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Eventually stuff like Google Glass will mature and everyone will just use that. Weโ€™ll forget the days we stared at big, bright rectangles.
This is starting to age badly because of the references to the iraq war, but still one of my favorite skits
Just as weโ€™re currently gradually forgetting the idea of desktop towers.
And weโ€™re _already_ seeing a shift from laptops to tablets.
Tech is continuously evolving. What we think of as a โ€œcomputerโ€ _now_ is going to very different from what we think of as a computer in ten years.
Itโ€™s more of Apple capitalising on consumers over professionals.
Yes, but capitalising on consumers is all about intuitive ergonomics, which is gradually leading Apple along that path of integrating technology into life in more natural ways.
Like the rise in voice control, Apple Watch integrating deeply into your personal health, things like that.
Honestly I think the single display thing is a holdover from the chip being for iPads previously.

You can do more displays with DisplayPort or whatever cables and hub.

I feel pretty confident this will get solved when the real Pro laptops come out.
is that due?
Pro laptops?
As someone who produces music, I really really do not like the way Apple are going
I really do use my 32GB RAM for example
And yeah there's a ton of cool stuff on tablets for making music - but it's suited to live performance, and essentially needs multiple tablets working together (see Beardyman)
anrcccdutam the memory isn't the same though, task switching is way faster on the m1 so you might not notice the difference
but probably doesn't hurt to wait for the pros coming in a few months
I have a full 1TB of sample-based libraries tho which get loaded into memory
however if Apple have somehow managed to find a way to make 16GB behave like my 32GB then I'm happy
```From our research what this is likely to mean is that Apple will need to produce at another Arm-based SoC chip and definitely ones that can support more than 16GB of RAM for the true Pro users.```
This is my concern
nrepssxofum the writing on the screenshot sounds like it was written immediately after the unveil
yeah says nov 11, 2020
Same story in video editing world, general consensus seems to be to wait and hope
sxyzcybkwbb yeah but that post is the 8gb model, so you can imagine how much better the 16gb model does
except apparently with benchmarking the ram isn't really the bottleneck anymore in m1 land compared to intel, so an extra 8gb doesn't even increase the score much
> A search for โ€œMac mini (Late 2018)โ€ on theย Geekbench website shows 8GB multi-core scores reaching 5270, while 16GB scores top out at 6187, a 17% performance increase. The best M1 Mac mini scores are almost identical across RAM sizes, with a score of 7730 for 8GB and 7729 for 16GB.
so the question is then - where is the data being operated on being stored?
have they effectively made it such that accessing the SSD is exactly as fast as operating with RAM?
With something like orchestral libraries - you have absolutely vast amounts of recordings that need to be on standby to respond to the MIDI in realtime, and that is PER TRACK of which you'll have tens in a song
for example, I dunno - a flute instrument, will have anything like five to ten 32-bit uncompressed sounds that are randomly selected from for each note on the keyboard and EACH hardness that you press the key (which is a range from 0-128)
and then on top of that variations in sound based on which note was played before, amongst other variables
fftukzhzduj what apps are you using for this btw?
using what?
I personally work in Ableton
Here's one example
```We've taken over a decade of sampling experience to give you this comprehensive orchestral library of epic proportions โ€” comprising over 200 hours of recordings, to give you a staggering 1,000,000+ samples at your fingertips, sounding exactly as they would if you had the orchestra in the room.```
mbcgduigdhr seems like there isnt' a native m1 ableton yet so still performance issues/bugs it seems, but some ppl seemed to say that it can be more performant and use less cpu under certain conditions where some specific sample track didn't somehow trigger problems ๐Ÿค”
Yeah I'm still on Catalina for the same reasons
for software dev I've always upgraded immediately then just worked around the wave of shit that often occurs (lots of fun with Ruby in the past there)
but music prod is a completely different beast - you'd have to then just sit there not making anything until fixes are released
which can be towards a year
so by the time ableton is m1 native should hopefully be 32gb m1 out ๐Ÿ˜›
lol quite possibly
BUT all of this said
I am yet to be remotely limited by my current machine
and have a reason to upgrade
I basically have everything running all the time, and it's just lightning fast whatever all the time
the only time I've experienced crap, is when I try and sidecar with my iPad - and it seems to be a horrific bug where the CPU gets completely choked
So one thing to remember is all of the machines out now are 1st gen consumer machines (the entry MBP are really consumer oriented IMO, plus the 4 port Intel 13โ€ is still for sale I think). So more RAM etc will come. They did say 2 year timeline, and the first ones were only released a few months ago.

Chip to RAM to SSD is fatster, plus itโ€™s their own implementation now, not having to deal with however Intel wanted to do things etc.

We will see if they do any new Mac releases next week, but my guess for me Pro laptops is this fall. Maybe some entry iMacs this week.

All that said until that app you use is native for Apple Silicon might as well wait.
Also, I agree with blezjllsyjwuzxbds I think the concept of a "screen" will go away once AR gets good enough but we are still far off. The dream is you put on a headset and then you immediately have a virtual monitor or monitors anywhere.
legibility and clarity are still big issues though.
lenovo is apparently going to release a headset just like that but I feel like they might be full of BS.
They have either discovered something ground breaking or they are selling something that is still in R&D.
Hey thereโ€”does anyone have any experience with portable wifi hotspots? Iโ€™m curious if any are satellite-based and reliable, in case I want to work _very_ remotely. Not sure how niche this would be
Satellite is very weak.
Count on low speeds and huge lag.
4G/3G hotspot works wonders if you have connection
laorys Until star link happens, there is nothing cheap.

There is ground control but for a 10 gig plan, you are looking at $3269 per month and then around $60/day rental for the unit or 12k for the unit.
Their unlimited plans comes for only $4555/month
What's the best non-oled laptop screen type for movie streaming? 4k w/Dolby vision?

I know laptop HDR is seriously weak since the peak brightness is usually so low, but my understanding is that having an hdr10 / dolby vision screen will at least get you an hdr stream with a wider color gamut than a non-hdr stream ๐Ÿค”
I know this has been covered before, but I can't see it because of history limitations on Slack. Is there a consensus on best (ideally free) GTD app? I'm an android/mac user that is looking at freelancing for ops gigs but also have a bunch of personal to-do tasks.

Settled on Trello for now. Not going to let perfect be the enemy of good.
GTD is deliberately technologically-neutral, so you can use a piece of paper and pencil if that works for you.
Things for me
Recently purchased a new Samsung phone in Southeast Asia. Thereโ€™s a note on the box about how the phone is โ€œlockedโ€ to the SEA region. About to head to Turkey and worried that the local SIMs wonโ€™t work in the phone. Is there a code I can acquire to region unlock the phone?
I know you can do a 5 min call from a local SIM, which I have done, but I have no way of knowing if thatโ€™s actually unlocked the phoneโ€ฆ
yhsjxsgemfypt Don't have any other SIM you can try?
Worst case scenario is I think, if it is a samsung phone, you can just go into a store and have them unlock it for you (I believe)
There is probably more technical ways to do it as well.| is kinda nice (mac)
Ah good point. Let me try another SIM and see if it is unlocked...
Region lock is new to me...I guess they do it so phones can't be resold?
I had the same issue when I came to Kyrgyzstan. I contacted Samsung support and they asked me for a receipt which I didn't have with me. In the end they gave me the code after I sent them a screenshot of my flights, but the whole process took like 5 days and as my next phone I'll rather go with some other company.
Turkey also has some region lock regarding all foreign mobile phones so take that into account too
Iโ€™ve been having lots of trouble with my AirPods Pro switching between my MBP running Big Sur and my iPhone 12. It seems like itโ€™s always switching to the device Iโ€™m NOT using without any method to its madness, which is super annoying, especially when trying to connect to a zoom or Skype call, etc. Manually trying to switch it back doesnโ€™t always work either, it often just hangs in some sort of limbo. Has anyone else been experiencing this recently?
yeah, same here; basically had to do the zoom calls without them
I think Iโ€™m going to unpair and pair them again or something
Let me know if you find a solution. Iโ€™ve sorta given up and am back to using wired headphones for now.
I can get the mic to work reasonably with them for Zoom calls
End up using the computer mic + headphone out
hmmm, just did this:
1. selected airpods pro in mac volume, it connects then disconnects 5 sec later
2. went to bluetooth settings, removed them
3. opened the case next to iPhone got a message โ€œnot your airpodsโ€ please press button to pair
4. paired them with iPhone
5. 2 min later they show paired on mac bluetooth (iCloud magic)
6. now they seem to work with mac
Yeah, I get this madness too. So far, the most helpful thing I had was getting the AirBuddy app to manually force the re-connection to the computer when I need it. It works pretty well when AirPods get confused.
There is a setting which disables auto switch between devices. I wonder if it helps in this case. My gf has the same issues all the time but she recently switched that setting. Donโ€™t know yet if it helped
Go into BLUETOOTH and hit the info button forbAirpods and turn off auto switching
Is Roost stand worth the price vs Nexstand K2 or alternatives?
I think so. But thatโ€™s only as I have had both. If youโ€™ve never had Roost the nexstand is probably adequate
It's under 10 lbs. Can't wait to see these popping up at coffee shops ๐Ÿ˜†
54.7 x 46.1mm makes it too big for a carry on
Might fit if stand is removable though...
Now we're talking
See, that's smart. Also, no $800 arm accessory with a custom mount
You get the normal stand -or- a vesa mount for same price
Curious if there's be a way to get both
Also try updating to the new OSโ€™s, who knows what they might have changed. RC are out now
USD โ”€ $
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