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bfelps 3mo
6 months on, 6 months off
alpadgie 2mo
Moin an alle meine deutschen Nomaden :) kennt sich einer aus mit den konkreten Gesetzen fรผr Arbeitnehmer die remote arbeiten wollen? Speziell was das Steuerrecht und die Sozialversicherung angeht? Besorgt ihr euch alle eine A1 Bescheinigung? Ich freue mich รผber jeden Rat โ˜€๏ธ
passport stamps + e-visas are the source of truth, nothing else matters
I keep a spreadsheet to track myself and I've asked border agents for their count just to verify my math is right and it's been working, but I would never expect them to trust my spreadsheet
Enforcement varies wildly by country and by immigration officer. The closest I got to an investigation, the immigration officer was suspicious when I said Iโ€™d been in Schengen for only 44 days and she saw a lot of stamps. Just offering to show her the app I track my days on and pulling out my phone was enough to chill her out.
although if they do fight you and say you're wrong, having your own record might be enough to get them to look more closely through your passport and find a stamp they might have overlooked
The extreme cases are when youโ€™re caught doing something illegal in the country and they are looking for reasons to deport you. This has never happened to me, but in this situation, some people have been asked for documentation to prove accommodation and tickets for transport between countries.
In short, yes, apps are โ€œjust for the user to keep them informed while they travel.โ€
cagince 2mo
Has anyone here had experience setting up a company, particularly as a solo entrepreneur or indie hacker in the EU? Iโ€™m in the process of establishing a legal entity for my side-projects and considering Stripe Atlas as an option due to its straightforward approach and cost-effectiveness. If youโ€™ve utilized Stripe Atlas or any other service for this purpose, Iโ€™d greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences. Additionally, if you have recommendations for alternative services or resources for comparison (cost/benefit analysis), feel free to share your insights. Thanks in advance for your input!
cagince 2mo
I am currently located in Austria, and not in a fully digital nomad status yet.

The advantage I would have with Stripe atlas is that 1st it is fast, and second it wouldnโ€™t require me to relocate like Portugal NHR. Estonian e-residency is interesting and I am definitely going to look into it more but I have read multiple people arguing that it doesnโ€™t really bring too much benefits if you are already in EU ๐Ÿค”
cagince 2mo
oh damn, I didnโ€™t know thatโ€ฆ I have to check that out probably ๐Ÿ˜• even if they apply Austrian taxes, the fee for establishing a GmbH far exceeds the Stripe atlas LLC, so there might be an advantage there. but in the end there are no tax benefits ๐Ÿค”
cagince 2mo
Thank you very much for all the information! You have given me a lot to read and talk about. And made me understand that it is probably best to hire a legal counsel before doing anything on my ownโ€ฆ it definitely feels weird to be trapped by a country. Not sure if its wise for govs. to put the barrier to entry so high when it comes to such thingsโ€ฆ
dielyn 2mo
Hopefully the best place to post this... I just checked out from an Airbnb and recieved a charge for the replacement of a bathroom sink tap. We didn't break the tap.

We did, however, have an issue with this host during our stay (ie, a negative review was going their way, and I think they knew it). My first negative stay after 5 years on Airbnb.

For context, the issue we had they failed to provide a hairdryer until the 2nd last day of our stay (even through they were made aware on the 2nd day of our stay)... they had to buy a hairdryer to replace the one that was missing. It seemed the messages between us during the stay were time wasters/fillers and now we are being charged.

We've been asked by Airbnb to respond. How best to approach the situation?
๐Ÿ’ก guys anyone knows how to get the international driver licence? I have a valid chilean License, but to rent cars here in europe they asks for the international one. I know this depends on each country, but maybe one of you already did this and knows about some standards procedures for this.. thanks!
Canadian here, so not aware of Chile, but you can get it in person in Canada quickly, or by mail. Maybe you can request it via mail in Chile too
Itโ€™s called an International Driving Permit (IDP) and itโ€™s well standardized around the world. Itโ€™s a document that you present along with the drivers license issued by your home country.
Google `chile permiso internacional de conducir`
Thanks William, I saw that but itโ€™s for get the license in Chile (Iโ€™m looking for a way to get it from Europe)
Iโ€™ll try with e-ita. org
cagince 2mo
probably not in the near future as I just got my 3y visa in austria, and need to stay in austria for atleast 2 more years until I can get 5y visa. Then I can relocate without losing my right to stay in here indefinitely ๐Ÿ˜• I know its a little complicated.

other option would be to be 6m in austria and 6m in somewhere else but that would mean massive extra cost as I would need to pay rent for 2 flats, and austria already takes 40+% of my incomeโ€ฆ So im not entirely sure how to navigate the situation
guido 2mo
If an airline overbooked a flight and you are the one who gets knocked off the flight, and thereโ€™s no other flight to the same destination on the same day, and you already paid for hotel and rental car at the destination, who pays for all this? Do you have any rights to claim back all of the charges? This is not a ยซย force majeureย ยป situation , ie it would only make sense if the airline covers all cost, right? Or am I too naive?
etc 2mo
Note theyโ€™re getting rid of PT NHR
ideally, yes, it's their fault and they should pay. getting them to pay... might be more difficult. hope you get at least something for your troubles ๐Ÿ˜ž
jnic 2mo
Are you flying to or from the EU? If so EU261 law applies (automatic compensation)
voskovek 2mo
Call a few car rental companies, from my experience they donโ€™t require the IDP to rent the cars, even when itโ€™s stated on their website. Legally you can drive in Europe without an IDP if you do it for less than 3 months or something like that, thereโ€™s an international treaty that allows you to do that. In Spain,I consulted with 3 different companies (local one, Avis/Budget and Europcar) none of them required IDP to rent.
Not really answering your question, but is it me or that there is a lot less available airbnbs now due to everyone and their dog booking travel this year. I feel like I'm booking places with 4.2 stars when five years ago I would not even look at anything under 4.5 stars.
is this true or made up? i donโ€™t get the point of it. most people can stay in philippines on tourist visa for 3 years, and they wonโ€™t be stopped from working online or made to pay taxes lol
Has anyone used Deel when working with an US company, as an EU citizen. If so, what are your thoughts? What is it better from an employer/employee perspective, contractor or EOR employee?
mokhtar 1mo
From what I've seen remote dot com is the more popular EOR. They have more presence overall and seem more reliable than deel

It depends on your country but usually having the employee status is better but local taxes might take a bigger chunk of your gross salary compared to the contractor status
yeah, it does take a lot more. I was wondering if for a company is more preferable to have EOR or contractor, as I want to go with the contractor type as itโ€™s more tax efficient
I've been a contractor with it for 2 jobs (even though I was technically a remote employee). I like Deel tbh, never had any issues with it as a user.
they take huge cuts for exchange rates so make sure you're receiving the currency that's getting paid
I was down about $150 every paycheque last year and didn't realize until I did my accounting
I was always paid in US to my US bank account, so I don't think that impacted me. But yeah, I had a similar problem with PayPal back in the day.
I was paid in euros and withdrew to my CAD account, which would have been SO easy to just withdraw to a euro account on wise and skip the whole fee
$2000 mistake
I don't know if that's a Deel issue though, that's rather the banks. But yeah, tough way to learn that lesson ๐Ÿ˜ข
moltar 1mo
wwwyjqytavmq Doesn't Deel provide a choice of withdrawal for the contractor? Last time I checked they were even offering crypto payments. So ultimately this would be on the money platform side. I know they supported Wise too, so maybe that'd be the best option if currency conversion is involved?
Yeah I just wasnโ€™t checking, it went to my wise cad account instead of my wise eur account
this isn't "don't use deel it's bad" advice, this is "if you use deel, just watch out for this dumb mistake I made"
lukemac 23d
Hey all, general visa question:
Most visas require proof of onward/return travel. How do you reconcile this with constantly nomadding and deciding the next destination (or to stay longer) as you go? Is it simply a matter of having to plan two destinations ahead at all times? Do you use those cheap flight reservations and are they reliable?
I feel like this is a basic question and Iโ€™m missing something obvious here.
h 23d
Many airlines allow you to book fully refundable flights. Buy a real ticket and then cancel for a full refund. Read the fine print to ensure the airline offers a refund to your credit card and not a credit for future travel. United and Turkish are two good options.

I recommend you buy directly from the airline so you know exactly what you're buying and what the refund policy is. Aggregators aren't always selling you what you think you're buying.

If by cheap flight reservations you mean onward ticket sites, I don't trust them. I've been burned before. Buying a real ticket is a definitive way to know they're real, will pass scrutiny, and depending on your credit card payment cycle (interest charges) or if you pay it off, are free. Why pay for a sketch service when you can do it on your own for free and for a guaranteed result?
h 23d
I agree, Slackbot. I agree.
lukemac 23d
Cheers H. I havenโ€™t used onward ticket sites but a lot of people seem to swear by them. I have also been burned by a โ€œrefundableโ€ ticket but to be fair, that was through a sketchy 3rd party, not an airline. Caveat Emptor, I guess.
lukemac 23d
Yeah I got it Slackbot lol
The only time I've needed proof was to enter Indonesia a couple years ago, and I just bought a $30 flight to singapore a month away while standing beside the check-in desk. She handled a few other customers in the meantime and when I had confirmation I showed it and she gave me my passport and boarding pass
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