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Where i'm leaving right now and since i keep track as much as human possible my spending i reach to 12k a year. BTW great video.
So this is where youโ€™ve been posting! zobjlngvyfrns quieegrnpjw egvddayx Iโ€™m excited to be part of the cool group now.
Bro! Good to see you here!
Well, I've been most active in other groups, but yeah, you can find me here as well
Other groups?
Check that out! Haha and I see what you did there - very pro.
Where are you at that serves โ€˜waterโ€™? in wine glasses?
Which one was your favorite coworking space typtvztvfegycw ?
xgarprvnd I like ergonomics and productive setting so Office Arena in Ghent (orange chair). Best design was Ampla House also in Ghent (library photo). The best community and one mentioned was The Attic in Antwerp - great folks (2+ months - photo with meh chair and small window). Then in Brussels I liked Silversuare, while corporate it has a good vibe with plenty of active members (not pictured).
Thanks for sharing the feedback!
It was Suzy Anti-cafe in Phnom Penh, Cambodia ๐Ÿ™‚ Great little spot (but the chairs are not the best). But otherwise rocks.
dfpbuch have pics?
Here is their FB - lots of pics there. They just opened a 2nd location in the BKK1 area too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Now called Suzy Time Cafe
I forsee โ€œtime cafesโ€ becoming more of a thing. Thatโ€™s good branding - will use it in the future. Hereโ€™s one in Paris I really enjoyed. With buying an hour (โ‚ฌ6) you get any barista made coffee free (unlimited), snacks, meeting rooms, & phone booths HUBSY cafรฉ & coworking | Saint-Lazare restricted from linking
Ya it's a cool system. Hopefully it works for them economically.
I think you can find this quality in low COL areas, you will just pay a lot. I had a pretty good co-working space in Mexico city, for example, but it was expensive.
relative to mexico
It amazes me how expensive some coworks can be. What did you think of Mexico city? would you do it again?
irnkjlfbvzomvb Near the top of the list for an affordable urban environment. I mean, you can get tacos everywhere.
I recently worked a new feature in HEY called Bubble Up. Wrote a recap of how we work (remote and async) in a 6-week cycle, following Shape Up for product development. Shared how we collaborate, the tools we use, and the design decisions along the way.|
I read that earlier today, awesome write up! So cool to now discover you are a nomad too! :) Thank you for writing it up.

I was curious what you all ended up using for a date picker - a package or did you all write your own?
Thanks UR69C3P0E! We went with native date pickers on the browsers and the apps. Keeping it simple.
Shared this with my team! We've been toying with the idea of changing our sprint length and standardizing the process, as well, so this was a super nice example of how and when things should be happening during the lifecycle of a project. Thank you sharing this, U0298FW6VS9! And brava! ๐Ÿ‘
Thanks U03M2QUBV4M! Switching to Shape Up and the 6-week cycle + 2-week cooldown was such a game changer for me! If you have any questions about implementing a similar process in your team, do let me know! โœจ
qbhbwujauyz this is awesome stuff, thank you! Iโ€™ve always been a big fan of 37signals so itโ€™s super cool to get a peak under the hood of how you all work. A couple questions:
โ€ข The term โ€œcooldownโ€ means when core feature development is mostly finished (minus bug fixes and followup refinement)?
โ€ข Are all sprints/epics/releases there structured to a 6 week cadence?
โ€ข I noticed mention of weekly โ€œwhat did I work onโ€ updates. Is this in addition to daily standups or does this replace it?
Thanks UHYHNFELS!br />1. Cooldown, more on that|here and|here. The way I look at it it's that for 6 weeks I have assigned work and then the cooldown is a chance to roam (fix bugs, try something new, do what we want).
2. The entire company runs on|6-week cycles>. For our Product team, the|appetite could range from 2, 4, or 6 weeks.
โ—ฆ In Cycle 1, I had a 4 weeker + 2 weeker (completely unrelated projects โ€“ and they don't have to ship at the end of the cycle, we can ship whenever we have it ready)
โ—ฆ In Cycle 2 (the post), I worked on Bubble Up for 6 weeks across platforms. 4 weeks on web, then continued on supporting mobile.
3. Our automatic check-ins replace all sorts of stand-ups which helps us work async.
โ—ฆ On Monday morning, we're asked "What will you be working on this week?" โ€“ it's more of a guess, it could change, of course.
โ—ฆ At the end of each day, we're asked "What have you worked on?" and we decide if we want to answer them daily or bundle a few days of work in an answer.
yalawjtcqgo super cool, thanks! Iโ€™m a little surprised about things being time based there, maybe I was expecting more of a โ€œitโ€™s done when itโ€™s doneโ€ approach since pushing for things to go faster is usually at the expense of something else, like technical debt.
I really like your stand up replacement strategy, where you have a beginning of the day question (theory) and then end of the day report (reality). ๐Ÿ˜„ Now Iโ€™m noticing this โ€œShape Upโ€ book you link to, I definitely will be reading it now.|Shape Up> goes into all the details (and it's a free read for the online edition). It's not about building fast and certainly not at the expense of technical debt. We set an appetite and ship the best work with the time we've got. The|Seven Shipping Principles> dives into that and more.
> The time constraint imposed by the appetite is meant to force trade-offs and concessions. To curb the ambition that naturally turns every idea into a project that drags on forever by people drawn to perfection.
Makes sense
Love the way you are describing your trip in Belgium man, keep it up!

And I agree with you, Belgium is a weird country. You can love it or hate it, never in the middle.
This is how to do a show-and-tell ๐Ÿ‘† thanks gulkyedojajlak
It's my pleasure. I've had a lot of practice on Reddit. They're ruthless with their feedback.
Agreed, this sets the bar ๐Ÿ˜„
99% same opinion. By the way, in Brussels, gosh, the noise pollution was awful. Ambulance/police sirens every 10 or so minutes, traffic (and horns). Towns nearby are relatively fine
There are certain places that are better to live in than to visit as a DN. As a DN you want novelty and experience.
Ya this was great
I was visiting and it was everywhere, haha. But yeah, I get what you mean
Yah win some, yah lose some. I hope the rest of your time in Belgium was still good!
It was
the excelsheet show $400+ for rent but the airbnb link you show cost $1.3k a month?
It's summer now
apparently itโ€™s open for august, but now itโ€™s $50 a night (w/o discounts) instead ๐Ÿ˜ช must be summer like andresbotero said
Liked the spreadsheet grinning_face_with_star_eyes I have an upcoming trip and planning on doing something like this to see the total cost and its breakdown
Great way to stay on a budget!
Just published a video about Bansko! Also will try to do the summaries like efyagaymzrxuym I'll write it soonish
Are you planning to publish one about Tenerife? :)
Btw, happy birthday Sergio! partying_face
Yess, I prioritize Bansko because of the Nomad Fest and maybe Lisbon after lol. But yup, Gran Canaria and Tenerife will be published soonish~
nsusivtdztjp am guessing it's only on iPhone? Can't find on play store
Yeah, not yet on play store
I'm using Notion for everything. The ability to tailor the experience to each individual project is priceless. That has really boosted my travel planning recently
Just published a reel sharing my experience on the remote Caribbean island of Barbuda, in Antigua & Barbuda. :flag-ag:

I wanted to do something special for some friends of mine who have made a big impact on my life. I surprised them with a chopper trip to Nobu Barbuda! F$%&#N epic. Check it out :helicopter::desert_island:

Amazing video!
I love her expression and all the details in this piece
Thanks urigqewswki potted_plantman-raising-handpraycall_me_handhandshakeblush
Just published a video about living in Gran Canaria as a digital nomad!
next time youโ€™re there you should go paragliding with Chris from
oh that aounds fun
Travelling Europe right now with friends, family, and solo. Went to a beautiful farm to table restaurant in Italy near Lake Como with my uncle and a few friendsโ€ฆ This video is one of the funniest things Iโ€™ve seen in a long time.
โ€œJust get me home Trixieโ€ฆโ€ :joy::it:
Very insightful!
Bariloche is on my list of places to check out in Argentina. How long would you say is the minimum you should spend to get a feel for the city?
Minimum 1 week, but you could stay a bit longer if you are into hiking and exploring small towns. I have a full video of Bariloche if you wanna see it
Just published a video about living in Tenerife as a digital nomad!
Yeah I'm watching it now. I love the drone shots and the fact that you show wifi download/upload speeds very prominently for the workspaces you visited. Can't wait to try the chocolate there as well lol.
Man the chocolate there is the best
xjdbvzyecnmvl what an awesome video! Tenerife looks stunning. Thanks for sharing, buddy! clapes
thanks, seems like that you would like this as username checks out ๐Ÿคฃ
Just started a YouTube channel dedicated to Europe, especially Estonia (not Tallinn). Please drop by especially if you're into the Baltics. Going on a trip to Austria, Hungary, Romania, Italy and Latvia next week so a lot of content to follow. Please check it out, search and subscribe to โ€œJaivenโ€ (or visit my profile). Thank you. :)
๐Ÿ“ฃ Content Publishing Update:

Wrote a|post reflecting on my first year as a digital nomad - keen on feedback ๐Ÿ™
Really good points!
Inspiring AF to pack my bag again ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Great post! I also find myself deeply entrenched in my routines/rituals. Reading your point about routines/rituals that I can bring on the go has me thinking more about the new ones I can create, which makes me excited! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing U03U8FNU732!
vkyjydbngxmpx Good job. Enjoyed the article. You make some excellent points.
You need to attend meetups, record journey e.t.c
Note I don't work at Deel
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