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zdyboalzembujc you could potentially run paid traffic on crypto sites via cointraffic or coinzilla

Probably another high leverage way to do it would be doing some sort of partnership with blockchain development certification programs like Udacity, etc.

I'd be curious to see whether Twitter or reddit ads would be worth testing too. Not sure how strict they are on compliance and crypto, but it seems like a lot of the crypto crowd hangs out there
Introducing myself here too - writing / content / ads / automation / email / everything marketing in the software startup realm and always down to talk shop. Lover of web3 and no-code. ๐Ÿ‘‹
hey guys
what are your first impressions of this page?ย 
My first impression is that there is SO much going on, don't know where to look.
And I keep seeing "SEX" when I see "SEE XENTRAL...."
Nothing is really wrong, it's just that everything seems to be attention grabbing
Mutliple call to action buttons, animation, the initial blurb, and the kind of bold boxes at the bottom
I think there is too much information on it, maybe try to make it more simple, and try to explain what problem you try to solve.
Too many animations and colors trying to get my attention while scrolling ๐Ÿ˜ต
Has anyone heard of Kajabi? I got curious, watched the demo, reviewed about 10 other competitors, and they are all great. But I was hoping to find a startup that offers these things, but is positioned as ethical in the way theyโ€˜ve implemented the features.

For example, I wish there was no pixel tracking in their email feature, no Facebook pixel in their social feature, no Google Analytics in their analytics features, and so on.

All this is possible. There is enough customer awareness globally. Itโ€˜s just no startup in this niche has positioned themselves as being ethical in their product offering. Clients will love it, and their customers too.

Any thoughts on this? Or do you know a startup that does the marketing and sales features in a more ethical way?
Too many CTAs on the page, maybe consider breaking this down into multiple pages?
What are some good public networks to be part of that allow low-involvement interactions and where just having a profile might be useful (think Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stack Exchanges)
I don't really understand your question, could you provide an example?
I was wondering on the current state of backlink building. Most of my gigs over the past years that had an SEO component were in fairly non-competitive areas where just getting a few links by strong-arming vendors/partners or sponsoring events put them well above competitors. I am currently working on a full acquisition strategy for a company in the travel space that won't just let me spend all of their revenue at Google and Facebookย :cry:.

What are some ways to consistently build a few quality links month-after-month? Are there any link building tools that are worthwhile using?
hey there. im also working as an external at xentral ๐Ÿ˜„
I guess Instagram is still low-involvement and easy for most people unlike TikTok
Semrush link building tool is super useful. Will give you recommended sites to acquire backlinks from, connecting to your keyword strategy and on page SEO optimization suggestions
Low-Involvement public networks are a bit of an oxymoron since they're by nature social sites. I think the important questions you need to ask yourself is what is your goal with having the inactive presence and who is your target market to see the presence?
Just discovered about UTM tags. Probably a beginners thing for marketers, but coming from a designerโ€˜s background, this is exiting to me.
Iโ€˜d like to ask, do you people know some good materials to read more about it? Are there any opinions on it? Because UX wise, itโ€˜s kinda awkward for customers to click on links with long strings of text after the โ€œ?โ€. So, Iโ€˜m hesitating whether to use them in my marketing. I could as well go without them and not loose much.
> Because UX wise, itโ€˜s kinda awkward for customers to click on links with long strings of text after the โ€œ?โ€
I don't think that's true
Well, at least I feel a bit weird to click on such links, knowing that Iโ€˜m being tracked. Perhaps not all are like me.
tracking tags should not really be in any exposed links on a web page. they should mostly be coming from ad servers.
Better you can see what data is being associated with your request than it all hidden in cookies
Hmm seeing that way it makes perfect sense.
You lost me at ad servers. ๐Ÿ™ˆ Iโ€˜m so new to this.
also there are browser extensions to strip UTM tags for people who care enough
vqihzb One option that weโ€™ve used before is to use a custom link shortener like bl .ink (remove the space)

Depends on how much youโ€™re spending on ads per month, but it can be worth the investment if youโ€™re running a lot of paid traffic

Iโ€™d stay away from standard link shorteners like bitly though because that can diminish performance if youโ€™re running paid ads
I use rebrandly, and it's pretty cheap
allows programmatic creation of URLs
and of course custom domains
Rebrandly seems to solve my perfectionistโ€˜s eye. ๐Ÿ‘Œ gtyauiugk I donโ€˜t use any ppc campaigns though. Iโ€˜m simply exited to try using UTM because Iโ€˜m new to this. But in my case it might be an overkill, since 50% of the data is already in my analytics, and most of the rest that UTM parameters can help me see, I can conclude it from the raw analytics data anyway. I use Fathom analytics.
use bitly - we use that to hide UTM tags, and easy branded links for the end user

Great UI/UX solution and more. - but at the end link does open up big
What is it called in English when the price increases with the number of sold copies, e.g. for e-books? I want to find out if something like this is easy to do with WordPress, but I don't know what to look for.
Amazon calls it dynamic pricing. Uber surge pricing. Airbnb smart pricing.
Thanks, will look into that.
A general term that covers different pricing strategies is "revenue management."
Looking for data / brand persona nerds!
Question about customer data enhancement. I have an e-commerce client with a pretty big database of customer datapoints. We would like to upload these customer datapoints to a software which would categorize and spit back some customer insights in aggregate (locations, interest groups, ages, familial status, etc.)

At a previous firm I worked at we did this through Experian. I believe it was super expensive though (like $2,000+ to run the report) does anyone know any affordable companies for this kind of work?

Go with Searcharoo and make sure the anchor text for the links is optimized for the keyword focus of the page / website. This should be done in addition to a manual backlink strategy (like the one outlined by bfelps above). There are a million backlink strategies out there, if the customer has a good network in the travel / hospitality industry then building backlinks with their network via testimonials & featured Relevant blogs can be huge too
Hi! I don't know if you are a developer, but you can try to run k-means clustering with python (sklearn). I'm not a data expert, but this could help.
Kind of looking more for someone to do something like that, then enhance the customer data with their own customer database of info (so like a credit company or data aggregator, or something like that). I canโ€™t write python, nor do I have a big customer database haha - but I do appreciate the idea man!
Got it! Check on _coders channel, maybe you can find someone to help you.
Hey everyone, Looking for a PPC marketer to help us run experiments on various PPC platforms for 1-3 months to determine what would yield the best ROAS for our company. Does anyone do PPC marketing or know someone they could recommend?
growthexpert is a nice place to try out. It costs some $$$ though.

marketerhire is also interesting to look at. You can sign up for their newsletter, refer 3-5 folks and get like $500 in credit.

Haven't used either though. ๐Ÿคž
Thanks for your suggestions.
I have an agency that specialises in PPC, but we work only with e-commerce clients, so not sure if that would apply to you
Hey U02MQ5Q5YCX. I might be able to help you out if your project is within my niche :)
swlatiwcnn were a web design firm specializing in custom built websites.
Whatโ€˜s the best resource online to find services that give discount codes? Because Iโ€˜m working on a Deals and Discounts section for my Tribevibe community, which are predominantly travellers and creators, and want to offer showcase suitable services to them, to increase the value of my community.
Iโ€˜m not looking for the typical affiliate programs where I earn. But I want for my Tribevibe members to save by accessing those services through my community. Very similar to what Dribbble has done for their audience.
Glad to help! Count on me. :)
Gmass is great for people who have a fully cold list - as you generally get good deliverability almost no matter what in my experience with it since is goes through google's servers. It also requires very little experience with things like IP warmup, configuring unsubscribes, etc. it is limited to 2k emails per day. However if you're trying to hit larger volume per day then figuring out something like sendgrid is the way to go.
Jumping back in to say Sendgrid sucks. I cried tears of blood with their UI.
Really? I was actually thinking to give it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚ Because they really pay attention to maximise deliverability.
Because I would be happy if I manage for my newsletter to end up in the Primary tab on Gmail, not in the Promotions.
But honestly I got an instant Crush on|Flodesk, especially because of their simple UI and flat rate.
The link I included is a referral, and it contains a 50% discount, if anyones feels like giving it a try.
Anybody here wants to join an nft project? I'm building an nft project for nomads, and I need a nomadic marketer ๐Ÿ˜‚
I have 8+ years experience in paid marketing and am interested in the crypto/NFT space
jfuzsvkorktf sent you a dm!
I have a friend in the NFT space, could connect you
Hi mydrvgomgdevvy I run a marketing agency and act as a CMO for some brands already. Keen to connect and learn more your project. NFT space is something I want to get involved in.
Hi U01FTQ83571not sure if you've resolved this challenge? Who are you sending to? Warm list? Cold list?
What's it about? Iโ€™m a CMO in an IDO fundraising company
Itโ€˜s a cold list. So I decided to go with| for the cold outreach campaign.
I havenโ€˜t fully resolved the issue but Lemlist offers email warmup so I hope over time itโ€˜ll get solved.
The warmup is great man, next to that, they offer some articles to tweak aome DNS settings and get the deliverability back to where it should be
Well I set up SPF, DMARC, and DKIM. I think thatโ€˜s all I can tweak.
I think so too, but Iโ€™ll ask my co-founder, heโ€™s doing our sales campaigns. Will let u know
This is the biggest problem Iโ€˜ve faced since my startup launch. No wonder my members were not growing.
i am interested in
hey, sounds interesting. Been flipping the shit out of nfts on eth and sol for 4 months now. So I learned a ton about this space. What's the project about U01DPK4SP2N?
Hey guys, sorry I forgot to reply. But in the meantime I was flipping and minting some nfts and earned a ton. Pretty good side hustle if you know what you're doing.

Another point is that we can just get more clients instead of learning a new skill. Or start an agency to for more leverage.
there's also a new app for bentonow. They have a batch-sending feature which is pretty cool to help with deliverability. I got on a demo call with them yesterday and the product seemed well made. You could take a look at it too. I personally use Drip.
Hi any YouTubers/bloggers out there?

Iโ€™m looking to start a YouTube channel/blog (on productivity and health) and would love advice on a name. Iโ€™m leaning towards building a personal brand and using my own name, BUT I have the same name as one of the main characters from the Fast and the Furious so Iโ€™m worried about competing on YouTube for SEO.

Any thoughts?
If you still need a hand I can help out
I sorted it out. I subscribed to Lemlist, and so far itโ€˜s going good. I never end up in Spam, nor Promotional, because of the Lemlist feature of warming up emails.
that's great!
Hi dcaxnngwz if you film the videos with your face then yes you should just name the channel after your name.

Unless you have a business that delivers a service around what you're sharing then you could name it after your business.

Eg there's a guy who has a channel for us digital marketing topics and business under his agency name then he has a personal channel for more topics on productivity and mindset.

For SEO, the videos usually won't be ranking for the name of the channel.

The video SEO will be based on each video's transcript, keywords and title. This will determine what your video comes up for.
Hello! Iโ€™m Radhika and I currently live in Chicago. Decided to put my intro message in here as well to see what's out there. I work in B2B marketing and am slowly making my way into web3 - my ultimate goal is to become a marketer in web3 and a digital nomad, hence why I came to Nomad List. My passions are in (organic) content creation, social media management, and community management/engagement. I'm building my expertise in paid marketing as well :) Nice to meet you all!
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