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Hey pidubuqcfdbzii I can help ๐Ÿ™‚
I used a template from this place. I think it looks great now. less than USD10 if I remember correctly and comes with lots of tips.
Try our product ๐Ÿ™‚ it's free (and uses ChatGPT :wink:).
desops 2mo
I am a UX/UI Designer with decades of experience. I can build a team for any project size. Let me know if you would like to connect and discuss.
mrkanify 2mo
I'm a Full stack web developer on Upwork. I will be Top rated plus next week. We can connect
The template I use is from| As for the content, I made adjustments with ChatGPT.
sakispal 2mo
Thanks brother, I am looking specifically for pharma background, as I am working FT in pharma insights/analytics and considering going freelance. Have you heard anything from colleagues on how things are right now in terms of having enough work available to freelancers?
williamh 2mo
hey nomads, got a pricing/invoicing question:

my (fairly new) freelancing business is set up in France, and here when revenue exceeds a certain amount i have to start charging a 20% "value-added" tax, which i now have to pay. for those that have been in this situation, do you suddenly start charging your client 20% more out of the blue? or do you absorb some of that additional cost? i'll charge it for new clients but i'm on a mid to long-term deal with my current US based client, so not sure how to handle this.

the increase is clearly not negligible, curious how others have handled this as i don't think is only specific to France.
If your clients are businesses, they might be able to get the vat back, at least that is the case for Austria. If your clients are businesses outside of your country, there might be an option to use VAT Reverse Charge (google it). And usually b2b prices are considered net prices.
williamh 2mo
thanks for the details, i'll look into that!

forgot to mention my client is non-EU based, i just edited my message.
If your client of non-eu based, then you invoice them with zero VAT rate. Even wehn you become VAT registered.
To be sure - consult with tax advisory/accountant on this.
moltar 2mo
We have the same rule in Canada but it only applies to Canadian based companies who you deal with. Basically what nqjfwrudoukrw said.
cephei 2mo
1. I did inform my clients about the change ahead of time. The VAT change only changed for the following year, so I had enough time to announce this to my clients.
2. Usually when you work with foreign clients, the VAT does not apply. You add 0% VAT to the invoice with a note โ€œInvoice without VAT. Tax liability of the beneficiaryโ€ - this also goes vice-versa when you outsource work to a foreign freelancer, they will charge you 0% VAT and you will have to handle this tax yourself with your VAT tax office
Great point U06LULVPC. Let's not forget, "tax always rolls down hill". I feel like I've heard a similar phrase before as well...
There are some good points all above, so I will offer one slightly adjacent piece of advice - I always recommend getting my clients and partners used to pricing changes. I regularly raise rates with the market and value I add.

It's never easy to contact a client and give them a % increase, but it's a part of business and I recommend consistently assessing the market and ensuring you're not too cheap. If you are, raise your rates.
This message was deleted.
TimeDoctor is the best tool for that.
mrkanify 1mo
Checkout Harvest and TimeCamp. They both support tracking by client, project, and task, billable and non-billable time, generate reports, and integrate with Gusto Payroll Software
williamh 1mo
thank you all for your insights, that's very valuable ๐Ÿ™Œ
iamsara 1mo
+1 for Timecamp
Don't post in multiple channels at once
gtktzdtynepjoa thank you for the advice, however there are different people in different channels and I am looking for a variety perspective. I'm this channel I am curious to learn more of the perspective from the contractor. I do not see any harm, so feel free to unfollow the post so you are not bothered by the multiple responses
It's not my problem but it's an easy way to get banned from the forum
brebeau1 1mo
+1 for Harvest
I've used| in many countries and like it for finding and trying out spaces. If I'm somewhere for longer, I still get the monthly pass to save
WeWork global pass
Why not find new indie co-working spaces when you explore each new city?
long lasting solution check out your local possibilities to cowork everytime you enter a new location.

i mean, whatโ€™s the use of traveling when you still use your โ€œstarbucks-brandedโ€-working environment in every single region? every the same stuff. not experience the regional, and communal, differences.
damir 1mo
Some level of consistency can be a nice thing. Particularly when everything else is in such a state of flux when traveling.
damir 1mo
Second WeWork. It's the "it just works" solution for coworking spaces
samuell 1mo
Regus has been great for me.
It is more about solo-working though than co-working but their location network is unbeatable.
kantong 1mo
long lasting is the difficult part. only options seem to be wework and regus. all other providers I've used eventually shutdown. most recent one being the coworker gold pass.
Well Regus is fine in my opinion under the following conditions 1) You appreciate a more corporate environment 2) Depending on the location itโ€™s not always suitable for important meeting calls or zoom calls due to noise 3) You can live with 9-6 opening times. They have a lot of locations near or around transport hubs in Europe (very useful on the go)
elpol 1mo
are you for real? Last place I would ever do that, the country is in shambles
elpol 1mo
Agree with nbtljedatqbuc F Wework and Regus
madi 29d
I dmed you!
vzgqfck why do you say? Iโ€™m originally from neighboring country Honduras and I must admit ES is looking really good to me.

I have a few friends who moved there and couldnโ€™t be happier with the change.
Safety wise everything I hear is nothing like before, or all the neighboring countries which in Central America is a huge advantage imo.
bobz_zg 29d
Yeah, this was all over the news some time ago.

elpol 28d
xourobtklmheei you know more than me. But I find it objectively obvious that to put the fate of a country in the hands of a super volatile virtual currency is not so smart. I think it's just a short-term solution with not a lot of thought. Bukele is just a little ruler playing with a country. I have the feeling we will see him in jail at some stage in the next 5 years.
Total BTC investment in ES is a little over $100M and their anual budget is almost $9B I donโ€™t see that as risky at all. Sure it didnโ€™t pay out but that hardly will bankrupt the country. Itโ€™s peanuts compared to what previous governments used to steal.

Safety improvements alone would bring a lot more foreign investments than that.

Sure, itโ€™s not gonna be Singapore or Switzerland anytime soon but even people in Honduras would love that guy as president.

Iโ€™m not an expert but I can tell you the feeling towards him is just positive and not necessarily populist like other left movements around LATAM. Even Hondurans would tell you they want that guy as president.
Iโ€™m actually looking forward to checking in person what the general business environment will become in the next couple of years and will probably visit next year.
bobz_zg 28d
Itโ€™s just looks like they are opening for online businesses, so new companies might get sort of a special treatment. In a way like Estonia, far from that at this point probably.
Iโ€™m sure we all want to pay less tax
thomster 27d
Nice, could you please just send a message on slack? I tried to contact you but I get redirected to discord...
do you just want to share your wisdom here?
dejeszio 22d
Clean and simple site! Love it!
froggert 18d
Personally, I have a company in Bulgaria and invoice any eu country from there. Flat tax is 10%. Vat is 0% id invoiced to another country in the eu. But to a certain limit
thomster 16d
Interesting, where is your home base, also in Europe? uriywotmwv
froggert 16d
It used to be the netherlands but as an eu citizen you can move to any EU country, so I set myself up as a resident of Bulgaria
thomster 16d
How does that work, do you need to be some specific time in Bulgaria ( need an address) or something like that?
froggert 16d
It depends on whether you have assets in the country youโ€™re in. If you own a home, little chance this will fly. But basically, you go to Bulgaria, get an id and register as a long-term resident. Youโ€™ll need to set up a business in bulgaria and get a tax certificate issues there which lists that you are a tax resident in bg. Then just renew it each year and pay your taxes in bg.| also good for templates
alblin 16d
Hi guys! Do anyone know anything about the form W-8BEN, it seems like a form to be filled to declare some income from the USA and avoid the double taxation. I am looking to find the percentage of tax i need to fill in as a software developer. If anyone has filled it & has some info on how to fill it properly it would be super appreciated! Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™
borowis 16d
it's simple but I don't remember how I filled it. there are some instructions online and they depend on your nationality
borowis 16d
to know tax %% you need to find double taxation avoidance treaty between your country and the US, it lists all the percentages
borowis 16d
> it's simple but I don't remember how I filled it. there are some instructions online and they depend on your nationality
I have found my form, I literally had to fill in my name, address, citizenship and residency, that's all
borowis 16d
you can see the form here
buqrrpak I had to fill this in, Iโ€™m a resident of Barbados so probably unlikely thatโ€™s also your residency. I needed a tax advisorโ€™s advice because Barbados is so small I couldnโ€™t Google how to fill it in

For most countries I think you could Google something like โ€œhow to fill in W8-BEN as a _____ residentโ€
alblin 15d
I tried and I was having difficulties finding the percentage to apply but anyway thank you for the prompt answers guys
thomster 15d
But do I need to actually spend some time in Bulgaria as a EU citizen and or have an address there?
froggert 15d
No but you need to prove your center of interest is there. So if youโ€™re married, have assets in your home country, itโ€™s a dead end for you
borowis 15d
well, I mean I was watching instructions back at the day for Ukraine and I think that's what they said. No one has been complaining ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ By US <> Ukraine tax treaty I'm not paying taxes in the US so I guess that's why I didn't have to fill in % but I don't remember exactly. What I recall is that I had to read actual treaty
alblin 14d
thanks man!
Would be super keen to know more! ๐Ÿ™
skypilot 13d
Question for freelancers Would you use a freelancer jobs platform that automatically matched you into a freelancer team based on your skills and experience (ie. you might have never worked with the other team members before)? You can then work on the client project with the formed team accomplishing your respective work. You can also earn badges and reviews to further add credibility to your personal profile on the platform.
i thought its natural to work with teams you never worked before as a freelancer. otherwise, it would be a permanent position right? ^^
also, i dont care about perks and creditbility for this type of things. because in most cases they dont really reflect the actual value.
perks are often automatic applied things. and credibility is often either communicated as really, really good. or bad, which means that this will not be published. so both cases do not really reflect the real value/skillset.
So Estonian e-residency?
Question for who moved from their home country to bulgaria for tax advantages (within 6 figures)
โ€ข why did you choose bulgaria instead of estonia?
I personally chose estonia because of the following reasons:
โ€ข differences in taxes are not that high, in bulgaria taxes are ~ 10% less
โ€ข i'd assume the english in estonia is better and so easier to communicate, I never needed translators for bureaucracies (i don't know the situation in bulgaria, just assuming)
โ€ข I feel 'safer' knowing that the currency in estonia is euro, almost all the countries in europe use euro
โ€ข it is so easy to manage everything (investments, loans, taxes, manage companies, holdings etc.) Every process is very easy and straightforward
Thanks in advance!pray
just to clearification europe has more then 40 countries. only 20 use the euro. so not even half of โ€œallโ€ the countries here ^^
Thank you for clarifying that specific point, that being said, i do feel strong about the euro as it is a very important currency in the world
Do you reside in Bulgaria?
Why would you do Bulgaria and pay 10% if you can have a 0% tax setup with Estonia (plus much better tools as youโ€™ve mentioned)?
Hi yโ€™all, how would you go about finding North American clients?

Background freelancing for German clients as a product owner / business analyst. Wanting to move back to LatAm, which isnโ€™t doable with European clients due to time zone difference.
samuell 7d
I moved myself to Bulgaria instead of Estonia.
Mainly because they are more relaxed about the need to spend 183 days in the country.

Estonia is definitely easier bureaucracy-wise. Bulgaria is quite a maze to get anything done & the government is very inefficient, you'll definitely need translators.

Currency is not a big deal the BGN is tied to Euro and BG might join the Eurozone in the next few years (not confirmed).

Would I do it again or recommend it?
Not sure, I have only been here 1.5 years. Probably going to be better & easier the longer I stay
I kind of have a back up on the previous from />
I am based in Bali, how do you guys go about getting Bali based/Australian based clients?
How is the current economic situation affecting your business? In my personal IT bubble there has been a lot of budget cuts and financial restrictions, and in general there is much less demand than before.
I'm a product owner in data, so not as much since the reports that I help building are directly contributing to cost savings.
marcszo 2d
Hey! Iโ€™m currently looking for the best options for internet. Iโ€™m a video editor so sometimes Iโ€™m downloading 100GB+ Files and the hotel Wi-Fi just ainโ€™t doing it for me. Do yโ€™all have any recommendations for me? I need unlimited WiFi, willing to pay up to $60 a month for a reliable source. Portable Hotspots or Esim? Any answers are appreciated! ๐Ÿ™Œ I'm in Lombok, Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ
borowis 2d
esim 4g depends on your location as that depends on mobile towers
borowis 2d
you can get 50+ mbps on 4g in most european countries around bigger cities
borowis 2d
if you're outside of bigger cities then you either need a starlink or reliable verified wifi or to check opensignal / cellmapper / telcos maps to know their 4g coverage in the area and what bands are used
marcszo 2d
Iโ€™m currently in Lombok Indonesia
borowis 2d
50+mbps on 4g usually means there are multiple bands aggregated (CA - carrier aggregation), it's possible to get 50+ mbps on a single band if spectrum is wide (20+Mhz) and then some tricks are used by operator (64QAM etc)
marcszo 2d
ok thanks
moltar 2d
Are there no other options yet on the market that allows video editors to edit a lighter (compressed) "proxy" video while final transcoding happens on the remote server? I am sure I've seen stuff like this even 2+ years ago, I'd expect this to be mature by now.
borowis 2d
I would expect it to be less convenient then doing everything on your machine
moltar 1d
Howโ€™s downloading 100 Gb convenient? ๐Ÿ˜€
moltar 1d
The setups Iโ€™ve seen were pretty good. Your cloud GPU would crunch the project faster that local. Plus you donโ€™t need to download raw files. You download compressed mp4s or whatever format is best compressed into. Quality is good enough for editing most of the common stuff like YouTube and news even. Probably not great for like heavy movies with animations etc.
gridinoc 19h| has some camera2cloud thingie with proxies, but I think the proxies are generated local then uploaded, not generated in the cloud.
moltar 18h
I thought I saw a major tool, like Adobe adopt this approach. But maybe I am hallucinating and "wishing thinking" it.

If not, this must be a massive business opportunity! :smile:

Offloading to a shared GPU is the way to go. It's a win/win. You don't need to own the massive GPU resources, and the cloud can be even more massive than your local MacBook. And you get to share the resources with others. This would be a win for anyone unless you specialize in rendering. But if you mostly do time code work cut work then I think this is a great approach.
moltar 18h
Heh, looks like Frame _is_ part of Adobe fam!
borowis 17h
adobe buying thing left and right
borowis 17h
I've also seen this />
"GPU workstation" don't know if that kinda similar
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