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ugyttjfdua Yea why is that?
Like if apps get too many features it becomes too complex and unusable and unclear
Easier to add stuff than to remove it
ya makes sense!
I can't stand the fact that you have a bunch of settings for "cool home types" a button away but you need to click the settings menu to select "entire place"
Same thing with price range was also moved under the settings menu Someone posted this in the other group - platform for planning/joining trips with other people. Wonder if it's any good ๐Ÿง
I just wish I had a way to filter out the "partial stay" results. They're clogging up my searches and I'm not interested!
Not necessarily EU but Istanbul was pretty cool last year when I went. DN scene also seems to be on the rise from what I can see on NL
Both in Quito and now Lima I got 20-30% off (on top of the monthly Airbnb discount) by messaging every host whose apartment I found interesting.

Might not work in crazy high-demand cities like Lisbon but more often than not youโ€™d be surprised how much they're willing to give up, especially if you're staying long-term (1 month+).
If prices being too high is your biggest issue with Airbnb, then good luck trying to compete with them.

You're not going to solve the liquidity issue (i.e., building up enough supply) by offering lower prices. Hosts will always flock to the platform that provides them with the biggest paycheck and steady demand.

Sure, you could get away with lowering fees but then youโ€™d always be at a disadvantage because you make less money than your competitor. And no sane VC is going to pour money into this if you all you differentiate yourself by are those lower fees.

When I was living in Kuala Lumpur, there were multiple attempts at disrupting Grab by launching ride-hailing services that offered lower prices to consumers (due to lower fees for drivers, which were made possible by investors). They all went away simply because you can only compete on price for so long.

And the above doesn't even take into account liability (as mentioned by U02HTASB2) and regulatory (just check how much Airbnb spends on lobbying and legal alone) issues.

Honestly, Iโ€™d go super niche if I were to start a competitor (like the above-mentioned DN example). For example, create a community of vetted individuals (creates accountability) that can pick from houses in a few selected cities. Then expand from there if growth picks up..
WiFi tribe essentially does something like this. Just find a way to scale that concept (which is obviously the tricky part)
I donโ€™t feel like wifi tribe etc are doing this. Theyโ€™re more or less just reselling airbnbs with a hefty markup (since you basically need to pay for one personโ€™s return flights, room, etc, plus some profit for the company) packaged up into an โ€œexperienceโ€. Thatโ€™s far from enabling people with similar interests to come together and create a trip. Iโ€™d compare the wifi tribe more to booking an all inclusive resort whereas weโ€™re really looking for a way to find people to do a backpacking trip together
And one of the saddest facts for me that it now clearly promotes the luxurious rents... Each time opening the main page and seeing those mesmerizing designer "art objects" for $1k+/day make me feel that infamous Instagram effect eventually ๐Ÿ˜…
Has anybody actually used JoinMyTrip? Feels like Airbnb experiences.
Yea curious about Joinmy trip also ^
znwdtxjtn Yea and it makes me feel poor ๐Ÿ˜…
yjskoyfejutf Yea true I did this here in argentina, knocked 200 dollars off the monthly rent by extending 2 months. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Yeah that's upsetting, you'd think they would understand the target market for digital nomads and promote nice, livable, affordable spaces with a usable workspace, but no, they decided to go with ultra designed fancy spots that would blow anyone's budget
I don't think Airbnb has ever had digital nomads in mind.
yeah and they donโ€™t treat hosts any better ๐Ÿ˜ข Definitely time to break the Airbnb/ duopoly
Here's my conversation with my new Airbnb host today:
Me where's the pool?
Host this apartment does not have pool facilities, it is not advertised with a pool
Me The Airbnb listing says there is a pool. It even calls it it as one of the few placed in area with a pool
Host I think you may have looked at another listing and booked this on instead thinking it had a pool, there is no pool and one has never been advertised on this listing.
Me (shows screenshot of listing with pool listed an amenity)
Host I will get in touch with air bnb, as this is not on my listing, it has never happened before, and I have not given any pictures of a pool, as no properties in this area have one
Me Ok, let me know what they say.
Host I have been onto airbnb and have removed the dive in comment as there is no pool or pictures on the advert advertising a pool, although in the small Print on the amenities I hadnโ€™t crossed off pool, so I apologize that this is my error and I have now amended it, there has been many guests at Marina and no one has ever asked or mentioned about a pool
somehow related to this....
I am quiet sure, that in actual AirBnB they changed the hosting rules and added a max value for included services (electricity, gaz etc).
Do you guys know, how this is handled by AirBnB. Can they do so? and is there some log visible to us?
We typically stay at hotels that have kitchens whenever we can. My wife and I love to cook on the road. Not only do we get points back for staying at hotels they are also reliable, predictable, 24/7 amenities, and about the same price as an Airbnb.
I only use Airbnbs in more rural locations without many lodging options or if we are traveling with a lot of people (ie ski trips)
I'm probably going to change back to hotels in the next few months (depending on the location) As long as there's a reliable meal prep service available I wouldn't need anything other than a small fridge (a microwave would be nice tho).

Also the laundry situation but it with all the rules some airbnbs have a hotel is starting to make much more sense.
I don't cook so the kitchen is really no longer a requirement.
Serviced aparthotels in Asia are sooooooo much better than Airbnb. Wish they were more popular in other parts of the world.
The major challenge with hotels is that if you have a family they are rough and to get multiple bedrooms + kitchen in a hotel is almost always more expensive than alternatives.
Though airBNB would always be my last choice.
whatโ€™s your not last choice?
Walking around and looking for rental signs.
Or walking into a building and asking if there is anything available.
Or even facebook groups
Did this successfully in Da Nang, Koh Lanta (resort), Chiang Mai, and Medellin. Did not work in KL
I'm British and I don't have a home base. All my correspondence was going to my parents address and my self-employed business is registered there too, but it's no longer an option. What are my options? Is there like a service where I can pay for an address and a post box? I literally get no paper mail, it's all just for registering bank accounts and such
search for digital mailboxes or digital mailroom. There should be plenty of options to choose from
Thanks. If anyone has a trusted UK site they can reco, would appreciate
I would be careful about that with things like banks. You could get your accounts pulled.
KYC processes don't like, exactly that - someone untraceable who could be anywhere in the world, using virtual addresses.
Didn't think it would be that easy, not sure what to do
For anything financial, you're going to want to get yourself a legit address.
Maybe โ€œsubletโ€ a โ€œcupboardโ€ at a friends house or something?
Sublet was the wrong word there, you definitely don't want to do that either.
A friend who owns their own house.
I haven't got many of those but it might be an option, thanks
If it's important that you keep your financial institutions, then you might want to consider renting somewhere cheap if you really have no other options.
What you don't want to do is end up triggering their systems with various known addresses that aren't legit residences.
Nor do you want loads of mail bouncing back to them either.
Think i can get away with it for a while just left registered at my parents former address but yeah, don't know. Renting in the UK would make travel financially impossible
Does the address need to physically be in the UK?
Yeah it's for UK bank accounts and a business
Just as long as mail doesn't bounce at your parents former address. It's unlikely but possible that the new residents send it back, or put a notification.
I literally get 0 mail
Even tax returns are digital, i get nothing. But if i need a new bank card or something I'm fucked
vryahxjbhdn it would depend on the financial institution. I've heard of Revolut closing peoples accounts when they learn someone isn't U.K. based.
ljurxhclcxfdkicg you could probably find somewhere extremely cheap in some random part of the country. It doesn't need to be a smart flat in London.
But as I say that's an absolute fall back if friends or family are not an option.
Cheapest rent in the UK is Hull โ€“ ยฃ395pcm
Not paying that! I'll have to ask friends
Yeah I mean, losing all your bank accounts could be a lot more expensive, so you gotta weigh up the relative value. But yeah family then friends is best port of call.
does it have to be a physical address? could you just get a PO box? that is my idea for here in the states. I currently just use my parents home address as well which has been working for a while.
I'm pretty sure trying to set your banking address to a PO Box is a prime mechanism to get your accounts frozen / closed.
That's exactly the problem he's talking about above - he no longer has a parents address
I've been using Royal Mail redirection from my last address to| Worked really well last year, although Royal Mail has failed to forward some mail since I renewed this year (they promised to fix it though now)
That is a possible solution, though risky tbh. Iโ€™d do it as a short term stop gap. Itโ€™s technically fraudulent I think.
I've been happily using UK Postbox for a while, even whilst still living in the UK as I traveled frequently. I asked Wise and Barclays if I could use that service and they were both ok with it (these were business accounts).

Only annoying thing about UK Postbox is that lately it's taking just over a week to process incoming mail. Or maybe I've just been unlucky.
It might be ok with business accounts (I'm surprised still, but I can see less requirement for a solid residence)
If it's for a personal banking, I'd recommend Nationwide. They're my favourite ~bank~ BS in the UK, and they let me keep my current/savings accounts and credit card with a Portuguese address. The only restriction I have is that I can't sign up for new services. But maybe if the OP has a UK address they can use to sign up, they can change it later.
If you manage to get things cleared in advance with a bank, then that's absolutely a preferable route
Still needed that portuguese address though by the sounds of it than something virtual.
It seems pretty decent. ยฃ12 month and it's not a PO Box. All I can imagine going wrong is the address being flagged as not real by a bank. I'll go and talk to them
> The residential address is definitely the bigger challenge of the two. There are companies like Mail Boxes Etc. in just about every town in the UK that specialise in virtual addresses for businesses but, unfortunately, you canโ€™t use them for things like renewing your driving licence or passport, as well as receiving personal mail from many banks, credit cards, or insurance companies.
"Each virtual mailbox from expost has a real UK street address that is accepted without question for correspondence with your bank, building society, card issuers, insurance and utility companies, HMRC, Companies House and the Passport Office"
Bold statement
Itโ€™s a very bold statement. I mean having identified common addresses used by companies using public company data myself - itโ€™s like the easiest thing ever for them to run an alert on their own customer data on addresses that have an unusual number of residents.
โ€œApparently 5320 people live in this house at 22 Winchley Roadโ€
Maybe each address is unique? Can't see how though
If you were to get it cleared by a bank in advance, might be ok though.
But would ask maybe hypothetically that youโ€™re exploring options for the future; not that you are looking for a current solution.
Hey guys, has anyone stayed at an Outsite location. Iโ€™m curious how they handle overnight guests. In their Terms of Service, it says you must register them prior, and pay a guest fee, but it doesnโ€™t say how much that fee would be. Anyone have any experience having a guest stay with you at Outsite?
How's your experience been with outside overall? I'm looking to staying there when I get to Lisbon
I havenโ€™t stayed with them. Iโ€™m looking at booking but finding information about each location is a little difficult. I like the idea of having the built in community. I do think the pricing is a little high. Youโ€™re renting a room for more than what you can rent an entire place for on Airbnb.
It's definitely overpriced, most coliving models are making real good money for what they actually are, which is something neither as good as a serviced hotel or the space of an airbnb.

They're pretty and they're well managed. They don't clean your rooms nearly enough for the price and they lack a lot of basics, which should be included in the price.

I knew of some people who had a hook-up whilst staying there and they certainly didn't register them. Easier over a weekend when the building manager isn't about
Not sure if this is current, but I paid $15/night when my girlfriend joined me in NYC outsite for a week. Iโ€™ve stayed at several Outsite locations, and although I agree that you can probably find cheaper equivalent rooms most of the time (although not always?) Iโ€™ve always enjoyed Outsite!
Cool! What was pricing like for it?
It depends on how long you stay and which room you choose. Budget room is โ‚ฌ1,050 a month. It's more expensive than other coliving places, but the standard is quite high :)
Wow, cool place!
SO many people ONLY have a box and the mail does not go to their house because the Posties deliver to a community box (like 50 boxes on a stand). A PO box is a legitimate address in the US and Canada. You just need a physical address to tie it to (when you register it) so if the police want to SWAT your ass (think) they have a place to go. I use a friend's house, but that just for the form. For years I've had these boxes and no trouble with banks, credit cards, tax returns, state, federal and local governments. At least in US/Can, a PO box is totally legit, whether its at a real government post office or a UPS/Mailboxes etc. establishment. Some pople get these just so their mail doesn't get stolen, or Amazon packages don't get lifted from the front step. It is totally legal. One thing I once saw someone tell their bank was to hem and haw, sniff a little bit, shed a tear, and say they were actually homeless, and that address was all they had for the monthly welfare check to go to... they let it pass (works better on the phone).
Would you mind sharing their website, contact, airbnb link or what they have? Thanks UUGE4UBAB!
Thank you for sharing, Tony. Last time I shared a link, I didnt have permission yet :)
this looks _phenomenal_ - thanks for sharing />
random Q how full was it when you were there?
I think we were about 10 people when I went, but it's nearly fully booked for July. Even when it's at full capacity, it's so spacious it wouldn't feel crowded. Except maybe in the kitchen (but there's two of them) :)
Does anyone have any thoughts on the idea of being a full-time nomad that actually has a permanent place that you rent out on AirBnB? I've been perpetually dealing with state residency issues since I started nomading, and my accountant recommended this as an option to me. I could get a permanent place in a tax-free U.S. state that I could claim, for official purposes, is my residency, and that would solve a lot of my issues. And then it would have the added benefit of convincing an employer that that is where I live (my current employer is fine with paying me wherever, but from talking to recruiters, I may have to be more discreet about this in the future). On the one hand, I can see that there are a lot of benefits to not being "homeless," to having a place to return to as a plan B in case I don't have anywhere else to stay, and in possibly even making some money off of it. On the other hand, I know that property management from afar is not an easy feat. I'd want to hire a property management company, and of course that could get pricey.
I did for a long time (now I have a permanent place and manage my rental remotely). You can do a Prop manager, but they take about 20-30%โ€ฆ. I just have a good set of cleaners (and backup cleaners) and a handyman who I can use if need (in a pinch for repairs Iโ€™ve used task rabbit or thumbtack). Condos are much easier to manage (upkeep wise), but youโ€™ll need to check the CC&Rs if they allow STVR or even 30 days rentals. Furnished 30+ day rentals is also a good way to go (less income, but also less turnover, think travel nurses, other digital nomads, etc)
I declare to accountants, gov, banks etc that I live at my sisterโ€™s place. She sometimes has to write a letter / fill a form to certify that she hosts me for free.
In exchange, she gets free accomodation wherever I am ๐Ÿ™‚
what country is that, where she has to certify that you live with her? we claim my sister's house as residence as well, but have never been asked to provide a written proof. we just use her address and have all our mail go there with no problems.
check out Summer (Startup you can find at go summer com ) if you plan to buy a place for this
vfvrkdste France. For some tasks I need to provide a proof of address at my name. The alternative being someone elseโ€™s name + a formal letter from her stating that I live at her place ๐Ÿคท
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