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Yeah.. I opened a bank account with Sable card, and then connected it via Zelle to transfer money when I was in US.. You can open the bank account even before you reach US, although you might need a US address. I just put in my cousins address. And a valid US B1/B2 visa would be necessery..
But I am not sure if Zelle will allow registering if you are outside US.. I had issues registering Zelle cause my iphone was Indian version..
Hey all - I am probably going to start my nomad journey in April when my lease is up. Would it be smart to get a travel rewards card now so that I have points/rewards when I actually start to travel? I'm a newb with this travel rewards stuff, but I do have good credit
ekimsveed 16d
I would advise you to yes. Where are you from? I could give you some info on good travel credit cards in Canada.

Would be best to use them now and get the points. Not all countries will accept foreign credit cards and if they do the rate isnโ€™t great. For instance, I am in Argentina and I am tripling my purchasing power by using cash vs using my credit cards. Bummer is I dont get points, but I save more money using cash anyways haha.
Good to know. Iโ€™m in the US, and I was wondering about that (if I could get rewards on purchases I make overseas, or which countries abroad take visa at all).
Luckily Iโ€™ll probably be hitting the โ€œeasierโ€ countries first like Spain, which usually accepts Visa cards from what I can tell. Still have to be mindful of the exchange rate tho like you said. Apparently there are cards that waive the exchange fee too.
thanks for the responses guys. I highly appreciate it. am gonna check out the ones you mentioned
ekimsveed 16d
Yep! There are some that will waive the foreign exchange fee.
the fee's gone yeah !
Ok awesome, I appreciate the tips!
mikedev10 16d
you're from the US, the one country that has a large number of airlines (and alliances) and banks fighting for you. you can more easily rack up lufthansa miles than a german, as a simple example. although don't do this, i essentially let all mine expire as i didn't find a good use. in any case the best time you should pick up a card is yesterday, and the card you should get is all of them. realistically speaking, depending on the travel you target you could put some more strategy into it. but you should start asap, get a bunch of cards, and collect their sign up bonuses. the main kick is not spending 1000/mo on your visa in spain to earn $10 in points, it's spending 3000 in 3 mo on card x so that they provide you a bonus worth $500 in points.
Definitely get a travel rewards card and also think about what cell phone plan you want (or only local SIMs). Google Fi is a good option, or T-Mobile, although both may kick you off when you are away from the US for a long time. Verizon and the like are useless internationally (so expensive). I chose Google Fi.
Also worth checking if your checking account has foreign ATM fees
mikedev10 15d
google fi will stop providing service if out of the US for "too long" though
yeah it seems all EU payments are free now partyparrot
Great tips all, thank you!
Hey guys I am currently using Moneyhub to track my spending and do budgeting. It broadly works well, any suggestions on other apps ?
I like Personal Capital because it tracks a lot of different accounts, however the budget features are lacking (you can track spending by category but not set aspirational limits)
If youโ€™re in the US I highly recommend the amex platinum or chase sapphire reserve. Both will give you priority pass which gives lounge access at most major airports around the world which is great if you often fly economy. I use my MR points when theyโ€™re 2 cents per point or better meaning when I buy plane tickets with my amex plat itโ€™s effectively a 10% rebate. You might find offers for 150k points sign up bonus which would be like two round trip us to asia flights
imthath 13d
Anyone using Wallet by BudgetBakers? Does it reliably sync bank transactions?
Ive been using it for nearly 3 years now.. It does sync transactions, but sometimes it fails, so you have to manually connect the bank again. However I am in constant fear whether my credentials will be leaked or not..
I know they said top level security and such, but its public domain.. Anything can happen...
Has anyone found a platform that shows how much you've spent by location?
jnic 13d
Monzo's API includes merchant location data if you happen to be UK resident, e.g.|
elpol 12d
Ugh, sorry that happened to you! My first week in Mexico an ATM ate my USA debit card but I had a second through Revolut that is getting me through until I land somewhere long enough to receive mail for a replacement debit. It's stressful!
Check out The Nomadic Network, they review cards for this purpose specifically.
Oh cool!
N26 should be able to post a new one out to you. Regardless of where you are. Nearest hotel is usually reliable or nearest EU embassy.
For US-people I highly recommend ``, which pulls in your transactions data into a Google Spreadsheet for you to then customize however you want (track monthly spending, different categories, net worth, etc). I've been a happy customer for 4+ years now.

Under-the-hood, I believe Tiller uses `Yodlee` to actually connect to all the various banks that they support and securely pull in the transaction data. Probably doesn't work very well for non-US banks (though maybe they have some Canada support)
johnson 12d
Did they say how long the delivery might take ? Just curious.
tonyd 12d
Contact the bank that runs the ATM. They might be able to retrieve it for you.
Thanks UPU5155BJ! Iโ€™m not a UK resident unfortunately.

Will check it out vbunfoa
Donโ€™t trust N26 support, they are highly unreliable. In my case we tried to get a card sent to Brazil they kept insisting they could do it as long as I paid the extra fee, but first case the card never left the sender, second case they managed to send it to an old address of mine in Denmark even after I had them confirm the destination multiple times knowing how their support is a shitshow, third case they finally said they cannot send. In their defense they refunded the expenses, but I was still stranded. They later terminated my account with no notice after being with them for 5 years -> donโ€™t use N26 as your main bank.
Im fairly new to ETFs and -regular- investments. For the _connoisseurs_, what resources would you recommend?
โ€ข any fast track course/tutorial?
โ€ข Long formats
โ€ข Or, even a private call with some advisor you might know.
Is it true that on average, they yield 10% yoy or I have my info wrong?

This is a classic that I recommend to people:

I can highly recommend personalfinance subreddit, there are different ones for different countries as well. Chuck out their wiki|
Average 10% before inflation is right, but volatility is high, so you can go many years without any gains or with a loss even
Would you consider an online only bank like Ally?
Thanks a lot guys!
Yes, Ally has been good to me in the US and since I've been abroad. No issues whatsoever and they have increased the APY% on savings accounts 17 times this year! It's currently 3%, I believe. When the ATM ate my Ally debit card, I was able to place the card on hold without affecting the autopay I have set up on bills. They also mailed a replacement card to an address of my choice, no questions asked, although I did mail it to a US address (a friend is delivering it to me). I love that they have chat customer service.
debbiec 10d
I use N26, Revolut and Wise and theyโ€™re all great.
Lovely, thanks a lot untxycbrjn
eu4life 8d
For a dive deep to learn the foundamentals, which is something that I'm doing over the past 6 months. It's text-based and is more for a long term course.
eu4life 8d
As a foreing, could I buy/sell within US stock market, using Interactive brokers?.
jnic 8d
Most brokers of any nationality will let you trade US stocks. You'll need to complete a W8-BEN to avoid paying US withholding tax
alexku 8d
Could you please recommend a service that can issue US credit card online for non-US citizen? I used to have the UK credit card from Wise, can't anymore. In the middle of Payoneer signing up process. Perhaps other good options?
do you have a SSN?
alexku 8d
no, nothing from USA. I just need it for shopping in some American online shops, as Google devices Store
Iโ€™d say chances are low you can get one then. maybe a debit card somewhere (still a visa or mastercard, so will work for most things)
alexku 8d
Visa or MC are more than enough. I need something like Wise's card that has UK's BIN code.
PayPal business account could be worth looking into
well, youโ€™d have to open that for a US entity anyways
Iโ€™m not sure if you could successfully get one without an ssn or tax number. I wanted to get my foreign gf added as an authorized user on my amex and I couldnโ€™t unless she had one of the above.
sun_mir 8d
Seems like `Indiegogo` & `Kickstarter` crowdfunding has been around for ages now... But just recently, I discovered the equity crowdfunding platforms :thinking_face:

Has anybody had experience with investing in startups through those? If so - can you share the knowledge and any disclosable details?

Among the most _interesting_ platforms that I find - `StartEngine`, `Wefunder`, `FunderBeam`, `Republic`, `SeedInvest`. Especially interested in the 1st one from the list due to the most contradictive reputation ๐Ÿง
Are you resident in Europe though? I think it's not legal in many european countries.
jnic 8d
OP's nationality says "UK". I'm also in the UK and every major broker offers US equities (HL, Vanguard, AJ Bell, iWeb, Freetrade, etc.), most with tax-efficient packaging (in the UK that's an ISA)
ehqffjixt ยกGracias viejo! Pura vida
It says heโ€™s from Venezuela. And in Europe there are restrictions on buying US etfs - with vanguard etc, you can only buy those domiciled in Europe (Ireland or Frankfurt).
i have some investments on republic, nothing huge and who knows where it will go. a company i invested with privately earlier did a wefunder round. i did not participate but had in prior rounds before the platform.
If you have USA LLC - wise can issue debit card with USA billing address.
eu4life 7d
qecgvbaijrhqe vbtlii ty for reply. Is there any place where I can look for more info?
You can, but for tax reasons you might wanna register an LLC after all.
eu4life 7d
ksxyemmcytmpp if may I know, do you have one?.
eu4life 7d
Thanks ๐Ÿ™ agkzqcgctxxlp which service or platform did you use for it?
qfvcfipyz Interactive brokers for trading.
And for LLC registration I have a โ€œguyโ€ that does all the paperwork.
If you have a USA LLC check Brex
eu4life 6d
When it comes to invoice clients and handle accounting, do you as a maniac spreadsheet person? Or rely on services like Zoho or Quickbook?
I use FreeAgent (similar to quickbooks but more specific to the UK where my company is)
tonyd 6d
I use Wave for invoicing. Works ok and can link to stripe for cc processing. If I was starting new Iโ€™d look at Quickbooks Online again.
Google Sheets to create the invoices if youโ€™re doing 0-20/month I think - especially if you have to do anything custom, itโ€™s just easier than setting up and maintaining invoicing software IMO.

For bookkeeping/accounting - whatever software your bookkeeper/accountant uses.
borowis 5d
vovtccuum interactive brokers is a very solid choice, that's what I'm using as well. learn as much as you can about it :slightly_smiling_face:

you also need to know what are the tax implications in a country where you're a tax resident.

for example, I'm from Ukraine. Ukraine and US have double taxation avoidance treaty. So I filled W8-BEN for IB to avoid paying taxes two times.

Still I have to pay 9% dividends tax in the US and submit supporting documentation to Ukraine tax authorities. I also have to pay tax when I sell stock. It's rather complicated so I hired someone here in Ukraine to help me out.

The point is you have to know the rules in a country where your tax residency is.

> And for LLC registration I have a โ€œguyโ€ that does all the paperwork.
<@U03RFPHFB3J> I don't think opening LLC is necessary. I didn't open one. I know LLC might be helpful for tax optimization or to help deal with estate tax (inheritance tax in the US for when you have more than 60k$ in assets). But I don't think it's required from the beginning. You can start investing and figure stuff as you go
Not sure if Revolut would work for what you need but it's worth a shot.
alexku 5d
Unfortunately doesn't work at the moment
You can also check Paysera
alexku 5d
It's Lithuanian company. Do they issue USA cards?
I am not 100% sure, but worth asking. They opened a bank acc for my Malta company (that almost all online banks were saying no) in 2 weeks
For invoicing I use Tiny Invoice, I have been using it for 6 years since they started and I really like it
For just generating invoices there are a lot of options, I have used| but there is also
dougfir 4d
Freelancers who sub contract. Any recommendations on professional liability insurance providers? Client wants me to have this in place before allowing a sub contractor. I wish| offered this for business account holders but they don't seem to. Oh well. Seeking a low hassle, easy online set up option.
Thats very likely depends on your tax residence
dougfir 4d
Zurich was able to provide me with prof indemnity for my client in usa
Prof indemnity is very difficult / expensive when it comes to usa clients, lots of providers back out
dougfir 4d
Thanks for the suggestion. I found some seemingly decent priced ones after a Google search. But Google results are such a mess these days
eu4life 4d
homszkfwe thanks for your reply, I'm considering an US LLC by the options it can open in terms of payment processor (like Stripe, for example) & cards, since LATAM is very scarce of those opportunities.
borowis 4d
got it. be sure to seek tax advice on US LLCs before opening one, I've heard it might be a bit involved
dougfir 4d
Thanks. Will take a look at them
I use Harvest (free version) and really love it!
Hey urtwspgpo what did you finally go with and how did it work out for you? Curious
quinn 2d
My girlfriend (Mexican) opened a savings account at Chase bank in Texas. It was easy, they just needed a passport and a utility bill in your name (she used a US Mobile phone invoice downloaded from the usmobile . com website). They said they open accounts for lots of Mexicans.

The savings account gives her access to Zelle, and she already set up Apple Cash and Venmo and they work. But she wan't able to use Cash App, because it needs a real debit card (the savings account only provides an "ATM Card" which doesn't have visa/mastercard network access). In hindsight, she should have opened a regular checking account which comes with a regular debit card, but it requires holding $1500 to avoid paying the monthly fee.

Once you have one bank account, it's easier to open other accounts because you can use the first account as "proof" of residency.

I don't think you can open credit cards without residency and a social security number. And established credit history will be required for getting any cards other than starter/student cards.
rysward 1d
For UK it only costs about ยฃ500 a year for ยฃ1m cover. I'd make sure your subcontractors have similar cover
if you're canadian, RBC has a US branch and you can easily open a US account plus credit card with just a few clicks
dougfir 23h
Got a quote from BiBerk for US 500 pa
johnson 12h
I ended up using revolut + apple pay . So i donโ€™t take my card with me, just phone. Friends are going to visit me and will bring a second credit card just to be save .
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