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Sorry to say that, but england / london is the most terrible place to work together with agencies. every single one of them i got in contact with where just cutthroats. at least for me as a german ^^
jayjay90 2mo
taqjjowpkldniv ahh that is not a good exprience, which other agencies would you recommend?
cephei 2mo
The hardest transitioning was โ€œstress, overthinking and doubtโ€.
Questioning if I would be successful on my own. First 2~3 months before I got more relaxed about it. I guess thereโ€™s no way around it. But probably itโ€™s different from person to person.
cephei 2mo
Also what helps me a lot is that I outsource the smaller tasks that I donโ€™t want to do to another freelancer.
I like working on backend tasks, but my work also involves frontend. I just have another freelancer who handles my frontend. That lets me focus on the work I like to do while I can rely on the better experties of the other freelancer
cephei 2mo
If you donโ€™t like paperwork. Get yourself a service for time tracking, invoicing etc. where you can export your data and send everything to an accountant when you have to do taxes, VAT etc.
cephei 2mo
Most importantly when you start something new:
Handle problem when they occur. Thereโ€™s little value in solving hypothetical problems that may never occur.
(in short donโ€™t overthink)
cephei 2mo
I donโ€™t have a CV nor a portfolio. I just chat with potential clients thru slack. Nobody (except maybe big corps) cares for CV, portfolios, degrees. They just want a quote and a reassurance that you can solve their problem.
cephei 2mo
for ppl starting out, working on this things seems more like procrastinating
jayjay90 2mo
well done ocyjhtfg how were you able to get into a slack with such connections to big corps
I dislike and reject the idea of a client being some kind of reservoir that I attempt to extract cash from.

My clients are partners. We have a relationship thatโ€™s based on trust, respect, shared values - and aligned incentives. When they win, I win (thanks to referrals and case studies).

My focus is always to win bigger for both of us - not to to flog them plastic crap for extra pennies.
cephei 2mo
i donโ€™t work for big corps. Thereโ€™s slack and discort for most projects. Most of them have โ€œfreelanceโ€ and/or โ€œjobsโ€ channels where ppl look for freelancers
cephei 2mo
so if you are expereicend in โ€œSoftware XYโ€, youโ€™ll join that Slack for this specific software and just be present there
jayjay90 2mo
bhhrgkfq oh right, is there any discord/slack you'd recommend
cephei 2mo
nope. really depends on what expertise youโ€™re having. Donโ€™t join โ€œFreelancerโ€ slacks. Too much competition. rather look for software specific groups, as this is niche and probably fits your expertise better
Being partners with shared values, trust, respect, etc, and using affiliate links isn't mutually exclusive. I think you're making a big misunderstanding โ€“ I'm not saying you should force clients to use shitty software just because you get a kickback from it. I'm saying that if you're already recommending software to clients, it only makes sense to get a bonus for it. Especially if you have a relationship with your clients that's already "based on trust, respect, shared values, and aligned incentives".

Anyway, we all work in different ways with different clients and obviously we have different ways of viewing this. I'm genuinely surprised tho by all of your guys' opinions!
try Toptal? we have lots of front end devs on there. not sure what your stack is but React/Angular/Vue is in demand right now.
abidaleth 1mo
does opening an LLC in the US allow you to apply for US-based jobs? (this is assuming that I make an arrangement with the company and tell them that they should hire me as a contractor)
moltar 1mo
I don't think it makes much difference for the "applying" part.

The only difference it can make is make it easier for the company to do the legal aspect of the contract between them and your corporation. But that is assuming they even want to go this route.
abidaleth 1mo
my pain point I cannot apply to US jobs because most of them require you to be a US resident!

solution โ“
Have you worked for any US companies before? That makes it a lot easier.
moltar 1mo
> Have you worked for any US companies before?
I have worked for 2 and I have friends who did too, and in my experience, it did not make any difference during the _application_ process (which was OP's question). Usually the stated requirements are pretty clear, and either they accept non-US persons or they don't. But I am a Canadian, so maybe there is an easier route for Canadians, that other internationals, however I didn't notice that from my experience. Again, either they say you need to be a US person, or have some type of work visa in the US, or whatever. However, if they do accept remote, non-US persons, then having a corporate structure can be easier for getting paid and all. But that's _after_ the application, interviews, and hiring.

My friend had just gone thru this process less than a year ago for a US company. And he did the whole interview and everything as a Canadian citizen. But once he got the green light from HR, then he had setup a US structure. But it wasn't a requirement by any means.
abidaleth 1mo
I havenโ€™t worked for any US companies before. I only studied there and did some internships but thatโ€™s it.
moltar 1mo
I am not a lawyer, but to my understanding the legal aspects of having an _actual_ US-based employee and a US corporation as a contractor are different. And not every company is willing to make this trade off. In fact pre-covid, it was not common, from my observations. Some companies even advertised specific state requirements for the remote positions, because having employees from other states meant some kind of legal and tax obligation, and they didn't want to mess with that.
moltar 1mo
But also I haven't looked for work in 5+ years now, so maybe the market conditions have changed. ๐Ÿคท
borowis 1mo
nope, it won't make it easier unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ž and yeah, Canadians would have more opportunities in terms of US jobs available (second only to the US citizens) but there are opportunities for most countries anyway, there would be just much less of them (and often much worse paid)
Idk, I've worked for 4 US companies for the last 10 years and I always applied to jobs even if they said they were for US residents only. I always mentioned the companies I'd worked for before in my cover letter/application etc, so I do still think it makes it easier to have that social proof.
tom 1mo
they require you to be a US resident and an LLC doesnโ€™t make you a resident
this is mine lincolixavier . com
Hey all, I am a resident of India, and just recently setup a Proprietorship company in India to work for a US client ( GST setup and everything).. However my question is should the contract from the company be specified with me, or the newly setup company?
( fun fact the company's Legal name is same as mine).
abidaleth 1mo
vxrhhwjiggbjp so I guess I gotta shoot my shot and apply regardless of their requirement?!
Ah sorry, have been traveling and not seen this. Will DM the link to youโ€ฆ
It depends how much you want one those jobs ๐Ÿ˜… If you don't apply, you've got 0% probability anyways.
egorka 1mo
referral link means affiliated, come on )
abidaleth 1mo
anybody has advise on how to contact Facebook customer support?

I have not been able to log into my account for months now. Nothing is working!!!!!
Pretty much impossible to get ahold of them from my experience, unless youโ€™re running some real big-dollar ads.
Create an ad account. They will start spamming you for calls with a โ€œproโ€, set up the call, then tell them your issues and that you canโ€™t move on ads until itโ€™s solved. You donโ€™t get actual support but after a while problems magically disappear I have found.

In your case maybe create a new account and do the above from that one maybe trying to invite your original account to the business/ad platform.

Good luck.
imthath 1mo
did you setup a Sole Proprietorship? in which case, it doesnโ€™t matter. it can be in your name or the companyโ€™s
U02SZ7J3EJF>> !!!! go shoot you application in!
Hey guys, maybe it's not very in target with this group chat, but has anyone had problems with getting into the discord group? I canโ€™t enter & I still can't figure out what's the problem
Hey anyone know where to find freelancers or contract workers in Brasilia and/or Rio? Been hitting walls, esp with the bilingual
Spoke to a friend in Rio and he suggested Revelo, do check it out.
Anyone looking for a remote position (ideally Europe time based) in web/data analytics?
benskiff 29d
Anyone have an LLC (US or not) as a freelance web developer? What have you named it? I was thinking of just doing my name and adding development / web development / applications or something like that. I donโ€™t want to spend too much time thinking about the name but just was curious what other people do.
In the investment world thereโ€™s a tradition of naming your company after the street you grew up onโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not an investment company (I also do freelance software) but I liked the idea so I copied it. I grew up on Woodland Dr. so my company is Woodland Consulting Inc ๐Ÿ™‚
benskiff 29d
Haha, I grew up on Berkshire Ave. That could make for an interesting name
Lol maybe you _should_ go into investing haha
I do. I just named it some random name, doesn't really matter
Here you go

Hey! Yes I am. I am currently in Melbourne, but have a lot of clients in the UK etc...
Hey, not sure where else to ask this, but I set up a German phone number with Skype as I'm applying for freelance positions and want to be reachable. When test-calling the number, it replies with 'this number is not set up yet.'

Does this normally take a few hours/days?
I googled it, says "it usually only takes a few days but may take up to two weeks depending on the country."
gbkltjmwuouupf what exactly kind of freelancers do you need. Iโ€™ll in Rio this up coming week, and I know people there. Hit me up if you think I can help
any freelancers here that sell high ticket services and looking for more clients?
moltar 19d
I do, I just picked a random name. You can always dba so the legal name isnโ€™t even as important.
nickursu 18d
tdzideoimbnltqyp can you DM to me as well, this looks really cool
DMโ€™ed it to you fapdlfsocu
Oh no. Please donโ€™t pitch me.
agcacho 16d
Any accountants for freelancers on this channel?
mikael 15d
jomona 12d
fojhtcrqsihp Check out Satellite as another option. Works great and is reliable!
Any infosec peeps here? Wanting to get started as freelancer since long, would love some advise
rysward 11d
Hi, I am infosec freelancer. I've been self-employed for 5 years.
lmavaiya 10d
alert Teamway just published the top freelancer platforms for 2023!
what a surprise that their own platform is on the number 1 spot on their own article ^^
dgbuemnjkibpgv do you have other recommendations of top freelancer platforms, especially for product management gigs? would love to find out more ๐Ÿ™‚
no. im a german code-monkey freelancer who only crawles through german-marked-based platforms. which are less as a handful, and filled basically all with the same. easy to find via google.
so platforms like comatch or malt?
well this list of platforms that are shared on the Teamway blog cover all kinds of gigs in all kinds of timezones. itโ€™s not really a ranking. and the point is to take from it what benefits you ๐Ÿ˜‰
yeah, but another point is that every market in every country behaves different and has different rules. platforms like malt try to provide the full spectrum of services from aquisition over invoicing.
based on the imagination that every market everywhere is behaving the same. which is just not true.
f.e. the german freelance market is crawled by agencies (not only, but the most lucrative gigs), which will never use this type platforms because they basically destroy their own business model.
so if you are the classic freelancer, who dont want to have a middleman, then maaaaybe this works. even if a conservative market (like the german) accepts this.
I work with two startups from Berlin using Teamway and Malt!

this message isnโ€™t only for Germans. itโ€™s for everyone.

ich weiรŸ, dass es ziemlich verdรคchtig aussieht aber ich wollte halt die Nachricht mitteilen!
Can anyone recommend a video editor who can take loom recording from clients and turn them into testimonial videos please?
I used my personal name Eele
This way its kept open to extend any type of work.
Nowadays I do all online services and not just programming
moltar 5d
Check Testimonial Hero
madi 5d
what kind of freelancers are you looking for? contra definitely has some from brasilia but depends what kind of field
thank you!
Anyone has had experience in centralizing payments through Stripe? E.g. receiving payments from clients through Stripe
What exactly is your question?
Maybe I could help...
Want to receive all my client payments on Stripe so that I don't have to deal with sending invoices etc. saves me accounting / organization time
How about this?
And if you send invoices using stripe, think your customers can pay using that too

Stripe invoicing is a ripoff if you're getting large checks. 0.5% on top of whatever credit card (2.9% + 30 cents) or ACH fee (1%) is insane just to take payments.
yeah we offer stripe because people want it and itโ€™s convenient, but the pricing structure really hurts for larger payments โ€” they also charge a percentage based fee if you use their invoicing system (separately from payment links or subscriptions), because clearly itโ€™s harder for them to write $10000 on an invoice than it is to write $100โ€ฆ
I 'd recommend telling your clients to pay you via ACH which is free. Many business bank accounts have an interface to send ACH.
xdibjdbzxypu exactly, I found that even more ridiculous. You're paying stripe a lot of your own money after a while
Why don't you simply use tools like Quickbooks or Zoho that can automate your accounting and invoicing. You can connect your bank accounts so reconciliation becomes super easy, you can even set some conditions to automatically reconcile entries in bank statements into your accounting books.
Interesting points. I was thinking of using stripe only for recurring subscriptions, but fees could really pile up in the future - not sure if the cost would be worth it VS me taking care of everything
chaitea 3d
A vulnerability researcher myself man-raising-hand(twitter/github ant4g0nist)
jawills 2d
You can also do recurring transactions from QBO. Works well for a service based business. For a usage based business, you will spend more time customizing than it will take to set up stripe
I am really struggling to land my first job on Upwork, I didnโ€™t try anything else tho, any recommendations to have my first client?
goldsaj 2h
Take time to personalize each proposal. Focus on how you can help the client; forget about your bio. Create samples that are relevant to your niche and as close as possible to what clients want to see. Look for clients that are repeat with. Keep trying. In the beginning, it took me 120 proposals to land one job. Now Iโ€™ve stayed with the same clients for over a year, and getting close to two. Good luck!
Best to find job through your network
Always had best experiences with my own network
mahdicodex 29min
Itโ€™s really hard for me, especially i came from really toxic environment they donโ€™t believe in such remote working
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