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sumx 1mo
Best single shoe or two shoe combo for (mostly) urban travel and a bit of day hiking these days?

Maybe for single shoe a trail runner like the Vivobarefoot Decon Low FG2 or the Hoka Torrent 3?

And for dual shoe maybe a full cushion comfort running shoe like a Hoka Clifton 9 / New Balance 1080v13 and a waterproof cool weather friendly hiking shoe like a Vivobarefoot Magna Forest ESC or a Hoka Anacapa 2 Low GTX?
brendanb 1mo
I would be worried about barefoot for hiking if youโ€™re carrying a pack.
I would go with whatever trail runner/walking shoe you like, and then a stylish shoe or even just Vans or whatever so you can go to clubs/restaurants etc.
guido 1mo
sumx 1mo
I've been rucking with heavy packs in barefoot shoes for years without any issues. Trail runner + going out shoe makes sense.
abarrow 1mo
I wasn't able to do that because I couldnt even login to my account ;( ehiymgz
quinn 1mo
But you can plug in an external display, then log in using even if the internal screen is off. (If you mean you tried, but the log-in window was still located on the internal screen, you can enable get the log-in window to appear on the external screen by enabling Display Mirroring with the keyboard shortcut `Command + F1` or `Command + FN + F1`.)
abarrow 1mo
Ooh amazing will do that! thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
Any backpack recommendations for a good price? Let's say $200 is upper limit but less the better. I will get some OP backpack like Peter once I get good MRR from products.

I don't need much stuff so something about 35l should be enough.

My laptop is 17 inches though so I must be able to fit it in.
jae189 1mo
Best Backpack in the world?!? Whats your favorite?
jae189 1mo
im going osprey porter 46 2022 edition
quinn 1mo
The Veilance Nomin is impressive. I've never owned one, because its retail price is $700.
which backpack? for work, hiking, daypack, carryon?
goktugyil 1mo
Sending luggages and gear across countries

I want to send some luggages from NA (where I am) to EU (my family). The minimum prices I find are like $1K. I can probably fly myself with 2 checked in and 2 carry on luggages for that price.

I also have some snowboarding gear and after the season is done I would ideally want to send it to my parents or some other town.

I really expected there to be some airline service where a luggage sending is like $100 but I couldn't find anything like that. I also couldn't find an app where I give someone a luggage and they take it to the destination and pay them a bit money.

What do you guys suggest in this situation?

Also not sure if this is the correct channel. Please correct me if that is the case.
jae189 1mo
maybe one bag travel
togume 1mo
pmveybvsxzp Iโ€™ve used cargo services in the past when sending bigger things across continents. You can send via boat or plane, and costs will be different. Itโ€™s more of a pain because you have to deliver it to a warehouse for it to get somewhere, but itโ€™s much more affordable than trying to do it on a plane with you.

The biggest hack I found is to use the black & yellow Costco totes and fill those for protection.
goktugyil 1mo
ohqyesau Thank you for the answer.

I have some follow up questions:
1. Which cargo services did you use?
2. What was the price you paid for weight/size?
3. Does it need to be picked up from a warehouse too?

Costco totes makes sense
rysward 1mo
I want to use Fire TV Stick with a VPN so I can get access to content only available in my home country. Is there a way to do this natively on the stick, if so is there a preferred VPN provider. I don't really want to take another device like a travel router as I take more than enough electronics already ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
ranals 1mo
NordVPN has Fire TV app
terorinne 1mo
Source Patrol 35L if the military look doesn't put you off. Will last you a lifetime.

Osprey Farpoint 40 L for a sleeker look and less outer pockets.
sascha 1mo
yes, you can install vpn apps like nordvpn, proton probably too (i had it on chromecast and xiaomi stick) or expressvpn and set autostart
togume 1mo
U05N5TW51FSbr /> 1. This was over 5 years ago - used a which intermediated with Forward Aird
2. It was $3729.75 for 832.8lbs --> ~$4.5USD/lb - more expensive because it went via air b/c needed it faster than boat
3. This included local delivery
Easy Fire Tools is an Android App from Google Play that makes it easy to sideload APKs on to an Amazon Fire TV stick.

Either copying apps that are installed on your phone, or uploading separate APK.

ProtonVPN also has official support for Fire TV Stick
nottug 1mo
altra lone peaks, can even throw microspikes on em and get away with hikes you totally shouldnt be doing in trail runners. they do break down fairly quickly, mine >6mo, <1yr with very heavy use, but imo theres nothing better
dunno if youre saying waterproof for hiking, but most will tell you waterproof shoes are no good unless youre in serious snow
lmccrone 1mo
A while back I got GoogleFI, but have barely been in the US lately and my international data was long ago cut off. Since then, I've been using Airalo, and that works well. Does anyone know of a good, cheap plan where I can just keep/transfer my international phone number for calls and text, and then use Airalo for data? For me it's not really worth it to keep GoogleFI at this point, and I haven't had the need for unlimited phone data.
cbilling 1mo
I use Google Voice - you can port your number for $20 and then just use it on data/wifi

It does come up as a VOIP number when you get inbound calls so some text to authorize security things don't work but overall pretty solid
levelsio 1mo
Yesss sometimes we use it but problem is it's hard to find white walls in Airbnbs and hotels actually!
levelsio 1mo
I use this one only $30 or smth it's great, discovered my Airbnb host was snooping around when we were outside!
detour888 1mo
T-Mobile. Been using it for years mostly for 2fa
dvpita 1mo
I use an european esim
dahdah 1mo
European eSIM be like:

โ€œDear user,
In the past 4 months, your stay and consumption in the EU has been greater than in the Netherlands. This falls outside reasonable use of your subscription. We therefore ask you to adjust your (roaming) behavior in the coming billing period from 12-12-2022 to 11-01-2023. If this is not possible, we will charge a surcharge of 0.002 euros per MB (paid per 1 KB) for your consumption in the EU. This surcharge applies for the invoice period after 11-01-2023. For more information, visit| /> Greetings, T-Mobile Businessโ€
dahdah 1mo
Itโ€™s hit or miss, though. Iโ€™ve been living in NL for 2+ years and my old German eSIM (also T-Mobile, but their budget subsidiary) never once flagged me.
mikedev10 1mo
does google voice support mfa? i'm currently also fi physical, airalo esim, except when in thailand where i primarily stay and use a local sim. i don't really use fi except for mfa and the free to the US calls, which seems available on google voice for $10/mo (and how much in taxes/fees?) - currently for fi i'm paying $20/mo and 6.82 taxes/fees
cbilling 1mo
Google Voice supports mfa in the majority of cases yes but not all
+1 Google Voice, I also cancelled my Fi after pausing it for the 15th time in a row, they never kicked me, there was just always a way cheaper and equally easy option than using it

Remember to keep a real US number hooked up to your Voice (even if it is expired or lost) or you wonโ€™t be able to receive calls (even if you set it to forward to device/app) learnt that the hard way recently
lmccrone 1mo
Thanks for the replies, will definitely look at some of these
Anyone try these sneakers?

Want a travel sneaker with a wide toe box thatโ€™s good enough for going out in.
kethle 1mo
my goruck from 2016 has been great though it seems they changed the manufacturing since then
hiradm 1mo
The consistent theme is the lack of durability. It seems they deliver on everything else.
if you want nordvp premium for 1 year "for free"

you can just get revolut ultra card, it's like $50 in my country

they give bunch of other benefits like tinder gold, wework 3 visits/month etc..
thank you for the tips wwbgrimctjg ๐Ÿ™‚
dvpita 30d
looks amazing
Oh, not sure. ๐Ÿ˜… Maybe a quick google? I donโ€™t have scales.
I wouldn't ask if I did find it. But no worries, it doesn't super matter ๐Ÿ˜œ
silviu 28d
Aer Travel Pack 3
silviu 28d
I returned my recently ordered Steam Deck LCD and gonna order the OLED version on 16th of November
jmibl 28d
I've found similar in the past that large amounts can be hard to move. So I've taken on the plane with me (which is weirdly cheaper than shipping by boat).

Often the cost of parcels for ecommerce is clearly wayyy lower. Not impossible you can get cheaper rates by sending small packages (or just sell some stuff and send a few small packages). However, I think they mostly just don't want to deal with the customs on personal shipments and there's no great solution at least with the major shippers direct.

I'd maybe look for those companies that get ecommerce orders locally and ship abroad (in Georgia, there's like Usa2georgia, camex etc). They might be able to help out.
kyleob 28d
Iโ€™ve got an alarm set haha
silviu 28d
I think I will order the 1TB version, because it has the 2-piece carrying case, and I can bring with me only the inner-case, as it takes less space
dahdah 28d
pwtbhboj Plus an anti-glare screen that the lesser models donโ€™t have.
silviu 28d
Yes, that is great, although I hope it doesnโ€™t washes out the colors compared to the non-anti-glare versions
dahdah 28d
ttomyurf It doesnโ€™t sound like the colors are washed out, going by reviews of the previous model (apparently the glass is the same). Reviewers generally seem to prefer the anti-glare, from a quick search.
Also looking at this

Found that via Reddit
dvpita 27d
i'm struggling not clikcing the buy button, they look super nice.
but besides not having time to wait for them before my next flight (I'm in Europe, delivery takes a while) I always have fit issues so would probably need to return and order a diff pair, much prefer to buy in person
dvpita 27d
check this part of the video, colors are affected by the anti glare screen
jonyale 26d
How do you maintain contact with people texting your home country phone number? I have SIM card for whatever country Iโ€™m in so donโ€™t see anything. I still have a traditional AT&T USA plan for my home number
dschulman 26d
I ported my US number to Google Voice. You are supposed to do it only while in the US, though.
cristal 26d
My WhatsApp number stays as my home country number and most people, except for my friends in Canada and US for some reason, use WhatsApp anyway.
Yeah, I think these two brands do not exist in store. I also would probably need to return a pair.
I use Whatsapp for 99% of my communication. I tried to make a giant family group chat with my uncles, aunts, and cousins, but they keep defaulting to using SMS and then creating multiple group texts that I canโ€™t leave or add people :joy:

I also have a dual SIM phone so I can still get SMS from the few people who insist on using that.
dvpita 25d
yeah I thikn I'll get some ecco instead
vrinek 25d
My only solution is to ditch SMS in favor of Telegram/WhatsApp/whathaveyou. It takes a bit of convincing if the other side is not familiar with these though.
benmneb 24d
can confirm. my ex-girlfriends handcuffs got confiscated once smiling_face_with_tear
benmneb 24d
has anyone used this? so light and travel-freiendly, but im skaptical of its ability to actually clean teeth well? ๐Ÿ™
jknotek 24d
Any recommendations for bluetooth ear buds with active noise cancelation? Mine died after 11 months ๐Ÿ™ Budget is under $100... And ideally I'd get more than a year out of them lol. (But maybe that's too much to ask nowadays :thinking_face:)
pravin 24d
Jabra earbuds, do 200$ and get 3-4 years out :slightly_smiling_face:

Dropped mine in the washer and still works, epic for workouts, running etc
jknotek 24d
xqimoovr Insane! Thanks for the recommendation.
Weโ€™ve been debating a Switch. Sheโ€™s got family that hop on and play Mario Kart and such together.

I didnโ€™t even know about the Steam Deck option, though. Iโ€™ll have to dive into that a bit more. Bookmarking this thread. +1skin-tone-2
jmontrose 24d
I was curious about Quip for the same reasons, and I tried one several years ago. It wasnโ€™t for me, didnโ€™t feel as effective as the sonicare I was used to. No idea whether theyโ€™ve improved since then ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
dahdah 23d
Managed to order a Steam Deck OLED in the first batch yesterday. Iโ€™m skeptical itโ€™ll fit in the carry-on but letโ€™s give it a shot.
ogtwqkbc why wouldn't it fit in the carry-on? It's not that large
silviu 23d
you can remove some shirts and underwear and make room for it
dahdah 23d
fpzjgrzoponkyv Because I travel carry-on only and the bag is as full as it gets. Weโ€™ll see.
silviu 22d
Thatโ€™s what the youtube channel Pack Hacker says. They literally reviewed hundred of backpacks, and the Aer is the absolute best, but with a price to match its quality and design
Hi all, I am leaving for Marrakesh this morning, as in literally waiting in the airport right now, and dropped my phone and now it is broken. ๐Ÿ˜ข Luckily I have a backup with me, but it is several years old, past the windows for several of my apps to properly update, and I am not able to use whatsapp on it (it has no proper phone number). Plus now I only have the one phone and that makes me nervous. Any suggestions for getting a working phone before I leave the country? I'll have a short layover in DFW. Or, does anyone have experience getting a phone in Marrakesh?

I swear, every damn time I go out into the world something happens to my phone. ๐Ÿคฆ
guido 22d
I'm trying to reduce the number of my chargers/cables in my luggage and go all-in on USB-C.ย Any recommendations for a USB-C toothbrush and USB-C trimmer/shaver?ย 

I remember a post from Pieter a while ago, however, I can't find it any longer.ย If someone finds it, please re-post. prayskin-tone-2
the phillips one is a popular recco.

I tried it for a few months and it was like... 70% as good as a proper sonicare.

so instead I ended up buying a usb base. It's not USB-C, but I use one of the mini usb-c adapters that are a dime a dozen

pretty happy with it />
same with the trimmer. has its own usb cord, which is a bit shite, but it's not bulky. been using it for ~2 years.
kethle 21d
You might see if Airalo app works on your phone and get a global data/call/text eSim for a week until you get a new phone. It works in 130 countries including US & Morocco.
sascha 21d
Also a hint if you use any battery powered products. There are rechargeable usb c batteries.
Might be a solution for some tooth brushes or trimmers
I recommend just a AAA powered shaver and then steal batteries out of the airbnb remotes
I have been doing this for 3 years now
sascha 21d
Ehm, well. I donโ€™t support that lol
stealing was the wrong word it's more like swapping
guido 21d
Or just pay 1$ and get a new battery low_battery from the next corner store ;-)
edward_ 21d
Iโ€™m upgrading my 15'' Macbook Pro, now I have to choose between 14'' or 16'โ€˜ any thoughts or recommendations? Iโ€™m pretty sure my current laptop bag wonโ€™t fit 16'โ€˜, but losing an extra โ€˜โ€™ might not be ideal either
unglud 20d
If I could go 13 i would, light and compact is what I personally for. Iโ€™m coding.
I like the 16 inch, the 14 was too small for me. The 16 inch is about the same size as the 15 inch since Apple got it to 16 inches by slimming the bezels.
edward_ 20d
oh really!!? I did not know that โ€“ thatโ€™s good news then
Just google the dimensions, they seem to be about the same
tonyd 20d
Depending on if you need a โ€œProโ€ or not, the 15โ€ Air is an option now that is slim and light.
I won't go back to less than 16", it's the only way I can comfortably split-screen on a laptop

pretty much impossible to use on an airplane though if you're into that
14โ€ is big enough for me.

I would strongly avoid the Pro 13โ€ in the future as long as they have the touchbar which is a weak point, I had issues with the hardware and read that I was far from being the only one. If it fails (and probably get strobing lights :sweat_smile:), you have to change the whole keyboard, which is not worth it.
unglud 20d
I would I avoid anything with intel inside at this point)
dvpita 20d
airpods or beats, bought the beats fit pro 2 years ago and use it every day
peumolina 20d
This message was deleted.
sumx 20d
For most use cases the best 25L backpack is the Patagonia black hole 25L and the best 30L backpack is the Peak Design 30L Travel Bag.
sumx 20d
Peak Design 30L Travel Bag converts to 27 / 30 / 33L so excellent for a one bag travel option. Patagonia Black Hole 25L only weighs like ~600g so perfect for one bag travel if you can get by with 25L and / or expect to fly on airlines with 6-10kg weight restrictions. The black hole bag is also phenomenal as a packable daypack with some style and durability.
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