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Photography Chat

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That's beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚
I love the idea of travelling for a specific photograph. ebchpxadasowbsc Is San Juan Island known for Foxes??
Is it like Japan where they have a rabbit island, cat island...
I found this article explaining the fox population
Yep, the area is known for foxes and other wildlife - mainly orcas. There are a few workshops just for photographing the foxes that run in May, because they stick near the dens as the kits begin to emerge and play.
And I definitely plan most of my travel around what I want to photograph. Itโ€™s a great way to spend more time in nature.
can this be a #videography channel as well? i'd like to ask about cinematic looks on footage

following the 180 rule, i'm trying to go for the 4k/60p ac 1/120 setting, but this obviously doesn't work on most sunny days as the shutter speed is too low... what would be a nice way to correct this, maybe using nd filters?
Yeah, ND filters will let you do things like open the aperture more too on bright days

Pro video cameras have them built in, that you flip on and off
Beautiful place, hfbvgkucykyyjtf ๐Ÿ™‚
Hi from Seattle โœŒ๏ธ
sweet, thanks! which video camera do you use?
+1 to ND filters.
Any Nikon shooters interested in a 105mm f/2 lens (the distortion control lens)?
nice! got a pack of nd filters (4, 8, 16, 32) from dji for my osmo pocket 2, can't wait to test them out
Speaking of animal photos
Does anyone have the Peter McKinnon backpack? Iโ€™m thinking I need a new backpack but I'm wondering if the bag is any good or if it's all hype with a celebrity price tag.
> Iโ€™m a fan of taking pictures of everyday things.
:100:, I'm a fan of just-point-and-click, eye-level, no-filter shots. It's honest and has an emersive quality.
Nothing shitty about the iPhone 8 camera ๐Ÿ˜œ
Anyone here shoot with the Fuji XT4 or X-S10? Thinking of switching over from my Sony A6400 and would love some opinions/reviews.
My friend has a xt-2 I think or 3 and seems to really like it and the lenses. Heโ€™s a pro-amateur level photographer Iโ€™d say. Quite talented. Has had Nikons, Olympus and I think Canon over the last couple decades I think.
If I replace my Oly, Fuji XT series is likely my next choice.
That bag has lots of praise indeed
You looking at daypack or 35L?
I'm kinda torn between going Sony or Fuji
I've just got a crappy Sony 5100 as an interim, but invested in f2.8 28-15 for it
with a view to get an A7C in a couple of months
I like to check the camera selection on buy and sell groups and if you want used lenses, it seems like Canon is far more popular
I run the a6400 and the only thing at the moment that would compel me to switch is if I wanted one with stabilization built into the camera
I have the kit lens with OSS which is great for general photography and then the sigma 16mm for webcamming and night photography
But a most of the lenses on buy and sell groups in Bali seem to be canon EF
Yeah Iโ€™d noticed that here in Georgia.
And in fact, buying new is basically only Nikon or Canon
I had no choice but to buy my sony lens second hand
i shoot with the fuji xt4 but thinking of switching to sony a7siii bc solely do filmmaking. that price tag though
#_photography Hey everyone, if anyone is in Miami, Iโ€™ll be filming The Hustleโ€™s My First Million podcast live in Downtown, Miami on June 4, 2021. If youโ€™re available, a filmmaker, and in the area to join me, let me know!
Ah I wanna go back
My trip last weekend to Uplistsikhe
The horse pic looks like a video game
age of empires
good old days ๐Ÿ˜›
I am buying my first camera next month. I have started researching about it. Till now I have realized that I should go for Mirroless instead of DSLR because its latest technology.
I have studied about ISO, Focal length and Aperture. I will be researching more before I buy something.
I would love to know your opinion. My budget is 1k - 2k USD for camera and 1-2k USD for lens. I want to do landscape and portrait photography both.
I really like the Fujifilm mirrorless options. If you want interchangeable lenses, then the X-T series is good for that.
```DSLR can have "latest technology" as well - it's just different technology. Considering nomading mirrorless would be something I'd consider due to lighter weight and smaller size. Best camera is the one you have with you all the time. Anyway 2-4 k USD you can get so good set that your "skills" will be the bottleneck for a long long time, many people start with a body + lens combination which costs less than 1k.

Portrait and landscapes pretty much require the opposites from the lenses so I'd even consider to buying some kind of zoom (ie. 17-55mm) for general use + landscapes and a fixed lens (ie. 50/85mm) for portraits.

dpreview has really good buying guides (obviously can't link here). I'd check atleast these:
โ€ข Best cameras for travel
โ€ข Best cameras for landscapes
โ€ข Best cameras for portraits
โ€ข Best mirrorless cameras
And once you have few favourites then I'd check their lens guides for that camera brand.```
ffs that bot is annoying
Thanks hvfvmilmkbq I will look into it.
Thanks urlekmisb for taking out time to write a detailed reply.
```your "skills" will be the bottleneck for a long long time```
point_up this line cracked me up ๐Ÿ˜„
I find that the ergonomics matter a lot too. If you have opportunity to go to an actual store and actually have the camera in your hand then do it. For example a detail I find lacking in most mirrorless cameras that I find really useful with most bigger bodies is having two wheels to adjust settings. I usually shoot with "aperture select" mode where I set the aperture using the main wheel, ISO with fn + wheel and over/under lighting with the second wheel. Camera then automatically selects correct shutter speed for those settings.
I wanted to buy online but now I will keep that in mind. I will check the store and then buy online.
Iโ€™d be looking at Fuji if I was buying again.
I dont see many fujifilm stores in india compared to sony. Don't know what type of service will be available after purchase.

How is sony a7 III ?
A few of you knows that I'm travel vlogger, going around the cities making videos but I also love taking pics. Should I post them here?
Does anyone have a stand for an android phone they would recommend?
Wow, really loving all these pictures! That baby fox is SO CUTE! โค๏ธ
You mean like a table top tripod? Manfrotto makes some at various price points. Can't go wrong with that. Then you just need to buy a phone clamp to attach to it.
Which drone ?
Mavic Air 2
That road on the eastern side of the island is so wonderful
Iโ€™ve stayed at Ventanas Al Mar a couple times, the only hotel out there โค๏ธ
Underwater macro. Wooow. Something I heard for the first time. Can you share some pics you took underwater as well?
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