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are there any aspiring digital nomads here?
I guess a lot
Are you one of them? :)
8smeliza 1mo
flqtcqdpallkqzr hi! waveblush I'm new here and still aspiring...trying to be digital nomad. For now I am on Christmas vacation from my full time office-job. Any leads and tips are highly appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks ahead! ๐Ÿ˜‰
No, Iโ€™m on nomad break. I used to be and will be again when my toddler grows up a little.
Wait, why is this a job talk? ๐Ÿ˜…
jjddilfymn will send you a DM! ๐Ÿค
elhehahavzzp good on you man! keep it up!
larsxp 1mo
A bit offtopic Anyone around who likes to group buy/share an ahrefs/Semrush SEO tools account? Would like to split the costs. Feel free to DM, thx
elpol 1mo
Tech layoffs are real... It's the first time I'm fired when I was doing "everything right". Feels weird ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
michele 1mo
just turn it in an opportunity ๐Ÿ’ช
uwrbaxd check my LinkedIn connection request ;-)
How many people were fired?
Yes, itโ€™s very real, where I work 10/50 people were fired. No engineers, where my wife works thereโ€™s hiring freeze.

And Iโ€™ve been looking for a new job 4 months (it usually never took more than a month)
Wow, great thread! My job hunting approach will be very different since next week.
Have you found anything valuable in remoteok?
I havenโ€™t the two or three times Iโ€™ve tried with many of the offers โ˜น
elpol 1mo
In this round, about 500. The company was 2000 people a few months ago, no idea now...
elpol 1mo
There was very little planning have money - hire; lose money - fire
mikeneves 1mo
Companies with 2k people, clearly overstaffed. Better to work in smaller companies/teams, less risky and everybody knows each other's names
elpol 1mo
Agreed USLQWPT7T. They used a lot of language like "move fast & break things" - red flag since the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‚
michele 1mo
Not necessarily, I am in a startup that growth 20x in a year also because of "breaking things",
So tearing apart something that was there to make it 3x less expensive and much more reliable

It depends if it makes sense
If you move fast in the wrong direction you are an idiot
If you break things that were working and not limiting growth you are an idiot
Otherwise you are maybe going the right way

Saying that because moving slow makes sense only in stable businesses, not in scaling businesses
Is anyone else getting random notifications from this channel?
thegostev 1mo
Yes, Remote Rebellion is definitely a great place
elpol 1mo
Thank you guys!
markwitt 1mo
Hey there. My name is Mark and I am new to Nomadlist. I am a Software Engineer still in my studies and will go to Bali for a month (as workation I guess) and trying to find out if the DN lifestyle suits me
Just mute the channel if so
Tax consultant after reading and understanding the most wanted tax system..
arathjz 1mo
We had layoffs in my job too, 30% of the engineering team was let go ๐Ÿ˜ž
Which type of engineers have worst luck in those scenarios? New ones?
arathjz 1mo
New ones (less than one year in the company) and particularly Frontend engineers
roburidge 30d
How much does that cost? The whole website looks like a setup for dropping a high cost of entry, have to "book a call" is a huge ๐Ÿšฉ lol
kenan7 30d
I am stuck where I donโ€™t know which projects to bid in upwork, what would you suggest? am I not even in a correct place? iobjkgfexpbrvsgb
michele 30d
Yea usually they screw the last round(s) of hirings
elpol 29d
Exactly U048C7H101K. I was a "new" FE engineer ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a 3/1 ratio of FE/BE. None of the BE positions were affected. So if you are reading this, go learn Go ๐Ÿ™‚
imthath 29d
Iโ€™m laid off a few days after commenting here ๐Ÿ˜‚
imthath 29d
so to answer my own question, i was the least experienced in a team of 3. afaik, the scope for our team has been reducing in the last few months since the product is now mature. they wanted to let one go, and I got lucky
Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the best place to ask but I'll go ahead and delete if requested.

Our team needs help learning more about the LeSS framework. We have a lot of questions that aren't available on public sources.

Does anyone has any practical experience implementing this framework in your org? What are some common obstacles you have encountered?

We are exploring ways of working with a dev team of 16 people (devs, pms, product managers), together with other 24 people in the whole org (marketing, support, ops, leadership, etc).

Would love the opportunity to connect with you or with someone you know who has done this beforel. Thank you so much! prayskin-tone-3
mastah 27d
Can anyone recommend companies hiring QA, Test automation engineers, QA managers?
Not sure why booking a call is a red flag... if you're interested enough to know more surely you'd book a call. if not, you're free to scroll on by... ntehjdgauky what do you think?
thegostev 26d
I havenโ€™t subscribed to jeiplqkkndwrrhkcf services yet, though Iโ€™m so happy that I put trust into what Michelle is doing and got valuable info + met a really nice person.

I was skeptical at the start. My issue is that I didnโ€™t want a generic non-tailored offer as I didnโ€™t trust it may help with finding a product exec role. The webinar on CV shown me that Michelle knows own trade and itโ€™s no a generic-BS stuff. Discovery call weโ€™re talking about was hilarious to me. I got my questions answered and found how exactly Michelle can help. Now I think it may actually work. My issue is that Iโ€™m well equipped already, on the other hand I have a problem with interview preparation (after approx. 100 interview Iโ€™ve attended during my career it sounds stupid but itโ€™s true). So my reasoning is that if Iโ€™d find a job 2 weeks quicker with uhhvqtdftpkpppvdi it was worthwhile from economic standpoint.

Addressing mglidezvcst concerns Iโ€™d suggest focusing on publicly available content more, finding a smart way on how to get acquainted with people around, before the paywall. The webinar was a complete success and I think that Michelle shines when it comes to a non-BS advice. It could be:
โ€ข Short videos with 1 common question on remote work answered.
โ€ข Interviews with company owners and recruiters who hire remotely.
โ€ข 2 day webinar-bootcamp to help people with first steps in remote-work finding.
โ€ข Actually anything that will bring Michelle closer with her actionable advice.
Please let me know if it was o any help. Maybe I missed something important.
legtar 26d
follow this topic
legtar 26d
As far as I know Epam,Luxoft, Grid Dynamics and other outsourcing companies do it.
cuiziang 22d
I fell the agent on should be marked. Feel agents on it is getting more.
djoney 22d
Hey guys, I have a friend that wants to start as a virtual assistant, is there anyone who does it already and would like to help? Or at least send some materials where she can read the most important things?
๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿซ Iโ€™m thinking about creating an online course on Udemy or a similar platform. Do any of you have experience with it? Any tips or stories you can share?
PS I have already created a course for a Spanish platform, but itโ€™s only accessible through an (expensive) subscription and I only got paid for creating the content.
Iโ€™m thinking about creating a recurrent revenue stream by posting a similar course on an open platform.
Worked for Udemy a few years back, good content can generate decent income. (Some of the top instructors make almost 500k per month ๐Ÿคฏ )

If you end up posting it, ask some friends/family to watch the entire thing and post a positive review, those first few days/reviews are often not taken advantage of by most creators. Make sure they do take the course tho, or they won't really count and in some cases hurt your course if they find the reviews to be fake.

Also, the category you choose for your course is important, those little "Best Seller" highest rated badges make a significant difference in sales.
Awesome, thank you for your tips Javi!
By the way, if someone else is interested, I found this article to be very complete and realistic
borowis 20d
if it was your first account there's no easy way unfortunately. only if it was your second or 3rd account
borowis 20d
I remember vaguely that you should sign out of all accounts and then add them back one by one
borowis 20d
but I've done it a couple years back so it is not up to date
borowis 20d
an advice for the future is to always use your personal google account as first or primary
imthath 20d
> an advice for the future is to always use your personal google account as first or primary
I dinโ€™t know how the work account became the first/primary
imthath 20d
> I remember vaguely that you should sign out of all accounts and then add them back one by one
the problem is that I canโ€™t sign in or sign out of my disabled work account
imthath 20d
so that seems nearly impossible as mentioned in|this locked thread>. so I had to clear all time cookies from my browser to get rid of it
borowis 20d
yeah, it's a bit painful
borowis 20d
> I dinโ€™t know how the work account became the first/primary
the first account you sign in to becomes primary by default for google ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
cy 19d
always use different profile for different google account.
One way is create new profile and use it as default profile.
I've been working for online courses for ~a year. I used to work in 2 companies, but now I'm working for one company only. The companies offer both short-term and long-term courses. The long-term ones (9-16 months) provide also an official requalification certificate. What to say?

1. There're ~400 new students every week.
2. A course lasts for ~4-9-16-24 months. 9-16 months โ€” 95% of all the courses, 4 or 24 months โ€” the rest 5%.
3. On Russian market it's ok to pay ~100kโ‚ฝ (1500$) for such courses, so it costs around 150$/month.
4. Students have a lot of questions. They need support. But, apparently, the cost of support is something that many companies want to cut off. For instance, salary of a support member varies from 285$/month (for 20h/week) to $1400/month (7-14h/week, but no weekends). In both companies students struggle with the support. It seems, that, on Russian market there's a yawning gap that nobody can fulfil. When I was a support, if I spend much time helping students โ€” I loose too much time for almost no money.
5. Support has, apparently, less money, then the devs. For some reasons, business owners would prefer to develop a shiny new platform with bells and whistles, spending, I believe, ~15k$/month, meanwhile on support they spend hardly ~1k$/month. That's hilarious, I believe.
6. Online-courses (in Russia) have quite strong brands/names and promise people quite a lot. Like $2000/month after a year of education. Though, as far as I know, not that many people (1-3%) can get a job. There're different companies, but, for instance, there's Yandex (Google-like company), government-funded courses, courses with famous teachers.
(ow, dang, by accidence, I sent it too early)
So, yeah, imagine, that you're competing with courses by Google that are funded by government as a part of special program for population 'digitalization'. They promise you, that in a year or two you will have a median developer salary, that's quite high. And it's for ~150$/month. Wow! That's a deal. Also, the teacher will be a nice teacher from free courses that you already liked on Udemy/Coursera. The competition seems to be quite tough.
I'm pretty sure that in other places the situation might be better and you shouldn't promise a monorail to the moon by one year. If you need more info โ€” I would like to share it in DM or here, depends on the info.

_Just in case, if someone need a support crew for their courses (especially, Python/ML/DS courses) โ€” I would like to join, since I'm seriously considering a salary down now, but want to entirely move away from Russian market._
Now just my personal opinion, as a student and as a person who has been working in this industry for a year.

I like one schema on online courses and I noticed, that it works quite well and attracted 25 000$ for some really cheap content (I believe it took ~1 week to 1 month, the guy just shared his SQL-notes). So, I believe, it's possible to compete and earn quite much. So, I would say, that:

1. Courses should be shareable. Means, damn cheap. If there's a good course โ€” my friends would send me a link. If it's cheap โ€” I'll buy. In no way I'm going to buy courses for 150$/month for 1500$ in total. If it's something for 5-10$ and it takes ~3-14 days to finish them โ€” I'll pay and find some time, because my friend recommended me them. So, I believe, _it's important to make courses cheap, without bells and whistles).
2. Stepik offers a cool feature you can gift a course to someone. For instance, on New Year, I got a course as a present, lol. It was super nice.
3. If videos are expensive โ€” I would not do them. On Stepik some courses do not have videos and it doesn't make them any worse (in terms of income as well). It's PITA to rerecord video, look for the same teachers and make the new insertion/edit smooth. It is SO EASIER to fix the text and so hard to rerecord video. Good course constantly takes students' feedback into account. No feedback = no progress. It means, that you need constantly edit videos or text. The last option is a way cheaper.
4. IMHO, good course = good problems/tasks, pics/animations in the explanation + good support. Good courses โ€” is just a structured web-pages behind the paywall. It's like a book, but not downloadable, so it's harder to pirate it. It also provides nice feedback for course owners and community students. So it's like an interactive book with communities and support. People pay not for the content itself (the Internet is huge), but for a certificate/proof, a good material structure, good community and good support.
5. Good courses have their auditory and niche. Not like, 'SQL for beginners' and 'Advanced SQL'. There're already many of them. But something like, 'SQL window functions'.
So if I had to start a new online course, I would try to do it this way:
1. I would try to find some _niche_ first clusterised existing courses and looked for the demand. Where there are many courses, I'd try to make a cheap small course with some specific topic, like:
a. Perfecting your Spanish phonetics (for Italians).
b. sql window functions
c. monetizing ChatGPT integration
d. 2 weeks of express Spanish for those who's going to Latin America, but will need to promote them on some other platforms, since, I believe, people who are going for a trip soon may be busy with something else but Udemy).
2. As cheap and nice as possible
a. avoided talking heads videos, for example.
b. But focused more on animated/rich content. If it's language course, then, it would be nice to make short/cheap records of voice sounds of a native speaker, for instance. Prob, short videos of mouth/articulation.
c. Automated support more automated checkers, more peer-reviewed tasks, more feedback.
d. Interactive more problems, more solutions, more communication.
e. I would outsource/delegate:
i. asked a professional to make a great table of content
ii. then, outsourced different chapters to different people.
iii. Then, content managers would need to edit it and merge nicely.
iv. I would probably use existing content, but rewritten by a freelancer. As I said โ€” courses about structure of material + community/support. The content itself is already in the Internet.
3. Listen to students feedback
a. choose platforms that allow you to do that stepik & coursera. I dunno about udemy.
b. again, text instead of videos for easier taking feedback into account.
c. Moderate community students like to share solutions in comments. So someone has to clean it periodically.
Thank you for elaborating U013YTYN5U4!br />
I believe your point about focusing on niches is key, especially when you didnโ€™t earn yourself a name in the teaching industry yet. For example, in my case, I would be looking into creating Product Management courses, but as you said, there are a ton of beginners courses. Therefore, I will try to look for opportunity gaps like Data-driven PM, specific frameworks, etc.

Fully agree to avoid becoming a snake oil seller. It might bring revenue quickly, but itโ€™s not sustainable as soon as your students figure out your promises are empty.
According to this article, 57% of remote jobs do not require any experience.
Some really interesting stats here AND they update it daily- not affiliated at all with them, just hope this helps those who are starting a new career not to be discouraged by the fact they dont have experience.
abidaleth 13d
thanks for sharing. would have loved to see the list of jobs that require 0 years of experience!
If thereโ€™s no list probably is not truth? ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
I know when breaking into tech I had the classic chicken and egg problem, most companies wanted experience - but the only way to get that experience was to work at said companies.

I ended up doing consulting work for a bit to get the ball rolling.
I think, there're plenty of remote jobs for people with no much experience. But, well, they are not that much well-paid. I have a friend in Egypt who _makes_ 2_-figures income each month._ To be more precise, her rate is 3$/h
So, prob, something, like, internet assessor, data entry specialist, etc, are still available online. But, prob, people here wouldn't like to work on such jobs, because economics are not comfy for such jobs.

Currently, I'm also going to hire a person for ~200-500$/month for an ongoing project (starts in February)
iamsara 11d
have your friend email me:, ii may be able to help
"If thereโ€™s no list probably is not truth?" interesting outlook. I agree hzssxnhhjxttsd - there are lots of entry level roles, however they may not be suited to everyones lifestyle.
โ€œCurrently, Iโ€™m also going to hire a person for ~200-500$/month for an ongoing project (starts in February)โ€ .. iโ€™m wondering (also based on your previous posts) how much of the actual invoice $$$ goes into your own pocket, thx to the cheap(est) workforce behind you ๐Ÿค”
iamsara 9d
feocztyo hi! any update on this?
What yxxpexbhfufvte said. Thereโ€™s not really a science to it. COVID made things WAY easier than it used to be. I had applied to like 40+ jobs back in late 2018 and a lot of them were non starters when I told companies I wanted to be remote.

Now, you just need to pick a job board and check off `Location Remote`. Assuming your job isnโ€™t tied to a physical location and youโ€™re not going for some C suite position at a public company, you should be good.
zebzeb 7d
```We haven't deployed yet, but I've been happy with their work, expertise, and pricing.
I hired them on a year-end special offer for a one-time package deal. So, I don't know about there small fixes pricing. You can easily find that out.```
I tried to link you but ๐Ÿคฌ NomadList will not allow it.
zebzeb 7d
> โŒ Your above message with a link in #_jobs-talk was deleted because you havenโ€™t been very active in the last 90 days (excluding today). You can post messages with links if you post regularly on Nomad Listโ€™s chat.
Hi all. Relative to the salary or daily rate of the tech lead in a team, how much does a project manager make? For example, 10% more, 10% less, about the same? I know the level of experience is a factor to consider, but let's just say both are comparable.

I fund my business through grants, and I'm planning to add a PM to an upcoming grant application for the first time, so I want to make sure their pay is fair relative to other team members. (Yeah, I asked Google, but the PM salaries/rates I find aren't relative to compensation in the same team.)
really hard to say as it depends on so many factors- experience, industry, the market at the time, tech stack of the tech lead etc etc. From my experience, if its a full stack tech lead in the same industry with both lets say 5 years exp, id say a TL makes at least 10% more than a PM
first of all an pm (project or product) is not a tech lead. this are 2 totally different roles.

second tech stack doesnโ€™t matter that much. its an invalid option and says not much about the actual important 1๏ธโƒฃ the impact. the only factor that matters in this question is in my opinion how much of an impact would this team member have on the product. as an pm, this is not the tech stack.

third as you are probably looking worldwide, the expected salary will change by country/region. i as a lazy person would take another approach look for a person with the required skills, add a number from taxed home region (if one is required) and also let them provide you with an offer and then verify this with your budget / expectations.
You can compare rates on
what type of levels?| tells you about market salaries for different roles at different seniority levels across companies. Project and Product Management are also very different, so hire according to the strategic input you expect someone to deliver (are they just there to make sure execution happens on time, or are they actually making decisions on what is done and looking strategically at planning for what should be done etc). Product Management is understandably paid much more than Project Management for an โ€œequal sizeโ€ team, and not much different from TL pay in many product driven organizations.
Thank you all! Looks like is what I'm looking for.

I've worked extensively with Project Managers so I understand what they do, but I just didn't know how their salary compared to the rest of the team. seems to work at the company level, not team level, but I reckon that'll still be useful to me.
"tech stack doesnโ€™t matter that much." It does if you're comparing a JS full stack tech lead to a .net (or older tech) tech lead for example
Does anyone have connections at a company hiring it support specialists?
Hi all. Looking for recommendations.

I want to expand our dev team. Could anyone recommend _boutique_ recruitment agencies in any of the following countries Serbia, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Azerbaijan, Tunisia/Morocco, Albania, Bulgaria.

Thanks in advance!
iamsara 3d
kobvel 3d
I have a bunch working for me, what kind of support do you provide?
My company hires but not that often, happy to answer any qs ๐Ÿ˜Š
happy to help with a bit more info ๐Ÿ™‚
how about instead of finding rec agencies in specific regions, you partner with a recruiter/ agency that focuses on remote workers?
I have an agency like that, happy to help with expanding ๐Ÿ™‚
I love these tips. the website above also looks very helpful. rwsdigxdagyhtp I'm looking to make a switch as I'm moving to Italy. If you're up to it, I'd love to chat about what you're looking for once you narrow down the criteria.
I wonder if itโ€™s better to work in a callcenter than spend that time finding an UX/UI job ๐Ÿ˜ฌ โ€ฆ. hard to tell in 2023. Where I work is dropping in sales rapidly ๐Ÿ“‰ so I might be asking this same question later this year (because I donโ€™t have savings)
pvfookizzqtw what's the company or company type if you can't say?
wsymfosa a better version of a call center would be customer success/support. Some of that is just emails.
diegoortiz 2min
The company if of content creation focused on marketing (SEO)
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