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For most my one ways I use miles. There the rule is one way is half of RT with only few airlines not offering one way award tickets
yeah RT tickets have always been like that. now actually more and more airlines make fares where RT = 2x OW (one way) so you don't see that much on domestic routes but it used to be the case!

hence a simple travel hack. if you need one way ticket across atlantic you might want to actually book return far in the future as it might be almost the same price + you might actually want to use that return for another trip
I've never heard anybody suggest two one-way tickets with the same airline could be cheaper than a return ticket, so I'm confused by your confusion 🤔 maybe you meant that two one way tickets with two different airlines can be cheaper than a round trip in some cases? That's certainly true
I think most of my experience with booking travel has been in US domestic flights, where an American Airlines flight from City A to City B is $100 and a round trip ticket from A to B to A is $200, for example. This is the first time I've ever had an opportunity to compare international one-way flights with return-trip flights, and the difference was such a shock that I thought there was a glitch
but yeah, this is nice to know. This convo has just saved me ~$800, so thanks everyone!
Probably all visa questions have already been asked and answered in the Slack, so just try search first.
> I’ve always heard that one-way tickets are the cheaper option
i’ve literally never heard this in my life, actually
_especially_ in domestic travel in the US
Quite nice to know that has changed
Changi seems like the best airport for longer layovers. Finally been to the Jewel and it’s pretty amazing; Din Tai Fung, Tim Ho Wan, Shake Shack, etc. plus IMAX cinema and massage/spa. Super close to terminals and automated passport control. Layovers in UAE/Qatar for EU<->Asia feel like a scam, it’s cheaper but has long taxi to gate, busier, huge airport but nothing to offer except duty free shopping for shit nobody needs
Regardless of how much better, more convenient or cheaper the flights with layovers there may be I’m gonna aim to always fly direct in the future
Airports should feel like an airport not a shopping mall
When I see that there’s no direct flights I prefer to just add a stop at the layover point, spend a couple of days at some Airbnb and chill instead of spending several hours at the airport
Supposedly the airlines don’t like people doing that though (buying an RT to use one)
In the same ilk as skiplagging etc.
well, I don't like their obscure pricing algorithms 😂
I was sad to see adioso close its doors during the pandemic. It was by far my favourite flight website. What is the nearest alternative the people use?
For booking onward flights what do you do?

Context I need an onward flight just to get into Bali, but I don’t know where I want to go after. Ideally I could just book it now and cancel immediately? Only worried about it being a problematic somehow if I do that.
If you can handle having the charge on your credit card until you get the refund, buy a cancelable ticket just before checking in for your flight to the country. Then once you're through customs on the other side, cancel the ticket. Fwiw, all flights to or from the United States are legally required to offer 24 hour cancellation (as long as departure date is more than 7 days away)
I recently went through this. I bought a “cancelable” ticket via myTrip - then they failed to cancel it, so they cost me an unused flight. AVOID MYTRIP! THEY ARE DODGY!
Curious to read what you end up doing, clearly my solution didn’t work.
Grab express delivery is amazing when at airport gate you remember that you forgot your laptop in a hotel
any advice on cheap routes from eu to bali?
july tickets are like 1800 euros 😆
I paid a lot for mine. I’m flying from NYC though. I’m going to be spending a considerable amount of time there though so it’s worth it for me.

I think right now that prices will be expensive. You might want to look for 1 or 2 months out if you want something cheaper. 🤷‍♂️
Could try flying to jakarta and then catching a domestic flight to Bali.
I see Frankfurt->Jakarta for about $1000 roundtrip in july
Anyone recently traveled to/back to the US, with a positive covid test within 90 days of travel? Is the "proof of recovery letter" a hard requirement, or is a positive PCR results within 90 days of the travel date enough proof?
A positive test from the day before travel is certainly not enough 😉
Thx I'm aware of that 😁
I am vaccinated but tested positive 3 weeks ago and am flying at the end of June
I'm asking the question because no one here (Albania) seems to know how I can get that letter
Ask any doctor to state that you had tested positive on day X and now, on day Y show no symptoms
😅 one would think that it should be that simple... I went to the private hospital where I took the test, and was told that they only perform the test, and that I would have to go to the state hospital to get the letter.
“letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel”
So I would ask them to explicitly state “cleared to travel”
The state hospital says that the private hospital did the test, so how can they give me that letter. And pointed me back to the private hospital.
Just go to any physician
Then again if you test negative on antigen you're fine anyways. Doesn't need to be PCR for US
Go in September, it's like ~600 eur return
I find that usually the cheapest flight paths right now are through Singapore. Use google flights...they have the best interface for finding the best deals. Start by searching Europe to Asia, then Asia to Bali
It looks like Berlin or Athens is your best bet ATM
aww… I really want to go to the basecamp this year smiling_face_with_tear
Buy the cheapest flight out, probably to Singapore.
Update so in the end they agreed to pay for 50% of the Airbnb/hotel costs I ran into because of this as they listened to the call and the agent indeed told me I didn’t needed it. I could probably ask for more but 59% is good enough for me.

From what I was able to read, colombia doesn’t really asks for it, but Honduras was the one asking for it in this case.
Has anyone tried “visa reservation” for flight itinerary, insurance and hotel booking? I found it in schengen visa info website.

Is the service reliable and will embassies accept it? (I’m particularly interested in the Greek embassy in india)
Do you mean flight reservation for visa?
COPA sucks. The beat me on a business class flight. They will never get my business again.
yes, but the “visa reservation” website says that I don’t need to actually do a flight booking. I just need to show the itinerary which can then be booked later
Flight - you can reserve through a travel agent. This cost me like $10. I can give you a contact.

Insurance - I think you actually gotta buy this. Safetywing is cheap, but I use Cigna which is $100/mo and the certificate will say it's valid for the entire year. I don't think you can make a reservation for this.

Hotel - book a cancellable hotel on Agoda/Booking

This is from my experience with the Embassy of Portugal but afaik it works in any schengen country.
Yeah, a flight to Singapore from ANYWHERE in Indonesia. From Jakarta to Singapore now can be had on GoogleFlights for 22EUR
Every country wants to see THEIR passport when you enter. This way they can check you in their database (because, you know, everyone elses is sketchy :). This way they can nab you for unpaid child support, outstanding warrants, failure to file taxes, drunk driving charges, skipped bail (not kidding). Remember when you are in Immigration/Passport control area of an airport or land/sea border station, your rights are often abridged and you are at their mercy. Better to be a citizen of the country than not (despite the child support issues mentioned above :)
In pretty much all countries, if you are a citizen they can't reject your entry.
That and you can skip all the visa/work questions as well.
Time to vent I loved Airwander. What they are doing NOW is so sketchy, you gotta wonder if the pandemic trashed their finances and they crashed. They had a loyal following, a great system that worked, and obviously a staff to pay. To shut that down for an indeterminate time, trashing their advert and sponsorship income, putting their people out of work... Its time for a smart coder to pick up the baton and run with it. I am guessing AirWander is probably toast. 😪
that’s what I ended up doing, but in the end they didn’t even ask for it. I volunteered to show it to them at immigration.
Has anyone had their luggage lost by Iberia? I've been waiting for 4 days and still no sign. Any tips to get them to find it?
dunno about tips to 'find' it but most carriers (and i'd think esp euro ones with more regulations) have various compensation things, like you can buy new clothes and claim it with them to pay, probably a pretty high budget for all the missing stuff of yours available.
Hey all, not sure where else to ask this, so I only have two more available pages in my passport (German citizen). Planning to enter four more countries (Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil) until I return. Could this cause any problems at immigration?

The issue is that none of the German embassies I go to have any available appointments as of this moment (or too long waiting times). So only can get a new one once I'm back in December..
in south africa you must have 2 blank pages so would not be suprised…
Is there maybe an easier process to request an insert with extra pages vs getting an entirely new passport?
zgagggiol was my thinking as well, waiting for an answer from the embassy.
So, I learned that Peru only requires one stamp and Argentina only does digital visas, so no stamps. Should hopefully be fine then
Oh, I didn't know you could request to add extra pages. Cool to know.
I got stamp (normal size) in Argentina
Ya start with seeing if you can get pages added. Also check this site for a bit of reference on pages needed per country.
Anyone flew to Asia from Europe with Saudia Airlines? They have one way business class around 780 euro IST-BKK. Wondering why it is so cheap
Flew with them Europe -> Indonesia a few years ago also cause one-way business ticket was ~600eur. All good, nothing to complain about. Also a few months ago saw they had similarly priced flights from Europe to Philippines. So I guess they run these deals regularly
I was on a United flight to Toronto and they mentioned that we needed a covid test to get back to the US. I thought (and google agrees) that there is no such need. I don't need a test to travel back to the US if I'm fully vaccinated, right?
I think airlines have been slow to update their messaging. I’m still getting emails about wearing masks on planes when I fly even though that’s no longer the airlines policy
Have you ever used a gym bag as your carry on luggage? 😅
Hey folks, has anyone here flown with SKY Airlines? Currently in Lima and they have direct flights to BA and fares seem reasonable as well.
I flew Lima - Medellin a few years back, and I wasn’t sure about them either. But everything was alright for me. They even upgraded me to emergency exit seats for free because no one wanted to pay for those seats 😂
I flew multiple times in Chile, my experience was better than latam and other regional airlines and price was cheaper
yes. also, the other way around!
Any recommendations for very durable reasonably priced luggage? So tired of all my luggage getting broken after 2 to 3 flights. But I don’t want to spend a grand on it either.
Not a grand but not cheap - a few hundred bucks - Briggs & Riley bags - lifetime warranty and built awesome.|
I love anything I own from either Osprey or Gregory. My rolling bags are Delsey. I've had all of them for years (the delsey for almost a decade)
I’ve used antler for the last 2 years and haven’t had any issue! Approx 1-2 flights a week.
Anyone else struggling to get paid EU flight delayed compensation with Wizzair? It’s been about 3 months from claim lodgement and emails daily chasing for an update with no response.
AFAIK how it’s handled depends on the country. You may need to contact the local authority to nudge the airline, search for “Enquiry form Air passengers” (can't post links). A friend resolved a similar situation quickly by just adding the local authority in the email CC
The Samsonite luggage I use was only around $100 on Amazon
I had a flight from Prague once, I think it was Wizzair as well, only got resolved after I escalated to the local authority. Wasn't too complicated IIRC, just an email or so
The system seems so unfair though, they should be required to pay everyone the compensation and not just the people who know how to complain...
had to file one of those with vueling once, took months to get payment but eventually did. patience and persistence. they expect people to forget about it or not work at getting the refund
Just had my first ever business class intercontinental flight from Medellin to Madrid and I must say, the price is definitely worth it. Used to see it as a waste of money but economy is just terrible for such a long flight.

Never been so well rested after a 10hr flight. So I think that when possible for flights over 5-6 hours Business is the way to go and economy for shorter.
For me, it’s just The North Face and Patagonia. I had Eastpak, and it was solid as well.
I’ve tried escalating with he local authority in the U.K but they just handball it to| which i’ve done today so let’s see!
Luggage can almost be seen as an expendible (your accountant would call it a consumable, something to be written off on your tax returns). You've seen the photos of oceans of luggage piled high at Heathrow. If it CAN be destroyed, it will be. When you watch the luggage on the carosel, what do you see? Damaged luggage with chalk markings, missing wheels, torn handles, punctures, dents. Yes you can spend thousands on really sweet luggage, but why? Depending on how may flights you take a year, could a cheap bag you replace annually (from a secondhand store) be your best bet if the air industry is just going to destroy it anyway? (full disclosure 17 flights in 7 months during covid, checked baggage all the way).
Happy for you, but it really depends. I fly intercontinental often but I’ve never flown premium, business or first class even though I could easily afford it at the moment. For two reasons, one is that I’ve never been in a position where I feel like it’s absolutely necessary (no other tickets left or some important occasion I need to be well rested for shortly after arrival) and two is hedonic adaptation. If you’ve never had the “better” version of the experience then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Plus as I’m getting older and moving up economically I feel like the places I go and the people I meet are getting less diverse, economy class is a good opportunity to be “among the people” (to an extent)
Flying sucks in so many ways, especially economy, but I still see it as a privilege. The money I save from not upgrading I like to use for more experiences on the ground at my destination (or even an entire additional trip). If I do want to increase the convenience or comfort of a flight I do sometimes pay for a “better” seat, airline or direct connection.
IMHO choosing the right airline and flight (date, time, aircraft model, direct) for you is the most important. And good noise cancelling earbuds or headphones plus a nice iPad with downloaded movies/podcasts/videos/games goes a long way.
with points or discounted dollar fares via some mechanism i'm in, else, i'll live with economy 😄
This time it was an additional 30% to the original ticket price so it kinda made sense to me.

Definitely trying miles and other options of course rather than buying it outright.

<@U02RYEJ1J> i get what you're saying, makes much sense, that's why I try to keep my flights to a max of 5 hours and 90% of the time I go in economy, but I think it's also ok to spoil yourself once in a while 😅
agree with the above. we've been traveling over 5 years on points and never had the desire to book higher class even with points (and def not with cash) because it never made any sense to us. we've never encountered an intl flight where it was cramped like the shorter domestic flights. ( we have experienced premium and biz class a couple times due to free upgrades). and just like the above said, you won't miss what you've never had or experienced, and this is something I learned while traveling to Cambodia and seeing how happy people were even if they didn't have all the unnecessary things that we are privileged of buying. i would rather pay $1000 for 3-4 economy tickets to help someone less fortunate the opportunity to fly with me than 1 first class ticket for me to fly alone.

i'm glad you had a good experience though! save your $ for more tattoos! 😂
Agree with sghmnmanj but I fly business long haul. I only flew once in the last 14 months so not a lot. I like that I can lie down and sleep, def feels way better for my body/back/etc.
Luxury life definitely reduces how many interesting people you meet
Altho if you're a business owner, you might meet some cool ppl in biz class and biz lounge too
Hi! I'm flying soon to Malaysia and I don't have my return flight yet. I remember that there were a site/company selling cheap ticket confirmations without the need to actually buying the ticket, which I'll probably won't use anyways. Does anyone know what was the name of this site? Thank you in advance! 🙏
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