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Ah yes, DNP. Definitely not worth it if you have even the slightest responsibilities in life. It will make you wanna sleep all day...
I think that in the Peter Attia podcast #140 there was a mention that there is a DNP-like safe drug coming in the next years (in some testing right now), which will work only in the liver and not cook you…
(which will target fat liver disease but will also promote weight loss via making liver hungry for peripheral stored fat)
I think sleeping all day is the least of your worries
lggackswgc Have not experienced that at all, nor have I ever seen that mentioned as a side effect.
Lethargy, depending on dose, yes, but sleepiness, no.
If I recall, it has several industrial uses, and some workers were inhaling it, which is how it was discovered.
Lethargy is basically what i meant. Lethargy = tired = you wanna sleep
Ok, fair enough. To me they're very different. One is body, the other is mind.
Recently broke my ankle (fibula). Any advice for recovering from a bone break? Thinking of getting some collagen powder.
Eat lots of meat, lots of broth (fortified with gelatin), and lots to hard cheeses...doesn’t sound too bad!? 😆
Don’t push the envelope in trying to use it before it’s ready
I imagine that inhaling any organic pesticide will cause weight loss
BCP 157
MK 677
anyone can recommend a “remote nutritionist”? I can make a healthy meal plan, I need a professional to adjust portions/quantities for me (I don’t have the time for it) and iterate
ShionaKelly / ShionaKellyPT (on Instagram) is also awesome.
Not a fan qcvioydqm ?
research chems bro, your a proper lab rat
I once tried S-22
I haven’t tried either MK-677 or BPC-157, but I wouldn’t hesitate if I needed to. The peer reviewed literature is great on both.
I have a few friends who have experience of both too.
I’m not familiar with S-22
Anyone interested in being virtual accountability buddies for working out? I wouldn’t mind someone keeping me accountable to run/stay active. I’m currently in Croatia so if your interested let me know!

Edit I try to run and do calisthenics 3 times a week
Edit 2 I think it would mostly consist of us just checking up on each other, and sharing our workouts? I’m open to other ideas as well!
Man i love this idea. I also run and do calisthenics. Let's be accountability buddies , we can include diet if you want.
I cant send dms yet 😞
Ok I’ll dm you!
I can't even answer dms until 4 days moresweat_smile
I want to be active 6 days per week between calithesnics and running. I can send you my whoop stats, We can use whatsapp if you want to or wait until I can use DMs thats in 4 days
Wow really? Didn’t realize the DM restriction
What’s whoop stats?
We can also use discord since nomad list is on it as well kinda. Do you have discord?
I’m not a huge fan of whatsapp
lmao I just sent you more dms thinking you could respond
LMK if discord works for you or not, and we can switch to it or something else!
Yess, i have discord . Let use that , my username is loedx
Ok cool I’ll add you now!
Do you have your number?
Mine is sasac#6481
I can’t add you without the number I believe
Yo I also want to be active like 5-6 days a week. If you are still doing this, would love to join your accountability buddy group
tfwjkpo Yeah! Me and loedx are doing it on Discord right now, because the slack group won’t let him DM. You can totally join us!
Do you have a discord? If so add me, and I’ll put you in our DM group there! sasac#6481 is my discord account
Awesome! Just sent you a friend request. I’m mm116#9583
Ok sweet I’ll add you now!
Anyone do their fitness on #VR ? FitXR? Multiplayer is awesome and I think it would be fun to work out with people here.
I'm in 🙂
ulhcs whats your discord username 🙂
i sent you a request
Hello, guys
Anyone is participating in any Zoom classes online since COVID or in general?
I used to do it for some time, in the end I was mostly playing Synth Riders though, can be quite workout on the higher difficulties but with less flailing your arms around like in Beat Saber
Do you still use your VR often? I used it less overtime tbh, maybe because it's summer
I definitely started using it less since covid, maybe it was more interesting when I had a normal life on the side instead of having all my entertainment on the TV 😅 now I don't have a place anymore though so it will be some time until I touch it again
but in the end I mostly played Synth Riders, didn't feel like there was as much interesting coming out worth spending money on
I never really played any proper story games, more interesting experiences like VVR, Fishermans Tale or Cosmic Sugar
me neither, Half Life Alyx would be the one I would try but requires PC ... otherwise mostly "hypercasual" sort of games... Pistol Whip is good for example... On the other hand most time spent is definitely table 🎾 eleven
Alyx is definitely cool, but not really worth it if you don't already have the setup
I just took a couple days to plan out my meals and portion based on FDA data. However a professional is my way to go later.
The new Joe Rogan Experience podcast on ‘sleep’ is amazing
Check out Huberman Labs sleep episodes. Probably best collection of sleep info I’ve ever found.
Which JRE episode are you referring to by the way
Which one? Hope it’s not Matthew Walker that guy’s book has a lot of errors don’t trust him
Huberman Labs is great podcast
Oh - my apologies; it’s not new after all. I had asked my Google speaker to “Play the latest Joe Rogan Experience Podcast” and for some reason it decided to play Episode #1109 from Apr 2019. Either way, it’s a really good episode - and yea it was with Matthew Walker. I’m aware of some peoples’ views on his beliefs, but his application of science all seems solid enough to me. And it’s not as if there can’t be room fir disagreement, particularly in matters of the subconscious.
because that's the last one he did before moving to Spotify... Now you have to go to Spotify to listen to the new eps
I stopped listening to him... Really enjoy some moments of his interviews but his stance on Covid & other issues really pushed me back...
Curious to know if anyone has ever broken their ankle before? And if so, any recommendations? In recovery at the moment and wanting to get back to full strength as soon as I can!
Anyone got an EMDR therapist to recommend?

Or anything similar?

Anything to process memories or help forget about them
Worth taking a look at BPC-157
Tip for anyone who gets temperamental Athlete’s Foot man-runningfoot Epsom Salts are amazing, in either a bath or a foot soak. I’ve found them to be much more effective than the medicated creams. On my 4th soak now (started 10 days ago) and it’s pretty much cleared-up.
A lot of clinical psychologists are trained in EMDR nowadays. There’s one at the bottom of my road in North Van (Valarie May). MDMA-assisted therapy is showing awesome results. I think they’re about to start Phase III clinical trials in a bunch of counties (inc. Canada and Israel). The crux seems to be recalling and reprocessing memories in a safe and calm environment, in order that they can be effectively be ‘archived’ into long term memory.
Okay I'm certainly not a doctor, but I used to struggle with athlete's foot when I was younger, and I've struggled with a number of fungal infections. Lotrimin cream worked pretty well. Keeping the area dry and clean is crucial. And if it's really bad, a prescription-grade antifungal medication will do wonders.
Any idea/tool for strengthening my wrists? Thanks
these things:
Yoga is improving mine, slowly :)
✋ 🍆
Keep forgetting about this damn link bot.

Search "Wrist Prep Routine - Handstand Warm-Up for Strong, Flexible Wrists" on YT. I do that routine every time I exercise, even used to do it every day first thing for a little while
bidpuiapric yoga is great; but I want something more localised, like weightlifting for wrists 😂
bwnqvll my advice might not be for you, depending on the guy it might not be considered "weight lifting"
hzgpvsx crow pose, and handstands. Both like weightlifting for wrists! 🏋️‍♀️
qgpbkmgk this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! thanks
rozjhlnypja I'm scared to do a handstand, but yeah - gotta work on those crow poses 🔥
vcpdhvk You can find it in amazon... Its called tensor de mano here in Spain
gjsfruqu gracias!
+1 on ixrqlszd very helpful, been using for a year
Hey U01NWC87B5Z. My fav wrist strengthening exercise is to roll a barbell bar (either unloaded or with modest weight) up and down the palms of your hands while behind your back.
HI Everyone. New to this space and to this channel. If anyone in #istanbul who would like to join a fitness group, Please reach out. Best to you all.
I bought a pack called FITBEAST in Amazon, I can already see a big improvement. Some of the tools included may or may not look like sex toys.
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