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In my experience, technical founders should follow Jon Yongfook's model, he runs Bannerbear and does 1 week of coding and 1 week of marketing. He says that way he doesn't fall into the trap of only coding without focusing on marketing. I've been doing it for a while and it really helps.
948083233382355015 I DM'ed you. We're Optimotive () and we've been doing digital marketing work for the last 5 years. We've been working in web3 for about a year can definitely help
I don’t understand why more technical founders in the ‘Maker’ scene don’t find a sales/marketing co-founder.

Most CEOs in large tech companies come from sales and marketing - not development.

There’s a reason for that.
Prediction - as the Maker scene continues to shift into B2B and becomes more mature on marketing/sales, there will be more marketing co-founders.

Sales becomes useful a little later in the business lifecycle - especially when you want to start pitching large contracts.
Yes, you can outsource your marketing - and a skilled marketer should be able to build a stronger (or at least a more structured) understanding of your customers than any non-marketer.

However, this involves time, skills - and therefore money.

A skilled sales copywriter will charge upwards of $3-5k USD just for the project strategy stage - potentially $10-15k in some cases.

(And that’s before any copy gets written.)

Project strategy is likely to include.
• Customer surveys
• Customer interviews
• Messaging analysis
• Market research
Far too many low-end marketers rely on crap like ‘audience personas’ and working off unfounded assumptions about customer values that they’re given by founders (and even marketing teams) that simply don’t get challenged.

And that’s how you end-up with generic, cookie-cutter SaaS websites that bore potential customers to death.
My single biggest tip to any founders.

If you want to get your hands dirty - buy this book.

If anyone wants to get their hands dirty with customer messaging - buy this book.

‘Finding the Right Message’ by Jennifer Havice.

It teaches you how to run customer interviews/surveys…

…and how to structure their feedback and use it to write emotional and impacful copy.

Every decent sales copywriter that I know LOVES it.

I made an extra $4k the first weekend that I read it.

Spent probably $6-8k in the fall on someone who smoked too much pot and had depression issues. She’d wake up, feel overwhelmed, smoke some weed, scrawl out some copy paste copy and bill me for it.. my ideal would have been her shooting videos. I would have wanted her to do pre sales but it was a complete failure.

I know where I would allocate budget for data scraping to build audience lists. Could devise RFP for email marketing funnels.

I think after losing money on this.. dysfunctional person, I am jaded. In transparency I’d love it if there was a marketer out there that maintained a blog itemizing the laundry list of things.

I’d pay someone for video but not copy. I have animated logos and arguably I’m not far off from AE templates that allow me to operationalize video output.

I tried to recruit this marketer to do customer interviews and gave her a CRM of cold leads but she was a dismal failure.

Sorry not trying to dump! Hoping this actually
provides more context of where I am at!
Totally. Marketing has a serious quality control problem.

I can’t pretend to write code.

But anyone can write SOME kind of copy.

It’s the strategy and psychology that’s demanding and valuable.

Actually writing the copy isn’t such a big deal.

I don’t really like working with startups, even when they have money - as so much of their pitch is speculative and build on shaky, unqualified assumptions.

Potential exceptions include a founder who is highly experienced in that scene and has some kind of track record for performance/established market-fit.
I don’t know what stage of business lifecycle you’re at.

But for $6-8k a big chunk of that should have been invested into customer interviews.
Right, I am that profile of founder who stopped caring about day job income and had budget to flex with.. really, a well attituded Starbucks worker in my head could have done the work.. now these days I am on the offshore train.. I feel you on not wanting startup accounts.. it goes the same on the engineering side

I should have canned her sooner 😅 but yeah :)

Most of my customer interviews want what I am building and I am in a build mode now and think I’d benefit getting myself out of this code hole by hiring out a $2-4k contract in the marketing dimension to hold me to the marketing process
Google’s founders were “nerds”
Elon was coding like crazy in the beginning
Zuckerberg in the beginning thought advertising was “disgusting”, and was coding
While most ceos of big companies care more about their short term bonuses than the long term plan for the company

Sales & marketing are important, I'm not saying they are not, but I think it all relies on the person in charge to have a balanced view.

Jobs invited the “sugar water” ceo to join Apple, still remember what happened?

ISO of a tool to scour the internet and provide insights from customer reviews/brand mentions, etc.

Hi! I’m looking for something like a reputation management tool that can scour the internet for a brands reviews & mentions and give back some meaningful insights into what customers are saying both and positive and negative about the brand. Does anyone know any tool that can do this, or even a semi-automated tool that can help with this?

We can't advertise cannabis or any controlled substances, but as long as your company exclusively sells CBD supplements I think it should be fine
PM me if you're interested, I can put you in contact with our CEO
You can also fill out a contact form on the website
i’ve used syften for this, but mostly for monitoring twitter and reddit. someone had told me to check out “mention”
Hmm.. Killer, thanks man!
Alternatively SEO can be done 🙂
Would you be interested in promoting/selling my products to b2b channel? (wholesale and distributors)
CBD product line in USA
Sure let’s talk I’ll message you
could someone recommend a marketing agency that has experience working with early-stage SaaS startups.
I’d love to hear what you find out, in a similar position
Does someone here have the Pro Version of this WordPress plugin? Would love to test it before purchasing

I can give you an account to one of our websites that uses it
I found a nullified version, so I can test locally, thanks tho!
Hey digital marketers, what would you recommend a friend who wants to find a remote job in your industry? She has a background in human resources and transferred into online marketing a year ago. So employer branding might be a good fit. However it seems to be hard to find a remote position, at least with German employers…
Start volunteering / doing the actual work via consulting or something. Then once you have a little direct experience in a marketing position, she'll be overwhelmed with opportunities
sounds great to me!!
I'd tell her to:
1. Find a friend with a small business who's trying to improve their facebook/instagram marketing
2. Make some free content for them, and get practice running their ads to see how ads perform and how content can change the CPA and CPC and engagement
3. I'd have her run ads for free for that person for a month or two while learning the ropes.
4. I'd then go get 2-3 facebook or google certifications to put on a resume
I built a tool to data-mine for twitter mentions and keywords then runs it through a sentiment analysis, I'll share it when I can simplify its use
Thank you iwkhkubmtt and U03HFDB2B7G! My first thought was to get employed and learn from an experienced team. But as the applications for a remote position turn out to be difficult, she will probably have more success using your approaches. Soo thanks a lot. How would you value a university degree in this context?
Depends on what the degree is, but I would value it fairly high.
you can dm me on twitter; into nfts for more than 2 yrs wq robinkunz_ Whats the project name?
Can you be more specific about the scope of what you need? Is it consulting? Is it full service? Do you need content creation? organic or paid or logo design or copywriting or video or ad buying?

Lots of specifics in this world - if it's single parts I can make intros, if it's “all the things” then your best bet is to hire a consultant with a deep Rolodex and let them act as your General Contractor putting together the right pieces for the right projects but who gets to know you better than a bloated agency - marketing agencies tend to either overcharge (and funds are too precious for most early stagers to throw at a full firm (imo, obviously.) or they undercharge and you get what you pay for and end up having to do it again with a new firm 3 months later.

If you wanna get more detail happy to help on here or with a five minute zoom
Yes it is
Hey nomads I'm looking for advice on what's the best solution for selling multiple ebooks on your website. The website was built on Squarespace so needs to be able to integrate with that. My one client runs a small publishing program and we have published through Amazon and other distributors but are wanting to also sell our books on our website to retain 100 percent of the profit :grin:

Company is based in the USA but would be selling online internationally - any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated…. - I lost my life reading so many reviews and options on google yesterday 🤯 came out more confused 🫤:grin::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
Thank you so much hugging_faceraised_hands
I don't have much experience with gumroad or squarespace, however Shopify is pretty much the gold standard in e-commerce platforms with feeds that push out to google shopping and other marketplaces. I really never recommend anything else to ecommerce clients because of how easy it is to manage, develop, hire developers, etc. WooCommerce is up next since it's on Wordpress and is relatively easy, but it's slower than shopify and wordpress has it's own issues.
Ok thanks so much for the feedback Mike - I did look at Shopify - but was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options I found in my search. Thanks so much for your help
lorcynyjkt I will also checkout gumroad that didn't appear in my searches grinraised_hands thanks so much for your help 👍
^ sort of second that ask, but in general there are too many text channels on this discord
gjwdrmkcxqzbn She can start by doing apprenticeships though either Acadium or FLIK – all remote. Lots of people on there looking for marketing help – that’s how I got started with social media management. Do some free work at first, build her portfolio and she’ll be good to take clients later. Nobody cares about a degree, just relevant experience with results.
We had that.

Bad things happened.
I think Levels removed the general channel due to too much spam
Awesome cwpvueb thanks so much will check those out too - appreciate your help !
hotmart might also work
We used to have one but it got removed
I'm also very fond of ko-fi (.com) as a simple alternative to Shopify, Patreon, and Fivver. Nice bootstrapped business, no VC.
Has anyone here done some extensive answering on Quora to drive direct traffic to your website and increase brand signals as well as EAT? If so, what's been your experience?
I haven't personally, but a friend did, and he got amazing traffic to his site, all organic and unpaid. His business is global with a large Indian user base, and that's where a lot of the users came from (which was fine for him). But I think it's a great way to drive traffic for any business, if you have the time to answer the questions.....
I just hate the idea of being one of those dreadful people that answers every question on Quora with ‘TrY oUt My SaAs’ - the death of humanity.
😂 death of humanity is fake plants in hotels that look like they care for the environment 😬
Worst inventions in human history
1. Nuclear weapons
2. Plastic plants
3. Lab-grown deadly viruses
I agree let's start a global anarchy revolution
hey guys,
i'm kinda new here
This is your reminder that Expanded Text Ads are leaving from Google Ads in 9 days. Create your RSAs or risk the consequences 🙂
What are the consequences?

Anyone know of a way to get around this? Responsive ads are just way worse performing & more expensive.
oh god , good to know
the existing ads are gonna dissappear , but will not be able to create new one
im i right ?
Your expanded text ads will stop running. You will need to create RSA to replace them.
RSAs are annoying but I don't see them performing worse than ESAs.
You will not be able to create expanded text ads after the deadline and your old ads will no longer run. You should create RSAs
4. Beyond Meat

Is there a way to automatocally change Expanded text ads into RSA?
Like if one ad has Expanded text ad, that same ad will become a RSA ad?
Die Levels
uwzkhrricigure Not that I know of, but some of the expensive tools like Optmyzr might have it.
so i've discussed this with Google and they told me next :
the old text ads are going to work till now but, you will not be able to edit them
so she suggested to hold at least 1 responsive ad prepared each ad group
this is pretty quick and easy with the downloadable Google Ads Editor.
Thank you Guys. Ps if I have a campaign that has both AU and UK geolocation, is there a way for me to extract the exact spend per each Geo Location ?
Yes, click into the location settings for the campaign. Unless you are targeting global then you will see the metrics for all your targets.
I've always split campaigns up when the target locations are so far apart in time zones. It's impossible to do day-splits or hourly bid adjustments since the campaign spans so many timezones. If it was just two timezones right next to each other it's not an issue.
That sounds right. That's how they handled the sunset of text ads when they launched ESAs. FYI, they also were not explicit about it, but they were penalizing ad groups that didn't contain ESAs, giving them low KW quality scores and under serving for ad relevance. The exact same ad on ESA at the time, with just a Brand name as the third header, waaay outperformed regular text ads. They were never clear on that, but that is what I now expect.
I guess I should have been more clear. That it is my experience that your old ads will not run, as well.
Nice! Could you forward me his profile? Just curious to see in what Spaces he engaged, etc.
haha, yeah some are definitely more spammy. trying to just provide genuine answers and hope that people, over time, check out my website by typing it into Google (i.e., brand signals). Let's see how it goes 🙂
hey, 948083233382355015 here is me />
will love to catchup and explore synergies
Without knowing much about your brand/company/customer I think you should simplify this before adding style to it - right now it’s not easy to understand what is being sold or upsold here. Does your customer care about the historical reasons for you adding this additional perk into the offering, or do they just want to know what’s included in the plan they’re considering paying for?
New Perk for Extended License Holders!
Thank you for being a great customer.
Click here to check out the details about claiming your 3 custom icons or upgrading to an extended license.
This is a $150 value, we are serving customers in a first come first served queue, be one of the first to claim theirs!
With gratitude,
Your favorite icon guy
Oh, wow. I like the succinctness of this version. 🤩 I might change a word or two, to sound less salesy, like “click here”, but in essence, this is a gem.
Thanks, I do a lot of automated email campaigns and have gotten the hang of it. 5 sentences is really the limit on effective messaging in an email, if you want to get engagement.
How many emails are you sending this to?
For now to about 500 customers. It‘s the fifth email in a sequence. The previous ones are more giving than taking.
The aim of those emails is more about nurturing my customers, not forgetting about my personal brand, rather than selling. This one is the only upsell. 🙂
Ah ok. Are you getting engagement and opens? Do you know what % of your emails are landing in inbox vs promotions vs spam?
That sounds like you're building a good retention and upsell campaign
I don‘t know anything, as I‘m still building my sequence. And since I‘m using Gumroad to build the email campaign, the service doesn‘t offer those stats. After all, it‘s not a proper email marketing software.
Basically, I‘m selling icons at pixelbazaar . com 🙂
Ah ok. I didn't realize that.
Is there a reason you use Gumroad for it? Is it because they act as the merchant for processing the payment?
Yeah, I use it primarily for processing the payments. And this minimal email thing is included in the price. I‘m thinking to start like it, and if I expand successfully, to begin using Flodesk for email marketing.
I love that! Great to hear, yes prove the emails work then move to something scalable
Lmk, if you want to talk about email delivery or choosing another platform. Some thoughts off the top of my head:
• Using a professional domain with a DKIM set up
• Using an email warming service (lemlist for example) to increase deliverability to the inbox before launching.
• Adding required engagement, e.g. required responses, to your campaigns to increase deliverability.
◦ Basically, the more your emails get opened and engaged then the less they look like spam.
◦ Double opt in lists accomplish this.
◦ A legit tactic to get more active engagement on an email/domain is by delivering purchase or tracking notifications via email that require someone to click through to a site to see the status.
• If your domain is new, you will end up in spam and categories if you send 500 in a day.
◦ Start by sending 3 a day, the next day send 6, then 9, then 12, all the way up to something like 50 a day max(esp. on a new domain or email)if your campaign doesn't offer that it is very likely you will end up in spam and promotions tabs.
I‘m saving this message to reply to this weekend in DM. Now I need to go out. Thanks a lot! ✨
Gonna have to disagree here, I like U01FTQ83571's version more. I perfectly understood what you were selling and why. The one by tmocoez is more opaque to me, as in, why do I get 3 free icons? What can I do with them? But the qytxqn one tells me everything I need to know, that it's generally used for products but if I like a custom icon, I can get 3 custom ones made specifically for me by you
Having done copywriting, being upfront and honest really works wonders. Being too sales pitchy like "it's a 150 dollar value but free for you dear customer" really throws up red flags for me
I went with a version between mine and Mike‘s because I wanted to keep my style, but considered the succinctness by Mike.
I believe it all comes down to finding a style that fits the type of customers we are serving.
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