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Makes no difference to me honestly. I most of the time have to check in my luggage so pretty much the same process whether I check in online or not.

Would suck if I can't get a window seat but never had an issue with it.
I use Expedia if Im not using the airline directly
Has worked well for me
ss 2mo
Does anyone know if ba let's you select seats if you are ba gold? I can't seem to pick seats. Also I have premium economy, is there a chance I'd be upgraded to business complimentary if there are seats available? I know I've gotten upgrades on qatar and Cathay and American as owe before
You should get free seat selection at time of booking with Goldโ€ฆ BA doesnโ€™t do free upgrades ๐Ÿ˜• But Iโ€™ve had success at the airport paying cash (SFO-LHR I paid $800 for business upgrade)
BA absolutely does free upgrades, Iโ€™ve had many
PE to J
lttt there are often good cheap upgrade deals on the app
yfclqugprvmvphoz really? Do you ask at the gate/check in or another way. Every time Iโ€™ve asked about it with status they told me they only offer $ upgrades ๐Ÿ˜ž
I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever asked, it just gets processed automatically
ss 2mo
Well that's cause you are you uzilkdrctfjkuswp
markooo 2mo
EVA has the best safety demonstration videos|
I've got BA Silver and am always able to select seats ๐Ÿค” Also have gotten lots of free upgrades on flights within Europe and once got a free upgrade from business to first when I was flying to the US ๐Ÿ˜
Latamโ€™s ones were also a surprise|
celenaliu 1mo
cikjbzoiabnmfm heyy! It's me again, the girl who always have questions about visas in Europe lol still havent figured it out. I'm also trying to get answers about this bilateral visa waiver, but for freaking France bc my partner is french and I gotta stay in France until Christmas. No one in the country knows about this and the rude Embassy people (from Canada but they are French) basically told me I can't do it and they don't know anything about this... and I called immigration services and they only deal with migrants and illegals with no papers mostly from Middle East/Africa... and don't know about this bilateral agreement. Then I turned to Nomadlist and your message showed up! So it's just AUTOMATIC? I just stay 90 days in any schengen country and then just stay another 90 days just in one country with this Bilateral agreement?? I don't have to go to an immigration center to extend?

No one can tell me any info on how I can do this in France, they mostly just get immigrants from North Africa and it's even easier for them to stay in France or for paperless people to stay than me trying to legally apply to stay (makes no sense).
itโ€™s just automatic, you donโ€™t need to go to an immigration office
I wouldnโ€™t recommend doing >90 days in one country unless itโ€™s Hungary or Poland though
those are the only countries weโ€™ve confirmed will let you start your visa-waiver days after your schengen days run out
in france I suspect they would tell you they donโ€™t stack
every country can set its own rules
idk, Korean Air doing K-Pop with their safety video is way up there for me
I guess thats what youโ€™d call brand awareness? ๐Ÿ˜„
markooo 1mo
jsfbgoeuqznpt ghcqaozlrgywn idk, they both are just leaning into whatever cliche or stuff their destination is known for
markooo 1mo
A dance choreography and 007 has nothing to do with Taiwan
markooo 1mo
Theyโ€™re good, but I shouldโ€™ve said โ€œmost creativeโ€ which I think EVA deserves
klemen 1mo
30 hours sounds nice ๐Ÿ˜„ Iโ€™m currently looking for options to get to Fuerteventura from central Europe and itโ€™ll take me 24+ hours
klemen 1mo
and a flight from there to the USA will just be a small nightmare
henno 1mo
For some reason ryanair is saying I must print my boarding pass, is that true? Finding a printer is gonna be hard
lpicollo 1mo
they printed mine in the check-in
sf1988 1mo
i only use the app since years even for ryanair
sf1988 1mo
maybe its the airport not having proper readers?
moltar 1mo
Just had the same question on Friday ๐Ÿ˜„
moltar 1mo
Ultimately I did not print. Used the iOS app. I even added the boarding pass to the Apple Wallet and used that during boarding. Had no issues for the 2 flights I took.
henno 1mo
slcjmqayrx yeah but that costs 30 euros or something
henno 1mo
rbfrzakn cool thanks
henno 1mo
i have the app but trying to update it says not available in my appstore....
moltar 1mo
The wallet card has a QR code which you just scan anywhere basically.
moltar 1mo
Maybe there's a way to add to the wallet without the app? Like by scanning a QR code online or something?
henno 1mo
ok, will try
moltar 1mo
> From an email
> 1. Check into your flight either using the airline's website or using an app.
> 2. If you check in online, make sure you click on the box asking the airline to email you your boarding pass.
> 3. If the airline sends it directly to your Apple email address, your iPhone should add it automatically to your Wallet.
> 4. If not, or if you send it to a different email address, open the attachment at the bottom of the checked-in email while viewing the email on your iPhone.
> 5. Tap "Add to Apple Wallet" from the attachment.
> 6. It'll ask you to confirm that you want to add it. Tap on "Add."
henno 1mo
thanks tujdargx
moltar 1mo
But ultimately, I think a QR code is all you really need. I did not even show my screen to anyone, I just applied it directly to a scanner and then showed them my passport. The staff only compared the readings on _their_ device with the passport. They never looked at my phone.
lpicollo 1mo
they didnโ€™t charge me anything
henno 1mo
cymkfirx i have a pdf, it has a barcode
henno 1mo
i can just screenshot the ticket part of that and show that
henno 1mo
don't see the ios wallet link
I highly recommend the app.
Until a few years ago, they used to charge โ‚ฌ50 or so to print at the gate.

Otherwise, a PDF of your boarding pass is fine.
Some airports don't have tech to read the app / pdf so they print it for you perhaps
henno 1mo
Just found out the airport has a printing service too, so worst case I just use that
vusal 1mo
I was asking that a couple days ago on my way from Italy to France. I ultimately said fuck it, Iโ€™m not wasting any paper. A boarding pass on my phone worked fine
I flew from Alicante to Bologna (more than a month ago) and from Rome to Athens (like ten days ago) only with the boarding pass on my phone and zero problems.
<@U036V288XRS> to print at the gate or to do the check- in at the gate?
vusal 1mo
yeah, he meant check-in at the gate. Check in online fellas
martijn 1mo
I really dislike all the stress ryanair causes by saying things like having to print your boarding pass. Blanket statements like that that arenโ€™t true for the majority of their trips but they state it anyway โ€œjust in caseโ€.
Transavia did something similar to me where they write that cabin luggage must be 35 cm wide max, mine was 45 cm wide so I bought extra bag allowance. At the airport they told me my suitcase would have been just fine so I felt cheated out of the extra 20+ euros I paid.
Okay end of rant :-)
vusal 1mo
agreed, thatโ€™s an L on ryanair for sure
Boarding pass scan at gate said seating issue, had already been processed and they switched me over
egorka 1mo
Wondering if this slack will accept links from me already />
Update yes, so if you have ever wondered where one can fly from a specific airport - here is a link that might help you.
victor_ 1mo
There is also this tool which allows to search in reverse as well
Wikipedia pages for particular airports tend to list the connections
egorka 1mo
Connections do change on weekly basis if you have a look at the site, and 99% of info we have found elsewhere (including Wikipedia) lists the pre-covid and pre war in Ukraine state of things
ss 1mo
Yeah I got upgraded on qr couple times but j to f never y to j as owe
ss 1mo
On a separate note, I have premium economy on ba but purchased thru aa. Guessing I can't upgrade those
ss 1mo
Ended up paying 579 gbp to upgrade lhr to jfk from premium economy. It was 1-2-1 so Atleast that was good. Service / food was meh like typical ba flights but the seat was good enough for a proper nap
I use FlightConnections too as being authoritative
pfemovogzuotka often a good way to generate ideas, but I wouldnโ€™t rely on it
egorka 1mo
FlightConnections shows the maximum possible number of connections that ever existed.
This has itโ€™s own use but is pretty much useless for actual planning in Europe.
There was a cutoff of destinations due to covid, than another one after Ryanair plane hijacked in Minsk, then another one due to ongoing Russian invasion. FlightConnections shows all these connections as still possible.
Hey all! Can anyone recommend a luggage shipping company from UK to USA? luggage
Hi duseinxl Iโ€™m the founder of FlightConnections.
What youโ€™re saying is not correct.
FlightConnections shows all actual connections and flight schedules of every airline for the upcoming 12 months.
Our data gets updated 16 times a year, and we receive the data from all the airlines.
I can safely say that you can rely for 99% on what we are showing to actually plan your trip. 99% due to the fact that we cannot update our data in real-time and even if we did, it would still depend on seat availability.
egorka 27d
The problem is that if you look on schedules of all flights that have been cancelled in 2020-2022 that have been cancelled for sanctions reasons - they appear as if they will restore 2 or 3 months from now.
One can buy tickets.
These tickets are not refundable.
But the flights are not going to be restored will the war is ongoing and as long as Lukashenko and Putin are in power.

So, people who use schedules for upcoming 12 months either from you or directly from airlines get stuck with non-refundable tickets for flights that would not fly.

This is an ongoing situation for a couple of years already.
is anyone here a travel agent with a subscription to Amadeus or Sabre?
Has anyone used WowFare when booking a flight? Skyscanner is coming up with ~$1500, Wow is coming up $605, only schtick is that you have to call to book the ticket. I don't see any bad reviews, but was curious if anyone has used it and what their experience was? TIA!
I have no idea. But if you proceed, please update this thread. I'm very curious
what does the airline come up with?
chiaram87 26d
Has anyone taken Qatar Airways recently? Their hand luggage policy is somewhat confusing. I usually travel with a 40L cabin-sized backpack and a 15L small backpack as under-the-seat item, and I donโ€™t understand whether this kind of small backpack would be allowed ๐Ÿค”
What I've found out is that its another flight consolidator, but sadly one of the worst. Basically if you need any CS, its non existent and it would be a constant battle to get any refund. While I've never had to revise a flight (cancelling or rescheduling), I think I'd prefer to go the safe route. There are other consolidators out there that are actually reputable, but no sense in taking the chance!
dashbell 25d
1 pcs in economy, 2 in business
chiaram87 25d
Well yeah I was talking about the โ€œpersonal itemโ€
chiaram87 25d
```In addition to your hand baggage allowance, you can also carry personal items such as one lady's handbag or one small briefcase; one coat, cape or blanket; one umbrella; one pair of crutches or a walking stick; one small camera or binoculars; limited reading material; an infant's carrying basket; duty-free items purchased on the day of your flight.```
This pretty much standard but most airlines specify a size
Any tips for AirAsia when paying with a Wise Card?, I bought a ticket yesterday but Iโ€™m having issues getting another ticket with the same card.
dashbell 24d
It also doesn't work for me, tried it a few weeks ago, had to use my revolut card in the end. Wise cards just don't work on their payment processor I guess
From what Wise said, they're just not triggering 3Dsecure so they flag it as possible fraud.

It's weird because I made 2 payments with my wise card yesterday but not sure how exactly I triggered the 3ds thingy.

Tried VPN, generating new cards, pay in different currencies, but nothing seems to work.

I'll try tomorrow again and if not just give up and book a different flight.
ballew 24d
100% of the time I've not gone direct I've regretted it. OTAs for flights are not worth the risk
Never in my life bought direct tbh, but always used sites like Skyscanner and Kayak. Never had a single issue. But the consolidation sites are always sketchy to me. I get hopeful sometimes but a handful of bad reviews is enough to scare me off ๐Ÿ˜‚
ss 23d
Anyone knows a good vip meet and greet service in Bangkok that's affordable? I remember I used one a while back but can't remember the name
Interesting, I didn't expect them to be able to pick you up directly at the gate. Presumably they don't get you through immigration faster though? I'd feel so awkward having someone pick me up at the gate just to stand in line at immigration with me ๐Ÿ˜…
ss 22d
Yeah they do. In Bangkok there is a priority immigration line and the wait is much less
edwardt 14d
Hi, how do you prepare for visa and entry requirements when you plan to visit a new country?
Obviously depends on what the requirements are, or is your question where you can find the visa and every requirements? ๐Ÿค” Google usually works well to find the official sources for that. Also your home country might have a good site where it lists the requirements for people with your passport, at least UK has a pretty good website with those for British folks
edwardt 13d
specifically im searching for a good process to get overview of possible destinations and then the best way to get a visa. actually we are travelling through south east asia and because of the tourism visa we are allowed for 1 month to stay. for getting an overview i use the skratch app, where i can see which countrys are open for my passport and vaccination state. but its pretty complicated to get informations about possible visas, so i asked myself if there is a better way to prepare all of that.
Your government should have a foreign office website with this information on. As the above said, I use the UK governmentโ€™s website for this as itโ€™s actually very good and they keep it up to date. Iโ€™m also a big fan of their โ€œdanger mapsโ€
Has anyone flown Kuwait Airways? How was the experience? Found a cheap flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok that looks enticing..
p0fi 8d
I flew Kuwait in 2017. Everything totally fine.
I flew Kuwait and it's perfectly fine.
I flew Kuwait in July. All good.
Any (strong) opinions on Oman Air J? The reviews are quite mixed, some think they're amazing, some think they're sh.
I had an amazing flight (business) with them. Top notch tbh.
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