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Iโ€™ve been a nomad for almost 6 years now โ€” for those who are single, what is your view on intimacy long term? If you meet someone along the journey, would you settle in a specific place โ€” or do you seek more nomadic types? Itโ€™s the one part of my life which I cannot see to align with my nomadic approach to life โ€” the community of a base, being integrated to a community of friends โ€” and the opportunities to connect with friends or friends, dating and then beyond โ€” all seem challenging. Thoughts? Ideas?
I'm just starting out with digital nomading and certainly don't have an answer, but definitely interested in people's approach to relationships. Personally, I'm polyamorous and not looking to get on the "relationship escalator" with marriage, kids etc. I think I'd enjoy a life with multiple meaningful relationships with partners who live in different places. I could stay with them or travel together with them a few months at a time. Obviously depends a lot on what you want. If you want an exclusive relationship while digital nomading, the easiest thing to me seems to be to find someone who wants to nomad together with you, but I'd also be curious to hear about people who nomad while their partner does not.
I've also just passed my 6 year mark a little more than a month ago. I would stop nomading full time if I found someone. It's just so difficult to find someone ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Nomading for me destroys social connections unfortunately. I hope to find a place I can settle down in and then do trips to satisfy my travel needs
It has made me appreciate and work harder to keep the connections. It's a different kind of experience I guess. I do feel like I'm disconnected from the major life milestones for sure though
I definitely think that digital nomading requires more emotional intelligence and work to reach the same level of feeling connected. sepeijwwkpd do you think that your nomading lifestyle makes it harder to find someone? For example, are the people you are looking for less likely to engage with you if they know you are nomading and might just leave again very soon? I imagine the likelihood of finding "love on first sight" isn't much different, but the type of relationships that grow out of friendships or similar are probably less likely if you start over all the time.
I met someone during the pandemic which has kind of changed things for me, so Iโ€™ve now got a home base. Ironically, it is my home town which I fled as soon as I possibly could after turning 18.

The plan once the world opens up is for me to go away for a month at a time 4 or 5 times a year. My partner will come join me for a week or two in each place.

So far this is entirely theoretical though, as the few times Iโ€™ve been away since weโ€™ve been together he hasnโ€™t been able to come, since the 2 week quarantine on his return wouldnโ€™t work for him.

Weโ€™ll see how it goes!
Yes this is what I'm hoping for too. I want to travel and my partner wants to stay in California, so we can do our own thing a lot
hm good question. i think itโ€™s a combination of the nomadic life, but also language/culture, and the general norm (maybe iโ€™m totally making this up?) of glbtq+ people living non heteronormative lives?
plus i have to admit also that the avenues for meeting other glbtq+ people comprise mostly of hookup apps. iโ€™m curious how/where you all go to look for potential partners.
iโ€™m of the belief that such a person can be found anywhere, but it doesnโ€™t mean that my chances are high.
Hello everyone! I've introduced myself on some of the other channels - I'm a software engineer who just became a nomad, and I'm traveling the U.S. I'm like 90% straight and somewhat closeted (really just tell certain strangers and a select group of friends). But I definitely always feel welcome among LGBT people.
Closeted bi/pansexual that is. Or due to my asymmetry of interest, "heteroflexible" describes me pretty well.
I am interesting in meeting people in bars, and possibly the apps. I'm wondering how everyone deals with safety. I'm from Philadelphia which is a very LGBT friendly city, at least in the right parts, but I'm wondering if anyone has had issues in the more conservative parts of the U.S.
Also, I do have the privilege of being able to blend in very nicely, and most straight people just assume I'm straight. Just an FYI, acting straight is an option.
Hey bkvuretzht welcome :smile:

I love the term โ€œheteroflexibleโ€

Iโ€™ve met a lot of people on apps over the years, and there is an inherent safety risk with it. If I went over to someoneโ€™s place, I would always tell someone where I was going (and text when I was leaving). I have Find my Friends switched on on my iPhone.

I think the official guidance is to always meet people in public before you go somewhere private, which would probably be prudent somewhere you were more worried about safety.

Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚
Yes, unfortunately meeting in public does not seem to be the norm on Grindr. Nor is seeing someone more than once lol. But I can also try my best to screen people.
Thanks for the advice! I'll look for a similar app on Android.
Also this is just in my experience. Maybe it will just take more experience to find the right people.
For sure. Grindr is quite now-centric/scratch an itch; though I met my ex husband and current partner on it - neither time looking for a relationship - so ultimately itโ€™s just another way of meeting people!
pre-pandemic, i like to meet people for a walk. gives both party a chance to talk a bit and provide a better foundation for something more.
Seems like very few LGBTQ folks for the size of this slack
also a pretty low-volume channel, for better or worse
Looking to disconnect for a few weeks in the next few months, what would you say is the best place to do this thatโ€™s lgbt friendly? Like lots of nature, and relaxed vibe.
Iโ€™m craving this as wellโ€ฆ Will be interested to see the responses of where might fit the bill that is open
I've heard Sitges is the perfect place for LGBT+!
Personally I feel Barcelona was incredible for being LGBT but heard Sitges is even better.
Iโ€™m doing that in Munich right now visiting a friend, bicycling around, enjoying the nature around here. Munich is really nice if you just wanna chill and go to the rive (of course with the flooding in western and southern Germany right now you canโ€™t swim in the river here as usual).
What continent? Or does it not matter?
Probably just not the US as I donโ€™t have a visa and it looks like I wonโ€™t be able to get one until 2022 qrfhycheyxcko
All I know about Sitges is that thereโ€™s a nude beach there. Is there more to it?
Brazil is the best option in this case (nature and friendly) as for me.
I've always described it as a welcoming gay seaside resort town, with a strong LGBT community and plenty of establishments that cater to them. It gets busy on weekends and during peak season, but outside of that, it's pretty chill.
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