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Bigger companies are the worst.
I used to rejoice in the fact I didnโ€™t get late payments. But top-end copywriters laughed and said, โ€˜Just wait until you get bigger clientsโ€™.

And I did.

And they were right.
uchlhhrcionppiedkix It gets worse than late payment. I did some UI work for a bank once, went right through QA, got paid, etc. etc. etc. and I was stoked. They then came back and said, "oh, you wrote the FE code in BackboneJS and our devs can't pick that up." I told them it wasn't a part of the brief, they scoffed, I spoke to my lawyer and he said that my paperwork was crappy and they'd probably win if they pursued me. Long story short, I ended up having to redo the work all over again in Vanilla JS -- 5 weeks of unpaid work with a client literally threatening me every couple of days.
My contracts are awesome now! ๐Ÿ˜‚
umygexocmvakn My T&Cs are written in blood.

My least-favourite is clients confusing โ€˜editsโ€™ with โ€˜pivoting and changing the briefโ€™. I have had to carefully explain in my T&Cs that any deviation from the original brief is chargeable.
From my experience, this tends to happen when Iโ€™m working with a VP for marketing and the CEO throws down different ideas, while totally overlooking the fact that the person working for them is a freelancer on a project rate - NOT an employee.
Conversely, I have a client right now (big tech company) and their VP/marketing just handed over content management to a marketing manager, who is younger than me, and tries to talk to me like an employee.

Eg,. quietly adding projects to their Trello and setting a deadline, without asking me first. As if Iโ€™m not working for other people too?
About to fire that client.
give them less time to pay on the initial invoice, and automate the reminder once you write the invoice ๐Ÿ™‚
kavdeyrirignaehcxkm Yeah, been there. I am currently working with startups -- pivoting is in their DNA, so I am constantlly reissuing quotes with feature breakdowns and new contracts. It sucks, but it's the only way to do it, really.
Yeah, startups just DONโ€™T respect or grasp that freelancers arenโ€™t employees. You have to really stand your ground with them!
I am fairly comfortable with standing on contracts, etc. so I am confident it'll be fine, but yeah I agree.
Big banner at the back of WPP back in the day
โ€œMake them pay for what they just put you throughโ€
Use that advice in all interactions with companies
Any Flutter devs hanging around who might want a contract? I know some great startup founders who are about to lose their Flutter resource and I suspect they'll be in the market for a dev soon.
I have a bit of experience with Flutter and keen for some contract work on this area. Do you know how much bandwidth would they need?
Hey zuxhlvmp just saw this!
I'll DM you
I have been searching for a gig lately, and I took some notes with my findings:

As a summary recruiting is absolutely broken, your network is your best asset.
What's the usual percentage cut for a producer? (In technology, not arts)

I have an associate who found a client, and they're just taking whatever hourly I ask and double it, then hand that off to the client. I think the client is going to flinch
It seems lazy and disingenuous, for the client
Hi everyone! I started learning Python and Django last year and have started building some websites on my own for my portfolio. What would be a good platform for a new Django dev to get clients?
remote django dev is prob too niche to have its own job board so your best bet would be to scour remote job boards (weworkremotely, remoteok) and use your network
I found my main client at a meetup, thereโ€™s always an open position if you show up in those and making it remote-friendly is easier when you are in front of them ๐Ÿ˜‰
dnqicltlfif that's a great tip, thank you! Did you use the Meetup website for that?
Yep! meetup[dot]com but the app is really well done if you feel more comfortable looking for meetups during toilet sessions ๐Ÿ˜„ I checked for you and thereโ€™s not much in Croatia atm, the nearest Python meetup is on June 30th in Ljubljana
Thank you so much! I'll definitely check it out when I'm travelling to bigger cities!
Who loves writing proposals?
Thatโ€™s the worst part ๐Ÿ˜…
๐Ÿค• <- me now
Are you looking for someone to write one?
ruyqaiiwxyspstauy possibly ๐Ÿ˜„
I do, it's like a seduction game I got really good at xD. I'm talking about Upwork proposals
danny marguiles - check his content and proposals - learnt a ton
gwakmxbw happy to write one for you if in the data world or enough context given
uqrowfdqf any tips to share? Can I read any of yours? I agree thatโ€™s itโ€™s an interesting field. I think I just dislike the process of writing. I do enjoy the idea of a good proposal.
rnjepoqp thank you for offering. I got igixjbjewguqufaad to help me already. Maybe next time? ๐Ÿ˜
yes, mainly answer the question of, I'm the best candidate for this project because. 1 2 3.
then talk about yourself, mention any relevant positions or roles you had.
stay professional and relevant.
ask the client a question about the project, it helps to show that you're trying to understand and not randomly applying.
those are the top tips
Right. Makes sense. I guess our contexts are a bit different. Iโ€™ve already talked to a client on the phone. Weโ€™ve discussed the needs. They probably think I can do it. And there might not even be another candidate, as I do somewhat niche work. But they still want a formal document (proposal) discussing what the project will be about, deliverables, time lines, estimates and so on. It can be more work and longer than an Upwork proposal.
And I just dread doing these. Lost a few clients just because I never wrote a proposal.
I love talking with them and finding out what the needs are. I can come up with an elegant and cost effective solution. But the middle part is dreadful.
yes that's a different context. but I think this one is easier, or just requires less creativity. you just put what you agreed on verbally in a document
I'm very much looking forward to working with moltar to come up with a great proposal. I haven't done much writing in a persuasive style since my days as an attorney and it's nice to get back to it!
Does anyone use SquareSpace's domain hosting? They offer it, and I wasn't thrilled with GoDaddy when I requested support a while back.

I'm looking at SquareSpace particularly for out of the box Stripe integration. Need to be able to charge reliably for digital goods ๐Ÿ™‚
nizrvjwzmixnjkbtf I use iWantMyName for registrations and CloudFlare for DNS ๐Ÿ™‚
I have a template that I just reuse wlqgiqdl ๐Ÿ˜„ Iโ€™m pitching design projects though so itโ€™s more visual. Usually clients are just trying to sell it to a stakeholder & need a document so it doesnโ€™t need to be perfect.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good travel copywriter?
gfcjqoav I haven't hired writers but I really like Upwork for hiring, I've hired a few people there for programming and assistant work. The reputation system really helps discourage bad behavior.
As it turns out, SquareSpace looks like it offers a ready-made solution to a requirement of mine. Will be trialing it shortly.
Internet.bs|Internet.bs still my favorite registrar. Actual 24/7 support and no funny games
mfrdjvcpxjrljdxn That's why I like iWantMyName -- every time I've reached out to them via email they've either fixed my issue for me on the spot, or emailed me with solutions to my probem. All their support is fast, they even did my DNS migrations for me, seriously cannot fault them. ๐Ÿ™‚
I do not understand why people save $2 to go with GoDaddy just to be in a helpdesk nightmare for the next 5 years.
ibs is one of the cheapest around if you hold your domain for 3 or so years
GoDaddy is actually not cheap at all, they just have a nice promo for the first year
once you have all your names registered somewhere, itโ€™s hard to move, so even if another one has a cheaper price or a better admin interface, youโ€™re stuck on your current one. Iโ€™m on NameCheap. Itโ€™s not bad, just sometimes the error messages on the Advanced DNS page are a bit confusing, but the DNS changes are fast
Wow I just dreamt I was hanging out with the GoDaddy founder
That's very specific haha
Very strange dream haha
And I didn't like him cuz he killed elephants in 2010 but then we had beers and he told his life story nice
aygvtxdctnah yeah godaddy founder is known for safari hunting, and shot some endangered species etc, so many ppl think heโ€™s an asshole lol
Wow didn't know
he's been gone for a while
stepped down as ceo in 2014 and gone entirely (left board) in 2018
rrgbpxostc maybe because they got a nice new logo and you saw it too much
A few years ago I built a utility sass software for a friends company. I received a call from a group of companies interested by it. I'm so excited and wanted to share it. ๐ŸŽ‰
nepoyysvp yes that's why, we all moved to Namecheap ~2011 cuz of that
zibeajpgtqzik yes he kinda had that retired vibe in my dream too lol
"we changed domains forever" while sipping his beer
I still like namecheap, they are fighting for users interests
I don't
Namecheap rekt by corporate management bureaucracy
Look how it took 5 years of us complaining to get 2FA (!!!) then they implemented their own shitty 2FA and it took another 2 years for it to be real standard 2FA
I'm switching all my domains over to Cloudflare
I'm not imagining I won't switch to the next company in 5 years again tho, domain companies have a tendency to get rekt
Namecheap dashboard so slow and dysfunctional too
Yeah not a fan of namecheap
I have been using Enom for like 15+ years now.
I use Hover because their UI is prettiest
Iโ€™ve never had any trouble with godaddyโ€™s UI fwiw
I don't use it but I believe it. Godaddy isn't the company it once was. They're pretty product driven and have a competent tech/product team
I like that namecheap does stuff like this domainnamewire.com/2019/11/22/namecheap-escalates-org-challenge/
might not be prettiest but i trust they have users' best interests at heart and have for a long time from a broad perspective.
Namecheap system is barely functional
Like if you let a domain expire but don't renew the whoisguard manually (which is free), the domain whois will leak whois and then immediately expire after
Their abuse department threatened us that we are using the API too aggressively to buy too many domains (literally!)
Cloudflare is terrible in abuse ticket handling, would not host my domains there, they might force downtime down your throat. You're forever stuck on Cloudflare DNS severs if you buy the domain with them
Internet.bs|Internet.bs still my favorite. They add additional TLDs to your basket you don't want to buy, but that's about the only trick they pull. There are no upsells, and you can get the auth code to transfer domains to a different registrar by yourself
Their interface is not pretty but at least it has nice features
Like bulk editing nameserver/DNS records
Not accidentally leaking your whois data on domain expiration like Namecheap does
Also had good support interactions, first level support could answer technical questions about DNS SOA records and their API, in a 24/7 chat environment
They're way better in handling punycode domains than Namecheap too
.com is 8.49 USD / year
Given Verisign charges 7.85 and ICANN 0.18 that's pretty competitive
Iโ€™m using internetbs as well, but I would like to give Cloudflare a go, I use it on every domain anyway
Iโ€™ve been on iwantmyname for years. Simple, but works well enough for everything Iโ€™ve needed to do so far.
I use Fabulous.com|Fabulous.com for most of my domains personally, despite liking namecheap, I only have a couple there
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