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dvpita 23d
Easy and fast to prepare
dvpita 23d
Started taking creatine today.

This shit is horrible to take ๐Ÿคฎ ๐Ÿคข
dahdah 23d
Why is that? It should be totally taste- and odorless.
dvpita 23d
Not at all, at least from what everyone tells me.

Itโ€™s like smashing a pill and dissolving it in water
dahdah 23d
Ah, I guess it has a bit of that. You get used to it. I just mix it in to my post-workout protein these days.

If youโ€™re loading then yeah, youโ€™ll have to endure it for a few days.
dvpita 23d
Thatโ€™s what I did now.
Also yogurt works
Yeah, mixed with milk or yogurt man
Make sure to drink a ton shit of water as well
dvpita 23d

I always forget that ๐Ÿ˜ข
I get you bro, that's why I stopped taking it. I always keep forgetting it or either having to get to the washroom too much. It ain't worth the 2kilos of muscle mass haha
dvpita 23d
What do you mean?
dvpita 23d
What happens if I donโ€™t drink the water ?
Dehydration...and all its side-effects that comes with it
dvpita 23d
But creatine causes dehydration?

I was ok before starting to take it, will I have to increase the water intake ?
> But creatine causes dehydration?
Yes, it does.
> I was ok before starting to take it, will I have to increase the water intake ?
You definitely will need to increase your water intake.
dvpita 23d
mikeneves 23d
Creatine is one of those topics that everyone has always something to say. Some say it causes dehydration, some don't, and in both cases there's studies and stuff "proving" those theories. I think you should see how your body reacts before starting to drink 5lts of water everyday. Your toilet thanks you
Yes, this is a good advice. You should actually consult your doctor on this topic...slack/NL is a "trust me bro" source in these areas.
dvpita 23d
Well, had a bit of headache during the afternoon but had the best training session ever just now
dvpita 23d
So I guess it works ๐Ÿ˜‚
sjnarins 23d
lmmeggzcues is that one set up for coworkingtoo?
sjnarins 23d
I could be down! I guess for Bariloche at this point!
Bit of a shit site, but itโ€™s the only way I know to find them
adrianb 23d
I will think on how to develop the idea, garner more interest. Love your interest, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
adrianb 23d
Which one lol? Or both?
adrianb 23d
Normally I just throw some things in a pan. I'll send you some pics and you can make without meat.

Where are you? I'm in Poland, so spoilt for choice when it comes to variety at supermarkets.
detour888 22d
Creatine always made me bloated as fuck. I gave up on it after a month.
detour888 22d
Didnโ€™t really notice any strength or muscle difference either.
jmontrose 22d
vvflhfsglx No, not at all, but Iโ€™m staying in Santa Teresa for a few weeks before, which is very nomad-friendly! The envision festival itself is more of a yoga + music thing, but this will be my first year, so Iโ€™m only going by what Iโ€™ve read
wugge 22d
Oh sorry was misreading, I'm from Eastern Tyrol, so not too far from Innsbruck...

Bariloche seems super cool though! I'm thinking of heading down there this summer, would that also be cool or only for 2024?
jmontrose 22d
```You might also find something at the web site festivalsandretreats , they have a bunch in europe specifically under yoga.```
jmontrose 22d
(url posting trouble)
adrianb 22d
Here are some rules I have for cooking U028P5ZHGPKbr /> 1. pan and/or microwave
2. Lean, less chemical meats duck, beef, seafood mix (depends on country and price)
3. Nutrition > taste
4. Good for my body
5. Real food, mostly green veg, not too much
6. < $50/week
adrianb 22d
Today's recipe:

1. Cook onion & garlic
2. Add veg
3. Put sweet potato in microwave 5mins
4. Add feta
See pics
adrianb 22d
I will eat half salad in evening

I love that in Poland you can buy micro-greens really cheap from Ikea.

I forgot to fry bread in butter and add as croutons to salad. Will do next time

Hope that helps ser ๐Ÿ™
adrianb 22d
In July there would be snow. Would be too soon for me. How is it renting in that part of Austria? Innsbruck seems affordable, but I think for long-term.
wugge 22d
how long do you think will be snow down there? is the season til september?
wugge 22d
how long do you want to be there? 3 months?
wugge 22d
(in austria)
wugge 22d
and you're cool with staying in innsbruck? or you want to stay directly on the slopes?
adrianb 22d
jdxonlx Google says Oct, but Sep might be best to be sure. Maybe un che can advise.

I think Innsbruck would be close enough - thoughts? I wouldn't want to be somewhere too small. Open to other places too.

Yeah, the whole season could be cool.
wugge 22d
Innsbruck, I just feel like if you can choose any I'd probably go to Lech (Ischgl,...)
It's the biggest in austria with over 300km of slope
wugge 22d
But I haven't been in Lech, so can't tell for sure
wugge 22d
Innsbruck still works for sure, I mostly ski in Carinthia though given I'm in the east, I think it might be cheaper there if you care (and we could go together in case I visit home, innsbruck is still a little commute :D)
wugge 22d
I like Innsbruck cause of the looks, I'm not sure about rental for several months actually cause I never need it, I think facebook groups are probably best for that
wugge 22d
For the Lech resort you'd probably stay in Feldkirch on the Liechenstein/Swiss border if you want to stay in a little town not middle of nowhere
Innsbruck is prettier though
wugge 22d
Rent is not super expensive though, not super cheap but should be alright
dvpita 22d
I noticed a HUGE bump in energy but also couldnโ€™t sleep until 3am yesterday.
Also feeling dehydrated.
Not sure Iโ€™ll continue
elpol 22d
Stop taking it man. You're not a bodybuilder AFAIK. You'll get strong & fit without anything, just eating good, sleeping a lot and being consistent.
I agree, I don't think it's worth it tbh unless you want to perform at your top and you want to get all the help you can get. I took it for a few months and let it go. The extra energy and the 2kgs of muscle wasn't worth it.

โ€ข install myFitnessPal
โ€ข set your goals
โ€ข eat your proteins & carbs
โ€ข train hard
โ€ข rest well
โ€ข profit
dvpita 22d
Well thatโ€™s what Iโ€™ve been doing for a month but Iโ€™m looking for that extra edge.

Iโ€™ll try for a couple weeks and see how I feel
Brilliant thanks Adrian! Am in Mexico so not easiest place to find decent ingredients but I'll give your recipes a go
adrianb 22d
Thanks for the tips - I will look into.
markooo 21d
Just get capsules?
jmariwala 21d
I don't know if these guys deliver outside the US, but trycreate dot co is solving for your very problem statement. Flavored creatine gummies.

(I have no affiliation, just interested in fitness and their product looked cool).
For what I know, creatine is one of the safest supplements, and some studies say it can improve cognitive functions or brain health. _Studies say, more research needed, no financial advisor, broscience._
100% - in my case at least till I started calisthenics/weight lifting didn't go away
I get my creatine from `myprotein`. Takes like nothing, mixes well, and I'm definitely seeing results.
dahdah 20d
According to Healthline it's one of the safest supplements and it's been researched extensively. Nothing broscience about it.|
Beer juice + creatine is an excellent stack in my experience. I've found that creatine makes me retain water and put on maybe 5 lbs for a few days.
faxxdtsccuowmr I've been here for a week and it's incredible. I've extended my stay and will also be there for the ski month
xprzfwi talked to the guy who runs this and the 250 euro accomodation for 14 weeks was like a promotional price.
wugge 18d
adpdqssorriq makes more sense haha
alexstyl 17d
my 2c on creatine flavors regular one tastes weird to me, not enjoyable at all. when i used to buy from myprotein I tried the blueberry one which was much better (might be too strong for some) and the pineapple flavor which was horrible (even though I like pineapple fruit).

currently trying out capsules and will get them again when im out. very convenient for moving around + easier to go down than the powder
Creatine offers a range of cognitive benefits and is increasingly recommended for daily consumption. Not just for โ€˜gainsโ€™.
alexstyl 17d
never felt that creatine gave any cognitive benefits for me, as much as omega 3 at least
mastah 11d
When creatine is absorbed it pulls water into cells. Kind of making them swell. When that does happen, there is less freely available water, so you need to replenish enough of it not to feel dehydrated. If you have strenuous training sessions, lots of heavy mental work, or you eat lots of fat and low carbs which increase your dehydration then you need to hydrate more than sedentary person that eats carbs, soups, veggies. And water does not equal water. You can have mineral free water that will most likely dehydrate you and you can have water with lots of electrolytes in good ratio that will hydrate you quicker. If you have mold toxicity creatine will make it worse. So it depends on so many things. That being said if done right having this extra water makes your body perform better, on top of creatine up regulating ATP primarily in muscle and brain. Can help muscle and brain power but does not have to - ATP (fuel for every cell in body) production could be currently broken by other things which creatine might not help.
How do you deal with high use of pesticides in vegetables and fruits when visiting countries like India ? Especially if you want to eat out?
There are many far more pressing health concerns in India
The air in major cities is going to fuck you up much more quickly than trace amounts of pesticides
eu4life 9d
Alah, God, Pachamama, Shiva, Jesus and friends, bless Andrew for his service
sindbad 8d
Folks actively in Yoga and calisthenicsโ€ฆ hmu
any nomads who managed to switch from couchpotato to fit lifestyle with regular sporting activities,

what was the trigger for you and how did you manage to make a habit out of it

also what tools or workouts do you do especially as nomads
would look forward to hearing from you!
dvpita 7d
go to a place where there's an amazing gym (bodyfactory in bali or crosspipa in Pipa) and dedicate urself to gym life plus work plus healthy eating
jtyjnlws love this, how did you make the switch in lifestyle?
dvpita 7d
What do you mean?
Just go to the gym and eat healthy , every day
dvpita 7d
The environment does that for u.
Donโ€™t go to parties, make better choices, say no to alcohol and sweets.
Whenever Iโ€™m in places where everyone is fit and Iโ€™m fat then something clicks and I do ti
Get a hobby/sport that engages your mind as much as it exercises your body. For me thatโ€™s martial arts like jiu jitsu and muay thai. Has the added bonus of instant social circle wherever you find a gym.
Yoga, crossfit, climbing, and triathlons/long distance training are other physical activities I see nomads do/obsess over a lot.
Youโ€™ll be much more motivated to keep diet in check and be consistent when you have some sort of overarching goal to your training as well.
dvpita 7d
Exactly what he said
I found it easy to stay fit while in the nomad lifestyle by cooking 90% of the time. chicken, beans, canned tuna (in oil with mushrooms), rice, veggies. The hard part of nomad life is minimizing restaurant food, especially if you're not staying in one place long enough to stock up on groceries. But i found just eating responsibly, I could get by with going to the gym 3x a week instead of my usual 6x a week at home.
dvpita 7d
Thatโ€™s def a big win but I never cooked in my life (even staying at places with good kitchens ) ๐Ÿ˜ข
so keep your expectations low. you're not going to be eating chef quality food, you're going to be eating healthy, and I presume losing weight
It is vastly easier in low cost places where you can splurge on personal training / healthy meals without breaking the bank
it will take your taste buds some time to adjust to food that's not high in sodium and fat
Iโ€™m doing a body transformation in Thailand and am training with a top tier former champion muay thai instructor for like $20/session, I eat super clean without having to cook at all by doing most of my meals at the grill attached to the fight camp, lost 5kg in the first few weeks and am putting on muscle faster than I ever could back home
if you're not planning on joining a gym or buying day passes, get an over-the-door TRX system and some resistance bands. Takes up very little space in your luggage, and you can get a great workout in that way
How do you get pasture raised meat when traveling? I've been eating pasture raised only at home don't wanna switch back to the tortured factory farmed stuff ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
i eat sweets all the time but generally make them. this seems more challenging to do if you are nomad bopping to somewhere new every 30 days, have no kitchen, etc. i just had a slice of protein pumpkin bread (that i made) sweetened with monk fruit. protein powder/shakes get boring so i make brownies, breads, ice cream, etc. out of it. try to walk or bicycle places, eat high protein/low calorie, make a fair amount at home, and i work US hours so not much of an excuse to not do the gym or something during the day because it's so open.
eh, just ask around at the butchers in the areas youโ€™re in!? itโ€™s not something some hippster western nations invented ๐Ÿ™„
tsflenxujravqx who hurt you?
martijn 6d
Your body is usually pretty good at telling you if youโ€™re drinking enough water or not. Especially if you look at the amount and colour of your pee.
mastah 6d
And your lips. If coarse, hard, already 3% dehydrated (a lot)
dvpita 6d
I mean, look at his face, he has trauma since birth
jump rope and bands for sure. pack down so small and light!
going to offer some additional more flexible thoughts here on what has worked for me โ€” Iโ€™ve changed places every 3-7 days for years now. as you might imagine, I do not hardly ever get to cook, nor can I follow an actual gym routine. Sometimes I like to party (aka dancing โ€” ever thought how much of dancing is excited squats? Man, so many steps on my health app after a night out!)

How to encourage yourself to do 60-90+ min every day of physical activity? Make it fun. Over time, your body will crave it. Donโ€™t put too much pressure on yourself (someone else said lower your expectations), just start.

So the important triggerโ€ฆ find physical activities and whole foods (centered around a protein source!) YOU like, and then match that with the common activity of whatever city youโ€™re in. So for hiking, I sort by elevation gain on AllTrails). I like running and biking. If there arenโ€™t nice paths around and there arenโ€™t mountains, in dozens of cities now, Iโ€™ve found a low cost gym with a daily rate within 10 min walk of wherever I am โ€” often they will even let you do a free daily trialโ€ฆ then I have paid no more than $5 per day, often $2-3. Yoga classes, Iโ€™ve tried jujitsu for fun (wow that core workout, oooof), surfing, etc. anything.
That said, of course there are benefits I am not getting from no consistent routine re workouts with weights / more focus on strength + core training (something I have a goal to work on this year)

Butโ€ฆ I am now ridiculously active, and look forward to moving and sweating every day, even if itโ€™s sometimes just walking a ton happily around a new city. I think the focus should be on overall active lifestyle vs. pressuring yourself into some activity you dread bc naturally your body isnโ€™t used to it and forbidding yourself dessert.
Oh and I agree re surround yourself with active people.
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