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how counter productive
What's your productivity stack? I use Notion + TickTick + Obsidian + Hey + Mindwave + Dex
Hi baffvo (and really anyone else commenting here), could you shortly describe what you use all of them for? Im on the lookout for new productivity tools. Used teuxdeux but that got overwhelming with too many work tasks. For peronal donโ€™t have a good system, been using notes right now.
Hey, Notion is for handling large amounts of information and rich media (PDFs, images, etc.) that can be systemized (into several views) and regularly checked upon
It's the perfect use case if you need a "wiki" and more customisable version of Airtable
TickTick is the best scheduler I found so far, flexible yet doesn't get in my way. I used to go with Todoist for several years before, but a few things set me off
Obsidian is the best at jotting lengthy amounts of text, long-form copy, detailed explanations, handbook chapters, etc. Its goal is primarily to link your notes between each other as much as possible using many types of backlinks
(I also use RemNote for SRS but I still haven't got into the groove of it)
Mindwave is a bootstrapped journaling multi-device app that was smart enough to also provide for "reflection" and "north star" sections, very convenient if your goal is to journal in order to get better
(I got a lifetime premium deal)
Dex is a good contact management platform, when you literally don't care about anyone's birthday yet feel like networking would do you good
And right now, I'm building the ultimate productivity platform that fits exactly my needs, because I have been frustrated to never find products that understand how I'd like to manage my tasks
Obsidian is a desktop app that just uses raw markdown files, no requirement to upload - you can throw them in git/dropbox or whatever
pqjuywmzkwdf I don't really care about self-hosting for now, maybe I should. But Adam pretty much summed it up
Obsidian looks really nice! thanks
Obsidian has mobile apps in development I think they're released to subscribers, hopefully public soon
I store in Git and use GitJournal to access on mobile
Anyone in America use a virtual mailbox? If so, what are you using?
This is good news, however, I think we as a community would have come up with a better way to spend $60k/year. Message history is great but Iโ€™d build a co-working space in Bali for that money and provide free entrance for all members ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿค—
I'd argue this has a lot more reach than a coworking space
the market size is every nomad who is willing to pay for an online community
From that sentence alone, NomadList can grow by making any of the following happen
โ€ข more nomads
โ€ข more nomads who want online communities
โ€ข making premium communities worth paying for
โ€ข making nomadlist a better choice than any other premium community
bundling memberships to coworking spaces increases the value only for nomads who like coworking spaces and are in areas where that coworking space exists
I think bali would be the right choice for such a venture but thereโ€™s still greater returns on improving the online experience, which benefits a much wider market
thereโ€™s only 600ish active members of this slack compared to 15000 nomadlist subscribers
Great, the feature I never wanted is now here ๐Ÿ˜†
_And_ it's retroactive?
lol fixed!
What is this "company time"? I find it absolutely appalling when I see someone still talking about employees like they own their soul during working hours. I don't care what, where or who my employees do as long as shit gets done by the agreed deadline with required quality.
How is this different from being at the office? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Could someone recommend a virtual assistant service that 1) works for nomads โ€” is not limited in their knowledge to a single region; 2) does not levy heavy monthly/daily/yearly fees โ€” PAYG, probably with some deposit to spend over time 3) generally of a good quality?
I used to work for Hey Jude, they're fairly cross regional so maybe that's of use? They have a monthly fee and then for things they book on your behalf they add a % to the cost.
I work with several VAs in the Philippines :flag-ph:. There are many VA websites that help you find them. Tip Set up a filtering process to find the best, eg let them do a (paid) test task before hiring.
ixulipszbmlrbi From the website I didn't get if I can ask them to do something custom, like "find me a lab that does <this list> of medical tests, that's close by to where I live and open on Monday mornings"?
kjixiao What's your experience giving tasks that are geographically bound and far away from the location of the VA? Say, I'm on Malta now, will your VAs help you to find a local pharmacy that carries a particular medication, given that half of pharmacies on Malta don't even have a website, and one has to call them and check?
Or "I need <this thing> bought & shipped to me, cheapest", where "cheapest" means balancing shipping, import fees to EU for non-EU stores, and price of reshipping in case store does not ship to Malta.
pmmobtktgyw you can have custom requests, they just heavily market to get you to tasks they already know how to do. But most requests were still custom from what I remember. I used them to get me an e-waste company when I couldn't find any for example
ezrkoauzvrv they do anything for me that can be down remotely except phone calls. If they are not trained in a certain area I prepare SOPs they can easily follow.
SOPs is not what I hoped for โ€” it's kinda defeats the purpose of having a human to perform tasks if one can't just say "here's the problem, figure out how to solve it, here's the outcome I need" for a problem that only occurs once.
Yes correct, SOPs only apply to repetitive tasks.
I gave up on having a single VA that can do everything. Instead I build a team of specific people hired on upwork -> you need to be good at hiring though or iterate through people until you find the matches. One for administrative stuff, one for research, one for repetitive SOP based tasks etc
aiqtrzrthyjes Any tips for hiring for local tasks? Global, Internet-based ones are comparatively easy to hire for.
gntainshebv what are examples of local virtual tasks?
armsdecuhgbcn A few examples above in the thread:
โ€” "find me a lab that does <this list> of medical tests, that's close by to where I live (<10 mins on taxi) and open on Monday mornings",
โ€” "I need <this thing> bought & shipped to me, cheapest", where "cheapest" means balancing shipping, import fees to EU for non-EU stores, and price of reshipping in case store does not ship to Malta,
โ€” "find a local pharmacy that carries a particular medication", given that half of pharmacies on Malta don't even have a website, and one has to call them and check.
Most of them are not repeatable, so making a SOP will take way longer than doing it myself once.
fepxjtpdsij I see that as local research, so would hire someone from the country and make sure they have the ability to phone around, if not someone from the country someone that speaks the local language. So would start with upwork and fiverr, otherwise drop by a school, university or similar and leave a note in the most used platform, secretaries can help with that -> would work in italy and denmark, havenโ€™t tried it other places. Although would make most sense for longer stays and if very specific, sometimes it is just faster to solve stuff like that yourself, I know the frustration though. Alternatively get a VA that can find the information via facebook groups or similar for expats at the location.
vhhlvnttvuubk Schools/universities is an interesting idea, thanks! Could you explain what you mean by "secretaries can help with that"?
Schools have secretaries, ask them where the student job board is and if there is an online place to post as well where students will see it
Great, thank you!
Okay in all seriousness - does working in coffee shops give you a feeling you might not be doing the best thing security-wise? I have a feeling some people don't possibly see what could be wrong with it, others might be terrified of a competitor learning something, and the security freaks would insist someone's going to hack you.
Obviously there are measures one can take like a VPN (which everyone should be using) ,screen protector (which I'm probably going to invest in), etc. But of course the most nefarious of actors could use a side channel attack, put a rootkit on your device via USB if you get up to go the bathroom, etc.
Oh, and add run of the mill identity thieves to the list of potential bad guys.
I take my laptop and essentials when I leave
I just leave my decoy laptop to save my seat
Yes, good call, I mean theft is another concern.
At previous jobs, I've had my clunky work computer set up at home and remoted into it.
I'm hoping I can pull something similar off with the new job I'm about to start rather than carrying around an MBP the size of a boat.
This is why I prefer coworking spaces. There's a site called Coworker that offers a "Global Pass" so that helps travel wise if you don't want to constantly be looking for such spaces.

To quote security discussions I see on HN, _what's your threat model?_ A competitor would have to know you go to X shop, physically go there and hack the network (or bribe someone a lot to access it) and install some sort of sniffing software... at which point you use a VPN anyway.

Screen wise, how much are people going to glean from looking at your screen? At a distance one can't tell much of what's going on on a laptop screen, so they'd have to be pretty close up to you to see things. That, and unless you're trying to hide super secret proprietary information (in which case probably don't work at coffee shops anyway), getting ideas from watching you work is the least of your concerns.

Agree on the theft bit though
Thatโ€™s only for targetted attacks, and crimes of opportunity do happen
how often? I donโ€™t know, but itโ€™s a valid to include in the threat model
Sure, but basic protections already mentioned (mainly a VPN) go a long way.

Personally I don't care for doing much useful work in a coffee shop because the wifi is slow anyway. Not being in control of what my network speed is like is a bigger problem for me.
VPN is definitely a good call
I donโ€™t think coworking spaces are any more trustworthy than cafรฉs though
They're definitely better than cafes, since they're actually oriented for work. Some offer lockers in their amenities, and internet is definitely better there.

By virtue of being pay to play I'd say that's already a decent barrier to certain problems. It's by no means a panacea but nothing will fix all the problems other than moving to a wifi-enabled fortress and living there.
You sure meant ยซEthernet-enabled fortressยป, not Wi-Fi, didn't you?
check this toy -> then you will use VPN anywhere just in case ๐Ÿ˜„
dtatpsxigjzpba I think you're absolutely right, but it certainly does depend on what you're working on. This is one of the reasons I've avoided working for a financial company. I personally like to make sure everything is cool with coworkers.
And I definitely need to try coworking spaces. WeWork seems to be the best option in the U.S. However, I'm a little bummed you're not allowed to sleep in them.
TLDR notion like app with offline mode for mac and iPhone?
I used evernote for many years but got tired of all the sync bugs, then I moved to notion sometime last year and was happy until I needed to access something on 5 hour flight with no internet, it had not occurred to me that it doesnโ€™t work in offline mode. Was looking at obsidian as I like the idea of it just using local .md files as far as I understand, downside is that iOS is only a paid for private beta, which does not give me synchronisation confidence. Any good suggestions? All I need is basic text formatting, good search and ability to create wiki like hierarchies, tags get messy for me over time so they are not really a solution which is why I discarded simplenote.
Got the perfect app for you. Craft.
vlmt BOOM! Thx! prayskin-tone-3
No problem - itโ€™s an amazing app!
If you want to use obsidian on Mac, you can keep your .md files on a cloud service to sync with iPhone and use any iOS text editor you want (I like iA Writer). I mean, that's one of the benefits of using text files!

I tried iCloud Drive to sync txt files but it is unreliable for offline because notes would be out-of-date or offloaded to save space. Now I keep my txt files in a git repo auto-synced with my phone, which works reliably but is complex.
limy Craft looks great. While it doesn't use text files, they seem committed to keeping the format open and accessible to other apps:

> Right now our on-disk storage is based on a JSON file. It's the first step, but this makes it error-prone / hard for you to directly open and modify.
> - We are working on moving to a markdown-based version
> - We will provide open source converters libraries which can convert our on-disk format to a variety of options
> - We will provide strong documentation and open source libraries for parsing and modifying our file format
Yeah I think you can export as either markdown or pdf
I like google keep! I use a signal note widget in full screen on a desktop on my phone for easy access, and then a pinned tab in my browser, it does offline mode on your phone
Iโ€™m using Foam for VS Code which gives a lot of roam/obsidian style features
On mobile I use Working Copy as a git client and I can update all my notes there
what sync bug did you find in evernote? I use it in 3 devices and have never had an issue except 1-2 conflicts
kxwnajjr conflicts all the time across notes and just finding the conflicting part pasted below particularly annoying with long lists of items that I edit across devices. Wasnโ€™t even in places with poor connectivity, so lost confidence in the app/service and liked notionโ€™s organisation better, why I switched.
hmm weird, never had more than 1-2 conflicts and I have 1000s of notes and 50+ notebooks
1Password 8 early access for Windows went live today
worth having a look at devonthink, though it's expensive
Do you all use a paper-based system to manage your workflow? Do you have any planners that you like? I'm trying to find something for daily tracking kind of like this 1๏ธโƒฃ|
True although their iOS app sucks IMO
I flip a bit between a lined paper journal and my iPadPro & Pencil.

That said I have often thought and wanted to figure out a digital platform for all these paper based journal systems (best self, 5 minute journal, atomic habits etc) The are all buying and selling the physical goods. Seems there could be a market for branded digital versions.
I do paper as itโ€™s better for my brain and so I donโ€™t forget how to handwrite ๐Ÿ˜„ with moleskine smart pen I get a sort of digital copy of it.
Two journals one is structured personal/idea capture/reflection, the other is work/todo and I use a daily 4 list main tasks, anti tasks (stuff that comes in on the day), regulars (routine tasks) and a delays list (stuff that keeps me from completing tasks)
Anything not relevant for the day I keep in various kanban boards on clickup (I generally work on/for a multitude of projects/businesses at the same time so can impossibly keep tasks in my head and no system)
Clickup is great ๐Ÿ‘Œ
USD โ”€ $
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