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Sorry, it's all actually was in Russian, I just translated it directly in the browser, to post here.
> People would like to have an active community. So itโ€™s hard to start, really. People expect there are ALREADY other people to talk to or some services offered. Soย itโ€™s not enough to buy an ad. There probably should be some waiting list, so people wouldnโ€™t see that the group is empty unless it grows to some size.
Iโ€™m going through exactly this - kickstarting a slack community for a customer and itโ€™s hard. Luckily they are onboard with the long-term nature of it. For now we meet once a week and run a hackathon that is 99% internal people talking about stuff and 1-2 outsiders who are the start of the community
My guess is if we keep meeting reulgarly, it will slowly grow
โ€œBryansk Hackathonsโ€ is not good sales copy
It doesnโ€™t grab peopleโ€™s attention and encourage them to click
Would be good to have an action word like โ€œjoinโ€ at a minimum but maybe something grabbier like โ€œcompete with local coders!โ€
A wait list worked brilliantly for Revolut
Think I posted this before
Very interesting ! 27k people in the town, how many on facebook ? how many devs ?
I think your numbers might not be enough to draw google conclusions though ๐Ÿ˜•
Are VK Ads cheaper than Facebook Ads ?
400k is in the town,
27k are somehow detected as IT-related,
~1k local participant in ~20 Python global communities,
~600 local participants in other coding communities (html/css/ruby/etc)

I'm not sure if two last groups don't have many people in common. So, I believe, that, in total, there're less than 1.6k local coders.
Yeah, I think, the numbers are small but that's all that I've got _ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ_

> Are VK Ads cheaper than Facebook Ads ?
VK was (and, prob, is) the most (totally) dominant platform in ex-USSR. Facebook is empty. I should give it a shot though!
Coders probably prefer other sites or forums besides fb/vk
I have some budget to do a course and would like to spend it on learning how to get a product to market. This is a physical product (a bag) and I'm planning to use Kickstarter/ Crowdfunding to start with. I detest online courses, so would prefer in-person (rare i know) or online live interactive lessons. Can anyone recommend something please? TIA
ClickUp is such a cool PM tool โ€” if you are good with it or know someone who is, Iโ€™m in need of some help with it and would love to connect.
eanbrjwb I use it regularly, try me, might be able to help depending on the complexity
I work with it daily.
Any recommendations for a team retrospective tool? Iโ€™m working on a side project to build one and am looking for references.
We started using Troopr slack bot this year. Previously, we were just using a google doc with a table on it. We are using it for a few things. So far, the retro part seems to be a small step up from using a google doc. I don't know what it looks like for the person managing it. For the team, we just get a message in slack and fill out a form. Good luck with your project, I am interested in what y'all come up with.
My team uses Reetro
What does it do? Haven't heard of it before
We just use a trello board. Three columns (what went well, what went poorly, ideas/suggestions). People can upvote items and we discuss what surfaces to the top.
We use Retrium and it's decent
Does anyone know a good source of freelance QA testers. In need of someone to configure and maintain automated Reflect tests
Itโ€™s a project management tool thatโ€™s trying to replace a bunch of other tools at the same time, so they offer time tracking, screen recording, text documents editing, texting, dashboards and a bunch of other things
There are many different techniques for retros, our team just uses a google doc with a table in it.

Anyway the point Iโ€™m trying to make here is that the tool may be vastly different for different retrospective styles.
that's great, thanks a lot!
anyone familiar with Contentful? not sure if itโ€™s considered a start up but i recently applied to a job with them and iโ€™m curious about their company
It is like wordpress, a CMS system but without the front to show to users(not admin).
As admin, add content into the CMS, front-end developer consume the content and build a webapp.
do ideas about the internals, but weโ€™ve used in them in the past as a headless CMS, was ok
been around for a while
contentful is great..if you can afford it
would be a good company to work for imo
No red flags that Iโ€™ve heard of
I run a B2B SaaS with quite a valuable database. potential customer wants to buy my database as a monthly data dump and integrate it into their product. does anyone know how that kind of thing is usually priced?
I realise this is very dependent on context
but wondering if someone here has experience with this kind of deal ๐Ÿคž
when I was looking into them for a cms a couple of years back they limited the number of content types you could create on the free version.

And then the markup from freemium > subscription was really expensive

ended up going with a diff headless cms but contentful as a product was great
I don't have personal experience, but if you are not familiar with levels.kpi you may want to check them out. They have a product offering for companies that seems very similar use case to yours
I can't find levels.kpi โ€”ย do you have a link?
Autocorrect played a trick on me
You shouldn't be asking us, you need to find a lawyer. Not only will a lawyer who has done it before know the kind of deals that are possible, they will also make sure you are not selling anything illegaly, user data etc..
thanks everyone! i havenโ€™t heard from them yet but fingers crossed
Whatโ€™s the data about? If you have any PII in them, it might be more touchy with GDPR, the new Canadian act, CCPA etc
It blows my mind at one time everyone's name, address, and phone number was in a book that got distributed to everyone and nobody was like

"This is a lot of PII"
No PII in there. It's data related to podcasts
yrqwcawpoqcsoxuse I didn't ask for legal advice. I asked about pricing structure for batch data. and I don't sell user data. thanks for your contribution.
arenโ€™t people missing the point here? The question was about pricing ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
to clarify my product is a database! I usually sell API access per request. that's easy to price. this customer wants to buy the entire database as a batch dump every month
If you see going to sell something that is usually alacarte, you try and estimate the total usage of if they didn't buy it in entirety and then add some kind of discount to that number.

Keep in mind, depending on your terms and their use, you don't want to give away your cow. As in give them the ability to replicate your business in entirety.
The type of data you are selling matters for pricing. If you have the capability to actually sell PII data that is an entirely different scenario than selling other types of data in terms of pricing.
The other way and this is hard without knowing how you acquire the data is standard buy vs build pricing. As in how much it would cost them to acquire the data themselves.
If your data is prop that is a stronger position than if you are doing some kind of aggregation.
Iโ€™m a cloud engineer turned trainer and I am thinking of starting a side hustle mentoring people who want to get into tech. Iโ€™m trying to brainstorm some services that may be useful as part of a package. Any suggestions or thoughts?
thanks yea I went with something like this. plus a bit of hand waving.
congrats if you got the deal, I have been incredibly unlucky with those deals even when I get them.
paid e-learning courses are a way you can get up and running fast.
You could create an account on| and just get paid to mentor. Good supplemental income but not as scalable as the e-learning course rout that Jonathan suggested. You can also become a content creator and build up a following. Tech World with Nana is a good model for that, she does DevOps youtube tutorials and makes money on it.
I'm not sure if this is the appropriate channel, but if I wanted to start a blog with some outbound affiliate links to products I'm plugging, what would be the easiest way to go? I was thinking Gatsby, but I have no experience with it (though I don't doubt I could ramp up quickly).
I don't have any interest in doing a custom theme myself as I'm more concerned about content than controlling the entire design myself. If this is something that I end up pursuing more seriously, I may contract a designer so I don't use a pre-made template, so flexibility there would be nice BUT I'm getting ahead of myself here. ๐Ÿ™‚
Install WordPress, grab a fast theme, install Thirsty Affiliate link manager to handle your redirects, profit.
Hey there! I wonder if there's anything like Google Forms, but with some payment attached? So I'd like to have an order form, that can be submitted only if it's paid.
If possible operating your own shopify store and plugging products you resell will net you way more if you can swing it.
Did a write up on this in the coders chat about someone asking about adsense.
Typeform has something like this
I think most form providers will do this; Cognito Forms is another option
Thanks, pals, I've just never worked with acquiring before, I'll try what you said within 1-2 days.
Typeform has stripe integration
Iโ€™ve been traveling and working since a few years, but I never actually went to those popular digital nomads hubs like Cangu Bali or Madeline Columbia. I also heard that a lot of those strong digital nomads communities especially in the cheaper countries are business/professionally wise rather beginners or noobs. I wonder is that so? Which city would you recommend for a longer stay like 5/6 months considering covid if one also wants to network and meet fellow startupers working on their own tech products? I am not into dropshipping etc. I want to meet people doing online direct consumer marketing and building their own products/games while chilling in a sunny cheap country, but from what I heard a lot of those cheap coworking spaces in Bali are far from people actually making it and I wonder is this a case?
tl;dr which cities have strong digital nomad communities actually building and marketing/selling their own products and being quite pro about it?
I can recommend Cyprus, specifically the community a hรผgge coworking space in Paphos. Iโ€™ve been here for 2 weeks and Iโ€™m impressed. I think because most people are living here longer-term that they are more โ€œproโ€ and everyone is managing their own companies/products etc.
If Sunny and Cheap are key criteria, I think Bali or Chiang Mai are the best destinations. The nomad community in Medellin is much smaller.
There are definitely people working on tech products in Chiang Mai - Iโ€™m one of them and I know of a few others here.
Koh Phangan has a bit of this.
Hey guys, what's the best place to register a business as a digital nomad?
What difference does being a digital nomad make?
It entirely depends on what youโ€™re optimising for, and where your customers are.
Consider Estonia via e-residency, but of course check for context
My customers would be in India. Do you guys think Estonia would be a good choice?
You should then compare where it makes sense to pay taxes - if you search for `estonia india tax law` it can help - I see, there is some bilateral agreement between EE & IN to avoid double taxation, but there are also many other aspects that you should take into the consideration
You should not confuse personal and corporate taxation together
It's safe to say the area is extremely complicated and there are many things to consider
I have heard singapore is a good go to for setting up an entity.
UK LLP and US LLC are good pass-through entities that fit those who are in territorial taxation countries doing digital services/products . You can use Wise/Mercury as a bank account. Maintenance is typically < $500.
Wyoming is what I had an experience with.
Both work for payment processing, mail forwarding, reputable addresses, etc.
DM for more info.
The obvious answer to where to incorporate is to do it where you are from, or where you are doing business. Regardless if you're a digital nomad or not. If you then have a reason not to, like you don't want to pay taxes, then it becomes a quite complex problem, and it's more important where you pay taxes as an individual, than where you incorporate. You can search for "flag theory" and "territorial tax system" for some resources on the topic.
Hey y'all! I'm Tasha! I help aspiring social impact entrepreneurs launch their dream business in 90 days without letting overthinking hold them back!ย :rocket:

Do any of you work with aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs? I'm looking for partners for a paid opportunity. If you're interested, drop me a line and let me know about your audience!
Hey duraca! Sounds interesting ๐Ÿ˜Š ping me on LinkedIn? Iโ€™m Noelle Baquiche (they wonโ€™t let the URL post here)
plenty of people here in Bali running tech startups, building successful products or working remotely for interesting tech companies
USD โ”€ $
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