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qofitmhwepafi they were ordered by a doctor
I just applied to work there, so I hope they aren't all that bad lol
Anyone have experience with AXA Global Healthcare? I want to insure mostly for the almost unavoidable reality of cancer at some point and cost of those treatments can get quite high I imagine. Prices seem higher than Cigna Global etc, but also more coverage it seems?
I asked for a quote for AXA global but I didn't want to spend the money in the end. My experience with an AXA plan through my old employer was great. I also struggled with how they generate the quote. You have to give 'base' country but I don't really have one
huhpmawrgfjemehv nice yes. I set my residency country. I wonder if it's a problem for AXA that we move around a lot
No it's not a problem as such but I didn't fully understand what she was trying to say. Your quote is based on your base country but the fees are relative to the place you're treated. Best call them up, their sales team are decent and not pushy
ijeijeazal I have a broker I can put you in touch with. Theyโ€™ll give you several options and talk through them, if you get sick theyโ€™ll claim for you, and their commission comes out of the providerโ€™s end not yours
Very responsive
I used to work for them, don't suppose that counts though ๐Ÿ˜„
Hey there! Following the comments on SW - could anyone recommend another travel insurance to insure emergency costs? I have health insurance in my home country so Iโ€™m just looking for a product to insure the emergency case situations and evacuations. Please let me know what you use in this case! Thank you!
hxxrlyvowpbpccmw thanks but I don't like middle men, just want go straight to the insurer
e.g. AXA, Cigna, Allianz etc.
I just signed with Cigna. The process was smooth. Coverage is good. They cover COVID 100% no questions asked, as long as it is not a "pre-existing" condition
I clarified what that means. And they assured me that it is simply whether I was aware of it or not. Because maybe I was incubating it. They said if u didnt know, then it's not pre-existing.
I have had all 3 you listed, first two through employer and last as individual. My premium was high as it needed to include emergency evacuation in case of war etc. However, both AXA and esp Allianz were the most difficult when it came to claims. I hated both. Cigna, on the other hand, was a breeze. I am thinking of going back to them as despite the higher costs, their coverage is pretty good. Just sharing my experience.
Nice thanks! How much did you pay for Cigna? Was it Cigna Global?
Cigna Global gives me a quote for $500/year but AXA for $3000/year weird
Also saw on Reddit ppl who had Cigna said never denied claims
Mine was Cigna Expatplus, around $3600 annually but mind you, it included medical evacuation and repatriation (plus comprehensive dental care) so a bit on the expensive side
The blurb on their offer:

Cigna expatplus is an international health care plan, specially designed for people who live or work abroad.

We have designed 3 high quality health care plans, each of which provides fundamental cover for comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cover, medical evacuation & repatriation and extra benefits. You can add one or more of the following optional schemes to your basic expatplus plan dental care, personal accident, temporary incapacity, permanent disability and travel.

More detailed information on the different cover levels can be found in the benefits guide on our website (which I can't post it but have to search for expatplus)
I considered dumping Cigna Global this year due to the expense, but everything I read about AXA & Allianz convinced me the fees were worth it.
My husband & I are 50+ and have the plus 6 months USA coverage per year so add 50%
kicuwijfqs Can you share how you were able to get $500 a year from Cigna? What was included? I was quoted $300/mo.
Hi friends! Does anyone use any other insurance other than Safety Wings as travel insurance that they like? I have health insurance back in my home country so I just need to cover travel emergencies. Thanks for the help!
Oh that explains I'm dumb, maybe it was per month
No worries! zlfycnqlbj That makes a bit more sense to me now ๐Ÿ™‚ lol
This is for Cigna Global International Health Insurance for 1986 male Netherlands living in Portugal (me)
I use WorldNomads
Anyone know how I can get insurance for my stuff? I basically just want to cover my laptop & camera from theft, and me being an idiot damaging them.

Edit Also, only theft insurance is fine. I understand incompetence might not be covered ๐Ÿ˜…
When I looked into this a few years ago, I decided to self insure. Many policies have fine print that limits the amount of time you can be away from โ€˜homeโ€™ or else the cost goes way up.
Look for coverage for photojournalists. Thatโ€™s how I found laptop/camera coverage. Instead of buying a policy, I set aside the annual premium in a savings account as an emergency fund.
I like that, it doesn't seem wise to spend 100+ per month to replace a 1500-2000 item.
Don't insure what you can afford to pay for yourself. That means you should only insure for health, liability and maybe life.
Can anyone advise me - to travel in Europe - do you have to have insurance or is it just advises me to have travel insurance bit not required ?
Obviously you should make sure you have health insurance, but everything else shouldn't be necessary or required. If you're EU or UK citizen and have an EHIC you're covered for health insurance and shouldn't need anything
(Health insurance) It's pretty much mandatory. Good ones are on the expensive side, but just for the paperwork a credit card one can work
I'm in the process of applying for a work and holiday visa in a Schengen member state and they supplied a list of "approved" insurance providers here. I can't attach the link to the PDF here but you should be able to find it with the right keywords ๐Ÿ™‚
Just want to take a moment to extoll the virtues of using a broker when buying health insurance
They can provide you many options, have experience with how each company is for paying out claims, and can negotiate down _loading_ factors given for certain conditions
All of this and they don't cost more
fnixdlnzavun I am using Safety Wing and just applied for my first claim, so letโ€™s see how kind they really are ๐Ÿ˜„
what happened!?
I reached out to Global Albatross which you mentioned above. I guess they only deal with full health insurances rather than travel medical insurances, at least they immediately said I should get a full health insurance. Having access to free health care both in UK and Germany, I just can't see how that'd make sense
Any other recommendations for travel insurance?
One problem I'm facing is that I booked a flight to Mexico later this month, but just realized that the UK government advises against all but essential travel. So I'd ideally find an insurance that would cover the trip anyways (most don't)
SafetyWing just told me that they don't "follow travel advisement from the government" and would even cover covid related expenses. I know they've got terrible reviews here when it comes to actually needing their help, but seems much better than having nothing, so guess I'll get their policy
U01H32322TCbr />In Mexico you don't need health insurance, you can walk into any clinic and pay out of pocket and it is cheap. You can also walk into any pharmacy and get pretty much anything that is not a narcotic.
sdhyzlocpfsifnmz Sure, in which case you just need travel insurance
I did read that Cigna is overall a good choice. But I wanted to ask what cover (silver/gold/plat) and what additional moduls you are using?
I have Gold, excluded the US, 2.2kโ‚ฌ deductible, no cost share/OOP
But now weโ€™ve actually launched our own :smile:

From what i understand itโ€™s covered but havenโ€™t made a claim yet.
Do you have to have residence somewhere for Cigna? Iโ€™m with them at the moment and iโ€™m of the view you donโ€™t but this is what a Cigna rep led my to believe. I was also considering Cigna vs AXA and i might look at AXA at my Cigna renewal. What did you end up selecting?
you HAVE to have residence somewhere ALWAYS even outside of insurance
you can NOT legally have no residence, it's illegal according to Int'l law and you'll get REKT for it
if no residence anywhere, you'll auto and retroactively fallback to your OLD residence country OR passport country with severe tax consequences, fines and jail time if you did not pay tax there, some countries retroactively F you 12 years etc.
Does anyone here happen to be a:

-US citizen
-Freelancer/independent contractor
-Purchased their own private health insurance while spending a significant stretch of time in the US

I am in that situation currently, heading back to the US for awhile and wondering what the best health plan for this situation might be. If anyone has recommendations they are much appreciated!
Looks pretty good, might try it out soon ๐Ÿ˜
Thanks. Feedback is welcome ๐Ÿ˜„ \
i need to buy some insurance and despise the whole situation as it's hard to compare apples/apples and any broker seems to sell only their wares, and poorly at that.
What's โ€œsignificantโ€?

Recently I got Cigna and asked them if they cover US. They say they don't. But when I drilled down it is supported up to N days at a time. I think N was two weeks, but not sure.
While between jobs in 2020 I registered for an ACA plan at based on my US residency address (parentโ€™s house). With the subsidies the cost wasnโ€™t too insane but if I was doing a lot of contracting work the cost without subsidies it would have gotten bad. Also worth noting that the benefits werenโ€™t really usable for non-ER situations unless I was in the residency area.
I did Cigna Globals 180/180 plan. Basically it covered u for 180 days in US. Honestly I feel like it covered nothing but like close to death situations. But I'm sure you can get a more comprehensive coverage for regular checkups etc. mine was the lowest US combo plan they had. Otherwise, I did pay for Oscar Insurance one time. If they're in ur area they are pretty flexible.
Anyone in EU that has used this n26 insurance? Seems to have allianz behind
I recently went through the progress of getting a ACA insurance plan from Blue Shield in California. It makes sense for me, even though I live outside the US, because they (purportedly) will pay for hospital visits while traveling anywhere outside California. I wouldn't do it if it weren't for the massive subsidies though, which cover 90% of the cost.
Wow, the genki quote process is really nice. All questions and doubts answered on one page, with a contact us button at the bottom. Congrats ๐ŸŽ‰
I have the Metal card but never used the insurance TBH

I also have SafetyWings to complement but never used it either as fortunately nothing ever happened to me ๐Ÿ™‚
surprised that they will pay for out of country...
Last time I checked n26 insurance only covers for trips of 2 weeks or something. Waste of time.
I have used them a couple of years ago. Key is that all your trip expenses need to be paid with the card. If that is the case I had no issues with them. I had another case where I was traveling by van one leg of the trip, because I did not pay the van with the N26 card nor the fuel they would not cover. So just remember that detail. In general I now rely on SafetyWing remote which has Now-Health behind.
Health insurance is only for 2 weeks? vckrpnsqxoebm yes I saw that in order to have the insurance for the car you have to pay with the card. You donโ€™t have to pay the whole trip by the card, I guess for the health insurance? Just the car for the car insurance.
Last time I checked it was travel insurance. Basically, please read small print ๐Ÿ‘
ebembsfsb it wasnโ€™t to get covered for car insurance, I could not get refunded a medical issue because the trip was not paid with the card.
Thanks guys for the answers, definitely will read the small print in more detail.
Thank you for the kind words cfrbhew ๐Ÿ™‚
Blog post about medical insurance for US digital nomads|[โ€ฆ]wuCN6WSx6WwuTCLrz2Sd6Qr5ablqYu-UQUUPo1izu17fcvobr />The most interesting point for me was that some of the high end travel reward cards (Chase Sapphire Reserved, United Club Infinite, AMEX Platinum, etc.) come with some of the travel insurance benefits that youโ€™d get a Safety Wing or World Nomads plan to cover, for example medical evacuation, trip cancellation due to illness or weather, lost luggage reimbursement, and trip delay reimbursement. Has anyone here tried one of these high end cards in that way, for example for medical evacuation?
Some notes on those:
โ€ข You generally need to be legally resident in the place the card was issued
โ€ข You usually have to have booked the trip with that card
โ€ข Thereโ€™s often a term limit
Weโ€™re new :slightly_smiling_face:
"I think I'm fairly smart" reminded me of this ๐Ÿคฃ|
I have one of those travel cards that covers delayed flights etc.. but I think there is a 30 day limit out of country I believe.
From my card:
"Provides you, your spouse and your dependent children with coverage for eligible emergency medical expenses of up to $5 million whenever you travel outside your Canadian province or territory of residence. Coverage is for the frst 15 days of a trip if the insured person is age 64 or under, or for the frst 3 days of the trip if the insured person is age 65 or older โ€“ you donโ€™t even have to charge your trip to the card. If you are travelling for more than 15 days in length if you are age 64 or under, or for more than 3 days if you are age 65 or over, you must purchase coverage separately for the balance of your trip. It is important that you call Global Excel Management Inc. prior to receiving treatment to ensure coverage. Pre-existing medical condition exclusions apply to medical conditions and/or symptoms that existed before your trip. Please refer to your Certifcate of Insurance for full details, including eligibility conditions, policy limitations and exclusions."
Though I am curious if I called and said I want coverage for an entire year, how much would they quote me.
Anyone know of any good device insurance? My laptop is my livelihood basically and I'm always paranoid I'm gonna break it at some point
Why not self insure? Basically stash some cash for a rainy day, or better invest the stashed cash -> then instead of throwing money at an insurance company for accidents that might not happen your own backup grows instead.
hwwrlztiou seems like this question comes up very often and could probably use a bot response
guys, do international medical insurance companies typically require to translate all receipts etc to English when submitting a claim? Do you have any example of a company that does not require translation?

and does anyone here use IMG medical insurance? Do you know what is the typical time for them to process a claim?
atlydkyjrvkxi True, but I think paying something like $80 for a two-year policy beats having to pay Apple $750 of my own money for a new screen or 2k for a new laptop entirely.
mlduyboihg $80? That policy doesn't exist and if it does the deductible will be huge.
there's a list of companies on investopedia that advertise that price range
Can you send me the link?
Which provider were you looking at?
Some of these providers look like they don't cover loss or theft. Having insurance for damage is ok, just read the policies closely. I would say even if you went with one of these you should self insure anyways. If it is your livelihood and the insurance company takes weeks or months filling the claim you would be screwed in the meantime.
vszwtqqmjbqxmn point_up_2skin-tone-4
Can you try? I'd be curious
can anyone recommend low cost travel insurance that has dental coverage, for US nomads? asking for an american friend of mine who isnt on this group
I had to make a claim with WN in Colombia, I sent all the papers in Spanish. I had to write my own version of what happened in English but besides that everything was in spanish. no problems, got the refund 1 month later
Timing depends, send as much details and proof as possible
devices insurance tends to be very expensive, I have seem some that charge even 10% of the device price monthly.
As other mentioned, I'd rather have 1k-3k saved or even available in CC for something like that
USD โ”€ $
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