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And I'm more interested in getting refund for my political evacuation as it's a big amount
Depending on how you value your time, spending hours for a hundred euros seems like a challenge to get positive roi. The political evac is a covered item as long as you left when you were supposed to... if it were me I would not muddy the waters by having them trying to consider an excluded event you donโ€™t really care about at the same time as an event you do need them to cover
Yeah, that is why I first asked the support if I should bother making a claim and you just confirming that probably better not muddy the waters without being sure you will get back for it, just not worth it
anyone using a travelerโ€™s insurance that also covers personal property? (laptop, cameras, phone, etc)
I have Safety Wing now which doesnโ€™t do this, used to have World Nomads, which does, actually, but didnโ€™t really seem to be for full time travelers (but maybe Iโ€™m wrong about that)
I never found a property policy that had the coverage I want. I'm relying on a renter's insurance policy on a 'room' I 'rent' at a friend's place in the USA. It's the same address I use for all banking and other entities that require a physical address. I believe others on this channel have used the same approach.
Hi omydovc you will only find this on insurance for trips, itโ€™s a challenge that insurance companies are not willing to build in. It is a high fraud niche, cash replacement value only and depreciation always disappoints. The World Explorer Max plan automatically covers stolen phone/laptop and itโ€™s an available add-on with World Explorer Flex. These are travel insurance plans though for those on trips vs those living a global lifestyle who would be better served by an international health insurance policy (which never have personal property riders).
Continuation....the World Explorer plans that I referenced are from Insured Nomads. (odd, cannot edit a post once published)
Please please tell me it's a little cardboard box with a diorama of a studio apartment inside ๐Ÿคฃ
235 64th Street Apt 4A
c/o Little House on the Shelf
New York, NY
1 sq ft for $350/mo! It's a NYC bargain.
so it seems Safety Wing Remote Health is not really for Americans ๐Ÿ˜’
Sure it is
Just not for people staying in America lol
wait maybe Iโ€™m an idiot
am I not technically a resident ๐Ÿ˜…
I figured if I wasnโ€™t resident somewhere else I default to US residence (even though on FEIE etc)
Thatโ€™s one of those seemingly simple questions that isnโ€™t. You _are_ a resident of your last state because youโ€™re not resident anywhere else
In theory
I have a essentially permanent visa in thailand but itโ€™s technically a tourist visa
yeah ๐Ÿ˜’
But residence, abode, etc all have subtly different restrictions
They price the fucking thing in dollars
uh yeah
very unamused
I donโ€™t know if they are super disorganized/confused or they are trying to trick people
tell them to update their shit if they canโ€™t offer their product to the country whose currency they are pricing it in ๐Ÿ˜‚
I had originally asked what happens in some worst case scenario if you end up stuck in the US more than 6 months receiving care
(since the policy says it covers 6 months a year in US)
tbh Iโ€™m honestly not sure if Iโ€™m the stupid oneโ€ฆ
but yes, not a great option for an american nomad it would seem unless youโ€™ve established legal residence elsewhere ๐Ÿค”
they should probably remove the word nomad from the site
I really wanted to drop my wildly expensive catastrophic US policy
in fairness the travel insurance is what they market as โ€œinsurance for nomadsโ€
yeah i think this is probably us all assuming this is a deluxe version of the safetywing travel insurance offering
but itโ€™s really just meant to be a way for remote teams to offer travel friendly health insurance to their employees in various countries
Anyone knows of a good liability & legal insurance? Personal not business
So did anybody ever solve the riddle of insurance for American expats
(that is not a facetious question, if somebody can just offer a carrier and policy name :flushed:)
I just paid another $550 monthly invoice for my US โ€œcatastrophicโ€ policy and tired of it ๐Ÿ˜’
How is this not solved...
I think the objectively optimal solution is just getting a second citizenship
Not even joking
ggmgsap any reason to not do cigna global?
my gf has it, there are complaints but she has used it for a wide assortment of things over the two years she has had it. it certainly works.
๐Ÿ‘€ I looked at this some time back, will look again
I have Cigna Global too. Second time Iโ€™ve gotten it.
For those prices you can likely get top tier coverage at Cigna Global.
What kind of prices are you guys paying monthly for Cigna Global? (You can dm if you want)
I'm also going to pick up Spot insurance, it's finally available for SD residents (inexpensive accident insurance for sports)
I signed up for very basic coverage without outpatient or evacuation (My client was handling evacuation insurance and I didnโ€™t mind paying out of pocket for outpatient in an inexpensive country at the time.) It covers me everywhere except the US and is around $150/month. I canโ€™t remember what my deductible is and as usual I canโ€™t get into their site to check. (My main complaint is their web site โ€” specifically the password reset. I havenโ€™t had much luck with it and usually I just get a temporary password then have to go through the process again a couple months later if I want to look anything up.)
Iโ€™m sure this question has been asked alot, but what are peopleโ€™s go-to health plans as Nomads? My company is willing to pay for whatever plan I find but I need something that can cover me as a nomad (now in Argentina). Any tips/suggestions/recs?
Lots of options at insurednomads
Much health care in Argentina is free of charge or relatively low cost even for tourists. Keep that in mind when you're looking at plans.
ejewxei check out Cigna Global, especially if your company is picking up the tab.
Thanks all!
I have contacted worldnomads and safetywing and they stated that insurances are not covering new trips while FCO is advising against travelling.
Have you double checked that Cigna Global or insurednomads will cover new trips? ifnatdn
bjcyqo Yes, Insured Nomads annual or short term option cover it. No travel warning/pandemic exclusions on the Nomad Health Insurance plans, yet excluded on the traditional travel insurance (World Explorer by Insured Nomads)
This is the company I got a policy with via insured nomads. Check out their COVID page|
Yes, prior to the release of Nomad Health Insurance by Insured Nomads we offered BDAE plans in the interim. They are quite reasonable in price.
I contacted Cigna Global on March 24 to confirm we were covered while away from what they consider our home base. They said yes.
I need to ask them if thereโ€™s a limit to that. I left what they considered my homebase in Feb and wonโ€™t be there again anytime soon. I donโ€™t think my current city is available as a homebase for their plans
Sadly, yes, kxqmqpwyknjmns intโ€™l health insurance claims are getting so high that premiums have gone up significantly over the last few years. The annual increase as an industry has been 15% per year. Fraud has been up as well and that is reflected in high premiums.
gumrjqylewmmpvpe 15% annual increase is mindblowing. My most recent policy renewal with Integra had a 6.5% increase
Yes, oaptqvrshqcpeu it truly is. Iโ€™m bucking the system too as there isnโ€™t reasonable data to back up why some companies are increasing at such high rates. We donโ€™t anticipate increases like that for anytime in the near future. Itโ€™s puzzling except many companies have stockholders, thousands of employees and major bonuses to meet as well. Not right.
is that including American companies? I wonder if some are preemptively jacking rates due to COVID. Iโ€™ve heard estimates saying some companies will increase rates by 40%+
Overall health insurance companies have faired very well through the covid-19 pandemic when it comes to utilization/claims paid. The reason for the financial strength in the health insurance sector during the pandemic is due to the delayed procedures and reluctance to go to facilities when previously they would have gone in when they had an ear ache, wanted a surgery performed, or other issue.

Rates are going up due to hospitals charging more for care of foreigners and this is included in what is called medical inflation; the increase in healthcare costs associated with medical trends and developments. It often includes the costs of advanced treatments and procedures, and the increased availability and usage around the world. So, the expenditure on health has increased year to year, affecting governments, employers, insurance companies and individuals.
Is anyone using BDAE Group policies?
ttmyqc whatโ€™s your question? I am willing to assist.
Thank you klxtmqmsomaehute -
BDAE are at least 2/3 cheaper than other providers I have a quote from.
Since the commitment in most cases is for one year, I want to make sure I am getting the right insurer.
My head keeps thinking, if they are cheaper, there must be something I am not getting. Though on the phone they say that all is covered.
I am referring to International Health insurers that are covering COVID and not bothered about FCO, WHO advise against travelling.
Yes, they are solid. BDAE is a good company. Running a lean organization, they and Insured Nomads are able to keep costs lower. The outside of selected coverage area restrictions are some of the limitations that some are disappointed by if their location plans shift during the year.
That's something I can't recall covering on my call. So neither BDAE, nor Insured Nomads permit to change location during one contractual term? Upon renewal it may be possible I suppose.
You choose your _region_ with both of them, compared to _country_ with most others. Although, some people decide they want to go living in Argentina mid-way through rather than Europe and Asia that they selected at the start of the policy. Many companies require you to notify if you change _country_ within 30 days, and rates can change. Itโ€™s not the case with Insured Nomads, and in some policies with BDAE.
Makes sense. Thank you for your feedback.
Is there a recommended insurance that covers more of the trip delay/cancellations?
Iโ€™m finding that safety wing is good for the medical stuff, but lacks on the actual trip stuff
Credit card insurance
Besides that
Canโ€™t help you there, sorry!
Itโ€™s common but it doesnโ€™t help when paying with points or if booking things on different cards
is world nomads more comprehensive than safetywing?
Yes, but more expensive.
this isโ€ฆ interesting
I think the absolute best travel/extraction coverage you can get is GlobalRescue but again more exspensive.
almost seems better to buy safetywing
and then get a separate policy for trip cancellation/delay from allianz
worldnomads is expensive
Allianz is 275 annual
I think the more expensive the country you are in the more important it is. I feel like a couple weeks in an or in Thailand is not going to set you back that much.
yeah i think i need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what coverage i actually need to buy
the thing that sucks is all of these plans have length of trip limits
Global Rescue doesn't, also world nomads you can do in yearly intervals.
With WN supposedly you should be able to extend your insurance, but I was not able to do it but their reply was to just create a new one from the end date (as you don't have to be back in your home country to take it)
Ya, I have extended while abroad with WN.
USD โ”€ $
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