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mikegwhit 3mo
sorry about it, i definitely pixel match on a silicon valley standard lol
mikegwhit 3mo
and when comps donโ€™t supply interaction specs i make up good interaction
I know Iโ€™m very late to respond to this thread but I tend to use my iPad Pro as a 2nd screen for my Macbook Pro 16 2019. Iโ€™m a motion designer/art director and it works for me.

Back in London, I had a 27" Dell IPS monitor but it was definitely too heavy and clunky to bring.
dactrtr 3mo
dactrtr 3mo
โ€œhello sketch my old friendโ€ฆโ€
duncanb 3mo
Heartbreaker ๐Ÿ˜ญ
dactrtr 3mo
maybe is a good time to look at Penpot
volzer 3mo
Iโ€™m stilling holding on to my Sketch lifetime license for dear life
dactrtr 3mo
there's a lifetime license?
I only use CC for Adobe Fonts and Lightroom, but man, I still hate opening that app...
dactrtr 3mo
mikegwhit 3mo
is anyone blown away by how bad the UX for meetup is? i think meetup is a case study of how UX can literally kill a platform that is a-ok.. i have no idea how to explore events whatsoever on this thing
zlat 3mo
Iโ€™ve realised that the best voice and tone to use in your design case studies is if you use the same vernacular that chefs ramble about the delicacies of food, and wine connoisseurs talk about the subtleties of wine.
larsxp 3mo
Sliding in here Looking to work with a converting copywriter to create a landing page for my software agency business. Any leads are welcome and feel free to DM me. Big thanks prayskin-tone-3
Hey tniaucmg - Iโ€™m a conversion copywriter for software and technology brands
levelsio 3mo
neadvtsrhzt acquired by the dumpster fire that is WeWork
ashwinpr 2mo
Hey Folks, Is there anyone here who works/worked as a Product designer in Slack or GitHub? I intend to apply to both companies in the near future & would like to have a quick chat before doing so.
lyzdaulle 2mo
Hello everyoneeeeee! So nice to e-meet you all ! I am Lisa, a French freelancer as motion designer, art director & VJ artist (visuals for music events).

My next destination? Berlin :de:
โ€ข I will be there from next week, if anyone is over there, please reach me out, let's meet for a coworking session (or a night out) :smile:
And if you aren't around, I will be more than happy to exchange with ideas, projects and who knows maybe future collaborations ? :eyes:

Have a lovely day (or night) โค๏ธ
lyzdaulle 2mo
Hey olfnhedtwts did you find what you were looking for ? Sorry I am a bit late, but I am a motion designer, if any case you need anything, reach me out :)
neusvc 2mo
Welcome Lisa! Happy to see another Motion Designer around here ๐Ÿ˜„
Hi Lisa, great to have you hererelaxed
Slightly unhelpful segue from meโ€ฆ But Iโ€™m alarmed/bemused at how many โ€˜Awesome SaaS landing pageโ€™ websites exist - yet with no data.

I donโ€™t want a load of pretty landing pages to copy.

I want a load of proven, high-performance landing pages to get ideas from.
lyzdaulle 2mo
Hey fhkzfwnp omg that's amazing indeed! Are you still in Berlin ? ๐Ÿ’ƒ
lyzdaulle 2mo
zclalmhmivgkh Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Are you currently in Berlin? Should we meet next week? Cause I see a Canadian flag here.. eyessee_no_evil
nokilas 2mo
Hey designers ๐Ÿ‘‹ i am Nicolas a French webdesigner and Photographer. Nice to meet you.

I'm new here, and i wonder if you know how can i get Remote jobs in design (Ux/ui design) from japan or other (i'm planning my first Travel in japan)

Any figma lovers here ?innocentpinched_fingers
mgmgmg 2mo
Sorry I cannot write down a message with link(only after 30days member can do it but I'm only 16 days)

Check this website if you like Web3 things!

https +
nokilas 2mo
wow thk's for the sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
No, Iโ€˜m not in Germany currently. Iโ€˜m from a german speaking country but Iโ€˜m in Vancouver right nowrelaxed
lets get in touch regardless tho. Are you canadian?
damir 2mo
To use a UI Kit, or not to use a UI Kit, thatโ€™s the question.

Iโ€™ve used all sorts of UI Kits in Figma. Material UI, Tailwind, Ant Design, played around with Pegasus and others. What Iโ€™ve always found is that โ€” even though Iโ€™m glad I can turbocharge the project right away โ€” later on when the projects grows, I end up wishing I had just done everything completely custom. Yes, even the annoying things like buttons, forms, input fields and tables.

Especially given that youโ€™re at the mercy of the UI Kit team. If the design system gets upgraded like Material Design moving from v2 to v3, or if they abandon their UI Kit altogether like Tailwind did, itโ€™s always then on my shoulders to figure out what next.

Keen to hear some other peopleโ€™s perspectives on this.
zlat 2mo
If you lean more towards the perfectionist natureโ€”like I amโ€”doing it from scratch will take you more time, but will give you more pleasure.
yoshyosh 2mo
I think UI kits are great for b2b products, less customization, I'm exploring tailwind more these days to streamline efforts and prototypes
damir 2mo
Tailwind used to offer an official Figma UI kit. I then started adopting their kit. Then about a year ago they announced theyโ€™ll no longer be supporting their Figma UI kit, and they dropped it since.

Thereโ€™s still some community version of it being kept up to date, I believe, but itโ€™s not the official one.
gyurisc 2mo
I am looking for a tool or service, where I can generate placeholder images for my website and be able to specify the size, the background, and the icon for the placeholder. Does anyone know a tool like this?

Thanks for all the help and recommendation in advance.
gyurisc 1mo
thanks for the suggestion. It makes plenty of sense
This is a super useful website, just use the website as source with a width/height and it will autofill. Placeholder (dot) com (can't seem to paste a URL)
I assume the slack bot that mulches URLs from new posters deletes it on slack but not discord, and he kept reposting
Yep, that was the case. Sorry for the spam ๐Ÿ˜…
anyone here using a new air m2 with photoshop/cinema 4d? any issues?
I use PS and Figma on a top spec air and it runs smooth as hell
mflvvbelpa thanks dude...that's the new m2 one??? No battery issues???
Yeh itโ€™s insane. I donโ€™t charge it for days at a time.

Donโ€™t know how it would run C4D and going super powered with it - but Iโ€™ve had no issues w performance for UI design / light gaming.
Ok that's great to know
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