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respiratory disease as a C
because everyone fucking smokes
I wonder what โ€œself-reported health statusโ€ means, just that people donโ€™t think theya re healthy?
even though itโ€™s Aโ€™s across the board almost?
Totally off topic but reminds me of a story worth telling and happens to be true (in Detroit). One dude impregnates two women. Woman A finds out about woman B. Woman A shows up and shoots dude. Woman A realizes she made a mistake. Dude, woman A and B pile into a car and head to the hospital. On route to hospital they get into a car accident which triggers both pregnancies. Woman A and B both give birth to babies as dude is in the OR getting his gun shot worked on.

<@U06EGFB55> Sounds like the Japanese might be a tad self-critical
just a tad
hahah I also love that the US has shit scored, but a self-reported health status of โ€œAโ€
> I guess the biggest obstacles for these countries are reputational, especially for Russia. Not many clients want to work with them. I get so many emails from recruiters that are looking for โ€œEU/UK based candidates
I feel like devs from these countries actually tend to have a good reputation, perhaps this could be more for legal reasons (only being able to hire EU passport holders for example). English language skills might also be an issue.
GDPR also
Also ease of payment and worrying about sanctioned people or orbs
Ukraine is slightly different, but the general feeling is that your legal recourse against a rogue supplier in Russia is โ€œlolโ€
The devs themselves do seem to have a good reputation. Having an EU passport is sure a good leverage for bargaining, since you can always go to the EU.
You're technically working B2B, while actually working full-time. So it's an EU company doing business with your Ukraine/Russian company.
<@U0LUCHG7Q> I didn't quite get you, could you elaborate?
If a Russia-based developer steals my business assets, I will have trouble getting legal recourse
For almost all of the developed world, Russia has an actively hostile government, and youโ€™d be very brave to conduct business with an entity based there
If a French developer steals my (UK) business assets, I would expect the French legal system to be actively helpful
Thereโ€™s a reason so many ransomware operators are based in Russia
Oh I see.. Yeah sounds like the truth
Hey guys, I'm starting to change my career into UX Design; does anyone here have any tips or their own experiences on how they started?
Did you find easier freelancing gigs that were similar to UX and then work for a larger company, or start with an internship?
Thanks in advance!
1. Build a portfolio
2. ???
3. Profit
No-one will pay you at first because you have now portfolio. Start with redesigning existing websites or applications, doing no-profit work and once you gain clients then replace those projects from your portfolio with actual ones.

Ofc your skill level will determine your portfolio as well. If you can find clients then your portfolio is good enough, if not then find a mentor, follow trends and maybe even attend school if necessary
Thank you U0233P93N77br />I already built a portfolio with 1 project (more on the way), and have had mentorship once (and will continue with more), and I am currently helping a friend with their website.
I'm just wondering how some of you started? Small UpWork contracts? Went for an internship? Found gigs on FB, and if so what groups? Went straight for a full-time job?
tcoddjqrb Is this the route that you went to becoming a UI designer?
No, I've never done UI design but back in the days when I did software dev I did UX design as well. Besides of that I've interviewed tons of designers :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding portfolio the focus should be on the journey of the design process, not just the end results.

Also adding to how to start depends on where you want to focus. If you want to play long game and focus on learning instead of instant rewards I'd recommend finding a place where senior designers are available either in the team or within the company. If you just wanna earn few dolhairs and make a living then I bet UpWork etc are full of small contracts one can grind on. It's just that once you have some experience and you can show it you can up the price and be more selective on what you work on. Designer market is not similar to software dev so that anyone can go to React bootcamp and start invoicing $10k/month, for good contracts you really need to stand out in a crowd.
thanks blnalmpyv that was super helpful.
Yeah, looking for a few quick gigs at the moment since I want to get the ball rolling and start making some money.
But eventually it would be nicer to get some bigger gigs and possibly a full-time gig to learn more about the process from senior designers, devs, etc.
Yeah! Talk to the devs as well! They can be your best friends. I've worked with many talented designers who are really good at designing beautiful stuff... that is totally unusable in web browser or doesn't fit on the screen the users are using ๐Ÿ˜„ That's more related to UI design but also in UX it's important to understand the effects of different screen sizes have and how components work in web and mobile.
It's much easier to make good looking UIs when you don't care about UX.
nqivqzegz Yeah, I completely understand that. I'm actually adding a responsive website to my portfolio at the moment, and have heard from other seniors that there are a ton of "pretty" looking web designs (especially on Behance) that aren't very practical.
I'm trying to push for more of the UX side of things instead of UI, focus on functionality, story-telling, and good design instead of visuals since I'm not visual wizard ๐Ÿ˜…
Hey guys, itโ€™s been a while since the last time I visited Nomad List. I just want to ask, what works the best for you when it comes to finding jobs/clients as a freelancer?

Iโ€™m currently looking for new job opportunities as UX/UI designer. I have over 9+ years of experience creating apps, websites and digital products, but Iโ€™m a little struggle with finding clients right now.
Check out tuple app, I believe they're looking for a designer. You can message ihracy on Twitter, he's the CEO

I believe compensation is 175k USD

If you do contact them please let them know I sent you, my Twitter is kkynalkkbzhmqs
How do you all deal with optionality?

Right now I'm struggling between

โ€ข Working at a big tech company
โ€ข Traveling
โ€ข Working on my startup
โ€ข Freelancing
I feel like I can't do everything, gotta pick something at least. And each has pros and cons
The trick is to pick an option that is "good enough", rather than try to always maximize for the best possible outcome. Studies have shown that people who satisfice rather than maximize tend to be happier|
Sounds like you've already tried to approach it rationally and it didn't lead to you dismissing any of the options, so probably they are all fine. Maybe just listen to your gut feeling or just flip a coin ๐Ÿ˜›
That's the problem haha. Rationally they're all pretty decent. Just gotta pick one I think
Also sounds like a reversible decision, i.e. you can just change after a year or so. Not worth spending too much time on reversible decisions
Interesting way to frame it. That's very true
Admittedly a much smaller scale, but I recently bought new glasses and had my friends vote on one of four options. Would have definitely not picked the model they did, but now it grew on me and I love them. So maybe just let your friends vote on it, then you can also blame it on them if it turns out badly ๐Ÿ˜œ (which it won't)
I am not really sure things need to be binary, moon lighting is a thing or doing 50/50.
Work remotely for a big travel company, travel, and work on your startup on the side.
I have talked about this I think in the startup chat but I believe that having a full-time job can make you more productive on your startup and removes financial pressure allowing you to see clearly and be able to pivot properly.
I guess working part time is also always an option. But now we're just doing even more options to choose from ๐Ÿ˜‚
lol, ya. It's kind of harder now because there is so many remote options. The startup as a necessity to get out of the 9-5 grind is a huge motivator that kind of goes away if you have a remote job with flexible hours. There is something to be said about a certain level of desperation that can drive a person.
It's helpful to remind yourself what your specific goals are. If you don't have specific goals, it's harder to compare the effectiveness of possible strategies. (Or, in the words of Lewis Carroll, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.")
I think you're probably doing too much, there's some rule you can do like 3 or 4 things properly?

I've aggressively stripped down my life to be very simple, all I do is

and I combine gym with relationship and friends (e.g. go with gf and friends)
and work I combine with friends (cowork w/friends)
Actively traveling is a great way to reduce your productivity to zero (although it will be very inspiration and give you great ideas)
Most productive I've been was usually:
โ€ข staying in hotels or spa-type resorts (I'm in one now, beautiful hotel on the beach, hot tub, massages near, great food, laundry service, e.g. everything outsourced)
โ€ข mild to warm places
โ€ข gym routine every 2 days
โ€ข friends near
โ€ข focus on one project
Pick the option that gives you highest cash flow and enough free time to enjoy life, work on increasing cash flow, then pipe extra cash into outsourcing/โ€œbuying timeโ€ ultimately to get more cash flow and more free time, rinse and repeat.
Two things for me.
First Regret Minimization framework, then opportunity cost.
If both pass, that's the deal. If opportunity cost is too high, would you regret if you give up the deal? So, regret minimization always comes first. just my 2 cent
I agree - freelance for a large tech company while traveling (slowly w/ remote work) and work on your startup on the side. Seems like it would fit all your criteria ๐Ÿ™‚
Freelancing for a large tech company seems difficult to find
I'm thinking a remote job with slow travel could work, just have to make sure what they say about international travel
Iโ€™m looking for a sales engineer for our developer product (CI/CD) if youโ€™re interested. Itโ€™s fully remote
Sure I'll DM you
nsorzqpnbwjvmn wow thanks man! I will give it a try.

just dm him, and mentioned about you and your twitter

Thanks again!

1. Part-time remote position at big tech
2. Part-time working on your startup
For nr 2 I would treat it as a flexible time to spend between my own startup and traveling from time to time, here you can be flexible, because you are the boss

You don't need freelancing when doing these 2 points, because part-time job at big tech should earn enough, and after time your startup could give you more cash too

But also worth to mention things that give us the boost of energy to do more
โ€ข Do workout regularly, at least 3 times per week, this will give you a boost of endorphins and more energy, and better health
โ€ข Spend time with people as well Friends / Family / Relationship
Time management
What's most important to you?
I know this is about you, but I would like to share a similar experience I had a few years ago.

I always wanted to open a (physical) Biz, have the experience and try. But I also want to travel. And even more important, I want time for myself and do other things that aren't work-related (I also have a full-time job).

What's essential for me to i travel and availability of time but I didn't know at the moment, so I opened the biz, I spent eight months working from 5 am to 11 pm. I work during the morning and biz at night. No travel and not much time for other hobbies I'm patient about (read, chess, time for family and friends). And I don't regret it. I had the experience, and it made me realize what I want most.
something that will help you as well is what's the worst case escenario and best if you choose any of those. is that worst case escenario something you want to deal with? or even the best case?
it's called Second Order Thinking.
Yes that's the thing, it feels like they're all viable options for me, so it's very difficult to choose between them. But like mzbztwkptpvxmknb says, I really like thinking about the options in terms of their reversibility. If they're not permanent, then why bother thinking too much about the options?

For me, I am thinking I'll just make some money via a full time job with the caveat for myself that if I don't like it, I can always quit and travel or find another job. I looked into freelancing but it seems to basically pay less for the same amount of work. It seemed great in a non-remote world where you had to be in the office, as a freelancer could travel and be a digital nomad and employees can't, but now that everything's remote, I can't really think about getting paid half for the same amount of work.
Not sure why freelancers get a bad rep and ppl think they would get paid less. Maybe in the beginning as you're building experience you might be more desperate, but if you have solid work experience you can charge what you're worth. As a freelancer, you generally should make more and you can also pick up more than one project ๐Ÿ’ต
As a freelancer you NEED to make way more than if you were employed, otherwise you are doing it wrong and super risky on the longer time frame. Main reasons are less job security/guarantees, more non-paid time spent on what is work (accounting, legal, marketing, sales, etc), no perks etc. In my experience freelance vs employed comes down to personal preference, skill sets and character, both can be amazing and both can suck. Donโ€™t look at salaries or contract hour rates, try to estimate actual hour rates for comparison and pick the one where you have the highest chance of increasing your actual hour rate. Reversibility yes it adds comfort, but you cannot get back the time you spent, so if you want to try something set a decision timeline to get out, would be my recommendation.
anyone have experience with toptal?
I do, both as talent and hiring. Feel free to dm me.
what do you do with TopTal? I attempted to join as a native iOS developer, but the process seemed to be more geared towards Web/full stack developersโ€ฆ

how is your experience with them?
I'm a product manager. Very happy with them, good flow of work, low chance of shitty clients, they have your back onto a certain level as well dealing with clients.
Also do work through Toptal and have had a similar experience as mxhvlqkbtddso
thatโ€™s good to hear.
Do people advertise their services here? I'm looking for a short term ops gig. Can help with AWS/GCP, CI/CD, etc. Could use the side income from day job.
Hey all, any good resources on finding remote business development work for companies open to digital nomads?
I donโ€™t know if|that was intentional or accidental, but it seems to defeat the purpose of the #__jobs channel ๐Ÿ˜„
Maybe one of the admins will add it back in for the rest of us ๐Ÿ˜„
advcdl UK51YHM51br />seems like integration was unintentionally removed from #__jobs (see screenshot above), could you help reinstate that please?
I started interviewing for a company that said they don't do meetings, they do async communication, and people can work and travel anywhere with no restrictions. I feel like I found the perfect digital nomad job lol
Are you comfortable with sharing the name of the company?
Contra is the one. They're actually a freelance jobs platform although I'm interviewing for full time
Contra. Com is the site
There are a lot of Contra named companies it looks like. At least for development they said the timezone won't be a big issue
Iโ€™ve got a job like this - itโ€™s pretty amazing!

My only issue with it is that I feel very spoiled, and while Iโ€™m getting itchy feet, Iโ€™m very reluctant to find a new job because the thought of meetings makes me sadโ€ฆ So the only potential negative is I may end up staying here longer than I want to ๐Ÿ˜…
yeah that is a problem. however I think once I'm done traveling I'd want to get into big tech to make the big money lol
kfrmbqfxekoooa the way the world is changing nothing is stopping you from doing both at the same time (already today)
Most big tech companies still want US hours or to be in the US physically due to tax reasons. Not as easy as with smaller companies
Yeah GitLab could count although that's a pretty rare exception, they started off remote only and distributed, most other big tech companies (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Square, Snapchat, etc) have not, so their rules are more strict than GitLab
Also GitLab doesn't pay as much as SF based big tech companies
hwnfggrfojbyxu Yes, Iโ€™ve checked correct Contra company, one of the requirements for the designer position is โ€œtimezone within 3 hours of San Franciscoโ€ unfortunately. Maybe for devs itโ€™s different, or maybe they are also open to different timezones, itโ€™s worth to try
That's interesting, maybe for devs it's different or maybe they didn't update their job listings. Definitely worth a try to apply for them and see what they say
I have a question for those of you who work for startups or small-ish tech companies How do you bring up your travel plans with your manager? Do you notify your manager in advance that you will be in e.g. CDMX for the next 2 months? Or do you not discuss your location at all (especially if the location has no impact on your working hours)?
I just post it in the slack channel grimacinggrimacing but it was clear for all when I joined them thst I can work wherever I no want
I got the environment that allows me to transparent, that helps everyone I guess. So I always advice when I am changing locations
Agree, transparency is the way to go! However, the risk of being honest is a PR one. I don't want anyone to think that I am not a dedicated worker because of my lifestyle. I wonder if anyone has ever had issues/struggles with this
same like ejzhz
If it's gonna be in a different timezone, we talk about which hours are we going to connect
ckelrkrpvvtra you definitely can encounter the typical colleagues who will take any chance they have to say "oh, she's distracted becasue she's in Hawaii" - but they are just jealous, it's inherent to the remote lifestyle.
Thank you for saying that. I'm having to learn that I can't manage other people's emotions - and yes, jealousy comes up a lot!!! Thanks for calling it what it is. I'm glad that others are 'out' with their lifestyle. I will do the same.
I think the other piece is that companies worry about tax liability. So it's one thing to say I'm going to Hawaii for 1.5 months and then I'm returning to my residence for the next 3 months, and another to say, yeah I know I said my residence is xyz, but I don't actually ever plan to be there :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
Just saying that it's hard to explain when no one else in my company is fully nomadic (even while the work is fully remote). Going nomadic takes remote work to the next level.
I solved that problem by registering my own company and then contracting out as a 3rd party vendor. It takes all of the tax and insurance issues out of the clients hands in into yours, then you can just compensate by charging them more for it.

as far as my government knows, i've been working from home for 2 years now
urtjyunbdnmzy good idea! I may ask them about this in a year. It might even be cheaper for them since they wouldn't have to pay for my health insurance. I know that the team in Europe are all contractors. Definitely something to explore. Thanks!
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