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my bed was comfey though, i slept like a rock. lol that's the #1 thing i think. the bed i had when i lived in the SUV was not as comfortable.
ok, thoughts on how tacky this would be please. ๐Ÿ™‚ so my van rental is fine. It works, i'm relatively comfortable, and i'm planning to continue doing the van thing. But, I've been thinking of contacting one of several camper van rental companies here in germany and talking to them about if they would give me a discount on a longer-term rental. basically to the same price that i am paying for my current rental. yes, it would benefit me in that it'd be more comfortable, but my guess is that no one is renting right now so it would also benefit them to have at least some money coming in vs 0, and i'd rather give my money to a small local business instead of a huge multi-national. so i think this would be a win-win. or am i a selfish bitch for asking for a discount during this situation?
ozvosjuqinakkh if you don't ask you probably won't switch and their truck will just be sitting around
maybe they already have discounted listings somewhere too?
currently i'm staying at a 5000 baht/night hotel room for 500 baht/night , big discount
yeah, that's what i was thinking. i found a site that is individual people renting - like airbnb for campers. so i think i'll message a bunch of people there just to see.
and send a few messages to some of the regular companies
Worst case they will just say no
And you are just giving them an option, it's not like they have to take it, so I would say you consciousness is fine
sazuykncqczzzy you should feel bad and ashamed just for having thought so (for $1 I'll say I was kidding)(the fact that I ask for $1 to make you feel less bad should make you question the morality of this line altogether)
i just hate feeling like i'm taking advantage of others. it's why i hate countries where everything is bartered. lol
while you still pay more than what it costs tthem and they don't have an alternative to do better business I don't see how this is taking advantage. Negotiating is actually more fair than customers just accepting prices (just less convenient)
i know. it's just how i am. lol. but really, i'm in one of the richest countries in europe and will be messaging people who can afford $60k campers so yeah, i shouldn't feel too bad. lol
You're not taking advantage of others, they're likely shitting bricks because they don't know when they'll rent another RV next

Your rental might be the thing that helps keep a small shop alive
Taking advantage would be to demand a lower price that's unreasonable and exploit their fear, not ask what they would be willing to offer and negotiate fairly
yeah. and i actually just sorted by price and there are several that would be perfect for me that are pretty much what I'm paying now for an empty shell and these have solar with battery, full bed, shower, toilet, etc. so even if people aren't willing to negotiate, i will probably still do it.
can you share one? I thought you were going for a smaller van not an rv
having shower is a big plus but the thing is much bigger then
these are van/RVs. so it's basically an extended fiat ducato but all fancy inside. not a layout i would want to own but comfortable to live in.
ex any of these except "fred"
yeah, these are massive
they're cargo vans...
they're about .5 meters longer than what i'm driving now, if that. typical cargo van.
i might go for those in places like northern europe or so where it's camping to camping or so, but in continental europe I want to be able to move around big cities without big complications and such, but still pretty awesome moving palaces :d
and the prices seem pretty decent
if you could get one at under 1000โ‚ฌ/mo that'd be epic
yeah, if i wanted to visit cities i would not want one of these, at least not in big cities.
but I have 0 desire to visit big cities so it's moot.
yeah. i signed up for an acct so i can message the owners. once i confirm i'll send my email basically a version of the one i use for airbnb. lol
are you sure other countries won't go full lockdown this month?
they closed all camping sites and such here in Spain, plus movements are controlled and fined
worst case scenario is you are stuck in one place for a month or so, no?
shouldnt be too bad
i'm not trying to go to other countries. i'm also not going to camp sites.
I've been staying in parking lots. I would continue that. and yeah, worst case they really lock down, i would find a place to stay longer term, either in the van or just rent an apartment.
there are a TON of RVs out right now.
yeah, I meant that this type of travel is being checked here
not sure how likely is it that it gets checked in other places too
as long as i'm near to a place with decent cell coverage, i'm good. especially with the solar panel.
after all this is unsustainable
yeah, we will see. spain is a lot more locked down than germany at this point.
at this point there is no way to know what will happen. so i can only act on what i know what what is likely. i don't particularly see germany going to the extreme spain has gone to, but who knows?
SUPER worst-case i take a month off work and head to mountains where cops don't patrol. lol
success! I'm getting this van www.shareacamper.com/campers/18543545591903443861058727418853173151/ for 999/month (euro) which is less than i'm paying for my van now and will be much more comfortable. plus i'm supporting a local business vs sixt rent a car. ๐Ÿ™‚ win-win.
Nice, good travels Mandy ๐Ÿ™‚
thanks. will def be more comfortable! lol
Woot, good deal
yeah, i'm psyched. ๐Ÿ™‚
It looks super cozy too, and well sorted out
yeah, it has full kitchen equipment which is nice. many have that extra.
Have you spent much time in a camper like this? Might learn new things to love or hate haha
have never stayed in a camper like this. it'll be a good test run for real van life vs the van i'm in now, which i have already learned from. lol
it's definitely closer to what i'd have IRL than what i'm in now. and i'm sure it'll give me some ideas.
i'm gonna email them offering 1099!
niiiice ๐Ÿ˜„ my major concerns with a van like that are mountain passes and cities like naples xD
i wonder if these things have a good sound system
i don't want to go into big cities so that's not a big concern of mine. when i do i'll park out and bike/bus/train into the city center. and mountain passes shouldn't be a problem as long as it's not winter and you don't have the right equipment.
nahhh you lose a lot on flexibility at deciding quickly where to stop!
what do you mean? you're acting like what i'm renting is the size of a bus. i see vans that size and bigger in europen city centers every day.
yeah, it's becoming quite a problem up there.
I know you're not there, but the temperament where you are might change to be similar
yes. i plan to not go too rural but stay on the outskirts of small to mid-size cities so i don't put any drain on small villages.
i've also pretty much been isolated for almost 2 weeks now with no symptoms vs all these people flocking north who have been just living life as normal and at least some of them are guaranteed to be infected.
seuzhgnvnxxoxg haha I just was thinking out loud about which limitations might thse have, compared to a car for example! nothing against it, I'd like to give it a try too ๐Ÿ˜„
especially perfect for scandinavia
oh yeah, it's nothing like a car. but i think these can go a lot more places than you seem to think - as long as the driver is comfortable.
oh def! I was talking about me not being comfortable to drive in specific places, I guess it's like everything though, once you did it once then you see its not such a big deal
I just can't stop thinking of this guy with a campervan in passo stelvio, there was this viepoint and it was full of rbig rocks defining the entrance and he totally ruined one of his sides while maneouvring
you really need to know how to drive one of those
biggest thing i've ever driven is like 5m long x)
yeah. this is bigger than i would prefer, but i don't anticipate going anywhere it's going to matter.
the van i have now, the original one, is a perfect size, i think.
how do you solve the shower issue now?
baby wipe baths and sinks. the plan was to stop periodically at a hotel/hostel to shower. but now i'll have a shower.
๐Ÿ‘ baby wipes are the real deal
having a bit of b.o. is less problematic if everyone is supposed to stay 6 feet away from you at all times ๐Ÿ˜›
looks nice!
It is very fancy. I would not want it forever but I won't suffer here
ystjadfketendg very cool, where are you driving around in that badboy?
can you stop trying to make us feel jealous? because u are succeeding xD
looks awsome, maybe a bit too cramped?
how wide is the van for it to have the bed like that?
or what are the bed dimensions?
xcvbkbl always tends to look cramped in the pictures i find.. you have to be there in person.. that bed looks like a "double", should fit 2 ppl in there
Can def fit 2 people, 3 if you like each other. I think the layout with the separating wall makes it more cramped than it needs to be, but I can see the reason for wanting to be able to close things off. It is not a layout I would want in my van but would he useful for 2 people. It is definitely teaching me what I do and don't want from my own van.
Iโ€™m so jealous. Here I am building out my honda fitโ€ฆ lol
I follow the PanAmerican Travelers group on Facebook. Seems like most people are staying put and just riding this out.
Some have reached out and said that if they'd like "company" (with social distancing means), then to feel free to join them at their current campsite.
Just got my first window knock in the van. Apparently the parking lot i was parked in got blocked off earlier today so the cops came to tell me to move. they were cool. just said i needed to be out on the street, which is fine.
That's good they were cool
yeah. i was like 'oh, that's what happens when you come in for lunch and put up the shades. kinda surprised they blocked off the parking lot with a vehicle in it...
die polizei are generally good folks
not in austria though
the land of fines
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