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scribble 2mo
found another site — — which has lots of positive reviews (and some very specific about tangled situations), so I think it may be possible :slightly_smiling_face:
I still have a lot of time until renewal, just factoring this into long-term plans, so won’t try it soon, but will post once I try it out
scribble 2mo
there was also|a comment> that it works for a US license (although the site claims it won’t work) in Saudi Arabia
nomadtax 2mo
Peter and his team are great!
nomadtax 2mo
I feel like lcv and I were able to do this while abroad
h 2mo
International Driver's Permits are complicated. I only have some of the details memorized, but you can do more research on your own if you'd like. Here's an overview:

• An IDP is not a driver's license or a driver's permit. You should never have to take a test, etc. It's simply a translation of your home country's (state's, if you're from the US) license.
• IDPs are governed by treaties agreed to by various countries. Throughout the last ~100 years, there have been 3 different standards for IDPs (1926, 1949, and 1968). Unfortunately, only some countries have ratified every treaty.
• What does that mean? Some countries, like Japan, only recognize the Paris treaty of 1926. As such, if you're from the US, you need an IDP that conforms to the 1926 standards to be valid in Japan, such as the one issued by AAA. Some other countries have similar restrictions, while others recognize all of them. In my experience, I've never seen a country that accepts newer versions but not older versions, so if you have AAA, it's viable in more countries than the one issued by IDA.
• Unfortunately, the 1926 standard has some pretty bad limitations, such as only being valid for one year, which makes them difficult for Nomads who don't go home often. And last I checked, AAA doesn't ship internationally.
Bottom line, IDA (which is where kdtfzbesvu and I got ours -| provides a legit IDP, but it's not legit everywhere. However, they're good for three years, we did it all online, and they sent them express to Bulgaria. Since they're just a translation, many places (Greece comes to mind) may not care about the specific standard as long as the rental car agency and police can read it. Some places, like Japan, where their culture is very strict about laws, may not be so lenient. So the initial website you found probably offers a legit IDP, just not the standard that's good in all countries.

I hope that helps you make a decision on which service to go with.
scribble 2mo
Awesome info, many thanks! I got warned when they issued mine in my home country that it wasn’t viable in Japan. So I guess the home country doesn’t matter much, it’s just an id verification + translation service, probably licensed in some way.
Thank you! I have booked my discovery call
nomadtax 2mo
Fun! Tell Peter Krystal Pino says hi!
Any Spanish with NHR in Portugal? I'd love to talk with you 🙂
My mom is scottish so I before Brexit I got an EU passport, it wasn't that expensive and it was straight forward. The main thing you need is all the paperwork from your parents etc.. long form birth certificates.

Don't hire anyone, just go into an embassy and ask.
An embassy will tell you all the forms you need and provide you with a list of documents you need to provide with the forms. If you don't think you can acquire the paperwork yourself then you hire someone to find it and knowing exactly what you need ahead of time will save you a ton of time and probably money.
The other reason I would suggest not hiring someone first is because some citizenships require Oral/Verbal language tests and if you don't think you will be able to pass those tests, you're just wasting your time with everything else.
sjnarins 2mo
Anyone ever overstayed their visa in Europe? What happens?
egorka 2mo
Depends from which country exactly one would try to leave after the overstay (or whether one is planning to leave at all)
sjnarins 2mo
For the sake of argument let’s say Spain and let’s say leave but then come back
egorka 2mo
You will need to check specifically how Spain treats this case lately, some countries like Poland and Portugal have lifted the overstay fines and restrictions due to the pandemic and have not brought them back yet. No idea about Spain.

If Spain actually registers the overstay situation (Portugal would not till dec 31, 2022), the person is really unlikely to get a new visa to the Schengen zone for 5 or 10 years after the accident.
sjnarins 2mo
But USA doesn’t even need proof of Schengen so how would they know?
egorka 2mo
No idea what “proof of Schengen” means
egorka 2mo
If one needs a visa to enter the Schengen zone and overstays that visa - by default they are not able to get next Schengen zone visa for several years. Some countries would put fines and deportations on top of that.
I overstayed my 90 days in Spain back in 2019. I stayed a total of 6 months but got no fine or ban.

I basically turned myself in to the police (not really sure which police as there's so many different branches, probably Policia Nacional), explained my reasons.

After some deliberation they told me I would indeed need to leave the country and stamped my passport with something saying I asked for asylum but since it was not applicable in my case the legislation was that I would be given X amount of days to leave the country by my own means.

The term was about 10 days but the guys really told me "Look, we're saying 10 days but nobody's going to your house looking for you if you don't leave by then" so I didn't have to get the first overpriced flight I could find but was able to get one a little later and save some $$.

In general, they were pretty nice and just told me to wait at least 6 months before trying to come back.

Once at the airport, nobody even asked about it and was not given a ban, they guy just stamped my passport and wished me a nice flight.

1 year and a new passport later I was able to get in with no issues.

My case was really weird and I was very lucky imo so I would not recommend going for something like that unless is the very last resource, and anyone doing it should be ready for a very different outcome.
what happens is more or less pretty similar to what happens in other countries most/nobody cares as long as you will not get in trouble or contact with officials. as soon as your papers need to be checked, questions will be asked. and depends on how often you get in trouble, the consequences can be from “please leave in xx days” over “here’s a fine, and now leave asap” to “immediately” deportation (if you did something pretty shitty 🙂 ).

also, europe is not a single country, as the question suggests :face_with_rolling_eyes:. each country here has its own visa policy, even if a large part is also covered by eu by regularities if the country in question belongs to the eu.
I think you can also be permanently banned from a country as well.
egorka 2mo
permanently banned from getting a residence in specific country - probably, but given the Schengen zone it is unlikely to be banned from entering a specific country as there is no border control within the zone
ehm, correction. thanks to past, present and ongoing situations in europe (war, brexit, refugees), there is partly (land based) border control within the zone (czechia, germany, norway, austria, denmark, sweden, france) either for all or based on suspicions and also can rise in short time in the whole zone without warning (as it happened 2015/2016).
quaid 2mo
Two family members (UK residents) just received 5 year bans from the EU for overstaying in Spain. Yay Brexit 🙄
no direct experience, but in my opinion I think things that I’ve heard used to work like getting a new passport, finding a more lenient member state etc, are unlikely to work now or in future as the schengen-wide visa digital database is live now, so afaik all flight data is already centrally stored and shared with all member states, with land borders joining in May 2023
wnbjjcyphmhg was wondering when that would happen. Will be interesting if it does retroactive tracking, lots of people will find themselves in hot water.
I always act if everything will eventually be shared.
I got my own Irish citizenship by descent and helped a friend get his Latvian. I did all the paperwork myself for Ireland, and for Latvia we leaned heavily on his parents since they didn't teach him Latvian.
thegostev 2mo
Would 🇪🇺 EU based sole-proprietorship company work better for EU employers that offer remote jobs than 🌍 non-EU sole-proprietorship company? Any personal experience?
thegostev 2mo
My current understanding is that some companies don't care where to pay. While some are hiring remote employees only where they have a legal entity (a particular EU country).
alvian 1mo
I know many people with overstay and nothing happened. And I know one case when person have gotten an entrance ban to Czech Republic for 5 years.
This seems a bit suspect. I assume they are essentially making reservations, but under your name, and then canceling. Which is going to get them black listed or you. Or they are making fake ones, but they claim “verifiable”. Did you check record locators after-the-fact to confirm they are legit? What do the Terms after signup look like? Do you agree to pay should they not cancel?

Looking at Terms page (can’t link, because Nomadlist paranoia):

```You understand that your content (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and ```
Thats sketch as hell. So everything BUT cc? Almost all legit places are going to use SSL. So they either are using some sketch places, place that point in there so they can claim you accepted risk with it “accidentally” leaks, or are making a VERY blanket statement that still just casts bad light on them.

```This service we provide may contain certain information, necessarily, is not current or may have expired due to airlines or hotel policies and is provided solely for visa purposes only and not for the actual travel.```
Kinda leans to my 2nd thought from the beginning… they are making up reservations that LOOK like they are legit.

In the same paragraph they mix purpose:
```By agreeing to the terms you are giving full consent and complete authority to Visa Reservation Services LLC to purchase best travel insurance on your behalf from third-party global insurance providers or insurance online marketplace.```
```By agreeing to the terms you are agreeing that you don't have any Pre-Existing Condition,...```
This whole paragraph, plus the line in prior, make it feel like this place is indeed ACTUALLY getting you insurance, and the rest is just a front to get you into that. Now I wonder if they are an affiliate for some insurance place.

```We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.```
```We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.```
So when they end service, you are stuck with bill?

I REALLY wish this was legit, but those terms were not written by a lawyer. And if they are handling sensitive info like in a visa application, you’ll want a company that at least has a lawyer to review the terms that would be protecting them. facepalm
rhythmrye 1mo
I’m looking to get mine thru my great grandfather born in Italy. I tried doing it myself, but its lots o documents, plus emailing in Italian face_with_spiral_eyes
tonyd 1mo
How did this turn out?
I’ve now used the service for at least 3 eVisas which were all approved. I also tried calling one of the hotels I had a reservation with to confirm it was real and it was. My experience with their customer service has been top 1% of any company customer service. I put the wrong name down once and called them, a real human answered within the first three rings. I emailed them about it and they responded in <10 minutes. They reissued it within a few hours with no extra charge.
However, I emailed them with nomadicmondo’s critique asking for a rebuttal and never got an answer.
> This seems a bit suspect. I assume they are essentially making reservations, but under your name, and then canceling. Which is going to get them black listed or you. Or they are making fake ones, but they claim “verifiable”. Did you check record locators after-the-fact to confirm they are legit? What do the Terms after signup look like? Do you agree to pay should they not cancel?
This doesn’t seem like a red flag to me. Embassies recommend you only make cancelable reservations, they’re quite clear about that if you ask them because they know there’s a chance they’ll reject you. I did verify once with a hotel they reserved for me that the reservation was real and I haven’t seen anything online about customers being forced to pay for things they forgot to cancel on time.
> ```You understand that your content (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and ```
> Thats sketch as hell. So everything BUT cc? Almost all legit places are going to use SSL. So they either are using some sketch places, place that point in there so they can claim you accepted risk with it “accidentally” leaks, or are making a VERY blanket statement that still just casts bad light on them.
As a dev who deals with SSL stuff all the time, this actually looks fine to me. They use SSL when taking payment, that’s good. Often, hotel/airline reservation portals are shit and have garbage encryption, which is out of their control. This seems like typical CYA legalese to me.
> I REALLY wish this was legit, but those terms were not written by a lawyer. And if they are handling sensitive info like in a visa application, you’ll want a company that at least has a lawyer to review the terms that would be protecting them.
I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t opine on this. I will say, terms of service usually seem pretty garbage for online services I use and this doesn’t strike me as entirely out of the ordinary. But of course I’m not here to give legal advice so obviously use this all at your own risk.
I think the biggest drawback here honestly is price. It’s $50 if they do it for you, $0 if you do it yourself. Seems pretty steep given how little work I imagine they’re doing. It honestly seems like there’s just not enough competition in the space so their prices are inflated. That said, I suppose the customer service would probably be worse if it were cheaper.
Thats encouraging that you could confirm the things. Yeah, $0 effort, but at least a hold on your cards until canceled. I imagine could be issues for many folks, so $50 is a bargin for them.
thanks for sharing the follow-up
Can a US citizen visit Cuba and work for a (giant) US-based company? Is that an OFAC issue?
maxiarg46 1mo
Hi. Is anyone familiar with the process of getting a visa for living 1 year in Czech republic? (non european here)
i'm pretty sure this is impossible. afaik tourist visas have a max length of 3 month for all eu countries.
maxiarg46 1mo
More than 10 european countries are now offering 1+ year residence visas for non europeans as long as they work remotely. The Czech republic also has one.
These are normally called Digital nomad visa.
would have helped to mention the work part. because only "living 1 year" put me on the wrong track here 🙃
abidaleth 1mo
I wrote a thread on it on Twitter but not sure if I can share any links here :disappointed:. dm me!
maxiarg46 1mo
tzdjvqakfgp I sent you a DM
The answer is probably no, and you might get fired.
Rather than deal with “where’s your return ticket?” At the airport, bought an extremely cheap flight from Marrakech to Gran Canaria. What are the consequences of not boarding that flight? I’m thinking are the Visa police going to come after me or Is it as simple as the airline just registering it as a no show and no more action taken?
borowis 25d
no consequences as long as you don't break visa / stay rules
h 25d
Why not buy a fully refundable flight next time? United and Turkish are good examples of airlines that both offer fully refundable tickets on all of their flights, and have networks big enough to cover most of the world.
borowis 25d
I can't answer for everyone but for me I'm not buying refundable tickets because I travel with the 👪 4 to 6 people and it's just outside my budget, what's more there's a lot of fine print for different airlines so changing refundable tickets most of the time is not "free" but incurs some extra. How much extra you would pay really hard to figure out in advance
borowis 25d
What I said above doesn't apply to the US 24 hour refund policy with no questions asked though, this works really great
ysc Because I’ve heard mixed experiences so thought of the small cost as a loss leader. Will look at return policies of available airlines in future
h 25d
Like I said, I do it with United and Turkish, and it's 100% refunded, and with minimal delay (not that 6-week crap that airlines were doing during the pandemic). But I encourage you to do your own research. 🙂
hugepuppy 23d
Anyone know about US residents staying in Bali for over 60 days? I’m wondering if I can leave the country for a day or two and come back for a new tourist visa.
mokhtar 23d
Not a U.S. resident but I did a visa run in 2019 to Singapore. I had a flight back to Denpasar like 3 hours after landing in Singapore and I remember Singapore's immigration asking many questions about that.
hugepuppy 23d
Good to know thanks. Indonesia didn’t put up a fuss, though?
mokhtar 23d
In my case, I just needed 2 additional weeks in Indonesia before flying back to France
mokhtar 23d
Surprisingly no. I was expecting Indonesian immigration to be a bit annoying but it was actually Singapore's who was annoying 😂
hugepuppy 23d
Haha nice. That’s my same situation. This is my first long international trip and I didn’t think about the visa 🤣
mokhtar 22d
You might have enough time to get a business visa from one of those agencies for like $250 IIRC
mokhtar 22d
It gives you 60 days out of the box and then you can extend it to 180 days with 30 days increments
mokhtar 22d
The extension costs about $30 from what I remember
leighb77 20d
Random question but I couldn’t find which channel best suited it - my calendar for the legal residence test on my profile doesn’t seem to be calculating things correctly I was in turkey from July 17th to October 31st ( in various areas) that’s more than 90 days and yet my calendar is showing 57 -

Anyone use this tool as reference and noticed discrepancies? 😎

What platform do you guys use to keep track of this if not the one on NL ?
dschulman 20d
I wonder if Turkey is a unique case because of the name change to Türkiye. Some of the entries are under one version and others under the other. The calculator might only be summing one version.
leighb77 20d
Mmm I never put the country in I chose by the city name and the calendar did the rest
leighb77 20d
But my Uk also seems to be off inarrived April 1st left July 9th and came back December 29 and it says 57 days
leighb77 20d
That’s not correct either unless I’m reading things wrong 🤷‍♀️
“What platform do you guys use to keep track of this if not the one on NL ?” <- the platform is called “calendar”. its not really rocket-science to add a reminder 🤷‍♂️
leighb77 20d
I meant for adding up days in each country automatically I’m in and out of countries and zones so if you enjoy adding up your days manually - amazing - but I prefer to automate things
celenaliu 18d
Update I went through hell and back trying to inquire info about this in Spain and France and no luck, no one knows anything obviously and then i asked a lawyer and she told me it's valid but I needed to pay her $$$ to ask permission from the Authorities. I said fuck it, I'll just attempt on my own. I entered France and got later got checked at an internal border in Strasbourg. I straight up ask the border agent if this law is valid and he said he doesn't know and that I have too many stamps on my passport and he didn't want to look through them so he let me pass and nothing happened. I actually ended up applying for a random visa to buy me time in case the bilateral thing doesn't work bc I was freaking out and no one had answers and in France no one even knows how I can even apply and submit this visa (or anything about anything and only works 3 hours a day/ 4 days a week). FYI immigration in France is a MESS, I've never seen such a dysfunctional system which is designed to allow illegal immigrants stay as long as they want since their visas never get processed and the fact they don't know how visas can be processed or inform people how to apply for one - also if you don't have ID, they can never deport you, crazy right? I didn't even know if my application made it to their immigration office or if I filled out the right forms (we went to the prefecture, the national police/immigration police, immigration offices, & border agents of course no one knew anything) anyways, I didn't care since it's just to buy me time.

1 months go by and I got no answer. They said they would take a few days to a week to process (biggest lie). I also went through a similar incident but to apply for a long stay visa in France the year before (never got it, overstayed and left, no issues)

When I exited Schengen, I had all these documents printed to justify I tried to apply for a visa and I got no answer back (not even if they received it), the border agent didn't even look at me, didn't go through my passport and just stamped it.

This also happened last year when I applied for my long stay visa which caused me to overstay and then when I left, they just stamped me and I didn't have problems coming back to Schengen.

ANYWAYS. That's that. ETIAS will roll out in MAY 2023 so they will finally have a centralized "system" for this so overstaying will be penalized, but I heard if you have a bilateral visa waiver agreement, you have to go to a border agent who has access to ETIAS and just have them log it in your records so you can stay longer. This is not in place right now so there is no system, that's why lines are so blurred and gave me a headache for 1 month.
levelsio 18d
Will investigate now!
leighb77 18d
Thank you so much xdcvosoldefpvt and icckudbvir
Just came across the Employer of record term today and couldn't avoid to wonder if anyone has used a service like this to hire themselves in a specific country and move there :thinking_face:

Seems like some companies like Deel offer visa assistance and all so wondering if this is a thing 🤔 🕵️‍♀️
I use an EOR in the US
Didn't use it to relocate, just wanted to avoid being my own back office
Oh interesting, I can see how it can simplify some stuff so probably worth the extra $$
What it boils down to is... "Show me the money"... Indonesia will not give you trouble, you're there to spend upon arrival. Singapore is pissed that you're just there to turn around and not spend... such is life. You can schedule a nice 6-8 hour layover in Singapore and tell the immigration guys you're there to go to the big mall at the airport and buy all the stuff you can't get in Indonesia (think of a couple things if they ask). They will definitely smile and wave you thru. The "A answer" is always money. Good luck!
...And yes, you can just keep leaving and coming back every 60 days on a VOA (assuming you have renewed it at 30 days to make it a 60-day length). If you pass 60 days, then the fine is 1,000,000 Rupiah (cash only) at the airport before you're allowed to leave. There was some erroneous information that fast "visa runs" were no longer allowed, but that is false. Its being done daily by many people right now. The major reason people dont stay long in Singapore on visa runs is that it is many times more expensive than Bali... one night in a decent Singapore hotel could cost you a whole month's rent in Bali.
Just updating this case, went to +6 countries after this situation and everything is fine. The Immigration officers just asked a few questions about the event and that’s it.
idxdircxdyyuoy waveskin-tone-3 what do u mean by being your own back office? interested in understanding this use case
I mean they handle billing clients, following up if they’re late to pay so I don’t have to, doing payroll, filing the business side of taxes, that kind of thing
ahhh gotcha! interesting ◡̈ thx!
dagamo 2d
Hello :wave:

Are there any UK contractors here invoicing via your own UK LTD and living abroad ?? I’d love to ask you a few tax / legal questions.
arathjz 2d
Hey everyone! Has anyone already applied or thought about applying for a digital nomad visa in Spain :es:?
oskard 1d
Any thoughts about which digital nomad visa is the most valuable for EU citizens? Looks like Spain's new one is even better than Portugal's, right? Any other ones worth looking into?
andrej 1d
But why would EU citizen need an EU country digital nomad visa?
oskard 1d
I’m going to work for a Canadian company, and because they don’t pay my social fees in Sweden I lose the most important benefits but I still have to pay 50% tax. I don’t like that 😄
oskard 1d
I’d rather take 0% tax and pay for my own benefits
andrej 1d
You need to live and become a tax resident in another country and as EU citizen you can do it in any EU country without a visa. Not sure about Spain, but in Portugal what gives you tax benefits is NHR status, which is unrelated to visa. You have to look it up, but it's probably similar in Spain. EU digital nomad visas are usually only relevant for non-EU citizens as a way to legally come in and reside in a EU country
oskard 1d
Ah, ok. Thanks itqnykja I’ll look into NHR for the Spanish one
borowis 22h
NHR is Portugal thing, special tax regime for 10 years. Yeah, it might do the trick for you but please research more into the topic
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