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My dog is allergic to cats
(not joking)
Iโ€™ll have it shaved before delivery
Sounds good
Airbnb still seems to be operating normally where I am. However, I feel like the powers that be tend to watch what others do and then institute similar restrictions. Whatโ€™s happening with Airbnb exactly? (I caught a few comments upthread.)
As more countries are restricting hotels and tourist accommodations, apparently in some places Airbnb is shutting down and ending current reservations/kicking guests out? There were comments in here about that happening to folks in Spain and Toronto iirc... the UK has already told hotels and BnBs to close, so I feel like the clock is ticking on Airbnb here ๐Ÿ˜ข
Yeah, but what happens to people who are stuck in those countries? :/
In Spain they ended in-progress bookings with 7 days' notice, so I guess the option in that situation is to try to get the host to rent to you directly :confused:
In other places (and maybe here?) it seems to be that they're removing listings and not allowing any new bookings, which makes total sense, but in-progress bookings are maybe not affected? I'm hoping for that scenario ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Yeah, I'm glad I killed my plan to rent another place for 28 days and stay in Spain, after a day would have ended up in the street. I think my country just issued noticed that please contact us if you are stuck and don't have place to stuck, so they might have tried to get you stay in someone else's place (like someone who has a place in Spain but are not staying in it at the moment)
Standing desks are nifty
Sent a handful of messages to Airbnb hosts seeing if they'd be willing to provide an additional discount - fingers crossed none of them take offense ๐Ÿคž
I did the same in Kyoto. I'm certain offense was taken. Then I politely responded to the refusals that I was "grateful for their consideration. The place was clearly worth what they were asking. I will seek to meet my budget elsewhere." After that I started getting discount offers.
Surprisingly, one responded and asked what my budget was. Basically said that the price listing without the cleaning/service fees was within my budget, and he responded and said that he can reduce the price to take the fees into account as long as I don't need cleaning services. So, that was a success, surprisingly.
I like your response! I'll definitely use this if anyone does take offense to me asking for an additional discount.
You shouldnโ€™t worry about their being offended. They might be weighing it against receiving nothing because of no one booking it. As long as Iโ€™m not a demanding guest and leave it neat I usually donโ€™t feel too bad about getting a big discount in the off season (or right now when there are few people traveling).
That's what I was thinking too. I wasn't even asking for a big discount - those fees usually are what pushes a place over my budget since they don't incorporate them in the search. Kinda dumb, really.
Always highlight your reviews show you are a clean considerate guest
People are happy to discount for less drama normally
Them being โ€œoffendedโ€ is also a negotiation tactic. Just be polite and assume some wonโ€™t take you up on the reduced prices.
For people that don't read general channel, airbnb just updated their cancellation policy :D
What are the changes?
They extended the free cancelation period until 31 May
For me (on a trip between May 15-22 with a strict cancellation policy) AirBnB is allowing a choice between a 50% cash refund or 100% credit good until December 2021. Iโ€™m going with the credit since I know for sure Iโ€™ll be using it, baring AirBnB going out of business in the meantime.
Same, and I also was able to get a discount in Toronto by asking the host.
Airbnb is running out of cash :-/
Hence the credit crap
I got full cash refunds
They gonna get a bailout?
(he says, half jokingly)
They suspended hires, put marketing to zero.
And are in cash conservation mode
Hope they manage to pull through, housing is already hard enough to find in some countries. I donโ€™t mind hotels, but I like having a full apartment and kitchen if Iโ€™m staying somewhere for months.
Theyโ€™ll make it. This is a cash burn measure
and maybe this opens the door to some competition, no?
Likely not
Thatโ€™s why Airbnb are giving the refunds etc. They become the โ€œsafeโ€ company with even more brand loyalty because everyone knows they refunded people
I seems like Airbnb is the only platform where I can make an offer for a place and negotiate. I want it to survive just for that
I don't know, the few competitors they have seem to be crap. I think it's name recognition and that is not going to change for a while.
Plus with all the horror stories their customer service is still OK.
Plus I feel like it's relatively easy to start it back up from "hibernation". It's not like an airline that requires a ton of stuff and know-how, it's a glorified accommodation facebook.
But to be honest I've only ever had very slight issues 2 times out of ~50 bookings.
Read in an article their average spend per employee is $169k, 80% more than booking, if things continue to go bad their way there will likely be some layoffs
Airbnb contributed to a handful of open-sources projects that are game changers in the data engineering world so Iโ€™d be sad to see them go
I'm excited about FairBnb. It is only in a few cities - pretty bad time to launch!
airbnb seems to have a thriving engineering culture, they have contributed to tons of open source projects in frontend engineering as well
it's the market strategy people/cities have a problem with
What issues do people have with the market strategy?
I know when I lived in San Diego, people were pissed that Airbnb was making it harder for people to find places to buy
well, that pretty much, streets of barcelona have "fuck airbnb" painted all over the city
makes it harder for locals to buy/rent, especially in cities with huge numbers of tourists
That's pretty much everywhere
Airbnb's core idea is nice, but as everything that can have profitability it's going to be used and abused
it's the dont ask for permission, ask for forgiveness strategy, same as uber, they went to cities not caring about regulations, good way to win market share, but I guess they didn't envision how much it could affect local economies
honestly, those complaints should go away for a long time
the economic damage should mean that people arenโ€™t able to rent as much
and so airbnb dollars will be more important
Anyone who knows about real estate, do you think it might be good time to buy an apartment? I'm thinking with economy tanking the prices and mortgages might be better ๐Ÿค”
Interest rates are certainly lower shrugskin-tone-4
epic naming, that copywriter killed it xD
logic says that there's gonna be way more offer (ppl needing liquid, airbnb apts, old people who died and left inheritances...) and when offer grows fast, prices go down fast, together with lower interest rates, should make sense, but we'll see what's the reality
I was wondering about that. After the Great Plagues in Europe, that opened up a lot of space for workers to get better rights and benefits
and regarrding airbnb, I don't have a strong opinion against their strategy, but the problem is not only that prices go up and some people can't afford the rent, it basically gentrifies entire neighbourhoods and these neighbourhoods completely lose what made them worth visiting in the first place, so it destroy them for everyone. I live in bcn and there are full ghost neighbourhoods now (not just because of lockdown, but empty buildings). not only rents go up but the sort of businesses change too, my street used to have many old restaurants now it's full of bike rentals and french brunch with 5โ‚ฌ croissants (that suck)
so in a way, it's a cancer for the city
lol I hope they don't get sued. It's a really important idea - providing housing in an ethical way, with all the money going to the homeowners instead of a huge cut to corporate HQ
oh, and not to talk about the huge problems of coexistence (we get a lot of drunk low quality tourism in bcn) + lot's of tax evasion both by airbnb and by hosts
Ugh my house in Genova now is almost impossible to get sleep since a bunch of flats in the neighboring building are now rented out to drunken tourists every day of the week
is there some sort of monthly cap per host or per room/apt
It has been a year since I signed up for it so I don't remember any details, just that they were intent on NOT destroying cities how Airbnb is doing
I donโ€™t see how ABNB could up their prices with less demand and higher price sensitivity?
If you can buy and you want to buy and you have the confidence in your ability to earn income for the next 1-3 years, then yeah go for it
For people with capital, the next 1-3 years is a great time to invest in things I would bet
But all investments carry risk of course
what does this answer to? (i'm confuused)
They've done some great frontend web work as well
Yeah, with all this going around was just thinking that might be good to have your own safe place, and looking at stuff seems like mortgage would be about the same as renting something long term, so it seems like current times (or maybe in next couple times) might be good to go for some big investments like this
so what will you do with it once this is over and life normalizes?
depending on where you are it seems like there are a lot of logistics that would be super problematic in the middle of a pandemic
like.. seeing the house, loan meetings, all the paperwork, home inspection, furnishing it, any immediate work that needs to be done on it, etc
Theyโ€™re doing virtual closings now
And drive through loans
I have a client that runs a real estate company as a digital nomad... all of their processes are virtual
Not all states allow closing without in person from my understanding
I would advise not investing in real estate unless your time and energy is worth very little
But now is looking like such a good time for it that I find myself tempted despite knowing better
I will be fine having it for spending summers for sun tanning and so on and if I'm not around can stay for long term. Doing some calculations it doesn't seem like it would be too much of financial burden to just keep it for then I want to use it (especially as some of my friends/parent are nearby and can just look after it if something needed).
Depends on the place it seems like it complicated doing paperwork and stuff but a lot of places seem to start going with "go to the place, we remote open it and during the call will answer all your questions while you are checking out the place" and to look over the places will not be a big problem as it will be a good chance to go for a motorbike ride.
also, what's the alternative? You wouldn't put all your wealth into risky assets
I might
you seek risk and are willing to "gamble" for a higher return, or you don't want to deal with RE problems
Are you seeing good deals?
If youโ€™re an airbnb host this news seems nice โ€œAirbnb has decided to set up funds to partially pay hosts for cancelled bookings. According to them, any eligible booking made on or before 14 March with an arrival date between 14 March and 31 May, will receive 25% of what would have been received according to the cancellation policy.โ€
Well it's not like the whole wealth, need to do calculations but if you have a good summer (beach time) just spending a couple of months in my own place would probably pay up for whole year of it, because airbnb is usually 500-1000โ‚ฌ and Europe get's expensive during summer so might be even more, and in my country I could probably get a place which including morgtage+eletric+etc would maybe be 300โ‚ฌ per month ๐Ÿค”
really? that seems very cheap
I think in Budapest for anything I would want to live in I would need to pay at least โ‚ฌ500 for the mortgage and utilities on top of that
and that's if it's a 15 or 20 year loan
but the housing market like everywhere went craaazy here between like 2012 or 2013 and 2019
I'm talking prices going up by a factor or 2, 3 even 4 in some cases
so someone who got a nice little apartment downtown for like ~40-50kโ‚ฌ back then now has a place that before the crisis was "worth" 150k
I looked at some places out of curiosity the other day and I'm very picky so there is nothing for less than ~160kโ‚ฌ that I would be happy to buy ๐Ÿ˜…
Yeah, for 100k+ I would probably take an apartment in the skycrapper, but I'm seeing places I would be good with for 25-40k, should maybe expand my search to other areas. Also it seems like apartments are not popular right now, because everyone is going for houses (so they could let their kids run around and stuff if corona locks everything down).
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