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eywnfmikmbrgvxtg I don't think using the term lonely for single women or people in general is appropriate ๐Ÿง
vaxhmfi It hadn't occurred to me it might be inappropriate -- how so?
Lonely has negative connotations for many people, hence the whole concept of differences between being lonely vs alone woman-shruggingskin-tone-4
That sounds like a good reason not to assume people who are alone are necessarily lonely, but I've had many good friends who lived in Bangkok leave because they professed to be lonely
I'm happy to nuke the comment shrugskin-tone-2 I'd just like to understand why I'm nuking it first so I don't do it again ๐Ÿ™‚
Haha no need to nuke it. I just think to say "full of interesting, successful and single" doesn't carry any labelling, but I understand many might feel lonely for the dating scene in BKK.
Which do you prefer to ๐Ÿ“… nomads or locals?
Depends on the country ๐Ÿ‘€
i've never dated a nomad, only locals, so i'm curious about that, i imagine it would be more fun and more compatible lifestyle-wise
Nomads preferable, locals more realistic.
Someone who I like I guess?Or you choose who you going to like by their title usually?
Iโ€™d prefer a relationship with a nomad as the values the same and open mindness, etc. But actually depends on the individual.
Ha. Why my relationship ended pre going nomad 5 months ago. Seems to be a thing ๐Ÿ™‚
I spent 7 years on and off with my partner and every time it ended it was because he wanted to stay and I wanted to leave. Needless to say it's off again but at least we didn't take each other away from our own lives paths and end up resenting each other. Haven't yet been with another nomad so would be interesting to see if that's something that would make a relationship work.
Both, but definitely prefer nomads for a relationship
tugkcpivarht off like you are over? curious in that sense. with mine we are always on and off, but the same reason that she can't travel as much as I
jonpxrqkbvdoe yep off like over. I was more open to staying together and even would have been open to seeing other people if it happened but still having eachother. He wasn't down for that (different values I suppose). I also wonder if it's harder for the one who doesn't leave to travel because they are in the home with all the familiarity and not as much to distract them. It's complicated for realz ๐Ÿคฏ
Good read U020421PR5Y. Iโ€™ve only ever loved the female-mother, Iโ€™ve wasted many years chasing the highs of the woman-daughter and I have never been attracted to the female-sister. A good reminder of getting clear of what you value and what happens naturally
Ever felt the need of going back to your home town?

Iโ€™ve been playing with the idea in my mind and while is not a perfect place I feel going back would help me get back to a healthy routine. I've been stressing out so much over the last few months about visas, flights, accommodation and all the things you know that I think I'm not enjoying travel as much as I used to.

Is not my favorite place on earth, but I know the ins & outs, most of my family and friends are there, I have a routine that wouldn't take me much time to go back to once I'm there.

I would also make a good difference to my financials, my spending would probably be cut to half on a month to month basis and i think it would help me get back to my side projects which I pretty much abandoned as I started traveling again.

I might just be home sick but I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and how you dealt with it.
have you tried a different destination? Medellin is my least favourite place that i've travelled to
I think slowmadding/slow travel would help with this, staying at a place for a few months means you can get back into your routines or establish new ones, become more familiar with the local culture and don't have to frequently deal with the uncertainties of travel that cause stress.

It also makes sense financially as well because longer rentals are usually cheaper than shorter rental terms.
was just about to say the same thing as U02JV6CQ82Z!br />I personally experienced the stress/ exhaustion from constantly changing places, having to figure out flights, airbnbs, place to work, to eat even. So yeah, there is no way to keep a good routine when you are in that state so donโ€™t beat yourself up over that! :relieved:
I didnโ€™t really have an option of going to either homes (russia, canada) because season changes affect me in a majorly negative way and just not my fav places to be tbh. So I decided to just go back to where I had made close-ish friends (which was only 3 actually) and enjoyed staying while travelling. Booked a 3 months stay in an area I already knew and just focused on getting better than exploring everything all the time meeting those friends, just going to the same neighbourhood cafe, living a slower life pretty much.
Took about a month for my mind to calm down and recalibrate itself, eventually got my energy back and now itโ€™s day and night!
Hope you feel better soon! ๐Ÿค—
oh and this post by Pieter was SO USEFUL for me at the time! made me realize Iโ€™m not alone in this and not going mad :upside_down_face:
I was traveling around europe for the last two years and met new great friends and settled in Berlin for a bit but towards the end of 2020 I ran into job, visa and housing troubles at the height of a depressing pandemic winter. Felt really stuck so I just decided to go back to my hometown in bali where I grew up where all my oldest friends are where I can speak the language and be somewhere familiar and friendly. Best decision ever, total reset of my mind and mood. Been home for over 6 months now and now I'm starting to make plans and getting excited about going somewhere new.
Also because bali is one of the top nomad destinations I was able to meet some new people through here! So there might even be new people to meet in your home town too
Wow! I'd love to hear more about your experience. I had heard so many positive reviews, but only recently ran into another person who really disliked it.
It's very polarized because there are people that hates it and other that loves it
I'm in a lover camp lol
so much so that I extended my stay to 6 months in the city
but the city is not "uniform" in the sense that depending in what neighborhood you stay, your experience can vastly differ from the other
That's why we never stay less than 3 months in a place with my gf now, in the past we used to travel 1 month at a time. I don't feel the need to go back home in my case (French Polynesia) because:
โ€ข It's very expensive, just the cost of food would be the same as housing + food + activities in another country like Colombia/Thailand
โ€ข There is no infrastructure
โ€ข No interesting people to meet (only people interested in chicken fights, smoking weed and listening to music all day)
โ€ข I never felt I was "part of the tribe"
โ€ข It's unsafe
Given all those negatives the only reason I go back to my home country is to see my family and eventually one or two old friends :sweat_smile:.
For me I just had ongoing series of bad luck the whole time I was there, maybe something to do with the rainy climate, pollution and altitude but the food didnโ€™t taste good and I got really clumsy, slipped on a puddle in the apartment lobby which staff failed to mop up and cracked my phone, later on dropped my MacBook, no Apple store in Colombia so weeks waiting at local tech store for them to finally tell me they couldnโ€™t fix it so had to fly to Mexico. Couldnโ€™t fly to Mexico right away because I ended up getting laser eye surgery, 1 week recovery turned into 4 weeks.

Only positive thing is now I have perfect vision. My favorite things about Medellin were the drive into the valley and the drive out. I honestly thought at some stages I was going to be stuck waiting in Medellin forever. Preferred bogota but yeah overall Colombia was a stressful place for me.
I ended up in my hometown at the start of the pandemic, got into a relationship with someone who canโ€™t work remotely, and have set up a home base in my home town. I moved away when I was 18 and never in a million years imagined Iโ€™d ever live in my hometown again.

Now Iโ€™m no longer a nomad - I just go away and work remotely for 3-4 weeks 4/5 times a year.

Sometimes I get super fomo and miss nomad life, but most of the time Iโ€™m super happy to be close to my parents (who are both sick), I have a friend group, a gym, save a ton of money (live with my partner rent free which is a pretty sweet deal).

Not something I would have actively chosen if the cards didnโ€™t line up exactly as they did, but Iโ€™m pretty happy in my new life.
No shame in going to your home town ๐Ÿ™ƒ digital nomading for me is about having the freedom to be wherever you want to be, not about ticking off as many places as possible
why just not taking it slower? I plan to stay 4-5months in every place, loving it
4-5 months is not realistic for most places, most visas are 90 days and I honestly don't feel going through the hassle of overstaying or extending visas is worth it, at least not for now.
Do whatever feels good for you. If I felt like going home for a few years, I'd do that without a qualm. If you want to hit the road again, you can do that whenever! There are no rules except what supports you the best. I've definitely come home for a stretch here and there when I needed it
cyckjbawga true, forgot about visa stuff...
That sounds like a very unpleasant experience, sorry! That would certainly leave a bad taste in anyoneโ€™s mouth. Maybe more bad luck than a knock against the city though?
Possibly, I am only 1 experience. These types of things happen everywhere.
+Kiev, Barcelona
How do you deal with flirting in bars when traveling solo? Almost always, youโ€™d need a partner on this, girls look at you weird if u say iโ€™m traveling solo ๐Ÿ˜…
Not that I'm good at it, sometimes I just fail to do it at all sometimes it works, but in general I try to find some context to approach, maybe ask a question or a tip from a local, usually if they seem more open to be approached, tables with lots of people are difficult, groups of 2-3 might be a little easier to approach, sometimes I mention I'm just new in town/traveling solo and looking for new spots/people to hang out, some people are friendly enough to invite you further into a chat, some not,

and usually after a couple of sentences I introduce myself and the way people introduce themselves sometimes helps you figure out if they're interested in continuing a conversation or not

But yes, in general, success rate when I'm solo is much lower and often discouraging
Yeah exactly, thatโ€™s why itโ€™s also interested to meet fellow nomads when traveling
Can anyone explain to me how the friend finder / dating app works?
I get it that you just do the swipe thing, but what happens afterwards?
Most of the time you just don't talk to that person and keep using tinder instead
jk haha
If you match with someone you get a notification.
Ahh, notification = message?
I don't see any notification bell or something on nomadlist
You'll get a message on slack by the Nomadlist bot
Oh ok, so I'm just unattractive/uninteresting, good to know, thanks for the help!
Haha, keep in mind it's a very small community compared with tinder and such, so people don't use the tool too often. So even if everybody swiped right when they see you, it'll take a while for matches to come in
rxdfiexrfj What does the โ€˜Promotedโ€™ badge mean? For example for Puerto Escondido
Indeed it's a small community so can be a bit awkward if things don't go that well
Fairytrail, i think there's more people there
limiting belief
It's easy to use, like any dating app, you just swipe swipe swipe and when a match happens....usually nothing happens next, people just stay in your list, like a small collection of trophies that don't mean anything :)
Thanks for the "real world" explanation ^^
I was actually wondering most about the travel buddy feature, cause I like having penpals from everywhere in the world and thought the friend finder feature might be a good way to find people to meet up and keep being pen pals
I like the idea of getting to know people from a lot of places on this earth, but it will also happen naturally anyway ^^
Isn't it easier though to meet people in the place you're currently at and then stay pen pals afterwards?
For now they're artificially boosted a bit
in future I'd like to let tourism boards sponsor
I went back for a few weeks to visit family, but I was happy to get out of there. Got bored pretty quick
So uhโ€ฆwho here had to decide between their partner and traveling long term? How do you feel about it
cgccmygxfr because they can't or they don't want to?
My 2 cents on this has always been that it depends.

If you raised the question for yourself then it might be worth staying a bit and see how things go.

If he/she is the one saying "it's me or travel"... I couldn't pack fast enough.
That sounds like a lot of missing information. Like they don't want to travel ever, not even for vacation? They just hate moving?
A very large amount of people either hate it, or burn out after a few years. It is diminishing returns. While you do find those people who have been at it forever, they are usually couples and if they are singles it's often because they have now trapped themselves in a different way.
I am talking about Nomad 1.0, people who never have a house/base. Not Nomad 2.0 where people have a base and then do extended travel 2-6/months per year.
Oh no - she's very supportive. It's more the choice on my end

Nomad 2.0 as you said might be the best compromise
So what's the actual issue?
Oh just curious how it's gone for y'all, given it can be a make it or break it big decision
I traveled with my now wife for over 5+ years full-time (pre-pandemic)
I guess it could be make or break, but if you actually like the person, then it would make more sense to both secure remote income and then do it. If they are 100% against travel, then there is a value system issue.
I broke up with my ex-GF when I relocated(not nomading so a bit different), around 5yrs ago, relocating is different because it's more permanent and at the time I had only been dating for a year and it already had some issues regardless of a move, so I didn't think asking someone to move across the world with me was a good idea, otoh I met a lot of people who relocated with GF/wives and they are happy but their partners struggle sometimes because they have issues finding a network of friends, jobs, etc, so in the end I think I made the right choice
but probably very different from your case
Pretty sure he just made it up? ๐Ÿ˜…
thankfully i'm nomad 3.0
I think zwcjjkntaz invented it we were using the terms around her for awhile. To contrast the first wave of nomads to the second one. The first wave had unrealistic expectations, my self included that it would be like a long term vacation.
This was when remote jobs were pretty rare.
Interesting, with covid acceleration of remote work we're on the way to 3.0 then
Nice, I coined/named/segmented the nomad waves a bit here:
1) 2007-2013 Tim Ferris and internet marketers,
2) 2014-2020 Nomad List and devs/designers,
3) 2021-2027 Covid remote, everybody in the West,
4) 2028-2034 everybody elsewhere (developing countries)

u can go 0) wave but 2000-2007 not much happened, and then -1) wave in the 90s with telecommuting hype, and then -2) wave with a guy on a bicycle in the 80s and a laptop
I think 3) mainstream current wave is def multi city living more than nomad travel
You could also try a different town/city/state in your home country. If it's a big enough country just even being in a different city will still give you that nomad effect, but still closer to home and no visa issues. I myself personally got tired of the visa issues and border jumps, etc. So being in my home country, but not hometown, was a nice transition for me.
My ex broke up with me due to long distance too, then i met a guy who's American wife moved with him to a developing country and then learned his language too ๐Ÿ˜ข
I noticed โ€œParents togetherโ€ Category in nomad list, it surprise me. How this option is relevant? I havenโ€™t seen anyone whose parents are separated. May be thatโ€™s why I donโ€™t get it.
that's very very common in "western" countries
which is not an answer if it makes sense to ask of course. probably some data gathering from levels
I concur with the sentiment above. Iโ€™m not an expert in the psychology of it and I donโ€™t assume to be, but in Western countries it is not uncommon to find families where parents have separated/divorced for one reason or another. And the circumstances involved in that (whether good or bad) can definitely effect how the children in that family view relationships in the long run.
Differences in family view relationships make sense. Seems like I should have some deep conversation with them.
It would be more straightforward for nomadlist to ask "How much childhood trauma 1โ€“10?" disguised_face
I wouldn't take those traits too seriously there's a lot really just random things useful to collect data on who is more likely to be liked in the app, but not that people actually choose based on that, stuff like how you prefer your eggs or if you're right handed
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