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so a took a few thai lessons a couple months ago from different places
one place was really focusing on the mouth/tongue placement to hit the proper sounds/tones
and had a sort of chart representing the mouth and where the tongue goes
basically 9 spots.. 3 along the highest part, 3 along the middle, and 3 along the bottom
and then a couple weeks ago i noticed IPA chart very similar
it's a bit more fine grained
12 points instead of 9
no wait, plus some extra spots.. looks like about 17 spots
but anyways i was just thinking that learning the IPA system up front might make possibly make it easier to nail pronunciation for new languages
might be worth doing if especially if you're going to multiple countries and dealing with multiple languages..
Thanks, hadn't seen this before
If you have any tips for having the _energy_ to study after contract work and running a business, that's where I'm really falling down
I haven't improved Thai in months
haha no tips
cvczkpwskpqhjz maybe just commit to a class?
even if you have no energy you'll probably pick something up in an hour of lessons
I did that for a while. It helped a lot, but I kept having to travel
I think it's gonna have to be private lessons from here on
You donโ€™t need to understand how to read IPA necessarily but understanding how to produce most sounds (vowels, consonants, and approximants) in IPA will give you a running start in any language. Changes your mental model in how to generate new sounds. Nothing sounds foreign anymore since you understand physiologically how sounds are produced.
Highly recommend
I know a girl that teaches English and the first part of her program is to get people to enunciate things and make the correct sounds. Not learn words
Apparently she's highly sought after for corporate clients
Just want to put out an endorsement for Verbling. Been using it to supplement in-person language classes and it's been great. Of course YMMV based on the tutor you pick, but there are reviews and they have video intros and a free trial lesson so you know what you're getting into before you commit. Highly recommended!
oonlzouznc Sounds great, I was looking for something online to continue german learning. Just going to try my first class
Another alternative have you tried italki? I use it for Chinese learning, love the idea of classes with a person that is experienced and trained on how to teach.
I haven't tried italki! they look really similar though!
One of the features I really like about Italki is that you can decide whether you want to learn from a tutor, someone with no training in teaching, or from o certified teacher. I personally like the latter, often knowing a language is very different from knowing how to teach it. Of course can't generalize, and not only those with training have the skill to teach
Ohh i see, i don't think verbling breaks it down like that but they do have teachers expose how much teaching experience they have
I see a lot of Verbling teachers on italki ๐Ÿ™‚
๐Ÿ™‚ what language are you learning UQ2R31676?
mandarin chinese of the taiwan variety!
ovgjnkbmgm Iโ€™ve used both, but always end up going with verbling. I think I like the interface more. Youโ€™re right that they are very similar. I have a friend who used to teach on both.
I am also learning Chinese! Mostly simplified, although when in Taiwan I pay more attention in my study to traditional characters
it's a fun language to navigate, their sentence structure is so different from english
I really should get serious about learning Chinese (traditional) some day
I speak some latin based languages + english, and yes...chinese is just so different to it all. Part of the reason I find it so appealing!
Just pointing out the new feature in Duolingo, Stories. It very funny and entertaining. Small stories that you listen to and answer questions about them, great for practicing listening or vocab
Yeah, those stories are funny actually. Good way to learn
are they all trained and such? I have friends that teach on there that certainly are not qualified to do so
no, not all of them are. Tutors don't need to have teaching studies
thanks for the tip on verbling. Just signed up for a free trial. I learned spanish and french via skype sessions (amongst other methods) and much prefer them to class lessons
If anyone out there is looking to learn english, spanish or french and knows Portugese, would gladly do a 30 min / 30 min video chat time swap - did this in London at a meetup and it worked well
Funny that you say this, because I much preferred the tutors. At the time I used it a lot, I didn't really want more "classes" I just wanted a lot of deliberate practice with someone patient that would help withfilling in gaps, telling me what i'm doing wrong, etc.
I think these companies have done it right, they get that people like to learn languages in their own way. Some prefer classes, some tutors, etc...I get what you are saying kevtzjul re not wanting more classes. I just do conversation either with a teacher on italki or with a language partner (exchange Chinese-Spanish). Talking to the language partner is fun, but when I get corrected (super often) I find that the teacher has more resources to help me get it right (say like this other word, or here are the phonetics, or this is a bla bla bla sound)
Anyone interested in doing a language exchange? I am looking for a Vietnamese speaker and can offer English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or ASL ๐Ÿ™‚
You should check reddit language exchange subred.
I'm probably the worst language learner here, but regardless pleased that I can now write and remember the first 15 letters of the Thai script. Small win!
All those small wins eventually add up, keep up the good work
small wins eventually make you handsome, wealthy, and wise
Hehe, that feeling for months when you don't seem to b getting a language is the most difficult part
Does anybody remember (or use) the language coaching website that was posted here before? Like a directory of language teachers to choose from
rramyinp I tried both and I vote italki anyday
en.skyeng.ru/ is really popular in Russia, but itโ€™s more like online course with teacher.
ty for this. looks to be cheaper too
Not really, the rates shown sometimes are for 30 min not hour. I fell for that. but overall not disappointed
Oh... Did not notice that dtyktudmv
What language(s)? Have you bad any especially good teachers?
German, yes I have
great experience using italki for chinese
The Cave of Linguists Discord server is pretty good for language practice, in my experience. discord.gg/xMK8Fn|https://discord.gg/xMK8Fn
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