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Happy to hear that, thank you :hearts:
Nonetheless we'll keep working on making the claims process easier and more efficient :)

We'd highly appreciate a review on Trustpilot as people are actively looking for reviews about the claims process. That's most useful for them to know.
Thank you so much โค๏ธ
Anyone knows a good insurance for laptops? I found e.g N26 but they have 150โ‚ฌ per year charge for 2500โ‚ฌ claim.. worried mostly about theft only when travelling. Have a macbook pro and 2 portable screens (total value around 3500โ‚ฌ)
Best bet usually is to just start your own insurance fund. Take the premiums and put them in a savings account. Remember that that $3500 would be depreciated, subject to a deductible on top of premiums usually etc.

Also to get that insurance payout you usually have to jump through a bunch of hoops - local police reports etc etc

So most of us just use the savings method.
Yeah, anything you can afford to self-insure you usually should
Yeah mostly interested in an insurance on the go for letโ€™s say for 4 months for travels e.g. to south america etc.
Check with your home owners/renters insurance then. Might have or be able to add coverage under that.
WorldNomad and SafetyWing are popular for short term travel. If you're planning to be outside the US long term, I've had a fairly good experience with CIGNA Global, though I haven't had to file a claim yet ๐Ÿ™ which is usually the make-or-break moment you want to hear about with insurance.
Same here, I used World Nomads for a while, but now we have a yearlong thing with Medical for Nomads - which uses Regency Insurance. Haven't made a claim yet... It covers the whole world except for the US.
Curious what US citizens use for insurance coverage for short trips back home? My current coverage (GeoBlue) doesn't provide any US coverage and I know SafetyWing only provides 14 day coverage. Looking for something that is at least 30 days with an option to extend in case something bad happens while I'm there
I used and it was pretty good, even though itโ€™s temporary insurance it covers meds, vaccines, and other outpatient stuff in addition to pretty comprehensive emergency care (on paper anyway, I didnโ€™t try that part of it)
We have home country cover for 42 days per 180 days. You must have been outside of your home country at least once after your cover started and not travel for medical reasons.

nkeobaa Is this a short term health insurance plan? I was just researching this today. It's not available in all states, and some states (notably 5 blue states outright ban it). My state residency is Washington and it's not offered there since although technically allowed, it's not commercially viable.
Interestingโ€ฆ yes it is short term health insurance (month to month).
๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi,

I'm currently building a site to compare global healthcare plans for digital nomads as a side project. What providers are you all using here and with which have you made good/bad experiences?
I used the SafetyWing, the one promoted on this platform. Thankfully I didn't have to put in any claims, but the process of signing up was really easy which was great.
Heard good things about
Didnโ€™t know about that one yet, thanks for sharing U02RYEJ1J!
I used IMG Global, but I might rethink that when my policy expires, it seems pricey compared to others. I have not had to make a claim, which is, of course, the make-or-break for most insurance providers. Good luck on your project!
I just enrolled with Cigna. It allows 6 months in the US during the year. The price was cheaper than GeoBlue and they seem to have a better claims reputation than IMG (same price) but who knows.
I added it to the list, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Guys, I have three 30usd vouchers for SafetyWing, who wants 'em? it's only for new subscribers, not US or CA citizenship
Happy to get one if possible โ˜บ๏ธ
Hmm I only got the 15$ vouchers to share not 30.
I also have 3 x 15 USD vouchers, if anyone needs them
Is there such thing as global insurance? Not for health, but more like life insurance, professional insurance? In the context of being nomadic. How do you deal with that?
Anyone using Safetywingโ€™s Remote Health plan for psychotherapy? From what they say it should be covered but checking to see if anyoneโ€™s using it for that and what their experience is.
Iโ€™m not sure where youโ€™re officially based but a lot of life insurance I'm aware of - is global. It of course differs from policy to policy but from memory if you die abroad it will cover you.

In terms of professional insurance - it depends, how you are setup?
The travel insurance options for nomads seem to be Safety Wing, World Nomads and Genki
Any recommendations for insurance for digital nomads, especially for Bali? I heard good things about Cigna and SafetyWing, but what would you recommend?
Well, I co-founded|Genki so I _suggest_ to check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

What are you looking for?
Travel health insurance or international insurance?
Sounds cool, I definitely will! Both, I guessโ€ฆsweat_smile
We offer travel health insurance for now, international health insurance from the end of this year.

If you have any questions just write to the support on the website. Today itโ€™s me on the support ๐Ÿ˜„
What's the difference between travel health and international health?
We really need to publish an article about that soon ๐Ÿ˜„ A very common question that too few people think about.

In a nutshell:
โ€ข travel insurance is time-limited (some only 90 days like Revolut, some 2 years like ours)
Oops sent too early
โ€ข travel insurance excludes most pre-existing conditions
โ€ข travel insurance is usually limited by age
International insurance:
โ€ข no time limit (typically)
โ€ข no age limit (often)
โ€ข preventive care
โ€ข pregnancies
โ€ข dentures, visual aids
โ€ข alternative medicine
โ€ข etc,
So covers a lot more.
But the most important distinction which also makes the price difference is the time limit.

Having a time limit of days to years can be really bad if thatโ€™s your only insurance cover.

If someone for examples gets cancer with only travel health insurance and then signs up for the insurance again after the time limit was reached, the cancer would be excluded for pre-existing conditions.

In international insurance that cannot happen.
Can anyone share their experience with an insurance provider for when you had to file a claim? How was the process? Was it as you expected? - I've used safety wing but never filed a claim.
I had an appendectomy in Luxembourg and I think safetywing covered it. I never saw the bill and they immediately contacted the hospital directly after i told them i was in hospital. It's been months since it happened and I haven't heard from either the hospital or safetywing. I had a relatively large extra claim for emergency transport that they said they'd reimburse me for, provided them receipts and payment statements but have not heard or received anything from them yet. Will have to chase them for it I think.
Are you asking about insurance providers or would you like to learn about the process in general?
Hey bcvksttrpx I just came across this thread and was wondering if you could share your broker's info? I am currently doing the international travel insurance dance. Thanks!
Thanks so much. I wish you the best with your issue. I've heard good things about Cigna, so that's helpful.
I see promoted Genki for such cases in this and a few other threads

...but more interested in SafetyWing as a cheaper option
Ok, correction...
Google suggested to me 17-year-old information about driver's license :facepalm:
So the question really is if the claim might be covered for a driver without a _scooter category_ in the driver's license ๐Ÿ™ƒ
I suggest to ask their support directly to get a concrete and reliable answer.
Just asking but wouldn't be easier to just not mention you were driving the scooter at all? Like "A scooter ran me over" or smt like that unless you need to worry about damages the scooter suffered it would probably just be easier but kind of a very gray/dark area.
Usually you have to release the doctor from the physician-patient privilege. That means the doctor/hospital can talk openly with the insurance company. Depending on the kind of injury they might be able to tell that the injury came from driving, not from being a pedestrian. Plus, there might be a police report.

Itโ€™s certainly possible to bet on that nobody notices. But thatโ€™s risky, can cost you the entire insurance cover (not just for that instance), and be considered insurance fraud.
Quick note on the side:
Genki doesnโ€™t require any license. Just donโ€™t do racing and donโ€™t drive drunk/drugged.
(If an accident already happened then itโ€™s too late though :sweat_smile:)
Makes sense, I'll look into genki for next month. Thanks!
I appreciate the input! :+1:

Thankfully, no accidents so far
...and, hopefully, never need to report a claim :crossed_fingers:
Also, unlikely a lie is applicable in such cases, so not even an option for me.

Just considering the rationale between a risk for driving a car (with a valid license) VS a scooter (without necessary category). The cost rationale between both budget transports is almost insufficient in Mexico/Yucatan, compared to, for example, Sri Lanka.
Anyone have a successful request in extending their travel medical term coverage with their Amex Plat or Gold card or any credit card medical insurance in general?
Is safety wing a good option for a short 10 day trip to Singapore? Using it as a travel insurance for a short period
I guess you don't need a nomad insurance for 10 days and can go with any regular travel insurance. Then again it's not too much money for 10 days anyways, so I'd do it
Hello nomads, I hope you are having a great day. In two months I will be starting a trip to Latin America and I am looking for digital nomad insurance.

I decided to keep my traditional insurance in Spain as I read that the coverage in your country of residence is limited and in case I have an emergency I wouldn't want to be uncovered.

As for travel insurance, I have narrowed down my options to Genki, Safety Wings, and HeyMondo.

Can anyone tell me about their experience using these services?

From everything I've read I like Genki the most because of how transparent all the information seems, but I would also like the benefits of trip protection and expense reimbursement as well as coverage for lost luggage and electronic devices and HeyMondo does offer this.

I haven't found any other insurances that provide this coverage, do you know of any?

Is it really worth it?
10 days in Singapore and one time I had to pay a lot of money when I got mildly sick. Travel insurances in my country are a hassle to deal with.
I mean all these insurances are a pain to deal with, but you get them for the huge emergencies that would ruin you financially, not for getting mildly sick
I ended up spending about $700 I think few years ago when I got sick and got treated. They gave me an IV and stuff. Compared to that, an insurance for 10 days would be about $20-30 right. Better safe to get insurance for expensive countries even if the trip is short
hpfoajqxqnzw letโ€™s say i arrive in a country, do a covid test as a requirement, test positive with no symptoms, get quarantined. Will genki cover the quarantine costs?
nvqsxexhdpb quarantines are not covered. Only medically necessary treatment. Quarantines are imposed by governments, not by doctors for medical reasons.
Keep in mind that that most travel insurance that covers COVID-19 covers treatment only, unless they explicitly mention quarantines.
No problem! I hope it works out for you!

I just deleted my brokerโ€™s info I figure he may not want it up on a public thread. So if anyone else needs it just let me know.
Can someone recommend a homeowner insurance for Portugal (Madeira)? Something progressive like Lemonade (but they are not in Portugal yet)
> Is it really worth it?
When you're thinking about insurance (assuming that the insurance company does a good job of assessing your risk appropriately) this question usually comes down to "can I afford to pay for a loss myself out of pocket?"

Insurance companies are businesses built on the idea of _on average_ collecting more money than they pay out. (Usually 20-40% more money)

So, personally speaking, I can't afford to pay for medical care out of pocket which means I like to have medical coverage. However, I can easily replace whatever I travel with in my luggage, or buy a new flight if I have to cancel a trip. Which means that I'd rather pocket that 20%-40% percent extra I'd pay for insurance to cover these costs and not pay for insurance on them.

That being said, lots of credit cards also offer the lost luggage/canceled trip protection as part of their benefits, and I'd say that if you want these benefits, grab a credit card that does it rather than paying for the insurance separately.
I am curious about this too. Is it even possible?
From the Amex Canada website:
> Coverage may be extended by calling and requesting an extension before your existing coverage for your trip terminates. Your request may be approved provided you meet the eligibility requirements and no event has occurred that would give rise to a claim under the insurance. If an event has occurred that would give rise to a claim, the extension of your insurance is subject to the approval of the Insurer.
> Note Coverage (to a limit of 365 days) is permitted beyond the regular maximum number of days allowed outside your Canadian province or territory of residence, provided you receive written permission from your government to maintain your Canadian government health insurance plan beyond the regular maximum. In the event of a claim, you will be requested to provide such written permission.
I gotta imagine American Amex holders have access to the same service as well
Maybe Allianz or AXA.
Hmm, wonder if itโ€™s different for us UK folks
Thank you very much for your reply. I think what I'm going to do is save for those contingencies and that's it. And take out Genki's insurance, I'll let you know how it went.

As for the credit card, I don't have one so I can't use those benefits. I was talking to Revolut and N26 but these coverages (as well as the health insurance they offer) only last 90 days and you need a return ticket to your country of residence.
I have found Chapka and they look interesting. Still investigating. Bonus is that they are Spanish.
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