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LTE is also good enough for videocalls but it's far from being as reliable as any wired internet connection
Having an apple airtag to track gear is Brilliant!!! ๐Ÿง 
fraooojom that's the kind of solution I was hoping for. I think it's going to be a dead giveaway using commercial VPNs. I want some way to route my traffic directly to my network at home. Can you do that with a pi? Do you know of a resource that explains that?
Yes, that is possible. Pis or other similar computers are great for that because of the low power draw and more than enough computing power.
What you want is the "redirect-gateway" option that openvpn has. I cant post a link but you can search the openvpn website community resources for a how-to.
thank you, I will look into that
sure, feel free to msg if you have questions
Packet loss won't raise errors in an app that wouldn't be caused by latency. That's not how TCP works, TCP detects if packets are lost and perform retransmission, which affects latency. Depending on the type of connection the packets might be purposefully not retransmitted in the case of like voice/video but for everything else, there will be retransmission. The retransmission would affect your actual download rate per second because it would slow everything down.
If packets were not retransmitted the entire internet would pretty much break because the streams would all become corrupted and collapse.
Right so for the non-technical people out there, packet loss will merely slow down your downloads in a way that might be hard to notice, will make browsing annoying sometimes in noticeable ways because of the retransmission, and will completely ruin phone and video calls due to frequently cutting out and needing the person to repeat what they said.
anghylhyyy Do you use the Minaal Carry-on bag to bring your laptop and stuff to a cafe?
Yeah I load up my Minaal Carry-on 3.0 to 16 kg and can fit it under the airplane seat.

I just avoid taking โ€œbudgetโ€ airlines that intentionally try to rip you off for carry-on baggage.
Google the KYY monitor. Itโ€™s as good as an ipad IMO for like $200.
Curious what people are using for international phone plans. I was using GoogleFi but just go t shut down due to being international so much
2560.. will see how it performs, will receive the LG next week. The other is quite expensive to have all this while traveling.. plus i prefer big brands.. but looks good though!
I was actually looking into Google Fi due to being international so much. How did you get shut down if youโ€™re willing to share?
Home country number + Airalo wherever I go
Evergoods CPL
Yes Minaal day bag
I got a US number with| and just get a local sim in new places for data.

But I might switch to Airalo and give that a go at least the first few days I'm in a country to avoid having to get a simcard at the airport which is what I usually do.
I stretched out GoogleFi for 5 months before they took my data, but left phone and SMS operational (March 2022). Wonder how long you got out of it?
Do you use the Day bag fo everyday and then the travel bag for everything else?
I got about 6 months ๐Ÿ˜ž
But Iโ€™m thinking I will downgrade to the pay as go plan for $20/mo and Airalo looks great, or buy a physical sim from now on
Still get calls/texts on the main line
xjfjyfhkutsiyzdwn it was shut down because I was roaming too much. Weโ€™re the customer that loses them a lot of money because weโ€™re always abroad, so they shut off data because Iโ€™m not in the US enough
I have a Google Voice number for receiving SMS codes, etc, because Google Voice works via internet/wifi. Some folks say Google Voice do not work for them but for me has been working for years.

Then I use an eSIM for cellular data in whatever country I go.

I also personally keep my home country cell phone number with the cheapest plan because some things in my home country only accept local numbers.
Day bag for day

Travel bag for travel

Thank you for clarifying, love the cool #. I get that day is for day and travel is for travel wikrrtfvld . For the other people on this thread, after reading all your comments I think I got my answer Will travel with two bags. The travel bag for the big stuff, pack the day bag inside the travel bag ( almost like a packing cube ). And once arrived to the hotel getting the day bag to go around
I think so far there is not yet in the market a good expandable backpack that can act both as travel and day bag. So travelling with both can be a good option

Did you have the previous slate?
That adapter is huge compared to the original one. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
No - this is my first one.. my previous travel router experiences were years ago with some Linksys ones and Airport Expresses :slightly_smiling_face:

<@U04CD3CGH> - ya it's the most disappointing part of it.. I doubt I'd use the USB-A port for anything that draws much current myself, so I think I'll likely just leave it behind and use a compact USB-C 3A adapter. Will do some testing over the next bit before I travel again.
Whatโ€™s the best VoIP service to use nowadays if you have clients in country A, but you are in country B and want them to be able to call a local number of country A? Skype? Twilio? Something else?
Interesting - so tried powering it up with:
โ€ข Anker 20W Nano III cube (5V 3A rated) - No Go
โ€ข Scosche 30w HPDC30 (5V 3A rated) - Powered Up
โ€ข Apple 30w MacBook Air brick (5V 3A rated) - No Go
I like OpenPhone for US/CA.

_I think I'm starting to sound like a shill for OP, since I mention it so often. But I have no affiliation with them, just a happy user_ ๐Ÿ˜‚
Haha, those are the best recommendations! ๐Ÿ˜„
Iโ€™m like that too. Either love a product and shill it to everyone or hate it. Mostly hate though ๐Ÿ™Š
OpenPhone looks awesome but unfortunately not available in the region I want ๐Ÿ˜ž
Ya I was going to go OpenPhone, but they said they couldn't port my number, but Voip.MS|Voip.MS was able to port it with no issues.
yubyrvx You still pay per call with MS/Skype right? So fixed amount for the number per month + variable amount depending on useage?
Pretty interesting article from Vitalik Buterin on his 40 liter backpack
(or subscription of course)
But the phone number and the subscription/minutes are two separate things, correct?
I can vouch for Voip.MS|Voip.MS as well. Still use them for some numbers. Have had an account with them since 2010 ๐Ÿ˜„
Yeah, even the people in r/OneBag agree traveling with two bags is the way to go. :smirk:

I found the best combo to be a carry-on-size roller + 24L backpack. The backpack is the right size for going to cafรฉs, grocery shopping, or taking weekend trips away from base.
No good UI though ๐Ÿ˜ž If you go with|, then I really like Softphone iOS app. You can connect it to| (and many other VoIP providers)
pcquwcyj does SoftPhone still work with| Their app listing says only with their service now. I use Groundwire app but lately it seems a bit quirky.
That power situation is frustrating. Especially the Anker Nano compatibility which I would have liked to use.
Ya - hopefully we can get some clarity from them on what can work.. but the Scosche adapter is pretty small, folds down and works.
This is nice. I had one of these back in the days I used to travel a lot and Wifi was rare
It was a portable Linksys with an incredible abg wifi band ๐Ÿ˜‚
It was pretty compact, though
Linksys WRT54gc
I wonder if you can use your own laptop to power yours?
Not this one, but it seems some smaller USB-C bricks can, like the Scosche one I have.
Yes seems to work

> with their service
What do you mean by this?
Vitalik is team uniqlo too ๐Ÿ’ช
yeah i generally don't care much about speed, packet loss at 5-10% is gonna be noticeable and above that really shit
Yeah I would leave the power adapter at home and just bring your own multi-port USB C brick.
Hereโ€™s the best 30W single-port USB C AC adapter:
uniqlo looks great, but I am unsure about 88% Polyester. Am I wrong to think 100% cotton is better for the environment and for me?
ah, I just noticed they have 100% cotton options too, just he linked to a different one. But I am still curious about other folks opinion about cotton vs polyester as I might be wrong about preferring cotton ๐Ÿ™‚
Hereโ€™s a great site to know what country is the cheapest place to buy Apple products:

Thailand is one of the best, once you get the VAT refund.
Huh, surprised to see TH up there. Always assumed electronics were expensive in TH.
Closest to China => cheapest?
That makes sense. Plus most airlines let you travel with two bags anyway :).
I prefer cotton, much nicer feeling than polyester imo and in general i prefer natural materials over synthetic ones touching my skin all day.
Has anyone used a shaver like that? Iโ€™m curious if itโ€™s actually effective, seems super practical if so
5-10% would be super noticeable on phone/video calls.
I had one of these for a few months until it broke. I really liked it, but wouldn't advise buying it or using it now.
โ€ข I used mine with a 15" MBP Retina and a 10.5" iPad Pro
โ€ข Now I have a 13" M1 Air - the screen and machine weigh too little to offset the weight hanging of the side now IMO. The system was designed when Laptops where a lot bigger, and the screens on them were a lot thicker/beefier
โ€ข On the Mountie, the little clips that the snaps lock down are really small and thin. They just get weak or wear down too much IMO
โ€ข For a iPad mini or a Phone it might be ok. But for a regular iPad (or a 12..9") I just don't feel comfortable with it anymore.
โ€ข I had the Mountie Pro (the double one)
My friend did a couple quick comparisons and it didn't seem too accurate at that time.
Maybe I'll buy it and give it a try.
I had it but felt quite clunky
I loved it until I risked breaking my screen - I used 2 mounties with 2 thin hdmi 14'' screens on the sides, really powerful setup with 3 screens basically. The problem is screens too heavy and as soon as you move the desk, or forgot you have those attached and you try to close your laptopโ€ฆ itโ€™s super risky ๐Ÿ˜„
The issue with Multi-port chargers/power bricks is they seem to do a "reset" each time something is plugged in or unplugged. Likely to check each port for what voltage/amperage is needed. So when this happens the router could loose power and reboot.
I'm fine with having 1 dedicated brick for it, just want something that is nice and small and hopefully with a replaceable cable ๐Ÿ™‚
haqngxc Have you found any multi-port USB AC adapters that don't reboot when you change the plugged-in devices?
ieoivqpe - I have not really looked, but I kind of suspect very few if any would not reboot. Really a multi-port adapter has 1 power supply that likely changes it's config depending on what is plugged in to each port and how many are in use.

Given that normally my Slate would be placed where it is best to be for wifi extending or using an in room ethernet port, I'm fine with having a dedicated brick for it. Just want to find one that is small, light and powerful enough to run it and maybe a low power USB device for now.
Oh yeah, I said I would report back! ๐Ÿ˜… I found a tunic that would work as a dress on shorter people. Iโ€™m tall, so I wear it with a skirt or shorts. It looks great, fits comfortably, and has TWO zippered pockets big enough to hold a large smartphone!

I donโ€™t have permission to post links, but itโ€™s on the Title Nine website as a Speed Racer Tunic.
Best White merino shirt brand.?
So I just bought an Airalo e-sim for turkey and did the APN stuff but since I'm not there can't choose the compatible network. I assume I do it as soon as I land there, right?

Or am I missing something? ๐Ÿค”
yes just wait until there - just like any other local sim
Received the lg.. very satisfied with the result.. maybe someone can spend more if heโ€™s traveling 365 days a year, but itโ€™s pretty solid. Max resolution is 2560, iโ€™m using the 1920. Also very nice base, easy to setup and have it stable on any desk
Will buy another one to have 2..
Headphones - Anyone upgraded from the Sony WH1000-XM4 to the new XM5? Reviews seem to say they are better, but I like the fold down format of the XM4. Who has tried both. Thoughts?
In Mac OS you can use EasyRes or SwitchResX to have the monitor run at full resolution with a lower resolution โ€œworkspaceโ€, so the interface is big but not ugly.
FYI As per my experience in Singapore and Indonesia, you need to have an active internet connection to activate the e-sim.
Probably not going to be an issue if you have already activated it
The reviews I read said there not that much better. If you have the XM4 I see no reason to upgrade tbh
I'm upgrading from a set of QC35 that are slowly dying. Most reviews I've read so far say the XM5 are quite a bit better?
XM4 are vastly superior to QC35. If you want to upgrade, XM5 seem like a no-brainer.
Found a great deal on XM-4. So between price and more compact case I went that route.
Not sure if someone can help or has faced similar issue in the past. When travelling I randomly have issues connecting to Wifi, if I move to places often.

So today, I arrived to a new destination and my iPhone was able to connect to the hotel wifi immediately but my Macbook doesnt :triumph:
I am 100% sure I type the exact same password but I keep getting the error _the wifi network requires a WPA2 password_
I read online that you can Open System Preferences / Network / WIFI / Advanced / TCP/IP and then click the Renew DHCP Lease, but no joy.

If it helps I have a MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) OS Monterey 12.3
i always find a fix for this and then forget what i did to make it work. When you are in your network tab youll see a tab that says location try creating a new location then try connecting.
Are there any not terrible options for steaming 4k HDR content on something more portable than a TV? Android capped to 1080p (exc YouTube). iOS capped to 1080p. Mac / pc browser / app streaming capped to 1080p (except YouTube / Netflix) too.

Best option I've found is a (not small) 27-32" 4k monitor with HDMI and a streaming stick plugged in. Is there anything smaller? Other alternatives?
nope did not work!
last suggestion would be to make sure you forget the network before creating a new location. forget network -> renew CHCP -> new location -> connect again. if that does not work best of luck lol. so annoying when trying to connect to new wifi spots
silly question but how can i forget the network if I never joined in the first place?
i followed the instructions here and it worked yeah
oops I cannot share a link as I was not very active over the last 14 days but there is a way guys
pxexhazonimqa Did you figure it out then?
Mac OSโ€™s GUI is actually not resolution-independent like it is in Windows, so there is no way to change the size of the interface without changing the resolution, unfortunately.

But the SwitchResX is quite useful, and free, and helps with switching to very specific resolutions.
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