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mikegwhit 2mo
FYI if you put your profile on Dice make SURE you VPN into the country you say you reside in, they automatically denied me probably because i said i am based in USA but IP is in MX
mikegwhit 2mo
yeah but with tax implications, and afaik hiring a contractor offshore vs. a citizen is not a big deal.. so this doesn't add up to me..
You can work remotely for a US company being based outside the US. Say you are tax payer from country A or you have a company in Country B. You can work remotely for a US company an invoice them directly.

If you have an LLC in the US you (personally) can be a contractor to your US LLC but as a contractor (and taxpayer) from the Country where you live.

You can't work for your US LLC not having the proper VISA.
mikegwhit 2mo
they'll want you to post on remoteok and pay probably.. but i'd start by listing your stack and timezone
borowis 2mo
> yeah but with tax implications, and afaik hiring a contractor offshore vs. a citizen is not a big deal.. so this doesn't add up
yeah, it's really a bummer imo. I don't think there's a huge difference to the US companies. still, it's undoubtedly the fact that there are 10x remote jobs for the US folks than for folks without US citizenship ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
borowis 2mo
if you have a passport from some poor nation you would hardly have any remote jobs outside your country, even if you're very talented developer there are actually very few companies that want to hire you as a contractor. the world is biased and is not fair so we just have to live with it
borowis 2mo
I mean, I know easily a dozen companies that hire "everywhere" but in the predefined countries which include mostly US, Canada and EU countries. if you're in Ukraine or India or whatever they won't consider your application
arielito 2mo
The usual response is that they have federal clients (gov?) and this work permission is a must.
borowis 2mo
well, in this case US LLC doesn't solve much I'm afraid
feel free to DM me for a frontend/fullstack dev ๐Ÿ™‚
arielito 2mo
I will add my 2 cents here, I changed my resume design 4 times while looking for better results.
While we are soo proud of our experitise... the resume will be first seen by the recruiter.
So lets talk about the recruiter, in the past few years the Recruiter role was fulfilled by many people non related to IT (psycologist, customer care, sales) Anyone with good communication skills willing to learn took some basic IT related course and Bam! IT recruiter. Not all as I know many with the capability to actually understand what the company is looking for, yet unfortunately sometimes during interviews facing a recruiter going through a checklist of your stack, and this person is the firewall.
Your resume needs to be 1 single page, everything with the detail targeting a child mindset, direct and basic, you could add more pages (up to 3) and procide further detail of your work experience, knowledge and achievements there. Recruiters wont see more than one page.
(Put yourself in their shoes) the UI on BambooHR showing thousands of people applying, to the open position. There is usually some base requirement, and they go one by one. No one is going to read a paragraph of text you so proudly took the time to briefly explain. This page needs to be straight forward. When they filter perhaps 5 to 10 then they will go for the 1st round (to know who you are) and then the resumes will go to someone technical.
Other stuff removed my picture and age (preventing bias)
Removed visibility of my experience in linked in. I only left my activity, language and recommendations.
Your skills are still indexed even id visibility is off.
So I see a lower market, more hybrid opportunities, lower pay. Yet I tripled the ampunt of interviews that I got.
rajgm29 2mo
Hi U2X7EBMMWbr /> I am fullstack dev.
So far have worked at DPS Munich, Solana Labs and Hyperledger and more.
Hi Dexter, thanks for your reply. Yes, I am still open to opportunities. ๐Ÿ˜„
sun_mir 1mo
For anyone on Discourd who is confused about posts, like the ^ above that _might be_ falling out of context:
It's part of an interesting 100+ messages long thread about challenges in finding a job for senior/principal roles. You can catch up|herebr />

I relate to the problem as well...
With 10 years of experience in the industry, outlined in a concise 1-pager CV, applying to 50+ relevant job postings for the last 2 months - I've got only a single follow-up interview :expressionless:
At the same time, I got a job offer (that I didn't want) from a recruiter-initiated contact with half of my expected compensation :man-shrugging:
So it somewhat feels like tech companies embrace the market situation and follow Twitter's concept to _do more with less_ (and pay less) :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

My next steps would be to re-write my CV in 2 pages, tighten the belt, and keep applying smiling_face_with_tear
mikegwhit 1mo
i found work but bc i am in Mexico with decreased cost of living it is fine to work for less than i made back in USA
mikegwhit 1mo
i will also talk to anyone who works in full-stack javascript that wants to pursue work together.. i am basically starting a consultancy
Hello everyone, how are you?

I'm working on a project where I'm looking for an agency specialized in conducting A/B testing on website content using the Kameleoon tool.

Have you heard of it?

But I have a requirement, I would like this agency to provide support in Portuguese for my team here in Brazil.

I already thank you in advance, thank you very much!
egisnmir 1mo
ndigsmjas it's kind of a double-edged sword. on one hand if the US companies were all open to remote contractors, we would have to compete with waaay more countries. demands for skills would be higher and salaries much lower. so this barrier of entry is what makes it more attractive
borowis 1mo
good for you =)
borowis 1mo
US is also PITA to get a green card or whatever; really one of the strictest systems in that sense ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ not that I ever wanted to
egisnmir 1mo
not sure why it's good for me, since I also don't have any permit there :sweat_smile:
yeah, I think it's one of the hardest places on earth to get a work visa or residency
p.s. ะฟั€ะธะฒะตั‚)
borowis 1mo
ะฟั€ะธะฒั–ั‚! ha ha, sorry friendly fire
egisnmir 1mo
Ahah, friendly fire ๐Ÿ‘
What would you say you lose career-wise, if anything, from not working in-office as a software engineer ?
thomster 1mo
A lot of people adjusting the AC to their own preference.
moltar 1mo
I think this highly depends on the company culture. If thereโ€™s a lot of politicking that needs to happen for career growth then youโ€™d be missing out, if the company is not fully remote.
moltar 1mo
I think really thatโ€™s what it comes down to. If itโ€™s fully or not fully remote.
jayemar 1mo
Career-wise I think it's difficult to make the personal connections that often lead to career advancement and potential future job opportunities when you're only meeting online. Most of my jobs came about due to relationships I'd made with people in the office, but I find it's much more difficult to form these relationships in an online-only environment.

From a day-to-day perspective, I also find that a one hour whiteboarding session in person can replace multiple days of online chatting to get everyone on the same page.

All this said I tend to skew introvert and love working remote, but I've yet to work in an environment where 1 or 2 days of everyone in the office has not been beneficial to the project and to a greater sense of team cohesion.
I would not be where I am now if I had worked remotely from the start.
And while Iโ€™ve hired remote-only employees for the last 6 years, my co-founders have always been local. And after 6 years, Iโ€™ve decided to hire hybrid for my new team
i wonder if making trips 1-4 times a year can create some kind of happy medium
Any copywriters here?
What jmwqbdfye said. I advanced quite rapidly working in person, but have found working remote really has an impact on visibility, networking, etc. This can slow you down if youโ€™re in a role where advancement is somewhat political. Which from my POV looks like senior+ (staff, principal, etc) engineering and all of technical management.

By then youโ€™re making pretty good money and advancement tends to slow down with career maturity anyways, so maybe the tradeoff is worth it to you. But it is a tradeoff for the W2/career crowd for sure.
smnaqi 30d
leonardo 29d
Any Flutter devs here? ๐Ÿค“
luskira 29d
ex flutter dev here
br3hanna 28d
Anyone have connections to Figma??
Senior Project Manager here. Let us know if you've posted positions!
jsabra 25d
I have the same confusion about how to get into Nomadlist Discord haha
leonardo 24d
As a freelancer developer, do you make your client sign a contract? What template do you use?
kyleob 23d
Always, I need to work on a new template, but let me try to find the one Iโ€™ve used before.
tuusberg 23d
Hey everyone! I am a seasoned SRE/Backend dev and I am looking for work. Currently working in blockchain space but Iโ€™ve seen a lot in the past 12 years and would be open to other opportunities as well. I am only open to fully remote work.
leonardo 23d
That would be useful, thanks!
Sharing a resource in case youโ€™re interested Iโ€™m teaching a product lecture series at BYU this fall, and anyone can just show up to listen or watch the recordings of the product management execs coming to speak on campus. Let me know if youโ€™d like the schedule and recording links (I canโ€™t post the link here for some reason).
luskira 22d
I wanna
sun_mir 22d
Hey :wave:
Sorry for a somewhat irrelevant question... But can you share more about your work in the blockchain space? And does it read as if you want to switch back to a _traditional_ Web2 job?

A DevOps/SRE here, looking for work in Web3/blockchain space ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Hello, I do some Flutter, not professionally though. adwnpouke curious why you're an ex flutter dev, anything you didn't like?
Absolutely, always use a contract
leonardo 21d
I am a flutter dev myself, I'd like to connect to fellow devs
I agree with sfneyhoxp but also disagree to some extent. The startup I'm on now, it's a small team, maybe 10-15 engineers total and we often talk to each other throughout the day for questions and things like that. We usually have cameras on too (you can turn them off but i usually keep them on around half the time) so you see everyone. Whiteboarding we just do virtually on a zoom call, really not much different to in person. I feel like I'm making just as many connections at this company as in person.

In contrast, I used to work at a large gov contractor where people usually didn't talk much to each other, the projects were often solo in nature. So it seems like it really depends on your company culture rather than in person or remote.
What I'd really say you miss is the friends. If you're already in a city with people you know, then yeah you don't need work friends but I know people at like Google or whatever where a lot of people are in their 20s and they all hang out, hard to do that in a remote environment
Nice any apps you've made that are public?
leonardo 21d
check my GitHub gjccqodwxpgiey
Hey, hey!
Iโ€™ve heard that working at a US govt contractor can be pretty lax. Has anyone heard of govt contractors that let you work anywhere?
mikedev10 20d
i'm sure they are much more likely to require you to be working from within the country...
kevinpost 20d
I don't have concrete data to back this up but it feels like US companies have become incredibly strict about their "working from US soil" policies. In my current role I'm not permitted to work anywhere outside of the 50 states. Even my Puerto Rican colleagues, whom would prefer to be closer to friends and family on the island, are not permitted to work from Puerto Rico or any other U.S. territories.
mikedev10 20d
i don't think policies have changed for most, they may just be making them more explicit now between covid and all the posts you happen upon where people are asking how to best hide from their employer where they are
kevinpost 20d
That being said I feel like most employers won't even bother to check unless they are looking for a reason to terminate an employee
mikedev10 20d
in general i don't expect them to but that is because it's usually a safe assumption someone is not hiding, depending on the biz it could lead to epic meltdowns though, eg. violations of contracts between your employer and your client if working on/having access to the client stuff for example.

i opportunistically booked a trip to hong kong, but just had to go through an extra review because... china
jujucinco 20d
I worked for a contractor that had contracts for the health insurance marketplace, the VA, headstart, among others, and it was anything but lax. Dealing with tons of very opinionated/demanding external gov stakeholders, and yea you're not allowed to even bring your laptop out of the US. I'm sure people have and got away with it, but it's a bigger deal than at a non gov if you're caught
looking for a remote chief of staff. where to start?
any chief of staff here? where do you guys hang out on the internet?
juliana_s 19d
Sounds interesting, I'd like to listen in as well!
Iโ€™m happy to connect and chat more if youโ€™d like!
My experience was it is VERY strict
mikegwhit 18d
they are not lax, it is the opposite
I have zero knowledge of your company or it's inner workings, so take this with a grain of salt.

In my experience "anywhere in the world" doesn't always include China. I'd look into that. I've now worked and led several remote-first companies, but due to the govt. in China most of those companies don't hire there.

One other thing -- China and the US are very incompatible for timezones. Make sure you've done your homework and you know you can make it work. Some companies say "anywhere" but still want you around for meetings and such.
Lax in the sense that the work isnโ€™t all that hard, but maybe my friends were lucky in that regard, thanks all!
mikedev10 16d
ah, well in that case, it is government work ๐Ÿ˜…
Anyone here working as a remote Company/Corporate secretary (mostly legal/governance work) anywhere around the world? If yes, then which companies offer such roles as there are none on job websites. Iโ€™m looking this for my fiancรฉ as she wants to step into the remote world. She currently works with a top Spanish clothing brand (Inditex) in India. My job is completely remote and it would be awesome for her too. We plan to travel together but it wonโ€™t workout until we explore the remote opportunities for her role.
elpol 13d
wssvcopsolcmpa you keep your cameras on while working?
yrzprsj Not during working, during stand up calls. I'd never keep my camera always on during work, that would feel extremely creepy.
gerry 10d
Hey would be interested to chat and point you to some people ๐Ÿ™‚
Yea that would be awesome. What time zone are you in?
luskira 8d
Actually I love flutter, I just moved to a react role because the professional experience was better in this one. I mostly code side projects in web, but when I need to go mobile, flutter is my go to tool
ocnjbhdet any thoughts on flutter web? I've tried it a few years ago and it was dogshit but just the other day I tried it again and wow it's fast, basically 300 ms cold start and 150 ms cached
You mean project manager or human resources? Iโ€™d say that Linkedin, Facebook groups and upwork worked for me when I need to hire. Also, is really important the job description, I use chatgpt for that

Hope it helps ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿงก
have any of you applied to jobs where you are legally allowed to work (e.g. USA) and then been form denied more than you expected? do you think if you don't use VPN they can see, "applied from different country" (e.g. Mexico) ???
Never considered this but I doubt it would be a consideration. People travel for work and vacations all the time. As a hiring manager, if it was pointed out to me an applicant submitted their CV from another country, I wouldnโ€™t care one bit. Maybe an HR person can add their thoughts.
From the HR platforms I've used in the past, I don't recall being able to see where applicants submitted from (IP-related). Rather, the platform added a location based on what was included in the CV.

Feel free to use a VPN to be extra safe, though!
i know| refused to list my profile due to the country i listed conflicted with IP but good to know otherwise, thanks! (p.s. it's not like i'm in an economic restricted country or anything like this)
borowis 7d
the US work permit? ๐Ÿ˜…
jsabra 7d
Applies to both US or UK
heollrqpslh was this recently? not doubting you just really curious why they would block that situation. maybe too many people spam them with overseas devs?
i think bc my resume claimed US and my IP was different
they sent me an email saying i did something against site policy and this wound up the answer
TIL...thanks for this update
jegher 6d
๐Ÿ‘‹ What is the freelance jobs website you use the most? I was about to try fiverr over a friend's recommendation, and maybe you also have other suggestions
flutter web has grown a lot but itโ€™s still problematic sometimes, Iโ€™m building a photography e commerce and itโ€™s been painful
ah for ecommerce or anything with seo i wouldnt recommend it
upwork is good
luskira 1d
Precisely nrodcqankmdjuq
luskira 1d
I highly recommend it if seo isn't important
luskira 1d
2 years ago I ran some tests to evaluate which tech would perform the best for a stock trading app at a previous company
luskira 1d
Flutter, KMM and Native outperformed React/Vue by a LONG margin
luskira 1d
React and Vue really didn't have much of a chance for this test scenario to be honest, 10 rows with 3 cells each. Each cell would change value in 60Hz frequency
luskira 1d
The only downside to flutter was the storage space in devices and on web, but it only lost to native tech
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