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I have a prediction that the market might go higher based on a temporary surge of spending from people who didn't lose jobs. Like I think Disney World is either going to sell out entirely or hit record numbers. Though ultimately I think that temporary splurge will end.
I think I spent on store-bought alcohol what I would have saved by not going out. ๐Ÿ˜‚
I am doing less ketoish, relying more on beans and pulses for protein
although I'll always have to have some meat/fish/eggs
I faceplant without them
haha my expenses are going up, home office, house renovations
but yeah, still less than travel for sure
If you prepaid travel and got refunds that was a lot of $ heading back in your direction (for me anyways).

Trying to use the opportunity of everything cancelling to clear some debt and add to the Emergency Fund
> I haveย _loved_ย watching my monthly expenses nosedive in quarantine and I hope I can keep it up
that's exactly the problem btw ๐Ÿ™‚ people holding to their money and spending less.
money is what fuels the economy
> well yeah, of course, but that monetary base going over the roof when it was starting to recover...
as far as i understand, important thing right now is to avoid complete disaster. money are basically numbers in a computer system these days (you can make money and you can make them go away too) so if regulators are cautious it might be possible to avoid inflation spike
I just realized that i have lumens in keybase
It's hard thing to evaluate because while there is a monetary spike, there is more confidence in the dollar. What was sort of under reported is that the USA federal reserve also provided a lot of dollars to other countries like Australia etc.. so some of this was not internal to USA, some of it was dollars being loaned overseas.
Essentially the FED was rushing to help other countries keep their US dollar cost low.
Makes sense, I would want to spread the inflation, too, isn't that how it works? My understanding of economics isn't super deep, but isn't the trump card of the US/the USD the fact that half the world has currency reserves in USD, it's used to trade oil and used internationally for other purposes, ergo you can go brrrrrrrrrr and the inflation doesn't have to be "absorbed" domestically?
Plus, you know, high demand and all that
I have been in lockdown in Manila since March 14. I have had to stay at my girlfriendโ€™s family home (no rent) and together we have spent a grand total of USD $450 in 2.5 months ๐Ÿคฃ there is also an alcohol ban so I havenโ€™t wasted money on booze either
yeah I think I have spent that much on booze alone since early March ๐Ÿ˜‚ might be a bad sign
like 5 bottles of cachaรงa, 3 bottles of whisky and a ton of microbrews
and some wine
OK maybe more like $350 not $450 but still eh
Please send some to me! ๐Ÿคฃ
postage would probably be more than the booze ๐Ÿ˜•
Did you know you can buy packets of dehydrated beer in the USA?
Great for wilderness backpacking
Well youโ€™d need a $1000 bribe just to get it through customs
that sounds very unappealing
Yes, that's why I pack whiskey
But it's nice to have options!
i googled this, to not have flat, warm, beer flavored water you need a special bottle which also needs a single use carbonation packet per beer you want re-fizz
There's something about making things that shouldn't be possible in the mountains tho
Kind of a trail flex on your campmates
But everything does taste better too
yesterday I had my first few beers in a row after months... I'm hangover ๐Ÿ˜‚ fml
I seriously wouldnโ€™t be surprised if quite a few people come out of this whole semi-isolation situation with a newly developed or increased case of alcoholism
Having alcohol on hand, a dearth of social situations, and developing a habit of drinking while bored and alone.. thatโ€™s a recipe for developing a dependency on alcohol..
I am the least alcoholic person ever, you could store beers in my fridge for months.. but I started experimenting with drinking out of boredom and then it almost became a regular thing and I decided to stop before I greased the groove too much..
Interesting thing I found out is that alcohol is an appetite suppressant
Explains all those skinny alcoholics
I must be doing it wrong, alcohol makes me want to snack late at night ๐Ÿ˜‚
yeah I just.... snack...... a lot more.......
which is absurd given how much I snack already
jfmqeyniw Alcohol is calorie dense so it would suppress your appetite. Beer can make you fat real quick, it is pretty much liquid bread.
A can of beer is about 10 calories more than a can of coca-cola.
a bottle of wine is usually around 600 calories. I'd rather have that bottle of wine than a "healthy" meal which is only 600 calories.
For the longest time I thought alcohol was low in calories, I don't know why, I was surprised when I discovered how much calories stuff has.
Yeah some people eat more because of the loss of inhibition but in others it causes them to lose their ability to recognize or feel hunger apparently
In an unexpected turn, I've kinda been drinking less....
I've always hated working from home, so am usually out working in cafes / bars or coworking
And often in the evening I'll have a few beverages as I'm out and about
In fact I've been getting tired like clockwork at about 10pm, going to bed around 10:30pm and waking up at 06:30am
Which is almost 180 degrees on how I've lived my life pre-corona; as a night owl
The amount of surplus money I've had in the past couple of months too has been a bit of a punch in the face of how much I clearly spend on coffee, food and alcohol out.
(Though I'm recklessly putting a lot of it into perhaps my rate of expenditure will pan out the same anyway)
My reasoning being rather unintelligent gambler mentality that, that cash usually vaporises anyway with zero returns, so I may as well allow it to vaporise with a large upside opportunity.
aaaand we're back on topic
"Personal income surged a record 10.5 percent last month after falling 2.2 percent in March. Savings soared to a historic $4 trillion, with the savings rate hitting a record 33 percent. But business closures weighed on wages, which dropped 8.0 percent in April after falling 3.5 percent in March."
Sounds about right
and i was quite surprised to see some site i've never heard of before being ranked #28 ``
why would anyone trust a baby for investment advice? crazy
forex sites seem to rank pretty high under the investing category
So unemployment is at all high times still and now there is protests/riots going on across the country and the stock market continues to climb. Is there some kind of insider information I am not aware of? Before I was thinking it was just irrationality but as more bad things come out, it makes less and less sense. Is the 4 trillion in savings? Is media over representing hysteria and most of the economy is actually bouncing back strongly and it is not being reported?
Are any of you in here currently pressing the buy button have some rationale for doing it?
I just think it goes to show that the stock market and the economy for regular people are almost completely unrelated to each other
but that's not any sort of actually useful insight
my rationale is I'm in it for the long run and conventional wisdom says you should invest steadily and consistently instead of going all in on the color red when the market crashes ๐Ÿ˜›
also, markets = irrational as shit
plus 0 interest brrrrrrrrrrrr
I obviously want to buy the dip tho, I'm sure it will come at some point. but in case it doesn't it's better not to wait endlessly
but I'm confident that over 10+ years it will work out either way
Lots of retailers in my industry say they are crazy busy. Like Black Friday /Christmas busy. USA and Canada.
What can you do when thereโ€™s nothing to do? Online shopping to the rescue eh?
My curiosity is will the increase in savings, which is being reported at nearly 33%, offset the spending of the unemployed when the economy reopens? Originally I thought a V was totally impossible because of debt loads but then when I read that saving rates across the board were 33% and that there was an estimated 4 trillion in savings, I am starting to wonder if there is the possibility this could feel like a nightmare that didn't happen in 12 months only visible by the lack of some businesses that used to be there.

This really isn't like the great depression because there are huge parts of the economy that are still functioning.
why would savers change their behaviour now and start spending?
the only reason I can think of is "they are pushed to", as in printing $ devaluates savings unless you outperform inflation, which pushes everyone into buying stocks
not to speak of increased fiscal policies
are there any sort of inheritance taxes wherever you are from?
I think a system whereby people are given 'vouchers' rather than actual cash to spend would maybe have been a better way for the US to have done the stimulus checks. Money with a time limit on it, that only registered businesses could cash in for actual cash. Not flawless, but it would at least encourage people to spend it rather than sit on it.
yeah fuck that
Money does have a time limit on it, it's called inflation trollface
you know people would literally have only been allowed to spend it at companies owned by large GOP donors
yes, perhaps trump-dawg isn't the ideal person to implement it...
sthqqeycfgjmxh haha, perhaps a more rigid, short-term time limit.
crghdgvsjy What are the odds of that expiring before I even receive it?
I'm not counting on it any time soon.
I'm just the ideas guy, I'll leave that up to the actual smart people to organise.
Maybe that was said by everyone involved
perhaps! Anyway, in principle I stand by the idea. You can pick holes in it's potentially poor implementation all you like, haha
Maybe the smart people died years ago and we're all so dumb we didn't notice
What do people LOVE spending money on here? What was the last purchase that brought a smile on your face?

Just curious and made my own list of it, will share below
1. Eating Out and never seeing menu prices ever!
2. Travelling and never worrying about flight + hotel prices anywhere in the world at anytime of the year and anytime I want spontaneously or long term plan. Business class for 8h+ flights etc
3. Relationships - buy dinner and drinks for a group of friends! ; Meeting friends, family, rels any time and any place and paying for the table directly
4. Health & Fitness - The Best Trainers, Gyms & Healthiest food
Well, I ordered the 8GB raspberry pi on friday, so I guess that will bring a few smiles when it lands ๐Ÿ™‚
Other than that, yeah, travel & experiences & helping friends - _so predictable_ :P
If anyone in the US has had ACH payment issues today, looks like there was an issue with the Fed where not all ACH got processed. has a small snippet on the right side.
Some of my clients saw issues with invoice payments, credit card deposits, a few paychecks, etc.
USD โ”€ $
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