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carolinax 3mo
I had no idea that Fiji has visa free access to china like that, that is wild
we were going to be in albania then but switched plans. let us know how it is.
Really enjoying it. I will say there's not a lot to do with kids in Shkoder, but we're figuring it out. Having a car seems to be the way to go.

And right now it's HOT. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd suggest going in May or June. July/August seems to warm enough we hide from about noon through 7pm.

Otherwise, we're really enjoying it here.
My personal thesis that I am living by is that technology was going to at some point create a great divide and there will be no middle. AI is accelerating this.

This combined with well paid remote workers flooding the markets.
carolinax 3mo
ughh this stresses me out
gjygvswkiazctw Check out this graph ^ might give you inspiration
Not sure if I really experienced prices go up in Thailand. Ofcourse they went back to pre COVID levels.

Only intercontinental plane tickets increased visibly
Prices didn't go up in Baht terms?
Not more than before COVID imo, especially for imports itโ€™s difficult to compare because usd / thb also plays a role

Obviously this is subjective and anecdotal, but I didnโ€™t really notice a stronger price increase compared to pre COVID or during COVID
Got it. Thank you.
Long term visas in Thailand seem pretty expensive for a family of 2 plus baby, if I understand correct itโ€™s 1 million thb, ~30.000 usd.

Any alternative South-East Asian destinations which we could consider?

Malaysia, Bali, โ€ฆ?

Weโ€™re planning to stay in SEA until the baby goes to school, another 3-4 years
Love it!

We have 5 kiddos! We will be in the Western Hemisphere for a while. Let us know if you end up in our neck of the woods.
hiasinho 2mo
Hey everyone! Weโ€™re travelling to Thailand end of October. Family of 5 (kids 6, 4, 1).
We want to spend the first 3-5 days in Bangkok before we take the train to Chiang Mai and the bus to Pai.
Do you have any good recommendations of the best area for families and a good accommodation (Hostels are totally fine)?
So far weโ€™ve looked at the historical center. Close to Khaosan Rd.
In Bangkok Talad Noi is the upcoming area with many narrow streets, street art, and multiple cafes and hostels or boutique hotels

Pretty walkable with kids as well. Used to be my favorite area to take my 1 year old on a walk
mateo99 24d
Curious if anyone who has moved abroad from the USA used any reolcation services? If so which ones & did you get value from them? We're considering using traveling with kristin's relocation service. Its $5,000 and it comes with 8 modules & 12 q&a group calls. Soliciting opinions.
any specifics depend on where youโ€™re going. from what we know, moving is mad $$$, especially if there is customs/duty on household goods where youโ€™re going. if there isnโ€™t, itโ€™s likely still mad money and all the crazy shytiness that moving companies bring (have plenty of experience with that). we dont use brokers anymore. itโ€™s best to find someone with customs connections wherever youโ€™re going (potentially an attorney) who can make sure your stuff gets in safe.
thoughts on hiring an 18 year-old nanny? no โ€œprofessionalโ€ experience, but plenty of childcare experience (family, friends, etc). too young?
moltar 23d
In Canada it was typical to get even 16 yo to be baby sitters.
moltar 23d
But I must qualify that there is a gap between a baby sitter and a nanny and a professional nanny.
moltar 23d
Baby sitter ensures your kid does not die, and that's where the responsibility basically ends.

A regular nanny might just be an enhanced baby sitter, might feed and lightly entertain the kid.

Professional baby sitters are literally that - career baby sitters. They usually cost a lot and only rich people hire those. These are generally really trained, and they are half educators, half caretakers. They will have educational games and a child-growth mindset. Will probably also understand child psychology, etc... I had a friend who have hired one of these for a time, and he had only positive things to say.
Is this a live in Nanny or a visiting Nanny?
I have quite a bit of experience with both, and I think my answer depends on yours.

I would say you should not hire a 20 year old live in Nanny but a visiting one is probably fine. Just keep an eye on her for the first few weeks.
I have hired a lot of very young Nannieโ€™s that did not live with us and it generally turned out great.
Humans generally have a built in instinct to care for young. Some better than others for sure, but if you work from home like I do, an 18 year old Nanny is fine.
itโ€™s a local nanny while traveling that cooks for her, puts her down, plays with her over 40 hours a week. she doesnโ€™t take her out though. soโ€ฆ more than a babysitter, especially because of the time demands and the fact that we dont do screens. weโ€™d be gone probably half the time.
she would also live with us for a portion of the time traveling (i.e. we hire her for 3 weeks. 2 weeks she lives out. we go somewhere in the country for 1 week with her and she stays with us). weโ€™ve done this with other nannies fine but they were older.
our minds say no, too young. not enough life experience. but she presents really well (confident, hardworking, flexible) and im wondering if itโ€™s a reasonable bias or not.
I have had no issues with visiting Nannies that are younger. It is only when they are living with me that issues begin to arise. We had one living with us for a few months and she was great initially but eventually she started to exhibit no emotional control or appreciation for the opportunity she was given and we let her go.
But again, I almost never leave my kids alone with anyone. I hire Nannies to allow me to focus on my work.

Then I sit down and work while watching someone else watch my kids. I am literally a crazy person.
I am going to cry like a man on their first day of school
mateo99 23d
Sorry I think there is some confusion. Im talking about using a service that helps you plan where to move to, how to get citizenship / visas, helps you make sure your tax stuff is right, helps you get bank accounts etc... Not looking for a physical moving broker or company.
lol. we met a couple in tbilisi from dubai. they had a 2 and 4 year old. our little girl ran up to them with the hugest smile and open arms. their girls were not interested. they had never left them alone with anyone else and they just werent comfortable except around each other/ their parents. for us, who work from home and both parents are around all the time, itโ€™s been really good to have other people in her life to balance things out for her and for us. weโ€™ve had nannies from all over the world now (7 countries?), and have had only one bad experience. โ€ฆtrying to keep it at one. :)
Yeah that was a concern of ours. We invite local families out to eat with us to generate friendships between our children.
yeah, thatโ€™s great. we only have one kid, so she needs some โ€œextra.โ€
no service, but this is what we know from doing the rigamaroleโ€ฆ the easiest way to get a family citizenship is having a spouse from there or having a kid in a place that can grant the whole family citizenship through theirs. there are only some countries that allow citizenship through birth and itโ€™s still a bit of money/work/effort for the process the โ€œeasyโ€ way. but would recommend you do a deep dive if thatโ€™s the route on the connected country and if you arenโ€™t planning on another kid and have a single passport us spouse, itโ€™s a whole other animal getting citizenship or visa. you either โ€œpayโ€ for citizenship, or you โ€œStayโ€ for citizenship. In some places, you need to do a lot of both. the best way to determine the nuances of a getting citizenship somewhere or residency, is to contact an attorney from there. they also help with bank accounts, accountants, movers, real estate agents, the whole deal. there are very few places you can be and not literally pay their tax as well as us tax (even if you have an income exclusion being abroad 11+ months). the places you can live for 6 or more months a year without paying tax because you have foreign income are called territorial tax countries. panama, costa rica, paraguay, georgia are examples. otherwise, for the places youd be interested in, count on paying the 30-40% plus US taxes (unless you want to go to a 0% income tax place like Somalia a remote island, etc). a specific attorney can give you all the details and is probably more worth your time in helping you understand the full โ€œapplicationโ€ of relocation.
Hey all, dad to a 7-yo kid here!

I have been building an AI storyteller that writes personalized bedtime stories for kids with my co-founder, a parent like me.

And I'm looking for honest feedback from parents of kids ages 0 to 12.

I'll provide access to free bedtime stories (Normally $1.99 per story) until the end of the month and will ask for your feedback.

Please reply in the thread if you're interested and I'll share the details via DM. ๐Ÿ™‚
Not a bad idea.
I would be happy to take a look. I read to my kids every night.
Seems like a subscription model would be better for everyone though.
Sending over the details to you U029NGUAJUWbr />
We'll launch the subscription model soon. Thanks for the feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚
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