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sounds like a lot of people who have simple sites and don't want to pay for pingdom just for a simple check up, if it's something like that
mohdibra 30d
Yup, it's a similar tool but for non technical, i made it very easy to understand.
so if your free version is giving them everything they want, understandable they don't want to pay for more
especially if you like you said, most people only use email anyways. sounds like it's not teams using it, it's freelance or people with their own website
mohdibra 30d
i give them 5 minutes monitoring interval, and if the user really want to make sure his website always up, then he needs to pay for a One minute monitoring interval.
The same logic on my competitors sites, and they pay there ๐Ÿ˜
5 is still pretty generous. if you want people to pay (and probably lose a lot of free users) you should probably make it more like an hour
mohdibra 30d
then they will use the competitor who provides 5 minutes ๐Ÿคฃ
Helped a few co's over the years build different revenue streams, optimization and conversion methods. Upgrading from 5m unpaid to 1m paid seems to be not overly compelling. Do the free users at the 5m level get a daily report of some sort?
mohdibra 30d
no they don't have a daily report, but if the website down will send them a notification via email
You probably already know who your successful competition is in this space. Perform what we refer to in the UX Research space as a โ€œCompetitor Analysisโ€. Thatโ€™s essentially a fancy name for, create a spreadsheet, list the features and compare them to one another your your product.

Simply start with one product in column B and list all its features in column A with a tick next to each in column B. Then add the next product in column C and tick what they have in common. If there are any unique features, add them to column A. Then keep going through the major players and then add yours. Thereโ€™s actually a lot more to it but that is a fair start.

This will give you a visual representation of what theyโ€™re doing vs what youโ€™re doing. You want to try to determine how they use their freemium model. See what they have in common for free versus each paid level. Their pricing table will help with this.

Finally, search Reddit for their productโ€™s and see what others are talking about. Pose as someone considering the service for you website to flesh-out why others are paying.
Maybe of interest, in the late 1990s there was a service called Red Alert that did website downtime alerts.

So, in your case if I sign up for either the free 5m version or paid 1m version and the web site does not go down in 18 months (in either case) there is no interaction with the users then?
Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but if it's just for the formation of the corporation, I used Stripe Atlas, works well
I'd design it so they just sign up for the paid 1m version that automatically converts to paid after 7-14 days free trial. I'd also send them a 3-7 email sequence the first 3-7 days after signing up, then a weekly email update about their account after that. When something operates in the background, kind of hard to remember it's even there...therefore, the weekly emails
mikegwhit 28d
other services charge about $5/month for something similar
mikegwhit 28d
but then in less than 2 hours i set this up on my AWS account so some people will pay others won't
mikegwhit 28d
where are your leads coming from
Who all here has launched on PH? Looking for tips & resources on how to do it well
How did your launches go? Any advice or must-dos?
Hahah sorry i meant i have the same doubt as you do ๐Ÿคฃ !
Im not ready to launch yet but i was planning to create create some posts in reddit etc to advertise the launching, making sure the site will handle lot of traffic simultaneosly. but i only have those things in my checklist! what about you?
If anyone have more experience here are 2 nomads reaching out for some help :pray:
Thanks in advace
luskira 26d
Commission based is much more aligned, I don't like giving out shares. Keep in mind bigger influencers might ask for an upfront payment with/without commission. It is actually more economical to use multiple micro influencers than one big one, and more effective even, as they are often niche to your specific use case.
Celebrities and influencers might have less overall impact than you imagine. A healthy commission based on results much more inline, plus equity flummoxes most people anyway.
At least youโ€™re looking for your customers firstโ€ฆ Most founders do not.
Few things to consider:
1. Is the influencers followers in fact your products users? Maybe the influencer can tell you what the demographics on the platforms indicate.
2. Your expectations of how the influencer will be used, effort, time actually contributed, and how often.
3. Is their involvement going to be needed continuously or just initially to inform your decisions on what to build.
4. What the influencer expects in return for their investment.
Given most companies, not just startups, fail I would offer a partnership. No out of pocket for you and an incentive for them to keep pushing the product as they have skin in the game. However, you could end up with dead weight that just wants to stick around in case you are successful so you will need to protect yourself with some type of separation clause or buy-out in the contractโ€ฆ which you should definitely have!

But Iโ€™m not one to ask about the legal aspectโ€ฆ
luskira 24d
How to launch traditionally:
1. talk to VCs
2. sell them on an idea and team
3. get money
4. build
5. sell profitless company to a bigger company
6. repeat
mikegwhit 24d
this is overthought and i don't personally believe that building product first is as crazy as people condemn it..

so long as you generally socialize with would-be customers and experiment with what works in business why not?
mikegwhit 24d
unfortunately the myth that was spread is that you have to talk to customers which only makes sense if your project is heavily based in research whereas most companies only perform about 5% unique R&D relative to market.. i.e. it's more accurate to say you personally should have a learning mindset.. and that separately you should figure out how to fund your own activities.. which usually means getting into market as quickly as possible
xqpxxgtmaqs He did that alreadyโ€ฆ didnโ€™t work. And in the process wasted a lot of resources e.g. Time, money, talent capacity

It is foolish to follow the mantra, โ€œbuild it and they will comeโ€. The only people who showed up in โ€œField of Dreamsโ€ were ghosts and ghosts donโ€™t have any money.

Oneโ€™s best change to maximise their ROI is to validate the proposed solution and build what people want a.k.a. What they will hand you money for in return.

Why is it only digital products follow the D&R model? I cannot think of another โ€œthingโ€ where D&R is used. Everything else using R&D. Can you imagine doing that when building a bridge? No plans, no engineering, no budgeting, feasibility, environmental, etc. etc. Just build it and send a car across to see if it makes it. Then it doesnโ€™t make it so we send in research to put out the fire instead of preventing the fire. Of course there is always one person in the room who says, โ€œone car isnโ€™t statistically significant enough, send 99 more carsโ€ฆโ€
mikegwhit 24d
i think of this as, "blue ocean" / "red tide"

if you're building a business everyone wants, you can just go ahead and build it

lean startup is for the blue ocean businesses IMHO
How will you know you are โ€œbuilding a business everyone wantsโ€ without the research? By the way, there are no businesses everyone wants.

Without the research, youโ€™re making very expensive investment decisions on assumptions. Assumptions = risks. Those risks can be mitigated by making informed decisions.

But, Iโ€™ll leave it there. I guess Iโ€™ve said enough.
mikegwhit 24d
everyone needs to take a shit
mikegwhit 24d
you don't need to research being a plumber except how to fix a leak and pick up the phone
mikegwhit 24d
red tide / brown tide, same difference
mikegwhit 24d
you could also say every online business needs payment processing and email fulfillment so building that or even assembling your operations apparatus is a sound investment without talking to customers

what's being discussed is when someone wants to make sitting on the couch watching sports and trading fantasy sports a crypto because they thinks it's cool.. then they should go outside

or someone wanting to beat the stock market by building an ML algorithm, then a reality check of the odds
Hi! I own my own company, been running for a year now and we're finally ready to start adveretising. I'd love some advice onn how to organically raise interest in my brand and what we offer, if anyone has any advice
Congratulations on hitting the one year milestone. One way to organically raise interest in your brand is PR, and more specifically being a guest on others podcasts. Advertising (paid) I would recommend starting out small on 1-2 platforms, see what delivers a 1-15x ROI and scale from there.
vittodrip 20d
Anyone working on a software project like a SaaS or Mobile app? Iโ€™m curious to see how many people are in the software business or thinking of starting one.
I personally have a software development agency and Iโ€™m thinking of building a few apps in the following years as I believe itโ€™s one of the best business models for scalability, margins and exit potential.. it is a bit expensive at first but it definitely pays off long term if done properly.
Iโ€™ve worked on several digital products as Iโ€™m a UX researcher.

Are you looking for advice, a partner, investor???
kevin1 19d
Anyone sell their startup through| or general asset sale + dissolution? Looking to sell my SaaS this week and would love to hear any tips on tax navigation (USA C-Corp)
I mean, probably almost everyone on this channel is working on a SaaS or app lol
Might be better to ask Andrew Gazdecki directly on Twitter, he provides referrals with people who've also sold
cbilling 19d
I work for a family VC that invests in early tech saas, have a SaaS start-up with my brother and consult for others :slightly_smiling_face:. Happy to chat
cbilling 19d
What type of business? That will impact the best ways to raise organic interest
bnrosa 19d
I'm currently working at a fintech startup, worked on some SaaS startups previously.
zlat 18d
I have one. Iโ€™m offering all my icons at|Pixelbazaar for half the price. Code `STAYCREATIVE23`.
We run 1 month long retreat for remote workers! Its basically an 'intro to digital nomad', where we provide the community for you to travel with, high speed Wifi and weekend activities ๐Ÿ™‚
I'm planning on selling a few templates, and I'm wondering what payment provider to use. Can anyone advise on which of Stripe, Gumroad or Lemonsqueezy would be the way to go if I'm based in Europe (Germany), and what the advantages/downsides are?
Lemonsqueezy is likely the best for tax benefits
(of those mentioned)
Big fan of Sahil wt Gumroad and their ease of setup and UI/UX
Do they take care of taxes in different jurisdictions? I assume so because I think they're the MOR, right?
They take care of taxes in US, UK, EU, Australia, Singapore and India
maratr 16d
Something that appeals to early career tech workers (pre-family) and via the online channels they frequent. High quality video content with nice visuals and a sense of humor.
Thats a great point! Need to work on creating content, but also figure out how to maximise engagement
maratr 16d
If the content is sharable it will increase engagement. People usually share funny or controversial stuff. You probably don't want the latter so go for the former.
marksan 16d /> does anyone have an account for this and have feedback or an alternative to it?
mikegwhit 16d
i somewhat hate this idea lol
marksan 16d
I want to see the list but $150 is a bit much
marksan 16d
Is there an alt?
Not exactly what youโ€™re asking for but Iโ€™ve used this service
moltar 13d
Meh, probably crap anyways. All good one word domains are taken. These must be in some super niche extended TLDs.
marksan 13d
.coms are mostly taken i'm looking for a .app
This message was deleted.
Stripe Atlas costs about $500. If where to host his SaaS app is the concern, he could just ship his product to a Hetzner VPS that cost about $6 per month with better performance. Better to get the product out for people to use than worrying about AWS credits.
mikegwhit 12d
YC for $5k credits
I had the same issue, DM mctkmaxtxn he will help you.
levelsio 12d
zsdqitvwrgfmgrxj go to| then continue, make sure you click the START button
levelsio 12d
if still not works, DM me and i'll see what's going on!
levelsio 12d
was bit buggy b4 but shd work now
pravin 12d
New error within telegram after clicking on โ€œjoin chatโ€ - `username not found`
levelsio 12d
yesss it's not synced and won't be synced
levelsio 12d
different platform so everything is new
levelsio 12d
vzhtivxw ahh found out "username not found" means "It means the invite link to that group has been changed or the group no longer exists."
levelsio 12d
so go back to| to get a new link
levelsio 12d
transition will be a bit bumpy ๐Ÿ˜„
bnrosa 12d
Google "secret discounts", I can't send links yet lol
mikegwhit 12d
browser tries to auto open a telegram link, tell browser to suck it and click button instead, make sure logged in fixed it for me
mikegwhit 12d
experiencing messaging timeouts without notification
mikegwhit 12d
posted twice in introductions channel, muted for 1h.. then posted once in coding channel, muted for 30m
levelsio 12d
kjxujzvwzev how long ago was this? fixed a few bugs in last few hrs
mikegwhit 12d
after 11am EST
mikegwhit 12d
or an hour ago
levelsio 12d
kfvovdtluxm can you try now and screenshot what you see? can you post?
mikegwhit 12d
yes after each posting it resets to a 1h timer
mikegwhit 12d
repro is prob to double post in introductions
levelsio 12d
levelsio 12d
which channel?
levelsio 12d
ok works, no timer right?
mikegwhit 12d
all channels show timeout
levelsio 12d
oh wait
levelsio 12d
levelsio 12d
oh damn fixed
levelsio 12d
somehow had slow mode enabled
mikegwhit 12d
moltar 12d
Mercury bank has 5K for AWS

I think Deel did too.
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