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Just saw this my bad! Thanks for those tips
Hi folks, can anyone identify any pros/cons of using .com doman ( and business email ) vs national ( e.g. .pl for Poland ) when working with a mix of local and international clients?
People tend to care less about tlds these days
I’d say get a generic one like .com if planning on doing international stuff
Or use a funky one like .agency if you’re feeling cool
Especially if you’re a digital nomad doesn’t make sense to use country’s specific
I usually just use the nerdy hipster ones - dotsh/dotio
I don't think normal people even look at them anymore, the address bar is just google to them 😕
A country tld may still have local SEO value, I don't know
Any Facebook business experts here? A client has assigned their page to a business account which no one seems to have access to anymore. I can't start running ads for them until I figure out how to transfer ownership. Is there a way to do this? Or contact Facebook for help?
myxeqoxiprvzd Facebooks biz manager is pretty annoying and their support sucks. Did you find out? I can do a quick check in my account and see if I can figure that out. I've had a few annoying situations happen with clients and their FB business manager in the past.
rxsctne I didn’t. Thanks for checking!
vibxceg jbudlcforxixs could you figure it out?
Isn’t it possible to assign multiple business accounts to 1 page?
If that’s true, it’s only allowed by the business account.
Anyone added a domain to mailchimp ? It has been 2 days and not verified yet
Contacting support..
Hi Everyone!

I am having an issue with our open rates on our newsletter being all over the place - 12% one week to 45% the next (we have about 85K subscribers). 
My team reached out to Mailchimp and got the following message:
Looking into their contact profiles, I also saw that their opens were too consistent and frequent to be human. Which leads me to believe that spam filter is clicking links in your campaign. Our system automatically tracks clicks as opens, so there is no way for us to differentiate if a click came from a spam filter. In these situations, we recommend you ask your contacts to whitelist Mailchimp’s servers.

Since our subscriber base is large, it doesn’t seem feasible to ask all of our contacts to whitelist us.
Is this something anyone else has experienced and are there other ways to fix this?
I'm not sure what kind of access you get to granular data but a clear giveaway to clicks from say the spam filter would be a pattern in the ip address or user agent
Real email opens should be a wide variety of user agents and ip addresses. Any large concentrations (especially in ip address) should be obvious
Also FYI your opens are almost certainly undercounted since a lot of emails (especially corporate systems) block image requests .
(The data is obviously still useful since its a proxy for actual opens)
Sry there were no helpful suggestions for actually solving the problem in that 😅
iqoexzze This is helpful, do you have any suggestions for what to do next?
Is your domain blacklisted ?
you cancheck on virustotal
I work strictly in the email world, and honestly I found this to be a major problem when clients were using MailChimp. I've since gotten any of my clients who were using MailChimp to switch (to Klaviyo as I mostly work with e-commerce stores). The best thing you can try to do right now is try to segment out your highest engagers and only send them emails for a period and see if there's consistency (low or high). Before segmenting however, since you suspect there are spam issues, I would run thru a tool such as Unbounce and see if you actually have a bunch of spam emails in there. I did this with one of my clients and we found that 20% of the list were spam emails from bots signing up on their site over the years.
Thank you!
Also your thoughts are right on the "whitelist" request. Every platforms says asks your subscribers to whitelist you or add you to who ever does that??? No one, and definitely not just because a company/brand wants to send me more emails. Lol. The best way to get your emails to stop going into spam is to send relevant emails often (so not once every 3 months...even once a month is infrequent TBH). And use a super segmented list of high engagers (clicks and opens) as much as you can...
Jenny has better suggestions than I do haha. I haven't touched email in a while
Have folks used tools here for linkedin to add new connections?
Anyone here in charge of ad monetization (showing ads). I'm looking to add some ad SDKs to our app and am looking for guidance on top CPM for low headache networks (in app space)
hi all… is there anyone here who knows Mailchimp well? i’m running into a problem and i think i’m not asking/framing the question properly, because Google isn’t providing me anything helpful…
jeyoowlkret what's the question you're trying to ask/problem you're trying to solve?
lcshgqc basically i am trying to figure out a way to use MC for virtual event registration. the event will be 5 interviews that will be livestreamed late May, and then video podcasts created and rebroadcasted/posted in throughout June & July.
the way i have MC set up is that the audience signs up to one list, which are divided into different groups events, research, ebooks, etc. so people can sign up to get emails to be notified of upcoming events, or upcoming ebooks. i’m trying to figure out how to let people sign up for this event specifically, and if possible, each of the mini broadcast that will be released throughout June & July
afaik, there isn’t a more fine-grain way to have emails be added to, that’s more specific than groups.
Hmm good question; I'm not sure; if you find out the answer, please LMK (have a similar albeit smaller challenge with online events). Cheers.
ulylwfrzzod & ekzjko I'll begin (as I begin every statement I really dislike MailChimp!) But now that I've gottent that out the way...LOL. If I'm understanding what you're trying to do, I created this quick video that can show you some options. Sounds like you're trying to capture people who you have in groups and then send them the corresponding email that pertains to their "group/interest" i.e. virtual events or books. This may help or may help give you ideas! If it's not quite what you're trying to figure out let me know. You can skip the first 2 minutes if you already have groups, the 2nd half of video explains segmenting in your broadcasts or automations. Specifically as far as getting people signed up for the virtual event even more specifically ---> MailChimp doesn't have great options for this (afaik as I don't use MC anymore and they've changed a lot), but I would create another form that sits on a landing page or any method where people can signup and essentially have those people sign up to be in this newly created "virtual events" group. Even if it's a temporary group for the moment, they can be in two groups at a time. Then from there, using the instructions I provided in the second half of the video, send broadcasts to them from there based on their "groups". This video might not help specifically with what you need, but hopefully it gives some ideas!
pataogw thanks for that. it’s exactly what we’re doing right now. what we were hoping for is another level deeper. So, using your example, signing up for “Events” means that you’ll get all emails about upcoming events.

What we are trying to do is to have users say “notify me about this June 9th” event, and if possible, “notify me about the 11am Session about XYZ on the June 9th event”
Yea it’s tough because MC doesn’t have trigger links where the subscriber can just click directly from email, to be “tagged” for these future specific notifications. The best solution I can think of is having a landing page with one of MC’s forms and send to your subs and they can “opt into these notifications” to be slotted into the “temporary group”. I would make them temporary so that it doesn’t get messy with all these short term groups! And when you’re sending make sure you’re only sending to that specific segment. Happy to hop on a quick call if still doesn’t make sense! Just PM me.
I think that might be a good workaround… to use MC’s terminology:
1. I’d create a “June 9th Event” Group Category, with checkboxes for each of the 5 sessions, that people can sign up for individually.
2. Then, create a “Newsletter” Group Category with a checkbox for “Future event notification” that they can also opt-into
3. Finally, after the event is over, I’d hide the “June 9th Event” Group Category and all the checkboxes
It’s sort of a workable solution. There are going to be so many groups over time, though. But maybe that’s that.
Exactly as you won't need those groups later. It's essentially the same effect as "tagging" is used in other platforms, and tags are meant to be fluid. So using groups in this manner works since MC let's you create and delete them! Good luck! It's given me an idea for a new blog post ;) My brain needs new challenges these days :joy:. I don't use MC a lot anymore, but I'm in the email world so I try to still keep up with the platform as much as I can. A good blog/guy to refer to for all things MailChimp is "Chimp Answers" (do a google search) (I can't share links here yet since I'm a noob lol). But if you signup for his list he answers a lot of MC how to's weekly!
This is great thank you so much for the info
hi, anyone recommend a keyword planner that's free? I don't really need all of the extra features. I see keyword planner for google is supposed to be free only after I've launched a campaign, but i'm unable to launch a campaign atm. Many of the ones I searched that say they're free aren't truly free (10 word limits), long searches that don't complete, etc.
Did it work? I'm looking into it now.
Is it legit?
Woe is me, doing monthly!
Hmm Keyword Planner is free always
You just need a GA account
ah okay. i jsut figured it out. they were really forcing create a campaign, but apparently you have to jump around to access it.
Virustotal ? Yes
Keywords Everywhere will be your best bet.  Chrome extension that wait paid, but very very affordable. That's your best bet to get KW volume IMOKWfinder is a good paid tool but a bit redundant if you have Ahrefs.
If you're looking to run a couple of hundred KWs through Ahrefs just DM me and I'll run it for you.
Hi guys 👋 hope everyone is doing well!
Anyone have any recommendations for product analytics for quantitative and qualitative data collection. I know of mixpanel and hotjar...any other tools that I can take a look at? That would help product and UX team?
Aww thank you. I'm sort of a newb at this point in this aspect so I'm just tinkering atm. but thank you for the offer. 🙂
for the tool I mentioned, meant to write "Neverbounce" (not Unbounce) :)
atqzsgdfolwd I don’t know how much you want to dig into this but there’s a researchops list of tools on airtable here if that’s helpful
gndrhytiudcq maybe look into Heap Analytics -- not sure how much qualitative data you can get for the UX team...but if you dig around and set it up how you want it using their "Users" path trail feature which can show you the users path could be useful perhaps. I use to use it in conjunction with Hotjar.
This is awesome 😎 I will dig into it and check it out for sure! Thank you so much :)
Hi vrqzjxu that’s awesome. I was looking on product hunt and came across heap analytics haha thanks so much!
I loved Heap and also heard good things about Amplitude
Hey who's a fan of LinkedIn here for getting clients?
Lol why not
i mean, presumably linkedin probably works for a certain subset of people for sure
like business-y type people
otherwise why would they write up all sorts of stuff on linkedin
Yup agreed
I"m curious why you don't use / like it jnzgqmonkkurkr
because for devs Linkedin is trash hell
(also, it's 2020)
Got it, I'll keep using it to my benefit alone then 😉
I actually like linkedin - highest reach and growth possible as compared to other platforms
Using it for lead gen now heavily in a new product launch I'll be doing

What are you using it for U03BJQ55S?
To connect with folks, including potential clients
I'm assuming it's an app based on your choices so far. If so I recommend mixpanel, but no matter what you pick the implementation is more important than the software you use
im trying creating some ads for more traffic, is there a better option to facebook and reddit ads ?
zupdfviokp It depends on your audience, market, price-point, and what you what to optimize for? If you’re just looking for traffic and don’t care about the quality Display Ad Networks will be your best bet for cheap traffic. But I’m assuming you’re not just looking for cheap unqualified traffic.
Does anyone have experience with webinar technologies? Trying to find a solution to use a webinar software that also does instagram live. Not seeing that it's currently possible so wondering if ppl had ideas on workarounds?
If you plan to sell something during the presentation, everwebinar is the best one for sure. It adds lots of scarcity that really impacts conversion.
Hm, this company is very specific and is not selling stuff. lol. just looking for instagram live connection via a software
xpanwodekanlej a quick search leads me to a road to follow. Use a PC and Loola TV. You can then likely use OBS to capture the steam
My favorite webinar software is a Gmail filter that automatically trashes any message with the keyword webinar
Been using it for years
xkfvigrdqovyzt I think it was Crowdcast that I used last year that had the IG live connection as well. Check it out...if not I'll look again. but pretty sure that was the one.
yea, it's Crowdcast - checkout their Multistreams feature let's you stream to FB live, YouTube, etc
thanks. Yeah it's the one we're actually leaning to use but it doesn't advertise insta live.
I'll reach out to their customer support and ask if they still support it or if it's part of hte fb live integration.
That’s why I call it a “Master Class” or “Online Training” 😜
hi all… have any of you heard of this service, or better yet, used it?
Fathom analytics is also very privacy-pro and doing similar stuff
it's from paul jarvis
thanks shbtulgb have you used it?
not yet
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