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Maybe we should create Digital Nomad Co-op type Health plan and get them to provide it. Cut out the middleman, or at least make it a basic Cost+ plan to administer it as a group for DN ๐Ÿ™‚
vjkoyloxcqrgpbmn I heart tacos too. We can chat about international taco searches anytime.
I have purchased travel insurance for cancellation/disruption coverage through Travelex and Squaremouth. I liked the process through Squaremouth better, though both policies went untested. Coverage was 100% for cancellation and 125% for interruption.
I've stopped buying this coverage as our stays become longer in duration. At some point eating the cost of a change is comparable to unused insurance. We've been out of the states over a year but maintain residency in Oregon.
I found it hard to purchase policies that ONLY cover airfare/travel costs. There is always some medical evac or emergency coverage. In fact, you may these policies make your Safety Wing policy irrelevant if you maintain other US coverage.
My work would be funding both the travel and travel insurance, so that's a consideration as well. I know on TAP for instance, the cheapest tickets are non-refundable, but comfort plus is partially refundable and better than riding in coach for 12+ hours across multiple flights. That may be the best solution.
So the term of art is โ€œcancel for any reasonโ€ insurance. Full fare J is usually refundable or changeable for minimal fees because business people need to change a lot
Is Cigna Global still the favored worldwide insurance provider for Americans here ๐Ÿค”
(background - I am in US less than 35 days/yr but want to continue to keep coverage there if reasonable)
ufuklge That's what I use. I think I pay around $1K/year for super high deductible and only covering inpatient care. Basically catastrophic insurance because non US health care is so cheap compared to the US
Yeah, I checked out the plans today, going to go with that ok_handskin-tone-2
Mind you, I have never once submitted a claim, so I have no idea how they are once you need them
Yeah, tbh I should probably go with the max deductible plan for that reason ๐Ÿ˜‚
I have safety wing for travel insurance and Iโ€™ve just sat on like $1500 of bills because the one time I made a claim it was such an embarrassingly bad process ๐Ÿ˜’
Like these Tokio Marine branded pdf documents, no online forms, ridiculous.
I've submitted a claim with Cigna Global. Small stuff, but they were great. No hassles.
rwsvfim would you say you don't recommend SafetyWing? I noticed NL was promoting them recently and was thinking of signing up. Anyone else have experience with them?
Hmm, yeah, that claims process does not look great. I use them as well, but only because coverage is good for the price. I really want to move away from them in the next few months. I've use Allianz before and loved them. Their claims process was so easy, and coverage was great. But their pricing model changed last year, made it much more expensive
hkajopfkeiolsh yeah, the claims process with SafetyWing was odd (being asked to fill a tokio marine branded PDF form, not even basic online forms, etc)
if it is really for catastrophic cover, though, and you donโ€™t plan to make a lot of claims maybe it is fine
people have pointed out that you can buy basically same policy directly from tokio marine www.reddit.com/r/safetywing/comments/d3rni8/safetywing_vs_tokio_marine/
Also I still did not go ahead with Cigna Global. I found a bunch of worrying reviews ()
I am wondering if any other American expats have recs for a policy that can still have me covered if I go back to US but that can let me ditch my very expensive US catastrophic policy
I always get jittery because the policies in a lot of cases expect you to repatriate.. so it has to be a full fat expat policy which isnโ€™t as cheap as the travel style safetywing policies
I've been looking at GeoBlue for full coverage and US expatriation. Seems to be reasonably priced.
cbbfricalp fwiw Iโ€™m carrying a $540/mo policy with a $7800 deductible in _addition_ to a safety wing policy right now (at ~$60/mo) so anything meaningfully less than that is a savings....
And I spend less than 35 days/yr in usunamused
Yeah thatโ€™s around what I pay
But Iโ€™d like to be covered if I have to be back for longer for some unforeseen reason...
I canโ€™t afford to cover $200k if I get hit by a bus and safety wing โ€œhelpsโ€ by shipping me โ€œhomeโ€
So I pay for US coverage
dcyonyt $540/mo?? that seems like a ton
I just got switched to that exact plan, the $540, I can vouch for it
same thing happened to us both
It bumped up when I turned 30 (I think I have same policy as evpjnvzdbz - Oscar catastrophic policy)
I just switched to short term health insurance, and I may just end up using it indefinitely.
It used to be ~$190
cigna is a lot cheaper than that from what i saw
What do you have atm?
I also donโ€™t mind the combo of catastrophic domestic USA coverage plus cheap travel insurance...
Really just trying to cover myself for very worst
kzydoqt this is what I bought if you're curious www.uhone.com/shop/#/plans/shortterm
$12,500 deductable
I believe the out of pocket max is ~20k~ actually 10k
If Iโ€™m eligible for that thatโ€™s ideal really ok_handskin-tone-2
My last US address was NY
I basically assume all my medical spending will be out of pocket...
Yikes, I just put in NY and it's redirecting me
And rarely more than $2,500/yr (unless elective things which arenโ€™t covered anyhow)
Can't "move to" WA?
Iโ€™ll look into it
Do you still pay NY state taxes?
I stopped withholding 6 mo. ago
And just filed some thing RE what you mention
So yes, will look into that ok_handskin-tone-2
Damn looks like the link I provided doesn't cover WA either, guess I got really lucky w/ Florida
Yes ๐Ÿ˜‚
moving there def gonna save me 10k+ annually now with insurance and state taxes... truly obscene and stupid
Insane that a โ€œcatastrophicโ€ policy in US is $6500 + $7800 deductible ๐Ÿ˜’
Catastrophic indeed ๐Ÿ˜‚
Itโ€™s complete garbage.
amojopv Canโ€™t you buy expat insurance with a different country as your intended treatment country?
Residency tests apply
And you donโ€™t want to be on the wrong side of that
As they only check it in detail when claim time happens
I'm comparing global plans between Cigna and Allianz. I'm an American, technically a resident of Florida for tax and business purposes. I've also got a residency permit in Hungary until this August. The application process for both plans asks for country of residence, and it seems that if I choose US, the form tells me I don't qualify for the international plan and I have to call customer service. But I'm worried if I put Hungary, since that residence permit expires in August, it might affect the validity of my insurance. Any ideas on how top proceed?
Thanks jlwqpww appreciate the info. I'll keep looking as well and let you know if I find anything interesting
#1. Assume if the carrier can fuck you, they will fuck you.
#2. See point #1.
I would assume when you claim theyโ€™ll then โ€˜discoverโ€™ you donโ€™t have residency and be a jerk about it
Hi everyone! Is anyone using an actual international health insurance (non-US) instead of a long-term travel insurance? Iโ€™ve been using a travel insurance but it expires next month and want to find a longer-term solution ๐Ÿ™‚
dgfvcnhdb cigna global and allianz are two popular ones
juckfsbxbq has me a bit spooked about SafetyWing. Iโ€™m travelling long term and my Canadian health insurance is expired. If I have a bad accident are they going to ship me home to Canada and leave me be where I donโ€™t have coverage or are they going to pay to fix me up within the cost bucket limitations of the policy? They say they cover me in my home country for 30 days so I feel like this plan is prefaced on the fact that they are my only health insurance...
srtsxwqmur Which is your โ€œhomeโ€ state in Canada?
uh, province
Some allow you to be covered from day one if you move back there
eg Manitoba
some do not
Ontario. OHIP has a waiting period
I return to my earlier statement that they will screw you if they can
As long as itโ€™s acute, youโ€™re probably fine
Get well fast
They say they cover chronic illness (except Cancer) if it develops while insured, but when contract expires itโ€™s then a pre-existing condition and canโ€™t get coverage on it again. So yea get well soon. Or move back to Canada.
IMG is another international medical coverage provider. They have variable coverage policies, but in some cases are better than others
As for safety wings, they have a clause in their policy that includes 90 days of medical coverage, even if you are repatriated. It's one of the reasons I took this policy. I haven't seen it in other carriers who will usually ship you hope and cut all coverage the moment you land
While the certificate is in effect, the benefit period does not apply. Upon termination of the certificate, in accordance with this provision, we will pay eligible medical expenses for up to 90 days beginning on the first day of diagnosis or treatment of a covered injury or illness while you are
outside your home country. The benefit period applies only to eligible medical expenses related to the injury or illness that began while the certificate was in effect.
In the event you begin a benefit period while the certificate is in effect, and the certificate terminates because you return to your home country, we will pay eligible medical expenses which are incurred in your home country during the benefit period. Home country coverage applies only to eligible
medical expenses related to the injury or illness that began while the certificate was in effect.```
IMG are weak sauce. I know people theyโ€™ve declined to pay for after years of cover
jvgovyzmi eilyqlfr I am also on Cigna Global. Though, as I am in NZ and covered by their ACC, I am wondering if I should even renew. $2,000 USD + a year is expensive.
oxjvjbkm Have you ever used Cigna, though? I read some bad reviews about them ๐Ÿ˜•
zefephzel I haven't had to file any major claims, as of yet. I've only been with them for 11 months.
We've called in to set up appointments, get claim numbers - everything was smooth and easy. Of course, we've never spent more than our deductible.
Cigna was great for my outpatient coverage when I included that option while in Bangkok
So whatโ€™s better than SafetyWing?
my girlfriend is going through her first claim and itโ€™s a PITA
probably going to stop buying from them
I've been using GeoBlue travel insurance since I typically return to usa a couple of times a year. My first claim was very easy. I've sent a second, larger claim, and I am waiting to see what happens.
I realized GeoBlue isn't available for everyone. After checking, it looks like all of their plans are only available to US citizen/perm residents (or some employment relationship).
Geoblue are efficient and good. Seems Tokyo marine are... difficult
Insureandgo are good and cheap but they were so good and cheap they pulled out of the US market
Apparently they took losses
USD โ”€ $

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