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most users don't have 4k monitors, never had one myself that wasn't scaled
Unsure. But 4K use will only increase - as will the number of new standards that are shoved through USB-C cables, which will only result in more standards for wattage and data transfer that consumers will need to make sense of.
Magic Mouse is hot garbage. Consider the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mouse if you're in the market for a portable high end mouse.

Alternatively there's a trend in the gaming space toward "ultra-light" mice, which can be great for nomads looking to shave grams from their overall grear weight while having a full size mouse to hold.

I previously had the Logitech K380. Don't let this round keys put you off, this little keyboard was surprisingly good.

I currently have the Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless mechanical keyboard and I love it, but unlike Logitech it's a niche product that would be a pain in the ass to replace quickly if something went wrong however I'm a nerd who loves spending my day typing on tactile brown style mechanical switches.

Right now I think the Logitech MX Keys mini is probably the best keyboard for most nomads.
I use a K380 + Magic Mouse 2. It's been a great combo. If I was buying new I'd want to check out the MX Keys Mini.
Keychron K3 keyboard is awesome
My magic mouse weighs 98g. How light do you want your mouse?
I 100% love the magic mouse mostly because of the gestures that I make on the top, but I didnโ€™t try the MX recently.
Also love the Apple wired keyboard which I love though I donโ€™t type extensively.
Mx master also has the gestures and the Magic Mouse is absolute trash.
All mice are light, the concern with the weight is on the keyboard.

The k380 keyboard weighs at least 3x more than the Magic Keyboard
Is just 2x
Depends what you do with the mouse I guess, horses for courses. I have no complaints with the magic mouse (apart from the absurd location of the charging port). It works for everything I need.
If/when I need a new one Iโ€™ll check out the MX.
Chinese people have no complaints about their government
if you say soโ€ฆ
I'm glad some people like the Magic Mouse. But it has a dire reputation.
It's featured in various 'terrible UX' memes for the charging port placement
I'm a total Apple fanboy - but draw the line at their mice and keyboards.
If I compare to the early days of USB in general and the evolution of it through the early 2000โ€™s I'd say usb-c has been light years ahead in compatibility
How do y'all handle backup gear? E.g. do you have your laptop insured, do you keep enough spare cash for another one, etc.
Generally keep enough cash to buy a spare computer if needed. Its harder to get better spec devices in some countries, so I also planned the ability to setup a VDI/cloud desktop if I need the horse power.
keeping enough spare cash for another one seems to be the most common approach i've heard here. I have long term contract with my current client and their security department demanded i don't use my own property for equipment, so i have a work laptop just for that client that is their property and my own laptop that I use for other clients and personal stuff like gaming/streaming.
if my work one got stolen or smashed or something there are limited tasks i could perform with my personal one as a backup, but it's not ideal
I use VDIs for that purpose wildcard. That way nothing important is on the laptop itself. Usually the client sets it up and owns it. Downside is it doesn't work well with bad internet connections though.
Yeah I've got some cloud aspects available for data backup itself so data wise I'm reasonably content, but hardware is my concern around theft/breakage/etc
Currently not nomading, so I've got a mid-spec desktop (Ryzen 3600, 32GB RAM, GTX 980) alongside my work laptop, but have been toying with the idea of selling the desktop once I get data backup in place and sticking with one machine. I don't game much anymore, and if I want to in future I'd rather just buy a high spec laptop.
I travel with two laptops and an iPad.

Plus as my entire business is inside Google Workspace, I could easily log into a brand-new machine and start working.
The luggage is a TravelPro MaxLight 29โ€ Spinner.

Itโ€™s the smallest TravelPro spinner that the monitor will physically fit in.

MaxLight was chosen to save weight, where the missing structure can be compensated for by using clothes to pad and protect the monitor and other contents.
zwbeobnq You might want to have a look
Back then we had various multi-pin connectors. It's great that we can use USB-C cables for multiple purposes. But the tradeoff is multiple standards in one cable.
Oh wow nice!
Does this fit within the max dimensions for checkin luggage? I had a hard time finding something that would fit when i checked a year or so ago
it's a midsized trolley so yes, absolutely
Awesome, thanks for sharing it
Any sound blocking curtains exist out there?

I just moved to a new flat and the noise is too much.
I don't want to invest on new windows of course, so what choices are out there for me?

I once saw black thick curtains separating dj stages on a festival , would that work here?
Looks great, thanks for sharing! My biggest concern with this set up has always been โ€œwasted spaceโ€ for other stuff. When I travel - let's say for 3 months - to a particular location, I need all my space and weight capacity for clothing, shoes, etc. Most airlines typically only allow 23kg (~50lbs) for check in bags without extra charges. Having 1/3 or 1/4 of this capacity taken away by a monitor has always been a deal breaker for me. But if it works for you, then great! Safe travels.
It's an awkward placement for sure, but really it's never been an issue so far. Between OS warnings, fast charge time to get a base charge to work till next break etc, never been caught out with a dead mouse.

But it does look goofy charging. :)
The gesture thing on the MX mice is not the same as the Magic Mouse. Totally different experience and from my time with a MX mouse - it sucks. Clunky and awkward to use.
Might need to replace my day use sling bag. Basically lightweight sling that holds 11โ€ iPad, water bottle, cables, battery pack, notebook and some other small stuff. Key factors lightweight, durable.
Anyone got something they love?
My Peak Design Everyday Sling 6 litre holds all that stuff apart from a water bottle.

Or you could go up to the 10 litre.
Current bag Dicontinued MEC sling.
qrjdmyv Yeah it sucks how much weight it takes up. Thereโ€™s so much space left in the suitcase after itโ€™s fully packed.

For programming though it makes a big difference.
qslqnmgio Yeah itโ€™s the biggest checked-in bag you can get.
My sling is much too small for an iPad. I'd consider a tiny backpack that folds into itself ,at e?
What are the external HxWxL measurements ?
Ya I like the sling - sling is less bulk (1 less strap, less capacity), hugs the body a bit more and you can swing it in front of you to access it without removing it.
I carried a laptop in freerain, but you need to jam stuff like t-shirts etc.. in it so it doesn't flop around.
LG? ๐Ÿ˜„
okjnnff you can always buy an extra checked in bag for <50 euros
i use an insidious jr. sling from defy bags. it fits a 11โ€ ipad pro and works great
MX Master 3 is the best mouse ever, recommend. For the keyboard... Magic is nice, lightweight and a delight to type in. If you want to go mechanical I like the Logitech G915. Low profile switches, less noisy than normal mechanical ones, although it is a bit heavy, large. Not portable at all - and I'd never use in a coworking space, people will hate you if you use a mechanical KB in public, don't be that guy/girl.
Logitech K380 is a big no because of the round keys. MX Keys Mini looks amazing, looks like a Magic keyboard "killer".
Magic Keyboard only pairs to one device. Being able to use the K380 with my laptop and iPad interchangeably is handy. Even rarely to my phone.
I've got a Macbook Pro and a Pixelbook Go so multi-device is key.
I never use more than one device so apple things work best
jofyugod 200g vs 500g... It's not that much ๐Ÿ˜‚
I see the MX Keys Mini has a tilt, it's no-go for me...
What's the best parka or heavy jacket in your experience?
Is the MX Mini tilt optional U01NWC87B5Z?
Not optional, but the angle is not big anyway
My biggest issue with the MX keys mini is that the mute mic button doesn't play well with my headphones/mic, if I press it, it mutes both audio output and input which beats it's purpose as a zoom call mute button
Is the MX Keys Mini as flat as the K380?

It the answer's 'no' then it's effectively a downgrade.
3.8 vs 6 degrees - 380 vs Mini
2.8 degress for the Apple Magic Keyboard

Wow that rtings site is DETAILED - key force etc etc!
Canada Goose
Magic still king
Yep, too much tilt on the Mini, WTF were they thinking?
Best to worst (in price and quality) Arcteryx - North Face - Helly Hansen
I adore my North Face jacket for snowboarding, itโ€™s great!
Thanks for sharing ulmxsoc - a permanent tilt totally kills the idea of a 'travel keyboard' IMO!
MAYBE if it's great for typing I'll have an MX Keys Mini in my suitcase for the apartment and I'll keep the K380 for coworking spaces...
Price depends heavily on airline and route. For example, if you fly Frankfurt to Miami on Economy ticket with Lufthansa you'd spend $100 for an extra checkin bag (23kg = 50lbs). So if you just make two of these trips you can already purchase a very decent screen. That's why I'm never traveling with a screen. Plus, not having a large screen is not a deal breaker for me anyways.
vkyattnk the biggest lightweight suitcase I know is the โ€œSamsonite C-Lite Spinner 86cmโ€. Dimensions 86x58x36cm (33x22x14inch). Total volume 144 liter (31gallon). Weight 3.6kg (8lbs).
that stand is removable ๐Ÿ˜„
Great screen, I have 3 of them
:partyparrot:IT in da chat
I had the LIFX led strip and a photography LED panel at my office and it was a turning point for me. completely switched to LED lighting where I could change the warmth and intensity
just get another one of those suitcases and zip them together
Although not made for it, blackout curtains do a decent job at also blocking sound bc of their weight, especially when using two sets atop each other. I have NICETOWN brand from Amazon.
I have the thick plastic ones and still let's through noise.

The windows are quite bad.

Although could try curtains from the outside โ€ฆ
The Donut / Bagel is probably a lot more convenient for most but if this is surge protected I'd be tempted
But this looks great for installing at a coworking ...
Yeah, decent lighting makes a huge difference to any room. I'm always going to travel with my own LED light source/s as they can shift my mood and productivity.
Ordered more lighting stuff, 300 euros worth of xiaomi lamps and lights joyjoy
Nice. Xiaomi do some great-value equipment - albeit with the tradeoff that Xi Jinping will watch you sleep.
Cork is also really good deadener, and cheap
So what about... Fashion?
For years I feel that I wear "regular" clothes, while i feel there is more for it, to express myself.
As a minimalist I'm sure it's hard and at a height of 1.60m and being chubby it's REALLY hard. But I trult want to get different clothes. Not just flat shirts with some paint but more.
And to find my own style.

Some of you are into it as well? Following bloggers? Watching videos? Got any good sources? Maybe did this way as well and can tell how.

I believe one of my friends in Moscow was doing private consultations on personal style (as in "what clothes complement your look, where to buy them" and so on). nothing like high fashion though, more of a day to day wear.

can reach out to her and ask if it's something she'd be fine doing online (she's not on nomadlist, though, so I'd need your contact).
Maybe you could try services like the Menlo Club. You pay a subscription and they send you new outfits every month based on your style profile.
egcsxpvh thanks, I would love to!
<@U028KK2NMGV> Thanks. this is far from what i want... No new clothes every month but to find a style and stick to it by myself. . Buy new clothes that fit this style once. As well, as nomading, boxes and permanent address are not available.
There are bunch of companies targeting digital nomads that have actually quite nice looking clothing. But they are not cheap. Example Outlier, Wool & Prince, Bluffworks
I travel with a laptop, iPad and iPhone. I set things up that I can work from the cloud and can do my work from any device.
omsoeuwyofnfgcivtqe do you think K380 > Magic? Why?
He needs the multiple device thing
I was feeling the same in Bali and went full Hawaiian shirt mode and now I'm happy.

When I feel like I want to wear something different and my own style, just slap one of the 3 that I travel with and done
Yeah that's what Iโ€™m thinking, to build a structure in wood around the window and with cork in the middle and cover it at night time.

Also the studio sound things on amazon would be an option
The issue I found is that the windows don't seal correctly when closed so putting Cork on the glass won't do anything, needs to cover the whole window
xsrxelbismul if you are short on time and/or donโ€™t particularly enjoy the shopping, google for an image consultant that suits your character -> they can be a bit pricey but it pays back in what you learn
I'm definitely happier in jeans than shorts, which is problematic when I spend time in warmer climates
blue jeans and a white tshirt is my standard summer attire
lijbfsfylixw cant see how this information helps...
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