as well
so the Comunili logo already kinda has the concept of people in community.. i guess i figured w the santa fe adobe style it’d be more the place where people house their business data / biz presence..
so first design was my concept, and designer just surprised me with the second concept..
Right, I see what you’re going for there, for sure.

If you want to go in the direction of the first, I’d go ahead and ask for a revision o, so it can read more clearly as an adobe home. Id also go for a closed roof, because that communicates that this platform is an enclsoed, secure space, for me.
cmtugraklkn I like the community aspect of your current logo. it's very literal, and reads very strong with your intended concept, without relying heavily on anything except the simple shape
If you can get that same type of layered/repeat to look good with the pueblo house that may look nice. I think the shape of the pueblo is less readable and may not stack as well as the teepee.
This really highlights how hard brand design is!!!
right is a vibe. maybe some color changes?
haha for sure, i was so convinced i wanted my santa fe adobe house.. and then she produced that
Right one feels way more ownable.
Colours need work & typeface feels like it completely contrasts with the concept but the logo instantly gives you shapes/movement to use throughout the web.
right one…but with more refinement
i can’t say for sure, but she keeps coming up with uninteresting variations
if i were consulting, sometimes you can nudge the client in a direction by giving them 20% quality on everything but one comp that is 80% quality.. and you don’t do 100% quality unless you’re paid a higher price 🤔
i hear a lot of people in this thread (thank you!!! 🙏 ) tell me the “right one” but with more refinement..

i tried to get her to add variance to the shapes / variance on the doors / add windows / play with seeing if we can get like a path between the houses or a trim with lighter variants of the color.. and she pretty much has delivered half-assed efforts on all of it if i’m honest.. not sour or negative on her since i think for the budget we’re within reason

just wondering if i can source more ideas from the community even if it’s me nudging this along myself
I like the right sided one much more! 🙂 The rounded concept is giving me a more communal vibe and I prefer the original colors better than the one in this thread. I’d suggest adding more line weight to the font to help balance the weight of the illustration above better.
In terms of the color palette, I’m curious what a gradient might look like to make the sun and “Casa” pop out a bit more. I do like where you’re going with it though
i think the first one looks like a dogs bowl 🐶
yeah i think the designer was kinda pushing me in one direction entire time.. it’s a little frustrating but for $500 it’s fine
Everyone got a logo done from 99designs? Good or bad?
I have, but you really need to do things a certain way. You will get 50+ entries, 10 will be ok, 5 will be good, and maybe 1 or 2 will be excellent.
I will show you send you some samples of stuff I got
i considered it but wound up on upwork basically selecting people who offered “unlimited revisions” because w a logo sometimes you actually want like 100 different opinions of what your brand should look like..

i messed with 99 designs as a contributor though like 15 years ago
any adepts of after effects? i’ve been looking around at expressions and master properties but i think what i want is quite simple i want a webcast composition (all in the same project) to easily override a layer’s text property (another composition)
can’t quite find what i’m looking for yet.. idea is that 1 project file contains (maybe the wrong approach) all of my screencasts.. so master properties wouldn’t be a fit.. and having a 1:1 composition<=>layer text link doesn’t quite work since i want the implementing composition to specify the text..

composition “how to organize your email inbox” includes, “title and subscribe overlay” and specifies title property as, “organizing email”
separate comp, “how to become an expert at reminders” includes same, “title and subscribe overlay”, and specifies title prop as, “expert reminders”
answered my own ❓ basically you just click a property you want to expose.. hit, “add to essential graphics” in the comp.. then you expand its layer in the implementation comp and you’ll see a parameter list called, “essential graphics” and you just override it there 😂
freaking cool!
It doesn’t worth a try to me. Always working with designers I know.
I used to be a full-on designer, the main problem I have with working with an individual designer is very few designers have a broad design capability, they usually do a couple of styles really well. If you hire a full-on agency you might get different styles If you look at a designers portfolio and you like the styles they produce, that is ok, but if you are not sure where you want to go with your branding, you may get stuck in one silo.
See this lol
It's been a lot of her defending her original idea and kinda giving me variations that don't honestly embrace going down a different path

This is just evidence of a current brand design in support of Jonathan's argument
I probably would of written an entire javascript thing before realizing there was an easier way
Check it out in black and white and also very tiny, favicon size.
I don't mind the black and white, it works as a fav icon likewise
Hi! Does anyone have any advice on where to study Product Design?
I studied Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, and can only say good things about it. Lots of flexibility, amazing professors that are actually in the field, and great connections to some of the biggest companies in the world.
Digital or physical?
Hey! Any recommendations for a graphic designer to find remote freelance work? Other than Upwork, Behance or angel list. No luck on these yet (amazing portfolio, CV, etc)
It’s not about just the portfolio bro. Representing yourself in the pitch email or message to the recruiter is as important too. If your work is amazing, Then please try to do some changes in your pitch, do some research on it. Ask your peers for feedback…..and then you’ll score for sure. Just my personal experience.

Angelist surely works like a charm if you do that.
Have you tried 99 Designs? Not sure if it's what you are looking for but maybe you could take a look
happy to give feedback as someone who has hired through upwork

in general, most job posts i get about 60 responses.. it depends on the type of work i am hiring for with regard to how i sort through it

my business is also to help out freelancers so that they find more customers if you’d like a free demo i can get you on the list
uatqblkgdcw I'm interested !
Check out working not working
I can’t post the link since I haven’t bee active enough Nomadlist to post it lmao
It’s a site for creatives to be hired by companies, it might help with your prospecting
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