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Those were the days
Thanks. I'll give that a try.
Which airport is this?
what kind of music do you make? ๐Ÿ™‚
not entirely flights-related, but does anyone know of a service that allows you to search for hotels worldwide without entering a destination? my use case is i wanna search for cheap all-inclusive hotels anywhere in the world and potentially travel there, regardless of where it is
Makes my laptop basically pointless without being plugged in
exenjhufvb mostly weird tribal loops haha, having fun with it rather than aiming to release anything
In UK we have| where you can set to โ€œAnywhereโ€ but not sure if there is an international similar one
Not quite what you're after, but I sometimes base where I travel to on whether there's a cheap hotel in part of a rewards program I'm in - a way to get high status levels and maximise points/rewards while not spending much. Eg. looking up the list of all the category 1 Marriott brand hotels
Itโ€™s so empty & everythingโ€™s so clean โœจ
Looks like business class
Where are you flying to, you wildcat?
It would appear Air France donโ€™t leave gaps between seats
Wow literally every single seat is occupied on this flight from Madrid to Paris
topletoqkwp It's a short 12 hr drive.
tnmnqeuagua I donโ€™t think any airlines do the seat gapping thing anymore
Havenโ€™t heard about it since early last year
My flight a week ago from the canaries to madrid was gapped
Mine was not at the end of Jan (tenerife south to madrid, iberia)
I lost the middle seat gamble and ended up with folks on both sides
Sorry if this place is not for such posts.
Just want to share this Don't use LATAM airlines! :D

Really bad situation because of LATAM airlines moving our destination to another city 1500km away.

I'm super frequent traveller for past 7-8 years and such mess + lose never ever happened.

First, a week before the flight, we received a notification about moving the flight to another date (1 day later), which was ok and we agreed (despite that it meant loosing 1 paid day in the hotel at the destination and having to get an additional day at the current place).
Later, just 2 days before the departure (planned for 15.03), we received a notification that our flight was changed to whole new destination, 1500km away. (Salvador, Brazil, instead of Rio de Janeiro)

No any reasonable option to resolve it - the proposed flight to our original destination is one more day later (16.03.2020) and basically would be taking 2 days of life - overnight layover for the 1:30hr flight (total trip time around 20 hours, for the really short distance). Direct flight from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro with another airline is just 3:00hr (didn't get it initially by mistake...).

The refund is also not really possible - the purchase was made with| and LATAM said that they must be processing the refund. On their side,| strongly suggesting that we will receive the refund in the form of the Coupon, which is useless to us because we will not go back to South America for the next few years and the coupon will surely end.

If someone took their time to read this and might have some advise - please comment :)
Canโ€™t give any specific advice, just wanna say they are being a bunch of cunts. Best of luck!
Need an outbound ticket. Donโ€™t want to buy/cancel. Any other option? Need to show it on Monday once I get to Mexico. Thanks! DM if such things arenโ€™t allowed to be said โ€˜publiclyโ€™
The lesson here is avoid using OTAs. If you had puchased the ticket from LATAM directly you would certainly be eligible for a refund for date/dest changes. I have no experience with| but if they are refusing a refund they are the ones in the wrong, not LATAM.
Ask TRIP to make the coupon good for any booking on their site. Shouldnโ€™t be an issue as you ate their client, so you are who they should want to keep. Be calm and persistent when talkin with them.
Call you CC company and ask for help.
Surprised the bot hasnโ€™t flagged that one yet :)
UR69C3P0Ebr />calling CC company is a good idea, thanks!
actually when I requested a refund yesterday, they refused it in any form, including the coupon.

<@U03FHDBMD> yeah normally buying from the airlines, but somehow this times| was cheaper.
Stay on them and ask for a manager. Good luck
there's only a trigger for the onward ticket term i think
ocrelivlmtjqfoabwi not biz class, just a MasterCard lounge, the free open bar was dangerous with nobody else around...Istanbul for now!
i miss that dude
There has been exactly one time I have been asked to see an on-ward ticket on arrival. China.
Usually it is always asked before departure because the airline doesn't want to take the responsibility of needing to fly you somewhere else.
Has this changed because of covid?
i think so
Turkey! Nice!!
Send a beautiful photo.
I hear itโ€™s like the Mexico of Europe & Asia.
The Turkish are partying like itโ€™s 1999. Itโ€™s just about COVID free.
Ha, not quite. Cafes and restaurants shut at 7pm, and masks are mandatory. Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s a bit more relaxed on the coast though, and all the Russians are probably having a ball in their all inclusive resorts
๐Ÿ˜ฏ Is that THEE Hagia Sophia?

Make sure you get kidnapped by one of these Russians & taken to one of their resorts. Sounds like an exciting way to get Stockholm Syndrome
Has anyone recently flew through Amsterdam with KLM?
Not with KLM, but Tallinn-Amsterdam (airBaltic) and Amsterdam-Zagreb(Croatian Airlines) nearly 2 weeks ago, idk if it helps ๐Ÿ˜Š
Iโ€™ve heard they sometimes call labs where you made a pcr test. it never happened to me but if itโ€™s actually happening it might take much longer to board no?
Whaaat ๐Ÿ˜„ Thatโ€™s mental! Havenโ€™t heard of it. Our check-in was very easy in Tallinn, they just checked our tests (pcr and antigen, the last one necessary for layover in Amsterdam) and added the info to our boarding pass so we didnโ€™t have to get the test sertificates out all the time. So unfortunately canโ€™t help you I guess ๐Ÿ˜ž
yeah I know, itโ€™s just that I donโ€™t have much time to transfer ๐Ÿ˜„
Talk to their customer service? Donโ€™t know anything else to recommend ๐Ÿ˜„
itโ€™s ok, I just wanted to know someoneโ€™s experience
They will verify your PCR test but most of that can be done online
Turkish checked mine through their online portal to verify the result
Iโ€™d be surprised if they called unless that was the only option, so you werenโ€™t just showing a sheet of paper that says negative with no proof
Careful with easyjet and british airways.

More like British Cancelways am i right
Going to find out after tomorrow, have a 9hr layover in AMS with KLM
I flew yesterday, no problems. Made it to the second flight without a problem. They didnโ€™t even check in Amsterday second time ๐Ÿค”
Does anyone has good website recommendations to plan the next flight regarding virus restrictions?
I'm currently as a german on the canaries and it's horrible hard to get a PCR test here. So I really would like to fly somewhere where I can escape without needing a PCR test for boarding the flight. Testing afterwards will probably be easier.
Like the Skyscanner Travel Restrictions page (I'm not allowed to post links here...........)
I walked into Hospiten in las americas, they booked me the following day no hassle at all
the clinic in Palm Mar is the cheapest around, at least when I was there
I can make a stopover in USA in my way to mexico from spain? Or due de COVID restirctions I can't?
There's also a slight discrepancy between window seats and aisle seats
rear aisle = best, and that's exactly what my irrational ass usually books
Iโ€™ve always preferred the rear aisle, if you know what I mean ๐Ÿค”
I hate the proximity to the toilet and the people who linger in the aisle waiting to use it.
That was remarkably sequitur
I need an onward ticket
I believe most people in here already know about this, but I just came across this site and itโ€™s amazing if youโ€™re unsure about different countries flight restrictions|
I just used it to find my best way out of Brazil
got my second vaccination.. so uh.. where can i go now?
... same places as before ... ๐Ÿค—
AFAIK countries havenโ€™t really updated their policies to easily allow vaccinated people in yet? Thailand shortened their quarantine to 7 days for vaccinated people
It shows up here and there, one other example would be Croatia which permits fully vaccinated tourists without PCR test, I guess touristic destinations would adopt this policy sooner
When dealing with south American airlines some of them do some super shady stuff, in particular what they will do is have your credit card magically "fail" and when you call them they will inform you the cost is actually higher now or have to charge an over the phone fee. The other thing they will do is the site will suddenly start failing and they will instruct you to call them (the block is via cookie which is hilarious).

However, there is an easy fix that resolved these issues for me. Sign up to their frequent flyer programs and make sure you include your number when you book the flight. Even if you don't think you will ever fly more than once on the airline do it anyways.
Something similar to this ๐Ÿ‘† happened to me last week, tried to book a flight with Gol and had an issue with the payment, once I tried to book the same flight 5 minutes later the price was double even though the flight was empty
bxnodwioldzrlr Ya, it's a scam and the crazy thing is if you open an incognito window, it will suddenly drop again. Another way around it is to book through a third party provider but some of the airlines don't do that just so they can do this stuff.
Also the reason they do this is because a lot of people come in through google flights because they have the price listed so low then once you get there, that is why they will try to fleece you.
My guess is they don't want to screw over their frequent flyers, so if you have a frequent flyer number, they don't try to do this to you.
It was on a whim I tried it. I can't remember which airline but my card got rejected 3 times, I called my bank and they told me they didn't see any transactions but the site kept asking me to call. Sure enough, the moment I signed up to their frequent flyer program, like a miracle my card was suddenly accepted.
how about vpn's? i've confirmed that booking a flight "from a different country" than that of your actual departure will return lower prices
Well with the South American airlines, I don't think they care because it appears they do it to locals too.
but I mean it is worth a shot
All right I found that message you told me about ๐Ÿ˜†
scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll
looks like france banned all domestic flights that could be replaced by a train journey up to a max of 2.5 hours
i kinda like this
If a flight can be replaced with a train ride I think it should be done as much as possible. Better for our home planet herbearth_americas
I think this should be a no-brainer in all countries where this is possible
agree, i think it's an awesome move... it will upset some, mostly domestic business travelers i guess, but you can never please everyone
I canโ€™t imagine anyone wanting to take a flight that short - I saw another conversation mention that itโ€™s mainly for transfers where people want to get their luggage as close to their final destination as possible which kind of makes sense, but to me just more strongly emphasises that people should travel without luggage ๐Ÿ˜›
there are people flying such short distances... often times a 15 minutes flight is so much cheaper than a bus or a train, hence people do it.... i've seen 3โ‚ฌ flights to places that are less than 500 kms away, and people buy them like crazy
The issue in France as in many countries is that the public train infrastructure has decayed in favour of domestic flights that are not only cheaper but also more numerous (you donโ€™t have any night train anymore for example). Itโ€™s an economic matter as well as a time 1๏ธโƒฃ when you donโ€™t have that much paid holidays it doesnโ€™t make sense for people to spend an entire day (or more taking the way back into account) in transport. Forbidding flights is of course a good thing but sadly I think itโ€™s only temporary as the government does not make any move to improve the train infrastructure it has been destroying for yearsโ€ฆ
Feels like government overreach. I am against the ban, even thought it has zero effect on me, as I don't live in France ๐Ÿ™‚ But I think the government should generally incentivize good behaviour and disincentivize bad behaviour through well known levers, like taxation and tax breaks, rather than ban things outright.
I think we should discontinue all airplanes and move to airships because I really want to get places never.
As far as I understand the question is about replacing short flights with short trains, which are longer but not a full day long. Iโ€™d always take a train over the plane if it's less than 10h long
Tesla Pegasus. Make it happen, runvvxn
Tesla is an unicorn so should be a lateral move
wunl itโ€™s TRAIN rides 2.5 hours away not flights. 3 hours by plane is quite far.
yes.. im talking about driving / train thats 3 hours away
my flight time is usually 30m or so
France only canceled 5 routes, seems like the choices was probably based on their high speed train network.. Paris to Lyon is 2 hours by train, while flight time is 1 hour. factor in the time it takes to get to/from airport (usually outside of the city), and boarding/security times, etc then it's probably break even or even slightly faster to just take the train
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