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Maybe they just need a disclaimer that the speed at the time of the test got up to a specific bandwidth, showing what the internet speed potential is, but that there’s no guarantee it’ll always be at that level consistently. Or an average of 3 consecutive readings. Then guests can verify what speed and quality they actually experienced in their reviews. There’s potential to abuse that feature though, where owners test bandwidth somewhere that isn’t at the property they’ve listed, which I’ve confirmed you can do through the app. I’m sure that could catch up to owners who abuse that, with subsequent bad reviews for wifi speeds less than what was posted.

Anyhow, agree that it would be great to have a comfortable working space wherever I happen to stay, if I need to work. Aside from reliable wifi, a nice monitor, comfortable chair, height adjustable desk would be on my Airbnb workspace wishlist.

It’s also important to be in a quiet space. The last Airbnb I rented was in a residential apartment complex, and the first couple days there were kids running up and down the stairs during the day. I guess I should have known that was a possibility. I think the property managers realized this might be bothersome, because that ended shortly after without me even having to tell them. They must’ve spoken to the other residents…not sure…but I stayed there for almost 2 weeks, and it was relatively quiet the rest of my stay.
Great summary of all the potential issues U028MH33H9U. I think the tl;dr here is that it isn't as simple as adding a speed test to the app.

I'm curious if you gave any negative feedback for that host with the kids running around?

When I've been in similar situations, I'll message a host, but I don't end up altering my reviews based on WiFi/workspace quality/noise levels. It feels unfair for me to damage a host's business for my needs as a remote worker when I'm booking on a vacation rental site.
Agreed. I actually left a positive review, because I enjoyed my overall stay there. I did feel like I had to mention that the apartment was in a residence, not in a hotel, so anything you might expect to encounter in a place where normal families live shouldn’t come as a surprise. I mentioned there being noise but that it only happened the first couple days as I said above. Just felt it was important to be honest about my experience without judgment nor mal-intent. The owners were very accommodating otherwise, so I really didn’t have anything negative to say.

If there were things about the space that I didn’t like, or if I had a tough time dealing with the owners, then I would have definitely mentioned that in my review.
I read some conversations about Couchsurfing being dead since a payment was required. But apparently the payment is only needed if you are based in certain countries. Gave it a try in Mexico, and it doesn't seem to have changed much since the last time I used it here, like 8 years ago. People are responsive, some events going on...
It varies from country to country how active the community is. Couchsurfing didn't die down because of the paywall. It died down because the lack of reciprocity in the community. Way too many people looking for a free "hostel" and not enough people hosting.

Couchsurfing also tried its best to make profits off of an experience that has no profit motive and they squandered donations which was a slap in the fast to the people who took the time to host and volunteer.

I still offer a couch at my place from time to time but mainly use Couchsurfing for the meetups and exchanges.
The reason I joined Nomadlist was as an alternative to CS.
I assumed everybody had to pay, very few people did, and it'd be useless to pay if most users couldn't access their account. It was good to see that wasn't the case in Mexico, just wanted to share.

I agree on your points, I used to host lots of people, and at some point I started to only host people with a relevant hosting experience, and that avoided the people looking for free accommodation and made it worth it.
It really sounds like there is a new business that is trying to be born here. i.e. how do you do couchsurfing without the profit motive in a sustainable way.
Look up Couchers. They seems to be doing a good job (I can't post links yet)
and they are non-profit and community like CS used to be.
Does anyone know if a good place/website/new start up where I can sell partial ownership of my Villa in Nicuragua? It's in a 5 star resort and it's actually pretty easy to sell 1/4 the shares as it resides in a Panama corp. Curious if anyone has done similar?
wycnrdzmacz Is CS Hangouts worth the price? I’m still looking for an app that helps me spontaneously meetup with travels in my city.
Thanks for pointing us to Couchers! I really needed to discover this. 🙂
pjkzmwu I would say so. Couchsurfing is still a great resource for meeting up with other travelers.
I wonder if there's a site to document stuff like this, or a map of coworking spaces with stats like NomadList does
Not that I know of. Also curious though 👀
Just found out about a site that does this in the U.S., called Pacaso.
I don't think they're including properties overseas. I would love to get in on something like that though. I've wanted to purchase property outside the country, but seems complicated. Either you need to pay in cash, or you have to be a citizen. I know countries like Portugal offer special visas to foreigners who invest a certain amount in real estate there.
Ok hey, so I'm at my first hostel and it's basically empty. I think the drop in travel/people being scared has especially hurt hostels. On the plus side, seems really cheap private rooms are a thing since the dorms are empty. Obviously not the case for all of them, but this is supposed to be a popular one
tkuvqibrwsspzlcbz the example of Pacaso is exactly what i wanted to have for my previos question about to have a network of people ( nomads ) who can be owners of certain parts of villages, resorts , etc. so you can move in between those places that you own. There are website offering similar things mainly in US and EU, but al the rest of the areas are not supported. At least from what i know until now.
and xdidakiz several countries offer visas in exchange of an investment. In EU, almost all of them. Portugal, Spain or Italy are the easiest and cheapest. But in places like Panama or Costa Rica, or even Chile you have access to similar situations, where you become a visa after a real estate investment.
I think the challenge is for those of us who don’t have the money to invest on our own to meet the minimum investment requirement for those types of visas. I think extending the Pacaso model to the average digital nomad, like perhaps what pqxqesyfoodglhyff and ctientxuw are proposing, would make investment opportunities like this more accessible and feasible for a wider audience.
Stupid. I checked in guests all the time after midnight in Australia...
I've never seen a listing with a workstation setup at all. Where is this? They're definitely trying to appeal to a certain type of guest. 🤓
> appeal to a certain type of guest. :nerd_face:
bay area tech bros if its in Tahoe 😆
ffwsdozqn very interesting topic! We at Circles.House are thinking of a best way to use a crowdfunding campaign to have our members be "founding members" and that the money of their first stay in our first building actually goes to the crowdfunding so they become co-owners (investors) and also "founding members" which is what can help us build a better pipeline of members and digital nomads colivers! How does that sound? We are still querying our Digital Nomads friends on how likely they would participate in such model..
vkowhwrlxukgsktnr let's talk as Circles.House pipeline has already some other cities after the Barcelona launch, but nothing yet in Nicaragua and we could explore partnering there!!
Damn that’s nice! Do they provide the monitor as well?
Damn nice
I'd remove that rug tho
But then I'd remove the deluge carpets from the entire continent of North America
Monitors are included. He said there is another setup like that in the master bedroom too
Can we collect links of these places?
This is super awesome and I’d be excited to check out a few of those.
Also carpets I 110% agree, but rugs can be nice (this isn't) plmrunldjh
There's a link in the channel description bnaepplwkfdxnp - whats your idea of "these places" though? Places with high quality workspaces?
taegdrzdqclxxr agrid, I like specific rugs, this one too grandma for me
The social house in Istanbul had standing desks for their guests. They're also on Airbnb. Loved the setup. It's a shared house
Nice, I like that the space feels a little more lived in. Got a link? :grin:

Chairs look a little uncomfortable though
osqgrojndhwky the doc is unfortunately outdated. But yes places with high quality workspaces would be great. To my understanding there is no way to filter for those properly at this point. So curating might be valuable for others too
I feel like I'd keep the rug. It really holds the room together.
plvxrjgvdcxheq thanks for the insight - I'm working on a chrome extension to filter Airbnb by wifi speed/workspace amenities. Glad to hear it's something you'd find useful 😁

Also nice setup ovvps pretty rare to see a chair with a good headrest
As for the curation piece - I'd be interested in trying to revive that spreadsheet. IMO it would be helpful to see properties other nomads have stayed at that were good for working.

Could also be interesting to put direct booking links in there if available. There is a site called HiChee doing that rn
cjvxil could this be a use case for TribeVibe?
vnljfaxhdclor perhaps in some distant future. As of now, I focus on the meeting aspect, and don‘t offer hospitality. Once I launch, I‘ll see how Tribevibe is going to be used—if at all—and then decide how to evolve it.
Oh cool, sent a request to join :)
Then you are on the list U01A9F8LTQE. I was supposed to launch by now, but my developer is taking forever to fix some bugs. I think we both burned out.
ah man I know the feeling 😞
Once you have the community, you can solve a lot of interesting problems
Very true.
I lived in a coliving house (read group rental) in downtown Stockholm called Hus24. Cheap rent and amazing people. They mainly recruit from inside their contact network and Facebook groups. We created an NGO that signed the contract with the landlord and we would all add a % to our rent for a weekly cleaner and other house budget things. Also being a resident meant you could vote on new house rules.
ljqjr I like the chair for sure. Is that a height-adjustable desk? It would be great to have a monitor too. Where is your rental located?
pkodzpum The table is adjustable mechanically - IKEA standing desk. This specific property is in Kraków, Poland and another one is in Lviv, Ukraine. The latter property is less workstation oriented as there are really nice coworkings around.
I think the biggest issue in a lot of these countries is you need to be a cash buyer. Or the financing is like 3-5 years at 10+APY. I'd love to split 3 locations with 3 other buyers. I'm not a big fan of Pacaso and have engaged with them in the past.
Apparently, neighbors of Pacaso properties aren't fans either. Just read an article about residents in Napa & Sonoma area protesting and petitioning against Pacaso claiming the homes will end up being like timeshare properties and Airbnb rentals in their neighborhoods, destroying the residential character of their communities. One neighborhood already has a ban on Airbnb rentals. I understand why they're unhappy...but I also see how a project like Pacaso can give people the opportunity to (partially) own a home that they wouldn't normally be able to afford on their own. I'd be interested in being a part of something like that overseas, since there's more of a barrier when purchasing property as a foreigner, especially if you need financing.

What are some alternatives to Airbnb for monthly rentals in big cities such as Paris or Barcelona?
Barcelona is much more regulated than Paris in terms of rentals. But in BCN a lot of people use Idealista :)
I had never heard about TribeVibe it's a great idea, I just applied :D
I‘m glad there is interest in Tribevibe. I just launched the app yesterday, so there are tons of work to be done. But for now it‘s just a proof of concept to help me get some funding, so that I can remove all the bugs. I‘m saying all this to lower everyone‘s expectations. ☺️
Has anyone tried using| ?
Well the landing page is so welcoming <3
I’m considering going to Puerto Escondido for a while, but have trouble finding places on Airbnb. Does anyone have any tips how to find accommodation outside of Airbnb? A local websites, forums, local telephone number of someone doing this? (Spanish is no problem)
Facebook groups are a good place to look.
that link brings me to a 404 so I'm guessing they are pre-launch
Oh, just saw your reply
nope. i cant find the founders on Twitter or any other platforms either.

might be in stealth mode 🤷
Haha, yeah.
sounds like a cool platform.

im working on an idea in a similar space and have my doubts though.

• you cant rent me a standing desk/ergonomic chair
• doesnt fix wifi speed/reliability
• still need to re-arrange furniture, if they even rent office equipment
they are based out of Mexico City so if they launch, htrcdsk you need to report back to us 😆
I know someone who used them for 12-month furniture rental some years ago. Smooth experience but it's pretty pricey.
Yeah, I would totally use this service :100:
LinkedIn indicates they may also be in Bogota and Sao Paulo. />
has a copy of their website from earlier this year
Would be nice if you can have a preset of the stuff you want and they just bring to you whatever is missing at the new place you’re staying at. Without having to find every specific item yourself.
tulozawvvpvav maybe they'd offer a hotspot to solve for Wifi? Rearranging feels like a big one for me. Plus curious what prices are like.
(YC founder here) looks like they pivoted and aren’t working on this anymore 😞
I’ve sent them an email asking if they’re still working on it or what happened, will report back!
I can just think of tax benefits? idk, good question!
lfupert let us know! Seems odd since the YC page still has the same description.
Airbnb has 2 pricing models at this point - what you're seeing is the host-only setup where they pay the full ~14-16% service fee.

```We have two different service fee structures for booking a place to stay split-fee where both hosts and guests pay a service fee, and host-only fee where only the host pays a service fee.

1. Split-fee
This fee structure is the most common. A service fee is deducted from the host payout, and a service fee is charged to guests.

2. Host-only fee
The entire service fee is deducted from the host payout, and no Airbnb service fee is paid by guests.```
They did some research that proved that hosts that do the Host-only fee get higher bookings. Kind of a chicken-and-egg scenario though. If no other hosts use that fee structure, then you look way more expensive.
It's like when I sell on Ebay and set it to no postage. I just add that postage to the original price. 0 real difference but the buyer feels better
Yeah i’ve been also noticing this 👆 at least for listings in Lisbon i’m seeing zero differences with the $0 fee options, most hosts probably just incorporate this into their prices
Totally makes sense and weird that it’s not being like this from start. It’s annoying and confusing from the buyer’s perspective to see a fee on top of the price
So you're saying on top of the huge service fee they usually show the host has to pay even more fees?! 😳 Always thought it was a guest-only fee model not a split fee model
I believe when you're searching for properties they show you the price per night inclusive of fees anyways. At least it always shows a different price per night once I actually click on a listing. It's good that they do that, since the cleaning fees also vary widely. In that case it seems like a minor detail who pays the fees
What level of service do you expect from a long stay (3 weeks+ ) on Airbnb? Bed change, clean linen, complete clean? If so how often? Anyone ever asked for this and found friciton?
I don’t put any expectations on this as it varies depending on country, price point, management agency and so on. I’ve done month long rentals at places with one roll of toilet paper that drop off fresh linens every few days and I’ve had free maid service twice a week.
If maid service is not included, I will ask to hire their maid service to come in after two weeks.
Generally i expect them to leave me the hell alone lol. I don’t ike anyone coming in.
given covid leaving us alone, and exchanging linen at door
offering cleaning service (for free or for a fee) is nice, but I wouldn’t take it now
I would expect clean linen to be available, but otherwise would not expect anyone to come visit
nrbcdftkwonixvbd The host-only fee structure is opt-in. They advertise it as you get a nice badge on your profile, more bookings, etc.
Host here I leave a second set of linens/towels for each bedroom and have an in unit washer & dryer so people can wash if needed. It costs me $$ to send my cleaners, so it’s available if the person staying wants them to come (but they pay for it as the 1 time cleaning fee I charge at booking only goes to the cleaner to turn it over). Supplies- I typically leave TP, paper towels, soap, etc enough for about a week with the expectation that the person staying buys more as needed for their stay (I discount for longer stays).

I’ve heard others hosts say they’ll only take longer booking if the guest pays for cleaning every couple weeks (basically to check on the property) and others have said they provide laundry replacements on request… so really it varies and you should ask ahead of time to set expectations.
jgehmrlcwgmny yeah, but I didn't know that the alternative was a split fee. I thought it was a guest-only fee
ah yeah. they still get hit with 3% for credit card processing.
Host here as well I require a cleaning once a week to make sure the guests aren't trashing the place.
it’s all marketing BS. at the end of the day the renter pays for all the fees. sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t.
Sure it’s marketing but I prefer to see a simple pricing both as host and guest.
By the way, as host I don’t see the option to pay the service fee myself. It’s probably reserved to featured hosts
Might be country specific as well. Some countries require them to show more honest prices. There was a discussion about it here recently
You'll definitely find that it varies from country to country and host to host. I stayed at a place in Oaxaca and we had cleaning available daily if we wanted it. Sweetest lady, Delores, I just enjoyed working on my Spanish with her most days and only let her clean once per week since she was so insistent.

I've stayed in other places and received next to nothing. Also, there are some requirements if it is an Airbnb Plus rental. Shampoo, soap, stuff like that.
I didn’t enjoy staying at the one in Roma Norte, CDMX. But that one was pretty much a hotel layout. No kitchen, small rooms.
I'm always shocked at how bad their reviews are when I've seen their listings on Airbnb. Pretty frequently <4.5 stars, which is quite bad
Pretty amazing they managed a $2B SPAC
Sonder has missed the largest opportunity within the digital nomad community and that's community. That's what keeps digital nomads around until we move on to a better community.
I've never personally stayed at a Sonder location but from my friends' who have They're like lonely apartments in cities you don't know anyone in.

Until they build out localized programs (like how hostels and coworking spaces do) the digital nomad community is unlikely to be loyal and sticky
I'm stoked to see what they do, because in theory a product like theirs could be sick. I've really great things about Outsite for example
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