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Is there someone with a passport from Latin American that has an employer in US but nomads outside the US that could give me some guidance? ๐Ÿ™
My company's leadership was initially pretty stubborn at the beginning of the pandemic about wanting to get people back into the office, but after awhile of not having a choice in the matter, they are now pivoting to remote first after seeing how much money they can save on office infrastructure and how much broader their applicant pool is now. I am now planning my 2nd nomad trip largely because we are now a remote-first company.
Although I'll caveat that by saying I do have to stay within a 4-hour window of California time. But still, that's all of North and South America. For now, I'll take it.
Maybe? What do you need?
Firstly, some help with expectations. My girlfriend has Colombian passport, currently working in Mexico, but Iโ€™d like to get her a gig that pays USD, but unsure if its common for US companies to scale down remote work pay to the foreign employees local economy
a lot of high-paid (mostly Chinese) devs working in Silicon Valley do something similar; it's just that they rent a room/share a house while making 300k+ a year and save & invest a ton. You could look into shared flats, better than a car...
It depends on the company, must itโ€™s not uncommon for companies to scale down the payment these kind of employers. Normally its not to the point where it matches the local hiring average, but still less than US average market. If she is being hired as a normal employer she needs the visa that allows her to work there, otherwise its more common to be hired as a contractor than a normal employer.
dmโ€™d, ty jplcygadfig
What about being a remote travel agent (or "travel designer," as some people are calling it now lol)?
bwqwsafljnyy what is that?
vopojtq Itโ€™s essentially designing trips/travel packages for clients and handling all the logistics, from transport to stay to activities.
Who is already there, what has already been done, what is the startup even about?
I love whoever is updating this list
so the other 2 founders are not technical?
Iโ€™m Colombian working for US companies, and I know a lot of people who work like that too.
Good question! I always say my "permanent address is in the US" and I live in XYZ
Hey all - when you're moving around a bunch, do you let your employer know where you're going? (even if it's same timezones) ? Only thought here, is that sometimes they ask us to come back 1-2x a year to the office for a retreat, so that would be the only reason I think they would ask where I am.
I don't. Where you are isn't going to Influence when they host the retreat and I'd rather not advertise anything as people may think โ€œoh they're so luckyโ€ or โ€œoh they're paid too muchโ€ without any background
Unless you have to attend meetings and you need to explain why it's 3am where you are and you can't make the meeting, I don't tell anyone.
Two questions :raised_hand:
1. Regarding a #_jobs post from today, does anyone know how to design _testing strategies for hardware components_? :thinking_face:
2. Iโ€™m looking for Angular positions but I donโ€™t see many in LinkedIn or Angular Discord, do you know where could find them?
Well, why don't you just ask your manager how much they want to be informed about your location? Surely your employer has the right to know where you're working from, but they might not care if it's in the same timezone
In my experience, if you are semi-regularly joining meetings from a new place with different visuals, people will be curious about where you are. I wouldnโ€™t try to conceal it, but no need to announce your location.
Whatever, wherever, it makes a lot of financial sense to maximize earnings and minimize costs. For the W2 crowd, you're options are relatively limited. So I feel like geo arbitrage and OE makes a lot of sense. Some people will always try to min/max.
Financial sense? Money is for spending. What's the point of making a lot if you live in a shitty place or keep eating ramen?
vanโ€™s can be quite comfortable!
Yeah there are some amazing vans. VW California for example, but it sets you back about 50k in Europe.
about $85k here in USD
The VW California is not, AFAIK, actually sold here in the US.

Anything pop top from the factory has a tough time getting past our regulations. Or maybe it's liability? I'm not sure. But there are reasons โ€œcamper vansโ€ and RV conversions go through third party companies here in the US.
hdhysbghpqso what are those reasons? can you expand
what??? lol what?! oh man i love you but this is just incorrect
iโ€™m only pissed off because the internet is just filled with people pushing stuff they only half-know as fact, god damnit
people use third parties in the US because it comes with a warranty.. you just donโ€™t want to buy a MSRP sprinter and first thing you do is cut a hole in it.. you donโ€™t void engine warranties and unless youโ€™re changing the dimension of your vehicle there are no road regulations.. i am sure that there are many new emerging regulations in places like california (so progressive attacking the homeless they create) banning vans from camping out in public places
Thanks all!
My background is electrical engineering, can help with #1 or connect you with someone who can
Oh the possibilities this opens ๐Ÿคฏ
๐Ÿ˜ฎ Iโ€™m electrical engineering too (but never worked on that), just wondering what kind of QA where they looking for in that job from yesterday
Could you share posting?
Fair enough. Remember reading this article years ago, but it turns out I was going off old intel re the California.

I tried but a bot deleted it because I canโ€™t share links.
The one that says Test Automation Engineer
Spoke to friend in robotics, these kinds of jobs are pretty new. Meant to be software-only QA for the MLOps. This particular posting seems to be for a camera, so machine vision ML
How are folks finding new remote work now? What platforms do you use besides
Iโ€™m using Toptal
Anyone have a strategy they use for taking vacation days? I find it always difficult whether to decide between taking days or flying / seeing family vs exploring new city vs. taking a mini break to a beach...Any thoughts?
I'm in favor of continuing to work while visiting family if it's not a special occasion like wedding, eids etc. For the rest; one culture(visiting different cities and learning about them) and one lazy holiday(sand,sun,sea) seems good to me.
And of course, I really like to plan some long weekends here and there according to cheap flights that I can find.
Thanks for the perspective! ojnoqlr
you might want to change "what have i build?" to "what have i built?"
"hire a founder" sounds like an oxymoron to me
if the company is hiring, it is already founded
LinkedIn became my platform of choice this time around. I remember when Dice and Indeed were the industry leaders (maybe they still are, I donโ€™t know). Glassdoor is okay as well.

Honestly though, recruiters who have relationships with companies are the best. Otherwise you just become another email / resume that gets ignored among the dozens or hundreds.
Yeah I would do the meetings from inside an office, with regular lighting and no view of outside. Also make sure to use the background blur with whatever conference call software you are using.

This has bee a big point of contention between me and the place I am likely to sign with in a few days.
This message was deleted.
I would ask them what their policy is, or read through their paperwork, and then not offer any more info than what they need. If you are happy with your compensation then I certainly wouldnโ€™t inform them of any location changes if I didnโ€™t have to because they can use your change in location to justify a change in compensation (ie downward).

Also, depending on the company, they may need to whitelist your IP address every time you change countries. If that is the case then you definitely will have to notify them when you are traveling around.

Each company is different.
Most managers at those companies are nice, are genuinely trying to help you, and can't stand dealing with HR either. So my general advise is to establish a great working relationship by being open with them. Chances are your colleagues are gonna be curious to know where you are just out of interest ๐Ÿ™‚ don't involve HR though unless you absolutely have to
kxoqeqvwsklwtjnd Agreed. HR cares about geographic headaches, but the regular team you work with probably just want stability on the team and would hate to see a good team member leave because of some bureaucratic / legal technicality
Thanks guys, thats very helpful advice. I think I will see how it plays out during my first few weeks
I proactively communicate to my direct mgr where I am, but everyone else reactively, only when asked. I use a virtual background all the time, even when home
```I proactively communicate to my direct mgr where I am, but everyone else reactively, only when asked. I use a virtual background all the time, even when home```
This is the way.
hi all, what could be a good remote work for a healthcare professional planning to become a nomad? ๐Ÿ™‚ is there any healthcare-related remote work jobs out there?
Healthcare is tough to do remote ๐Ÿ˜ฌ IIRC there was a nurse here working at different hospitals around the world for six months at a time. A friend of mine who's a doctor was looking into getting a job with an online cannabis prescription service, apparently that was a remote option. Also teaching at online universities was something she considered
thanks for the input. you are right, it really is though especially that healthcare is a highly regulated industry/field
Hey there <:Wave:985420964131119124>
What kind of healthcare are you looking into?
A few doctor friends work for telehealth companies (Teledoc / Babylon health / etc. types of companies) doing remote consultations.

Some healthtech companies require medical signoff for things like lab reports (i.e. "look at these numbers and say if they're normal or abnormal"), which again are remote.
my fiancee is a board licensed physician but not US-based. I was wondering if there are opportunities for her in that space so she could start doing remote stuff and travel
i will take a look at these companies. thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
Maybe Air Doctor has something (telehealth):
During the pandemic I had several online appointments with doctors, even doctors in other countries with very good results. I also been using a nutritionist in NY for almost 2 years with life changing results. So I would say this is of course more than doable, almost all health care will be done remotely with time. Future internet connections will even enable remote surgery eventually
Iโ€™m currently working for a medical company that does most of the treatment remote. Its a medical cannabis company
Would that be a company with useful services for nomads? ๐Ÿ˜„
If you bring your own van, itโ€™s relatively affordable and there are two California locations
does being an employee of a company invariably mean youโ€™ve got to be 6months +1 day in whatever country youโ€™re employed in?

for nomads that arenโ€™t tied to a single country, how do you achieve and handle this? is it achieved via your own limited company/GmbH etc and contracted to that company (instead of a strict employee) the only route? thank you
depends on country. in finland (only one i can say for sure) you can be an employee without being a tax resident. in uruguay you can also be tax resident even if youโ€™re employed in another country
Networking is the best way- really depends on the roles you're looking for. Happy to help if you send a PM
good way would be to approach healthtech companies , depends on the kinds of roles you're looking for
My company insists that yes, I need to follow 183 days in the country.
I asked why and they said tax status, but I'm already a resident so I can't lose my tax residency unless I gain it somewhere else, so technically you could spend more than 183 days abroad as long as you don't spend in a country that would make you a tax resident for that reason
What I think could be a problem is health insurance and workplace liability, my insurance protects me abroad for a limited time and my company could be held liable for things happening during working hours so if something were to happen and I didn't communicate them that I'm abroad it could be problematic
Depends if you change your residency I guess. If not, I guess your "employment country" wouldn't know/care, since you're still paying full taxes there. Insurance is another thing ofc.
However, I'd like to know if anyone ever changed residency but kept their contract in their home country. It seems like this should be possible due to double taxation treaties, but no clue how it works healthcare wise :/
i worked as an employee for a finnish company while paying income tax as a resident of uruguay. i had a tax id in finland but the income tax was set to 0% by their office due to me not living in the country. in uruguay i just declared my income, calculated my taxes and paid them.
A. Tax Residence is roughly determined by the 183-day rule (but there is fine print of course). Employment in a country can make it easier/harder to obtain/abandon tax residence there, but there is no direct correlation. Ideally, you choose where to be tax resident and maintain that by following the proper rules.

B. If you are a contractor, doing it individually or via a company makes little difference to the employer. The difference to you is that your income is always from the same company "back home" (cleaner for the tax authorities) and you can write off more expenses. Being an employee is a different story - the employer has to pay benefits (retirement, health insurance etc) and (in some case) withhold taxes and things can get complicated.

So there are two distinct things here (tax residence and employment type). Your best bet is to be a contractor at which case getting paid via your own company is even better. If you are required to be an employee then I suggest you get some professional (tax) advice.
what's a PM?
private message...
New employee proxy scam:

- A person/company sets up fake Upwork profiles of real people.
- They apply to jobs in hopes to get an interview using that fake profile.
- They find suspecting victims on GitHub who are willing to go along with this.
- That person uses the identity of someone else to land the job.

next ๐Ÿ†™ use task description as prompt for AI to generate code, submit, iterate
Seen a ton of fake profiles lately
Talked to a guy on Zoom the other day. Had a Polish name. We have a call, dude sounds so Asian. I confront him. Heโ€™s like Iโ€™m from Malaysia but my dad is Polish. ๐Ÿ˜‚
I ask him to turn on the camera. He fumbles around and hangs up.
I also asked him โ€œwhatโ€™s the famous Polish food?โ€

Heโ€™s like โ€œpee-ro-jeezโ€ - clearly just googled real quick but didnโ€™t know how to pronounce correctly.
Well, if they'd be able to pass my interview, I wouldn't even be mad ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
This message was deleted.
I'm sure you have some skills, although selling yourself doesn't seem to be one of them? ๐Ÿ˜œ Like if you know how to use office, that's a skill, and I'm sure there are plenty of soft skills you have
Good luck with the job hunt!
urpplwsszzohii I find that in LinkedIn (at least for EU) many companies set the location as remote, but for them this means that you can work from home or other cities in that country rather than โ€œremoteโ€ in our sense. Is there any hack? :)
I just let recruiters approach me and I tell them up front my policy on being able to work remotely
I have gotten more progress through recruiters than actually applying for listings on LinkedIn
Thanks, makes sense. Have been going that route as well. Also saves lots of time in the process haha
towlcyabsxqlhb omarxmwkefuy Do you folks post/engage actively on LinkedIn?
I primarily receive those mass emails from recruiters where there isn't a chance for making conversation - I wonder if it's because of my almost non-existent activity on LinkedIn.
I do, but not super regularly. For me the issue is mainly that there's a different definition of โ€œremoteโ€ as in working from a different city/home office vs from other countries.
scfllsquj I get a good amount of messages from recruiters who have job listings where I am a good match. At least a few a day.

And no I donโ€™t post original content on LinkedIn. Sometimes I comment on other posts though, just not often.
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