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davorb 3mo
yeah, I think so
davorb 3mo
iโ€™m guessing this might be what you are looking for

> Folkbokfรถringsadressen kan bli den adress som man har starkast anknytning till, รคven om man inte bor dรคr permanent. I vissa fall kan man ocksรฅ bli folkbokfรถrd โ€œpรฅ kommunenโ€, det vill sรคga i en viss kommun men utan en specifik adress.
adriansio 2mo
Hey guys it doesnโ€™t seem that easy to find tax lawyers/exports in international tax planning. Am I looking in the wrong places? I feel like it should be a common situation for digital nomads. Do most of you just pay your personal taxes in your own country? I am looking to move my residency elsewhere to optimize taxes.
quaid 2mo
I havenโ€™t used them myself but| or| might be able to advise
Good day, I have a tax query Assuming I had my tax residency in Portugal as NHR, and I had an LLC company for billing services which I provide myself during business trips outside of Portugal. Iโ€™m wondering if these earnings can be classified as dividend distribution in Portugal, or if they are considered income from work, even if the work was not carried out within Portuguese territory and billed by a foreign company that I own. Could you please provide clarification on this matter?
roger 2mo
This particular issue is up for debate (depends on who you talk to). So because of that, I highly recommend getting a tax attorney and talking to them about it.
adriansio 2mo
Thank you. Itโ€™s a bit strange to me that with all the nomads here, very few seem to have changed their personal tax residency
cd 2mo
Yea itโ€™s complicated which is why many people havenโ€™t I guess
There's not many (affordable) dedicated services for international tax professionals catered towards digital nomads because most people don't want the headache/ restriction of jumping through the hoops associated with complying with legal residency and tax residency of both personal taxes and company taxes in home country and adopted country. It's incredibly complicated and rules change all the time

I changed my tax residency a few years ago, but it was a monumentally complicated task and I had to hire multiple independent tax accountants in multiple jurisdictions to do it "properly". There's no "one size fits all" as it depends on very specific circumstances and factors
fmingas 2mo
I've been searching for the same thing for like a month and I also was expecting much more nomads to be in the same boat but I get it if it seems to difficult or expensive to work this out. ... When I went straight to an international law firm in Toronto the lawyer told me that she charges about 670 USD / hr ๐Ÿ˜… which seems a bit steep. ... As for nomadcapitalist and offshorecitizen, I am just not sure if they are actual lawyers / have an actual legal team around them or if they are just people that have done a lot of research and / or maybe had some experience on the topic and are now just doing tax consulting? Has anyone here actually worked with those guys? If yes, could you please share your experience? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ Are they legit, do they actually set you up with everything or do they just give you advice?
Hi all, did a search but looks like search doesn't go beyond 90 days anymore.

Anyone know any good consultants to assist with legal and corporate setup for an american citizen setting joining a corporate in dubai? Corporation is already formed under business partner, an indian national.

Not looking to renounce citizenship yet!
adriansio 2mo
tufgzfqdj I understand you! Thatโ€™s exactly what I am wondering as well.
aekrylov 2mo
not sure it's what you're looking for, but PWC has pretty accurate tax summaries for many countries, just google "pwc tax summary [country]"
aekrylov 2mo
and I guess in many places take home pay will depend on your life situation, can't be described with one number (e.g. in the Netherlands one can have 30% ruling, mortgage interest deduction, child allowances etc etc)
vinicius 2mo
Hey all, anyone here familiar with both Canadian ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ and Brazilian ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท tax laws?
luisgc93 2mo
thanks! Iโ€™ll check that out
Iโ€™m also trying this.
mikeroams 2mo
you can use Discord which has longer history
mikeroams 2mo
Hmm, #taxes_intl isnโ€™t synced to Discord it seems bqyncvcwcx
elirdF 2mo
Singapore tax consultant you recommend anyone? (to set up a company)
Nomad Capitalist offer a very poor service bordering on a bait-and-switch scam (this is from personal experience unfortunately)

They quoted $24k for setting up a tax residency for me then upped the price to $59k after the initial deposit was sent โ€” with no explanation given for the increase. When I asked for my deposit back due to the massive change in price, they refused, so I was out the deposit

And then because they essentially operate out of a bunch of shell companies around the world, itโ€™s nearly impossible to figure out which jurisdiction to sue them

Anyways if anyone is thinking of working with them, feel free to send me a DM and happy to go more into my experience to hopefully save a similar experience

I ended up going with local advisors in my country of citizenship as well as my new country of residence, and thatโ€™s worked great
quaid 2mo
Thatโ€™s awful sorry to hear that, thanks for the warning. How did you go about finding trustworthy advisors in your citizen and resident countries?
I actually found a good method was to reach out to an immigration lawyer in the resident country (which is NOT the service I needed โ€” that was intentional) and ask for a referral

Since they werenโ€™t the one offering the specific service I needed, they were relatively unbiased, but were still on the ground and adjacent enough to be able to offer good recommendations

I went with the immigration lawyerโ€™s recommendation and it worked great

Once I had the service provider in the residence country, they had someone they recommended in my citizenship country

So it took a bit of asking around but I eventually got to the right people
quaid 2mo
Great advice, thank you
kks 1mo
Anyone have recommendations for UK tax consultant/accountant familiar with leaving the UK? Bonus points if they have experience with EMI options.

On the flip side, any recommendations for agencies to get set up in Dubai or Cyprus?
In Cyprus (Paphos) I can recommend Hugge Consulting
kks 1mo
Nice thanks, you're the second person to recommend them raised_handsskin-tone-3
Does anyone has experience with the service of staatenlos(dot)ch to for founding a LLC as a Perpetual traveler?
nomaderik 26d
I have not used their services, but I met someone who was happy with the service received from them. I am not sure if it was specifically for the perpetual traveler situation you describe, but it was a nomad who gave this feedback
maxiarg46 26d
All I know because I know some people living in brazil, you can create your own mini company and pay only 7% of tax
vinicius 24d
This is exactly what Iโ€™m looking for. Do these people that you know happen to know any accountants?
I used Alliots , you should be sure to check out the rules about "split year treatment" to get the benefits of leaving ASAP
fmuzx have you considered Bulgaria? Low set up costs, 10% profit tax, 5% dividend taxes. If you want I can explain you how to get a residency there pretty easy.
Hi fellow Nomads!

I would like to share some advice for digital nomads who want to optimize taxes. I still see many Dutchies, Germans, Danish etc travelling around the world and paying over 50% taxes on their income. Feel free to do that - just know you don't have to.

Have you ever considered starting your company in Bulgaria? Starting a company in Bulgaria as a digital nomad brings benefits like favorable taxes, affordable setup, EU market access, and lower living costs. You'll enjoy a low 10% profit tax and 5% dividend tax, optimizing your finances. To solely pay 5% dividend taxes, you need a residency. Residency can be obtained by staying around 180 days in Bulgaria or renting a flat for 100 euros per month. Traveling as a digital nomad is embraced, and Bulgaria is okay with it as long as taxes are paid.

There are other options though. Some digital nomads opt for residency in Portugal while having a Bulgarian company to benefit from a 10-year exemption on dividend taxes. There are legal ways to optimize taxes, and if you'd like more information, feel free to ask. It doesn't make sense if you are German, Dutch, or Danish to pay +50% taxes while we're traveling around the world, isn't it? There are many options available.

Three advices:
โ€ข optimize your taxes, but don't do anything illegal. I see too many residing in Dubai, while they still live in Europe - could get you in trouble.
โ€ข digital nomads usually earn around 100K euro. Don't reside in countries which are expensive. Company registration does not need to be expensive either.
โ€ข Don't worry about the country where you pay taxes, but worry about the country where you don't pay taxes. If you comply to f.e. the law in Dubai, it doesn't mean you comply to the law in the UK if you spend some time there :wink:.
aekrylov 22d
Curious if permanent establishment risk can be mitigated somehow
aekrylov 22d
Well yes, if you don't live in the Netherlands you total shouldn't pay taxes there ๐Ÿ™‚ The problem is your country of residence may claim the company has a PE there, e.g because you're the owner and director, which will probably increase the tax liability. I'm just curios whether this risk is real and so on. Overall Bulagria is a great place of course ๐Ÿ™‚
alvian 22d
The fact that you have a company in Bulgaria does not mean that you will pay taxes from it in Bulgaria. In most countries (in Europe for sure) such a company can be recognized as a resident where you live. The only option is to form and manage such a company not on your own behalf.
You can ask me next time ๐Ÿ˜‰
mracouhz not really. You'll have to take several conditions into account. Both private, and company. Also it has to do with substance. But that's too much detail for now. Believe me, many Digital Nomads have a company in Bulgaria and comply to the law and pay the taxes there.
luisgc93 17d
> Some digital nomads opt for residency in Portugal while having a Bulgarian company to benefit from a 10-year exemption on dividend taxes.
How would this work? feel free to dm
alvian 16d
Estonian company 0% taxes ๐Ÿ™‚
U01PU0GTS9Gbr />
Hi Alvian,

Thank you for your comment. Contrary to its name, e-residency does not imply tax residency or the concept of "e-tax residence." Just the company is based there, not the person.

โ€ข The corporate tax rate in Estonia is 20%. Remote business operations can benefit from the country's a 0% tax rate, but only if you have someone representing you like a lawyer, notary, trust company or advocate. The Estonian government requires foreign-based management boards to designate a contact person with specific eligible categories in Estonia. That's expensive.
โ€ข While you may not pay taxes personally in Estonia, your e-resident Estonian company has a range of tax obligations.
โ—ฆ Standard Corporate Income taxes (20%!) declared where the company is registered and/or has a permanent establishment, or both (although there may be double-taxation offsets in play).
โ—ฆ Dividend distribution tax (20%!!) โ€” paid in Estonia on dividends, when you pay yourself from your business in this way
Feel free to share how you circumvent the dividend tax of 20% in the long run?

I donโ€™t see a benefit here compared to Bulgaria. Estonia 20% & 20% (36% tax pressure, Bulgaria 10% and 5% (14% tax. Just the dividends (like if you pay don't pay income taxes) are 4 times higher (5% v.s. 20%) than Bulgaria.

What I do like of the e-residency in Estonia is that it is well arranged, smooth and mainly online.

What do others think of the e-residency in #estonia? Feel free to share your tips! Let me know if you like the Estonia e-residency.
aekrylov 16d
rqlpfasupysxj in Estonia thereโ€™s only 14-20% on distributed profits.

For PE matters it is important to have local directors and so on. If youโ€™d give some insight on how much this would cost in Bulgaria I think thatโ€™d be super helpful
I think the term of art to remember is "controlled foreign company" / CFC rules, where you live might deem the company resident if there is not sufficient substance.
Some countries dont tax income arising outside (Malta, Ireland, UK if Non-dom for example)
Malta issues a 6/7ths refund on tax paid if the shareholder is outside Malta, so could be 5%, but that might trigger some CFC rules (iirc Portugal has a CFC exemption at 1/2 the Portuguese corp tax, some exclude EEA, some exclude below a certain turnover, Cyprus has a 750k EUR threshold for CFCs I think and 0% on dividends so 5% on the maltese co might be all you paid if you were resident in Cyprus)
im too ๐Ÿฃ to post links, but if you google "oecd cfc rules" there is a table published
You can avoid withholding tax via the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive, so for instance having a holding company where you reside might be advantageous
dtnalpmzoqfcvnw true. However what I see is that for most of the Digital Nomads the residency can be anywhere - unless you do stick many years in the same country. I see in the UK, Ireland and Malta too high annual costs to keep things rollin'. Its a whole different discussion if we talk to get money in the company or to private. I was myself once in the situation that I migrated and suddenly had to pay 20% dividend tax - or appoint a director a 40K/year euro. I wished I had set up the company at the time somewhere else ๐Ÿ˜‰ In my opinion - but correct me if i'm wrong - most DN's over here should take into account that their residency might change. Its something worth checking what happens if you chance residency :).
Yeah, the way I had it explained to me was that you always are tax resident _somewhere_, so best to make sure you have a TIN (see OECD page, Tax Identification Number) somewhere advantageous.
If you mean tax residency when you say residency then it really will make a difference where people reside as the 5% withholding tax in Bulgaria likely wont be the only thing they have to pay (there might be a tax on global income or a specific rate for dividends, it might be ofset by a dual tax treaty but usually you pay the high water mark)
I found living in Malta that more banks and stockbrokers would be keen to regularly update KyC (know your customer) docs. If people are hoping to be "perpetual travellers" they will have to be perpetually nearly-broke as their banks might be reporting the balances to where the bank thinks they live.
In short, its a combo of personal tax residence and company tax residence, you need to watch out for CFC rules, look at DTTs between company and personal residence countries and factor in admin costs.
Strong agree Bulgaria looks like a good option (if you pay 10% + 5% if you reside there, didnt check). I'd be a bit wary of travelling more than the 183 days, you have to be careful not to end up being deemed tax resident elsewhere, usually a DTT will have a tie break based on where you spend the most time, where you have "ties" or are a citizen etc. I know for me I cant spend more than 90 days in ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง without being tax resident (see the "statutory residence test" if interested, there are flow-charts people have done to explain it)
Cyprus has a 60 day residency requirement in some circumstances, which is nice and explicit, but one of the conditions is _you dont become tax resident elsewhere_
Something else to remember is if you leave your country and realise some gains (say, sell your house) your country may deem you owe tax if you return shortly after (UK calls it "temporary non-residence"), I think Romania taxes citizens that leave for a few years after they leave.
Recommend taking professional advice, much better to respond to tax authorities with a 1-pager from a lawyer you got before making any changes than trying to argue based on your own research
xdailehh i'm kinda new here and need to wait before I can reply to a DM. I'll contact you in a few days ok :)?
peproll 14d
Hi, I recently opened a single-member LLC (as a non-US resident and disregarded entity) and Iโ€™m considering living in Dubai for more than half a year. As far as I understand, all income earned in Dubai from this company should not be taxed as it is considered personal income. However, Iโ€™m a little confused about the new corporate tax of 9 percent that will go into effect from June. Will the UAE consider my US company as a UAE LLC because its management is based in Dubai? I wonder if anyone has researched how the UAE will apply CFC rules to such hybrid companies?
People, itโ€™s (usually) more about where you are not tax resident than where you are. You are perfectly able to be not tax resident anywhere. You are also perfectly able to be tax resident multiple places (I am!). The golden rule is if you are trying to become tax resident somewhere, you should think long and hard about what this is achieving in terms of other places you may also be resident.
I found my broker specifically asked for a TIN (as per OECD) and asked me which countries I was tax resident, it feels to me like "oh I don't have one, I'm moving around all the time" is unlikely to satisfy a government if they investigate you. I've heard of country of citizenship being the default too so id caution anyone thinking they are safe as a "perpetual traveller"
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