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im saying in general
but people like to point out their skin color way too often. who gives a shit
i dont give a fuck if you are white, you arent responsible for slavery
I think thatโ€™s the point of these protests is that people _want_ a society where skin color doesnโ€™t matter. Thatโ€™s not the current case in the US, and people want to change that. First by addressing the issue of policing in black communities, and working up from there.
i think people continue to play identity politics and it does matterโ€ฆ well meaning people are talking about how black people dont do this or dont do that or dont feel that way as if they speak for ALL black people
Iโ€™ve seen the message online for many of these protestors who are white is that they simply are passing tweets/posts from folks in the black community rather than trying to speak _for_ them.
anyways so if first problem is police brutality and their overreach.. yeah people should focus on specifically that.. and not make it all about race and 50 other things.. cause i am 100% for people protesting police brutality
I don't think it's fair to ignore race identity when there's systemic racism/discrimination that treats people differently based on color.
But again, I'm not a PoC, so I'd be more than happy to learn
Anyway, I'm also all for addressing police brutality
If i was in the USA, I might be out protesting

Social injustice and police violence... If it effects one, it effects us all. White guilt isn't just the only reason a white person would take the streets too
As someone who has been harassed, have watched friends harassed, and had police put a gun in my face for no reason.... I can sympathize strongly for the marginalized communities
mnoesdltmjwqhw yes i saw that before. i have my own thoughts on it but im too tired to drag that on.. anyways i do agree with that list for the most part.. but im also realistic
Commenting more that people don't have a wish list. For the most part, that hits pretty close to what everyone wants right now
ksoi Is this real, though? I just asked my far-left cousin the demands of BLM and she responded with demands from the NCAAP...? Found that strange.

Can you source me to this?
So, I checked on their website for this, but could not find it. />
In fact, I came out of their website with a completely different perspective. I am sure this will be extremely controversial, but I kindly ask you to tell me to screw off in my PM or keep this as civil as possible.

BLM website is so incredibly vague. This is all according to their link above.

1 They offer no solutions, have no plan, no demands. They use language like "fight for freedom," which they don't define in any way whatsoever.

2 They use targeted language at specific demographics, such as "comrades."

3 BLM extends way past helping the black community and fights for LGBT rights, pro-feminism

4 It's anti man (end the patriarchy, need safe spaces for women, end nuclear family)

5 Against ageism, apparently...?


Forget for a moment what actual protestors say and have done in their protests. From an ideological standpoint, this encompasses literally the entirety of the democratic base. From a theoretical point of view, these extremely vague beliefs should be celebrated by all. However, it's controversial because if you disagree with any of the litanies of beliefs that encompass the democrat platform, then you're a "racist." I am a pro-nuclear family therefore anti-BLM and therefore a racist...

A convenient tool, right?


This movement reminded me EXACTLY of the sentiment shared by Malcolm X when said that white liberals use blacks as a political pawn.

"The liberal elements of whites are those who have perfected the art of selling themselves to the Negro as a friend of the Negro. Getting sympathy of the Negro, getting the allegiance of the Negro, and getting the mind of the Negro. Then the Negro sides with the white liberal, and the white liberal use the Negro against the white conservative. So that anything that the Negro does is never for his own good, never for his own advancement, never for his own progress, heโ€™s only a pawn in the hands of the white liberal."


After checking their website, understanding that there is no plan, no solutions, but encompasses every liberal demographic in an extremely vague way, I have to say that it's bogus and an obvious Political machine, used as a tool by Democrats to divide and conquer.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

That's all, now rip me to shreds
I never looked at their web presence but the about page seems reasonable to me. Not too sure where you're getting some of the other stuff you're talking about.
> We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and โ€œvillagesโ€ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.
This means "end" the nuclear family to you? Just sounds like they're trying to be inclusive and emphasize and affirm that people from single parent families also deserve respect.
Not sure where you see "no demands", they're just about the first thing on their homepage. It even says "see the demands" ๐Ÿ˜…
Regarding point 3 have you heard of intersectionality? I mean, you may disagree about the approach, but at least you should understand that big tent activist movements aren't random or unfocused, they've specifically chosen to align with other disadvantaged and oppressed groups to lift everyone up.
Anyway, I didn't notice anything objectionable there. Seems like pretty standard activist stuff. I wouldn't mind seeing more specific proposals, but maybe they're in there somewhere.
Ok. Video shows the cops have the bricks. So we have to think why do they have them?ย ย 1) they want to throw bricks at people? 2) they want people to find bricks and hurt everyone including other police officers? 3) Did they find the bricks and police officers loaded them into their car so protestors would not have access.ย ย We donโ€™t know, all we know from that video is that they have bricks in their car and they took a few out.
would be nice to see other videos
> This means "end" the nuclear family to you? Just sounds like they're trying to be inclusive and emphasize and affirm that people from single parent families also deserve respect.
If that's what they were trying to say, then they ought to hire a copywriter because they did a very poor job.

Disrupt - to interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.

Let's change their phrasing to be less concise.

"We cause a problem for the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure"

I honestly don't know how you can interpret that any other way


"Not sure where you see "no demands", they're just about the first thing on their homepage. It even says "see the demands""

Did you read it? It's hilarious vague (purposefully, of course).

"End to systemic racism" Okay, how? What do they propose? Nothing.


BLM is like a brand awareness campaign, only they're used as a wedge by the DNC. I think that's the best way to simplify it
Ah, the verb "disrupt" in that sentence is acting on "requirement".
I think you're charging into this looking to prove your point about the DNC, which is a strange thing to prioritize at this moment, but OK.
Only reading the words they wrote)
What a madlad
Yes, you are reading the words they wrote, but not comprehending them. It's OK, the phrasing is a little awkward.
There's a tweet for everything
Apparently the battalion they sent to DC (?) from Bragg to mitigate protests/riots is called _The White Devils_
That seems big
xdstgxcvn thatโ€™s what I mean in respect to demand.. itโ€™s all over the place.. the pic ribnwdcqmqwvxt posted is being circulated but very few people are aware of it but again people take it at face value.. like I said I have my thoughts on it .. and part of it is that there is no cohesive demand or voice other than generic โ€œblack lives matterโ€.
vziemdytzakyzyap I hope it happens but there might be bunch of guards set in place.. but also it might take a long time... and I wonder how they will handle 3m new citizens in short period
Of time
Well I imagine that a lot won't actually go to Britain. Won't be surprised if they get asked to go to Australia instead (or maybe Canada?)
Have a reference for that?
Nothing written, just my friend who is stationed out of Bragg.
All I know is that they had just gotten home from the Middle East and are pissed that they're being sent out again
i think we should have a trade.. anyone who wants to voluntarily leave america adn live in HK can trade with people who wants to do the opposite
The article talks about British citizenship no, not American? Where granting citizenship makes more sense regarding that people from Hong Kong did in the recent past have British passports
As a little history recap, from the Guardian:
> There is also a streak of guilt that runs through the Conservative party about its treatment of Hong Kong citizens, and an admission that, under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, the great cold warrior, it placed the people of Hong Kong into the hands of the Chinese Communist party in 1994.
> After the handover, Hong Kong citizens ended up with a jerry-built halfway house. They could hold a British national overseas passport, providing them consular assistance and protection through UK diplomatic posts, but they would not have the automatic right to live or work in the UK. Those born after 1997 would have no rights.
I wonder how Xi Jinping is going to react to BoJo over this, itโ€™s quite a bold move
That was my first thought as well.
Positive news:
Looks like he's quick with his response:

yes but im saying as an american i would be up for trading people from here for people in HK
im quite familiar with HK/british history as I do business in HK.. well did before all this crap
i hope they are extremely confident they can get him convicted with the increased charge because if they cant..
I actually thought that was an insightful and well reasoned post, thanks.
This is the best articulation and analysis of the shift in contemporary American partisan fault-lines Iโ€™ve read. So much of it rang true and personally resonated with me. Hope everyone is well. Back to my cave. Ciao!|
or maybe that's the point? More chaos.
So much controversy in my tiny city of Buffalo today. Our backup American Football quarterback had old text messages released playfully saying "[only] elite white people" should own gun suppressors.

And then the top post on google right now is a police officer shoving an older man to the side who was interfering, busting his head open on the concrete.

Not a good day
Well he did get his education at UGA soooo
(The football player)
Anyone hear of this before? />
The messaging I'm hearing is that this should be implemented now but in the long-term we need to do additional police reform.
If cops had to do BJJ excessive use of force would crater
1 - situational confidence leading to calmer gun usage
2 - practical physical combat skills
itsa good first step
ycbcpwnlx that girl completely snitched on him
Haha totally...scorn girl, perhaps?
who knows
maybe she had a moment of enlightenment
its kinda fโ€™d up
thankfully i say the most fโ€™d up things among people i really trust
and to me it seemed it was mostly in jest he was saying it and she seemed to kinda laugh at it too. but hey lets wait until hes famous and pretend im doing something
Hopefully it's treated as a first step and not a final step ๐Ÿคž
His parents are super nice so it's kind of a surprise hearing that from him
do you know him?
Personally, no. But he is from my neck of woods and I've had positive impressions of him even while acknowledging that he played for a rival team
did you go to GT?
i know your fight song by heart
even though i didnt go there
fun fact nixon and kruschev broke the ice by singing that song
Yes!! That's one of my favorite fun facts
yep, mine too. but i just think he was being edgy like many of us were/are.. but we live in a society where we are quick to judge people and find the worst in them
I just learned about the Lady G situation. Can 2020 get any more surreal?
lady g?
Twitter rumors about Sen. Lindsey Graham. Could be true, could be false.
Maybe itโ€™s me, but I donโ€™t really care about โ€œsex scandalsโ€ in politics anymore. I donโ€™t care if theyโ€™re on the Right or the Left. As long as everybody involved is of age and consents, go to town!

I donโ€™t care about your private life. Just serve your constituents.

After traveling for awhile, this seems like a US-centric fixation to me.
oh hes gay or something? meh
maybe its true, maybe it isnt.. who cares
lvvvrswyaqlr nah sex scandals are really big in other parts of the world too.. maybe worse than america
some places like maybe parts of western europe maybe less so
It's not notable, beyond some twitter heads seemingly greenlighting targeted homophobia
Its ok though, there will soon be an Atlantic/Slate/Nation article that varnishes the attacks with credibility
I was thinking France and Thailand. China. I really didnโ€™t get the sense that they were big in Ireland or Germany either. I have no real read on Central and South American cultures here, despite spending time in both. But I have a hard time imagining them getting bent out of shape in Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, etc.

The UK and US, sure. Iโ€™ve heard people say itโ€™s the legacy of our Puritanical roots here in the States, but I donโ€™t know if I give that any credence either.

But hey, maybe Iโ€™m talking out my ass. Be interesting to see some data on it.
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