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I’m approx 50% buy & hold on a permanent portfolio, then the other 50% is variable between cash and options trading based on conservative theta strategies
What I’ve been doing lately though is to invest more in China and reduce my general US exposure
through which platform?
I’m using Interactive brokers
any tips for long term hold stocks in china?
You can access either the US variation of the chinese stock, or invest directly via Hong Kong, which is also a kind of ADR
> any tips for long term hold stocks in china?
Personally I would only invest in the big names where US investors are also tied up, like Alibaba, Tencent, NIO, etc, … and be ready for volatility based on US-China relationships, which kind of keeps these stocks always underpriced
https// You can’t own chinese stock as a non-chinese person, so the way to access to them is synthetically via ADRs
It has a few caveats, for example if you want to buy Alibaba via the Hong Kong market you need to get a min of 100 shares as this works in lots, you can’t get 1 or 13 or 38, lots of 100x. If you go the NYSE ADR though you can purchase any number, and each represents 8 shares of the stock (1 NYSE:BABA is equivalent to 8 HK:9988), so both has pros/cons depending on your strategy and portfolio
so say I want to buy 100€ and hold, better ADR?
China is making me nervous with what they are starting to do with companies, centralizing executives etc..
What they did with ant I feel will be a microcosm going forward.
> so say I want to buy 100€ and hold, better ADR?
ADR or certain form of synthetic will be the only option, but for 100€ definitely go NYSE in USD. Some brokers also allow for fractional shares.
maybe specific to the group of ppl you're dealing with most often (like ppl in this chat)
> China is making me nervous with what they are starting to do with companies, centralizing executives etc..
I believe this will be good on the long term for their economy, as they’re forcing monopolies to split up, however is true that is hard to make investment decisions when they do shit like blocking the Ant IPO a day before it should have happened
That said, if we’re on this for a 5-10y period then I’m pretty bullish.
Most of the people I know -outside the nomad/tech world- have good jobs but no to little savings.
That's my goal, 10 years
Ya I am personally not bullish on China. In the next 20 years their population is going to drop off a cliff. Also they see forcing big companies to take on smaller inefficient failing companies. They are slowly destroying the market economy that have them their results to date.
They could combat it with immigration but their culture makes it difficult. There is another country this happened to, similar story, everyone thought they would rival USA and then they flat lined and dropped off because they didn't have babies.
What strategies are you using? Mostly wheeling?
Other country?
That's on top of them eroding their market economy and slowly moving all enterprises to be centrally planned. (China)
It's important to note that China's stated purpose for implementing a market economy was to get back to communism. Without getting political on the issue of communism, this explains all their most recent actions.

I was wheeling consistently up till the beginning of 2021 but at the moment with the low IV environment the premiums are pretty low in comparison, so lots of stocks are not worth to wheel anymore. Still wheeling some but I think I’m moving towards a Poor Man Covered Call strategy at the moment for low IV stocks and then just some leap calls for stocks I’m bullish on long term but may be volatile on the short term ( for example PLTR, NIO, or SQ ) and profit from the option price difference, not really waiting till expiration.
But dont forget china is basically taking over asia and africa. They are building roads and buildings everywhere and putting those countries at their mercy with massive loans. They won't be able to pay them back with cash so china will take their natural resources
There’s pros and cons to investing in Chinese companies, like there’s to investing in US companies or other economy. We could get 1000 articles or reasons stating both bull/bear cases for any country and company in the world, so I’ll let that decision up each investor. I just can’t concentrate all my portfolio in US companies when the world has so many opportunities to diversify and earn money from.
Cool! I need to read a bit more on the PMCC. I just started with my real account. I had the great idea of doing a bull credit spread on TWTR yesterday. Waiting for the market to open to see the damage 😐
I’m also wheeling F at the moment - just at the cash secured put phase. Just trying out low max loss $ at the moment to get skin in the games - my goal is just to not bust my account for now. 😅
Absolutely, but this is a chat about investment. I have investment in China as well but there is this is incorrect narrative that is going on about China and I have insights some people don't.

For instance when I was trying to move into China I got the pleasure of talking to a former cfo of Uber China.

What China has been doing is progressively locking down the ability to get money out of the country this has resulted in FDI starting to significantly decrease.

Some of the narrative about China comes from the fact that they have funded movies in the USA for nothing more than mentions.

Though Elon musk and MA have said population collapse is the biggest issue facing humanity, this is some years out still.

One of Chinas challenges now is they are getting competition from Thailand and Vietnam, I would say india as well but they are getting hammered right now but it will be interesting to see how it pans outs.
Yeah you’ll have winners and losers, there’s no avoiding that and is part of the game. Learning to work through your own risk management and position sizing are key for being consistently profitable long term, and to make your account survive. Specially for small accounts this is 100% necessary or a bad position can burst most of your account
I personally wouldn’t sell puts (or do it, but be extra conservative) these few weeks just because 1) Earnings 2) Low general IV, otherwise you may get IV crushed when trying to close them
TWTR will recover, the only question is when and how fast
Thanks for the insight. I was aware of the money-out-lock-down indeed, one of the reasons the Chinese investment across SEA is increasing dramatically in both properties and businesses. So they can “get it out” even if is not perfectly liquid.
I haven’t visited Cambodia but from friends over there seems that has changed crazy in the last 5y due to the Chinese money overflow, trying to invest there to get the cash out of China.
Some of the housing boom that is going on is definitely being fueled by trying to get money out of china. It's kind of a precarious situation they are putting themselves in because in general business works through reciprocation. I was approached by a Chinese tech company to sell their software to my customers but when I requested reciprocation I just got silence.

They have some entrenchment because certain companies would just cease to exist without Chinese manufacturing. The pandemic bringing India to its knees was incredibly good for China because India was actively targeting Chinese manufacturing. I can see opportunity in India post covid if they can recover.

<@US2TRMF40> Yes, however, there is nothing really stopping a country from defaulting to China and with their reputation right now there would be almost no repercussions from the international community. I don't think countries will say sanction Africa for not paying China back.
higkdtf This is why a lot of people depending on FIRE are going to get destroyed, the stock market isn't the bond market. The idea is as you getting closer to retirement you can transition to safer investments like bonds, but you can only really transition during an up year.

If you actually try to live off of the stock market if you do a drawn down during down year, it is going to destroy your capital base.
Personally when I did my strategy I calculated a huge range from 6%-12% average annual return.
Also FIRE strategies are built around the past, not the future, so if volatility increases substantially this will have a huge impact.
That's a very wise supplement to the article.

Indeed, an investment strategy is on a “multi-decade time horizon” or it isn't. Can’t have both.
It still didn’t reach my max loss point to exit the position (still $10 under it 😅 )
Just found this
Oh wow AMC
GME also and has interesting news about doing NFTs
do any of their trucks actually work yet? I sold ages ago because they seemed full of shit
Trying in here if anyone has ideas or knows a direct solution I need to get the ownership percentage of management/key executives for a stock via an API. Suggestions? Open for creative solutions as well. Ideally a developer friendly API in terms of documentation with a startup friendly pricing :smile:

As example Simplywall . st management section (sorry, nomadlist bot just slapped me for posting a link…) lists ownership % when data is available. Been looking at AlphaVantage, Yahoo Finance (via RapidAPI), FinancialModelingPrep, IEX Cloud, they all have insider trades or insider roster but that includes non management as I understand it. As I understand simplywallst get their data from S&P so not straightforward to replicate in startup mode is the assumption.

One naive idea is to get key executives list and look up if they appear in the insider roster/trades, but I don’t see a guarantee that names match (initials only, omitted middle names, etc) so it might be too error prone to be useful.
uzbveasggzgvz Use SEC's Edgar to access SEC forms 3,4, and 5.
It's not developer friendly, you will have to parse XML but it is free.
ah this could be interesting! much appreciated! prayskin-tone-3
The master shitcoin shiller died
Very sad, he was such a colorful character. Better than 99% YouTube stars
> founder of antivirus computer software
I mean he just bought an antivirus company and put his name on it
by that logic I’m the founder of macbook
Elon suffers from the same
rjunhebwlrko That's not accurate at all. He wrote all the software, he was engineer on the Apollo program.
He wrote the first anti-virus software. Where did you hear that he bought an anti-virus company?
He wrote the first bulk antivirus software. Scanning for viruses was already commonplace, he just started the idea of one piece of software that could scan for multiple, and it was terrible
for ages it only checked the header bytes of files and instead of hashing the signatures he used a lazy 31 bit encryption which was a whole mess of a story that ended up with encrypted infected files being used as the “clean” model to compare to. I suppose that would constitute the invention of “antivirus scanning” where everyone was scanning for regular viruses, so there’s that
Then they threw it all out and performed some ~murders and executions~ mergers and acquisitions until they owned Dr Solomon’s Antivirus Toolkit, which did work
Except Dr Solomon's was created a year after as a competitor for McAfee.
yes and dr solomon’s was so much better that they bought it and it became the new mcafee
or some version of it, ship of theseus and all
Right, but he was still the first to bring Anti-virus software to the market, so the statement he is the founder of antivirus computer software is still accurate.
it sounds like Jonathan was right
Good example why you never actually want to be a pioneer, though in McAffee's case he still became rich. Steve Jobs admitted in his biography that both he and Bill Gates stole from Xerox but those researchers get zero credit.
That said I hold MCFE since IPO and I am up 50%
Not related except by name of course
Holding AMC seems like a no brainer right now
Its just almost too obvious just as GME and DOGE was so obvious
GME struck me as an obvious buy when it hit 50, but it also struck me as an obvious sell once it blew past 300… AMC at its current level looks a lot more like the latter than the former 🤷‍♂️ but I haven’t been following it that closely
Wealth simple for Canadians now let's you invest in individual crypto etfs
Including doge
They have a dozen or so to choose from
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