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There are also other things that contribute to happiness besides achieving goals, e.g. human connection
Satisfaction studies are an odd thing because they are so relative. Lack of satisfaction can translate to drive. Even happiness is a strange metric.

Personally, I don't rely on any of that. The only thing I care about is how I feel when I wake. Do I feel dread? Do I feel happy? Do I feeling nothing?
If I did a perfect mini golf game, for instance and said I was 10/10 for satisfaction on how I performed would that translate to long term contentment and drive vs a 7/10 in something far more intense.
You're definitely right that all these measurements are very subjective. Then again, these measurements do correlate with lots of health benefits including higher life expectancy, so studying them doesn't seem entirely useless. In fact, how people feel when they wake also has a high correlation with people's reported life satisfaction, so I think what you say you care about in life is probably the same thing that I mean by happiness ๐Ÿ™ƒ
anyone have any tips on how to secure fast internet access while traveling? I am looking to do an airbnb and my plan is to have the airbnb owner send me a speed test of their internet...looking to hit slovenia in a couple weeks and want to make sure I can easily have all my zoom meetings without totally stressing myself out ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Thatโ€™s usually what I do ๐Ÿ‘ I ask if they can verify the internet speed and I reiterate that I need it for my work
Obsidian now available for iOS
Yes,| is nice for that
Besides asking for a speed test, I always get more data than I'll need on a SIM to use as a mobile hotspot as abackup. Looking up co-working spots and/or cafes can add an extra sense of security too.
Get them to test to a remote server too, not just the local connection most speed tests connect to.
what is the _lightweightest_ alternative to notion / evernote? i find these two, specially the latter, quite heavy in terms of features.. i just need a plan text editor with no features other than search/replace that syncs with the cloud and through my devices
Mac = check out Bear
thank you, trying that!

also, update, also trying Simplenote, so far, so good, very simple just like i needed
Standard Notes, InkDrop, Simplenote, Macdown with Dropbox/Drive/Mega, iA Writer, Bear, Obsidian, Joplin, Zettlr, Craft, nvAlt, Notable, 1Password Secure Notes
working on a text editor, so had to scope out the competitors haha
any of these completely free other than simplenote?
most of them are or under $20 I believe
some are subscription-based but basic md files are easy to use as is
Did you check workflowy or dynalist? Workflowy is quite minimalistic
Apple Notes is really good these days if youโ€™re into that ecosystem
that's neat, why didn't i think of apple notes before ๐Ÿ˜•
They appear to be taking on roam research with some of the new features they announced at WWDC
do you have a link to these features?
obsidian looks amazing, but i don't work with local files, in fact, i keep them at literally zero, everything i do is on the cloud and that's the way i wanna keep it
VS Code optimised for Markdown + a folder hierarchy of notes synced to your devices via your preferred cloud provider.

I use VSCodium (VSCode without telemetry, mostly using it as a separate profile with fewer extensions) and selfhosted Nextcloud
wvdgwko is there a link to test connection to a remote server?
Oh also Craft is great if you need to share as a webpage.
Yes on speedtest you can set it to servers all over the world. Pick a major one in another country in the some region is a good idea. I'd Thailand to Singapore or Korea. It let's you see how their provider handles connections outside the country/there own network.
Notepad ++ and sync with google drive via folders, super simple
Im using onenote, it's very good if your have a surface device with pen(for draw, write, doing math with math solver, etc) . and it's free.

note Not a lightweights tool
Iโ€™ve tried them all but I really am enjoying Craft. It letโ€™s me do nested documents like Notion, definitely nowhere near a Notion replacement per se but if youโ€™re mostly writing notes/simple documents and donโ€™t need docs with superpowers then itโ€™s perfect
aewsome. thanks UR69C3P0E!
Sublime Text or any text editor saved in a Dropbox?
> saved in a Dropbox
now now, don't give up on git that quickly
Joplin is very nice, and it's open source with a very clean interface
Iโ€™m obsessed with Roam Research (similar to obsidian) not free though
Iโ€™m not sure if this is the right channel but of all of them seems closestโ€ฆ I am planning a _lot_ of travel over the next few months and am also trying to learn a new language (but wonโ€™t be in the relevant country most of the time). I would like a personal virtual tutor. Has anybody had good experiences with any of the online services in this area? (Verbling, italki, any others I donโ€™t know?)
Where yโ€™going to?
italki is by far my favorite. I've used it for Turkish and Russian and it has helped me out a lot on my travels.
I think most apps are a waste of time tbh and just find it's worth the time and investment for a community tutor, language exchange partner or professional teacher. However, in my experience unless I'm studying for a CEFR certification or something I've found no big difference between paying for a community tutor vs a professional teacher.
Obsidian is king โค๏ธ I love it and recommend with PARA methods
+1 iTalki. Alternatively check out BaseLang, it was recommend to me but Iโ€™ve not tried it yet. Itโ€™s basically 150$/month subscription for limitless 1:1 tutoring lessons.
If only BaseLang offered languages other than Spanish then that would be my go to!
find a tutor based in the country of the language you want learn (whether its online or in person). immersion + professional instruction + consistency will help you learn any language. I speak English, Mandarin and Spanish
Here the Istanbul connxion is quite stable. I use my 4G but i would recommend to try a coworking space. They have amazing ones. I will share the names of those i use if you ever in this part of the world
Not sure if this is the right channel, but any recommendations for a great Virtual Assistant whoโ€™s looking for an extra 2-10 hours a week? Location doesnโ€™t matter (obvs) ๐Ÿ™‚
I may have the perfect person for you. She's great and she was also a full-time RVer for 2 years.
I'll DM you her contact info.
I can provide a contact if you like. Based in the Philippines, good English, affordable rates, reliable work ethic.
Thanks Ombwa. Yes please Guido!
Anyone work in a call center environment and work in a time zone completely different from the main office? In order for your neighbors to not hate you do you bring a bunch of studio foam to dampen the sound? Or do you rent a house in order to not break any noise ordinances in an apartment complex?
Sounds nice, gonna take a look, thanks for the suggestion
Yes I use it every day! Mainly for window sizes.
> _You received this email because my big data team analyzed your activities in Jira, Confluence, Gmail, chats, documents, dashboards and tagged you as unengaged and unproductive employees. In other words, you were not always present at the workplace when you worked remotely._
productivity measured by big data/ai shit, sad times
My friend is a singing teacher and she got foam things and DIY'd a screen to put around her desk
Doing a productivity review based on engagement in the tools that you're meant to be using while doing your work is fine. Better to do it based on data, as opposed to based on how busy you perceive your employees to be.

Jumping straight to firing them without doing further review is unusual, though.
Further supports my theory that remote work will lead to the near complete commoditization of labor. Everything is tracked and you can be easily dropped with little to no human interaction.
Here is the productivity stack that I am enjoying lately:
โ€ข Superhuman, makes answering emails feel like a videogame
โ€ข Rize for time tracking, another alternative would be Rescuetime which might have better analytics but a worse interface
โ€ข Akiflow, merges calendar with tasks
โ€ข Texts, unifies all the non-replied messages from all platforms.
Downside The price. Got akiflow and rize at a discount and in the Texts beta but if I add everything up it is like $80 / month. Still worth the timesave in my opinion.

I am super curious on what everyone is using the make your life easier.
I think for me the "productivity stack" makes me less productive, it is a lot of tools that for me seem more like procrastination and I know people keep switching from tool to tool to find the best productivity stack or hack.

I don't think there's hacks to productivity. I feel many people are masking more fundamental issues like being unmotivated with their work and maybe they should switch to work that intrinsically motivates them and fits with their life's mission.

I use Post It notes myself, because if I can't get it done with Post It notes I know there's those deeper fundamental issues of motivation and I realize I'm working on the wrong things.

You can put Post It notes on your window to make a To Do and Done list and also make dynamic mind map style stuff by grouping stuff together physically.

Whatever works for every person is best of course. But I have some suspicions of the productivity industry not actually making people more productive.
Fair point. From my end, I find that notebooks / postits sometimes fail to capture or remind me at a later time. It is great to do it immediately but if I have something I need to get done in September 14th I want to forget about that until it is exactly the time to do it.
I like the window todolist idea, might give it a try ๐Ÿ‘€
Reading GTD and understanding that I cannot outsource productivity to an app was the greatest productivity hack for me
enuxcljxws oh yes totally, I do have big problems with scheduling and meetings. So I don't do them anymore at all (no meetings, no calls, no schedule) but that's easy for me to say now as a business owner.
One of the big productivity wastes is not having a clear idea of what to do next. If youโ€™re working on non-bottlenecks, you generally arenโ€™t getting any closer to completion, so being able to identify those and know what to work on is a major productivity boost
If you donโ€™t know how to do that, you might complete one thing and then pick another thing that feels right in the moment to work on, regardless of whether itโ€™s the most important thing to be working on.

Or, you might have productivity software and schedule in a bunch of tasks to be completed systematically, also regardless of whether theyโ€™re the most important thing to be working on
Viewed through that lens, itโ€™s fairly clear why productivity software might not actually solve the problem you intend for it to solve
Eric Ries called that โ€œachieving failureโ€ โ€“ to systematically create and execute a plan that was fundamentally incapable of positive results
Usually people also struggle with understanding the difference between a task and a project. Finishing a task is easy, but finishing a project can feel overwhelming, so having the ability to split a project into tasks is really vital skill in knowledge work.

"Write thesis" <-- really hard, where do I start? what should I focus on?
"Schedule an interview with people x, y and z"
"Read an article x"
"Write a summary about that article" <-- easy and simple tasks, hopefully prioritised already
SMART goals is the way to go, I think. It's cliche as heck, but it works. I don't really see any point in planning tasks if you can't measure progress or have them have a clearly defined scope.
Good point

The only "productivity app" I'm using is Cold Turkey.

It also varies for each person.

For me, if I get an error or very tiny issue when programming, my brain goes autopilot, I just alt+tab to chrome and open one of the social network platforms.

That was killing my drive to be productive, thus the solution was just blocking specific websites, so that I can get out of "autopilot" mind

Plus I get really good quotes (not unrelated stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ )
nahkdwre I was the same until I read the book Atomic Habits. I realised my brain just needs a different perspective. So I get up and take a walk around the room while I think of the problem.
Yes, been doing the same for large problems - also found out this habit by accident, I needed to go to the bathroom and while I was peeing I solved the method logic lol

after that, I just go do something else, walking for example or just go sit anywhere else and do nothing

my "bad habit" was a little different, for tiny, little issues
It reminds me of people wanting to learn a language and instead of actually learning the language they waste hours watching YouTube videos about the theories of language learning.
I use one of those flip note pads, I have went through entire ones to finish projects. I enjoy the process of being able to cross stuff off physically.
When I have a large problem, I just get sleep and need to take a nap and then I usually wake up with answer.
I very happy about Miro as I canโ€™t travel with a window of post it notes :smile:

<@U06FWGSG1> agree on letting the subconscious do most work, ultimate productivity hack right there
I just put in the time every day and stuff magically gets done, no need for notes or any tools.
jlrhxiczagnana sounds like you have true intrinsic motivation and love for your work
I think it's easier when you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want the product to be (if you're doing dev work) but if you need to spend time thinking about it, I'd also consider that work
My issue is not working, I enjoy working. My issue is if I don't make plans or write stuff down I can either forget to do stuff that is important or find myself in a feature creep hell.
I think feature creep stops so many projects from being realized.
nothing more unproductive than working on the wrong thing
millions of people in jobs they don't like why the hell am i not motivated?????
friends with work they love i can't wait to start working
people with jobs they don't like but don't want to invest in the skills to get jobs they DO like why the hell am i not getting hired for jobs i like?????
As George Carlin said, "too many options, is not healthy".
I used a combination of spreadsheet to keep track, time invested into a particular activity o topic I want to learn, in combination with the atomic principle with a Pomodoro techniques. I started to applied this since Apr/2020 for a couple course in Zero To Mastery, related to DSA, JS, Node, Vue, TS. And I was hired by a Start-up like 3 months ago and I assumed that their eagerness of hired me was also because my attitude towards the job.
Hey, anybody here that has a daily writing/blogging practice? Where do you get enough ideas to be able to write something interesting every day?
I write every day. I keep a daily journal of stuff I want to do or did that day, as well as any thoughts of the day. Doesn't mean I publish everything however.

As for ideas, once you start writing, you just accumulate ideas on your own. Then you can pick from those to write a little something about each thing.
I have my own journaling/knowledgebase system and a daily journal. The daily journal just lists 2 daily wins (any two todos that have been accomplished) and then whenever I have something worth noting I write it down. For journalling on particular topics like health, finance, career, etc. it goes into the knowledgebase journals.

Also, you can try the advice given for having business ideas when you have an idea write it down somewhere. If you train yourself to think ideas actively while going about your day, you'll have plenty of them soon. I extend this idea to writing and have a small todo list of potential blog writing/journalling
Yeah I figured this is what would happen to me but after 3 months of daily blogging I feel it's as hard as it's ever been to find topics. Maybe I'm just delusional about the amount of effort that writing requires.
I agree ptwnthrrcgxmif I do try to capture every idea I come up with with any means and it has been vital to my practice. Capturing ideas is arguably the most important step. What happens is that when I go to review them, most of them they seem kinda silly. Maybe I'm just too picky.
Anyone here use| app for controlling access to sites/apps etc.? How do you like it, or do you have something you love more?
I used the StayFocusd browser extension, until I didn't need it. Worked for me quite well.
I really like Feed Eradicator, since I still end up using sites like YouTube (for education) and Facebook (for groups/events/messaging) but I find myself a lot more productive when I can block out the algo recommendations. (I don't think I can link to it, but you should be able to find the extension via Google if you use a mainstream browser.)
Tried them all, getcoldturkey . com is the best for desktop.
You canโ€™t disable it if you set it right.

For iphone I use Freedom . to, but that can be easily bypassed. Havenโ€™t found a better solution.

Sry about the weird links format, canโ€™t post links due to my acct being new.
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