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Photography Chat

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these are so nice! kinda looks like film ๐Ÿ˜
Probably just the Lightroom filters ๐Ÿ‘€
yup, tamron 17-28mm and 28-75mm
Yup its in North India, very near capital city delhi. Its Tijara fort, about 3 hours drive from Delhi airport.

Well its not a co-working space, its a hotel but they have very good internet despite being in a remote area.
wzkluzwakjmid if youโ€™re shooting low light, Sony A7S III is better, but the A7 III is a fine camera for sure
(and if you want more megapixels, the A7R III is great too which is what I have)
Hummingbird highway, Belize ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฟ
Great photos! Whatโ€™s your camera setup?
Love the 4th photo!
Here I used Nikon z5 + Nikkor z85mm f1.8
I tried 85mm for the first time for street photo - so narrow!
So narrow, but so buttery.
I โค๏ธ 85. My de-facto is a couple of bodies with 24mm and 85mm primes on.
These are outstanding.
Buttery! haha, finally the right word for it!
I have always been 50mm adept - the way I see the world. And 85mm for a street photography is a challenge for me now!
Yeah 50mm is kinda that 'ideal' length. Which ironically doesn't exist in what I carry around.
what do you usually shoot?
It sort of does with my 27-75 zoom, but I don't like that lens anywhere near as much as my primes.
Usually video over photo. Been wandering all around Oaxaca today capturing different shots.
oh, nice! hope, you had a chance to go to Jalatlaco - probably the most colourful neighborhood in town
I'm living in it, yeah!
oh, nice choice!
I have pictures of the first two murals too, haha!
hummingbirds with skull masks are my favourite
There were a few around!
Oh Oaxaca so colourful, so beautiful!
love that VW beetle theme ha!
I think itโ€™s the same window you took picture of
I was just thinking that
Nice! What camera do you use?
I use two Sony A7Cs, one with a 1.4 24mm the other an 85 1.8
the 24mm is often on a gimbal (as it was today)
I was about to txt โ€™the blue looks like itโ€™s sonyโ€
I think in that case it's being tinted by a heavy ND filter.
and is it in the first video too?
But I shoot in HLG, which is almost log - so I can grade it after.
ND filter is on all the time, but it's a variable twist one - so I continuously adjust it, while generally not touching any other settings.
Iโ€™ve got an a7c too, and with 24mm and 85mm. I also have the new 35mm. Just waiting on a good GM 50mm to complete the set. (And unleash the final blow on my wallet. ๐Ÿ˜† )
It's the best setup for travel IMO
Havenโ€™t done much travelling in awhile, but Iโ€™ll be in Paris in a week, so definitely bringing this thing along. ๐Ÿ“ธ
Omg, Paris in Christmas decorations - what a playground for a photo/video
haha, I find her scary too much!
It is kinda horror film
Stunning! Really wanted to go this year, but will definitely be there next year ๐Ÿ™‚
can highly recommend Paris at Christmas for photography, I was there 2019 - the tree at Galeries Lafayette was ok_handskin-tone-2 ๐ŸŽ„ much bokeh. so wow.
Lol now I wanna go to Paris for Christmas ha
I'll be in London though... so I might be able to find similar anyways....
Iโ€™ll only be there for a week for work stuff, so not sure Iโ€™ll get to see much, but Iโ€™ll try to see what I can. ๐Ÿ™‚
Gorgeous pictures! I'd love to know if you have a place you'd recommend staying?
85mm eh? now I know what do get next for my z5. the bokeh on that lens is incredible
is Bogota worth for nomads?
its good for a few days. honestly its a bit boring. But I met a wonderful girl here so I have a reason to st=ick around
humble bundle is having a photography sale. you can get aurora HDR and luminarAI for only $25
Ephesus, Izmir. This November
and the pics?
In November ๐Ÿ‘€
What's the best way to promote a new IG account for street photography?
went to the one in Santa Fe, New Mexicoโ€ฆ really cool stuff
get a light meter or an least a light meter app for your phone
looks cool!
Looks like a semi-wide with decent DOF?
yup, nikon 24-200 f5
thank you! the camera has a sensor that acts like a light meter I think but still getting to know it better
Yeah, wide and real DOF is typically expensive. Not easy/possible with mobile - unless simulated.
I've got a Panasonic M43 15mm (effective 30mm) that does a decent job of it
take the lens cap off... ๐Ÿ˜
Those are nice. Nice edits
like a human zoo )
joyjoy dammit, technology nowadays
between the composition and angles, the technical skill on display is superb
I use a nikon z5 myself. there's def a quality to full frame sensors that you cana't recreate with a phone
That's cool.
Agreed. I've got an M43 mirrorless setup and I love it. But I can still see certain photos and know they were taken with a full-frame sensor.

My M43 keeps up in decent sunlight, but certain shots with tonnes of dynamic range (eg. subjects at sunset) need an FF sensor to do them justice.
Witch lens you used?
I donโ€™t have a direct answer to your question but you could differentiate yourself by including the personโ€™s name and describe the place a bit. There are a lot of hide, shoot, and run accounts but fewer photojournalist types
I love your pictures of people from everyday life + the associated captions. Keep them coming ๐Ÿ™‚
Did you move from Tbilisi to Lviv?
Thank you so much for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, didn't move, went to Lviv for a couple of weeks
Yeah your shots are great. What's your setup again?
Love this!
I appreciate your feedback guys, means a lot!

My set-up is pretty basic, Canon EOS 2000D + my fave all-terrain lens 50mm 1.8, that's it
If you guys care to follow, I'm on IG as fammucnmkzgmcd
Are you doing much in Lightroom to get the soft look?
It looks like you lift the black point a little.
Not a lot, I mostly work with a LUT I made myself so then it's pretty straight forward. Also I don't use Lightroom, I use Polarr, which is like an online Lightroom
Ah cool gotcha
Where in the world are you now by the way? Left Georgia I think?
Yeah I left in July last year
In Medellin now
Having been in Mexico for a bit
That said - I might be in Tbilisi April / May - but TBC
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