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andrewsav 3mo
I'm not sure if it's different for Portugal, but Harvest Time Tracking is awesome. It's very easy to manage and send invoices. I've been using it for several years now.
damir 3mo
Same here. Been struggling to find work lately. Networking is out of the question due to location.
tplocic 3mo
It would be nice to have some kind of map here. Map of people their skills, availability and portfolio.
So if we are having a project and looking for help - we will be able to find someone easily ๐Ÿ˜‰
tony88 2mo
Since networking is so important for establishing business relationships, where are the best locations worldwide for networking?
I mean there are all different types of networking, your question is very broad. I've "networked" by talking to random people at bars and coffee shops.
aguelmann 2mo
It's also something that can/should be done online too
I thinks it depends a lot based on the sector you are and what you want to achieve, if it was my case Iโ€™d probably check where are the biggest one located from my field of expertise and then as others are saying there are a lot of online communities so I would narrow them but the purpose or goal you want to achieve and find someone that already done it or is in the same situation as you are

Hope it helps smiling_face_with_3_hearts
edgaras 2mo
Just using Waves app to send and manage invoices.
```Hello Guys, i have 5 years of experience with Mobile And Web App Development, ( sound knowledge of both the domains). How can i also do the same. ( but i am not from the US)```
knocte 2mo
any of you part-time position seekers have mobile or dotnet or blockchain exp?
cyxttqtemxs If this is still a concern. I use Stripe for all my invoicing needs. For me it's worth the cost since I work with different VAT-entities, valutas, (automatic) recurring billing etc. People pay my invoices _quicker_ since they can pay with a payment method that is known to them.
xlqmnzvh If a reply is still relevant for you, I've been hanging out in lobby's of fancy hotels drinking coffee and talking to people walking by. You'd be surprised how many interesting talks and business (international) stakeholders you can meet. Both corporate and startup folks
Hey everyone! I am looking for a webflow developer to design a landing page. All recommendations / leads are welcomed ๐Ÿ˜„ Mainly looking for that developer to also be a digital nomad.
Hey kuamujqlclol I don't work specifically with Webflow but yes this kind of tech, DM me if you don't have a better option ๐Ÿ™‚
I'd also be happy to learn more about what you're looking for and give you a quote. I'm part of a 2 person DN web dev team trying to get a small agency off the ground and we're looking for our next project. We just started on our own but have years of industry experience and can offer design, development, and SEO / marketing post-launch. Happy to share more info, cheers :)
magdad 1mo
uupckomxdqht ping me on priv, I might help :)
Not sure what channel to post this in, so feel free to redirect me - it's for Substack creators. Iโ€™d love to know if you were to start over, refine, edit anything about your launch process etc what would you have done? Iโ€™m 80% of the way there with launching mine (tinkering with the back-end) and would love to know โ€œbest practicesโ€ or launch ideas / strategy etc! Thank you for your input โ˜€๏ธ
yrqhakdjriim happy to chat as well. I have a team of 3 devs including myself, and a designer. one of us can definitely help you do a webflow project.

We are all nomads as well
ajbfhuguzlpncp are you using xolo? Would be curious to chat if so. I'm in the payments space and am currently exploring helping international freelancers
luskira 1mo
I'd like to know too. Following this thread
Has anyone here moved from freelancer to agency / productized service owner?

Background product owner freelancer for German companies mostly. Making more money than I ever thought I would.

However, do need to remain within European time zone. And my earnings are capped by available time.

Wondered whether it makes sense to start an agency or productized service (no idea which one yet). Goal would be to scale to 7-8 figures and then sell. Not sure how easy/likely that is, though.

Any thoughts?
moltar 1mo
And you'd provide something along the same lines? Product ownership as agency? How'd it look like?
cephei 1mo
Iโ€™ve been thinking about it many times. My problem however is, that my existing clients need the specialised service that I currently provide. Itโ€™s nearly impossible for me to outsource and still gain some margin on my hourly rate. I either have to change my service from highly specialsed to some generic product/service where the market is wider but also oversaturated or charge way more than I already do.
Long term it would maybe make sense to train Junior devs, but the risk is that they eventually would move on.
marczrh 1mo
I am in the same position in Switzerland. It's possible but only with some effort. I needed to ask myself, if this is what I really want.

It would mean that have to hire someone smart and teach them my skills, since the clients I have, they pay me because of my specific expertise and stacked skills, a combination of hard and soft skills.

It's not impossible but I decided this is not what I want and not worth it. I decided to work on bigger ideas with the money I make.
increase your rates until youโ€™re not capped by available time anymore
marczrh 1mo
I agree, although the rates are on the upper level already. I'd need more time.
marczrh 1mo
Thanks. Will be read.
varundev 1mo
Yes you had the right realisation, your time is finite.

You can think of what age you would like to retire and how much money you want to retire with. Then work it out backwards :nerd_face:

Some people keep improving their skills and get to a point where they start earning โ‚ฌ1500+ per day.
If you earn such money till you are 50 - 60. That's a lot of money :money_mouth_face:

Even with a good career growth, you can retire with โ‚ฌโ„ข10M at age of 60.

IMO, if you want to retire with something like โ‚ฌ50M+ then there is no other way than to start your business.

To start your business, the first hurdle that every entrepreneur faces is to learn to delegate and that needs leadership skills which is a huge learning curve. For some people it comes very naturally, for others it's a nightmare but its a skill that can be learnt.

Then you have to find the right freelancers, vendors and eventually employees. There are some great people out there who can deliver high quality work or service with empathy, just need to find those right people ๐Ÿ™‚
mikegwhit 1mo
this is one of my consulting service categories.. you have cash but not lots of time.. you want your time back.

you need to divert some cash using what you already align with in your business so it refers people back to consulting (to pay for investment). you also outsource listing in usual marketing channels and outsource tech risk so you don't detract from existing proj. management duties.

an example for a design agency could be something as simple as a color palette maker for the website. start with small products that create better clients first, then chase the 7-8 figure investment.

literally i work now for friend who makes 7 figures and has been at his side investment for a SaaS for years. i know it sounds sexy but well.. the reality is more punishing we guess.
kethle 1mo
Just stumbled upon this thread. Iโ€™ve been using Travelling Mailbox since 2016. It seemed to have hit some rough patches in the 20s. Anyway, I was wondering if any of these services can be used for US bank account addresses. The prevailing wisdom is no, but I was intrigued by the fact that Anytime Mailbox offers residential addresses, unlike my current setup.
I'm a sales copywriter for software and technology brands - and I'm also keen to productise.

A number of designers have done this already. Eg. DesignJoy - although he effectively sells his time.

I recently pitched subscription-based landing pages to several existing clients - and they're interested. Each month we add new verticals.

I'm also interested in co-founding.

Technical + marketing co-founder is an obvious combination.

Eg. A startup hits the ground running with someone who can run customer interviews, design and write AAA landing pages from day one.
- My terms and conditions state that I can use any projects for my portfolio - unless they expressly state otherwise in writing.

- I simply ask clients if they'd be happy to leave a testimonial. Typically they send it over, I edit it and send it back - then give them hyperlinks to post it on LinkedIn, Google and Trustpilot.
qvuodabf no, thatโ€™s not scalable in my opinion. As I wrote, no idea what yet. More in line with what Alex from CyberLeads, just to name one example, does.
Another friend of mine is the #1 seller on Upwork for pitch deck creation while outsourcing most of the work.
This is the type of business Iโ€™m eyeing, i.e. where I donโ€™t have to be operationally involved down the line (which means that the business can be sold, too).
You also don't have to pivot your entire identity.

I'm in a Slack with two other high-level SaaS sales copywriters - and we're all testing subscription models.

None of us have launched new websites.

We're simply quoting customers and giving them options to see what 'bites'.
My plan's to switch my GorillaFlow (SaaS copy) website to subscriptions - as more of a 'brand' website.

And I'll then promote myself for a small amount of high-value freelance work via alex napier holland dot com.
moltar 1mo
> Another friend of mine is the #1 seller on Upwork for pitch deck creation while outsourcing most of the work.
Is he _the_ famous pitch deck creator that is now used as a poster-boy of Upwork scale? ๐Ÿ˜„ I know there was a guy with > 1M in sales over 2y or some such.
leon10 1mo
What platforms would you recommend hiring freelancers / remote workers? I am right now only using Upwork. Anything else we can use? Ideally for people from Eastern Europe
moltar 1mo
For EE thereโ€™s job rack
moltar 1mo
Havenโ€™t used it but it has been recโ€™ed a few times.
ghrehcsb No, sheโ€™s a girl
Iโ€™ve heard about TopTal, something like "elite upwork"
Any creative freelancer based in the MENA region?
alekqvwyrgji Iโ€™m a digital nomad who has been working at one of the best Webflow agencies out there (Finsweet) for the past two years. Now doing freelance. Let me know if youโ€™re still looking
alicia 15d
I transitioned to a โ€œwebsite in a dayโ€ and โ€œwebsite in a week modelโ€ on the web design front. And working on the usual suspects courses and workshops. Workshop model for my consulting as well. Lots of avenues to go with it (keep as is, hire, sell)
vittodrip 15d
What services are you looking for?
mrrayes 13d
I did some of my best networking playing volleyball with random nomads on praia da luz in portugal.

I like co-working offices too, gotten work networking that way too.

Could also check out networking clubs such as Internations as well, used that quite a bit in Manila when I stayed there.
mrrayes 13d
mrrayes 13d
And you also need an accountant if you don't speak fluent Portuguese to handle the communication with the tax authorities
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