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What’s the surgery? Some kind of laser?
don’t know the exact name, it’s like opening the nasal cavities or something, let me google a bit
``` Septoplasty is a surgery to improve breathing by straightening the wall inside the nose that divides the nasal passages into a right and a left side (nasal septum). When the septum is crooked, it can make it harder to breathe through the nose. A septoplasty is often combined with a rhinoplasty.7 days ago```
it shouldn’t be proceeded on everyone with DS though
I'm european so that doesn't count to me since we don't pay for surgeries
According to my friends is totally worth it.
I've been a snorer my whole life and I'm obese so the surgery would probably help me a lot to not have sleep apnea
I'll probably do it once I find a place to settle down.
Had a Dr appointment today and she actually softly mentioned this but didn't push it
Interesting. I think my snoring is ‘soft palate’ related. I'll get around to seeing someone about it when the whole pandemic thing calms down. Thanks for the info!
I feel the same as you, my snoring comes from the back
Not thefl front of the nose
I think mine is due to latent allergy related inflammation, and adipose tissue. Wondering whether more cardio and a Dyson HEPA thing will fix it?!?
Dyson Hepa ?
Mine could be the same since I've been fat my whole life.
My dad is starting to have sleep apnea so I know I need to take care of this
If you're talking about air purifiers I tried the xiaomi one and the airfree p3000 and I could really feel the difference, totally recommend it
Yeah - the Dyson fan range is expensive asf but the design (form factor / UI) is beautiful and they have great functionality.... cool / heat / filter / humidifier.
Hey, if you can afford it, go for it , it's amazing
Patients could avoid endoscopy by swallowing tiny camera inside a pill|
i already posted this in #mexico but thought it'd make sense to also post it here since it's kind of health related

i'm thinking to come to mexico (and latam) for a while, but i'd have to continue working cet hours (so from around 3am to around 11am local time) every day but the weekends

has anybody here done something similar? any thoughts to remain healthy and good in terms of energy?
I think swjwammbhfgz has done something similar working EST hours while living in KST (14 hour difference)
I have! I mean I’m a night owl so it wasn’t terrible for me. I think it’s good to know if you can fudge the hours one way or the other (I ended up working more 8am-4pm once I got the hang of it. I experimented wirh a split sleep schedule of 4hours right before work and 4 after. That worked really well. My suggestion would be keep track
I can add the sleep apps I used
that's be great!
I’d be really clear on what hours would be most ideal to be awake
And work around that
For me winding down right after work was hard. It takes a while to get used to imo not because of the sleep part but because of the other stuff you want to do in the place
I’m out and about. If I don’t add the apps in a few hours please reply to this thread to remind me
That's doable but it will have consequences on your body 100%. We need light & sun. Like, I would do it but only for a short while if you can.
I mean personally I was out and about during the day—you don’t sleep all day.
I used SleepWatch and sleep++. I found SleepWatch more useful
I ended up finding working 11pm-7am and then staying up until 3pm pretty good. I also did 10pm-6am and then slept 6-10 or 11am (nothing opens in Seoul before 11 so the morning was dead time for me) and then sleeping after dinner.
I live in Thailand and I'm curently working US hours (12 hour difference), it's no problem for me. Just get enough sleep, try to get some sunlight for the Vitamin D, etc.
luckqwqepgwczq what are your working hours (local time) then?
just my 2c, I have a DS as well and my ORL was recommending against the surgery, apparently it’s easy to mess it up even more, so unless there’s a big problem in need of solving, it’s better to leave it alone. my father has had it done (bc of snoring), and afaik it didn’t help one bit 😬
`afaik it didn't help one bit`
I usually work from around 11pm to 4-5am local time.
Wow, what a concept! ❤️
Anyone had any personal experience in preventing or dealing with potential Stockholm Syndrome?
It was mentioned in a book “Respi.Relax Breathing correctly relaxes and keeps you calm” & also a Dr recommended it with video demonstrations.

It’s low cost & high reward.

Don’t need it anymore as the taping worked. No longer get sore throats from waking up with a dry mouth, gum health improved (measured via dental appointments) & my sense of smell improved by breathing through the nose more.
it's probably safest not to take hostages in the first place
Watch out for push & pull
Basically lavishing someone with attention and making them feel great and then flipping the switch and giving them the cold shoulder, pushing them away etc
That can lead to that type of syndrome
If you’re the one experiencing Stockholm syndrome then I think you need to find a way to establish more control over your environment, a lock on your bedroom door, ghost the other person for a whole day once a week, etc., or move out
Create emotional distance, reduce toxic dependency
That has been debunked fwiw
> _Diagnostic and Statistical Manual_ (DSM 5, 2013)
> This book is widely used as the "classification system for psychological disorders" by the American Psychiatric Association.[2] Stockholm syndrome has not historically appeared in the manual, as many believe it falls under  or  (PTSD) and there is no consensus about the correct clarification.
perhaps the traumatic bonding page is more relevant then
it doesn't seem like it was truly debunked when I google around, just perhaps considered an overloaded term or unscientific term mainly
That’s generally what “debunked” implies - i.e. not replicated in experiments and not regarded by academics as being real
The way the first question in this thread was asked and your replies seem to both be a bit dangerous tbh
Yes. Setting up experiments to replicate Stockholm Syndrome is extremely unethical. I’m not sure what compensation would be worth it for the volunteers but I’ve got this weird feeling I could be a living case study. The observation with the chimps had curious outcomes yet was eerie.

I’m up for any answers, no matter how dangerous or dangerously enlightening they may be.
Sent this to the consultant to see if I can get this.

Been on the waiting list for an endoscopy since October 2019!

This has been the only thing that’s keeping me in the UK!!

Thanks for posting 👍
Get urself a human for that, nothing beats human fingers massages
pita we are in a pandemic you can’t make suggestions like that
I keep forgetting!
Oh nice. Thanks for the recommendation! I have to admit though, I am a massive Dyson fanboi. I think I’m gonna wait until a good sale/promo comes along, and buy one with the integrated humidifier.
You bought Dyson stocks eh?
How about some plexiglass with two round holes, and some rubber gloves with long arms, and some duck tape, and...
If buy Dyson socks if they dropped 🧦
These things actually bloody exist! :joy_cat:

zqmvzztxuuahtbp Sensei, give us some photos 😼
Oh my 🐶
Well, here in British Columbia, the government have actually been recommending sex using “Glory Holes” during the pandemic... totally for real... google it :-)
Every time I see a glory hole I stop and need 5 minutes to convince myself NOT to do it.
Have managed to convince myself every time so far 😂
“Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact,” amazing stuff
qylvdihk What kind of places are you frequenting if you’re seeing Glory Holes?!?! 😹
yozivabi scream_catscream_catscream_cat I didn’t spot any Glory Holes in Barcelona. Was I not looking hard enough?? 😹
Clearly not 😂
Ok... Kickstarter idea... portable device that attaches to your keyring and cuts glory holes into washroom panels. Adds newly cut holes onto a distributed KML maps file. Freemium app... active subscription allows you to rate & review, as well as access to a Slack group. Device contains Bluetooth (although nobody really knows why).
Grinder is better, no need for hardware
Only a matter of time methinks
Does anyone out there still use a preworkout mix? Seems they’ve fallen out of vogue.
most of it’s quackery, the rest is caffeine and creatine
I’m fond of them but they mess with my sleep
they’re not dissimilar to energy drinks (plus creatine)
They also have nitrogen too?
Airplane fuel
I switch back and forth between c4 and just coffee, and take 5g of creatine daily also
Terrible for your heart. high stress + preeorkout = heart attack
Citation needed, you could say the same about a cup of coffee
I’ve seen accounts of people taking preworkout and ending up on the icu
Just google preeorkout heart attack and see how many different articles come up
I was 13 or 14 years old when some crazy fitness head told my mom I should take a fat burner to lose weight.
Couldn’t sleep for days and felt my heart on my ears all the time .
I’m pretty sure I’ll die of a heart attack one day due to the stress caused by that + being fat all my life (high blood pressure)
I’ve found that increasing my salt intake with my liquids can help lower my blood pressure.. if I want to lower it I take salt with water or mix some into my coffee
Also water fasting can help a lot
I know that in the bodybuilding world, the ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin) was all the rage for years, but then of course there were cases of people overdoing it and having heart attacks. I haven't tried ephedrine since high school, but as a caffeine addict, I've definitely used caffeine to regulate my appetite. 200 mg of caffeine taken every few hours will burn a lot of calories when you're at rest and help stave off hunger. But if you're not used to lots of caffeine, it can cause anxiety, heart palpitations, or something even worse if there's anything wrong with your heart. In my case, caffeine was crucial in keeping me in the obscenely low 5.5% - 7.5% body fat percentage range. From a metabolic standpoint, my health was outstanding, and resting heart rate was actually pretty low from being in good cardiovascular shape. But mentally, I did not feel so good.
Also, fun fact - Adderall has its origins in a drug called Obetrol, which was basically the same drug + methamphetamine, and was marketed as a weight loss drug.
2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP) is bad mojo
oh yeah dnp will cook you from the inside 🙅
Hit a 2x bodyweight squat today, another fitness goal down 🙂
DNP is quite literally weedkiller. I have no idea how people even began to associate it with human supplementation.
USD ─ $
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