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who knows you may get lucky!
But it will be entirely luck if you replace your salary in less than 1-3yrs
Obv hard work plays in a lot; you make your own luck to a large extent
I don't expect to fully replace my salary for a long while. But I'm hoping to make enough so that I don't have to go back and get a "regular" job, in a relatively short timeframe(within a year)
It's possible. Got to figure out how to validate rapidly. Make something 1-10 people love, then find who will pay you
Not sure why that linked in slack lol
Yeah, we have some expressed interested off a webinar we ran, but it's hard to know how much of that would actually convert to sales until we ask them for money
Expressed interest doesn't mean much sadly
People like to be positive and supportive
$$$ talks
Better than the other way, but don't want to put too much stock into it
Weird link isn't working on mobile
Just copying from one thread down
This is what it is:
Thoughts on charging clients ahead of building the thing?ย ย Kinda taking a Tesla pre-order approach.ย ย But feels like clients might find it risky since we're not established
Pre-order works but i think usually when you have an existing network or great hype marketing
Can you have one customer pay you speculatively with a guarantee of refund perhaps? Can you make a very basic MVP quickly
You don't charge them, you give up them. You just test they are able to go further than just the landing page. It's up to you to write and explain correctly that there is nothing yet ready.
It's not 100% correct, I know. But honestly I prefer to be a bit outrageous with 5 people rather than loosing two years like I did for my first company.
fair enough!
Can you explain "you don't charge them, you give up them" bit? Not sure I understand
The potential client may go to your landing page, and click to a product offer, but there is nothing. Except the most important you have a proof that someone is interested. I don't expect him to come back every week to see if something happen. So you kind of loose your lead.
If you design your website correctly, and if the situation is favorable for that, you may have his email and contact him later.
jwdvijqmmtcmeuuht a really great talk on b2b saas, recommended by|patio11 โ€” blueprint for talking to customers and getting some sign off before building anything
Interesting video covering the early days of Ghost
Hello everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
Hello ! Do you have some recommendations on learning about bootstrapping ? There have been too much content posted lately so I couldnโ€™t keep up with everything. Iโ€™m especially interested about pricing for products.
I found most of my informations in podcasts. It's in french, so I can't give you advices I guess.
caabd I am French ๐Ÿ™‚
I'll reply to you with my podcast list this week, no time to search now. Ping me if I forget.
TheMature Dev is a good start
Merci ๐Ÿ™‚
I give google search terms, as I can't link yet for good reasons.
โ€ข indiemakers Podcast
โ€ข Theo Cafรฉ podcast (Thรฉo Marรฉchal)
And maybe shubham sharma podcast
Thanks !
I'm taking the plunge. I've put in my notice at my day job, I'm getting a one way ticket to Mexico, and I'm going to go full time on my startup.
Wish me luck!!
congratulations! let us know how it goes
Good luck! I recommend you start trying to freelance (you can get customers on Upwork), it'll give you more runway, and let you scale up and down the number of hours-per-week you spend on your startup.
I am new here, I might have missed it but what's the startup about ?
lembhdrcvadpk we are building a product, and hopefully eventually a platform, to help tour operators create, maintain, and improve their websites
eoqouzmncjnydxymc I recently joined so I am not allowed to DM.
To answer your question, Yes I have a startup of my own, its called Bobble AI => bobble (dot) ai
(I can't even send the link because I am new here)
Foundr and Indie Hackers are also nice for inspiration
Side note, of all of this stuff^ quitting my job for my startup, going full digital nomad, bootstrapping vs funding, validating the idea, etc. does anything come to mind as something that would be interesting to read about?
Thinking about picking blogging back up
A lot to unpack there. I'd say out of everything you've mentioned, validating your idea is probably the most important. "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries is a good book that covers the topic pretty well.
The answer to that is always yes
There has been tons of conversations about this in here, levels also talked about this. I don't want to rain on your parade but most people who are successful do not quit their jobs to focus on their startups. It's actually the opposite, most successful startups are side hustles including some now billion dollar companies.

There is plethora for reasons for this but one is that the stress that comes with having a limited time frame is counter-productive. Having cash flow let's you take larger risks and pivot etc..
If you are in software dev, it probably wouldn't be difficult to just pick up something so you have cash flow but the I am going to move to Thailand on savings and try to create a startup, lose all my savings and have the startup fail is a super common story.
Levels had success before he ever did nomad list, he had a successful youTube channel. Most successful startups are usually built on the back of a bunch of failures or minor successes. First time entrepreneurs succeeding statistically is closer to playing the lottery.

The people who sell the quit your job stuff are usually life coaches. That said, if you are going to do a startup, pretty much the only book I would recommend reading is the J-Curve startup.
Appreciate the thoughts, definitely don't want to _just_ get the POV of people who are all :thumbsup:. Good to hear both sides.

I'm in product, so harder to to pick up something for cash flow. This is my 7th startup, so definitely built on the back of many others. And also for this one, the idea feels relatively validated, as in we have a small waitlist of customers who are ready(or so they've said, we haven't charged them) to pay for our product, once we build it. So it feels like most of the risk atm is execution risk
That's good to hear, I went through 9 and the one that makes my living took 3 years to get to that level.
Dang! And I thought 7 was a lot ๐Ÿ˜›
Also not trying to be a total debbie downer, lol
It's alright, it's a good gut check. Although I'm pretty excited and filled with energy right now, I know that the reality will be super tough. So I think it's good for me hear a bit of the "it's not all sunshine and rainbows, in fact, it's barely ever sunshine or rainbows" narrative ๐Ÿ˜‚
Obviously it's hard if you can't secure work, but in general I think with the DN life style it is better to be sustainable if you can swing it. Moving from one startup to another while continuing to travel I think is much nicer than having to start/stop with gaps where you need to build up capital.
Agree with everything uvivmqxagzpruvbba said, I'm on startup 4 ๐Ÿ˜‚
Anyone here work or used to have a remote worldwide consulting company?
I plan to build something like that, like freelancing with a group of people, completely asynchronously.
Anyone got an experience to share?grin
Hi. So I technically do have experience with this, working at a bioinformatics consulting company (about 30 people) for the last 3 years. There are employees and clients in Spain, South Africa, Brazil, UK, all over the US, etc. I am bottom of the food chain, not a founder by any means, but I do know some things.

I usually just have meetings with my boss, who is in the same time zone, but I'd say get used to meetings at odd hours. He meets with clients in the UK as early as 5 AM and occasionally has meetings at 8PM. I recommend using something like You Can Book Me, which connects to your calendar and allows people to schedule times that you are available in their time zone. This is good for setting boundaries.

Slack is our primary mode of communication with both clients and employees, with Zoom for meetings. And we track everyone's hours using Clockify.

I am a full time employee but I tend to work 6 hours a day, every day. I split it up, doing 3 hours in the morning and 3 after dinner, because that's just who I am. In summary I work very asynchronously.

Do you have any specific questions?
I'm a co-founder at Talented and we run a network of IT professionals who work on projects all over the world, most of them freelancers or small/medium sized consulting companies. Talented Network is currently 3600+ members and although we don't necessarily focus on remote, we've more and more remote projects each week since the times are what they are.

We've also just recently co-founded a consulting company called Nordic Nomads for people who want to work solely on remote setting :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing with IT-consulting is that you need to tackle both ends of the value chain first (talent acquisition and sales) before you can focus on running operations in between them. Unless you have interesting clients/projects no-one wants to work for you, and unless you have consultants you have nothing to sell. And only after you have both you can start figuring out how to match them together.

One way to tackle sales is to have a partnership with different sales channels, where we for example can help we are handling around 15-20 Mโ‚ฌ worth of projects on weekly basis so if you need help on finding projects let me know ๐Ÿ™‚
I'm coder at Toptal. Talented is one of the many competitors, but Toptal is said the clear leader.
I worked with Boston Consulting Group for example, and I'm now working with a nice Cameroon startup. There are some teams created by Toptal for a project, so the client has all people they want.
Thank you so much guys,
My main concern is in the commercial business.
Thank you for your feedback! Very helpful!
I mean, to get clients ๐Ÿ˜…
Congrats on the big move! Hope it goes well for you
so um, is it even possible to get any exposure on producthunt if you donโ€™t ask your existing network to spam upvotes?
Product hunt is over rated unless your product is actually for makers. If you have something else it is a waste of time.
Or if you have a simple product, it is a way to just skip the delay and get a bunch of competitors immediately.
yeah I mean, I put the effort in to make something new, functional, and polished, free & with the code on githubโ€ฆ

and I got 2 clicks from product hunt total ๐Ÿ˜„
not that I expected much, but if all these fake landing pages that just list buzzwords get to be upvoted, Iโ€™d want at least one upvote for myself too ๐Ÿ˜„
k Iโ€™m done, sorry about the rant :D
I'm one of the co-founders for FlexibleSites. We have devs who work on projects all over the world so feel free to DM me if you want a chat.
I had a couple of people ask me about appsumo for exposure as well. This might be an option but tbh I haven't used that market either.
#1 rule of Product Hunt --> donโ€™t have any expectations from it ๐Ÿ˜…
2 clicks and there's now 4 clones of the project
`<your product>`ify
`<your product>`ly
`<your product>`r
Haha you mean the super value adding gumroad databases with 50 tweets, links or whatever joyjoyjoy yes quite lame nowadays โ˜น
Have you worked in a client-facing Business Analyst or Data Analyst role?

We are starting an agency for e-commerce data (operational) analytics. Although we are familiar with the e-commerce space, software engineering, data engineering and other data roles, we do not yet have much experience in working with clients. So far it has been a bit ad-hoc and unstructured. We want to establish a business process for onboarding and working with clients.

Our product is a data warehouse solution with a Data Analyst or Business Analyst service on top of it.

Our preliminary thinking for a process:

1. Discovery
2. Define KPIs
3. Create BI dashboards to measure those KPIs
4. Review, rinse, and repeat

Have you experienced a similar process before? Are there best practices? Iโ€™d love to know more to help shape our offering.

Hi hgzjnnvk At a high level, that is sort of it, but you also need to consider the phase where you will likely need to consider the data infrastructure needed for BI/analytics.
โ€ข Does the client already have an ETL/data ingestion process in place?
โ€ข What are all source systems and does data need to tap into those source systems or is everything already collected in a data warehouse/data mart?
Depending on the client, they will have either some BI infrastructure in place or will expect you to build everything out, so itโ€™s good to consider these before you get into the project. Also, BI and data teams need documentation, so that could also added somewhere in here.
Thank you koewrbwpd

We provide the data warehouse as a SaaS solution with a BI layer as a client service.

We are planning to use Amazon QuickSight. Not the most glamorous, but itโ€™s the only tool that fits within the constraints.
```I find alot of times that the clients don't actually know what to ask for, and what they do ask for is wrong. Define the business problem, come up with multiple hypothesis, and then use those hypothesis to dive into the data and either confirm or deny. You could even have the client based on their knowledge give a rank on what they think is most probable vs. not with regards to hypothesis to be able to prioritize which ones are the most important```
happy to chat more. I do analytics at a tech start up and have been in the space for 10 years
anyone know of cutting edge carbon capture startups? trying to learn more about the state of the industry
Thereโ€™s a great substack called Climate Tech VC thatโ€™s highlighted some startups in that area but I canโ€™t remember any names
Thanks for the tip!
The startup founder I've talked to in this space is Aether Diamonds
A friend has a successful retail high-end jewelry business ($5k-50k pieces) but is having a hard time selling anything online, despite getting decent traffic. :thinking_face:

Does anyone here have experience with building an e-commerce presence for high-ticket items?
Perhaps they should start connecting and getting involved in some high-end jewelry communities, like `pricescope` dot `com` U021BBTTRHT?
What's his/her startup?
vhbofbw maybe try Etsy?
```@aamir I used to sell cars online (same ticket but often not perceived as lux item) and a friend built a marketplace for lux fashion designers. This is a tough space as often there is a lot of money spent on the big brands and much less on the smaller ones as brand ย and trust is everything here.
My recommendation is looking at lux watch marketplaces (like Chrono24, which is a one sided, heavily managed marketplace) or fashion marketplaces like MyTheresa.
To be honest I doubt she can build a meaningful business in that space online without partnering with one of the established marketplaces to build trust plus extensive investment in IG plus Pinterest to build the brand. If that works she can prob also start building her own shop with Shopify.```
kqokzbb sorry for weird formatting, would not let me post at first due to links
How do you people handle cookie policy on your start-upโ€˜s website?
Having a pop-up and tricking people to click accept is not only obnoxious, but unethical. On top of that, going with a paid third-party service to create my cookie generator is an overkill, as I barely track anything. And most of my cookies are the necessary ones. So, with whatever solution I come up with is simply too much work only to satisfy a legal regulation that obviously has come up with the worst possible solution on this matter. How do you people solve the cookies problem?
Cookie popups aren't enforced and not necessary anymore if you don't use non-essential cookies|
Pretty sure `_ga` is google analytics ๐Ÿคท
If GitHub can remove them, you can surely remove them
google analytics can be customized in a way that you don't need to show cookie consent, you just need to turn off certain things in GA settings
On that subject, Iโ€™m trying to find a service that will give me basic analytics on my website without me needing to draft up a Privacy Policy (if I can help it).
I currently use PanelBear, but it doesnโ€™t appear to be able to track outbound links.
plausible is amazing!
I looked at them but there wasn't a free tier. Just a trial.
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