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I am not sure there is fluid data sharing between countries.
hm I thought they have the only database for the whole EU
I highly doubt that. It would be a logistical nightmare and I don't think all countries have the same privacy laws. I am sure there is data sharing but it is not universal yet.
they're actually trying to do a common shared system for all Schengen (or is it EU?) countries but it's not a reality yet
for me personally, fingerprints were not scanned when crossing into Schengen with biometric passport, if passport is not biometric then may be
Schengen zone countries must do sharing, donโ€™t you think? Otherwise how could they know during border checks if someone has available days left to enter? I suppose they could check stamps but that would be pretty slow and tedious, plus sometimes those stamps arenโ€™t too legible. I assumed itโ€™s all electronic between them.
right now there's not a system in place ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ but they're working on it
so yeah, technically they're checking stamps to verify days of stay
I have a lot of Schengen stamps so once in Greece folks actually tried to count the dates and I had to wait
there was a case for me when I have been staying in Shengen for 89 days
and yes, they spent like 15mins trying to read all the stamps
one of the stamps was really bad and they asked me to prove somehow which date is written on the stamp
Thatโ€™s shocking. Well Iโ€™m guessing it wonโ€™t be long before they have some sort of shared system up to do it more quickly.
but how did they realize that they need to count my days? I don't know. I don't believe this is a coincidence that they decided to count my stamps at that particular moment when I have been staying for 89 days.
so probably they have some kind of warning from the system...
so they're working on ETIAS right now and I think that system would take care of overstays, etc.
> but how do they realized that they need to count my days
I thought that when they flip through pages and see Schengen stamps they pause to see the dates and then if it has been in the last half a year they actually count them / look for exit stamps
really a lot of people do this? I've never heard of anyone doing this, which is why I wanted to ask here about it
I have a friend who did this for years, dual national US/Brazil living in Barcelona. When he finally tried to get residency in Spain, it was a huge headache. He was able to get it eventually because he was common law married to a Portuguese EU citizen, but I think in hindsight, he regretted trying to do the passport swap game.
Yes lots of third culture kids on here w 2 or more passports
I personally operate like all data is shared even if it isn't right now because I imagine that at least partially if a universal system comes online there is going to be data migrations from existing systems. I imagine there is going to be people who have been doing illegal things and when these disparate systems get merged they are going to be in hot water.
I remember my in-laws after I finished my first world trip they were freaking out and wanting me to with hold information to immigration crossing the Canadian border and I was like, ya, no, they saw the country I came from and I mean they can literally see my stamps.
The canadian/american immigration at the land border is some of the strictest crazy immigration you can go through.
(depending on the border)
They purposefully ask you strange questions to make you uncomfortable to throw you off base, it is part of their training.
Iโ€™ve heard mixed reports as to whether social security is in scope.
I was very interested at one point, but a few issues:
(i) being enmeshed in Italian bureaucracy. This should only be entered in upon with eyes wide open. Simple example to sell online, you need permission from the _comune_ (town hall) at which youโ€™re registered. Wtf.
(ii) closely related, the habit of Italian lawmakers to issue decrees and counter-decrees and for one lawโ€™s sub-clause to cancel another one out. You will want to set aside a budget for a top-notch lawyer and accountant. The Italian mind is byzantine.
(iii) if the tax office say you owe them money for some arbitrary reason, forget prevailing over them. They donโ€™t lose.
(iv) you canโ€™t have an SRL (independent limited company) and benefit from this scheme, only a partita IVA, whereby there is no difference (or limitation of liability) between you and the company.
(v) youโ€™re still taxed 26% on capital gains, crypto etc.
(vi) the difficulty of actually finding a single Italian (or at least those without advantages like family property or a family business) who wonโ€™t tell you to run a mile.

Too many hoops.
100%. This is why it isn't higher despite the potential. Same with Greece really.

Also, there was something about taxation on worldwide assets which I don't fancy.
hjtajecqwp zqjftuzcxlu Interesting, I have also a UK company, looking for other options (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Singapore). Singapore is great for SaaS, as you donโ€™t have to deal with VAT. PT taxes capital gains on stocks?
My suggestion is to avoid Bulgaria. I've been there and it's more complicated than it seems on paper.
Yes, from what Iโ€™ve seen in Bulgaria, it looks outdated (need to have a company stamp, do papers in person, or with power of attorney etc.). Cyprus has also bureaucracy, and Wise accounts are not supported at the moment. Also quite isolated in the winter. (Iโ€™m a new member, cannot send PMs yet, smart move from levelsio haha)
I think SG is still the best for tech companies. I'm talking to both Osome and Sleek and trying to decide between them.
True, if you have a proven idea. Other that, UK is great for bootstrapping.
Agree. That's exactly why I went with UK at first and then now moving to SG. Can you explain more what you meant with "PT taxes capital gains on stocks"?
hjmgerwfphrbeapq Hi, I'm in the process of choosing between them. I've talked to both so far and still deciding. How's your experience so far? Osome seems more "organized" because they are probably a startup with lot of venture capital behind. Sleek told me they try to stick with less customers and provide higher quality. Those are just words though, can't agree or disagree yet.
It would be very useful if you can share what hidden fees you're finding because they told me they "value transparency" since the beginning.
When you have stocks or ETFs in the stock market (e.g. U.S. / Europeans), you are taxed on your profits (capital gains). If I understand correctly for Portugal for non-residents, this could be around the 50% of 25% (so 12.5%). Not sure at all, since I didnโ€™t find good information on that on internet.
Other things can apply, e.g. moving losses to the next fiscal year
inspgagwz yes 28% PT capital gains tax, but you can also invest with your SG biz at 0% cap gains
i do both 50-50 so I effectively have 14% capital gains on all my inv
โ€ข I kinda itโ€™s expensive for what i needed
โ€ข They are super proactive in getting everything setup and clear through the setup process but i was hoping to not get hit the with a multi-currency fee setup and get access to xero/monthly book-keeping (which i thought i would get access for some reason).
โ€ข I have an estonian company also and i found that cheaper and more value for money but i havenโ€™t compared taxes on each.
โ€ข they ask you to upload receipts to the portal and they will do the book-keeping at end of year (which iโ€™m not keen on waiting till end of year to find out if i need to provide any effort)
sicfclhyodmhzewx Thank you for sharing this. Have you considered Sleek before? If yes, why did you choose Osome? I'm really torn between keeping my company in UK or moving it to SG.
kjzbgzolox Did you use Sleek yourself or you went with another agency?
I saw a few people here recommended osome and I needed a no bullshit fast turn around time to setup a company.

Why do you want to move the company to SG? Im thinking I should have setup a company in the UK because I only have one UK client paying me.
So thinking about it osome are legit, fast and did deliver what I needed I probably didn't take a enough time to read about what I was going to get relating to book keeping support.
vmhhrquwqnhyeman I want to move my company to pay less corporate taxes and physically move it far away from the EU zone.
To be honest, right now I am not doing much to do book keeping, I just send everything my accountant when I need to pay taxes and they do everything for me. Are you saying that with Osome you need to upload your receipts all the times? Another thing that I'd like to have is the ability to use Xero. Did they offer it to you? Could you explain what you meant by "I was hoping not get hit with a multi-currency fee setup"? Thanks.
Does anyone had signed a SAR's and still provide your service for that company/starup?
Have anyone used ivisa service for issuing VISA documentation? (Not trying to make ad for it, just want to get sense of how reliable their service is)
i still am confused about the Schengen 90/180 day thing. Does it restart on the 181th day from initial entry as a new period? or does it restart 90 days after last exit? (example in thread)
For example I enter schengen jan 1, and leave jan 30th. Then 150 days later on june 1 enter again. I stay til June 29 which is about 180 days from my initial entry of jan 1. This means I have stayed around 60 days in the Schengen Zone. Jan 30 is the 181st day since initial entry of jan 1. Provided I leave by Jun 29, can I come back a few days later, meaning the counter simply restarts after 180 days from initial entry, or do i have to leave and wait 90 days and come back in like in october or something, meaning it's 90 days from last exit?
Could be wrong but I believe itโ€™s _rolling_ 180 period. Not something that resets.
The rule says in _any_ 180-day period. So there should never exist a day where youโ€™ve been in Schengen for more than 90 days out of the previous 180 days.
yeah actually I read that too after writing the post. This is rather confusing. Is there a good calculator that I can use for this that takes into account the rolling nature of it?
Schengen visa info web site has a good calculator.
Think of it as a look back period at your exit date. At exit, you want to have spent no more than 90 days in Schengen out of the previous 180.
I have a very basic question regarding tax residency. I live in Sweden and work for a company here. I know I can travel around, working remotely, for up to 6 months since I need to stay in Sweden for at least 6 months to be a tax resident here. But now my question is, if I were to stay longer than 6 months abroad, am I doing something _illegal_? Or is it just that I need to notify the tax agency in Sweden of my leave, and become a tax resident somewhere else where I'm spending most of the year? But then what of my job in Sweden and the fact that I still receive income here? Would I be working illegally then?

Appreciate any clarity on this!
I can't give you a 100% answer, but hopefully some of this info will help in your search:

Each country will have specific laws to determine tax residency, as well as Double Taxation Agreements existing with many other countries. Find out Sweden's exact residency laws first if you don't know already.

You're not doing something illegal, it's just a bit tricky to figure it all out sometimes.

As for notifying the Swedish tax authority, poke around their site to see how residency is factored into it and what you need to tell them. I hear that they're also pretty helpful over their support lines. You'll also have to find out about how taxation works if you're a Swedish employee and not a contractor, yet working abroad. They might have special rules for that as well.
For example in South Africa you can maintain residency but still live abroad for >6 months a year if you're working for a South African company (this does not apply to contractors/freelancers), but get tax exemption for income earned while abroad up to a certain amount. A lot of people do this while going to zero income tax jurisdictions to save on tax.

Overall where _you're_ doing the work matters more than where the work is coming from for tax residency purposes.
Not a lawyer, but being tax resident is not an asset, it's a liability. I don't think any country will stop considering you a tax resident because you travel too much. It's you who don't want to pay taxes there since you are not so much time there. And in general to make them stop considering you a tax resident, you need another tax residency, not have a salary there... I didn't sspend a single day in the UK last year, and I'm still a tax resident there because I didn't get a new residency and didn't notify them that I left.
You arenโ€™t doing anything illegal by staying longer than 6 months abroad, but if you donโ€™t register as tax resident somewhere else, you will still need to pay tax to Sweden.
For most countries I believe it's 6 months (or 181, 182 days).
Note that Norway and Denmark also have further requirements for ceasing to be tax resident, so Sweden might as well have something similar both Norway and Denmark require you or your children to _not_ own real estate in the country, and Norway also says that you continue to be tax resident for 3 years after move if you have lived in the country for 10 years before that.
Thanks, will check what the rules in Sweden are
Hi. I hope this is right channel for my question. I have few ideas for new apps, which will offer paid membership and user get database with a lot of data for that membership. These data are public and I am using bots to scrape them from different websites. My question is...Is it legal to sell these data, which are completely public, but my bots are scraping them to create database for that paid membership users?
Public != legal to scrape. Depends on each site's Terms of Service.
What if its only url to some website and contact info like Twitter name or instagram name?
The answer heavily depends on the jurisdiction you are in, so better check with the lawyer (e.g. it's legal in California at the moment because of a recent court decision involving scraping Linkedin, but it might get overturned by federal court easily).
Hola fellow nomads :hugging_face:

Seems like me (Austrian with residency in Germany) and my girlfriend (South Korean) somehow misunderstood the 90/180 day-rule for visiting the Schengen area due to covid-stress, translation problems and bad user experience on a website. Yes stupid, we know now. :grimacing:

After we entered Germany in mid July and we did some trips within the Schengen area, we came back to Germany in September and we were just planning our next trip. While re-checking the visa status we realized that a) she already OVERSTAYED the Schengen Visa for ~ 2 weeks and b) will not be able to come back to Germany for at least 90 days on a Schengen-Visa. We already booked a trip outside of Schengen, called the LEA (Landesamt fรผr Einwanderung) and it seems that the best option for her is to leave Schengen asap - resulting in a warning, modest fine or a travel ban in worst case. The friendly woman on the hotline told us that we don't have to fear big consequences. Flight is leaving this Friday. waveskin-tone-4 :airplane_departure:

Who experienced a similar situation and what were the consequences? And does anybody know if there is any legal solution to stay in Schengen or special visa rules for South Korean citizens in this case?
> Citizens of South Korea can remain in some European nationsย beyond the 90-day Schengen limitย thanks to bilateral agreements related to travelling and entering its territories.
Germany is on the list of countries with a bilateral agreement
she should be able to stay another 90 days as long as she does not transit any other EU countries
contact the South Korean embassy
Also, if she intends to spend a lot of time in Schengen, I highly recommend starting the process of getting EU residency now because it will take months to complete but it will solve all your problems
easiest route is Portugal D7 + NHR
Thank you for the link tnqbkcccfsdkmy

ETIAS starts 2022 but we are aware of some bilateral agreements between Germany, Austria and South Korea. However we still dont fully understand whats the situation now. When researching the maximum allowed time of her stay, my GF came up with 180 days. I asked her to double-check and we both ended up convinced that she can stay for 180 days in Europe, but not longer than 90 days in each country. Back then I was researching the covid/vax-rules and just had a quick look. Should have double-checked myself anyway. Why did we end up with this conclusion? Tbh we were kinda surprised when the South Korean embassy told her to leave asap this week. I was searching for an explanation for two days now and end up thinking that we just got it completely wrong. So time to say goodbye or leave Schengen for me too now? We will call the embassy again tomorrow. Thank you
It actually will be 90 days in each country if she gets residency (another reason to start that application)
Bilateral agreements predate ETIAS
other nomads here have used them successfully in the past to stay past 90 days
I was given permission to say past 90 days in hungary using bilateral agreements this year, got this directly from an immigration officer
ejucofprqin used it to stay past 90 days visa-free in Poland
itโ€™s a little known travel hack so you may need to explain it to people who arenโ€™t familiar with nomading and donโ€™t understand why/how anyone would stay so long as a tourist
a lot of people assume that anyone who stays longer than 4 weeks of paid holiday is really just there to work illegally
hire an immigration lawyer who actually knows this stuff, you can get them to write a letter and include a copy of the statute to show immigration if you are worried
No idea about Germany, but I know people who registered for something like a master in Spain to get student visa for a year to be able to extend tourist visa. Not necessarily a cheap option, but probably an easy one
Thank you for the information, gonna do some more calls now
gkbmfzibjmcdcx Could you link me to somewhere to read up on the 90 days _per country_ proposal if you have residency? British here with Belgian residency trying to navigate this new post EU worldโ€ฆ
Currently only spending 90 days out of every 180 in Schengen countries, excluding Belgium.
lcfokhrwcsrtlo about the Portuguese D7 you mentioned, o constraint to keep in mind is the requirement to stay at least 16 months over the two year period in Portugal, right?
Whoโ€™s gone through setting up tax residency in a tax haven country?
wzyembx I double checked with the agency I got my visa through. Apparently the official rule is exactly as you stated. In practice, because there are no border checks, some people claim they were in their country of residency and it's extremely difficult to catch these people unless they stay more than 90 days in a single country. Even EU citizens are required to register after 90 days in a country they don't have residency in, so most people who get caught are detected because their landlord goes to register them.
lgwanlxqa the Portuguese D7 has a 1, 2, and 3 year version, depending on how much you can show in income/assets. You're not required to be in the country for any amount of time on a D7, but if you are gone more than half the duration of your visa, they will probably not let you renew it.
zcqggnewdnqfqc do you know if it's safe to stay away longer if within EU since there's no borders? also, do you recommend any source where I can read further about these period rules?
chwgzilog you should talk to a visa agency that helps people get the D7, they will answer your questions and you can usually get a free consultation. That's better than reading about it online. As for whether it's safe, safe in terms of what?
Don't get a job in another country or sign a long term lease and you should be fine
in terms of being able to travel within EU without having the visa/residence canceled or any other trouble related to that, but that makes sense, i'll definitely check this out
If you get arrested in Germany for something else and they want to investigate your immigration status, they will ask for proof of when you entered Germany. If you get deported, they deport you to Portugal because that's your country of residency.
You would need to do something pretty serious for Portugal to revoke your residency.
It might happen if you were found working illegally in France, got arrested for violent crime, falsified documents you submitted to immigration, that kind of thing
interesting, definitely something i'd avoid ๐Ÿ˜… i'm currently a non-EU who applied for the D7 and that will keep working for companies/clientes outside EU, so to me it's interesting the idea of being able to enjoy other EU countries beyond Portugal, but still trying to understand the limitations of it, mainly related to time limits, to avoid doing anything that would compromise that without knowing
Nice try IRS! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
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