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I don't need global health insurance to cover every little medical expense under the sun
Just don't wanna bleed out because capitalist surgeon won't treat until hospital bank goes cha-ching
Isn't it only valid for 90 days maximum?
henaepqqi long-term we want to make submitting claims much easier, yes.
For now there are other priorities that we have to take care of first.

Our insurance partner has a simple app that our customers might be able to use in the meantime. We’re currently in discussions here.
Maximum also depends on your Revolut plan. 90 is Metal (and maybe Premium).
I’ve been using insurances provided by N26's Metal Premium plan. But never had to initiate a claim though
Nomad insurance (I.e. continual trips of 3+ months) in Europe for Europeans. Anyone know of good options that don't cost a fortune? Or have one they particularly like?
If you're on the standard plan the maximum trip duration is 40 days. Premium and Metal is 90 days
rftbqusczs was it pretty straightforward?
atubijhzed - this was four years ago, but I recall some documents I didn't have, which made me think I wasn't getting the refund; I attached all I have and added a comment saying _this is all the hospital gave me_. They didn't ask more questions and made the refund.
zzownmdmkv oh ok, I’ve just checked and seems like it is not available for my country 😐
ours :slightly_smiling_face:
But doesn't it restart if you step foot in your country and then leave again?
Have just signed my wife and I up for Genki. Very smooth purchase process, attractive pricing.

Transparently, no experience with claims (and hopefully won't have to) but having szgjbosfxnne here is reassuring.
I assume it will restart upon return to home country but this won't be time or cost effective for most nomads unless it's already their plan to return home that frequently
so the premium policy only lasts for 6 months in any 12 month period
so technically you could have this working for you for half a year
however, regarding COVID-19 coverage
they cover it only for the first 3 months
so not a permanent solution for DNs, but technically you could use this insurance for some part of the year, and then get proper insurance for the remaining time
so if I travel to a country that is on the “do not travel” list in my country of residence, then they won’t cover me
not a super unusual requirement during normal times, but. during the pandemic, basically all countries were on the “do not travel” list in my country or residence’s travel advisory board
(no longer the case, but for a while it was)
not anymore it’s Allianz now
Well for at least revolut metal eu customers
Revolut metal for EU is now Allianz and i think it’s one of the best policies i’ve seen available to me (based on the overall coverage and limits).
Wow that's awesome. Think it might be just for EU customers but I'll see
“initially in 31 markets across The EEA and the UK”
Looks like you're British like me, so with the EHIC/GHIC you already have access to emergency health care within the EU (but not EEA AFAIK). I don't really see what the options above would add in terms of coverage? Sure, there's stuff like lost luggage, but seems massively overpriced just for that
Could anyone recommend a good nomad insurance that can include pre-existing conditions please?
for travel or healthcare? i use a insurance broker for nomad insurance because travel is up to 90 days per trip.
I went via a insurance broker (global albatross) who gave 5 options based on my situation
dhnqhzbbtbcq Does Genki pro-rate the remaining time in the month for your insurance when cancelling, like SafetyWing does?
Hey :wave:
You pay once a month for the subsequent monthly cycle. When you cancel there are no more payments.
Means you only pay for the months that you are actually covered.
Right, but if you need insurance for 1 month and 3 days, do you end up paying for 2 months?
Currently that’s the case, yes.
We’re focusing on nomads who need it over a longer period.

How do you travel so that you need it pro-rated by day? How would it work ideally for you?
Even if you need insurance over a _long_ period, it’s a roll of the dice how much of a remainder of the month is wasted at the end. The longer you’re travelling, the less this contributes to raising the cost of the whole duration, but it’s still a waste of money.

Ideally it should be possible to cancel the coverage immediately and have the remaining balance for the month refunded, like what SafetyWing offers.

Less ideally it should be possible to cancel in the future, and have the remainder of the last month never charged.

Requiring at least one month is also less ideal, but tolerable and won’t lead to any waste if your trip is longer than a month.
I think you’ll lose a lot of business to SafetyWing if you don’t implement pro-ration for cancellation at daily granularity.
That and ease of signup are the biggest advantages of the Nomad-centric insurances over other more traditional ones.
We’ve thought about that but until now never asked for that :smile:
But indeed makes sense.

> Less ideally it should be possible to cancel in the future, and have the remainder of the last month never charged.
That doesn’t work well because you can always “undo” a future cancellation. In that case we’d have to charge a partial month again. That’s making things complicated.
Also the discrepancy between monthly price and pro-rated price. Depends on the number of days in the month.
We consider the high-quality cover and the flexible monthly subscription as most valuable. Most travel health insurance is rather limited and unflexible.
But simplicity is a feedback we often get
When we’re talking about number of days in a month, that’s going to vary the pro-rated remainder refund by cents instead of tens of euros, so it’s negligible and doesn’t matter. Do whatever is simplest for the company in that case.
Yes but your main competitor is offering the same thing, with the same price, without the unjustifiable waste for month remainders, which makes it really simple because that monthly price they advertise is actually true.
We’ll think about it thoroughly. The devil is in the details here ;)
Not sure what you mean. Monthly price is monthly price, no matter when you cancel. Just like Netflix.
If I need insurance for 34 days, or 65 days, I have to take your monthly price and calculate what the actual daily price will be in both scenarios, which is complicated.

With SafetyWing I know I can just look at the monthly price.
SafetyWing also has 4 week cycle, not 1 month.
It’s more complicated to do the pro-ration from the business side, but that’s not the customer’s concern.
4 week is actually even better, because weeks are always 7 days long, monthly makes it slightly confusing, but it’s still small amounts of money.
It is when you mix a daily rate with a monthly rate.
Daily rate and 4-week rate is easier.
But SafetyWing will cancel the insurance on the day you specify and pro-rate it at daily granularity.
Sure, but these are all backend complications.
And have well-established solutions in code.
Would be amazing would it be that simple 😅
It might be difficult because of insurance partners, which tend to be dumb with this kind of stuff, but if SafetyWing figured it out, I’m sure you guys can.
SafetyWing uses Law of Bermuda. That’s barely any regulation. We’re navigating in the highly-regulated German market.
Would love to do things more flexible. Not everything is easily doable though.
Well yeah I’m not surprised it’s idiot governments who are the ones making insurance coverage at daily granularity complicated.
Germany loves bureaucracy and regulating every single detail of everything.
Some companies send PDFs with sensitive PDFs by email. They have to be encrypted.
So they simply send the password in the same email to fulfill that criteria. Lots of funny workarounds 😅
Yeah not surprised
Thanks for your detailed reply, though.

Could you let me know if you make any progress on day-granularity pro-rated plans?
Sure, let me write down a note.
Do you know any company/website that provides indemnity insurance for freelancing work independently of the insured location? More specifically I am searching for Paraguay but can't find anything atm. Most companies cover only UK/US-based freelancers.
I’ve been struggling to find also
hey does anyone have experience with Revolut insurance? I've been using it to pay with the local currency and it works great. I'm checking out their plans and turns out they include travel insurance including health, as well as a bunch of other services like purchase protection, car insurance, aiport VIP lounge access... I'm already paying more than double their most expensive plan for just travel health insurance.
There's some discussion about it here| the main issue for nomads being the max trip length
I think the better question is has anyone tried filing a claim with Revolut’s insurance for something? On paper it looks good but the proof is when someone tries to use it.
I see a lot of questions around _Revolut_ Travel Insurance but wondering for the UK-DN’s, has anyone compared _Monzo’s_ Travel Insurance? It seems very similar.
I assume both have restrictions around how long you can travel (usually 3 month trips max), so not really suitable for full-time nomads
Ah ha! Thank you qelpzglayetnwetq
Does anyone have any reccomendations for a health insurance to use when traveling around Latin America??
We've founded Genki and offer travel health insurance as a subscription. Long-term insurance follows later :)

I'm in an airplane now about to take off. Happy to answer questions later on.
Thank you I'll check this out for sure
Do you have options for US Citizens?
Yes, we cover any citizen. Any resident. And also no residence at all.
I wish you covered recreational scuba diving.
Maybe it is possible to create a modified product? oxgihfixlule
I wish that too. We're working on that :)
Just to mention that was basically the only thing that drove me away from you to WorldNomads.
Thanks for letting me know :pray:
You’re not the only one and it’s a good reason.
qxozksapdeux So I am in an interesting situation. I am becoming a resident of both Canada and Colombia, however, there is a non-zero chance that I will lose my cover in Canada if I can't secure a special status. Would I be covered if I am a resident of a country but don't have valid health insurance in said country?
Be covered by whom?
I don’t fully understand your question.
Honestly I have Cigna platinum plan and I recommend it. I've been happy with my broker as well. Worldwide coverage, you can customize your plan, inpatient/outpatient, and you can choose your deductible. I've made claims and they've always been paid out. I always get a pre-authorization though just to be 100% sure. Happy to side chat with anyone about it, just DM me. Been super happy with my broker as well. He really has advocated for any grievances I've had.
The EU Revolut Metal Travel Insurance unwritten by Allianz is pretty good i had thought?
^For Travel insurance up to 90 days / not for DN/expat insurance
evnkuitfgsgukoql looks like
Monzo travel insurance = 45 days
Revolut travel insurance = 90 days
Seems like a no brainer, no?

As for DN insurance, guessing that’s SafetyWing.
I’m using it for 90 days
I also used expat insurance via an insurance broker (i had a bad exp with Saftey wing when having to claim)

Funny - my gf is in Barcelona as of today stuck with COVID on Revolut Allianz travel insurance and let’s see how this goes 🙂 The medical number staff have no idea what is going on, finally got through and they just ask you to find a Dr > get report > send it to claims team to decide. So you are pretty much on your own!
plpwurauxxhhvtze good luck to your girlfriend!
Can I ask what expat insurance you’re using, if not Safety Wing?
i went via broker with one of the vendors quoted based on my situation.
Going through the process now for a 10 hour delayed flight and my gf who is in Barcelona wiped out with COVID-19.

Claims are done via email
24/7 medical line is useless, it takes about three calls to get through after hours. They pretty much say go see a dr and just send a medical report then we will get back to you.

I think going forward i’ll just pay for an annual subscription for travel insurance.
Hey! Does anyone have any experience with World Nomads USA travel insurance (I'm not allowed to post the url apparently). Pros and cons? My partner is looking to get it for six months of travel in Europe. Or is there any other services folks would recommend we try instead?
I’m using World Nomads currently, partly because they allow purchase mid-travel. I’ve had SafetyWing in the past.

Haven’t had to make any claims with either though, so can’t really evaluate if they come through when needed.
Good morning, I would like to ask you about the included AMEX Platinum travel insurance included, which also include a 1.000.000 $ health and accidents insurances while travelling. I usually return to my own country (Spain) each three months or less for some days, so the included insurance likes to be valid and really good and cheap insurance (also including the travel lounges, car renting insurances, etc.). I see a lot of videos and articles talking about the AMEX Platinum bennefits but non of them talk about the health and accidents insurances in travelling, which I see as the best benefit. What do you know about this? Do you have any experience with this?
What's the maximum trip duration and does it require you to have return tickets booked before you leave your country?
The maximum trip duration is 4 months, as many times you want each year. Nothing is about the return tickets when you leave the country, but I am calling them to confirm.
I used world nomads, had to make a claim while I was using it and it was pretty straight forward.
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