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roger 3mo
1. Based on priorities (which will obviously be personal). Working on a ranked list of the top 10 most important aspects of a location can help reveal this (e.g. nature, restaurants, safety, etc.)
2. I rely a lot on reading AirBnB reviews because if a neighborhood is great vs. it sucks itโ€™ll usually impact the scores and show up in the comments. To keep costs and work distractions down I try for longer AirBnB stays with the monthly discount, but for shorter stints hotels is less hassle.
3. Canary Islands near perfect weather year round, beautiful, lots of outdoor activities, good internet infrastructure, food, very affordable.
hi! I have a friend who has been doing community management for colivings and sheโ€™s looking for a new opportunity (preferably Europe or nearby). Anyone know of any places looking? paid or volunteer positions ok
phn 3mo
Have you checked with nomadico? They were looking for a community manage a few weeks back for Madeira โ€” Maybe theyโ€™re still looking:

jacobjay 3mo
colivings are always looking, there's so few facilitators/managers(!) I don't recall which ones are currently looking but I'll try and remember; I do keep a list of many that operate a program of some description (usually a room for some time) /> actually seeing the list I think Alpiness (Alps, France) are looking as they've just launched
jacobjay 3mo
phn is right Nomadico are looking albeit for a location in Medellin if I recall
awesome thank you! great list jfoojseasr
jacobjay 3mo
Per your other message, pretty much all colivings, hotels and hostels will give you a single invoice for the combined service, though not all actually have good coworking despite what they may say.

How an accounts department interprets such an invoice is debatable, plus such deductibles/benefits are not likely very significant (max $200/mo?), however for the smaller spaces you could always ask for it to be invoiced just as coworking. But essentially if a budget is involved better just finding any decent place and asking for an invoice exception. This will not be possible in hotels where it will be itemised as is usually an extra charge, though still deductible, whilst hostels usually include it (except Selina) but the invoice will only show accommodation.

If you do mean an annual membership then apart from Guil's suggestion which actually sounds like quite good value for a top-tier chain (though will have caveats as is not a VIP plan and is really just to gain upside on vacancies) there are an emergent class of coliving spaces with investor and/or community ownership that even at the higher end will be better value. Even better if any become exchangeable amongst.
leonwaid 3mo
Can anyone recommend places to stay in Da Nang or Hanoi? ๐Ÿ™‚ Planning to stay there (1-2)months.
jaydevos 3mo
Had a very negative experience here as well (Cancun location)
aekrylov 3mo
you can set up a trust and give out mortgages to its members, I think. Depends on whether you want your own property or a share in a property
If anybody knows somebody renting out a room or a place in Madrid from 29 September to 13 October please contact me. My budget is 500-600EUR and I need it fast. It can be anything as long as it is clean and quiet, no parties.
hiradm 3mo
Hey folks,

Iโ€™m in Barcelona and will be for the next year. I have an Airbnb until end of October. Iโ€™m looking for an apartment for after that time. Iโ€™m open to sharing with other digital nomads. If you already have a place with a spare room you want to rent, please let me know. Alternatively, if youโ€™re in a similar boat and would be interested in renting a place together, then Iโ€™m also open to that.

Caveat Iโ€™m travelling with my dog, so any flatmates and landlords need to be dog-friendly. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Hey Hiradm, do you still have space available in your current airbnb? I'm in Barcelona until end of October as well.
hiradm 3mo
To be clear, Iโ€™m not sharing space at the Airbnb. Iโ€™m looking for someone whoโ€™s interested in renting a 2-bedroom apartment together _after_ October.
hiradm 3mo
My Airbnb is just a studio.
sergiors 3mo
If you don't mind a bit of uncertainty, you can book something short term and then look around Playa Bรกvaro when you're there. Didn't do this myself (booked an Airbnb for 2 months), but from what I was told by locals I met, I could have gotten something much better than what I had (like, right by the beach) and for half price. You're staying for a long time, so the chances of finding a better deal than Airbnb are quite high.

Probably only recommended to do this if you speak Spanish, though.
benguez 3mo
Anyone down to rent a cool place in Europe for a month? I can be interested in doing Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelone, Ericeira, Lisbon, London
hiradm 3mo
Iโ€™m in barcelona right now looking for a place. Not easy. But Iโ€™m considering getting a two-bedroom and renting the other one. If that happens, I would totally host other nomads ๐Ÿ™‚
oslolso 3mo
what dates are you looking at?
benguez 3mo
I am pretty flexible but I was thinking from next week for a month
bfelps 3mo
would love to do madrid or amsterdam
oslolso 3mo
I'm currently in Europe and basically need to go "somewhere" for 2 Oct - 20 Oct. Could be down for Amsterdam or Madrid.
Hey guys, I have a room in Barcelona available from Oct 2 - Oct 13
After my stay in Barcelona, I'm also looking to live in Madrid, Amsterdam or Portgual from Nov 1 - Nov 20.
rhythmrye 3mo
After dabbling in remote work and learning a lot though this community, I finally gave up my lease to begin full nomading. Now I'm wondering Are there others here who are beginning their nomad chapter on similar timeline?

If so, I'd like to form a small group of us to collaborate and celebrate this early phase. If you'd like to join, send me a message ๐Ÿ™Œ
Yo - Iโ€™m in this boat - count me in
Yes me too, just started slowmading.
Hello! Best stays on UK for nomads?
fqujwcxsor Yep, had a look at housenomads and yes the margins they put on there are just huge, lol. arbzcdmnzq sounds nice, yes, but it would be interesting to find a platform which does that to connect "strangers" together.
patlopes 2mo
What month are you considering?
rush44 2mo
I would reach out to Noma collective, they are always growing new cities
edonm9 2mo
hey everyone -- I'm NY now and staying for month. Looking any short term stay (3-4 weeks) midtown. Had one 5 days (near empire state building), not available anymore. Have another booked east harlem, but really looking being here around.
jae189 2mo
fmingas 2mo
Same here, cancelled my lease in August and sold everything I own except 1 suitcase, 1 70L backpack and a 10L daypack worth of stuff ๐Ÿค™
rhythmrye 2mo
I'll pull a group chat together shortly
๐Ÿก Hey everyone! I'm keen to understand more about different experiences with coliving spaces. For those who have tried it, could you share what your experience was like? Were there any particular aspects that stood out, for better or for worse? Feel free to share your stories, thoughts, or insights here! ๐Ÿ’ฌ
hello there, I live in Amsterdam and would be out for 2 weeks from 21st Oct to 4th Nov, if someone is looking to stay in Amsterdam and can look after my cat, happy to discuss about that. My home is all equipped with remote working things
Where are you heading?:)
count me in too!
glad to see you here Bohdan (Abhi here)
Dear fellow nomads! Great to be here. Iโ€™m Elina from Embodied Co-Loving conscious community ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Iโ€™m looking for a cozy quiet studio or apartment in amsterdam within A10 ring Oct.9-19th
And in Berlin within ring bahn from Nov.4th-11th.
Flexible dates. Will take care of the place and plants & contribute to the rent :orange_heart:
Pls let me know. Thank you so much! โ˜บ๏ธ
Is anyone using selvina co-live? And want to share referral code?
nassim 2mo
Hi everyone, what's the best thing to do when looking to spen all 6 months in the same Mexico city? (Puerto Vallarta)
I'd like to get a regular apartment, but i assume those are only offered for 12-month leases?
kind of depends on you
Can you post housing here? I have a place in Madeira I would like to rent out
Hi hi! I feel like I always default to Airbnb for housing and wondering if someone has ever made a list of other sites they use to find accom? Would massively appreciate it!
hiradm 2mo
Several months ago, someone on this channel shared the following list and I saved it:

```In no particular order (I don't post enough, so I can't post links)
โ€ข Europe housinganywhere . com
โ€ข Mostly Europe flatio . com
โ€ข Most of Europe spotahome . com
โ€ข Large cities in Europe ukio . com
โ€ข Portugal bleisured . com
โ€ข Mexico coast beachpleasemexico . com
โ€ข Mexico point2homes . com
โ€ข Around the world sublet . com
โ€ข Around the world plumguide . com
โ€ข All over the world rentbyowner . com
โ€ข Select cities worldwide theblueground . com
โ€ข In the US furnishedfinder . com
โ€ข Aggregator for many platforms hometogo . com```
jpeeters 2mo
Hello nomads, I hope you are well. Do you any good experience to recommend in bangkok for staying 3-4 months ?
Thank you!!!
there is also wunderlist
Hi! Would love to be added too - just ended my lease :)
ifuntik 2mo
Hi all

Anyone here is interested to cooperate in order to create bot/service to help nomads find easy accomodation?

I'm currently in Belgrade, planning to stay here for another few weeks

Feel free to ping me on TG ifunt
prisyyy 1mo
Hi all - heading over to Madrid in December. Any recommendations for coliving for a week? Thanks all โœจ
Book ASAP. Madrid has so little free spots ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
prasann16 1mo
Any recommendations for coliving in Lisbon for a month?
architect 1mo
Hi nomads, can anyone share the referral code for Selina?
architect 1mo
I'm looking for a place too. Maybe Selina, but still can't contact with them
Anybody tried kazaswap? Was it better than Airbnb?
prasann16 1mo
I got a place on Yon living
Is anyone looking for housing in Chiang Mai during the lantern festival?
daveroma 27d
What are some other flexible co-living solutions like Outsite and Selina?
daveroma 27d
smark91 25d
Anyone interested in renting a house in a ski resort in France, Austria or Italy?
1055511051342458930 curious what you mean. Did it become a problem that you paid off platform? Did they try to evict you before your time was up?
Bit of a random question and slightly funny. I got bolt locked inside my air bnb bedroom last night (10 hours ago) and the door handle somehow isnโ€™t opening it.

I messaged the host asking for help, she replied without saying much (just asked for more details) and hasnโ€™t replied to any message since or replied to air bnb support. Anyone have any suggestions? At what point am I allowed to break down the door? I do have to be at work in the next few hours
siuyee 21d
Contact Airbnb support, so you can leave a paper trail in case you need proof later.
borowis 21d
can you call the host? might be quicker then texting. she also might not understand the situation
borowis 21d
there are also companies that can pick locks without destroying the door
The host finally came by. Need a wrench and hammer to open it
Brutal tho
real life escape room, did they atleast leave you some clues? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Anyone have any experience volunteering with Worldpackers?
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