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Hijacking this. I need to make a decision regarding my US phone (MINT). I travel quite often outside the US but the roaming fees are outrageous.

What’s the general consensus about GoogleFi. Do we like it or we don’t?
dvpita 8d
Google fi is awesome but can cut ur connection if u spend more than 90 days outside the us
In total over a 365 days period? If so that might be a problem.
Google Fi has worked well for me. They also provide a separate free data only SIM that may be dependent on the plan you purchase (I have unlimited). I have a burner phone for local SIM cards that I haven't had to use yet. I also got a free subscription to YouTube premium for a year through Fi, which I was pretty happy about. Fi has GREAT deals on new technology/phones, too.
There's a big cyber Monday sale with Google Fi right now. The brand new Pixel 7 Pro is $599. Even cheaper if you are referred and/or have a phone to trade and/or import your existing number.
The only thing i'm worried about googlefi is that I have an iPhone
uixnsufrnrejgnvaz check if it's unlocked. I used google Fi with mine. And after used TMobile. Tmobile locked it and I called them and they unlocked it.
dvpita 8d
not sure what's the specific number for heard some people complain they blocked them
dvpita 8d
apple pay is the same as android pay and samsung pay, very misleading graph.
What are people packing in for long term travel? Backpacks? Rollies? Carry on? Checked size?
dvpita 8d
I tried them all and what does best for me is :
• warm weather 40L backpack + laptop backpack, nothing checked
• Cold weather 40L backpack + small or medium trolley wjth ski clothing (medium needs checking in)
You need to talk to those financial analysts and tell them you have better data than them! 😂
dvpita 8d
Yup mine is similar
markooo 8d
Rolling duffel around 100 liters
markooo 8d
Weighs like 3kg and easy to store if empty
markooo 8d
For long term stays a must, got my own coffee setup, sports stuff, etc. makes a big difference
dvpita 8d
Can u share the link sbpbuooat ?
Been looking at duffels but without wheels are super hard on the back
markooo 8d
Rolling duffel is what I mean, duffel with wheels
markooo 8d
fdbqjtue ortlieb, Patagonia, eagle creek, Thule are some brands to look into
dvpita 8d
markooo 8d
Rolling duffle > suitcase
dvpita 8d
dahdah 8d
Just a Minaal carry-on
dvpita 8d
damn that's proper minimal, jealous :cry:
in all honesty, I don't use half the shit I carry...
🏧 35l dufflebag, 23l backpack (for tech-stuff) + layered and unfashionable cloths ^^

will switch to either the minaal carry-on or nomadic travel bag next year
Anyone here using Yubikeys? How many do you have? Got 2 to travel around with me, but I was thinking if a third one to leave in a safe place back home would be a good option or just plain paranoid lol
This is the first I've heard of this. Is this a replacement for SMS 2FA?
I have three in total, had 2 usb-a nfc, got another usb-c nfc. Three sounds like a good number
gndmugetibyw sms 2fa is not considered particularly safe, better option is authenticator app like Google Authenticator or they can be integrated into your password manager like 1password

yubikeys are even safer, you can attach yours to a keyring, they're almost impossible to break, unlike mobiles don't run out of battery, are not likely to get stolen and you can fairly cheaply get a spare or two in case you loose it. not all sites support them, but the most important ones usually do
Thank you for the helpful explanation!
unfortunately lots of sites still don’t allow multiple keys to be registered, so haven’t found a need for too many of them. I have one day to day use and one “admin key”
I wonder how critical something like this would be for me considering my company encrypts everything I'm accessing. I just have a fear of not being able to get SMS 2FA through my US phone number in other countries despite it not being the most secure means of authentication.
I loved Google fi but they kicked me off after being outside of the US for 6 months, did the same to some of my friends too. So be aware
I just signed up with Twilio, and am “porting my number” over to them. I had to submit my current bill with TMobile and sign a document saying I own my number. Entire process is said to take about a month, but once complete, I’ll be able to access/use my US-based number with the app like Toktiv or Talkyto’s app.

I also have a Twilio SIM card I got at one of their meetups so I can always plug it into an unlocked and phone and be good with it.
fsxmelkyvrdaswtjc Was that in Colombia? I heard Claro will kick you off their network after 1 month or so. I was using TMobile and on my phone, it said it was using Claro’s network. I went and got a Claro sim card and haven’t had MANY issues with it. I bought a lot of Gigs, but the speed is SUPER slow, so it’s pointless to have bought that much gigs. V pissed about my whole Claro experieince, tbh. Whole post on that later.
bkfvgngqhfqmtnhqt Did they just cut off your data or your calls/texts, too? Were you in a developed country or undeveloped? Everyone is trying to find the common denominator that causes the cutoff since it's not specified in the TOS.
mrisoli 7d
I have one, ordered 4 in the cloudflare deal but they are yet to arrive
dvpita 7d
Utter useless
I love my 40L nomatic. It’s pricey but I take it on every trip longer than 1 day
I have two with me (one in the backpack, one at the hotel) and two hidden in two separate countries :) all being registered to my google, GitHub and other accounts
• One full sized YubiKey on the keyring that's always in my pocket
• One "nano" inside a USB port on the USB hub that lives in my luggage
• A third key in a secure remote location in case of emergency, when I get access to this third key I add it to any new accounts that have come along since the last time I had access to it
I am yet to run into a site or service supporting a USB security key that doesn't allow registration of multiple physical keys to the same account.

My data security and recovery plan is such that I could lose my laptop, my external SSD, and the rest of my luggage and still be able to completely rebuild and recover with just my brain, some money for a fresh laptop, and one of my YubiKeys.
I have one but don't really know how to take full advantage of it. It's protecting my GitHub login and that's it
It's the nano size USBC and stays plugged in all the time, interestingly it actually worked to log into GitHub on my new iPad by plugging into the charge slot and tapping there
yeah I also have one, and use it for extra convenience rather than extra security as it’s easier to tap it (always plugged into my laptop) than to open up authenticator app etc, but a lot of places don’t support it so I use Aegis Authenticator as the main 2fa app, with a few encrypted backups of that around in places I can access if I lose my laptop and phones and yubikey all at the same time.
azaqppwagakxoo I was in Mexico when I got kicked off, one of my friends had it happen in Austria
When I reached out to support they said essentially that Google Fi is meant for people who are mostly in the US and travel, not people based out of the US. It’s actually ironic because I ported my number to Google Voice and now use local sims (or Esims) and now I don’t pay anything to Google 😂 I would’ve continued paying them for years, but now they lost me and plenty of others. I had to throw on a VPN while porting the number over to voice because they didn’t like me doing that outside of the US. I
Imagine there are some rules or something I’m not aware of, but it seems to me like Google is losing a lot of money by doing this aowaeghijwcv
pravin 7d
Great thread and nice setup U03C8MLLHbr />
Building opsec is key these days. Curious I’m using mainly google authenticator with a main phone + backup phone for all 2FAs

Is yubikeys a must-have vs Gauth and if yes, why?
in the “something you know” (password) “something you are” (fingerprint) “something you have” (yubikey) model, Google Auth tries to be “something you have” (your phone), but it’s actually “something you know” (you can extract the codes and generate them on another device, and in theory someone else can do this without your knowing).

Yubikey is provably “something you have” as it’s impossible to extract codes from it or duplicate it.

But think about your threat models. If they’re “I’m an investigative journalist being regularly attacked by nation-state actors”, then Yubikey is probably a good layer of security.

If you’re some guy with an email account, it’s far more likely you’re going to have problems due to availability (you can’t get access to it when you legitimately need to because of lost key) than confidentiality (someone else got access when they shouldn’t have), and both are important factors in security that pull in opposite directions.
pravin 7d
In theory, an attacker will need to take both 1) password and 2) something I have / know from Gauth to successfully enter the systems and thankfully, I’m not an investigative journalist (atleast so far) , hence the setup should work well for near future, but will keep my eyes on yubikey too

Thanks fonucihxmgzo
For convenience, more and more people are using their password manager app as as the place they store and generate their Authenticator/TOTP codes.

In my opinion this weakens the 2 factor know+have model because now both factors are stored in the same vault behind a single master password.

In this situation, using a hardware key such as YubiKey a required 2nd factor in addition to the master password to access the password manager app makes a lot of sense.
chaitea 7d
I use 2 YubiKeys and a Google Authenticator instead of SMS for 2fa. I keep one in wallet in my bag, and one as a necklace and Google Authenticator as a back up 😅
dvpita 7d
Instead of sms?
None of my banks allows this 😂
chaitea 7d
luyqmjkr haha same 😂 the struggle is real
edward_ 7d
I do a huge ass suitcase with day-to-day clothes, some beach wear, running/sportswear and shoes, hiking pants and boots and maybe a jacket that holds up to -2C, ah and a small hiking backpack . Got tired of always buying the same stuff all over again.
Hand luggage is a Hershel laptop bag where I put my macbook, mouse, ipad, kindle, chargers, keyboard, roost and papers.
markooo 6d
F--- SMS 2FA, dumbest security theater, experts have been for years telling companies to abandon it with little progress
To reactivate Google Fi after being away all I need to do is get it to "ping" a US cell tower. That can mean driving to the Canadian border (nearby) or the naughty way, turning it on while flying over the US. Now I would never suggest endangering an entire airplane full of people just you "get your Gfi on" of course. ALSO the level of "tolerance" that Gfi exhibits SEEMS TO VARY depending on the plan you are signed up for... there's a high price difference between bottom and top level plans BUT the Unlimited Plusl plan I am on, in the past, just cuts DATA after 6 months and keeps phone and text active (please realize that is $70US a month). So it makes it hard to do a comparison.
I used to be a suitcase guy, then I got a Pathfinder suitcase that included backpack straps. Eventually I just went with an Osprey 60L Porter, and now I've downsized to the 45L Porter. It's just easier to put all your shit on you back on the scooter and go, not to mention going thru airports. An Osprey "Airporter" cover is really handy to have if you have the room, you can throw your pack in it and and extra pair of shoes and loose clothing, and still check it (if you dare)- 20 flights and the pack still looks like new. Remember, reduce, reduce, reduce, or, as Tyler Durden said "The shit you own ends up owning you."
Conclusion get 2 keys, never 2FA with SMS, and you should be ready to become a whisteblower. Thank you all! ✌️
dvpita 6d
Well, find me a bank that doesn’t do sms 2fa
sascha 5d
I have one Minaal 35l right and that’s it. Thinking about switching to Tom Bihn Techonaut
dvpita 5d
I always forget the name but there’s one that it’s a orange round box that works worldwide for 100€ a month I think
borowis 5d
you can use your phone and local sims to tether, it would be much cheaper. see here on info country by country />
if you have esim compatible device you could also use airalo for much smoother experience
You may not even need local SIMs (plural). Claro is in many countries and my Peruvian chip seems to allow roaming across all of them at the same rate. Not sure if Claro chips from other countries are the same.
dvpita 5d
Oh that’s nice.
Do you have a link for they info ?
dvpita 5d
Doesn’t have a country list but “16 Latin American countries “ must include pretty much all of them.
Will check the info on Claro Brazil
I have 3. Two of which I keep with me and one backup with a friend. I used it as the 2fa on my Password manager because if that gets compromised I’m fcked.
Gotta ask yourself how much you really need. But to me, it's well worth to get a bag to check in. I have an Osprey 60L sojourn which can roll or convert to a backpack. To be honest, I don't use backpack mode much, but when I do- like when I have to jump into the water from the longtail on the west side of Railay- it's pretty handy.
Where and what is railay!?
Can you carry on with the osprey sojourn 60?
You absolutely can't carry it on haha. Railay is a beautiful place in Krabi, Thailand with beaches and soaring limestone cliffs.
dahdah 2d
Ah man. Totally off topic but I loved Railay when I visited in 2012. Such a beautiful place and if I remember correctly it was quite popular with climbers. Hope it hasn’t changed too much.
elpol 1d
I do not think this is good or healthy. Armrests and wrist-rests are meant for you to take breaks, not to rest your arms the whole time.
elpol 1d
While typing your arms/wrists should be floating, like playing a piano.
sanohin 1d
I think it’s not healthy to keep hands floating all the time. This way I have constant tension in shoulders and it doesn’t seem to be good
dvpita 1d
Two competing theories, who’s going to win???
Oh my god!!!!
Thanks. Unfortunately too heavy to consider
cy 22h
I had one previously, it is not perfect fit for the right posture.
pravin 22h
I have similar issues, more equipment won’t help.

Both regular Physiotherapy + gym helps a ton!
I have no ACL in one knee. I still snowboard, wakeboard, surf and kick bags.

Nothing comes close to hitting the gym and adding substantial muscle around a dodgy joint.
peproll 21h
At first, it seemed to me that this thing is for the legs 🙃
dvpita 21h
Ok for that would be useful , I could munch without holding her legs
elpol 19h
pjdekntuz well, you are no typing 100% of the time you are sitting. If you are a developer, it's mostly short bursts. You rest your palms/arms anytime you are not actively typing. If you have tension in your shoulders, it's because your chair/table is too high.
elpol 19h
agree with wbkfgkqczozricqntkq the best way to prevent is to get strong
elpol 19h
I went down the whole ergonomics rabbit hole a while back because I got RSI. Nothing worked, except proper posture + lifting weights.
‘Strength’ is interesting to dissect. For sports performance I think the upgrades to CNS (central nervous system) efficiency are more interesting than actually building muscle for any athlete.

However, the consultant surgeon who advised me to focus on physio and weightlifting rather than get an ACL reconstruction emphasised the importance of raw muscle mass - in addition to strength - to support a compromised joint.
(CNS response can develop pretty quickly in new lifters - especially with heavier weights. Whereas building substantial muscle takes years.)
elpol 19h
vfrrzbezpaaxdbtaclb as I understand, the more muscle you have, the less joint inflammation you'll feel (RSI for example, or lower back pain).
elpol 19h
it might be a placebo effect - after all, RSI is very mental as well
I’m not qualified to comment on the specific topic of joint inflammation. But I’ve seen so many people find chronic pain symptoms disappear when they get stronger.

‘I don’t lift weights because my back hurts’ is one of the worst arguments ever.

I stopped lifting for one month in the last four years. I got back pain. And it disappeared when I went back to the gym.
dvpita 19h
My mom is having both wrists fixed for RSI in the next 6 months.
One now and other in 6 months.
She’s 63 and never had a desk computer job (phone operator and cleaning services in a school).

I guess it comes with the age as well?
Age is clearly a factor. I anticipate knee issues when I get older from years of Muay Thai, boardsports and having one ACL. But the foundation of muscle that I’ve built up while younger will pay dividends then.
Also - weightlifting has a positive impact on bone density.
dvpita 19h
Yeah that’s why I force myself to the gym even though I hate working out.
I can see both mom and dad falling apart from lack of exercise VS other older people that always been active
Man. The saddest thing is when you see dudes in their sixties and in terrible shape in the gym plodding away - clearly on doctor’s orders. Their sad expression seems to say, ‘If only I’d done this when I was younger’.
I used a 45L tortuga and a 2-wheel rolling bag for my laptop/tech for the longest time. I found my tech to be heavy so I wanted it in a roller and the 2-wheel roller is small enough to count as a personal item and fit under the seat.

My wife and I were carry-on only for 6 years, right before covid hit we decided to bring a check-in because we were going to a cooler climate, and we were sick of the Tetris and minimal clothing. I used to be a hardcore minimalist, and while the annoyances I expected were present (having to wait for luggage at the airport), I feel like trying to force minimalism was a little stupid. It makes sense when you are doing fast travel, but the value drops significantly if you are slow madding. Realistically for international flights, you are adding maybe 1-2 hours upon arrival; the reason for this is you are less likely to be at the front of the line for customs but that 1-2 hours might be saved if you have more clothes and don't need to shop. The ability to leave the airport as quickly as possible is very nice but not having to buy additional clothing is also nice.

If you can carry some essential cold gear, it will make your travel capability much larger/easier. When I was doing complete minimalism, and we would go to a chilly location, we would have to pick up sweaters/jackets, and that's a bit painful when you land without them.

Minimalism is over for me, though, because I have a child but being a minimalist helps because we carry a lot less stuff, I imagine.
sanohin 17h
well, I do exercise and go to gym regularly. For at least next 3months I have to use a rounded dining table for work that is slightly lower than it should be. I thought it could be a good idea to get this thing to fix the situation
dvpita 13h
You can always buy a new table and chair
dvpita 13h
Or get one of those stand up desk ad on to tables
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