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toycoox too bulky, charging case was annoying
3m usb-c cable
yeah. they are big but sit very well around my ears, no pain pressure points like other circumaural ones; the charging โ€œcaseโ€ is fugly
3M as in super sticky?
TOFU Power Station Maru
yep I don't get why that stupid case...
I tried them yesterday and the sound quality is incredibly superior from Bose QC35II
noise cancelling also much better
Bose QC35s
Iโ€™m trying out airalo and not having a great time. The UI is good but the internet is slow. As a test, I bought a physical SIM to compare. The physical SIM is getting 180mbps and the airalo SIM is getting 5mbps. Have other people experienced this?
mine in CZ was much faster then the physical.
guess it depends on the networks.

same as in ES, lebara works horrible while vodafone works amazing
In Mรฉxico the Airalo eSIM using Movistar network gets about 7-10 Mbps. My physical Telcel SIM gets 60+ Mbps.
This is very similar to what Iโ€™m experiencing here
Airalo resells basic packages
For ex DTAC in TH which I can buy superfast packages for
With DTAC app
yeah, it is complicated. airalo connects to some physical network, you have to check carrier you get and what type of connection (3G / 4G, which bands? which cell id? -- you can then check cellmapper, maybe in your area for this provider there isn't a cell, etc.); then there are agreements and limitations what airalo can and can't sell, like I think Pieter points out above provider can limit airalo offering to some basic packages
imo very convenient but it's another layer between you and physical network / telco provider so I expect things will go wrong sometimes
I mean opposite. In Thailand's case with DTAC, Airalo just gives you a 15 day eSIM package. But it doesn't expire. You just top up with card with the provider DTAC and can use it like any SIM. I think same with the other Airalo countries
There's no layer between network and you. They just resell eSIMs from providers I think
some providers are just shit
hmm, that's interesting. if that's true that would be super convenient i.e in countries like Turkey where you can't get even esim without registering through some official procedure
super convenient because u can do it from ur phone anywhere
So did you get your superfast package for DTAC through Airalo or through a separate DTAC app?
In Albania, Iโ€™m using Hej which is operated by Vodafone (Vodafone wasnโ€™t an option), and my physical sim is also Vodafone so I was expecting comparable performance but maybe thereโ€™s something different about the two besides the fact that one is an eSIM
Airalo hacks it by using fake password ID to reg eSIM with providers
I love the magic switching in-between iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, better than AirPods Pro
If you had to buy noise cancelling headphones, which one would you buy? (I already have the Bose QC 25, Bose QC 35 II and AirPods Pro).
My new job gave me a budget to buy new noise cancelling headphones.
This looks like a great potential solution, figuring out how to pack it might be annoying but at worst I am only out $40.
With the ones you have I wouldn't.
But if you must, then the sony xm4
Sony XM4
I would buy QC35 (first edition, without Alexa) ๐Ÿ˜„ Also, see if maybe you can spend it on parts? I'd buy parts for QC35.
Just digging into the iphone 13 reviews - are these meant to be appealing to anyone who isn't locked into ios already? Wanted to switch from s21 series for improved health tracking apps, wearable integrations and more reliable camera performance, but the early reviews don't look very competitive - even the super hyped new iphone camera setup looks like a slight downgrade over (s888) s21 phones that launched 8 months ago? Is this year's lineup exclusively designed to be incremental upgrades for existing apple users (and people stuck with exynos based samsung phones)?

Convince me to switch ๐Ÿค”
Why nuatoned ? I own those and the power switch has a design/durability issue.
What looks downgraded? Got some links to the reviews?
Expected iphone 13 to catch up with s21 series on camera detail, sharpness, dynamic range, etc. with new sensors more comparable in size to android flagships but very little if any improvement. s21 camera better at .5x, 1x, 2x, iphone only better at 3x w/new telephoto camera. Color science better on iphone but no improvement to speak of over 12 series.
iphone 13 does seem to fix a bunch of iphone 12 problems at least - fixed no 120hz, fixed poor battery life, fixed poor ultrawide camera etc. so they do seem a lot less out of step with other flagship phones.
Yeah, that's true. I had that issue too, but it's a super easy fix. Don't even need a replacement part, just need to squeeze two pieces together. I just don't like the idea of Alexa in my headphones. Even though I know I don't have to use it. I'm just a purist. ๐Ÿ™‚
Iโ€™m using iPhone just for iOSโ€ฆ thatโ€™s what it has come down to over the yearsโ€ฆ

if iOS doesnโ€™t win you over Android, itโ€™s probably hard to convince based on spec/features.. because other manufacturers have so much variety in every price point
I donโ€™t think itโ€™s even worth the incremental iPhone 12->13 switch; Iโ€™m staying with the 12 until the 14 it seems (or the android flagships then)
I think that's true for a lot of phones now, even 2-3 year cycles for tech to really be a big improvement.
agree, which I find really unfortunate.

I hope a new mobile manufacturer comes in to spice up the competition, as it does seem Apple/Samsung are getting comfortable. Feels like there is a lot of space to improve on the OS/UX front at least (dual screens, tabs, speed of native apps)
I have the qc 35 ii and never enabled Alexa
Microsoft is doing some interesting things with the Surface stuff (not a phone, but I imagine they will do it again in the next few years).
sony wh-1000xm4
Tell them you have some already and spend it on something else
I tried changing from s10e to iphone 11 pro and changed back because is not better in any way (and I don't want to be locked in iOS world so don't use apple only apps).

If you're already in iOS then it makes sense to stick to it.

But if you like to have the best toys and don't want to spend 1000+ euros for a phone, then stick to android
I just bought the pixel 5a 5g for 450โ‚ฌ
For the first time ever I'm suffering from lack of USB-A cables, all my cables are USB-C to USB-C.

All my adapters are from A to C and not the other way around.

Any fix for this besides "always carry a A to C cable"?
โ€œbuy new adapters?โ€
my last A->C cable + adaptor is for my OnePlus5, but once i replace that I should be able to carry just a macbook charger and USBC-USBC cable
I actually could do that already - I just lose the fast charging for the phone then
Do you know any C to A adapter?
I can't find any
I have the MacBook charger cable but can't use that in a car for example, since it's A
canโ€™t post a link, but if you search amazon for C to A adapter you will see a lot
just buy a new car though?
the new ones probably have USB-C
Not even Tesla has C
Found it!
Iโ€™m so ready to be done with Aโ€ฆ. I keep a couple around for emergencies, but Iโ€™m eager for the world to migrate to Cโ€ฆ
Any day now!
Choosing a phone OS is like choosing a religion. Find one that fits your lifestyle and forget about it :)
Any of you using nordVpn via router?
Looking for a reliable router that can be configured easily with NordVpn (with dedicated ip)
Glinet slate or beryl
Do you have experience with them?
I have the slate, love it
Thanks. Does installing nordvpn on it is easy or need technical knowledge?
Great way to pass the time, I guess.
So iphone 12 series really is as forgettable as it seems. With all the hype I wasn't sure if I was missing something. I agree that it's madness to expect significant upgrades more frequently than every 2-3 years, but thought this would be a notable year - integrated 5g modems (x60), new screen tech (ltpo), shift to dramatically more soc die area being set aside for image signal processing etc.. Android s888 / e2100 socs both being manufactured by samsung this year killed any battery gains from x60 / ltpo so apple wins that round (a15 on tsmc 5nm+). s888 isp seems to perform much better than a15 isp though where sensor / lens hardware is comparable though. i think the lack of image processing improvements for iphone 13 (near identical hdr processing, dynamic range, fine detail) with the much larger dedicated area on the physical soc is the most surprising to me. Big transistor count jump of 25-30% from a14 to a15.
Slate is okay, but stability is poor. Disabling 2.4ghz seems to improve it ๐Ÿ‘
aqsoyu what do you use?
It's the best travel option available at the moment - especially if you mostly just need it for small hotel rooms and studio apartments and all your gear supports 5ghz.
I have the Beryl and use nordvpn with it, works fine
I think Samsung hardware is very good, but I hate the bloatware it comes with, always trying to push their apps
I have 0 bloatware, I disable all the useless apps.
Same on my iPhone btw , delete everything I don't need
What do you do when an airbnb/hotel tells you the internet is good before check in and then it's shit?
Already asked to upgrade and told me no.
Internet by SIM in andorra is crazy expensive (20 euros for 3 GB).
No coworking or cafe near my house, 20 minutes to the closest coworking
had the same experience in Andorra
it's fucked
I called before and of course they said it's good.
The connection is good because the ping is super low but it's limited to 5mbps
Do you not have some kind of e-sim or international sim card situation?
Nothing available in Andorra, already checked airalo
Airalo is not the only game in town
Oh fuck me, just wasted 20 euros on 3gb on Andorra telecom ๐Ÿ˜ญ
on the plus side, you've learned about esimdb
zplspnxvgi stop shilling airalo!!!
Thank you so much dyajxolmsheiypcl
Can they move you to another room closer to the router, or is it a speed cap at 5mb?
Speedo cap
Other than burning the place to the ground and littering it with nuclear waste, I would complain to Airbnb. Although with their market dominance they may not be so helpful anymore.

For next time, when you have doubts, get them to do a speed test on their computer while on video chat.
rcisfyvj Whatโ€™s the name of this suitcase bike?
could you buy a card in France / Spain and use that in Andorra in roaming? or it's not EU? i.e in France you could buy Free from vending machine and use it in Andorra?
wait, how did Andorra manage to not become EU? ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฏ
A lot of places include countries not in the EU in the free roaming rules (I guess cos it is simpler) - e.g. I have a prepaid sim from Vodafone NL that has free data roaming to Switzerland and Andorra even though they donโ€™t technically have to do that.
I have some of these cablesโ€ฆbasically anything>anything
yeah, Andorra is peculiar though because Andorra Telecom makes roaming very expensive -- I believe it's their strategy to make money on tourists ๐Ÿ™‚ So actually prepaid data SIM lists that only 3 or 4 providers do that for Andorra (Vodafone NL being one of them)
USD โ”€ $
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