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I'd like a place to take down my dog for a walk so definitely an influencing factor.

Prague is pretty!
I live in downtown Toronto and I think it's a fantastic walking city (at least for half the year when it's not freezing outside). Within 10 mins you have food options, groceries, open spaces, etc.
There are also a decent amount off-leash dog parks.
not sure anyone would be interested, but I did a quick writeup on my personal blogof all my housing costs last year, first without having a fixed residence, and compared to previous years paying rent
Yes! ๐Ÿ‘€
there you go(shameless plug)
TBH I was expecting a bigger difference, considering you stayed in pricey cities. Thanks for sharing!
thanks for the comment, tbh I did stay with my parents for around 2.5-3 months each year so that changes data a bit
qbwuwrxgx Thanks. The post is dated Jan 12, 2021 - I think you meant 2022.
oops, fixed ๐Ÿ˜…
kvfvcubjb there is walkable areas in KL sort of but I agree, it's not that walkable. It was for me because I was living above a mall.
Would you be willing to settle for bikeable?
Great post, thanks for sharing!
When we were on the road we logged every purchase, and I mean everything. What we discovered is that depending where you are at, even if our accommodation costs were higher the total cost was so much lower. In our first 2 years we went from maxed our credit cards to paying off that plus all debt to the tune of $75,000 total and this was without giving up quality of life.

We would often hear people tell us we were throwing money away because we didn't have a house, why spend X amount on rent when you can get X amount of equity. Which IMO is the totally wrong way to think about it, you have to look at the whole picture.
Iโ€™ve thought about the equity/house buying thing for a while, it changes a lot per region, Sweden was a place that it made a lot of sense in buying and Iโ€™ve been looking into buying a place in Barcelona, interest rates are super lows and loans are pretty much free money in that sense, biggest problem is the down payment
certainly it is cheaper long term to rent vs living in airbnbs, while I have spent a little extra I had to lose a month from my deposit twice due to having to leave with a short notice, then thereโ€™s bills and furniture/appliances which I bought and resold later, in the end itโ€™s more expenses but the flexibility is great and could be cheaper if all these things are accounted for
they 100% need guest loyalty, I know lots of people that often find apartments on booking(or local providers) just because they prefer them over airbnb
however a loyalty program like the one that booking has(which can barely be considered one) wouldnโ€™t cut it
they certainly need to up their game specially for the long term stay people|'s loyalty is just 10% off, at least with| you get a free night.
I think it is up 10 - 20% with booking when you're Level 3 - Got an email about that, as I got mysteriously upgraded this week ๐Ÿง
It blows my mind when I go to book an Airbnb and the cleaning fee costs more than my nights stay ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
It costs a lot to make sure you have those 1.5 towels for a 2 week stay.
I was also upgraded just recently for having enough stays in the last two years. I think my number of stays with that site in the last two years wasโ€ฆ one, way back in Jan 2020.
Yeah I really hope they start regulating them. It's insane.
Airbnb is not great for shorter stays (host here) My cleaning fee is almost the same as 1 night (depending on day of the week) as itโ€™s what have to pay my cleaner to come in & clean ($90 in Tennessee), over a week it evens out, but for a short stay a hotel would be better. My rental in the Bay Area the cleaners charges me $200-$350 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
At this point I'd much rather rent a place with no cleaning fee and take an hour of my time to clean to place myself
Mid- to -long term stay options would be epic.
Hi, is there any โ€œnameโ€ of short time renting (e.g. 7 days) places when you can work remotely and be close to nature in peace? Something like home, room in mountains. I have some troubles to find something interesting that focus on people who want do only this. I see many places that for example doesnโ€™t have internet. Any ideas how to find it in google?
Ah, just found it, haha probably it will be โ€œworkationโ€
I don't see how you can simultaniously work and be in peace, but I guess that depends on your definition of being in peace ๐Ÿ˜œ
General 'stay anywhere' search on airbnb and then just map view to remote places works for me.
yhoblsomrtglronr I know what you mean :slightly_smiling_face:

I meant 8 hours work and see nature from window (e.g. mountains) then normal rest and be in peace ๐Ÿ˜„
in Europe at least, youโ€™re often expected to leave the place exactly as you found it in terms of โ€˜cleaning yourselfโ€™ (wash dishes, sweep, vacuum etc) and then the โ€˜cleaning feeโ€™ just covers them changing the bedding, replacing soap etc.
yep, more/better/cheaper long term stays would be my top priority
can you link me to your group nuqoztlrv
Most cities in Europe
I've also heard this referred to as "workation" more than once.
I see 3 and 5 definitely connected
airbnb is a SCAM. Overpriced shitty properties and absolutely no help from airbnb representatives. also. their new cancelation policies does not allow any refunds whatsoever
I live in a log cabin in the mountains with a view of forest and a wood burning stove to keep me toasted. Maybe I should set up my place as a 'workation' when I'm out of town ๐Ÿ˜
I think you're on to something though. I don't mind spending a few days in urban areas but much prefer to spend long term in small towns and rural areas. It'd be nice to have a website for those looking for a productive getaway with great internet in rural communities around the globe.
Not to forget the crazy fee they want nowadays
tgqnbqrt ๐Ÿ’ฏ
From my experience they always provided me a help I needed. What happened to you?
for me it works just fine; saves a lot of time compared to renting through fb groups or through rental agency. of course, there are things that could be improved, i.e customer service
qxiovnrhe yeah right..only if you don't mind living in a shithole
mpoxiki too many stories. they literally can not do anything just by the fact that they ARE NOT THERE. all they can do is to contact host and hope that he will fix the issue. but the truth is that in many cases hosts just don't care and/or give some bullshit excuse
well, that depends on _shitholeness_ definition I'd guess ... I've stayed in some amazing airbnbs and some pretty bad ones. I've been using the platform for ~ 10 years and in that time I've definitely had some great stays. it would be hard to condense experience to single paragraph but some observations:
โ€ข I don't care much about wifi because I'm happy to be working through 4G but when I do care I ask host for a speedtest
โ€ข in some countries like Sri Lanka or Vietnam or some other asian countries airbnb rarely match the picture so usually you have to spend some time in such countries to see the property before renting it :disappointed:
โ€ข reviews are usually overly positive so you need to spend time reviewing the photos closely and reading comments. if they say something was maybe not very good it might have been pretty bad in fact. see how host reacts to comments. if property is from superhost and rated 5 it's usually a strong feature it would be good
โ€ข for long stays haggle with hosts, I've been able to save quite some money on that. some people go off platform but I prefer to stay on the platform
โ€ข for airbnb support call US support reps, number pinned in this channel. usually they can do more over the phone than other offices through other channels
I'm sorry you had bad experience but maybe there was something useful in my post as well
I think there's a tool that lets you pay for someone else to physically verify an Airbnb and there's also Roamer to test an Airbnb's wifi speed.
cgmeexexdhgxlya Hipcamp might be interesting to look at?
Hipcamp is great. I've used it a few times but that is only for off grid style accommodation. Not really a solution for digital nomads looking to get work done.
You're right, looks more rustic and likely without good wifi
kmddzxgyqybq definitely no wifi but in some cases you can use cellular data if you're in a pinch ๐Ÿ˜„
> lets you pay for someone else to physically verify an Airbnb
wow, that could be very useful sometimes. do you know what it's called?
I'm still looking for the best alternatives to Airbnb, especially for mid-to-long term stays.. if anyone knows of other platforms that work in Europe please share ๐Ÿ˜Š
Try theblueground dot com
As both guest and host user at Airbnb, what I also would find great, rather than crypto payments, is being able to earn in Airbnb credit rather than money.
The way I see Airbnb in the future is to facilitate house swapping and trading i.e. given locationqualitytime
I would suggest colivinghotels
Lmao crypto payments, really? Who are that asking that the top suggestion would be crypto payments of all things
lnawsavmndudjb I would bet if they surveyed the average Airbnb user crypto payments wouldn't be #1 - but, this is the average Twitter + Airbnb user, which makes more sense
Yeah true, even still there are a lot of shills on Twitter, any time I mention BTC or ETH I get a bunch of people shilling their latest shitcoin
That being said I've never had any problem with Airbnbs
cleaning fee is often just a way to discourage short stays
yeah I never see anything worthy there, it's pretty much same price as hotels but with fewer insurances
still viable in non-first world countries probably but that's it
Well it's working ๐Ÿ™ƒ
You have to do 1+ months and or negotiate with the host. You can usually get bigger multiple bedroom with airBNB where getting suites with hotels is much harder.
You can get 20-50% discounts at a month
Not sure if this is the right place to post this because this thread seems to be more suited to complaining about Airbnb... whiiiichh is why I'm posting I'm considering an international real estate investment purchase and was interested to know if anyone knows of a bank offering international mortgages in USD. This would be my primary residence, not a buy-to-let type of deal. I'm a US Citizen if that makes a difference. Thanks!
100%. Airbnbs are hard to beat when traveling as a family as 1+ bedrooms + kitchen are nice and it usually costs much more to get that in a hotel. But of course, if you're alone and eating out then hotels might be cheaper. Circumstances are widely different
If you have a SO, a studio hotel room or airBNB is really really hard for extended periods of time. If one person wakes up early and wants to do work and the other wants to sleep in for instance. I would say it is almost a requirement for anything outside of vacations.
> If you have an SO ... is really really hard
and with kid(s) pretty impossible ๐Ÿ˜‚
I once made a mistake of renting studio with a kid and had to take a call in the bathroom :man-facepalming:before switching to a coworking / cafes
Hello! Let's say you wanna stay somewhere for a longer period of time (1 month+). But you have never been there and don't know if you will like it. Will you book online or just stay somewhere for a couple of days and then search locally? I was just thinking about arriving somewhere I can't enjoy (or work effectively) and then being in a dilemma because I already paid all that money.
tgvflljlwejqm I would always do a few days at a hotel and search locally and there have been situations I left.
I have done up to a week if I am going to do 3 months.
Ok, that makes sense. Have you ever had problems finding a good place during peak season? Maybe I just think too much about what could go wrong, again ๐Ÿ™‚
No, but I would always try to lead peak seasons, showing up at peak season is a vacationer thing, I would go a month before.
You can always leave and go somewhere else.
I do not want to be somewhere at peak season, but if I stay long enough it will just happenโ€ฆ but yes, we will always find places that are not so crowded.
Peak season is usually peak season for a reason, best weather etc.. so there is an advantage to going early and then being somewhere through peak.
Let's say I want to get a decent 1 bedroom private apt. What are the best places to look for something like that? Thanks!
Recently had a break into my Airbnb where they stole 2 laptops. Another guest opened the main gate for the thief. How do you prepare against something like this? I was thinking of getting a place with a safety lock box but many air b n bs don't have this. Any advice appreciated! (This was in Playa del Carmen Mexico)
I guess that depends on which country you're looking in ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Some AirBnbs do have lockboxes so could be worth asking the host (ours has one where we store our passports and extra cash). I also have a cable and lock that I use to secure my backpack (it's cut proof) with my laptop every time I leave the apartment. My girlfriend laughs at me for doing it literally every time no matter how long we're gone for. But my hope is it helps deter someone. I also pull all the shades before leaving too so there's no way to look inside.
Also perhaps looking for top floor apartments opposed to ones closer to ground level might also help deter someone
Thanks for the tips fvxcuvmqgogn Can you send an example of the lock you use for the backpack?
No idea if it is good or not, Macs used to come built with hardware tracking but I don't think they do anymore
Windows has a find my device service now as well, which might work if the theif is dumb.
Pacsafe portable safe bag.

Generally wrap it around anything stable in the apartment
Crap. Can't post links yet. I'll DM the cable lock combo I use
and probably not around a leg of a table like they show in one of those photos.
Ya I usually do through the bed frame or plumbing pipes etc.
Best to ask in the #spain channel I think or search through it, I'm sure it's a frequent question ๐Ÿ™‚
Same with the plumbing pipes. Pretty reliable in any place you're staying
ssxvuub Is there a size that works for your laptop? Checking the bags now
Mine sis the 12l I think. They post the dimensions on the site. Mine holds a lot of stuff. Laptop, iPad, m4/3 camera, headphones.
USD โ”€ $
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