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We're looking to do "Walker's Haute Route." My friend said there's also huts/shacks we can stay in along the way. Is 2 weeks adequate time based on what you guys are saying? The article says 6->15 days. It's only ~125 miles.

She's a personal trainer/crossfit competitor and I used to be a personal trainer/body builder/ironman competitor and am currently still very active.

when I said estimates, I meant the signs you see along the hike. If you read a guide in English targeted for Americans, you can expect a lot lighter load.

A friend did the mont blanc route (as I understand this is also on it) years ago and said that it was beautiful and totally worth it, but not extremely challenging unless you try to do it in the least days possible (say you go for 6 in the 6-15 range for lack of money/vacation days)
if you don't hike regularly on mountains you will probably not be more fit than the average swiss hiker, but based on what you write you may still be more fit than the majority of hikers around
Wow, I'm totally doing that Inca Trail package now. ๐Ÿคฉ What time of year did you do this?
wkbamicagujudo Not sure if youโ€™re asking me, but I did it just this past April! It rained one day, on the hardest day of the hike, but was very pleasant otherwise throughout the trip.
what company did you book with? do you recommend them? thanks in advance!
xbgylcgxohftc Yes there are huts that are organized by the swiss alpine club, theyโ€™re called SAC huts just google SAC hรผtten and you should get on the website and can change the language to english. I would suggest once you know when you are going to reserve a bed in advance. They get booked out quite frequently. Usually the huts are very minimal in what they offer bunk beds and a 1-2 hot meal options and an outdoor toilet. Youโ€™re expected to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. They typically donโ€™t allow outside shoes in the hut so bring a pair of socks or light slippers to wear inside the hut. Also most places that you pass in the mountains will only except cash or Twint (this is a swiss app to send money, Iโ€™m not sure if you can use it if you donโ€™t have a swiss bank account).

All routes in Switzerland are really well marked and are colour coordinated.
โ€ข yellow basic hike
โ€ข white red white more advanced hike
โ€ข white blue white alpine hike, typically specialized gear is required.
Between signs you will see these colors either marked on stones or trees along the way to show you where to go especially when you are in more โ€œremoteโ€ mountain areas. So just pay attention to what type of hike you are doing and look for the colours on rocks.

Regarding your route 2 weeks should be ample time, be aware Zermatt can have snow all year round (people go skiing there in August) So make sure you are well equiped for colder weather as well.

As for a fun little thing to do on your arrival, Matterhorn (the very famous mountain in Zermatt) is the one on the Toblerone packaging so make sure to eat one while looking up at the mountain and that you purchase it IN Switzerland. It takes different cause the swiss ones have actually been produced in Switzerland!

If you have any more questions or need help translating sites that might only be in German /French feel free to reach out!
Alpaca Expeditions, and yes, absolutely recommended. They were all around incredible, from the guiding all the way to the food. Canโ€™t believe the stuff they were cooking for us honestly..
Has anyone climbed the Matterhorn?
it looks amazing!
Has anyone climbed Mt. Cook in New Zealand?
Has anyone done or want to do the Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike?
Yes, it was amazing! I can really recommend it. You have to be a bit lucky with the weather though
also recommend, and even my friend who didn't have any overnight backpacking experience enjoyed herself! I did it with Witcho & Charlies and they were great
yup. we did it this past april. highly recommend it...and train for it. it's not easy! we also did it with witcho & charlies
wow that looks fantastic. was altitude sickness an issue for you at all? that hike has been a longtime dream of mine but since I get dizzy even after a short flight I'm not sure how I'd handle it.
qyiqekiywsawdiu not really tbh but I'm also a fairly experienced hiker. However, we did have some less-fit people with us and even they managed. The highest point during the track is 4.2k meters, so altitude sickness shouldn't necessarily be a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ just make sure you arrive to Cusco a few days (or maybe a full week) in advance and do some light hiking to get acclimated.
Wow! Stunning photos. Added to my bucket list โœ”๏ธ
Cappadocia is magical indeed!
Soon? Or did you have a time frame in mind? I'm in CDMX but would be interested in popping down there for a bit
Asking for a friend does anyone have recommendations for French Polynesia regarding dive centers, spots and affordable accommodation?
Wow cool. What is the monthly cost like there?
Hey cjzvrcx it depends a lot how u live and when u come. In low season u can get a studio apartment for 700 CHF (or even cheaper in another village), in high season it will be a bit more depending when exactly... Best (cheapest) is to share a bigger apartment with others, then u can get below this. and an annual ski/cable car pass for 700.- if you get resident (otherwise 1โ€™200). Public transport and mobility car rental are fair priced, too. Also the local amazing public spa is 13 or 25 if you include dream or sauna. I love to go to the fancy 5 hotels but just for a coffee which costs in-between 5-10. Dining out might result 20-30 or more per meal. So itโ€™s doable on a budget, nevertheless you will also find rooms for 1k or more per night ;)
Thanks.. looks like 1 CHF =~ $1 USD.
Hm... quite inspiring! :) I'm Swiss, so far only nomaded outside my own country, but I am an avid hiker with a crush on Graubรผnden, so actually I find this quite an interesting idea!
Any fellow skiers/snowboarders on here? ๐Ÿ˜Š
looks beautiful. Iโ€™d be interested to live close to the mountains for sports.
Definitely, see my post above! Did u combine it with nomading yet?
Yep. Let's go to Lebanon this January :snowboarder:Lena
I'm sticking to Colorado and Utah U.S. this season. Hope to hit up Turkey (Erzurum) and Kazakhstan (Almaty) next season :)
Yeah, snowboarded just yesterday in New Zealand
wlfsglgo Not really yet, I'm just starting to nomad soon. But looking forward to spending longer on the slopes ๐Ÿ‚
cuoehchtky oh really? I was just in Queenstown and Wanaka 2 weeks ago!
kwapdfbfycu oh wow that would be amazing, I don't know much about the skiing there but I'm dying to go to the five stans!
looks great. in your guide, can mark the places that have paragliding? ๐Ÿ˜
Yeah cool idea! In Engadine itโ€˜s Muottas Muragl for sureโ€ฆ
rxmjlgllerx According to Kazakh couchsurfers we've hosted the climate in Almaty is similar to Colorado US which most years has phenomenal powder snow conditions. The snow is so good in Colorado and Utah that I rarely want to travel anywhere else for snow sports in the Northern Hemisphere unless it's Japan. I'll let the group know how it goes in flag-kz&flag-tr
xzcukdhjoqy Thatโ€™s cool Iโ€™m in Queenstown now! Such a dope place.
Went for this first time this year and loved it! I want to spend 1-2 mos this winter working from a good ski area. Any places you suggest?
What was the best avalanche course you've ever taken? Where was it and why was it your favorite?
Any good scuba diving locations you can recommend for a DN also wanting to meet people?
ebobgzjd depends where in the world you are wanting to be! Europe or North America?
I will recommend Coral Divers in Sodwana Bay, South Africa
I really love diving around Koh Lanta. Also had some nice dives around Bali. If youโ€™re a coldwater diver like me I recommend checking out godโ€™s pocket resort in British Columbia. Less people there but some of the worldโ€™s best diving.
Koh Tao is great for meeting people in general. Not a lot of DN all the time but usually some cycling through. Once KoHub reopens on Lanta that should be good too. (Oct 15)
iqpqtuetrgn somewhere that speaks Spanish? haha no real preference tbh. Somewhere with a little nomad/ski community would be fun. I looked into Patagonia until I remembered the seasons are flipped when you cross hemisphere ๐Ÿ™ƒ
xuwwoqwo haha yes that's the challenge with going southern hemisphere! I know Bansko is pretty popular among winter sport loving DNs because it's low cost of living for a ski area. I haven't been myself but plan to check it out. Spanish is commonly spoken in Andorra but most Spanish speaking ski areas would be in South America.
I'm in Roatan now and love scuba diving here! You can take a small plane to Belize from here for the weekend (1 hour in 10-seat plane) and dive with sharks + the blue hole ๐Ÿ•ณ West End in Roatan has the most beautiful Coworking space I've ever worked from, called Beachdesk. Makes all of my coworkers jealous ๐Ÿ˜… and you can watch all dive boats while working from their terrace
Are there any nomad sailors here? What was your experience working from a boat long term? I did it for 2 months (1 in Miami and 1 island hopping in Greece) and I loved it! Im also curious which locations have good wifi coverage :)
Just saw Verbier is having a Remote Work Week soon with events and coworking spaces for DNs. I can't post links in here because I'm new but may be interesting for those in the area!
Looks epic - howโ€™s the network and connectivity up there?
drphfrmf Actually quite Good! I can do videocalls even in remote places and during train rides but mostly with my mobile hotspot (5G, sometimes 4G but steady speedful), the public offered WiFiโ€˜s are sometimes slowโ€ฆ This year they finished the fiber landline so lots of appartments will be at fiber speed by winter I hope ;)
Oh Roatan is on my list! So cool!
Hi everyone. Iโ€™ll be on a solo trip in which I might visit a few countries in Europe soon. I would like to go to some meetings (could be hiking, exploring, etc) with people. What would you recomment as a way to find excursions in which I can find friendly people or fellow nomads? thanks.
tmwyblrkmlk Andorra looks very promising! Iโ€™ll check out both in more depth. Thank you :)
Check with outdoor retailers/companies and see if they have any clinics or events. In 2016 I went to the Arcโ€™Teryx Academy in Chamonix and had a blast meeting fellow climbers at no charge.
Being from Brazil, I only had a few opportunities to ski when traveling to the USA (maybe 4-5 times). It's quite the dilemma for me now, as I usually prefer warmer climates, but would love to ski again evey now and then
These views are stunning!
Where in the US U03P93KQT97?
I have similar wants too! Would like to hear some more tips. Just starting my nomad journey
I've skied in Vermont, Colorado and Texas as far as I remember. Aspen Snowmass was a highlight for sure!
To be precise:
1- California - Heavenly Mountain Resort - South Lake Tahoe
2- Colorado - Keystone
3- Vermont - Bolton Valley
4- Colorado- Snowmass - Aspen
5- New Mexico - Sky Apache - Alto City
If you're interested in Freediving I highly recommend Freedive Utila (you can take 1hr ferry from Roatan for the weekend). I'm doing my advanced course here now and I'm mindblown how professional and affordable they are and how much I've learned in just 2 days ๐Ÿ˜ also there are World Championships in Roatan this coming week, it's like a diving and Freediving Mecca here ๐Ÿ˜…
Sometimes meetup has nice outdoor events
You could also look at Airbnb experiences
Thanks! between that and tripadvisor I should be set
I follow "Life Happens Outdoors" on instagram, check it out, they organize trips, maybe you can join for a few days only
What gear do my hikers travel with? Iโ€™ve just graduated away from being a onebagger, and now I want some lightweight shit to lug around so I can easily do weekend trips. Anyone recommend a good sleeping pad and bag that I can stuff in my suitcase 7 weeks out of 8? Probably for south-east asia primarily.

I use a blowup sleeping pad and a trail quilt with a bivvy. Saves a lot of room
And it is worth noting that I use this combination in very rough conditions while ascending glaciated mountains
I just take one complete outfit, i.e. Columbia hiking shoes, adjustable pants (shorts vs. long), fleece sweater, and a lightweight jacket.

Haven't seen a place where you cannot rent the necessary equipment. However, highest I've done was a little over 6k, so not the biggest pro ^^
6K meters is huge
I have only done ~5600 meters
Going to Turkey in May and maybe a few days in Georgia. Where is the best sport or trad climbing in either country? Not looking to do FAs even though that would be the cherry on top. Thanks for the advice.
Iโ€˜ll be up there from now again some months - let me know if anybody is keen to join!
Geyikbayฤฑrฤฑ, Antalya
Kazbegi mountain, Georgia - probably the best spot to start with in Georgia.
The idea is great! I personally do a lot of travelling both by car and backpacking, and work in IT area. pickup_truck :school_satchel::computer:

I wonder whether there are guys here who love working from camp grounds, in nature, in the wild? tent๏ธsnow_capped_mountainminibus Seems you have tried this in the mountains already and it went really well - hope to give it a shot in the Swiss mountains as well some day :slightly_smiling_face:

This has become my dream lately, but could anyone please advise how hard this is and which problems I might encounter?
Would be grateful for any insight on this!!
Hey folks!

I am Denis, I do a lot of travelling both by car and backpacking, and work in IT area. pickup_truck school_satchelcomputer Currently located in Georgia (country) and often travel nearby (Turkey, Armenia, Georgia).

I wonder whether there are guys here who love working from camp grounds, in nature, in the wild? :tent:๏ธ:snow_capped_mountain::minibus:

This has become my dream lately - wanna do it more often while continuing working full-time, but could anyone please advise how hard this is and which problems I might encounter?

Would be grateful for any insight on this!!
cqryfhiveoq If you are in Georgia probably these days - feel free to ping me and Iโ€™ll be happy to share some thoughts on what to visit here (currently living in Tbilisi).
oetveihmymuyrqj unfortunately Europe is not happy about wild camping at all, I think the only countries that allow it without limitations are Norway and Spain, rest is mostly restricted with some mild exceptions i.e. really in the nature + not more than one night in one place
oexvgtusvduth Thanks for the info - I didnโ€™t know it is so strict with this in EU.
I also consider campgrounds as probably the easiest option to have both some facilities to be able to work remotely and enough wilderness there, so probably you had some experience working from campsites?
That's awesome of you U04286566LQ. I'm traveling with some friends who are brining their 6 year old so we will see how it goes.
bvtdeddbxan Sure thing, just ping me if have some time here in Tbilisi, will be happy to meet!
jporsagdwgkfvxl no, never been working from camp sites. I am originally Czech so camp site to me mean tent, fire, nature.. any time I had experienced camp sites elsewhere I tried to avoid them, like in Austria etc they are full of caravans and it lacks this nature connection... I'd say today with unlimited mobile data it should be doable, as long as you check the camp sites against the coverage map, but no idea about the facilities, i.e. if it rains will you have a place to work from? tent isn't really a place I'd like to do my 8h from ๐Ÿ™‚ I checked some camper van rentals but that gets expensive fast, maybe investing in your own van and building it would be a solution, if you make it stealthy enough occasional sleeping on a parking lot should be fine, even tho it is probably prohibited as well
aiqrrbgomqhdz Right, itโ€™s really challenging to do fulltime job while being under rain in a small tent :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope there still should be enough campgrounds that are focused more on backpackers than camper van owners, so itโ€™s still doable to find some not so crowded.
This would be awesome. I have considered it too, though I share your logistical concerns. I need viable wifi etc
hpssoqgxzvzqjsf Yup, seems it shouldnโ€™t be an easy one to arrange ๐Ÿ˜€ But itโ€™s interesting to hear someone who had some real-life experience with such type of remote work (either bad or good) to get more clarity of what to expect ๐Ÿ™‚
Wifi and electricity.
โ€ข Musk is working on a reliable portable worldwide wifi system
โ€ข There are super powerbanks available plus solar equipment would be able to cover these needs.
Both needs are surely at the upper end of the cost scheme but worth considering. Specially taking into consideration all the unneeded stuff that the civilisation costs and you wonโ€™t need anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰
zchlmtemgtgc thanks for thew feedback!
Thatโ€™s true - both these are critical if one needs constant access to internet/laptop. In most cases it covers any type of digital nomad, right? :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you worked often from the wilderness or campgrounds?
Back in my military time we had massive power-banks and generators. As soon as you go recce, generators are no option anymore (noise) so you rely on solar power. You get used to use your comms gear wisely and not waste your night-vision when going towards 1 week off track.
Iโ€™ve done this in the US in a camper van doing work very much dependent on regular video calls.

Cell data works great โ€” it limits where you can camp, but youโ€™d be surprised how many good options there are. That plus some sort of large capacity battery and ways to keep it charged.

Thereโ€™s tons of info online about all this from the vanlife community (which is all applicable even if you donโ€™t plan to travel in a van per se).
colafuydewdr building a โ€œrealโ€ data coverage app based on nomads like us would take a while to get to a useful stage, but the more people would contribute, the better it would become. Data coverage is my one and only weak point when on the route..
starlink RV version gives you the internet you need if you're remote enough (if not you might need to use cell).

I think actually camping and being on a computer would wreck my back
wzjufhtpmniv Hey, thanks for you feedback.
Yep, Iโ€™ve recently got connected with few vanlifers and that was interesting to hear their thoughts about it!
The only thing is that Iโ€™m thinking more about camping (tent, etc) not traveling by van, and thatโ€™s a bit different conditions, but you are right - lots of advice could be used for both models of traveling!

<@UTXK7GWT1> Yeah, it really depends on the furniture and workplace in a campground (if any), otherwise the back will surely hurt a lot!
I've worked from my van along the coast in Australia, plan todo that this summer, with a pull out table and chairs at the back

5G is pretty available here, 4G is fast enough for working in software development apart from installing new versions of xcode

12v systems are pretty good, wouldn't bother with lithium batteries for auxiliary battery in your van it's over priced and breaks down more frequently

you can charge off solar / battery on a 300w inverter for most laptops, higher powered inverters for Dell and other non Apple laptops

as for coffee I use either an aeropress or a bellman cappuccino maker, both just require butane gas bottles

starlink is a bonus, but expensive
Hey wfapfhapleeombwaxd Oh, I believe it was cool to do it on the Australian cost!
Thanks for your hints - seems most of the issues/matters are related to the connection and batteries (and coffee of course :grinning:).
Where are you going to do it next time? Is it Australia again?
yeah i live here, haven't travelled around too much since covid
like to go back to WA next year it's a real adventure
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