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that is true
just called a pretentious fake ๐Ÿ™
That is a very specific accusation. I am intrigued by where they came up with the dogshit. Have they said similar things about other people or were you special?
I cannot even process the horror stories I read hereโ€ฆin which countries do these things happen?
Another poop-related topic who here would stay in an AirBnb tiny house / RV that used a (well-maintained) composting toilet? I know I would, but I've become a tiny house obsessive so I may not be exactly the target market .
Mine was a genuine โ“ I wanna know what kind of people are those, do all their reviews look ok, did they seem normal on checking, did you ask for too much (huge discount, and then too many extras) and due to poor social skills they decided a social revenge is a thing, or cultural differences, etc. It sounds like the majority of stories here. Probably the normal ones are not so interesting to share, but still.
Mine didnโ€™t really care at all about much during check in. Just gave the key and wifi and that was it. They were students obviously just trying to make some money with the room but didnโ€™t have any interest in actually considering that there were other people in the flat. In my opinion, if youโ€™re charging people for staying at your place, you should make some kind of effort to be considerate of them being there.

I did leave early so that was the trigger for them obviously, but I got a refund so I was within my rights as a guest (according to Airbnb at least). But yeah, leaving was the thing in this case and they just seemed very certain that because I left I somehow fucked up their relationship with Airbnb..? Which I donโ€™t think was the case but they seemed to believe so.

I really wish Airbnb had a way to filter reviews based on the lenght of stay in places. I think that this place for example is fine for 2-3 days if you go out every night but not if you stay any longer or want to use the facilites at all.
Yeah in my case they rented an obviously old and tired property (the water heater couldnโ€™t be trusted to stay on, it had to be turned off every time you werenโ€™t using it. There were retrofitted cables and switches strewn everywhere. Wardrobes had been built around light switches as an afterthought)

I think they were just wanting to get a ton of cash for a place that was worth maybe 1/3 of what they listed it for
Iโ€™m just curious where they think I got a dog from
misleading photos or did you just decide to not be as fancy as normal? ๐Ÿ˜›
that second story was so crazy, i remember that!
yeah, it was psycho.
i kinda wish i'd saved the review he wrote just to trot it out as an example of crazy
I think Iโ€™m going to get a bad review at this place. It comes with a weekly cleaner and I literally got photos of the โ€œmessโ€ I left behind the first time the cleaner came with detailed commentary about how that was the wrong way to do things. This in addition to like 2 dozen โ€œrulesโ€ for the apartment, half of which were presented _after_ check-inโ€ฆ

Now sheโ€™s mad at me for wanting to duvet cover cleaned ever during a 5 week stay. Who leaves a silk duvet cover on for airbnb guests? Yea, that shit is dry-clean only which is why itโ€™s stupid. Sheโ€™s lucky I asked about a laundry service cos Iโ€™m lazy and didnโ€™t just chuck it in the washer because I would not have thought to check if it was silk. It is not soft _at all._

Iโ€™m mostly grumpy because she got all condescending with me about it and was like โ€œIโ€™ve traveled all over as an international lawyer, Iโ€™ve learned hotels donโ€™t even clean their duvet coversโ€ a) gross and b) thatโ€™s cute but Iโ€™ve been renting _apartments_ all over the worldโ€ฆand people either clean stuff or make it so you can clean it.

I just donโ€™t get when people clearly donโ€™t actually want anyone feeling comfortable in their homes but decide to be on Airbnb anyway. So glad I kept all the communication on AirBnB so when the nasty review happens, I can ask Airbnb to remove it. ๐Ÿ™„
the downside of airbnb being popular
> I just donโ€™t get when people clearly donโ€™t actually want anyone feeling comfortable in their homes but decide to be on Airbnb anyway.
also economic stress
a friend rented a shared place in cdmx, the woman who owned it (or just had been renting it in her name for years?) was like late 30s and very obviously bitter that she was at a place in her late 30s that she still needed to rent out the other rooms to pay the rent
but she rented 3 rooms to foreigners consistently, then would get drunk with us and just fucking moan about things that stemmed from "i HATE having people in my space"
like, she talked about how she tries to find roommates who never spend time at home and was originally so upset that my buddy worked from home because that meant he had the nerve to do things like cook lunch or use the bathroom during the day
"but now i likes him so it's ok haha"
but that sounds like a nightmare mvckoswajcdnmfk especially because that probably means the duvet cover wasn't washed between guests ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
i always thought the whole shared room thing was kind of like a hostel situation ๐Ÿ˜›
it's a grab bag haha
people who have an apartment and want money but REALLY don't want guests
i've really only used airbnb to "rent the whole place"
people who probably would enjoy having a couchsurfing guest but also want money and don't that amount of free time
and then yeah, basically hostels
#2 is my favorite, have had some really good experiences where hosts rent out an extra room or two and are just super friendly/excited about travel/giving tips/maybe hanging out at some point
sounds like people lacking basic ideas about hospitality becoming hosts nowadaysโ€ฆ
because they don't see themselves as hosts. they see you as someone paying them to stay there and once they hand over the keys and you pay, it's done. anything above that gets them annoyed.
Oh lord, sounds like my neat freak landlady in Santiago. She wasn't on Airbnb at the time I rented, hope she isn't on there now
It's like if you can't be a little flexible, you should not be in the business
Meanwhile, my dad has converted a property to airbnb
I visited in the middle of winter and he was sitting there with all the doors and windows open, with the heat on full blast, fretting that it might not be warm enough if the visitors didnโ€™t understand to close doors, and thinking maybe he should spend a few grand more on extra heating just in case they were cold and didnโ€™t have a perfect experience
_with all the doors open_โ€ฆ.. _in ireland_โ€ฆ _in winter_โ€ฆ
My airbnb host in Colorado last time actually put suggested playlists on for me before I arrived, which I thought was nice
haha that's wild vzlfdsocoo
The problem is everyone just leaves these 5 reviews no matter what
and so it ends up sucking because nobody is honest much
i'm not a picky guest, but my airbnb host in palermo left arancini and cannoli for me "because i was arriving late and might not want to go out to find food" and no matter what happened for the rest of my stay he was getting 5 stars hahah
yeah that's the problem when reviews are directly tied to you and your public profile
you can't really be that honest
hwcuzycx she claims it wasโ€ฆ.but I am pretty damn skeptical. And this is not a shared place. I generally rent the entire place so I donโ€™t have to deal with other people.
same haha
also same
i don't mind the dealing with people on vacation, but like i'm working.. fuck that
only place i've shared really is mexico city because $$
Try London ๐Ÿ˜ญ
100% agreed. Unless theyโ€™re a super close friend and even thenโ€ฆshort termโ€ฆ
I totally get you, U03NCNN43. I really do.
Soooo my Airbnb host starting tomorrow hasn't messaged me yet about check in and it's nearly 3pm so basically I get there in 24hr
man, it is bitch about airbnb week...
lol yeah. My standard practice now is to message the host 3 days before my arrival. Previous bad checkin experiences made me do that.
Yeah Iโ€™ve started doing the 3 days ahead thing, quite a few experiences sitting in front of a house/apartment building waiting for check-in instructions despite messaging them 24 hours ahead.
Well actually it seems like airbnb doesn't show check in instructions anymore right after you book, now you have to check the app couple days before your check in to see that info ๐Ÿ˜•
Yeah most of those times were where the instructions were โ€œMeet the host at the front to get the keyโ€, and they donโ€™t show up for an hour or so.
I'm absolutely done with AirBnB. They've lost the added value they used to have over hotels. Now hotels are competitive and their stuff is actually good. AirBnB is all about the pictures but everything's made out of plastic ikea. And they don't have any options if anything doesn't work for you. You can request a room change at a hotel.
But what if you need a kitchen? Somewhere to cook your own food? Truth is that competition made hotels cheaper in the first place, and gives us multiple choices. Not all AirBnBs are plastic Ikea either, just most of them :smile:

EDIT I would love to see a platform for monthly rentals only in the future though, only for working travellers like us.
Yeah my biggest reason for Airbnbs is kitchen and longer than 28 day stays without having to check out and in again
yea we have and never will do hotels because kitchen
That hasn't been my experience at all. That being said I do wonder if the likely IPO this year will push a homogenization of experience.

And I'm in the camp that needs a proper kitchen when they travel.
The AirBnB online community for hosts makes for fascinating reading, y'all. And your guest sign-in will work, although you don't need to sign in just to read.
qhwotpyuymcypikdb Yeah, I can't believe how many problems they seem to have all the time. Doesn't match my experience _at all_, a lot are being totally unreasonable
hrujylzagwpjjuvcb You might enjoy lurking on www.reddit.com/r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk as well (same kind of stories but from hotel FDAs, who often have to deal with far worse)
honestly, though, if I ever do become a host, I'll be using the "Request To Book" option, so I can read reviews before I allow them in. Also, I have a feeling that the type of property I'm thinking of will scare off a lot of high-maintenance, entitled types.
omg that subreddit looks scary but fascinating
I've always used instant book as a host, for years with basically no problems
It seems to really depend on what area you're in
Most of my guests were students & families visiting Harvard or MIT
If you're in more of a party zone that might be tougher
I believe the bigger they get and IPO-wise they will likely trend to working more with property management companies(such as the luckey acquisition), individual hosts might have too much fluctuation and they will prefer to cooperate with property management
I also prefer hotels because often the cost of a full place airbnb with all fees is about the same as a cheap hotel and I don't use kitchens as much
more AirBnB nerd goodness www.airdna.co/ I am enjoying this far too much.
I usually stay somewhere long enough to want to call it home, and a hotel just isn't that for me. But on a short stay, yeah, gimme a hotel so I don't have to deal with the AirBNB hassle
zvswqgcwkowi the do not disturb sign is my friend
I've also had very few negative experiences on Airbnb (living in them full time for ~2 years and using heavily as both a guest and host for several years before that), but I'm obsessive about reading reviews. Especially reading/looking between the lines -- are there no photos of the bathroom? Hmm, why not.... Are there a ton a reviews but none of them say anything nice about the wifi? Probably it won't be fast enough for me... etc
duuvuqnnev I do love the DND sign but I never fully trust it... also I worked at the front desk of a hotel right after college and (at least there, big chain hotel in a large US city) they had strict rules about how long a guest could leave the DND sign up before management would enter the room anyway (after calling first, but still). There the limit was three days... it had to do with concerns about suicides etc
Why is it so important that nobody cleans?
3 days seems like long enough
I'm guessing it's concerns not related to cleaning, as she said, suicides
Or some illegal activity or substance maybe
^yeah exactly -- basically if a guest was locked down in a room for more than 3 days with the DND sign up around the clock, management would start to get suspicious and would enter the room to see what sort of crazy or horrible thing might be happening/have happened in their hotel
ijxjdpqcv I don't really cook in AirBnBs... there kitchenware & oven is usually a joke - "just for looks" - at least here in Europe. And I do carry around my own teas & olive oil & salt stuff in hotels ๐Ÿ˜† I can cook an avocado toast anywhere! ๐Ÿฅ‘
A portal to the underworld might have been left open :-) seriously speaking, though, I get it
And I opt out of daily cleaning
People do weird shit at hotels, I'm surprised there aren't even worse cases in Airbnb
Oh, I'm sure there are Stories
I prefer honest reviews, otherwise all listings will be 5 stars
There was an article about an AirBNB host in NYC that came back to an apartment that had a live orgy in progress.... and we were not able to check into one in Medellin one time bc the party before us trashed the place.. cocaine everywhere, pillows slashed, stains on everything...
Yeah stories like that you don't see as many because Airbnb hosts are usually responsible for their properties and they wouldn't leak the stories because they are incentivized not to, while hotels have tons of employees that can gossip or leak info anonymously
husjhealmmrzlscsd I think with instant booking you can cancel reservation without any penalties (if for some reason you read reviews and decide you don't like them)
Good thought... I'll verify that if I wind up hosting.
That's in Swellendam? I've stayed in Swellendam before, and that was not the vibe I got!
Looks like a departing intern in on the loose ๐Ÿคฃ
I hope thatโ€™s a picture of the hosts and itโ€™s a shared house situation ๐Ÿ˜‰
the strange thing is that I've never heard before of Swellendam and surely never looked it up on Airbnb or Google ๐Ÿ˜‚
xguvwkfkvksywfblv Just out of curiosity watched a bunch of videos from this channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCXaGl7DGyzvVXDwyyBoE0Gw if you decide to start hosting might be good to check them over, has good info
I'm probably for the first time in an airbnb which gives you two sets of keys to get in (and I only booked for single person), unicorns do exist ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ˜„
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