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I would also maybe do an hour talking to a lawyer.
fnzndpjaidpgu - Cigna Global does not provide US coverage for more than 6 months a year. It targets USians living outside the US.
Ah gotcha. Yeah I am stuck here for a bit while this pandemic plays out
Does anyone else get spammed by SafetyWing sales people on LinkedIn and by email? Given they are a NomadList sponsor, it feels a bit suspect , ie as if they have skimmed the Nomadlist member list. Thoughts?
linkedin probably allows them to target likely nomads
and since linkedin has your job history and location data, they can probably target that fairly easily
I hate LinkedIn
๐Ÿ™€ Why??
My experience of it is just big sleazefest shitshow
of being targeted for total shit
like recruiters who donโ€™t read my profile but just aggregate
yeah, not a big fan of it. I deliberately keep it sparse
I think its a great tool but only if and when used properly !
Never been contacted by safetywing and Iโ€™ve been on nomad list for almost 4 years
Me either. Only time I was contacted by safety wing was an email they sent out saying they dropped their price
If you ever been to their website you are probably tracked, seems odd they are doing cold outreach on LinkedIn that sounds like crazy customer acquisition cost for what they charge.
Unless they were dumb and signed up for one of the sales growth services which would of been a stupid idea for their business, it will obliterate their reputation.
adujtzp Try finding yourself on clearbit or uplead. If you come up on either of those services, that is probably how you are getting targetted.
Thanks buddy. Iโ€™ll check it out.
Hi NL, have you ever had to deal with transferring your treatment, prescriptions, and records across countries? esp. if its non-emergency. Each country seems to have different format for everything.ย Itโ€™s been a nightmare and my experience is just EU.
well, any good hospital/clinic/medical professional will do their own assessment regardless of medical history outside of scans (usually with an intake form that asks for existing conditions and medications you take)
if you have like, xrays or mri scans, there isn't really an international standard for transferring that sort of thing, especially with the varying level of technology available in different countries, so in that case the best thing you can do is request copies from your hospital/clinic where you got those scans yourself and then ask the people in the new country to review them if they think they might be relevent
Yeah, they do that, but with a bit more rapid project work this means itโ€™s hard to move past diagnosis when moving about a lot.

Iโ€™ve started requesting copies, but the issue then arises with languages and notation standards. ๐Ÿ˜ค
That has kept me coming back to my home country every 6 months for prescription refill
A cell phone is a utility. You get the bill online and have your parents address on it. That's what I do
This must have been covered before!

Anyone heard of a stellar insurance company which covered Nomads abroad even if they came down with COVID?

Especially if those nomads where in South Korea or Bali long term.
SafetyWings covers covid, but canโ€™t say itโ€™s โ€œstellarโ€. I have it and no issues but Iโ€™ve never filed a claim where it really matters
I was able to claim the cost of a PCR test when I had symptoms with safety wing but there is a $250 USD deductible, so while I had to pay for it, they at least โ€œcovered itโ€ in that it DID reduce my deductible for the rest of the year in case I need it
It took a while though, They mailed the claim results to my home address back in my home country and my mother in law sent me a picture of the notice
Not ideal for a nomad insurance
That is a good idea. Unfortunately that is slightly out side of where the insurance was available.
lfkfyddaxuzte That is weird they couldnโ€™t email you, especially with them being a Nomad Insurance company!

How much was this $250USD+ PCR test? ๐Ÿ˜ณ
i had it done in Bali, Indonesia where they charge you more to have the results in 24 hours instead of 72 hours. I needed the results in 24 hours because my partner needed to know if she could go on a work trip in short time, so they charged me 2.5 million IDR (which is about $173 USD)
and SafetyWing applied that $173 to my deductible, so i still have a deductible remaining of ~77 $USD
Hi! Iโ€™m looking into insurances for students, as Iโ€™m temporary living abroad for one year with a student visa, but I donโ€™t know much about these insurances, do you have any recommendations? Like, should I look into an insurance from my home country or something in the country Iโ€™m currently living in?
Also, if you can tell me your experiences in this case would be great. I just got a reply from my current insurance that a follow up consultation of a problem that I claimed when I was still insured is not covered because my insurance expired in between. Should this consultation still be covered? Does it depend totally on the policy? Iโ€™m dealing with IATI Seguros, in case that helps.
rtcltvkyq hey dude, where are you from and where are you studying?
I'm from Spain and studying in South Korea
Thailand Covid entry insurance - can anyone share who they used to cover the Covid entry requirement? Safety wing is obvious answer but a few people Iโ€™ve read online have said if you are hospital quarantined they arenโ€™t the best as youโ€™ll have to pay upfront and reclaim
AXA sawasdee is what I bought. In Thailand, during quarantine, if you test positive you get sent to hospital. If you are asymptomatic safetywings won't cover it, as they deem that it's not a medical requirement to go to hospital if you don't have symptoms. This exception maybe true for other insurance policies too, watch out for it.
Ah got it. Iโ€™ll check out sawadee thanks
Are people using SafetyWing in the US for their primary insurance and enjoying it? I just changed work situations and got a CoveredCalifornia Kaiser plan but I'd prefer SafetyWing as it's half the cost and international. Any major drawbacks you're aware of? Thanks in advance!
And do health care providers accept it here or is it always a reimbursement model?
SafetyWing is emergency health insurance, it doesn't provide the benefits of a major medical insurance plan such as treatment for non-emergency medical conditions, check-ups, dental, etc.

I presume you're not talking about SafetyWing's _Remote Health_ product, which is full medical insurance, but costs $400+/month, which I think is much more than CoveredCalifornia plans, right?
Can't post a link but their current site says $153/m starting
For nomads
If you add USA coverage, that price increases 3x
Ah ok, thatโ€™s the info I needed!
i'm not using safetywing but iati instead, but we "accidentally" got covered... we were feeling sick, called the insurance, got the test done and the certificate delivered to our door which was negative and we used it for travel, we saved about 300 euro... food for thought
SafteyWing only pays if you have symptoms and Doctor recommended, so not covered for Flying requirements
Since I first smashed my phone for the first time ever one month ago and now my replacement phone got stolen, and my airpods probably, too, I really start to wonder if I maybe should get some sort of insurance of my devices. Do you guys have recommendations? Preferably with your own experience. Covered stuff would be air pods, a 300 USD phone, and a macbook pro 2019
maybe misc stuff like 4g router, ebook reader, too. depends
Iโ€™m hearing far too many negative stories about SW to go near it
Yup, better to get Cigna
i wouldn't say better, all insurance companies have downsides and there are always stories from different people often who don't reveal all the information, like why they were denied. Especially since most people don't read the fine print in contracts. Personally I've had a good experience with HCC so far
The issues I've heard (directly from members of this community) however are much more than simply being denied
For example, elusiveness and inability to communicate appropriately
I have talked to multiple people who had claims through world nomads, one a scooter crash and the other dengue. I haven't heard of a successful sw claim yet.
I'm surprised nomadlist are still referring people to safety wing after all the negative feedback it's been given
Ha!!! I was commenting on that ladies post about SW to get more details. Apparently she purchased the insurance days before she had an emergency operation for appendicitis. She wouldnโ€™t confirm the exact timeline, but it honestly sounds like she was asking them if she would be covered for that type of operation when she was purchasing it and the rep said โ€œyesโ€. Then funny enough she was diagnosed days later and they denied her claim. Soโ€ฆ..basically it was a pre-existing condition and she tried to buy the insurance quick enough to cover her
She did not seem too happy when I told her you canโ€™t fault the rep for saying she would be covered because she wasnโ€™t telling the entire story.
Was in a different FB group though, but same post
zkjsurgn interesting. I know a lot of times when I have heard a negative review about insurance there is some common themes. One of the biggest ones is not calling ahead. Obviously in an emergency sometimes that is not possible, but that seems to be a common one.
No I donโ€™t think this was just about calling ahead. She purchased it while she was having symptoms...unless she just got extremely unlucky
๐Ÿคฃ she tried to scam them and she got caught
When I was stuck in India, I called global rescue and told them directly that I needed help getting medication, I told them I was not currently a customer and asked if I became a customer they would help me being totally up front, they said yes.
Now mind you global rescue is pretty expensive and the cost of leveraging their network was probably cheaper than what I paid, but I would always recommend them now.
Global rescue has like Ex Navy Seals on staff for extractions, at least that is what I have heard.
Though they are more extraction than insurance.
RE pre-existing conditions they are very frequently excluded. Which makes sense, especially for policies that you can get after departing from your home country. Otherwise, you could buy a policy to get coverage for a few days every time you learned that you have a condition.
Does anyone have any experience (positive/negative) with health insurance from APRIL International they'd like to share?
i successfully claimed my Covid test a couple months ago, no problems
What are some insurances that cover COVID-19? (For Canadians)

_it's essential travel_
I'm using April for the past 3 years. Never had any issue.
The only negative part is that I have to pay first, then take a picture of the invoice and upload it to the app to get reimbursed.
SafetyWing covers it with their nomad insurance
Safety wing covers it if you have symptoms only. Thatโ€™s an important distinction as some countries will quarantine you regardless of symptoms purely based on a test.
that's not 100% accurate, safetywing covers you if a doctor orders the test, they can order the test for any reason, it's just most common for people to say "hey i have symptoms i need a test" but there are also scenarios where someone requires covid related treatment or testing without symtpoms but still ordered by a doctor for medical reasons that are covered.
in fact it's still covered if you were in direct contact with someone who tested positive but have no symptoms
Iโ€™m not talking about tests. Iโ€™m talking about hospital payment, for instance in Thailand where you are forced to quarantine if you have a negative test result. If you donโ€™t show symptoms then SW will not cover you and they have a notice on their website saying as much. More than one case of people thinking they were safe with SW and then being forced to pay for their own quarantine by the Thai hospital when their test result said they had it. So I would just repeat that SW is effective if you have symptoms only. And considering the way this virus works - asymptomatic - that is not an insurance policy that I would class as covering COVID.
Quarantine cost is not COVID cost
After getting my phone stolen for the first time ever while travelling, I thought that I maybe should get a device insurance against theft for my Macbook Pro. Any recommendations? As I travel a lot it should obviously cover multiple countries etc. Iโ€™m not sure really how theft insurance works in that regard.
jwnhghouip I prefer to self-insure (i.e. I buy my macbook at a price point that I won't mind replacing the next day if it gets stolen).. in the long run, it's cheaper to avoid insurance when you can
altho i guess it's worth it if you're traveling to risky countries ๐Ÿค”
deshauwpa How exactly are you purchasing apple products at that price point if you need the horsepower? Itโ€™s not like you can haggle or anything. Except maybe for stolen goods, but then you donโ€™t get a receipt anyways ๐Ÿ˜‚
as a web developer I don't really need much horsepower, actually my MBP only has 8gb ram and I rarely notice that as a limitation because I mainly use Safari + teminal + vi
Ah ok fair enough then. Itโ€™s not really an option for me tho, I need the horse power.
An alternative and likely cheaper option is to have a CC whose balance can cover the cost of an emergency purchase. If you make the emergency replacement purchase w/ the CC and pay the monthly payments after that, I think you'll come out ahead.
nvfgokljcr can you run your stuff in the cloud maybe?
For the price of the insurance ๐Ÿ˜€
Generally itโ€™s just not worth it to insure because insurance companies are smart and they know people will scam by getting stuff โ€œstolenโ€, so to cover than they make really high premiums.
SafetyWingโ€™s claims process is atrocious.

The โ€œfront of the shopโ€ is buttery smooth, but then when you need to file a claim itโ€™s awful. Any insurers that donโ€™t completely suck the moment you need to file a claim?
recurring theme
go to their website and itโ€™s all simple and clean and UX designed
then go to file a claim and youโ€™re presented with this
(^ love the implementation of social media meta tags btw)
Would Allianz be any better?
Figure at least itโ€™s one company, unlike the SafetyWing / Tokio Marine hodgepodge offering
lol - always the way
USD โ”€ $
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