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you know those big packs of generic ramen that come with like... 10 or so of those ramen "cakes", I got one and it comes with flavor packs, but it does not specify what the heck it is... anyone knows what is it? What's the "standard" ramen flavor? Is it chicken? Is it pure MSG? Is it "ramen flavor"? There's absolutely no indication of what the little packs contain
Another random question, anyone had that issue in Airbnbs where people are so freaking disgusting that they only poorly wash the inside of pans and pots and they're all gross and greasy on the outside, specially on the bottom?
thatโ€™s what happens when you expect tenants to clean their own dishes and why I never do
Yeah, happens all the time. Sucks
Could ask Airbnb host to ensure the dishes are properly washed
Along with your standard questions about internet, towel, etc
here's a thought that's haunting me lately... we normally tend to do airbnb's when traveling, but we're more and more seeing 4 and even 5 stars hotels for significantly less than an airbnb, with all the extras like a reception, daily cleaning service, etc, so in theory ditching airbnb's over good hotels sounds like the obvious move... BUT.... food? how do you guys manage? what's awesome about an airbnb is the kitchen, but most hotels come with a tiny fridge at max... how do you travelers who choose hotels over apartments manage to eat healthy every day without it necessarily meaning eating out every single day? i'd love to hear your thoughts on this
I havenโ€™t met too many nomads who cook regularly. Most trips to the grocery store are largely fruits+cereals+deli

The ones who make a priority to cook also make a priority to end up in places with kitchens
how do those who don't cook regularly manage? always eating out? i tried that for two weeks and it became quite heavy in my stomach
that sounds more like a choice of cuisine rather than of home-cooked or not though?

I have a nice salad place and some good avocado egg toast breakfast places I like to go to that are quite light, when Iโ€™m not in the mood for entire pizzas
i think that regardless on your food choice, eating out of home will always be heavier than eating in, specially for those (like me) who can get overweight quite easily... sometimes you feel like having a very light dinner say a little chicken breast with a half a tomato, and these things are hard to find when dining out... that's why i'm wondering if someone has mastered the art of surviving without a kitchen and also without needing to always eat out ๐Ÿ˜„
fair enough
I never cook.
Lived alone since I was 22, I'm 36 now.
Covid was amazing in that department, 5 star resorts for 40/50 euros a day.
And yes, that definitely contributes to me being fat
Iโ€™m with you xdbehjoqemkjdy I cook most of my dinners and need a kitchenโ€ฆ.. but Iโ€™m a sucker for my Titanium Marriott status, so I look for those hotels who have lounges included (JW and the like tend to have almost full dinner type situations)โ€ฆ. Iโ€™ve also asked for a microwave in my room and small fridge for a longer stay (most will accommodate)โ€ฆ.I was just telling hubby last night (as Iโ€™m in a hotel) I wonder if I could bring in my 1 burner induction cooktop and a small panjoy (I have the NuWave 30242 PIC Induction Cooktop with 10.5-In Fry Pan at my efficiency kitchen and it works amazing)
that's great! i also thought of traveling around with an induction cooktop, but never really took the step... how about smells in a hotel room when cooking without an extractor? ๐Ÿ˜„
That was my one thought of why I would re-think it ๐Ÿ˜ž I love cooking heavily spiced foods like Mexican and Indianโ€ฆso not sure they would appreciate itโ€ฆ. maybe cook in the bathroom with the fan on?
same, if i cook, i do it right :smile:
the bathroom idea isn't too bad...
how much extra weight does the cooktop + frypan add to your luggage?
Iโ€™d guess about 2 lbs itโ€™s pretty lightโ€ฆsent you a PM with the link to the one I have
in April the whole floor was smelling like New Delhi for like a week because someone had that amazing idea.
it turns out they had covid and couldnโ€™t feel the smell ๐Ÿ˜‚
OMG avhjpppv thatโ€™s crazy!!! No I would definitely shy away from that and other heavily spiced foods in a hotel (especially a fancy one lol)โ€ฆ.. I was thinking more pastas, sautรฉed chickens, veggies in olive oil, etc
I agree vhcejodvazxyst I wouldn't want to eat out 100% of the time (don't want to cook 100% of meals either, I discovered during lockdown :man-gesturing-no:).

When staying in hotels, like fmjzarhmqvkjhb I try to choose one with a lounge and just try to do two meals a day free breakfast, and early evening meal of snacks in the lounge.

Otherwise, just I try to eat simple but healthy foods like fruit, nuts, yogurt, cheese, olives, nice bread. Veg like carrots, celery, and bell peppers go great with hummus. I usually travel with a light carbon chef's knife in a sheath, and a flexible cutting board that makes quick work of preparing snack boards. Request plates and cutlery from the hotel restaurant and put them outside the door when done so minimal cleanup.
I always buy oats, nuts and yogurt but let it all go bad ๐Ÿ˜ž
I try to cut cost and improve health by choosing a kitchen too. I'm currently on week 2 in a hotel, going to a third week with only microwave and small fridge. I need ideas too.

When I have a kitchen I make some food for the next stay so the leftovers last two days. Afterwards I go to the local grocer for supplies to make:
- cereal
- sandwiches
- oatmeal
- pasta (if boiling water is available)
- raw veg with hummus

I'm considering either a IH cooker or Multicooker. Long haul truckers or sail boaters or RV drivers are possible places to look for solutions
If you want a cooking appliance to bring around, the instant pot air fryer is the jack of all trades
If you pick a neighborhood with a salad place nearby, like a place that ONLY does salad and you control all the ingredients, you can eat lots of different salads and not get bored
Also, sometimes for a pretty minor increase in price you can rent a junior suite with a kitchenette at nice hotels. Iโ€™ve never actually bothered using them but they seem pretty functional, cookware provided.
Iโ€™m fine with restaurants all the time, but I generally get half in a box for later because even if you order healthy the portions are often too large. I also like to pick a few healthy places and make them my go-to. If you are always trying new restaurants, youโ€™re gonna gravitate towards the less healthy options because they have the best ratings.
Interesting! Iโ€™m on Paleo & clean eat everywhere, even in hotels.

It means no UFOs
(Unidentified Fried Objects)

The kit if travelling with a check in suitcase comprises of:
shallow_pan_of_food Smallest 3L instant pot cooker
spoon Thermos Food flask with foldable spoon
hocho Small parring knife with self sharpening cover
:bowl_with_spoon:Collapsable bowl and chopping board
icecream Optional Metal stick blender to make smoothies, icecream, curries & soups
:droplet:Camping water filter
:teapot:Optional 0.5 litre travel kettle
:leafy_green:Keep fresh vegetable bags with bag clips- does work to keep produce fresher for longer

If travelling with just carry on baggage:
Wild Zora Instant AIP camping meals
Berkey Sports filter water bottle
Thermos Food flask with foldable spoon

Then ask for boiled water from cafes & eatery places.

Staying Paleo ensures I donโ€™t get IBS, hayfever, dandruff, eczema or sleep issues. Determined to stick to it musclesmirk_cat
Am I complaining too much or butter knives are really essential in a kitchen?
theyโ€™re certainly common
but itโ€™s good to go back to basics every once in a while to remind yourself whatโ€™s important
throw away the silk sheets, the butter knives, seatbelts, and the morning coffee
Hahaha the problem comes when you have no butter knife, and the regular knives are the pointy serrated types that are not so comfortable for spreading. But yeah I can do it with a spoon and then lick whatโ€™s left in it
I just try to hit my calories and macros. I'm on a weight loss plan at the moment, and losing roughly 2 lb a week. Since I'm not exercising, I've kept protein fairly low at 100 g. I don't bother too much to count carbs, but I'd say I'm at under 100 g each day. And for total caloric intake, I consume about 1200 calories. A typical day's worth of food consists of a 240 calorie protein shake that packs on 50 g of protein, and then a large Burger from Wendy's that packs on roughly 950 calories and has plenty of protein. Since it's starting this diet, my body fat percentage has decreased by two percentage points, and I haven't lifted a finger. I'm sure I'm losing some muscle, but I'm starting to see abs again and that's all I care about.
Also, the "wendy's diet" can be done for less than $10 a day in the U.S.
And for those of you that can probably rightly estimate that 1200 calories is way below TDEE, I also get myself a "cheat meal" a couple times a week in which I can basically eat whatever I want until I'm full. My rule surrounding cheat meals is that there must be at least two days in between cheat meals. That way, it's still a diet. But a single cheat meal for me could easily be 2,000 or 2,500 calories.
I really need to write a book on dieting. I managed to transform myself from a skinny fat guy to someone with an eight pack eating donuts. The donuts were my reward for lifting weights. I thought in terms of weekly calories, just better than thinking of it by the day.
I also at one point lost 80 lb and kept it off by doing keto for years. This is all of documented meticulously and tracked... Photographs, charts, etc.
The McGriddle sandwich was my enemy when I was obese and weighed 260 lbs. And bi-weekly cheat meals of French toast and syrup we're an important rite when I was maintaining a body fat percentage of 4.5%. Don't ever cut down to the essential fat body fat percentage. If you are as aesthetically minded as I am, you're never going to want to gain an ounce again.
Those of you who travel and cook - any good tips for what to do about getting spices, sauces etc? Do you lug them around every time you move, or just eat everything plain? I'm not sure whether I should commit or if it'd be too much trouble ๐Ÿ˜…
How often do you intend to move?
We cart around small food scales, a couple of measures, but generally just buy everything new unless we find something amazing
Depending on how fast weโ€™re moving will determine what we cart around as well. We have carried spices, small kitchen items, even peanut butter when moving slow.
At minimum we have two ways to make coffee with us at all times, a knife sharpener, a couple kitchen towels and 3M temporary hooks and the rest we find locally. Those will make most any airbnb kitchen a happier place.
If you are moving monthly, $50 at the local $1 store will go a long way to fix the rest.
Oh I love those 3M hooks!
makes sense - so far I've been moving comparatively quickly, maybe every 2 weeks so I've been avoiding weighing myself down too much, but I think I'll slow down to moving once a month soon. Feels like that's a justifiable timeframe for buying some temporary things at every place etc
> maybe every 2 weeks
Occasionally I have disrupted periods like that, and it's noticeable how much harder life becomes
We're on a 3 week stint in CDMX and it's juuust about not the end of the world
My tolerance for rapid movement is declining in proportion with my age
Hi Guys. New to this channel. If someone can recommend Good food places in Istanbul.
A friend owns this kebab shop. The lamb and the kebabs with the yogurt sauce are really good.

Kosk Kebap Durum Evi
+90 537 633 36 62

If you drink, Just Bar is a good place to grab a drink and meet people. Shadow Kitchen is a restaurant right next to Just Bar that's also decent.

Just Bar
+90 538 914 29 39
i second these 2 places! ๐Ÿ˜
u guys Rock. Will try them for sure
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