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moltar 27d
Check Founder Led Sales book
moltar 27d
Podcast episode with the author
The way I see it is this - someone is always going to copy your thing, or at least try to.
Thats just business. Has been since the dawn of time.

Rarely is it the technical thing itself that defines the success of a business.

People, processes, customer service, longevity, sales, actually understanding your space - these are a small fraction of what goes into a โ€œsuccessfulโ€ business.
I compete with google; I have about one VC-funded startup pop-up every other year with funding between 5-20+ million. I could get angry, except I wasn't the first in my space. That's capitalism. My competitors make me better. If you stop improving, you die.
Hey everyone, has anyone built out a referral/affiliate program? Looking to see if anyone has insight on how to keep affiliates that signup engaged and thinking about the program
I have but didn't put much time towards it. I would imagine it's mostly through emails, letting them know of new products, sales, etc.
Hey all, I have a FB group of home decor enthusiasts with 1 mil member audience (95% in India). I know there's a lot of potential to monetize, but I'm just not looking to put much time into it right now. Any ideas on how to monetize with minimal effort? I thought about getting someone to handle monetizing it and do a revenue share, but don't know where I'd find that person. Open to any suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚
I'd look at affiliate groups on FB and put the offer out there & give people 90-120 day trials
good idea, will try , thanks!
enricsole 20d
Hey, only 9 days left and I thought it might interest many here|
egorka 19d
looks interesting but registration on the site seems to be broken. they want to verify e-mail but email never arrives (yes, I checked spam folder)
zlat 19d
I hope this channel is the closest to my question, which is:
What service would you recommend to sell a domain I have owned for many years?
Iโ€™ve never done that, but I have a `.com` domain expiring soon that stays like that. Want to earn a few bucks instead of just leaving it to expire.
I know some folks that have had luck w/| - good luck
zlat 19d
Thanks. Iโ€™ll give it a try.
punksta 18d
Hey guys, where do you find influencers to test and review your consumer app for money? I have been checking marketplaces and they look either not trustworthy or expensive.
What I did was pay someone on Fiverr to scrape Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and gather their name, username, email, account DM details etc. Then I paid someone else to go through and DM them. This was a few years ago though so not sure if it's any different today
varundev 18d
I recently sold a domain on brandpa, happy with their service
egorka 18d
How much is your expensive? I was thinking about it and would want to calibrate my expectations
punksta 18d
For actual influencers we can pay up to 1000$ if itโ€™s a good match
punksta 18d
But for a platform itโ€™s very important to show what value do I get first before scheduling demo calls
punksta 18d
it feels like they are not as good as they claim and thatโ€™s why they need sales calls instead of free trials zyvqmkco
egorka 18d
What I am asking is not what you are eager to pay, but what influencers you have already found want to charge you
zlat 17d
I guess Iโ€™ll just leave it to expire. Too much hassle for me. Iโ€™ll probably earn only a 3-digit number.
just out of curiosity, whatโ€™s the domain name?
zlat 17d
Not sure if I can post links here. Letโ€™s tryโ€ฆ|
I agree to your 3-digit estimation max
zlat 17d
Not a very enticing domain. ๐Ÿ˜„
ishminder 17d
Hey everyone,

Iโ€™ve been investigating the Climate Tech space over the past few months and am looking to chat with founders who are building in the space already. Do you know any of them?

Also, if you know VCs who are investing in this space Iโ€™d be interested to chat with them to get their insights on the market.

Thanks! ;)
compscidr 16d
Lookup Sylvain Carle in Montreal, iirc he was looking to start a fund to invest in green tech
enricsole 16d
hi, it seems that problem of Crowdcube was already solved... now only 6 days left!
naustra 16d
Hey !
I work with green tech companies in my startup studio :
โ€ข Mรฉtรฉory
โ€ข Champerchรฉ
Just chatted w/ a VC in Latin America yesterday who's in the climate/energy/green VC space. If you can point me to a pitch deck online I'll share the link w/ him and ask him if he'd like to chat
He's w/ VU Venture Partners & New World Angels
elirdF 15d
hi everyone,
i am building a global startup ecosystem map (StartupBlink), and lost touch with the people who use it since my clients are governments for startup ecosystem research/policy advising projects. What would be cool features on a global startup map you could use? Appreciate your ideas!
sf1988 15d
Looks like a pretty intensive content work or do you have automations for the most data?
Took me a bit to find the search input field to search for a startup in a given city.
sf1988 15d
In general the UI could be a bit cleaner in my opinion.
Thanks hunjcqkpanfa do you think heโ€™d be keen to chat with people who are still in the exploration phase? I donโ€™t have a specific deck to show at the moment
elirdF 14d
many of the data arrives from governments in our network, some from global data partners as crunchbase. Yes, I know we have a UI problem. What did you think you can use the site for that is relevant to you?
sf1988 14d
From my side the most interesting would be their tech stack and funding information as well as how long they do their business
elirdF 14d
good insights, thanks :)
sushi 13d
Which US bank do you recommend for a foreigner between Brex and Mercury?
roger 13d
I havenโ€™t heard of Brex before but I use Mercury and itโ€™s awesome
sushi 13d
Thanks kzipsja I am also leaning towards mercury. Brex seems to be catering to bigger companies more than startups.
Brex is pretty much exclusively for startups. I think you actually need to be a venture backed business to even become a customer. Using them for two companies and happy with them. If you decide to go with them DM me for a referral code to get 100 or 200 or something
ishminder 12d
I'm on Brex too, they are for startups - however I had a bad experience with their customer service until they assigned us an account manager. I can reccomend it, if you're doing a solid amount of transactions.
I can recommend Brex. Great costumer experience and pretty cool to use points with Emirates.
I run a DE C Corp, and use Mercury and Wise. Both are good, but Wise is so much better that I'm only keeping the Mercury account as a backup.
Checkout the Work On Climate slack group - there are quite a few startups ini the climate tech space in there ๐Ÿ™‚
andrewsk 11d
has anyone worked, or is working in big enterprise companies? if so, I would love to talk! I am unfortunately doing a hard pivot on my startup and would love to talk ๐Ÿ™‚ would also be great to meet new people either eway
I have, a few enterprise companies, yeah
andrewsk 11d
yesssss any chance we can connect tomorrow?
andrewsk 11d
i am in PST
Thatโ€™s a very valuable resource. Thanks, U03NRT3URV4!
maratr 10d
I've worked in small to midsize probably. Depends of what you consider big.
maratr 10d
I like Revolut and Wise
sushi 9d
Thanks everyone, I went with mercury for bank and applying to brex for the credit card - I will keep the other pointers handy in case I need to find alternatives
Hey zbaxijgwnfudlb - we are working on a dynamic impact backed NFT marketplace alongside coral and wildlife conservation efforts. We actually just submitted to the UC Berkeley Xcelerator program per a friend we have over there - I noticed you're an alumni! Would love to chat more!
Hey everyone! Following up on my previous message about climate tech, Iโ€™m looking to chat with executives or employees who are currently in charge of environmental questions within their company.

This can either be the founders / CEO themselves, โ€œChief Sustainability Officersโ€, or even consultants working at a Big 4 firm..

Do you know anyone? :wink:

zlat 9d
I know one. My client, Scott Poynton. Iโ€™m currently redesigning|his organizationโ€™s website>.
Thatโ€™s super interesting, U01FTQ83571. Could I contact him while mentioning you? (Best via email or Linkedin?)
zlat 9d
Sure. I think both are fine. He is pretty busy, though.
zlat 9d
My niche is actually offering creative services to mission-driven brands. Iโ€™ll soon launch the redesign of|my company website> to reflect my new positioning.
Thanks! Do you mind DMing me his email?
Your offer looks pretty cool ๐Ÿ‘Œ btw
zlat 9d
Got it, thanks!
yeyvgl Wow, thatโ€™s super weird.. Iโ€™ve been trying to fix it for 5 mins but I cannot manage to delete the hyperlink
(Even when I completely delete the description and write โ€œTestโ€)
zlat 9d
I think itโ€™s connected to the data youโ€™ve put on Nomadlistโ€™s website. Iโ€™ve had similar issues and fixed them directly there.
zlat 8d
Does anyone sells digital goods and understand licensing?

I run an icons shop at|, and I just created|a Standard license>. But some customers had requested a license to use the icons in a product for sale, which means their customers will get access to someโ€”or allโ€”of the icons for free.

That means I need to come up with an Extended license. But how much should I charge for it?

Intuitively, it feels I should make it 10x the original, standard license price. My premium icons typically go under $75, which would be $750. Does that seem fair? Is there an industry standard for this?
Tailwind UI has a license where you're not allowed to make your own UI library from it, ie cloning the product. Is that what your customers are asking to do, ie resell the icons themselves or is it more that they want to use the icons in their products (but the icons are not the primary product)?
zlat 8d
The latter. Here is one recent scenario:
_A customer wants to use the icons in his premium WordPress themes. That means his customers will get access to the majority of my icons for free. And that means probably thousands of people._
zlat 8d
If someone wants to resell my icons as-is, then itโ€™s a Reseller license. But that one should cost a fortune and might damage my sales long-term. So, theoretically, I donโ€™t offer that. :)
Ah ok I see what you mean. Yeah then in that case your license idea sounds good. Maybe you could do a royalty as well, ie 5% of the revenues? You'd have to know how to calculate it accurately though so they don't screw you
So sorry, just saw this reply. If you DM me a paragraph or two regarding what youโ€™re thinking about, Iโ€™d be happy to ask him
npezo 7d
I think your looking for is known as "Redistribution Rights", typically you pay a significant higher amount for that or include a revenue share.
Shutterstock which also has icons sells their extended license for $99
For $750, I could get an icon set made. Glyph Icons is $149. Most people won't go and hunt down the same sets for cheaper, but a lot of people would probably abandon if the extended license is $750.
Also, it seems like your business model revolves around doing custom work, so these sets are really more of a loss leader no?
zlat 4d
Good point. For many $750 would be too much, but for some it would be a bargain. So taking a revenue cut is a more flexible deal, but it adds up to my mental burden to always track it. Iโ€™ll think about it. ๐Ÿ˜Š
zlat 4d
And yes, I assume the website will attract me custom icons work. It already did for a client recently.
Which email marketing platforms do you rate for a small business (1-4 employees) for 3,000-10,000 subscribers? Please vote with your Emoji or add any I haven't thought about.
โ€ข Mailchimp :monkey_face:
โ€ข Mailerlite :feather:
โ€ข Hubspot :bathtub:
โ€ข Lemlist ๐Ÿ‹
I like ConvertKit ๐Ÿ™Œ
Definitely Mailerlite! No other way to go
zlat 2d
Why such a limited choice? How aboutโ€ฆ

They use UTM for tracking clicks and opens, and not pixel-tracking.

Very cheap, but awful UX. Created by a passionate developer.

(affiliate link)
Has a flat-fee, but as you grow it becomes more of a bargain.
Maybe this helps make up your mind:

I would also consider trustpilot or capterra's scores or your reviews site of preference, Mailerlite kills it in most of them:

Full disclosure I'm biased on this as while I don't work with Mailerlite directly I do with their transactional email service (different product, MailerSend). ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
sf1988 2d
is there a tool available like couch surfing where I can offer my skills in my hometown for nomads and other nomads can explore people before entering a new destination?

I.e. I'd like to travel to madrid in April, it would be nice to connect with people already there who can offer a bar tour or maybe show me around or any business like skills to share knowledge etc. ?
danmana 1d
Not exactly the same thing, but there are a few sites for booking tours/experiences with locals.
I've booked something for Bangkok in a couple of weeks on withlocals(dot)com
And there are also Airbnb experiences
zlat 1d
After a careful review now Now MailerLite is becoming my favorite. ๐Ÿ˜Š But I wonder if anyone has done a deliverability review for Flodesk. That flat-fee is truly attractive to me.
thank you all so much, trying not to go for over analysis paralysis and just make a decision!
dekim24 18h
Second Airbnb Experiences, value for money can vary widely across experiences though
Validating an idea by doing competitive research is not effective. The most effective way to validate an idea is to gather feedback from the people who would benefit from the idea (customers) and understand what problems the idea would solve for them, what they do and don't like about it, AND what they do and dont like about the competitive landscape. If you compare your initial idea to companies that are already winning in the market (and have had years to refine and build) you will always come up short. Breakthrough companies (even in super crowded marketplaces) come from founders who learn to socialize their ideas effectively, gather feedback effectively, and apply that feedback to their GTM strategies and product roadmaps effectively.
kszgcmrujmcrn I would also add that there doesn't need to be a competitive advantage; there could be a UX differential. Some people could prefer to do things your way instead of the other way.
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