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What's a good place to get a diving certification this summer? Prรฉfรฉrable in South America or Mexico. (Although yucutan is crazy right now so would prefer to avoid that area)

Also, anyone fancy joining? ๐Ÿ™‚ tropical_fishgoggles
Unfortunately it's a Yucutan recommendation but my partner got certified early February at Scuba10 in Playa Del Carmen. I went out for a few dives with them also and had a great experience. Would highly recommend if you end up there
PADI & NAUI are the most widely recognized certs; been diving since I was 15 highly recommend you get one of the two.
I'm a PADI advanced diver so here are my suggestions:
1. Cozumel - This is probably the best diving spot in the Atlantic Ocean. It's gorgeous. But Cozumel can also be a little pricey
2. Honduras (Utila) - Great diving spot for learning. Cheap but experienced dive shops. The island is basically just filled with nomads/people getting their dive certifications. (I got my license here)
3. Honduras (Roatan) - Similar to Utila but more fancier/tourist catered.
4. Belize - Some really beautiful diving here but also a little pricey as its one of the other top spots for diving in the region
There's a great place in Uvita, Costa Rica. vh costaricadiveandsurf in Instagram
hey llgdycryy Following! I am planning to do something similar (well, I am already certified but I want to get some advanced & speciality PADI courses, meaning I need quite a lot of dives ) so looking for a cheap-ish diving destination where I can stay a bit longer + work + also freedive as often as possible.

I am thinking about starting in the North (Yucatan + Cenotes actually, as the first stop), then South America.

Do you have any dates in mind already?
Anyone know any nomad work and surf camp things?
Hey guys whats the best nomad spot for climbing in Europe, have 3 weeks and looking to be productive while doing some outdoor bouldering/sport climbing
Hi guys! Iโ€™m in Buenos Aires and planning a climbing trip to Tandil/Balcarce on May.. if any is interested tell me or join us in CABA (Centro Andino de Buenos Aires) to start bouldering ๐Ÿ™‚
How long are you in Buenos Aires? I arrive with my Family in August.
I live here and until November at least I will be. Letโ€™s stay in touch!
Does anyone know of any good mountains to climb within driving distance of Medellin, Columbia? Unfortunately I will not be able to take time off from work to acclimate enough to do a big 18,000+ foot mountain but I can probably do a 3 day climb.
Cerro Tusa near Valencia is worth the trip
I've always wanted to explore Farallones de Citarรก which I think is the highest point in Antioquia
Anybody successfully deep water solo climbed in Madeira?
Awesome! Thanks for the tips!
Looking to buy proper hiking boots. Need to be lightweight and waterproof (apart from obviously being comfortable to wear). Around $200 budget. Any recs?
When I researched lightweight hiking boots, it came down to Merrell, Keen, and Solomon. I ended up getting the Solomon GTX boots which I've been happy with.
Great, heard they're great as well!
Silly as this sounds but whichever boots fit you the best. Be sure to try them on later afternoon as your feet tend to swell and will be a more accurate fit as opposed to trying them on just after getting out of bed. Check out the Vasque Breeze LT GTX or Solomon X Ultra mid GTX.
Thanks xnhmrqbumoq ! Iโ€™ve seen you post in the Colombia sub. Since Iโ€™m currently in Medellin, would you be able to recommend a mall where I could get them?

Currently working in Tesoro but wasnโ€™t able to find them. Maybe Santafe Mall?
I'm actually surprised that El Tesoro wouldn't have them. I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Maybe Decathlon in Envigado? You might actually have better luck in Aremnia or Manizales as there is more of a hiking/mountain culture than Medellรญn.
The only boots I've ever purchased in Medellรญn were botas pantaneras and they weren't even remotely breathable ๐Ÿ˜…
Thanks again for the help guys! Wasnโ€™t able to find Solomonโ€™s but got Columbia Sports boots at 30% off
hey! I'm currently in Mexico but plan on spending a few weeks in Peru. Nature there looks gorgeous, what are some spots you recommend? Consider I have very little hiking experience or gear with me. Remote work friendly would be a requirement as well
Not sure about the internet situation but Huaraz (PN Huarascรกn in particular) is spectacular and an alpinista dream.
Tons of very well trained guides and equipment rental if needed
how is it for the inexperienced hikers?
Really if you think about it it's just walking just on slightly inclined and uneven terrain. As long as you acclimate to the altitude you'll be perfectly fine. The views and alpine lakes alone are worth it. I know several hostels in the area offer some free beginner hike tours so I would tag along with them.
Meet up with other people looking to do a camping trip and tag along to learn from them or hire a company to set up more of a glamping experience
sounds amazing, thanks!
I had a really good time in huaraz as well! Would recommend.
Have any of you trad climbed in Argentina or Peru? If so was x2 standard rack sufficient or did you need more protection?
Thank you!!
I'll be down there later this year, but lets link up for future trips
subscribed ๐Ÿ‘€
has anyone hiked in Colca canyon, Perรบ?
yea but only the short loop that most do
how hard is it for someone with no trekking experience?
very easy, just need to endure the downhill and uphill. but it's very straightforward and you just need to push for a while
cool! Is it a multi day trek? an agency or on your own?
you can stay overnight in sangalle. it's very short though so it can be done in 1 day but little reason to do that. vast majority do it in 2 days since it's a nice place to stay. there's also a slightly longer loop but that also has accommodation on the way.
distance wise it's very short really. and trail is super easy. it's just the downhill and uphill that's a challenge depending on your stamina. but it's not very long so id say everyone can do it if they are okay pushing for a bit
no need for a tour
it's a teahouse trek, you don't need to bring anything or know anything really
thank you so much!
Don't have a date yet. I'm doing Baker in a few days but if you're interested I could find a weekend
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