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I second resistance bands. andd train at home or go to calisthenics parks
I donโ€™t travel to a new city every week. Weightliftingโ€™s more important to me than constant travel.
Everywhere is gyms. But yes day pass is expensive. So I usually stay places for months
New city per week is great to impress friends and fill a psychological void but not sustainable long term for most.
I don't do that all the time just for the next 5 weeks for work related reasons . But I don't want to lose my exercise routine.
Best I can do is one song

trying to book hotel with gym, otherwise day pass or resistance bands
Outdoor gyms are a good option as well
Get good at calisthenics and you always have a gym somewhere.
Ah n/m already mentioned ๐Ÿ˜…
you want the youtuber with neck tattoos
`THENX` search โ€œ20 Best Exercises You Can Do With A Resistance Bandโ€
and then you want AthleanX for ab workouts
you can seriously get a ton of dynamicism out of bands.. i am probably rocking more shred than most of my friends (double when i surfed most days) and yeah, you gotta just do literally everything in your life until failure lol.. and i fail a ton :joy:

(referring to work until failure movements which bands are amazing at)
Depends on goals. Getting shredded is a lot more about calorie deficit. Bands could be good for maintenance. I struggle to imagine much mass being added with them - but maintenance is still handy.
yeah like, when you hit that โ€œ70% until workout guruโ€ stage, most of it is diet.. and at 80% most of the advice sucks bc itโ€™s just you and your body and your connection with yourself
Guys with substantial muscle mass who do before/after shots where they've simply lost fat and frame it as 'amazing muscle growthโ€™ are the worst.

Very common for online courses etc!
Maybe If we combine bands with blood flow restriction training? The reason I ask is that even though I move and train a lot I can't put muscle mass unless I do weights
You're not alone. I'd probably take bands and accept you're gonna maintain for a while.

That's totally fine.

Getting jacked is a marathon - not a sprint.
Right now I'm cutting and have to accept I can't add muscle for a while.

It's annoying and feels kinda like moving backwards - but I know it's right.
but 3 bands fits in a suitcase so nicely, and i think i have a 10lb-35lb band / 30-60lb band / 40-90lb band and when you combine them thatโ€™s like 80-185lbs of weight to work with.. and the great part is you get different resistance throughout the movement
If you want to mimic weights, youโ€™re better off with body weight exercises in conjunction with a weighted vest that you can fill with local heavy stuff (stones, bags of sand etc)
Just finished my course, highly recommend it!
chris heria is a classic haha
any recs on good outdoors gym places in Lisbon?
If I use the track pad of the MBP too much it gives me tendonitis. Thatโ€™s why I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse
It's not weight that matters but the stress to nervous system done in continuous way, without breaks. That's why bands are not that great. When band is not stretched (after muscle retraction), muscle and nervous system starts to rest. This sadly stops the "oh sht this dude needs more muscle to survive in life!". With weights, and some exercises you also loose tension in some stage of exersice (after contracting/retracting), but usually this effect is less prominent than with bands. That being said. If you are already well built, and you have already trained your nervous system and made it day "meh" to less advanced exercise intesifications, then doing exercise with both weight (but lower weight), and band at the same time is great way to mitigate the problem of less tension in some stage almost completely. You can do this with gate too. For example when you lay on slightly incline bench and do flies with lower weights but at the same time you hold gate's ropes that come from bottom of the gate (damn i forgot how those things are called in English). Or same exercise but with bands attached to another set of dumbells that are left on floor left like 1 m away from you on both of your sides. If you know principles behind what drives nervous system to grow muscle, you can invent exercises or intesifications yourself. Did you know that squeezing your pinkie finger while doing dumbell curls indirectly pulls and therefore stretches your biceps making this intensification? I love those kinds of intensifications - not adding weight (that increases chance of injury) but doing something that stresses nervous system new way triggering muscle growth.
For body weight exercises it's paramount to focus on muscle tension (not that it is not important with free weights, but at least with them you can always put more weight on dumbells to still stress nervous system), feeling your muscles, slowing down to feel them better, and focusing on generating maximum tension in targeted muscle group during exercise. Slowing even more on muscle retraction. Not doing breaks in movements.
I second basic fit. They've opened quite a few new locations in paris which were in very good, new condition when I was there. I always go outside of peak hours.
When I'm on the move I'm always planning my workout routine around the destination. I'm usually running, calisthenics and resistance bands in my AirBnb/Hostel, and always hunting for accommodations with a gym or fitness centre. Also, when your in a place like Bali, or a cool island in the Caribbean, look for volcanos to crush a hike or some trail running spots!
The Jardim da Cerca da Graรงa has one! Super fun place to hang out, too
Is there any travel friendly yoga mat options? ๐Ÿค”
```i travel with my Yogo travel may. its foldable.```
I use Manduka travel mat
are those mats sufficiently thick to be comfortable?
The thickness doesn't provide much comfort, but it's personally good enough for me. I mostly just use it to not slip.
no not thick at all. but its sticky and convenient enough. i put a towel underneath sometimes, or fold it over.
Iโ€™ll second the yogo, Iโ€™ve been carrying it for a year now. I like its cloth hybrid surface more than a typical mat, but yes, itโ€™s very thin. Iโ€™ll put it on top of another mat when I can, but Iโ€™ve used it alone on hard tiles, and just kept a little towel handy to put under my knee if needed.
I really like its built in clip/strap, perfect for hanging it out to dry in the shower after a rinse.
As someone who suffered from that 3 years ago for a month, a combination in calisthenics then weight lifting and take keyboard's break for 30" helps me to not feeling it anymore.
For wound healing, had you used Dura Derm products?
i believe the Dura Derm was what i used when i fell into a fire and burned a hole in my foot
Best for wound healing is your body's own medication!
This sounds like pissing on it I don't mean that joyjoyjoyrolling_on_the_floor_laughingjoyrolling_on_the_floor_laughing
I do understand the biological reasons behind that, just curious for an athlete product to speed up recovery
ucnvqwneqz I generally agree. But you still have to be a bit careful in the tropics... lots of pathogens that you may not have developed Adaptive Immunity to. I carry Iodine solution and squirt it on the wound. High proof alcohol is a decent alternative. Used vodka to sterilise a puppy bite in Santa Marta ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด not so long ago... and then had to fly home to get 6 rabies jabs.
fftnuwtpslpmraw Iโ€™ve learned to travel with a little bottle of Betadine when in the tropics. Wounds take so much longer to heal here and can get infected so easily.
Second the Betadine/Iodine for disinfecting.
Oh ye obvi iodine for desinfecting. Just mean there's no magic potion to speed up healing
Ya. Canโ€™t be too careful. The cost:reward definitely favors aggressive preventative treatment. I was once sent out to India after a young and perfectly healthy british college died of sepsis... decided to take her shoes off in a night club to dance, cut her foot on a small piece of glass, and died of sepsis because she couldnโ€™t get IV antibiotics in time. Donโ€™t mean to be alarmist... just look after yourselves yโ€™all.
what are yaโ€™llโ€™s daily average steps? iโ€™m around 8k..
around 9-10k
Goes down a lot when I rent a scooter/car.
Might buy a jump rope and start doing 10 minutes in the morning/afternoon/evening when that happens. Not a big fan of running on Thai streets.
right ๐Ÿ™‚ whatโ€™s real weird is that when i lived at the beach in Costa Rica my weight probably dropped an additional 10lbs (possibly due to daily sweating?) but my average steps was like 6k
summer time in colorado iโ€™m closer to 9-10k because i am hiking mountains a lot
Yeah when Iโ€™m in Seattle I can easily get up to 15-20k with all the hiking options.
you mean like in a day?
I think my record was 37k after a 6-7 hour hike.
right, i guess i have a few days on here close or above 30k
I was a serial walker back home. I would walk miles to the grocery store just to listen to podcasts and get the steps in.
in total vanity, i just want my abs back!!! trying to figure out what gives!
Not too much of an option in most of Asia unfortunately.
i work out plenty in the USA, i pretty much stopped drinking.. so i think itโ€™s gotta be stress hormone in the culture and the food
You might need to count calories for a week or so to get a true gauge of your intake.
Some foods are very sneaky with the calorie overload.
But yeah USA food is terrible overall. I have to fight to keep the weight off when Iโ€™m there.
iโ€™m decent with calorie counting, i pretty much do intermittent fasting and generally try to run a calorie deficit..
itโ€™s gotta be the food + culturally induced stress hormone
I noticed eating USA food I feel the urge to keep going. Itโ€™s bizarre. Some definitely weird shit going on. I can eat two small plates in Asia and be very satisfied in comparison to the gigantic portions in the US.
Around 400 ๐Ÿ˜€
Bed -> fridge -> desk -> bathroom -> bed?
Does anybody carry a list of Aid-first kit while traveling to popular cities?.

Right now i got iodine for soft tissue injury
I usually have a small bag with a couple band-aids, small betadine, some chewable pesto-bismal tabs, small tube with 4-5 Tylenol and Ibuprofen in it, an anti-itch/bite pen, and some Immodium pills. Basically the stuff you want quick or in the middle of the night when can't/don't know how to easily get something to ward off early symptoms or a bad nights sleep.
Even more important when travelling in smaller cities or villages ๐Ÿ™‚
Fun fact Pepcid Complete - marketed as a stomach antacid - is highly effective in helping prevent the most serious phase of covid [cytokinin storm] because it contains Famotidine which inhibits the pro-inflammatory cytokine Interleukin-6. You can get it as a tube of chews in mint or berry. Great for travelling.
I travel with a MyFAK by MyMedic, contents altered over time based on what I use more
iodine, ibuprofen, fenistil, and anti-itch pen. used to carry much more. disposed all of it after the expiry dates whooshed by ๐Ÿ’ธ ๐Ÿ˜…
roirygrpi what is fenistil?
trade name for dimetindene, like the anti-itch pen but easier to apply if itโ€™s a larger area
I travel with a small hiking first aid kit with basic supplies like bandages, plasters, Anti-septic, scissors, foil blanket, etc. I've used something out of it 3 time's within the last year for myself and friends so I keep it topped up. I don't bother with ibuprofen, paracetamol or any other drugs so only buy those when needed.
avg 10k/day for me right now in nyc. I definitely lose a lot more weight in other countries without trying but USA food is tough for me, even with a diet not really containing much in the way of sweets or desserts. Agree with omamjfwyffx that foods are sneaky here
Polysporin might possibly be ok for minor cuts/scratches in temperate areas. Povidone-iodine is exponentially more efficacious though, and is blood soluble. Itโ€™s also good for a range of fungi / viruses. But yeah - also good to have a second antipathogen... Even iodine is resistant to a few strains.
Any BJJ/grappling fans who have trained in MX DF recommendations for a no gi gym? โ˜บ๏ธ if they do scrimmage wrestling or similar, the better ๐Ÿ˜Š 10x!
they do the bjj globetrotters free week too
they have classes every day as well
a lot of nogi classes, good leg lockers
if youโ€™re looking for scrimmage wrestling, one of craig jonesโ€™s brown belts just started teaching at bangkok fight lab if you make it to asia. highly recommend, direct source for the modern nogi game.
Do posture correctors actually help improve your posture? If so, any recommendations from Amazon?
Niceeee!!! Thanks a lot ychipznwxap facepunchskin-tone-2
I strongly doubt it.
Resistance training (especially back & core training), and limiting the time we spend in a sitting position make for a good posture
โ€œPosture correctorsโ€ sound my warning bells of pointless fitness products. Like ab machines, fat burning body lotion, etc
vbpolrylyloemg It's likely from a natural imbalance between the whatever front muscles on your torso, and your back muscles, and also from sitting with your arms forward, hunched and looking at a screen.

Athlean X is a fitness specialist who is also. a certified physiotherapist, which is rare, and he recommends doing this every day to fix the problem:
Be suspicious when someone says that fixing a problem requires a specialized device, especially when nomadding.

There's usually a no-equipment technique, or a skilled use of a generic device that you already have, or use of something more versatile that's actually worth carrying.
Also here's a good way to efficiently get muscular-fit while travelling:
An excellent free yoga class that's good while travelling, that doesn't require a high degree of flexibility:

It's 20 videos that vary from 30-60 minutes, or longer, and the guy verbosely explains where to put your limbs so you don't have to have your eyes on the screen the whole time.

Works great for fixing a lot of soreness that you can get from sitting in a chair or travelling.
no problem rvnsnqesenhuqcnc youโ€™ll get good rolls there. Their black belts fucked me up ๐Ÿ˜†
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