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detour888 2mo
Itโ€™s a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines
detour888 2mo
Half a dozen times or so.
detour888 2mo
I have never had problems but I think any budget airline thereโ€™s always a risk of them weighing stuff.
detour888 2mo
You should be fine as long as your carry on doesnโ€™t look huge.
I have about 2400$ worth in travel credits from United that will expire at the end of the year and that I won't be able to use :pensive:. Do you know of any place/way to resell them?
mikedev10 2mo
if something like a voucher, you might be able to reuse it for some flight then get the remainder reissued as a new credit with a 1 year expiration out.

you're generally not allowed to sell or transfer these (or miles) - what i've done in the past is shared an offer with facebook friends to buy them a ticket at a discount. eg. you want to fly somewhere for $1000, i have $1000 voucher, i'll buy your ticket, you give me $900, win/win.

since you're not allowed to sell them the person who you do this for must understand if asked (which they probably won't be, and this would be most likely to happen for points purchased flights where you have a pattern looking like they are going to strangers) about why/how your their ticket was purchased, they should say it is a gift and not that they paid anyone for anything or that you got compensated. this would risk both them going on the flight and you having your account culled (like lose miles/have it closed)

i'm under the impression shadier operators out there might exist who would compensate you less, facilitate this same transaction with a stranger, and keep some money for themselves, but everything about that is the same as the above with less money and more risk for you.
Thank you! That's really useful โ˜บ๏ธ
Currently on my first flight with working USB-C and high speed WiFi. Literally has never happened one time before today. Life is grand.
felixha 2mo
Which airline?
British Airways.

For context weโ€™ve traveled numerous airlines this year. Not one USB-C point worked, very few of the USB-A points worked, and on 4 occasions I was refunded my WiFi payment because I couldnโ€™t even browse basic internet.

I am truly impressed.
tonyd 2mo
New plane or a retrofit? What model plane?
By the way, I had a great experience with LatAm Airlines, definitely some whiplash after how bad Avianca was LOL
jonyale 2mo
Do carriers fly over Syria, Iraq and Iran? Or do they avoid? Tried asking customer service and they said "don't know". Looking at a flight from Istanbul to Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and straight line goes over them.

Would you avoid?
borowis 2mo
take a look at flight radar. syria mostly avoided, iraq and iran -- no
borowis 2mo
I, personally, would avoid flying over Iran given they shot down UIA flight just a couple years ago from air defense system near Tehran. But chances you would die because of that are pretty slim
Believe they don't. Don't think any _aviation insurance company_ would allow them to. But I don't know anything about that, this purely makes sense in my head. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Most carriers don't avoid Iraq airspace afaik, I took Fly Emirates to Iraq in July when I flew there and I believe Turkish airlines when I left.
borowis 2mo
you can in paid version, in free version just search by the same two airports
borowis 2mo
for example, different flight now live from air arabia
borowis 2mo
most likely it will go over Iraq and Kuwait
borowis 2mo
tbh, I wouldn't worry about Iraq too much
borowis 2mo
afaik been relatively peaceful for a long time now
borowis 2mo
at least wouldn't worry until Kurdistan folks get anti aircraft defenses ๐Ÿ˜…
borowis 2mo
there's a system called notam which is responsible for those kind of warnings
borowis 2mo
it's a bit technical but that's what airlines and aviation insurance industry actually use, you can ask GPT to decode it for you if curious
borowis 2mo
notam is not 100% foolproof though, as the story of MH17 shot by russia over donbass shows (there wasn't notam warning issued over the region)
mbcaeacyh Thank you for _enriching_ my reply ๐Ÿ™
borowis 2mo
jonyale 2mo
chances of getting into a motor vehicle accident orders of magnitude higher i imagine
borowis 2mo
yeah, absolutely. chances are pretty small but that would be up to you to decide ๐Ÿ˜†
quinn 2mo
An interesting (but safe) situation happened in 2018โ€“2019 when a jet had to land in Iran with a mechanical failure. Because of US sanctions on Iran, it was impossible to bring in the spare parts to fix the plane until special permission was granted. I think it was stranded there for a couple months. The passengers left the next day on a different flight.
tomasruta 2mo
When buying flights from Europe to Asia with unclear dates, is it generally better to get flexible returns, rather than two one-way tickets?
davorb 2mo
Usually the one-way tickets arenโ€™t much cheaper than the return tickets. Just set the return super far into the future.
Flexible return for sure, even at a fee (say turkish, their date change fee is just usd100).
Any tips on how to get a cheap flights?

I am extremely uneducated on this
quaid 2mo
Jackโ€™s Flight Club is pretty good at finding awesome bargains if youโ€™re flexible
quaid 2mo
Also if you know where you want to go but are flexible on the date you can also use something like hopper, Skyscanner or google flights to work out what month/week/day is cheapest for you to fly
deykun 2mo
Just a heads up. I have a skyscanner account, and when I select "Poland" > "Whole world" for October 21st with direct flights, Albania doesn't appear in the search results. However, if I choose "Poland" > "Albania" for October 21st with direct flights, it immediately shows up. When I switched to private mode and performed the first search while logged out, Albania suddenly appeared. It would be nice if this website had some actual features for account holders, as I haven't selected any preferences, yet I'm getting worse results just because I have an account.
quaid 2mo
Thatโ€™s weird
borowis 2mo
I think that's likely software implementation
borowis 2mo
most likely what happens is that it doesn't necessarily have all point-point direct flights loaded into memory, so when you select Whole world it runs some soft of approximated search not loading every single result

otherwise it would be just to expensive and would take a long time. it's a common trade off between precision/recall and response time
borowis 2mo
btw| is the best I know for all direct flights although it's database is also not 100% correct as it often misses charter or seasonal flights
borowis 2mo
secretflying is okay to watch for news and deals
borowis 2mo
but overall you can get cheap flights if you're flexible both on your dates and your destination ๐Ÿ˜‚
moises001 2mo
As anyone here traveld to japan with United Airlines? its my first time with united and when i see the " checked bags" optiones it appears with 0$ dlls fee does it mean i have one for free?
mikedev10 2mo
i believe you get 1 check in for free unless you got the very basic lowest fare class economy
nottug 2mo
can confirm, did this abt a month ago
Question about skipping the second leg of a flight, when you book a one way ticket.
I am planning to visit Mexico City and for many reasons at the moment I want to book a one way ticket ( don't worry I will have a return ticket, that I will buy separate before I arrive.)
Last time I checked one way ticket was at around 500 pounds, and today it went up to 2.000! Bare in mind I have book long haul flights one way tickets in the past, and this sudden jump was not expected. The same prices applies for that route if I decide to depart from Paris/Brussels etc. when looking at those routes only few days ago, prices were at the range of 450-600 pounds.
However I found a one way ticket Madrid-Mexico city-Cancun for a super low price. What will happen if I don't take the 2d leg of the flight which is Mexico City Cancun? I understand that having a checked baggage might complicate things... Has anyone done this before?
thank you in advance.
I did SFO-AMS-BER once and they charged me 275โ‚ฌ to get my luggage out in AMS. I think they're on to that trick ๐Ÿ˜… probably no consequences if you don't have checked baggage (this was KLM)
Your checked baggage will be automatically transfered to your 2nd flight to Cancun. What you can do is this:
Intentionally "miss" your 2nd leg of the flight. If you don't board the plane, the airline will have no choice but to offload your check-in luggage for security reasons (they can't carry check-in luggage of someone that did not board the flight). Just go up to the gate after the departure has closed and tell the airline people you fell asleep and missed the flight. If you have a very short layover, you can also say you got stuck at immigration. If they rebook you for another flight soon after without need to take your luggage, you can just say you have to take medicine which is in your luggage.
Anyway once you have your luggage, you are good to just leave and abandon your 2nd leg. There shouldn't be any penalty involved.
I haven't tested this or know anyone that has done this but thats my theory.
275โ‚ฌ for a luggage? wow! If I do this, I am not going to check any luggage, I will just have a carry one with me.
mikedev10 2mo
if you have checked bags it's typically going all the way, if you don't check it... you may still end up needing to check it at the gate.

the airline doesn't like this big time, depending on which one and your status they may do various things. eg. charge you, ban you from flying in the future, confiscate all your points.
can I just go to the gate and say a lie that something personal happened and I will not be boarding the second leg of the flight, and there is no check in baggage? and then I will just exit with one small carry on, to mexico city
romdkemszavtrnjmk if you don't say anything, either your luggage will go to the next destination, or you'll be delaying the flight because they have to get your bag out, which doesn't seem very nice ๐Ÿ™„
No but they can't do that because of security reasons, they have to assume you might have a bomb in the luggage.
qnupiwtrmqjmuxqv may I ask you please, did you go to the gate once you arrived at AMS to let them know that you will not board at the 2d leg of the flight? Or when you checked in from SFO ?
zcojyzqnnpjdopbrs I always thought that, but recently heard from someone who missed their second leg where the luggage continued on. Maybe the rule only applies to your first leg, since it's very unlikely a terrorist would wait for the second leg ๐Ÿค”
fhwmkrbehtabn I asked them at SFO to only check the luggage to AMS, but they refused. Also didn't let me cancel the second leg when I called beforehand. So I went to the airline desk in AMS, never went to the gate
different rules based on wether US is involved or not. I wouldnโ€™t use this โ€œtrickโ€ with checked luggage. with hand luggage only however, sure
borowis 1mo
> I did SFO-AMS-BER once and they charged me 275โ‚ฌ to get my luggage out in AMS. I think they're on to that trick ๐Ÿ˜… probably no consequences if you don't have checked baggage (this was KLM)
I have a similar story, I was flying SCL - CDG - FCO with AirFrance and wanted to exit in Paris. So I went to the air france lady once I landed in Paris and told her I'm not flying to Rome. She told me it would cost me 200+ euros to get my luggage. I didn't really have options so I said sure :man-shrugging:

Now the funny part. I just went to the area to reclaim my luggage and it was sitting there next to luggage belt. So I have just picked it up and left ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think luggage handlers at CDG couldn't care less about stupid FlyingBlue policies
borowis 1mo
I wouldn't risk it though. If you need to miss a 2nd leg your best chances are with the hand luggage only. If you risk it, please note that charges could run hundreds of $$ depending on the airport and the airline.

I wouldn't try what jsfcvlznrrxpffqmo suggests because I'm too nervous about losing my luggage ๐Ÿ™‚ But if you don't mind it for a couple of days (or maybe more) you can try that. In the worst case your luggage will go to Cancun and you would have to reclaim it with the airline somehow (they won't be happy about it but tell them you missed the flight for and now need your luggage)
borowis 1mo
I also wouldn't try what Henry suggests because when you "miss" your flight it's usually a delay for the airline to call out your name and maybe wait for you a little bit if they are nice
I have already booked my ticket! I will only be taking a hand luggage so I am good. Will advise desk on my arrival , prio immigrstion, cause I dont want the whole plane to wait for me ( its. 2,5h connection for the next flight)
I will update how its goes next month ๐Ÿ˜„
borowis 1mo
forgot one other piece of advice if you do that, don't put in your frequent flyer number because if airline thinks you break the rules on purpose it might cancel your frequent flyer status. at least that's what I heard, I don't know how true is that because I never had a status that I would care to lose ๐Ÿ˜†
I did not have a frequent flyer number with them so all good! Thanks for the advice , I appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
Thatโ€™s plenty of time. Singapore is so fast to get through anywhere. However, if your first flight is delayedโ€ฆ then there is your problem.
The only risk here is delay of first flight
jaydevos 1mo
When booking fake flights to show proof that you're leaving the country upon entry, instead of using Onward, which airline is the easiest to get a refund from or is the most flexible with this? ๐Ÿ‘€
tonyd 1mo
Usually book on| (USA site) that has 24 hour free cancelations on most flights - it's a law in the US).
readroof 1mo
Is there any fee for canceling at all? I know some european airlines offer a โ€œfreeโ€ cancelation. But they require you to call them and then charge a service fee for processing your request over the phone facepalm
thanks for the tips guys
Hey all! I have a flight that requires me to change airports in London (Heathrow to Gatwick). I didn't think too much of it when I booked, as I have about 5.5 hours in between, but now reading that it might be more of a pain than I expected. Any advice out there?
National Express bus is probably easiestโ€ฆ. but if thereโ€™s any way to change to depart same airport I recommend that.

Plan for about 60 minutes just for transfer through customs, picking up luggage and walking to the bus area. Then 90 minutes for the transfer itself
This sounds like such a pain ๐Ÿ˜… I'll see if can change the flight but I don't think it's an option.
Change the flight if you can! Theyโ€™re pretty far from each other, you can do it within probably a couple hours but might be hard if youโ€™re checking in luggage
I think 5.5 should be enough time, but yeah, it's a pain
borowis 26d
yeah, 6 hours should be enough given no major delays but it's stressful
sakispal 25d
totally doable but if you have the option to easily change the flight it will make your life much easier
Hi everyone, I have airline credit expiring in early April but don't want to use it that early. Does anyone know if I can book a flight before it expires, but then change the flight time to a later time? does this work?
mikedev10 24d
i think that's pretty safe, you also just have to use the credit by the time it expires but not do your flight by then
I just checked and these are the requirements:
โ€ข Additional ticket restrictionsTo rebook online using your airline flight credit, you must travel with the same passengers as your original flight.
โ€ข Your airline flight credit is valid for air travel on Iberia only, and credits can not be combined.
โ€ข Your new travel must be completed on or before April 12, 2024.
โ€ข If your new trip requires an additional payment it must be paid for using your credit card.

I see it says the flight must be completed by april 12, but i wonder if i book it for before april 12 and then change the flight if it would work... that's my question
mikedev10 24d
ah interesting. i'd call if you can't find the info elsewhere (probably flyertalk if anything) to see what their policy is
arti 24d

Booked a ticket with Ryanain for my dad and misspelled his last name. They want โ‚ฌ115 for fixing it. I explained to the support that it was a mistake and Iโ€™m not transferring to another person, it didnโ€™t help. The flight is within the EU.

I was wondering if it happened to someone and you managed to just show up and resolve it on the spot without paying such a high fee?
borowis 24d
I think up to 2-3 letters screwed you can just show up and fly. I don't know, it's ryanair though, they have their own rules
borowis 24d
I think you can show up and attempt to fly. Maybe you can just try online check in first so no one would actually be studying name in details ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ because they usually just scan the QR code and maybe take a glimpse at ID at the boarding gate

in the worst case you can fix that right at the airport before departure? just have some spare time
borowis 24d
depends how badly it is misspelled though. if it's completely different last name I wouldn't risk it. if it's just a couple of letters and looks mostly the same - should be fine. just say you haven't noticed it ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
arti 24d
If it would be for me Iโ€™d just show up as is. For my dad it could be too stressful therefore asking :blush:

I assume that the only place where his passport will be checked is manually at the gate before boarding, so thereโ€™s a chance that they wonโ€™t notice or just let it slide (I hope)
borowis 24d
so how badly is it misspelled?
borowis 24d
> If it would be for me Iโ€™d just show up as is. For my dad it could be too stressful therefore asking
exactly. I don't know how well your dad can handle that so any advice I give would be off ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'd have probably paid for my parents because I know they'll be freaking out if stopped even if chance of that happening is like 10%
arti 24d
Real last name DZIMENT
Name on the ๐ŸŽซ DZIMIR
arti 24d
and the first name matches
borowis 24d
yeah, different enough. I wouldn't risk it but up to you
deykun 23d
I wouldn't risk it. They always check tickets and IDs, but i wouldn't say that they are as scrupulous for flights inside the EU/Schengen.

> Real last name DZIMENT
> Name on the ๐ŸŽซ DZIMIR
I don't know your ethnicity, but perhaps claiming that is a result of non-standardized Latinization (transcribing from a different alphabet) is an option. ๐Ÿ˜…
What is the airport? If it is spain, I would go for it, they dont care.
arti 23d
haha, not Spain but Lithuania
arti 23d
OK, just paid, thanks everyone ๐Ÿ‘Œ
I am considering buying a one way flight with delta to Mexico City that actually starts in Orlando, with a layover in ATL. Itโ€™s about $200 cheaper than buying the one way from ATL to CDMX (I will be in ATL, not MCO).

What are the chances my flight plan would be canceled? Iโ€™ve done the skiplag thing in not going to my final destination but I havenโ€™t tested out the skipping the initial flight. I have too many points with delta to be banned which makes me nervous ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Literally impossible to do this. If you donโ€™t take the first flight, the ticket for your second flight will be canceled.
Damn it. Ok thank you
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