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You could take a look at regular rentals with break clauses. At least until not long ago a significant chunk of rental contracts would be annual with an option to break it midway. Finding such place would be difficult as most places wouldn't include information about break clauses in the ad, you wouldn't have an easy way to rent in the UK without local credit history, and it's not easy to find pet friendly places in the first place. But maybe worth a shot
At least as a new yorker you might not be as horrified by london prices but Airbnb is one of the easiest but so much $$$$ to live _anywhere_ decent.
garlibe 24d
When I was searching I used SpareRoom as well
Long-term might not be an option if you don't have the right to live in UK long-term, I belive landlords need to chech that now
Spareroom is certainly the cheapest, although 6 months is quite long for a sublet and it might be a bit early
A lot of the agencies (including Foxtons...) do offer short lets as well on their site. Not the cheapest, but much better than AirBnB. I'd recommend looking through Zoopla and Rightmove for them
But yeah, pet-friendly makes this even harder
Gumtree is also full of short term lets but it's also a wasteland of dodgy landlords / terrible accommodation. You have no protections at all using that site
dekim24 24d
I've seen shorter term rentals on Spareroom, like people who are leaving a lease a few months early and just need to fill a spot
dekim24 24d
Also when I previously had a 3 month assignment my company used the service London Shared (if you're open to share houses), normally short term leases are against policy but they negotiated somehow
dekim24 24d
Maybe you would need to pay some extra % on rent or something
Perhaps try an agent like Foxton’s for furnished rental
izzyvix 24d
Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m thinking I may have to work with an agent and pay the extra cost.
alexp 23d
you can also check| It’s more expensive than renting a flat but less expensive than an Airbnb. This service is for people like you that want a mid-term solution without any stress.
jhabreu 19d
Hi everyone!
Any suggestions for the best neighborhood to stay in Madrid?
Looking for an entire place for 2/ airbnb.
Thank you all!
kethle 19d
I wish they would make balcony an amenity/filter. End up spending lots of time speed scrolling through slow loading galleries.

Wifi rating would be great but it seems like it would hurt their bottom line if hosts had another reason to hesitate due to a subjective score.
abidaleth 18d
any suggestions for best moving companies in Europe?
moving my stuff from Amsterdam to Barcelona!
Is anyone looking for a place during carnival next year in Rio?
loubou 18d
My favourite area used to be Malasaña but it has been a while since I‘ve been in Madrid.
Hi here! Do you have any recommendations on medium/long-term house rental websites? (beyond Airbnb)
It really depends on the location. Do you have anywhere in mind ?
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hey! I was wondering if you guys still pay for the house in your hometown or just let it go, pack your stuff to luggage, and travel?
I let mine go. I'm 100% a resident in my RV. I kept some things in a storage unit that I didn't want to carry around the world but didn't want to get rid of.
detour888 10d
Get a storage unit if you really have some stuff you don’t want to get rid of. No point in paying double rent around the world.
I let mine go as well. I pay for a storage unit as well. To be honest though, I kinda wish I’d just thrown all that stuff away. I’ve never once needed any of it (don’t even remember what’s there now) and they keep raising the storage fees on me. I’d have to go back to clear everything out though and never get around to it.

The only thing I really couldn’t throw away was a few important legal documents like my birth certificate, and those would probably be better left with a trusted family member or lawyer.
Hey all! Planning my 2023 nomading year (first time) and I'm a bit unsure about where to stay:
• Coliving I find it convenient, cheap for all they give you, and they make meeting people easy. Thing is, I'm nomading in a kind of "introspective" mood and that requires lonely time, while I get the feeling a coliving is meant to stay in the group most of the time. I'm a bit concerned that would make me feel less free or compromise my self-space.
• Airbnb or similar Considering extra costs of co-working, gym, etc it's definitely more expensive (not sure about wifi connection). But not tight to a group and I can decide when to socialize.
What would you folks do? Any experience on coliving? 🙂
Every time I've looked at coliving prices, they were way higher than getting an Airbnb + coworking, so I'm not sure that's a valid argument. But YMMV I guess
qsmbvrazkkfxvwwe I'm more concerned about the potential feeling of no freedom in a coliving than price, honestly. What are your thoughts and experience on that, considering my point above?
if you’re not concerned about price then you’re exactly the target group for all colivings started in the past 3 years
With that co living arrangement do you have a private bedroom? For alone time you could always chill there or go to cafes on your own to get away from everybody. It’s really easy to be (and feel) alone in a city of millions. I’ve looked into some and I didn’t see any rules where you have to hangout with everybody all the time. I know you have to book co living arrangements ahead of time but the best choice might be to just try it for a month and see if you hate it or not and then plan out the rest of your travels
coliving absolutely doesn't require nor even expect participation all the time, though you might get sidelined if you don't participate however it rather depends on the space, as some have weekly plan making which is one's opportunity to opt-in or out; others are less organised, and some even claim to be coliving when they're not

I personally like the unplanned morning chats over coffee and croissants that happen, and ad-hoc plans made by splinter groups when things align rather than as planned on a board, but the plans for things like going to a resto or a bigger hike and games are great to have planned as it holds one to a good routine and ensure there's a nice group size 🙂 regardless the whole group of residents are rarely together all at once, except maybe a weekly 'family' meal

I'm intrigued by your perception of cost, almost everyone agrees it is more expensive, yet if you do measure the value-add then yes it can be perceived as good value :wink:

cost comaprison with rental + coworking for community are not equivalent as coliving brings routine interactions that aren't just involving work that coworking cannot in the same way, however it's true this doesn't suit everyone, and also that some coworking spaces do somewhat cross into (e.g. Bansko, I gather)
I should add that I often plan my routines aroudn times when others are less liekly to be around, e.g. starting the day early and eating lunch late, this results in better quality interactions 😄 and retains the ability to focus for example on work, however you really can't be in a community space and not be part of it at the same time!
arti 9d
I’m looking for a hotel/retreat/anythings else to stay for 1-2 month anywhere in the world that will have:
• 14C+ degrees in Jan/Feb
• Gym
• Sauna/bathtub
• Good quality food accessible
• Wi-Fi
• (optionally) Massage service available
• (optionally) Access to a physiotherapist
Basically a place to spend time focused on my fitness goals in an environment with low friction to train well, eat well, rest well 😊 Any recommendations?

Thanks for all feedback 👌 wwwxtadhby nacpgpljfpyitxa very helpful for me that you shared your experiences. I'll probably start with 1 month coliving and 1 month airbnb+coworking and see how it goes!
Hi everyone! Does anyone know a good site for finding places to live in NYC?
There is an app called PADMAPPER which works across North America. I've used it in NYC.
whkdfyckrtqu Do post about it. 😉 I think coliving is mis-imagined by many, however is definitely best suited for most people as a stint (2 weeks–2 months) rather than something longer, I love spending time in my own place and then changing things up at a coliving. An alternative to both of these is a gap in flatshare, i.e. somebody who's away. But as the community in these is tiny and not always functional it's harder to find them. Once upon a time Couchsurfing's groups were good.

For anyone more introverted, coliving is a little difficult and tends to stand out but the benefits are clear and fitting in isn't hard because we're all somewhat similar!

I used to run a prototype coliving a long time ago and am planning another — one of the things that I want to address is the fact that the spaces usually can only have one mood at a time, e.g. lively versus quiet. A very few spaces have two workspaces, one being focussed the other chatty (but most don't even have a dedicated one, and not even a bedroom desk so just like AirBnBs one has to check, though is rather more likely at a clearly nomad coliving!). Multiple spaces is awesome, would be even better if it applied to a living room and library too rather than pushing folks to their bedrooms which is anathema to the principle of coliving…
django 8d
Did you ever do this? I was thinking of doing something similar!
django 8d
Has anyone tried group booking AirBnBs with other Nomads? You can get 5-bedroom luxury villas for less than $800 per month each in amazing places all over the world. I tried it once with friends in Turkey…has anyone else tried this? So much cheaper when you share!
Nope but I'd be super interested in this.
django 8d
It’s crazy. 1 bed flats in medellin or rio are upwards of $1k, but 6 person mansions are like $4k total…I just don’t have enough nomad friends to fill them hahaha
Once you have the nomad friends the next problem will be agreeing on dates 😄
django 8d
yeh true, so tough. i guess this is why coliving exists. but it’s so much more expensive than group booking airbnbs…i wonder if there’s any solutions to this
More expensive but easier to coordinate since only you as a single person need to agree on a date. If you find a solution, let me know 😄
django 8d
Yup you’re right. i am looking but can’t find any. thought maybe nomadlist would have a feature but doesn’t seem to
you could rent it all yourself and airbnb the rooms? 😛
try streateasy for long-term
there are also quite a few colving options like outpost, coliving . com, roomrs . co
i personally airbnb currently as im staying short-term and didn't want to go thru the hassle of signing a lease/agreement
lmk if you need tips on hoods, been living here for a while now!
django 8d
Risk! 😆
So is life man! Haha
I love the idea btw
michele 8d
When do you go to Rio?
django 8d
I was there for 2 months earlier this year U02ENGH6L5U. Was amazing. You thinking of going?
sf1988 8d
I worked once on a startup where we tried to create trips for groups. You created a trip containing date, destination and then our software helped finding people to share. Maybe it's now the right time 🙂
sf1988 8d
but the problem here is still trust and good matches
sf1988 8d
I found on facebook people who booked villas and send searched for people to share.
Hi. Can anyone share contacts of a good English speaking realtor in/around Barcelona?
django 7d
wdknwotr that’s so interesting…i agree trust is the hardest part. I’m not sure I would trust strangers for that length of time…show us the software tho haha i’ll give you feedback
tell me more
are there any better alternatives to selina in latam?
sf1988 5d
that software is dead already :smile:because of the reason you mentioned lltyqpti 😄
sf1988 5d
Hey guys, what are the main reasons for you not to share an airbnb with other nomads and what would help you to feel more comfortable to do so?
Got rid of it all but keep a $20 storage unit, its just big enough to hold what I don't want to get rid of.
I travel with 2 dogs that I'm very protective of. If the nomad was dog savvy and gentle/respectful with dogs, I would consider sharing space with them but I would have to screen heavily to feel comfortable.
Logistics of organizing it
In my experience a two bedroom AirBnB isn't really cheaper than a room in a shared AirBnB. In fact, I usually end up paying more if I wanna share with a nomad friend as opposed to just getting a room for myself
(people who are comfortable sharing with a stranger nomad are probably also comfortable sharing with a stranger host, especially if there are lots of good reviews)
You could also try messaging places that don't have pet friendly as an amenity and seeing if they would make an exception, this has worked for me in the past!
This message was deleted.
django 5d
Need some kind of vetting process. I like monthly stays - that’s a long time to be trapped with a bad housemate haha. qdegxmxlgpfchvxm 2 people isn’t that much cheaper, but 6 people is nearly half the price per room. Declines a lot after 3-4 people
maudfri 5d
Hey! if that can help, last booking charge I had on a credit card statement, for an order made in France for an hotel in europe was “Carte DD/MM/YY Hotel on Booking. CBXXXX” - Place Amsterdam - Transaction type Internet Payment
Okay, sure, but what are the odds of getting 6 random nomads together for the exact same dates? At that point it's really a lot of work organising it, so someone will want to be paid for it and for taking the risks associated with it. At that point you're basically just reinventing coliving, no?
django 5d
yup the dates issue is true. it’s different to coliving tho. private apartment with set dates, not a random assortment of transient guests. if you could coordinate it would be the best of both worlds i think, but agree its v hard to
sun_mir 5d
The absence of privacy (usually)
A possibility of bad housemates
Necessity to share bathrooms (sometimes)
I think the way to do it is to find a good place with a relaxed cancelation policy. book it 4-5 months out, then try to recruit people and if it doesn’t work, you can cancel the place few weeks before
sf1988 4d
Taking the risk of renting it out for strangers does not seem to be solvable with software as well as bad behaviour, yeah. Thank you for your thoughts
django 4d
There are many people that houseshare already - spareroom, even booking single rooms with hosts on airbnb means you share with strangers. Think with a good lead up time and a strong vetting process it’s possible…maybe…could have a “party lead” who is responsible for dealing with bad behaviour? just some ideas
Has anyone experience with great coliving? I’m considering remote year- Noma - they seem kind of overpriced but I wonder if it it would be a good community- any experiences?
Or other suggestions for housing!
Noma in Portugal? They're one of the more affordable in Europe. Coliving (for nomads) is at a premium over other accom, so yes overpriced comparatively, but even still you're paying for some convenience too. If you're staying longer, it is cheaper to find a rental or sublet.

If I remember Noma is a couple of connected villas rather than a single space, so is probably a good bet if you don't always want to be dragged into the group. Generally I recommend coliving as an easy way to get to know an area amongst other great folks, for which well managed spaces are indeed "great", and Noma sounds like one so I guess this would be your definition. 🙂 I know plenty of people who stay in colivings exclusively, but that's a bit much for some folks (both cost and socialising!).

Others over here, though I've not updated for a while and I see Noma's prices have gone up since they started(!). Watch out for workspace and community facilitation. />
For other suggestions you need to elucidate on duration, region and budget. 😉
Anyone a member of outsite? Interested in hearing a bit about the experience.
Yes but only ever used the subscription "once" in Madeira
so you dont need the subscription to book? do you feel like the subscription is worth it?
pelensky 20h
I just joined yesterday - staying at the Outsite in San Juan Del Sur for 2 weeks starting Sunday!

No opinions as of yet, but can let you know in a few days 👍
Please do!
I’m interested to hear about people’s experiences as well!
rhythmrye 18h
If helpful, I stayed|here in Oaxaca last December, it was excellent
django 18h
Would love to hear more. What’s the benefit of the membership?
The subscription was / is compulsory to book anything. It's an entrance fee to the booking portal. Stupid idea i think but really wanted to stay. The place was gorgeous and the location beyond perfect. Can't speak for any other locations although the other Portugal local looks incredible too (for surf). The manager was good and listened to problems. Internet was perfect. Kitchen huge. Was a great cowork
Curious where you stayed if you don’t mind sharing!
Madeira - Ponta Do Sol. Nomad paradise
django 18h
thanks toydqucczcgliczd the places seem beautiful, but more expensive than your average coliving. I’d try it if it wasn’t for the membership fee…
Yeah it's stupid. I only did it because i split the entire cost with my GF
I’d do the same! Makes so much more sense when splitting it with someone!
I subscribed to their newsletter months ago and it seems like they do/offer some added amenities (on and off site). It feels like they are building a community rather than just hosting nomads who are coming and going. I am looking for something more vetted, and this seems like it could be an option. I do wish they had more locations.
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