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Sounds like I'll need a new resume!
gpumfvtby lgnuwfpeognl what would you recommend for someone just starting out? Any advice?
I got my start at an agency as an intern, not sure how viable that is as an option anymore though. Times have really changed in PPC. My friend who still works at that agency said new people aren't trained the same way we were and come out of training lacking a lot of critical thinking skills we gained through doing. I would still say an agency will give you the most broad exposure to clients and "fast track" your learning. Going in house, you'll only be subject to working on your 1 client
Anyone have a good reference for a resume write who can help revamp me for a new career in Marketing?
wfmvwegyxfmyeh Can I PM you? I just research this growth engineer and I never even knew this was a job!
Sure thing!
The title might be different.
It might be engineering as marketing
You want to be in marketing and don't know how to market yourself. I realize I being an ass right now. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
Yes, you are.
My apologies
Accepted ๐Ÿ™‚
I studied advertising and started working as an intern in ad agencies when I was 17, a few years before I became a freelancer too gsceafzcfuez so that gave me a good understanding of the advertising world and how I could develop within. This experience also gave me lots of contacts to start working with as a freelancer when I quit โ€“ definitely not enough for me to stay just with them, but a good start. I think iโ€™d probably still do the same because it does fast track your learning, but Iโ€™d also build a portfolio with my work and start applying to work with remote clients on the side
Actually, it's very common for those in their own field to not be sure how to do what they advise others to do, so dont worry proflchbcr
I can't recommend myself, but perhaps ojsklqdn would like to? ha ha
You are definitely going the other direction of most income driven folks. There's more money and global mobility as a Cloud Engineer than as marketing professional where local connection, local market knowledge and licences can hamper one's switching jobs across countries. Have you thought about this angle to it? Or you've found ways around it.
Not getting clear communication on compensation and expectations. This is a general issue with looking for all jobs, but particularly bad with remote work.
I have a lot of writing experience. Over 20 years of content, journalism, and in an out of various sorts of sales copy. Now I'm getting gigs off Upwork. Doing newsletters, Facebook, Blog Posts, etc
I'm a writer. I get work from| at the moment. Great place if you're just starting though long term, you'll want to move off the platform due to high fees. I also do consultations for anyone who needs help with the various areas of my expertise.
Weโ€™ve just hired a number on engineers for a growth team at a startup. Having knowledge of marketing but being able to carry out the work is valuable. Feel free to drop me a message if you have questions
Be clear about time zone requirements, if any. Let candidates know if communication is synchronous, asynchronous, or mix.
Hey guys, new to this. I am an iOS developer from the UK, with 3 years experience in the field. I want to be able to work remotely in Asia time zone (travelling to Indonesia in a months time) or any time zone really. Is there any good jobs boards that advertise roles for this kind of thing? I've had a few interviews with remote roles in UK and I never hear back after telling them my plans. Want to focus solely on companies that are open to this kind of thing. Thanks in advance! (Apologies if this isn't the right thread)
Gun . io has a timezone filter on their job postings. Some of them hire worldwide.
Thank you wwoggyrmyjv , will check it out !
Weโ€™ve got a lot of feedback and appreciation for no whiteboarding, no pair programming, no home work assignments, etc. AFAIK there is no leetcode either.

Weโ€™re all data engineers, so devops and cloud heavy with a mix of DBA and various data SME backgrounds.

We also try to get candidates through the process and to a yes/no answer quickly. But that's for our gain as much of theirs. It's best for the hiring side to be able to move fast if you don't want to lose candidates, IMO.
we're hiring| and we offer the freedom you're looking for
Got my first Growth Marketing interview today! Wish me luck!
spcxvucukqdahnwz I know what you mean and I feel lucky to have an in-demand skill set but I don't mind living with less for a more fulfilling career
oqoxdriais I'd like to apply for your growth engineering role!
wmaakhyyvd I did your mini challenge to get your secrert code and I should have a revised resume tomorrow.
Lots of roles in the UK offer a remote options. LinkedIn works for me. Jobs on other boards tend to be less attractive IMHO.
when it comes to being hired by an EOR, does the employer (company offering you the job) have to sort that out? or is it possible for us as an employee to do it ourselves? (I heard some EOR charge $550 per month to hire you under their name which is quite a lot)
I am in the later interview stages of a SaaS company that offers 12 weeks parental leave. My baby is due in less than a month. What are some ideas to present some "win-win" soltuions so I get time off to learn how to change a diaper and they get a marketing stategist?
Tough, to be honest. You're talking about making a case for you to come in, work less than a month at 100%, and then take three months off.

Even if it's unpaid time, theyโ€™ll be looking at probably 4-5 months before you start to be a fully onboarded and productive employee?

I can understand why you might be interested in this setup, but why should they? That's the question you need to ask to sell it.

And for the record I'm not just here to poop on your parental parade. I know one person who pulled this off. My aunt was a top salesperson for Medtronic several years running and the competition wanted her bad. She also had a one year non-compete, so anyone who wanted to hire her away knew they'd basically have to pay her to ride the bench for a year to get her to leave. She liked this up with her pregnancy and was basically able to work in 12 months of light duty parental leave at the new company when she decided to finally move. So it is 100% doable, if you are perceived as (or can make yourself be perceived as) worth the extra hoop jumping. But if you can't? Odds are pretty rough, man.
This is why it is so important to get objective feedback. That totally makes sense. Me and the wife decided I will commit to working and she will take care full-time and hire help as needed.
How challenging is it to start a UI/UX designer career these days? And are there many remote positions that don't require being in American time zones?
I live in Bali and know several people working in this field. Most of them freelance or work during EU hours. Feel free to DM for more info ๐Ÿ™‚
thtpbonjgx honestly as a first time father I was surprised how quickly you learn to do things. The first month or two is really hard and I would say if you can take just that month off it would help alot and help reduce the chances your wife gets post partum depression.

It mostly has to do with sleep. Night/day cycles become meaningless.
Unless you are in a country where you can get proper 24 hour help.
Imagine if you will only ever being able to sleep for 2-4 hours and you are awake for about 30 minutes to an hour in between and you do this for 24 hours. It's not far off what they do to navy seals.

It's way harder than it sounds because you might even sleep more per day but your brain is not used to it. You become a zombie.
lmhqtxdsaacmhyydk I live in Bali and we are planning to hire 24 hour help and in addition my mom is a doctor and will be here for three months to help out. I am in a very fortunate position that help will be here as I ramp up. It looks like they'll give me a couple of weeks though and let me use the rest of my leave down the road.
Ok, that's great.
the company has to pay for it and organise it through them if you're a perm employee. Or you can go through an EOR as a contractor at minimal cost
good luck!!
how did it go?
ccqeekpjj i love all the tech companies in ireland. I wonder if you went to ireland and applied can you even get an interview without a work visa already? I notice some countries having a work visa beforehand is more important than other countries. What's your feeling about that in regard to ireland?
Not sure if theyโ€™d chat without a visa. It depends on how desperate they are for talent to consider sponsoring a visa I suppose.
Iโ€™d certainly ask their recruiters just to get an indication.

In our case, we had working rights already (Iโ€™m an EU citizen, and my wife had permission by extension)
I've had about 5 interviews so far, might have an offer by the weekend and another company is willing to pay me for a "test" project so I guess I cant complain :)
wow thats awesome, well done and good luck on the offer!
Hello fellow laptop-warriors of the world. Iโ€™m throwing around an idea for the digital-humans of the world and would like to ask the community, _is anyone else tired of working in front of a screen for work?_ I know that I am but of course, itโ€™s my job and how I earn money. TIA โœŒ๏ธ
i love my screen. it's my religion - device for this nomad freedom. Important is off time - after work, no screen time
I get that but have you ever considered a no-screen existance?
Not that it exists.
For me the main problem is not the screen, but rather siting for hours long. It takes its toll on the body, the neck, the shoulder, and the lower back.

That's why I do frequent break, a bit of yoga/stretching here and there. I can also stand up during meetings.

Regarding the screen, I just always use a blue light filter.
That's why I only program in my imagination
We are a group of ex-Spacex engineers building software for factories. I'm looking to outsource a companion mobile app to our main SaaS product. Can anyone point me to mobile dev companies or where to find them?
That's why Tony stark uses holograms.
I'd be ok with holograms.
I've pondered non-screen careers. I can't think of any interesting, paid, intellectual job that doesn't require screen time.
njudsda there was a cult leader who wrote a book that answered every question including what soap to use. His cult community is like the amish. Have you considered running a cult?
Maybe not that cult, but my hologram-based cult will be successful.
A cult could be interesting yeah. It will comprise of non-digital nomads. So normal nomads.
Down with the brain washing screenies!
Kinda feels like self promoting right now.. But I currently work in the biggest consulting mobile firm in Europe.. can't post links but here you go :) -> shortcut . io
Ex-SpaceX? Like from all the failed ๐Ÿš€ that blew up or? (Not really asking just a friendly jab :wink:)
Thanks to this channel I just got my first job as a Growth Marketer! Thanks especially to ptuukpsnwvmeze for the idea!
Wow kspettdufi thatโ€™s great news!
Congrats! ๐ŸŽ‰
Ironically I am marketing a cloud solution lol
Thatโ€™s a good way of transitioning to a new role. ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Sometimes I wish I could spend a couple days a fortnight doing physical labour instead, but not keen to take the 90% pay cut.

So for better and worse, screen it isโ€ฆ
elfcvkn would you be interested in a fortnight-long physical activity _retreat_? i.e. woodwork, metalwork, maybe cooking/baking
Or a coliving space that is on a farm, where members have to feed the goats and drive tractors to earn their stay?
kgqzcmz liability insurance has entered the chat ๐Ÿ˜†
yxilfemrdrb yes if it were a periodic substitute to my regular task, not an addition ๐Ÿ˜‰
ifpgmgw sure, it would be a retreat so you wouldnโ€™t be working at all. What do you think?
Maybe soon! Would love to know if others would be interested in something like this! :thinking_face:
_Emoji vote?_
I was thinking about getting a Google Certificate in Marketing. I'm trying to get a remote job in Marketing. Has anyone gotten a job with that Google certification? Do you recommend the Grow With Google program? Why or why not?
I've seen people proclaim doom at HN, but honestly, tech salaries and hiring were due for a correction. We're not going to starve
I think a lot of this is being driven by venture capital drying up. VCs are demanding profit and break-even over growth now.
Like most things it will probably be those lower on the skill ladder that get affected the most.
Hey U01A9JZ8V8B? certificates ar just to give you an idea of everything
I recommended specializing in a specific skill
and learning trough experience
I've been trying that but no one will give me a chance.
what skill have you learned
I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing.
Nice! ok so what role are you looking for?
job title?
I'm looking for an entry-level marketing role. I was looking to start off as a Marketing Coordinator and try to move into a niche such as SEO, or social media ads.
I would say donโ€™t give up
keep on applying on linkedin
and other platforms
I got my degree right around 2013 when social media started to take off. My marketing concentration was based off product marketing and I added some international marketing with some project management.
Don't give up! Videographer/editor trying to figure out make this work also.
Hello, everyone.

Does anyone here have a german freelancer visa?

If yes, how did you got your first clientes?
I guess for first clients it applies to any country/industry.
Build brand -> be public on social media and ask for references from past clients
I would politely dissagree with having to be public on social media, of course that cant harm however not all of us enjoy that. For me its having a decent portfolio and knowing where to put it. For example, here in the UK, we have a few platforms for freelancers.
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