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Haha awesome, problem is the 2017 payment is on my old Dutch Stripe account, where I can't refund since the company doesn't exist
Would it be nice if I gifted you another membership you can give to someone?
when we canโ€™t refund somebody for some reason, we just reimburse them via PayPal
Yeah I accept PayPal, youโ€™ve got my email thanks mate
Received thank you prayskin-tone-3prayskin-tone-3prayskin-tone-3
Yay :D
Will also change your sign up date to 2014
gotta get the 4 year badge lol
hah nice, why is your sign up date rekt?
fixed now
so i lost the origijnal typeform so stupid
now ur 5 years!
qjvhgywott haha sweet! Thanks.. I think I didnโ€™t make a site account right away, it was just the slack account originally
How can we get the 6 yr badge ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
I'm actually on the same boat but I'll take this as a personal growth challenge xD
(the fact of not being vain)
scyoibq hhaha send me receipt if u want
duhdnnpuzj don't worry x) I'm sort of a farse DN until I really start doing it full time anyways (hopefully soon!) :P
so I just sent a few emails to tips of big media sites (had always avoided this strategy because i felt i'd get ignored) but a couple have answered (no quotes yet) saying they have "sponsored" posts. Is this the common practice? (for some reason I thought that they were just super picky about their stories but didn't take $) Just making sure I'm not getting ripped off for beinng a noob (which I obviously am)
hfzbvfq They all do content marketing of this type, so I donโ€™t think you should worry. Now the question is whether thatโ€™ll give you the exposure you want. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever read one of their sponsored articles with any interest, and often theyโ€™re hard to find/see, too.
I think youโ€™d be better off self publishing and then paying a link-building service
Hrm, I knew a guy who I trusted for that
One moment
I met this dude at a conference and I know a bunch of the people who gave him testimonials, who I trust a great deal
He also was charging something really low last I spoke to him
hspmlug there's a lot of blog posts out there about how to get journalists to write about you for free.. i think levels has one of those on his blog too... the gist is you make it easy for them, you send them the material they need to make the writeup, etc
amrlpvsvf definitely, that's my main concern. (+<@U03TWFWKX>) I just wrote a few relevant social media sites about my story + some visuals (to make their job super easy) after reading some of those articles. That's why it surprised me that they somehow answered asking for budgets. I'm really not at a stage where I can blindly throw in hundreds of dollars. So I'll probably pass on that, but just wanted to make sure that I didn't get all those blogposts wrong and that they actually do publish stories for free if they like them. I didn't write the full story, just presented my app idea, a little story around it, my vision for it, etc
xnsmfkxqhavhtzof yeah, if money is involved then there definitely are potentially better marketing strategies! I just thought of this as a free lottery ticket and turned into a paid scratch and win $10 ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for the link btw, I'll surely pursue that strategy at some point!
it's good to have references!
mfkgoyo journalism is dead, that's why they ask you to pay. and no I don't even get replies to product launch emails when I send to 100 journalists, nor do I get featured. I think they're overloaded by mails. So TLDR I don't think approaching journalists/media by email is a working marketing strategy anymore (it was in 2014 tho)
Best marketing is make an outrageous controversial product etc
Ala geurilla marketing
xijigdnxzu I see, I expected it though, little effort big impact strategies are rare to succeed. I guess I just had to send those emails for peace of mind
any thoughts on these sites that have deals with big social media sites that can attract a lot of traffic to their shops and make sales on big sale discounts? like 90% or so. I think it's megafishy and unethical to customers who discover you in an organic way. However, I then see highly priced apps being part of the setapp (an app bundler) for $9.99/mo and wonder if I'm just being an idiot
how can they do that anyways, like, if I paid $79 for an app and then found out I can get a license to it together with hundrerds of other apps for $9.99 i'd be pissed
I think personally organic is the way to go, I never pay for stuff not even ads
Go geurilla
I did a MacBook Pro 16" giveaway this week, got 10K RTs, over a million views on Twitter etc
That kinda stuff works cuz it's new
SetApp seems a real good thing tho
SetApp customers aren't same as your normal customers, they're ppl that otherwise would never be your customer anyway
So it's complementary revenue
AppSumo works but it's a pain to support all those ppl
I think the radical reality is usually if your app isn't taking off yet when you posted it everywhere it's just not good enoughh
yeah, saw that, that was a fun one ๐Ÿ˜› I have a ton of random ideas like those but I want to get to a minimum stable mrr before (call me conservative).
Not interesting enough, or original etc
You wanna make something that if you show your friends they go WOW i want
99.99% of apps/sites just aren't
the big social media deals aren't paid, they just want you to put your lifetime subscription at something incredibly low like $19.99 saying "90% off until tomorrow!" and then driving millions of traffic onto it, and on top of that tthey take more than 50% on affiliate, so for say, your $149 lifetime, they'd ask you to go $29 and you'd be taking $15, but of course that might bring you like 5000 sales at once (that's what they sell at least)
but unfair to others to say the least (plus if your goal is increasing subscription revenue, that's not gonna help at all)
I agree with you there, fortunately I think I found the click
i.e posted a few posts on reddit in the lasts days and many went to the top of the subs, made the same amount in 3 days than in the last entire month (which was actually good !_!) very seasonal though, just need to grow the passive traffic
but yeah, I should start executing on/experimenting with the weird ideas
Yesss niche subreddits the best
Look at Elon for weird guerilla stuff too
I did 12 startups in 12mo that was guerilla
But cliche now
So doing something that is outrageous, controversial, gets attention works
It's hard to figure out what that is though
Many times you do it accidentally and can repeat for awhile
Like me sharing my revenue on Twitter suddenly took off so I kept doing it and then made /open pages
yep, you set a few new trends... originality is key. I have one idea (i've had it since the very first day I started coding) that I believe would do for really good product marketing, but now that I have a decent recurring mrr i'm a bit afraid of bringing that one to live, it's not a pivot, it just could backfire? and I don't think "soft" shipping it would be enough.. anyways I'm sure I'm gonna go for it as soon as I can, we came to play, right? x)
How would it backfire?
Did you give that puppy away yet? ๐Ÿ™‚
So my app is about tracking habits, which is quite associated to private data (and I've been trying to focus on privacy + users owning their data + still need to do some work on the encryption side). however, I have some nice visualization of their data and part of the userbase would be keen on sharing some of their boards. I worry there can be a clash here, not only on the "philosophy" of the app but also on communication too, because people might grow worried that all their data might be viewable, or for example I might lose a lot of the more "advanced privacy group" when I talk about sharing stuff, it's a bit delicate but I am probably overthinking it
at what point did you just stop answring emails, I don't think I can handle this much longer >.<
Hiring a VA to do email answering is the usual solution to this
yeah but the nature of the emails is so diverse... dont worry I think I just ranted out loud haha ๐Ÿ˜›
Less than you think
I run a recruitment business
will need to find someone though
You donโ€™t need someone to answer all emails
But a large proportion can usually be done
Someone with an Indian name applies for a job that doesnโ€™t offer visa sponsorship, thereโ€™s a canned email we send back that sifts out the 99% who didnโ€™t read it and were speculating
Someone applies with a CV we donโ€™t really believe, thereโ€™s another canned email we send back
I do have like a few templates for typical questions, so it's the mvp of what you do ๐Ÿ˜›
i'll look into that!
ksxvyatcpt ^ just in case it gets lost down the timeline
If no revenue anything is overthinking it
Until $1k/mo everything really
yeah, I'm at $5k/mo tthat's why I'm a bit afraid of doing that change ๐Ÿ˜› but I guess I gotta try it, I can always fallback
Anyone running any tech products blog that OR amazon affiliate blogs that want to collaborate, let me know?
Im going to have ads on one of my blogs, anyone got a good ad network to recommend ?
Why ads? What is your monthly traffic?
50k views per month
Tried AdSense (Usually a good start)?
Else I'd look at Mediavine. Depends on the site language.
I got a website with around 100k sessions / month with 150 articles. I'm most likely going to need to-do a content audit soon and create a solid overview on what content clusters I have and decide before I hire a person full-time so I can focus my new _resource_ on what actually matters.

I.e. determine the following:
A) Which ones to improve.
B) Which ones to scrap.
C) Which ones to rewrite completely.

Does anyone have any good resource for that? Plan is to take that content audit and combine it with a content strategy as well.
Hi, have you ever been ads development for facebook play ads? Iโ€™m searching how to develop an ad ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!
does anyone have best practices for a content site with a paywall, but still providing that content in full to Google?
Boring answer Look up Googles own guidelines
Google "Subscription and paywalled content"
and first link
Thanks ukyotf
Anyone here do a service to help setup adds and visitor tracking to email lists etc?
Does anyone have a DSP account or have connections to help get a dsp account settle it up?
USD โ”€ $

by levelsio

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