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Donโ€™t forget the long history of British rule and influence in Hong Kong, deep old ties there so not too surprising they would reach out to help.
Did you find what you want ? I am interested too.
Did you find what you want ? I am interested too.
Still on it ๐Ÿ˜”
I found a company (not a law firm though) which might be able to help, the team seemed really knowledgable on the matter. But I also found out that in my earning range itโ€™s just not worth it to optimise to that extent whilst incorporating and banking in top locations. So Iโ€™ve put that whole journey on hold since I donโ€™t want a Delaware LLC or equivalent. But might be helpful for others :slightly_smiling_face:
I think the realpolitik already mentioned that Hong Kongers are a very entrepreneurial and driven bunch and offering them visas is fairly pain-free politically is a bigger consideration for the current bunch of politicians
They don't impress me as being very moved in general by historical ties
Easier to give visas to Hong Kongers than French or Italians or anyone European, right now
Hi guys,

Is it possible to renegotiate compensation in the middle of the business -to-business contract? Best way to bring it up?

I am in the middle of my 1 year contract with the staffing agency (firmware/hardware design and verification). I am in B2B relationship with them.
I would like to increase my compensation by about 20%. Can this be done legally without waiting until the end of the contract?

IANAL, I could not find anything about this topic in the contract. The only relevant part is if I terminate the contract early the staffing agency and the client may suffer financial loss and reputational losses.

Any ideas or personal experiences are welcome. Thanks in advance.
What will you state as justification?
You are not a slave, you can quit but I mean if after signing a contract you are going to ask for more money you will have to provide a reason.
Not making enough money, obviously
But perhaps you could argue that the scope of the work is not what was agreed to
That's what I was going to say.
Doing a lot of out of scope work or doing more work than expected are pretty valid reasons.
โ€œBased our contract I am able to provide services A, B, and C. If this project is to finish we will need to update our contract to include services D, which comes as a higher costโ€
Lol, he could be like, "I want 20% more because I have 6 months of experience now"
I think that would go over well.
I've negotiated a higher rate during my customer wanting to secure my services for longer than the original contract.
I am incorporated in Ontario, Canada and this is where the agency is also located. I am considering to incorporate in States if that means I would get more business/better rates in the future.
Thanks for sharing few good ideas how to bring this issue up and for personal experience.
An agency's client is offering me a full-time position directly for the client. Would this be a valid reason to ask for more money from the agency to stay on contract? Regardless of the money part I'd like to stay on contract.
Thanks, this is great idea. I thought to use it but then I remembered I have an NDA with the client that explicitly says that the agency can not know what I am working on for the client :slightly_smiling_face:. I guess I could do what you suggest without going into the details.
axdrvrvu I am also in Ontario, I don't think incorporating in the USA will help you at all TBH.
Also, having been in your same situation, contractors through an agency are sometimes treated better than an employee because they know you can leave. Asking for more money going to a full-time position is a valid request, asking for more money to stay on contract is usually not a valid case, a company won't want to pay you more to stay on contract when they want you to be an employee.
I hope so. I work with systems that can be covered by US encryption and technology export laws. It is not related to Canada (or NATO countries I think) but company lawyers just sleep better at night knowing that their secrets stay in US.
There are so many treaties including shared intelligence stuff. If it is a sole proprietorship, your citizenship probably matters more than your incorporation.

Keep in mind that the moment you create an American company you also increase your legal exposure in the USA because there is a direct entity that can be sued.

As a corporation there might be a bunch of regulatory stuff you need to get if you are trying to work with certain agencies.

Canadian corporations can get American security certifications.
Also, as a side note. If you are in Ontario and want to travel >6 months without losing ohip and have an incorporation. You can get remote worker status to get around physical presence requirements.
If you want the template for the letter I used to get it, let me know.
Yeah, i'd like to avoid that if possible. Of course, if I come across an interesting project that require an American corporation I'd like to be ready with the general knowledge of how to do it. I am also contemplating and idea of moving to South West. This adds to my interest in having an American corporation.
The other valid reason to do it which is why I am considering doing it is to get a green card and have a corp in the USA makes it way easier.
Because I want to eventually get a place in the USA so I can snow bird.
Wow, I did not know that. I am "stuck" in Mexico now. If you can share the template, that would be great. I'll look into this more cause I need to keep OHIP coverage more for my wife than myself
Also, if you come back to ontario and your OHIP is expired, you can purchase stop gap insurance for the 60 days.
Hi all! Does anyone know a marketplace or service where i can request legal advice? Iโ€™m seeking advice on a employment contract.
I think itโ€™s related to the country
Where you employment contract belongs ?
does anyone know of a reputable online escrow service for storing documents?
I donโ€™t think there are many, but โ€˜fidsafeโ€™ is a Fidelity Investments spin-off and has an โ€˜after deathโ€™ feature. If you want fully customizable/complex conditions then maybe an ether contract that yields decryption keys?
And then thereโ€™s good old bank safe deposit box, if youโ€™re all in the same locality.
Knowing a bit more about your use case / requirements would be interesting.
Hey all, I am looking for an immigration lawyer for Europe Specifically for a digital nomad visa. Please share if you guys know any good lawyers.
Is d7 a good visa for digital nomads?
Rebase used to have more countries there. If you need a digital nomad visa, Estonia has one now. Portugal D7 would be more for being based in Portugal most of the year.
I honestly think Cyprus is the best option in the EU for nomads. You only have to spend 60 days for tax residency and their non-dom program is very favorable for taxes, more so than Portugal/Estonia. But I guess it depends on where you want to spend your time.
FYI you need a permanent home and a business/job on the island, otherwise itโ€™s the standard 183 days.
What is a _digital nomad visa_ ? ๐Ÿค”
Ah yeah thats pretty recent. I think there is Croatia and Georgia also doing that now
Someone from Reddit wrote:

โ€œNothing like the good old tourist visa and keeping your mouth shutโ€

After reading some of those visa requirements and obligations I continue to understand him even more
The estonia one doesnโ€™t even count if you then want to become permanent resident or citizen
Hello Nomads - I just got approval from my U.S. based company to move overseas to Brazil with my family. It's a small 30 person firm. I'm wondering if there are any potential legal or tax ramifications my company could face if I become a long term/permanent resident of Brazil. Anyone else have a similar experience?
Yes. The need for "double compliance" assuming it's not just a temporary assignment.
the need to open a branch in brazil, google economic nexus stuff too
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