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Hey! ๐Ÿ™‚ Did anyone travel recently (or in general) with a cat to Thailand from Europe? I am crazy for considering it?
People travel with their pets international all the time. I think the main consideration is if your pet will handle the stress. E.g environment, detachment
Ooh I'd be keen to hear more about this as well
Not sure what the regulation is in Thailand tho, I know Indonesia is a pretty tough one
Indonesia and South Africa are nearly impossible and I wouldn't even try unless you are moving there
The people that are renting our house in Bali brought their dogs from South Africa to Indonesia, it cost multiple arms and several legs to make happen lmao
that's actually illegal, which is why it's so expensive ... and dangerous for your pets. they may not survive
I spent three months in thailand with my two dogs (traveling from europe) but in 2016 โ€“ itโ€™s probably still the same though

beyond all documentation, just keep in mind that pets are not allowed in condos all over thailand
Hi guys, what are some of the most pet and digital nomad friendly places? Anyone has experience with bali? Do they steal dogs there too like in vietnam?
You can import pets to Indonesia but it costs ludicrous money from what I've heard and there is a chance someone might steal your dog especially if it looks like it's not from Indonesia.
Don't think you can take dogs to Bali legally actually. I stay around Europe mostly because it's good for my dogs, didnt have great experiences with them in SE Asia
Not directly no, you have to import them through Jakarta and take them across on the ferry. This is a several day process. World not recommend.
Import a dog on a tourist visa? Hard to imagine
Makes no sense to me
Pets are nearly impossible in Indonesia and South Africa. Most of Europe is super easy, Central America isn't too hard - coming in and out of Mexico can take a little time, but it's not hard.
Okay. Thanks for info. Mexico maybe. Im looking for a warm place with beach and nature with reasonable prices
Mexico is quite ok for dogs, but you canโ€™t take them on a leash in public transportation
You can smuggle dogs/cats in but if they get caught they may get killed. Bad place for pets kinda. Thailand better!
It's ILLEGAL to import or export pets in out Bali, so it's smuggling
sheesh crazy. but thailand is difficult for long term stay. Im out of SEA
I find friends/family to watch my cat while I'm staying somewhere else if it's more than a 6 hour drive away or if I'm not going to stay in the place for more than a couple weeks. He doesn't really like traveling much and I feel it's more fair to him for him to be settled somewhere. I have a friend who has driven her cat cross country multiple times! I am sure my cat could do that too with plenty of longer stops along the wayโ€ฆ also JetBlue let's you fly with your pet in a carrier.
FWIW, I brought a dog and two cats to Thailand (Koh Lanta).
Just saw this U026NGU14B1!! She's so big now!
lol just looking at this crew makes me want to take a nap ๐Ÿ˜ป
They're very detrimental to my productivity
Try at Helpthedogfly website platform wish u luck!
Thanks for sharing!
Im also considering thailand right now. Was it easy? What was the process like?
Lots of paperwork but doable. Make sure you fly WITH your cats/dogs otherwise you need to go into the Free Trade zone (???) at airport and spend 36 hours running around offices to get stamps from 20 different offices and nobody speaks English. I did this for 2 Korean cats.
You cant take them on public transport is killer criteria. How you want to get around.
Taking 2 uk cats and a shiba to Thailand was easy. But it's a one way trip for them. Airpets handled it all for us. It's their new permanent base. They drove them from bkk to ko lanta as well. Very happy animals, highly recommended. Not cheap though
nfusomqeigxobi good point, didn't consider they can't go on BTS
Hi All - Im planning to relocate with my pet for the first time. We are travelling from vietnam to europe. There will be multiple stops on our journey. He is 6KG but not all airlines allow pet in cabin. Would love to talk to anyone who has experience and give some tips on what to consider when relocating. My goal is to book a flight via singapore and then fly with swiss airlines to europe. he can be in cabin with swiss airlines
make sure to get all the paperwork in order (rabies vaccines and likely serology test for VN)
if you plan to transit in Singapore I don't think any import documents are needed (but double check), but you won't see your pet and can't pick it up (ie transit flight)
If you want to pick up your pet (ie it's a separate flight) i'm pretty sure singapore will require ~30 days quarantine of the pet near changi at your expenses; it's 10 days for pets coming from most european countries)
for singapore you also need an export permission from a vet (paper work) and approval from nparks or NEA or something 48hrs prior to flying
all that to say, it's not that easy and quite stressful... Now this may or may not be applicable for transit flights, I don't know. I would assume if they stay in the box/hold it's all fine, but the moment you take it out things change
yes its indeed quite stressful. my two options are transit through bangkok or singapore. I cant imagine him staying in a small box alone for that long. he starts crying even after 20 minutes. I could see him for a short flight out of vietnam but not Intercontinental.
oh I just saw that there is flights of turkish airline and air france
with 1 transit, to from saigon to warsaw. they both allow pet in cabin, thats great
turkish allows onboard pets
nvm, didn't see your 2nd message
Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone knows good pet (cat in my case) health insurance? Something that will work at least around Europe.
Have you tried Fetch by The Dodo?
Its an app!
Any cat sitters in London? Our cat sitter just bailed on us 5 days before our honeymoon to Bali. August 17-September 11
_Post covid travelling with dog?_ Anyone bring their dog into Thailand post / during covid? Are there any restrictions based on the visa you have?
Dodo is Only in US & Canada
I believe luei might know something about that.
oygtgowkfrb Brought our dog and 2 cats to thailand from UK using a transport company. No restrictions I'm aware of based on our visas, no.
I think still impossible to fly with pets domestically due to covid
bzdfsdzprw How sure are you? I've seen dogs flying domestically here, and nok air just launched a dog-in-cabin option BKK->Chiang mai.
I had cats last year and we couldn't fly w them domestically cuz covid. We tried all carriers.
Maybe changed now
ghbi how does your dog handle street dogs? Has he been attacked?
ekocvtjojjr No issues with soi dogs on ko lanta. They're all neutered and rabies vaccinated. They're also very friendly generally. No pack mentality like you see elsewhere.
She's been attached once; Ironically by a small pack of owned dogs on the beach. The owners really should know better, but they're notorious for it.
Since then we've avoided that area of the beach in the evening and those dogs in general and she's been fine.
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