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Also interested in this, let me know what you find out
any recommendations for travel insurance that doesnโ€™t have a super high deductible? was looking into safety wing, genki and the likes but am not convinced. accepting recommendations!
jorgen 3mo
I'm looking for travel insurance covering Russia
jorgen 3mo
I seem unable to figure out if SafetyWing is covering Russia or not.
katarina 3mo
April international, Foyer global health and Passport also have 0 deductible plans, but for me personally Genki came out as the best option
katarina 3mo
Any tips for insurance that would combine personal liability, accident, baggage and assistance? basically all other things besides medical
Did you ask them? There's a chat box on the site
besides the obvious political issues ๐Ÿง there is a big fat widget for the โ€œnomad healthโ€ product where you can filter the options available by country. including russia.
jorgen 3mo
Thanks, their site was not great on an old iPhone
how old? just checked it with the same described behaviour ^^
jorgen 3mo
FYI Not [valid when] traveling to Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Belarus, Syria, and select regions of Ukraine Luhansk, Donetsk, Crimea
mikeneves 3mo
SafetyWing does not cover Russia, I asked them before going. I ended up doing this one| which was the one recommended by the person that handled my visa
jorgen 3mo
Thanks a lot Mike! Will check it out asap.
mohammed 3mo
worldnomads have couple of options you may want to check
lewisb 3mo
Would anyone here know or has a link to an accountant service which can provide and help me with getting an account statement?
This is specifically for applying for a insurance through Joho

Ideally one who is familiar with remote company's (there is also an overlap between my previous company where I was residing, and my e-residency company now)

Thanks in advance!
gerogers 2mo
Any recommendations on health insurance for Americans nomad-ing abroad (starting in SE Asia), with the option to return home for extended (4-6 week) stays? Do people just get separate policies?
Some things to keep in mind:
โ€ข Thereโ€™s a big difference between covering a pregnancy that arises during the insurance vs. a pregnancy that began before the insurance coverage. Whatโ€™s it in your case?
โ€ข There are many potential benefits related to maternity & pregnancy. What coverage are you looking for?
โ€ข Long-term insurance usually has waiting periods for pregnancy (or some aspects of it).
What you're looking for is definitely international health insurance, not travel health insurance. Travel health insurance doesnโ€™t have many pregnancy benefits (if any). And very limited home country coverage.

Intl. health insurance products can have very different coverage. Be careful to check if the insurance has coverage for pregnancies (sometimes it requires an add-on), check the waiting periods for pregnancy/childbirth, and check home country coverage. Even if there's home country coverage, childbirth might still not be covered there if you travel home _because_ of the pregnancy.

We (Genki) have pregnancy coverage in our intl. health insurance and 180 days of home country coverage per year. I also just checked with our insurance partner Traveling home for the final months of pregnancy would be covered as well. There's a 10-month waiting period for childbirth.

For alternatives, check out Allianz Care, Foyer, and April.
Hey! Does anyone know of any global pet insurance, similar to SafetyWing or other nomad insurances?
federhm 2mo
Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š
sjnarins 2mo
hi - does anyone here use the Chase Sapphire card travel insurance as their primary travel insurance? Is it satisfactory? Thanks!
quinn 2mo
The Chase Sapphire Reserve has the best travel protection perks, better than other high-end cards.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is also very good. It's not as good as high-end cards, but for its low $95/year fee it is really good.

I think the main benefit is Primary Car Rental Coverage, which means you can rent a car without paying for extra insurance. If you rent only a couple times/year that easy pays for the $95 fee.

I don't use other travel insurance benefits because they only apply to trips of a fixed, short duration. My style of travel is one-way journeys or multi-month trips, in which case the insurance doesn't apply. In any case, I've never had the opportunity to use travel insurance because I very rarely have issues (I never lost a bag in over 300 flights), or if I was delayed or missed a flight it was not a big deal and I found another easy solution.
tonyd 2mo
Read the fine print on how many days out of your home country you can be on any given trip. Many limit it to 60 days per trip.
Hi, Also American living internationally. I did local US insurance at first, combined with travel insurance. Then switched to Dutch health insurance while living here. Now Iโ€™m switching to more travel, so am exploring international health insurance options like Cigna and Geoblue. Both offer plans with international coverage and basic emergency in US OR full international coverage including the US (more expensive). One big caveat Unlike the affordable care act, these international insurance providers can and will discriminate based on any past medical issues (nothing is too small). Cigna will create an โ€œexclusionโ€ - anything related that issue wonโ€™t be covered - whereas Geoblue will increase your premium (the one Iโ€™m exploring there will be 40% higher this year, due to my medical history). So if you have zero past issues, those are great options. If not, you might want to keep US insurance and just get travel insurance. I welcome other insights from people on this!
Whatโ€™s a good travel insurance for DNs who are american citizens visiting the US for short periods of time?
For someone without pre-existing conditions and just wants a CYA policy while abroad, is Genki the best option to go with? I am generally healthy but don't want to be bankrupted by a trip to the hospital due to a bad accident.
Trying to figure this out myself :sweat_smile:. Think I will go with Genki
gerogers 2mo
Thanks oisxgyrpjrbugkg super helpful to know!
froggert 2mo
hearing this, 1-2 months refund of costs is really bad. better to go with Allianz or someone well established.
GeoBlue offers international insurance that also includes basic / emergency US insurance while in the US (not sure if you are looking for travel insurance only, but GeoBlue is a good option for getting both at once)
omtare 2mo
My Dad has been diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney, but it is small and they will operate in January to remove it. However, my brother is getting married in Singapore in December, and the best quote heโ€™s found for travel insurance so far was ยฃ5,000!

Does anyone have any advice on a good insurer to approach for this? The doctor gave him a letter saying he is fine to travel and that there is no immediate risk.

He is based in the UK.
Hey, sorry to hear that :disappointed:
I hope the surgery will work out great! :crossed_fingers:

How old is your dad?
Our|travel health insurance> is available up to the age of 69.
The tumor and related issues would be excluded as pre-existing conditions.

Beyond that age itโ€™s getting really hard to find any health insurance at a reasonable price.
I think|Battleface has some up to 79.
omtare 2mo
thanks for that mate, I appreciate the kind words. It is very small and it should be an easy operation so we are not too worried! I will send you a quick PM now with one question.
The travel health insurance can be used for two years if not canceled. The age at the date insurance begins is relevant. If he's 69 then, that's fine and he can take the entire two years.
omtare 2mo
Actually, my girlfriend already has insurance with you but we had it in our heads that it was for nomads only
omtare 2mo
ok thanks Iโ€™ll tell him
It's for people who travel a lot. Best for nomads :)
omtare 2mo
Iโ€™ll see if I can get him to join the nomad trail, never too late!
I guess he still had insurance in his home country, doesn't he?
omtare 2mo
he doesnโ€™t have it here, most people in UK donโ€™t
omtare 2mo
because of the NHS
Or public healthcare access, sure!
omtare 2mo
how is your business going, out of interest?
omtare 2mo
itโ€™s a good idea
We're growing :)
It's a great market and COVID accelerated remote work like crazy!
omtare 2mo
good on you, Iโ€™m glad itโ€™s working out
with them rn, all good so far. you can book appointments thru an app where your consultations with docs are covered directly (
sylvies 1mo
hi All, any recommendations for international travel insurance, NOT health insurance (have one from Genki), but exclusively for flight cancellation/delay, baggage and unexpected accomodation changes.. for Europeans available :slightly_smiling_face:, traveling in Asia?
Unless you really don't have the savings to pay for those things, it's not worth it. Just put the money into a savings account instead and self insure ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
sylvies 1mo
Okay thanks for the suggestion.. i am not a very frequent / long time traveller yet so not sure how often these cases occur, but was just curious to ask here also before i d consider it..
Hey, Marc from Genki here :wave:

Personally, I donโ€™t use such insurance because for me itโ€™s not worth the cost. Also, flight issues are often covered by|Air Passenger Rights> (not within Asia though, but EU -> Asia is).

What are your major concerns and costs that you want to cover and why?

At Genki, weโ€™re still discussing if non-health travel insurance makes sense and in what cases / under what conditions.
sylvies 1mo
Thanks for the reply Marc! Well i had a recent experience with an accident, that although my doctor bills were covered, i was also stuck for weeks at a more expensive hotel where i only planned a short stay, due to the fact i had to strictly stay in bed for weeks and was not allowed to walk. Also, i had to cancel a flight within Asia last minute due to the accident, which was refunded only till a small percentage. My health insurance was not covering these expenses but now i am trying to get support also from my bank cardโ€™s health insurance.
Thatโ€™s great to know, thank you! Weโ€™ll keep that in mind for future improvements. Itโ€™s always helpful to understand the challenges our customers are facing or could be facing.

Trying to get additional reimbursement from the insurance that comes with your card is a good idea. Good luck with that!
sylvies 1mo
Thank you! Yes this is also why i shared, i just got Genki as well, did not have experince with them (you) yet :) hopefully wonโ€™t need it soon!! :)
Hi all! Anyone know of a good international phone plan / data? Will be in Vietnam but looking for a pretty good cell provider so I don't always have to change out my sim card and can keep my number! Appreciate any recommendations ๐Ÿ˜„
Question about remote healthcare (rather than intโ€™l insurance coverage) Anyone have any luck finding a dedicated healthcare provider whoโ€ฆ?
(a) does telehealth appointments regardless of where in the world you are (a consistent physician/team)
(b) can help find/refer a local specialist if needed
(c) cares about tracking personal data (like looking at activity or diet tracking or genetics data at all)

Iโ€™ve given up on the insurance side of things for now, and am just trying to figure out if a service like the above even exists for direct pay customers.
I just use Airalo eSIM everywhere, never have to switch SIM cards
Also leave my UK SIM in so I can receive SMS
Thank-you ๐Ÿ™‚
maxx 28d
Hard question, a friend of mine got a cancer diagnosis and is living in the UK. She planned to move to the US after passing some exams now she realised she wonโ€™t be able to get insurance in a good price with her history even if she wins the cancer fight. Is there any solid long term insurance which can be moved with all of its conditions and initial early price for those who plan to move around the world a lot? I am currently in the Uk but I may also move to the US or some other places. Is there a way to lock in while young and without any serious health history while a resident which moves with you? Meaning not a tourist insurance for car accident but fully fledged proper insurance word wide as a resident even if I move somewhere else.
maxx 28d
Also one that has a reputation to actually honor big claims like cancer, not a fancy new startup with no offense to the wings as I used it w lot for tourist travels
maxx 28d
So global but not global tourist but global local residency whenever you move permanently
nottug 28d
the only thing I can say about US insurance is, for truly good insurance, it generally comes from your employer. the people i know who pay for it out of pocket complain across the board abt how horrible the coverage is
There is no โ€œglobal localโ€.

Thereโ€™s international health insurance. That covers you in every country (most countries). But if you become a resident in a country that requires you to have local insurance, you canโ€™t use the international health insurance as a replacement.

In some countries (e.g. Germany), thereโ€™s something called prospective entitlement. You pay a price per month to save your current โ€œhealth situationโ€ with an insurance company for a later sign-up to their local health insurance. For that, you need to know in advance potential countries where you might move permanently in the future.
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