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Housing Chat

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qypbhdelpzx Ya, the logic was if they remove rent controls they would have more development which was accurate. The incorrect assumption was that more development would actually increase rental unit supply. Instead it just created incentive to create a whole bunch of high rent luxury unit buildings who don't care about maxing capacity.

When I was there I was paying $1800/m (nearly 6 years ago). For my same size of unit it has shot up to $2500+.
But it only applied to new development/rentals, so pretty much anyone living in a rent controlled apartment is going to hang on to it with a death grip and so if you are coming

I met a google developer there who was splitting an apartment.
They might actually get their wish though, rents may start to drop off but not for a good reason. If the city becomes so shallow that those in higher demographics start to re-locate, all these units will be forced to drop their rent but it might be too late.
induced reverse gentrification.
anyone ever used| ?
Never used them but they seem alright. Like most colivings in larger cities / east & west US coast, those places are operated by large organizations - similar vibes at weWork type of things. My 2 cents ๐Ÿ™‚
Subletting my apartment in Santa Monica (by beach) for the earth_americasus spring/summer while I travel. DM for more details.

Interested in apartment swaps as well! โ˜˜
Always better to do your "reasearch" there and then directly book through the Coliving space's own website. Sometimes there is mismatch of pricing.
Hey hey room for rent in Cape Town, SA :flag-za:

```Room with queen size bed available to rent for 3 months from 11th April until 11th July in a shared apartment with one other person. (Dates are flexible) Apartment is spacious.```
```The block is located in Three Anchor Bay right on the promenade with an 180 degree view of the ocean. Rocklands Beach opposite the road. Apartment has fibre and electricity is pay-as-you-go. MyCiti bus stop right out side. The apartment is full of light and plants. All the basics are there. Room is 9250pm.```

Message in the thread for details!
man, buying a house is such a pain in the ass
Thatโ€™s the most intense sign up process ever. Thanks for sharing
It certainly is if youโ€™re in the U.K.
supposedly supply due to run out next month
as thereโ€™s a buying frenzy whilst thereโ€™s no stamp duty
bought a new house.. was supposed to move in next week.. apparently now cant move in until mid june.. sigh.. classic
Where did you buy?
gonna live there with family for a bit then turn it into a vacation home
hopefully rent it out when we arent using it and have that cover the mortgage
I am legit looking at getting house in the states now even if only for 6 months. Even after conversion house prices are almost a magnitude cheaper than Canada.
I can imagine especially if youโ€™re looking at markets like Michigan
its a crazy market here too.. every house i looked at went 50k-150k over asking price
thats why we decided to just get a new one
A 2-3 bedroom in Canada are going for 500k USD.
stereotypes/memes aside you can get some amazing houses for great prices in good areas in Florida.
yeah but then youโ€™re in Florida
if I wanted a house Iโ€™d just move to semi-rural Texas though probably, tons of land for cheap
but then you're in Texas ๐Ÿ˜…
yeah, but Texas is better than Florida
<insert non-florida state> is better than Florida really
to each their own, Texas is kind of on the same level as Florida to me
As someone who has lived in both, texas is at least 10x better than florida
Also, I have no idea where to find good prices in florida. A 2br/2ba these days will go for $500k+ in most appreciating areas
If I did Texas, it'd need to be in a city, not semi-rural though where the cheap land is
There's plenty of affordable stuff in non-semi-rural texas
I'd probably still go for semi-rural though because drive times are negligibly dofferent
Eh still don't know if I could personally do Texas even if land is super cheap. The heat, state politics, and long-term climate related issues aren't my thing. I'd rather buy some cheap land in the PNW out in the eastern half of OR/WA for a little more.
can't beat visiting and doing a food tour there though
I'd def agree on PNW vs texas, but I'd put florida a few notches below
state politics in florida arenโ€™t really better than texas lol
both are dumpster fires
svydruobicsi I was looking at very large houses in Jacksonville and they were all in the 350-450 range.
2000sqft for southern us is very modest, definitely not large at all (IMO large would be 4000+, very large 5500+)
But jacksonville is the second worst place I'd choose in florida just behind pensacola
If you've ever watched The Good Place, there's a reason the show continually shits on Jacksonville
For a house like that one, I wouldn't consider anything above 225-250 absolute max
rauryoubunam So you kind of have a frame of reference, that house I posted comes out to 388 CAD. This is a 399k CAD house in my city windsor.

Canada is legit stupid for houses.
Yeah, canada and kuch of the world is absurd, but that house is a ripoff for jacksonville
So Florida aside, pretty much everything is big for Canadian in the states right now.
That house somehow shows a 40% increase in value from 2017-2020. I wouldn't be surprised if the owners are selling so fast because they're underwater on the mortgage
Which, the windsor house?
Or the florida?
CA property values are typically very affordable compared to the northeast, but drastically higher than the south
No, the florida.
Take a look at the property history section
What would be an appreciating area in florida?
Generally south of orlando, but nothing surrounding lake okeechobee
Keys are hit or miss
Also miami is generally good but very risky due to it being a major investment spit and riskier for bubbles (sometimes 50%+ of towers are unoccupied and just being used for foreigners to hold assets in the form of real estate without even trying to rent it out)
I was looking at photos of Miami on Twitter today, and thinking, wow, it's beautiful.

Why is the rest of Florida so bad?
There is a lot of single family homes in Miami or a bit out which are all better deals then what I can get here.
I've only been to Jacksonville once but I was staying in a gated community and then I went to that one fancy outlet mall place. I didn't find it terrible but it could just be my standards are really low because of Canada.
Miami can be really good or complete shit. Sadly not a whole lot in the middle. I had affordable rent there, but no outside windows (seriously, 0 natural sunlight).
Jacksonville has nice spots, but just generally isn't a pleasant place. Drive around a bunch in the area and you can get a feel for how many neighborhoods are safe vs potentially dangerous. Gated communities are popular there for a reason
My main reason for looking at florida is because ultimately I want to have a base in Canada and Colombia and so florida is a good nexus point because of FLL.
I agree with 4/5/6 on that post. Wholeheartedly disagree with 2 (miami has some great arts). 1 isn't a stigma I've heard of.
FLL area is drastically better than jacksonville.
5 hours apart makes a big difference
but if I can get a good house in any warm state that isn't crazy rural, I would consider it.
point 1 is a stigma of every state in that region though
that whole part of the US is full of methheads
So is the northeast though, lol
okay fine, America is full of them ๐Ÿ˜›
wow, missouri and indiana really leading the way
I'm really surprised Oregon isn't higher on that map
So much meth here
oregonians are better at hiding their labs I guess
heh true
Ma is the best at hiding
more wide open spaces to have a meth lab blow up without the cops knowing
But cooking it though?
Texas >
Nomadlist feature idea earthquake risk scale.
For example, in Bucharest, all buildings older than 1965 are not earthquakeproof
I learnt this only after two months in the city
(important for risky places like Mexico, ROmania etc)
Hey hfaddyx nice finding! have you tried it? I feel Airbnb is a bit painful to identify good places to work + potentially work with other folks not to be alone.
Hi, I am new here, I was wondering how you guys were planning your stays to find good accommodation to work (good chair, desk, monitor, etc.) while being surrounded by other folks (not to work totally alone). Do you just use Airbnbs + local co-working space during the day?
I haven't, they don't have listings in the Americas yet.

I know what you mean, the typical Airbnb listing is like, โ€œOh, you're going to looove it here. We have throw pillows and a poster with an image of the Eiffel tower on it! You can drink flavored Nespresso on our terrace and watch the sun set over an attractive car park! If you move the place mats, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holder, and fake flowers off the bar, you can sit on a $30 stool and crack open your laptop and a bottle of wine, it's so romantic!โ€
Pre-pandemic, if a co-working space is available that's the best working-travel life I know. But usually just Airbnb and it's a lot of work to find one with adequate desk situation. Also, when moving fast, lots of business hotels booked on points rooms at Hyatt, Marriott, et al usually have a desk and chair that works ok.
A lot of us don't work at co-working spaces at all, we just get bigger places and work from home.
or if feeling stir crazy go spend a few hours at a cafe.
That said, the one time I worked at a co-working space for more than a couple days, it was super corporate one with keycards to get into it etc.. and that was CDMX.
pzkalsqlandoqcdcx Basing in Florida to be near Colombia makes a lot of sense. Personally I absolutely LOVE Miami. The Keys are utterly gorgeous but seem so frail - when those hurricanes come through they can obliterate houses and infrastructure. I've heard great things about St Pete but haven't been there. I could never live in Pensacola, Orlando, or Jacksonville
I know there is some strange gossip about it, but Celebration, Florida (the one originally created by disney) is kind of amazing. There is no drive ways facing the main roads and because it was originally be disney, it is on the disney power grid so during a hurricane, it won't lose power.

I did some research I guess there is few of these centrally planned communities falling under the category of "New Urbanism" There is another one in Florida called Sea Side.
Crazy expensive though.
Thanks for the feedback!
lol, totally agree, and yes the amount of listings is pretty low indeed. I guess no so many Airbnb owners equip their house for a pro stay which hence does not feed a lot flown
I just did a housing search in Miami, and it is crazy expensive too. Is there an alternate site to Craigslist for apt hunting in south fla?
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