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It does not matter. The option Pool will expire when you leave and go back into the company stock
bfevfpfkj - assuming you want to exercise and might ever pay US taxes, please look into the 83(b) election and QSBS - both are time critical for you right now - you would file an 83(b) election if you plan on ever exercising (saves a lot in taxes in the short run) and you would ask for a letter from the company verifying their status as a qualified small business (can save millions in taxes if you hold for 5+ years).

also, please keep in mind that for a lot of silicon valley companies there exists a strong shadow secondary market for employees who can sell their shares through forward contracts / other derivatives. so the options are almost definitely not worth 0 unless you just hold them all to IPO (bad idea if you can avoid it). the strike price on your options will be the current โ€œfair market valueโ€ according to the IRS, but that has nothing to do with how much you can sell the stock for on the secondary market for companies worth < $50M, itโ€™ll be ~2-3x less than the preferred price (preferred price how much investors paid for special shares) in the last round, and for companies worth > $1b, itโ€™ll be ~10-20% less than the preferred price (ballpark). the FMV tends to be 4-5x less than the preferred price so thereโ€™s almost always some arbitrage in exercising even if the companyโ€™s valuation does not increase.

happy to answer more specific questions since iโ€™ve some personal experience here
(down the line companies avoid giving you verification of their QSBS status)
Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to find out legalities and/or liabilites of working for a US company while traveling and working abroad?
Probably youโ€™ll need to clarify if youโ€™re a US resident/citizen or not, where your residency is and whether youโ€™d be an actual employee versus independent contractor.
The US wonโ€™t care, but you may run afoul of local labor laws, but the question becomes whether anybody would ever find out.
So yesterday a company fired me on my first day of work for setting an "away from desk" Slack status... I had turned down a freelance opportunity that paid $4000/wk to take this job, and that opportunity may be permanently lost now. I feel that I've been injured and experienced a significant loss, but is there anything I can do about that? I had an "at-will" employment with this company that explicitly stated that either party could terminate the agreement at any time with or without cause. It's a shitty agreement, but pretty much the norm in the US. Just trying to figure out if there's any way to recover my losses here or if I should just focus my energy on finding a new job.
Also, this company should be paying me for a full day of work, and I had already enrolled in benefits, but they just deleted my accounts and it seems like they intend to just pretend they never hired me.
Name and shame
Talk to an employment attorney. At Will doesnโ€™t mean they canโ€™t ignore employment laws.
That was my gut feeling zrpxtilddxhkj but I don't know if it's worth the time and money to pursue. I also don't really know how to find an employment attorney.
Worth a quick call to a few attorneys. I would look in the city where the company is located.
Does the US have some sort of labor board help line? In Canada we have a number you can call for free and ask questions about employment laws and get advice before contacting a lawyer.
That's insane. Definetly invest some time to check if it's legal. Some social media shaming sounds appropriate too.
In eu it would be illegal. Or at minimum 1 month of work with 1 to 3 month salary severance.
Fired without cause?
I donโ€™t know, I guess at-will employment is different
Yeah, US labor laws are shit in that sense
damn this sounds ridiculous
Sounds incredibly harsh. Almost feels like some other reason. Finding people is time consuming, and you don't just kick them after a single day.
Personally, I wouldn't bother pursuing it. You're unlikely to have any success, although it depends on which state they're located in. Each state has different labor laws.
Companies are dumping employees right now to conserve cash. Might just be a casualty of that, and them not wanting to worry existing employees
Anybody know a good trademark lawyer in the U.S.? A company has a trademark of the word โ€œkudosโ€ claim that my usage of the word in my app named โ€œKudosBotโ€ violates their trademarks. Mostly want to know what my options are.
Where have they trademarked the term and for what areas of business
I hate trademark trolls
Which one are they URSPLBJ6M?
Youโ€™d be surprised what people can get trademarked. Thereโ€™s a trademark troll going around for the work โ€œemojiโ€. Some company got a trademark for the word because they made sunglasses and put the word โ€œemojiโ€ on it. And now they go around threatening to sue any company with the word emoji in their name or description.
iโ€™m still new so i canโ€™t post links but their company name is kudos, inc
bkvgratwsfr the site is kudosnow^com
Iโ€™m sorry I donโ€™t have a lawyer recommendation. But from my past experiences Iโ€™d recommend researching this company thoroughly to understand their business. And also research their trademarks. Their trademark should only apply to certain products/areas of businesses. This information will be helpful when speaking with a lawyer
Thanks, unfortunately I paid $3k for my domain which is kudosbot^com :neutral_face:. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ll have the resources to go to court and fight them on this. Theyโ€™ve raised $5mil and are operating mostly with enterprise contracts
I'm not a legal expert at all, but from what I remember, if you're not a competitor and there's no reasonable way someone could either confuse your business with theirs or mistake your product for being affiliated with them, you shouldn't have to worry too much. But definitely at least speak to a lawyer.
So in this case I am a direct competitor
Ah well, that might be more of an issue then.
they could also go after your domain. Would be a simple fight in a UDRP proceeding to take it from you.
Ok thanks guys. I'll probably just rename in that case ๐Ÿ˜‘
Hey folks.
So I would like to create a company which would earn money on upwork. I do that now for another company, but we will part ways in some time.
โ€ข I would need it to be able to work with upwork and payoneer (I guess). Ideally stripe as well.
โ€ข I would need everything to be done remotely cause opening a bank account in person is not an option (for obvious reasons lol)
โ€ข Obiously I'd like lower taxes, since competition is rather hard there. I guess most of my income from clients in the US and EU I suppose (and not sure how offshore income rules work).
โ€ข I'm a Russian national so i guess it limits my options somewhat
As I understand my options are HK, Singapore, Estonia and smth like Delaware LLC? Am I wrong?
Just FYI - Payoneer completely ceases it's operations in Russia on May 27th, if you were considering it.

As a Russian national you'll need proof of address from another country
Btw, why are you now considering setting up an "IP" (Private Enterpr.) in Russia, since the taxes are laughable?
Are you 100% nomad, or do you have a legally defined residency for taxation purposes? (real estate, family, over half a year in one country, etc)?
Singapore incorporation + Stripe is the route I'd recommend
Though with EU and US clients you may have to make some compromises
What would these compromises consist of?
The reason I'm asking about tax residency is that in Russia there is a law about "Internationally Controlled Companies" that complicates opening and reporting for any entities opened in other countries, it's a whole pain
UK LLP + Stripe costs pennies and you are only taxable in your own country
even the right US LLC can work since US is probably the most trustworthy country for business... easier to auth stripe, open bank accs, require no earnings filing, pay no tax except to home country
And in Russia it turns into a whole headache reporting your overseas controlled company.
But thanks for the UK LLC idea, I'll check it out!
Hey guys, thank you for answers everyone. I reached out to Upwork and here's what I got:
> You can incorporate your Agency to the company account which means the agency's location can be different from the Agency Freelancers location, However, please note that theย payment methods will depend on the Agency owners location. That means, you will not be able to use your company bank account that's located in another country to withdraw from your Agency.
So if you're like me and it's where you get your clients, you can effectively register only where you live.
I have an article and a website for you that will answer your questions, but the Nomad Slackbot keeps deleting them, so sorry. But I have the answer for you...
bjfrdrew come on dude, just put an empty space inside a link and remove http, that's 101
USD โ”€ $
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