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Yeah, I'm leaning towards continuing to manage it myself and coordinating with local boutique firms
Not $1M/yr in typical income but a fair chunk of equity, liquidating 6-7 figures at times
Want to optimize for peace of mind and minimize “distractions” on my end so I can focus elsewhere (angel investing or starting another startup)
I would focus on some of the mid-size firms in that case. They don't do everything in-house like a big-4 would, but they generally have strong relationships with other trusted firms and can oversee the coordination as needed.
Hourly rates tend to be ~40% lower without crazy minimum commitments, and there's a much more personal relationship. They also don't tend to be as obsessed with maximizing billable hours for occasional 5 minute questions since they care about the relationship
Personally, I only work with small family firms. Makes me feel good paying real people who actually care about stuff. Incredibly difficult to find. Also depends where you’re a tax resident. My approach probably isn’t a good idea in many countries around the world…
Does anybody have a reliable partner to open a company in Ireland?

Currently trying to get incorporated (I’m spanish national, my associates English), but they’re frying us with notarized paperwork, plus the prices are through the roof. Looking for a better solution tailored to the international crowd.

There’s no Stripe Atlas or Doola, but is there something that can make things easy?
Looking for an expert on US taxation for foreign entrepreneurs, if anybody has any recommendations
I second this ^ question
also, does anyone use any bookkeeping software? I have a US LLC (C-corp) and a couple of clients that are paying two times per month
I want to keep my invoices and business expenses there, it would be nice if this software could prepare yearly IRS reports for me or smth like this
I might be able to help.
Finding a bookkeeping software that also does taxes might be a stretch, but I know most of them will generate reports that can be used to prepare taxes. Quickbooks Online is probably the most integrated with other Intuit products. Wave and Xero will both also output reports that can be used for tax prep.
Xero and Quickbooks are the two most commonly used.
Anyone can recommend a German tax advisor who speaks English? For a small case 😉
I've been looking at Wanderers Wealth for a while now
Just state your question here, everything else will cost you 200€ 😅
kbbwocqpxlccxp Croatia is not schengen yet
Hi all,
Provided you don't want to pay taxes in your home country (which is not US, and has the default half+ a year rule), and don't spend more than half a year in any particular country, what could be a legal and convenient tax strategy?
So, are there any countries that allow you to open a banking account, a small business entity, and pay taxes there, without requiring you to stay half+ a year? And yes, it should also be possible to manage all related stuff remotely (except for initial setup) and in any of English/German/Russian.

Thanks in advance for any hints or contacts of people who can consult on that for a reasonable price 🙏
Cyprus I think has more relaxed residency rules (30ish days instead of 6months?).

But that doesn't remove tax liability from wherever else you spend your time. If you spend the small amount of time there to be tax liable there, and then the rest of the time (or at least 6 months) elsewhere, you'll more likely end up in a double taxation scenario. Many countries have DTA agreements in place so you won't have to _pay_ tax twice, but you will have to _file_ it in both countries.
Where income is sourced (where you are working from while income is earned, most likely) and Controlled Foreign Company regulations also come into play here.
Thanks, will dive deeper into double taxation topic.
Georgia has a rule about high net worth people who relates with the country. As I know, you could get Georgian’s tax residency if you have the temp residency of the country to relate to it and have more than 60k income. Also Georgian’s banks allows to open a bank account without the residency. It’s very easy to open a small business entity. In some cases you would be taxed only 1%. After you earn through the local business about 16k USD, you could apply for the residency that helps to use the tax rule about high net worth people.

Also there are a lot of accounting companies who can communicate in English or Russian. Last time when I was the RS, I could only use Russian rather than English. I’m not sure that it’s common rule, but if you know both of them, you will feel comfortable in Georgia.
That looks nice, thank you U01JC1R201G!
I'm going with Georgia in a very similar situation and very glad with this strategy so far, only paying 1% on my income as contractor
Clock resets every day, in a way.

It's a moving window.

In the last 180 days you should be in the Schengen zone 90 days or less in total.
That makes sense! I also had a 90-day break between the June + Sept exit/entry if that resets anything perhaps?
It's simple.

Take today. Subtract 180 days.

Count how many days you were in the zone between those that date and today.

Subtract the result from 90.

That's how many days you have left.
Ah gotcha, my worry was it kept resetting to my first entry date on 14th March, but that makes no sense. Your explanation does. Thank you!
book a cheap flight out, if having one is a requirement
I've been able to talk my way through it by explaining I don't know my destination, I'm touristing for a couple months etc. Worst case, book on Expedia US with a 24 cancellation policy when you are asked to show proof (ie standing at the check in counter at the airport).
Southeast asia seems to require having one, europe seems not to
I showed up for my flight to Jakarta without one and they wouldn't let me check in, so I bought a $30 flight a month away from jakarta to singapore and then just skipped it
there is onward ticket dot com by oagtvl but as the bot will explain, some of the other ticket sites can be shady
super helpful thanks everyone!
Bit late to the conversation here but I just book a flight which has free cancellation or full refund. You get the confirmation but can cancel it as get into the country.
Anyone acquire EU citizenship though investment recently! With the euro 1:1 I wanna jump in.
Or have any tips on where/easiest/cheapest
You can open an US based LLC and legaly pay zero taxes. Everything can be done remotely, even initial setup. There are options for bank account as well.
it’s generally accepted that Portugal currently has the easiest/cheapest citizenship by investment program in the EU
Nomad Capitalist has good resources for further research
you should rule out any citizenship by descent options first though before going the investment route, they are generally much faster/cheaper/better
Can anyone recommend a UK based accountant who specialises in Nomads?
Wow, that's definitely worth a deeper dive. Thanks 🙏
There quite a few option really. British LPs also allow for remote everything and zero taxes in UK (and since you dont stay 183+days anywhere - zero taxes anywhere as well). Dubai now have offers for freelancers.
Are there resources yall could point me to for educating myself on work visas, taxes for those with US passports nomading internationally?
I can help with any US tax questions you have :)
this may be helpful to someone, I built this tool in the past as I struggled with embassies and visa applications as they require booking flights.

We were a boutique firm in Algiers, Algeria. Our accounting was handled by Deloitte and then PwC. I cannot recommend Deloitte as I was receiving an average of two emails per day from them it was insane. Our operation is simple one client, export only to the EU, one invoice every couple of months, six employees, exemption from corporate tax given it's export only.

We then met with PwC I had a list of requirements (all the scar tissue dealing with Deloitte) and made sure they include them in the contract, including not to put a complete newbie on our account. Basic things like answering questions; Deloitte either never answered questions, or they answered by copy-pasting the text of the law I was asking them about (no shit! I've read that already and I'm asking you what it means and its implications on my operation). They also lost documents and claimed we never sent them, when in fact we gave them hand-to-hand. They routinely demonstrated a lack of knowledge (like telling me that an invoice had the wrong amount because of the VAT when it was exempted of VAT (disbursement invoice). They failed to confirm when I explicitly had asked them if I was correct.

Let's say that it's not impossible to do it for around $300/month (three hundred US Dollars per month).

The way they are structured makes every company pretty much independent and the quotes you get depend on where you are.

For mixed stuff, accounting in our European entity was done by people in a boutique firm in France. It took a bit of time for them to answer questions related to VAT for SaaS and invoicing through Stripe.
My message was deleted because it contained a link (Wikipedia to Big Four#legal_structure) and I was not active in the last 90 days. I removed the link.
Which are the shady ticket sites that people have been reporting lately (to avoid them) and which are the good ones? Thanks!
For all those wanting another passport, Putin just allowed foreigners to get citizenship after only 1 year of military service! /s
I could see some drawbacks, though, in taking that route.
Let’s call it the Darwin awards passport.
shit, this is not funny 🤮
So I have compiled the following sites to get onward tickets:

• onewayfly[.]com
• bestonwardticket[.]com
• onwardticket[.]com
Which ones are good and which ones are to be avoided?


PS I am travelling to Japan soon, and whilst it's not mandatory to have an onward ticket, apparently I could get asked to provide one.
The latter of the three you’ve mentioned is the original and is by ucgbev . He assured me they don’t do shady things
in a year russia will no longer exist :)
I sincerely hope so
You should consider a Golden Visa. The US grants FEIE (Foreign Earned Income Exemption) to US expats living outside the US for more than 181 days out of the year. FEIE threshold is currently $112K of tax free income. That's close to $28K in tax savings for just living outside the US, even more if you consider cost of living.
Expedia has a 24 hour cancellation policy. You can just buy a one-way return ticket, show it to the immigration officer and then cancel it as soon as you go past the officer. That's how most tourist do it when entering Costa Rica. However, do make sure you DONT overextend your visa, most countries have strict penalties and restrictions on re-entry if you do overextend your visa.
Both Portugal and Spain require a minimum investment in real estate of €500K to qualify. Spain has an interesting non-resident tax program (that does not provide residency) where you can be tax exempt on foreign income for 5 years and then pay half of the regular tax on the next 5 years. There are interesting Golden Visa programs in Central America, but for an EU member country I don't think you can find anything "cheaper" than €500K investment. I would also go with xkrowkxzxvbocd suggestion to look into descent options first. Portugal is currently running that program (Spain is no longer available)
Not true at all. An art investment in Portugal is 250k
There’s lots of weird loop holes and pooled investments
Yes, I mentioned the €500K investment for real estate specifically. I know there are some collective investment options that might be lower, but they just seemed like you might not see that money again, with real estate at least you own the asset. Did not know about the art investment. Does that mean you would invest in Portugal made art? wbupdlpjilfo
How do you begin to appraise art btw?
I'm sure a lot of people sitting on pictures of monkeys would like to know 😆
I’d assume it would be an investment into an art community project like a public maker space business or similar?
Interesting... I'll research more about that. Do you have any resources I can look into?
181 days is not accurate. The physics presence test of the foreign earned income exclusion requires 330 days out of any 365 day period to qualify for the exemption
And the income is not “tax free”. You’re exempt from income taxes, but still subject to social security and Medicare taxes
If I recall correctly, it’s not an investment in a piece of art, it’s a donation to the arts, so pretty much no one does that
You can qualify for Portugal with real estate investment at as low as 280k if it’s going to be renovated and it’s in a low density area
the easiest way is to go through a developer that’s renovating a block of properties and they sell you a unit which has been pre-qualified for the golden visa program
Hey everyone. I'm Jugurtha Hadjar from Algiers, Algeria. I recently resigned as CTO/COO/CPO after almost six years at a company I helped build, run, and shape from a tiny consulting company into an 8 figure valuation product company (MLOps platform) and so did everyone on the team on the same day.

There are some clients in Europe who are _very_ motivated to work with us and waiting for us to be set up. They either want to hire us all (not into that), pay us to open a subsidiary here (not into that for now), fund us and take a stake (not into that), joint venture (not into that), partner (open to that), or consulting (maybe).

We'd like to set up a company and bank accounts where we could be paid and dispose of the funds freely. EU or UK preferably.

There seem to be company formation services for the UK, but they only set up a Wise account and given the amounts in question, and the horror stories of people having their accounts deactivated, we're shying away from using them but it appears we're out of options. To set _real_ bank accounts, we need proof of residency it appears. Maybe we could register the company then use that company's address to open a bank account?

We're also looking into France, but it appears we need 30k € and it's extremely hard due to regulations in Algeria to wire funds abroad. It is actually forbidden for an Algerian resident to own foreign assets with funds from Algeria unless they have an explicit authorization by the central bank, which is practically never granted. 2 to 7 years of imprisonment is the risk.

We're thinking of waving a Purchase Order from a European client to neutralize this limitation, so the funds origin isn't Algeria as the crux is non-convertibility of the local currency.

The "Passeport Talent" is mostly geared towards being employed/hired by a French company, which our clients are open to but we're not necessarily, or setting up a company and 30k €, with the limitations aforementioned and lengthy procedures. I have a Schengen visa that expires soon (30 October), maybe I could use it/convert it into Long-séjour/Long stay

Any advice for a non EU/EEE/Switzerland/Canada/US citizens but Algerian citizens?

NOT A LAWYER, but I would:

• Open US LLC
• Use Wise as a stop gap until you get a proper bank account (might take some time)
• Setup Deel to do salary and contract
I would 100% not setup in France, no matter what, the bureaucracy will kill you. Someone on this forum has been waiting months for a formation in FR. That's wayyy too long.
I'd use an end-to-end service like Firstbase to get started ASAP if you already have paying clients.
Not an advice what you should do but for US companies|Stripe Atlas> is an option

For EU company Estonia with e-residency could be an option?

And for the UK opening a company account with another bank should be quite easy with eg|Starling
IMO Don't stay in jurisdictions that limit you so severely.
eyhuxpwf Thanks for the advice. Firstbase doesn't open a bank account apparently; it partners with entities such as Payoneer, which, just like Neteller, can lock/block/restrict your account overnight.

It appears I have no choice in my situation but bear that risk to get started and, in that case, maybe just form a company in the UK with a Wise account instead of the U.S. with Payoneer (I have yet to succeed recovering my existing account with them in the first place).

I'll talk with a UK based lawyer before just in case I missed something.

What uycyydfnqfafou said about relocating to a more livable jurisdiction has been considered and one step towards that is to get something going.
gdbiwyyf I agree. Can Firstbase open accounts in Euros or do multi-currency?
Not sure, I don't use them. It was just _a_ suggestion 🙂
As I said, I'd probably go for Wise, if I were on a short notice, which does support EUR and IBANs.
But Wise is not a bank, and IMO it is risky to keep money in it. If you are going to distribute all of it quickly, then maybe ok. But if you want to use it as a bank, I would not do it.
If you want to stay in the EUR zone, then why not incorporate in Estonia then?
Some UK company formation services will open a Wise business account. I also have a Wise account. I don't want to use it to store money of course but here's the catch if I wire it to my bank account, it will be converted to DZD defacto and I'll lose about 35% to 40% just on that official exchange rate at the bank. Then, once I have Euros, I can't get them out of the country through a bank transfer and I certainly can't go through customs with them.

The ideal, while I am here, is to be able to store money elsewhere and wire just enough to live with to the local currency. Hence looking for a real bank account to store money.
Local freelancers don't have that problem because what they're invoicing is little so their consumption matches their revenues and they don't need a buffer/money storage.
I may need to ask the client to hold on for the money for me. That's where it's at.
I also want my accounts to be in a stable, established, state.
Haven’t found the answer searching in channel… does anyone know of a Schengen Visa without – or at least MINIMAL – residency requirements?

I keep finding the requirements saying “must show proof of accommodation … for the full period [usually a year]“. Luxembourg (where I’m applying for citizenship via reclamation) doesn’t say the accommodation is the full time, but i’m also using google translate :shrug:. TBH, I don’t want to stay in one place more than 1-2 months.

Any thoughts on which to apply for?
US Citizen, and work remotely
You need a temporary residency in an EU member state, not a Schengen Visa. Schengen Visas max out at the same 90/180 that you get automatically on a US passport. The people who apply for that have passports that do not grant them visa-free travel to the Schengen zone.
Note that the only way for you to legally spend more than 90 days in a row within Schengen countries where you do not have residency is to get an EU passport. You cannot have more than one Schengen residency at a time and there is no such thing as a Schengen-wide residency. You are capped at 90/180 (excluding up to one country if you get residency).
To get a residency, you’ll have to state that you’re planning to spend 183+ days in the country. That said, it’s perfectly legal to fail to stay that long. They are just unlikely to extend your residency the following year if they notice.
In practice, if you have residency in an EU country, it is impractical to check that you are abiding by your 90/180 limit because there are no border checks between your residency country and other Schengen countries. If you are caught working illegally or doing something else that might trigger a residency audit, you’ll likely lose your residency and might get banned from entering the Schengen zone.
Why would you owe tax to a jurisdiction you are not earning in?

But yes either way you'll pay tax at least once, but potentially twice if the tax rate in your country is higher than the UK
If you have European ancestry, the country(s) you’re from may grant you citizenship, special visa status, or a fast track residency. If you don’t have ancestry, the most popular choice is Portugal, but US citizens can qualify for residency in most EU countries, although some are easier than others. Generally speaking, the easier countries are the ones with weaker economies and fewer economic migrants. You’re best off picking a country you actually like because you will actually need to spend some time there.
None of this is legal advice. I’m not a legal expert. Your mileage may vary. I do not recommend lying to governments.
I am in the process of reclaiming Luxembourg citizenship through ancestry. My cousins already succeeded, but because I’m a different branch, I needed to apply separately, and have had issues finding some birth/death certificates. Last one is in the mail already, so I’ll have that completed in the next 3-6 months they say. But the guy who is providing part of the service says theres no “extension to stay while its processing” option. 😞
Wow, Luxembourg, you got very lucky with the family tree. I recommend applying for a temporary residency there, it will strengthen your citizenship application and you might be able to use genealogy research as grounds for your application.
Hello Community!
Im a Spanish freelance on IT sector working online for different European countries (most of my income is from Europe but outside Spain)
Im reviewing my residence and taxing situation since Spain is expensive for taxing and I’m not fully working not living there
I see many options from digital nomad visas to changing residence countries or opening companies abroad…lots of options and information
I would love to have some expert in this matter who can help me figure out my best options but I cannot find any yet who understand the whole panorama
Can you recommend me someone?
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