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Well at least he's not dead?
Man, the next 4 years are going to be rough, whoever becomes the president is going to be -that- president.
yikes facepalm
I haven't checked, but who has only _suspended_ their campaign, as opposed to ending it?
Is it too late to add Cuomo to the Democratic race?
There was a race?
Something like it
I like Cuomo. He seems to understand the basic nature of our reality
Based on the others, if he enters the race he would need to have some kind of hook. Perhaps he could decide to believe in the lizard people.
Or that we are all sovereign citizens
I'm not from NY or even America but what I'm seeing is people saying the reason he's handling this crisis so well is the same reason people generally dislike him he's uncompromising.
Democrats already had CNN, but his brother being one of the lead hosts wouldn't hurt
If there is a contested convention, they could nominate Cuomo
Or the governor of Washington
Or whoever the hell they want. I keep hearing "Michelle Obama"
People, let the Obamas go
"Full offset of airline emissions by 2025"
Looks like those printing presses have started to gear up. Expect inflation
inflation won't kick in until after crisis.
that depends how long the crisis lasts and if governments keep fucking up.
but yes, certainly not for a while
At least he gets some sick burns in while consigning millions of Americans to die. Wonder if anyone is going to have second thoughts about reality TV show host slash wrestling heel presidents after this is over...
Taking trolling to the next level
fsmrgbqt His approval rating is up 5% and 60% believe he has handled the crisis well. Not sure what you're referencing, though. Also democrats refused to pass a bill to financially help impacted Americans.
Yeah rational people are looking at that approval rating tick upwards in disbelief.
The daily press conferences are likely contributing to the approval
Did y'all see the tweet Trump sent after Mike Bloomberg announced his dropout?
But also, can someone explain to me how the average person will be impacted by inflation? Like, will my cash in savings just not be worth that much?
rcsrrlmnkgvanwdt Inflation means costs slowly going up so it decreases your buying power. The ball park number is usually about 50% every 20 years. So if today you could buy 100 chocolate bars for $100, in 20 years you will only be able to buy around 66, and another 20 years only 50. Though you are probably not going to have to worry about inflation as recessions usually bring on deflation.
Holding on to a job and making money is a far bigger risk than inflation.
Gotcha. But can you explain that last sentence โ˜๏ธ
Is the "holding onto a job" the risk?
As in, does inflation outweigh the typical salary increase on an annual basis?
The bigger risk (for most people) will be unemployment. Consumption drops so companies make less money, so they hire less.
Not having a job or not being able to keep your job is going to be a far bigger risk to people's financial futures than the potential longer term inflationary effects of this stimulus.
Even if inflation for some reason jumped by 10% and your 50,000/year job was now worth only $45,000 in buying power, that is still better than having no job.
I will add an here. If for some reason after all of this is over the FED decides they want to try something like double the national debt to try and end a recession then you will get a massive amount of inflation regardless of unemployment.
Gotcha, that makes sense
Also, there is also a strong possibility of deflation at some point in the future.
But I expect to see some inflation on everyday goods, and deflation in other parts of the economy. It's an unusual situation for sure
Ah. I see she wants a career in politics.
going from being a bar tender to making 250k per year does that to people. lol
Primarying existing democrats is generally counterproductive and a waste of resources (assuming you want a democratic congress). Also justice dems has an abysmal track record of endorsing candidates that go on to win republican seats. In fact none of their endorsees flipped a republican seat in 2018.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajDfQ-hd3pQbr />
Damn, wanted to see more of these
Both carrier in the Pacific are wrestling with onboard infection. Something to worry about or am I being paranoid... ๐Ÿง  ๐Ÿ’ฃ www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Exclusive-Captain-of-aircraft-carrier-with-15167883.php
They have enough food I imagine for more than 14 days and navy officers tend to be pretty healthy no?
medium.com/@eddiekrassenstein/evidence-casts-doubt-on-tara-reades-sexual-assault-allegations-of-joe-biden-e4cb3ee38460br />
Interesting that half of the "evidence" "disproving" the claim that Biden sexually assault Tara Reade was...her stance on Russia? What's the obsession with Russia. Give it a rest.
pzullnfpl You sound like you have connections to Russia.
Just 1 or 2
fuckin christ man americans will never give it up with russia.
I mean...
I think Trump's approval ratings are increasing because there are a lot of people watching these press conferences who have never seen unedited footage of him before
GWB could not have handled this much press
His speeches are really badโ€ฆ. heโ€™s either staring down reading off a paper or heโ€™s rambling on about nothing trying to spin everything around like โ€œthe economy was the best ever before thisโ€
Sorry are you talking about trump or Biden?
They both seem unable to give a simple speech
Itโ€™s frightening
Biden makes zero sense live. Trump makes zero sense in the transcript
I think Trump can ramble but I have never considered him particularly incoherent that award goes to Bernie trying to explain what he actually means by socialism.
xtqadkfhubb I don't think you'll find any Trump supporters who say Trump gives great speeches. I think what they see on stage is something they have never seen before -- authenticity. Also, you don't build a business empire understanding key aspects of marketing. This guy is the king at catchphrases
you think Trump is coherent? what? and you think that's what people would think when listening to him for the first time? I beg to disagree
Also, dude has talked about the Deep State in a presser about the coronavirus. Then a different time he called a question questioning his "things will open up by Easter" "nasty" and said Dems are just trying to make him look bad by ruining the economy. In another presser a few days ago he told people they should be more positive and appreciative of him. Then he holds another presser with some fucking pillow manufacturer praising him like he's the second coming of Christ. And this is on top of him rambling like a grandpa and not making any sense half of the time. If you think that is coherent or presidential I think that is kind of sad, regardless of your politics. And you can keep bringing up old-man creepy Biden or Bernie, but neither of those people is the US president.
This level of "me me me me" is not something I've experienced with any democratic leader in the past 30 years. Even Berlusconi was a magnificent class act compared to what this guy says and does. Trump is the most basic person ever. You say nice things about him, you're on his good side. You say anything remotely critical, you're a bad hombre.
For god sakes he tweeted THIS:
"Because the 'Ratings' of my News Conferences etc. are so high, 'Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers' according to the zmxhqystac the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY, 'Trump is reaching too many people, we must stop him.' said one lunatic. See you at 5:00 P.M.!"

THE PRESIDENT. what the fuck
Also funnily enough the new york times is the fakest of news unless it's something positive about/for him ("good ratings"). Lol he brags about his fucking ratings in the middle of this shitfest
I mean, his brand is putting his name on things. Clearly he knows something about real estate, but he isn't some megagenius self-made rags to riches immigrant. Or are we going to pretend his dad wasn't a real estate mogul?
rrvjrwranh I didn't say he was coherent, seems a bit unfair to make an entire argument based on a falsehood. I said he was authentic.

Additionally, since we are talking about coherency now. I agree with you that his speeches aren't coherent, but the messaging and tonality are very effective. I think that is quite evident by the emotions invoked when he's mentioned. Everyone has very strong feelings one way or another.

He's Troll Master and Chief, and if you look at Twitter, I'd say he's quite effective in that respect.

> And you can keep bringing up old-man creepy Biden or Bernie, but neither of those people is the US president.ย 
I mean, I don't, unless you weren't directing this at me. I've shared a couple of stories.

So, we can't bring up Biden because he is not the president? I can't really follow this logic at all. The man is aiming to become president. By saying you can't compare the two seems like a cheap cop-out to me.

Also, creepy is a vast understatement.
They're both fucking creepy. It's sad the American political system can't produce better candidates.
You are always going to get lower quality candidates against a first term president.
They generally have an advantage and they have already been through a vetting process of sorts. You generally have to challenge them on policy, not identity, and that makes it a lot harder.
I've mentioned it before but Win Bigly provides a decent outline of why Trump's communication is so 'sticky'
TLDR clear imagery
Are we at all concerned that dr fauchi now needs a security detail because trumpers have sent him enough death threats that his safety is in doubt
Heโ€™s on the presidents team, and is a doctor for gods sake
Why would they be sending him death threats?
Because heโ€™s holding back the economy.
This isnโ€™t rumor, google your preferred news source for confirmation
I stopped paying attention to the news lately. Was just curious.
Oh, basically because theyโ€™re upset he is โ€œresponsibleโ€ for the economy being closed
That sucks. Damned if you do, damned if you don't (except in this case you're really damned if you don't)
Cdc finally admits comorbidities affect icu admission. Wonโ€™t list mortality yet.
Theyโ€™re about to admit masks work, after 3 months
Seems like they're a bit behind. Just a bit.
Only the entire length of the outbreak
Up next; condoms protect against stds
Next year fine, maybe sunglasses help protect your eyes. But if we approve sunglasses, people will take more risks with their vision
(This is seriously their argument against mask usage)
It's so sad because it's just not at all representative of the majority of the people that work there
I refuse to accept this reality. We have literal video evidence of Biden molesting children. Whereas the evidence against Trump is locker room talk and misleading stories that lead to dead ends.

No. They're not the same.
No. They're is nothing to worry about. Just something to stir the pot with in liberal circles.
People who use sunscreen get more cancer!
100% of people who breathe get cancer. Oxygen is carcinogenic
I'm selling low oxygen mix tanks and equipment. Buy 2 and get a free low oxygen toothpaste.
im in for 5
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