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Thereโ€™s three or four places making it as well as regular โ€œhow to make itโ€ master classes
oh very cool
you should definitely try making your own nut cheese. Could be really interesting. But I think if you are looking for something that melts, you may have to find more commercially produced stuff
Nah I just want something to use in a Greek salad
It's pretty incredible
Violife makes a vegan feta and I swear I can't tell a difference
I never ate much feta, but I have had some made from tofu at a place in Da Nang that seemed really close
as someone who has been trying to deny being lactose intolerant for years, vegan cheese is a hard sell
it's not even remotely the same
I don't know what makes a cheese keto but there are a lot of cheeses that are naturally low on lactose or other sugars, which you could check out
not 100% sure but I think halloumi is supposed to be very low carb/sugar
also halloumi is delish
Some of the hard cheeses like parmesan work vegan. But, they're used to decorate something else rather than eat directly, and it varies a ton by the brand
right so halloumi is the one cheese I can think of that is low carb and actually works great as a plate of its own (appetizer maybe)
grilled halloumi is super popular in greece/cyprus and it's lovely
a little olive oil and herbs
Vegan greek yogurt is also surprisingly good
also now I want halloumi
real cheese (not vegan cheese) is, by default, keto.
By no means is vegan cheese the _same_ as regular cheese, but it has taken leaps and bounds recently. Violife makes cheddar slices that melt perfectly in a grilled cheese, thier feta is pretty close, and Follow Your Heart makes a parmesan that satifies this Italian girl.

I do miss muenster cheese though. My favorite, by far
What even is vegan cheese
Donโ€™t wanna know what stuffs in that face_vomitingface_vomitingface_vomiting
wife all your meals are hardy, you need to learn to make summer dishes like gazpacho
what are your favorite 'cold' meals....
big fan of salads. you can put almost anything in them.
love a good chopped salad. italian pasta salad. chicken salad, tuna noodle salad. caprese salad... the list goes on... ๐Ÿ™‚
hurmmm ๐Ÿ˜ I need to inspect my reltionship with salads
they don't just have to be lettuce. you can do pasta, lentils, grains, beans, all kinds of options.
with just meat, with just veg, mix of both... go crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚
maybe I'll make a cold chili
nope that's 'hardy
I bet if I use feta she'll eat it
oh, I love tzatziki
ufuhdrjh hardy sounds like high calorie / thick meals, just add water ๐Ÿ˜‰
oh.... so that's why I hate broth
you could do a 3 bean salad
i saw a mexican roasted corn and bean salad that looked really good the other day...
foods that are disgusting (according to my wife) potatoes, corn, spagetti, taco bell[grounds for breaking up].
what about chicken or seafood salad? it can be done over lettuce, on bread, toasted with cheese, etc.
yeah could do that
minced chicken with a honey mustard sauce, diced apples, spring onions, and ... sprouts
hop on yummly and put in an ingredient + salad and see what ya get.
i'd add some walnuts and goat cheese and - the sprouts.
served over spinach
I can vouch for this. Not the best feta ever, but definitely good
So many different vegan cheeses!
rsjw yea some vegan cheeses like Daiya are pretty processed and not really food. Not sure about the ingredients of the newer stuff
Wonder if any of this vegan cheese is made from something like natto
Natto looks pretty cheesy in pictures
For Buenos Aires folks, Trece (13) Fronteras has a delicious vegan cheese entry on the menu atm... I had it just last night.
it's the boring dystopian future
When you look at what factory farming is doing to the planet, I have no qualms with it
i've tried the lab grown meat. what i had was disgusting with a weird after taste. if they can get it so the taste/texture is legit i would not have a problem with it.
Well you still need to do a lot of farming to have the stuff to grow from, so I think from that report it seems like it's actually does even more farming to grow meat ๐Ÿค”
gahfjpfzlv most of the world's cropland is used to feed animals currently. Remove the animals from the equation and you have a lot more available land to feed humans directly. I'm sure some resources will be used for lab food but the efficiency is orders of magnitude more than the traditional counterparts (lab grown flour in their example is 20000x more efficient) and would probably be negligible compared to land saved
At the same time it seems like for those "animal lands" it often includes lands which would never be good for anything else (but they work well for grazing sheep for example). Personally as long as I get tasty meat in my belly I probably don't care much ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Yea that's seems to be most peoples opinions which is promising. I'm not sure if getting it to a comparable taste would be harder or easier than if you were starting with some non-meat base, but I look forward to what they come up with!
I wonder how easy to produce/open the inputs to the bio-reactors will be; or does this just become pharam2.0
Current large scale agriculture practices have petty low efficiency and harmful to the soil and environment.. would be interesting to see more holistic practices at scale like permaculture
Permaculture probably get 10x more food out of same land without use of chemicals
dmghrjacs not sure what you mean by low efficiency in modern agriculture. Can you add some color?
My understanding is that modern agriculture basically kicked all other alternatives asses when it comes to yield
There's a pretty famous assertion out there that the world was headed to a food-based apocalypse in the 19th century because the food yield couldn't keep up with population growth. Which became obviously moot due to modern agriculture
nkvcktsyspjuebjtn although modern agriculture is certainly more efficient than in the 19th century, it is still not even comparable to the possible efficiencies of lab grown food
Sure, if we can further industrialize food, we'll have even better efficiencies
exactly, and that's the context of the discussion we are having
Foucist was referencing permaculture
yea he was saying he would like to see more of that for better resource/soil efficiency
permaculture maybe being a step in the right direction on the way to lab-grown
fzofmquydbkifpekg thereโ€™s no conflict, permaculture probably requires significantly more labor to harvest the crops because one of the tenets is to essentially see what grows where, sometimes even just spread a random mix of seeds around and essentially see what actually comes up because thereโ€™s always slight differences in every spot.. anyways there likely wouldnโ€™t be consistent rows of the same thing for the machines to harvest
So maybe when thereโ€™s smaller machines, farm drones or whatever combined with good ai then it could work ๐Ÿ˜‰
I'm getting the impression we're all three not exactly talking about the same thing.

1. Modern agriculture is the best, most efficient use of land to produce non-meat food.
2. Improvements in industrialization of modern agriculture will increase these yields (including lab-grown food)
3. Permaculture is, perhaps, better for environmental impact - but it's not clear to me that it's possible at scale and, if done at scale, it's better or worse environmentally than modern agriculture.
4. Permaculture doesn't generate the same or better yields as agriculture, thus #3 above
Would like to see info otherwise.
yea I can't speak to permaculture and you may be right that it does not scale well
all that said, if we could remove modern cities from the planet, reduce the population by 3/4 and make use of modern technology to have everyone live in towns and communes no larger than 5000 people, then Permaculture is fantastic
piece of cake ๐Ÿ˜›
yeah, unfortunately, life isn't a Sid Meier sim
many cities are starting to build vertical gardens. it would be interesting if they combined that with permaculture and grew food vs just decorative plants.
though obviously the plants serve more than just a decorative purpose. but why not get the most out of it?
Since population control was mentioned above Mandatory population control measures are inevitably exercised, and ruthlessly, against nonwhite people, particularly in the global South. If anyone needs cites, I can give. :-)

Any solution to world hunger must look at waste in the global North, especially the US. The US is the largest agricultural exporter in the world and wastes 40% of its food.

And let's not forget about climate change and the widespread practice amongst factory farms of monocropping.

โ€œWe produce enough food to feed 10 billion people. So why does hunger still exist?โ€ by Jeremy Erdman

I'm optimistic the population will hit an equilibrium of much less than where we are today, without population controls
I think mother nature will be helping population control along way before we naturally hit an equilibrium
Maybe - but so far we've done an amazing job vs mother nature
I think China may be the exception unless other governments start implementing similar policies
Indoor farms are super interesting to me. I think they'll do a lot to provide plants to people in the future, especially if we can nail down how to get clean energy
snortnrrh makes you feel butterflies in your stomach? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Iโ€™m not sure what Iโ€™m looking at.. is the crop of the photo somehow cropping out a dunking donuts font / kfc hybrid joke ?
looks like gravy and mash
True.. but thatโ€™s the smoothest mash ever.. could be caramel on eggs or steamed buns
'potato product'
Could be a Dunkin Donuts and KFC crossover product.. a new kind of donut.. caramel on a round white bun
Has anyone seen Supersize Me 2? The things they do for these food photo shoots is disgusting
Like cereal is using super glue for the milk
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