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Similar story I've heard recently is that many startups are essentially becoming "lenders" - that's at the core of their business model. Everything else is just bells and whistles to get you in the door.
Whilst in Cozumel I met|Steve Belkin> who has fascinating stories about his various schemes for building up millions of miles. The one in thailand is probably one of the funniest.
Most of the time it involves paying for expensive stuff with airline affiliated credit cards right?
Is there a site that collects the covid rules about international flights with a stop in given country (transiting, not exiting the airport)? I know most countries donโ€™t add any extra restrictions (i.e. international transit is allowed), but for example Russia has some extra rules.
Thanks, Iโ€™m looking at Japan and it claims transit is allowed.

Thereโ€™s no source linked though. How do I know itโ€™s up to date?
Seeing nothing on here about connections/transit
pnkzfsjz Oh, I'm sorry. I could have sworn it did ๐Ÿคท
Do you track them manually or use some kind of app?
Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ anyone traveling with two laptops and one hand bag? Any problems in airports?
I used to. Didn't have problems.
Doesn't seem out of the ordinary to me to have two laptops while travelling and I've never had problems when I did it. Obviously the airline will care that it's within the baggage limits, but I can't imagine that security will care
I travel with two laptops and a portable monitor. No problems with security, Just some dirty looks from people in security line as I reach for that elusive 4th tray.
Excellent! Thanks
I travel with three laptops and a tablet, don't ask me why ๐Ÿ™‚ , no issues, I can confirm about the dirty looks ๐Ÿ˜‚
On the last trip I went with 2 laptops Canada -> Spain -> Thailand -> Vietnam and had no issues at all.
But some budget airlines _may_ weigh your hand luggage and will definitely complain, regardless whether it's 2 laptops or 2 sweaters. If it's > than X they will yell. Notably Air Asia in Malaysia is pretty annoying with this.
I had so much tech loaded into this small bag and it was so heavy, I was always so nervous they would weigh it but I guess because it was a smaller roller they never asked.
but it was easily 45+ pounds.
TSA will make you put each laptop in a separate bin, but otherwise have had no issues.
The bigger issue if you have a lot of tech in some of these countries is they will pull you to secondary and go through all your stuff.
Which is a PIA if you have a ton of cables and everything packed perfectly.
This is a feature of NomadList, you have this same map, check your profile
Finally managed to sign up for Turkish Airlines' reward program, that was an absolute nightmare

Passwords are 6 digit numbers, no client side validation or information telling you this, everything else just fails
The recaptcha doesn't load on the page so it's impossible to submit the form
Every time you focus an input the page scrolls to put it at the absolute top edge of the screen, very claustrophobic

I couldn't get the web form to work, so I switched to their App and I was able to sign up there

Postal code opens a numeric keyboard so the only way to enter my A1B2C3 formatted code is by pasting it in from another input
They make you select your city from a dropdown list of every city in the country
Also there are some countries, where you would have to decalre and tax your secondary laptop :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish there was a TripIt importer.
Sounds pretty similar to joining frequent flyer for Pegasus. Maybe they used the same developer - :joy:. I avoided it for Turkish by using my United account. Trying to keep my Star Alliance miles all in one place.
I'm about to fly Air Canada (also Star Alliance) but I think I'd rather keep all mine with turkish
it's very central and I've been happy with the service so far
I can fly turkish from Toronto -> Istanbul -> Jakarta and that covers half the world
NomadList tracks stays, not flights. And there are apparently other ways to move from location to location than flying.
Yoo good seeing you in here ulqxcxcymnhk I'm pretty sure we're Twitter mutuals ๐Ÿ˜‚
Say, does anyone here know how delta medallion status works on partner international flights? Is there a difference between medallion tiers?

Last time I flew LATAM it was just โ€œyouโ€™re a medallion member so we gave you a better seatโ€
Hey nmimfdph good to see you here too!
Anybody know why flights to Argentina are 3x more expensive from the US than from Europe despite the route being significantly shorter?
If I were to speculate, I'd say because there's a lot more demand (and offer). Lots of 1st, 2nd, etc generation Europeans in Argentina. And lots of Argentina-born EU citizens living in Europe.
Hi everyone. Any ideas on how to get a good deal on a round trip from Australia to Peru? Like any specific routes or airlines to try? Thanks!
Flights from Sydney to Lima are ยฃ600 which seems like a pretty good deal already? Alternatively they're ยฃ400 to LAX from Sydney, and you could find cheap flights from there, but ๐Ÿคท
You'll be going via LAX either way I'd have thought
Thanks blhlhwzayjmzaooa I was checking flights for March, will keep searching with that LAX route ๐Ÿ‘
Hey everyone! I'm the kind of traveller that is based in one city and choose all the places that want to travel to in the year, and then I try to find the cheapest flights for it. If any of you do something like this, what website do you use?
Google Flights & Skycanner
I saw Keith Brooks (traveled to 75 countries) recommend that he usually books just one way flight tickets instead of round trip tickets because usually they are cheaper.
dygfvthgpc where you at man?
Anybody have thoughts on hidden city tickets? I heard airlines are cracking down on them.
musa la Florida. Then London next week, San Fran the week after, Dublin for 2, then Medellin till early march, then a couple of round the worlds in apr/may. Only hit 250k last year in flown miles so I need to get back to normal
take the risk.. my friend does it all the time.. but it is risky especially during winter and covid times
and dont put your FF#
how did you do 250K? dnffcvrzcj thats crazy
He was probably just piloting those|empty Lufthansa planes>.
Also only works with carry on, they'll charge you a lot to take out your luggage earlier
The other guy in my league is at 800k| is great if you know where you want to end up but don't yet know how you're going to get there, since you can plug in a destination and it'll show you everywhere that's flying to it
Couldn't find any relevant channels hence posting here how did you folks get started with the nomad journey?
Got a remote job and just started leaving ho,e for longer and longer
Job was fully remote, housing market was crazy (in California) so decided to sell and hold funds for when things calm down a bit. In the meantime Iโ€™m traveling full time pet/house sitting (free lodging) and using Home Exchange points from when I had my placeโ€ฆ then filling in the gaps with Airbnb/Sonder/Marriott points/etc as needed.
Took three months off, ended up travelling a lot, realized that renting AirBnBs in sunny places was much cheaper than paying for my flat in London, so it made no sense that I'm working from home in London (thanks COVID for helping me realise this!)
How have you liked house sitting? I've been considering trying out Trusted House Sitters this year to save some cash. Especially when traveling the US. Just haven't gotten around to giving it a try yet
Thatโ€™s what I use (I have a referral I can PM you if you do want to use the site). I LOVE it! This past year Iโ€™ve sat for a pup in San Diego, 3 border collies in Southern California Wine country, 2 cats near Washington DCโ€ฆ I have another sit in a couple weeks in Marina Del Rey for 2 weeks watching some kitties. I could pick up even more, but try to choose longer stays in places I really like. I had another 2 month sit in the works, but had a work event get in the way. So far itโ€™s been great and I love the animals (I donโ€™t have my own since I travel so much). Only a couple pets were a little needy, but warmed up after a few days
Thatโ€™s what I found also (from San Diego, CA)
How was it starting off? Was it hard to book one until you had a few positive reviews? Or was it fairly smooth from the beginning?
Pretty easy, I paid to do the background check & had a few friends & coworkers write references. Then I always send personalized notes about myself, background & why their place/pets in particular of interest. Now that I have 3-4 reviews it's easier
Awesome! Thanks for the tips. We probably won't sign up for another month but can I ask for that referral code once we do?
Of course!
Ya, if you are in a London, New York etc.. it is financially irresponsible to NOT travel.
Sold everything and booked tickets, tried to back out at the last second but realized I couldn't cancel the tickets, went to Thailand.
I moved across the country for a job, four months later covid happened and we went full time remote. When my lease was up, I calculated I could save myself from winter and $1000 a month by moving somewhere cheap and tropical
oh wow I didnโ€™t know these sites actually worked! It seemed too good to be true :joy:
Iโ€™m also interested on the referral code if that helps you ๐Ÿ™‚
That was my thought too when I found it! But makes total sense, when I had my pup & traveled a lot I was paying around $200 a trip to have someone watch her. Wish I had this then to find someone to stay free!
Can you please share the site you are using for pet hosting? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
But UK centric there ๐Ÿ˜†
anyone have any luck contacting SWISS? I listened to all their call centre music and they just donโ€™t answer (โ€œexceptionally high volume of callsโ€), and take 7-10 days to respond on Twitter ๐Ÿ˜ž
Heya, has anyone ever had trouble passing through security with sport-related supplements? Arginine in particular (Going to Mexico)
have you tried calling the number in different countries? preferably somewhere itโ€™s middle of the night
i came through with all sorts of pills and powders and nobody seemed to care
let me try that
uwlwmuhmvirv If you still did not get through; I might ask some of my friends, if they can help out. Let me know in a PN what you need to do/know from LX, and maybe if you booked via an OTA, TA or directly with them.
I could not find the right channel, so I chose the one that is definitely wrong Is anyone of you travelling by train? How are your experiences? (Especially in Europe)
Does anyone class their nomad flights as business expenses? What do I need to do to make them deductible?
Does your work require you to travel? Does traveling give you a competitive edge? Do you have a reasonable expectation of earning more than you invested in your travel than you otherwise would have earned without the traveling?
The only time Iโ€™m able to expense travel is if my company sends me somewhere specifically. If Iโ€™m flying where I want to go, its all on me.
If youโ€™re traveling with not much baggage and not very long distances, itโ€™s THE BEST (at least for me). I hate the whole thing of going to the airport, wait for the flight, etc. Train stations are mostly central which is very convenient to get quickly to your accommodation.
I used trains through Italy and UK, no complains so far.
Yes, me to! And I also value that it is a bit more sustainable. But the long distances seem to be the point. I was searching for a way to travel from Germany to Portugal. But 3h flight or 2 days by train ist just exhaustingโ€ฆ Thinking about staying somewhere on the way.
Maybe if you fly โ€žto visit a conferenceโ€œ?
If I spend 3 months in Europe and go to a conference during that time, does that allow me to expense the travel?
calling US was a great tip. even free from skype unlike the expensive South Africa number and didn not wait long at all. thanks though klslsyasu ! really appreciate the offer
It probably varies on your country of tax residency and Iโ€™d advise consulting a tax professional from your country where you pay taxes just to make sure (also #_taxes-us or #_taxes-intl are good places to ask these kinds of things). That said, my understanding of US business expense rules is if you go somewhere for the primary purpose of doing one or more work activities then the trip to the activity can be expensed including flights, accommodations and food. However if you get audited later, the auditor will have to be convinced that everything expensed was necessary in order to complete the work activities and the activities themselves were reasonable, so it has to pass the sniff test with a skeptical audience, and you need to be able to show evidence of the expenses and activities (receipts, meeting notes, etc.). If the auditor disagrees then youโ€™ll owe back taxes on those amounts or worse. If it were me, Iโ€™d declare the flights, transportation and food/lodging that would have been necessary to attend the conference but not the entire 3 months unless I could show lots of other activities that were business related during that time such as pre-planned meetings with clients and vendors, etc.
I've been wondering about the sustainability of it ๐Ÿค” flight prices are often so much cheaper that from an effective altruism point of view, I think it'd be better to fly and donate the difference towards climate activism
(or do some other sort of offsetting, but the point is the money will often more than offset the impact of flying. Also, lots of half empty flights at the moment in Europe due some stupid EU regulations, so also not clear if you're actually always causing additional emissions...)
Granted, I certainly have a confirmation bias as I like to fly, so looking for ways to feel better about myself, but still think I have a valid point you need to consider for each trip
I want you to feel good about yourself. So everything that follows is meant to be objective and not to blame anyone. I was thinking about those things as well. But I came to a different point of view.

We cannot solve climate change by offsetting. This will only remain a solution for small parts that can not be solved otherwise. We need to change big parts of our life, which can be expensive and annoying.

Your money is always a big factor in what you support. Paying for trains could lead to better and faster connections. For example the high speed line between Madrid and Lisbon got canceled caused by lack of money. This could cut the travel time for this connection by one day or soโ€ฆ

I also read about those airport slot regulations and it is so stupid. I honestly do not want to support that in any way. Flying in an nearly empty plane makes it even worse.

Soo what I am doing is looking if there is an alternative which is okay (not necessarily good). This might mean choosing a closer connection or searching a cool place to visit on the way. Offsetting is still an option, but in my terms, the last.
Definitely makes sense what you say. But then again, I think reducing your carbon footprint by a few percent is a drop in the ocean and no amount of reduction will lead to you actually having a positive impact on the environment. The only thing that'll save us is decisive political action, e.g. to how we generate energy, carbon tax, transparency etc.
Carbon footprint is an invention by BP by the way "The use of household carbon footprint calculators originated when oil producer BP hired Ogilvy to create an "effective propaganda" campaign to shift responsibility of climate change-causing pollution away from the corporations and institutions that created a society where carbon emissions are unavoidable and onto personal lifestyle choices" (from Wikipedia carbon footprint page)
True as well, I know. Still would say that we need better political decisions and the sum of good personal decisions. While the former has the bigger impact. I read about those intentions from BP and it is sad. Seeing the effects of personal decisions in todays calculators can still be interesting.
The taxes and fees imposed decreases supply of routes thus jacking the price up. Fly to Panama or Colombia and then to Argentina from the US
Yeah agreed UHYHNFELS. I would only expense the days spent at the conference and the travel to the conference, that is reasonable to an auditor, but expensing an entire 3 month long trip is definitely not, unless you had to work with a client for the entire 3 months you were there or something like that, and even then it could be argued to not be reasonable to expense it all.
I would expense days of conference + 1-2 days before and after, as usually for long business meetings you need time to prepare before & after
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