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Africa Chat - Meet people when traveling in Africa on Nomad List

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bpspxwuexj just arrived in 🌊 Cape Town,South Africa, #africa
The internet is pretty shitty all over the island as far as I experienced it. Anywhere from 1MBit to 25MBit, depending on the location, can literally vary by 1 meter, or inside/outside. Most “stable connections” are 5MBit ZanLink connections, but especially in High Seasons they get overloaded. I would buy all sim cards and see whats best for your location, but dont expect decent internet
Jambiani is a very chill village, more families and stuff. Paje is like Prty/Hippy etc, I like it very much. Bwejuu is for Families again.
Ill be there in July for sure, shoot me a message if you wanna grab a drink or sth, we (me and my gf) can meet up and chill for sure
otycckmueu thanks a lot for your reply!! That is what I imagined, definitely not sustainable for a long term stay :pensive:. But I'll go for "holiday" or with a low workload then, otherwise I'll stay in Dar. Definitely keen on grabbing a drink with your girlfriend and you! It's always great to meet fellow travelers 💫
Cape town is straightforward, aside from planned power outages but spaces often have backup power or you can hotspot comfortably.

Interested in Ghana but their infrastrcture doesn't sound stable enough. Researching Senegal now
```Hi guys, I am also in Jambiani and would love to connect. WA/TG +4916096365210```
🛬 lrfnqmgv just arrived in 🇹🇿 Dar es Salaam,Tanzania, #africa
vxfomxjsngtew I don't know if you saw Patrick's reply above? I'll be staying in Zanzibar from next month, I'll keep you posted also hahaha
Hi jgmfvlpry I won't be in Zanzibar before July. Right now I am in Dar, but who knows if I don't change my mind next week :joy:. How long will you be there?
Hi thksnjqi I' ll be here at least until 15th of July. Eventually I move out of TZ for a couple of days / weeks an will be back for sure in September. I am almost based in Jambiani, so if you are changing your mind you are welcome here. Nice bungalows at the beach for $20/night and a music festival in Dongwe (17.-21.06)
Let me know how you find it! I grew up in Dar and went to Zanzibar frequently, but it’s a way different experience being a teen having fun than a working digital nomad ha. I’m thinking about going back sometime next year.
How lucky of you U019T6QURPY! I will let you know! For now it wasn't so much fun as I have been struggling all day to find an adapter to buy... And still didn't find one hahaha (I stupidity forgot mine in France :cry:). First days are always the worst, but I am sure it will be an amazing experience. I feel it already ❤️
Thanks 🙂 Ah that sucks. Where are you staying? I mean I haven’t been back in 6+ years, but I would’ve thought they had some on the peninsula or in town. Yeah I am very jealous, you’re going to have an amazing time!
I am in msasani now, and booked an air bnb at Mbezi Beach next week, come come!! Hahaha
lovely. Haha Barbados is on my list next. Dropping you a DM
eyhxcytu no i didn't actually. Thank you keeping me in the loop. Congratulations tadatada that's exciting. Please do, you can send me a message if you want.
This trip sounds exciting
psywokglzws is it possible to have the Zanzibar /Tanzania channel? So I don't feel like like spamming here 🤣
🛬 rtiyoph just arrived in 🇰🇪 Nairobi,Kenya, #africa
🛬 dxvwlkd just arrived in 🏝 Port Louis,Mauritius, #africa
Cape Town peeps where you at? How y'all dealing with lockdown?
Every time I am in Africa, I am wondering why it isn't more popular, this is paradise (at least where I have been hahaha). Outside from this, could someone tell me where I could get a PCR test in Dar (not too mzungu price even better :heart::heart:) Asante sana :raised_hands::skin-tone-5:

Bonus question 🤣 is there anyone here who went to Mozambique, it's on my list and I'm curious. Thank you!
Where are you at that has reliable Wifi? Would love to explore more but I always get nervous about the reliable internet for zoom
I'm in Dar es Salaam. Honestly the first week was a living hell with the worst Wi-Fi. But then I got the 4G on my phone and a friend got me a small modem that I can plug anywhere. Since then no issue at all. I had a 3 hour meeting on zoom last week with 5 people, easy peazy 🤗
I'd like to go to Rwanda, or Senegal some days ☀️ There are also good surf spot there.
What's a good place to start? Nairobi?
Hey man! How was the internet in Zanzi? Power surges, outages, stable WiFi?
Hey everyone! :wave:

Thinking of doing the impossible nomad experience and drive up from South Africa through a bit of Africa next year. Anyone had great WiFi experiences (incl. Zoom calls) in some/any of the following places?

Sub-Saharan Africa
• ✅ South Africa (I’m from there, all good)
• Mozam ? `(Nomadlist says no)`
• Malawi ? `(Nomadlist says no)`
East Africa
electric_plug _Anything bad happen with power surges?_
• Tanzania zbsecyol - did your work around for Dar work for Zanzi too?
• Rwanda ? `(Nomadlist says no)`
• ✅ Kenya - who did Watamu again? Sounds good from you on KE in general, zrdrnwul Thanks!
West Africa
• Ghana ? (Heard great things) `(Nomadlist says no)`
• Senegal (Also heard great things)
North Africa
Haven’t considered North Africa yet but Morocco/ Egypt could be exciting?

Any other experiences or countries you think should be worth considering?

Re Sub-Saharan Africa Namibia looked terrible, Angola too (famous untouched surf byeee), Re East Africa not going to do Ethiopia again right now 😬 and with West not sure about Nigeria.

Also, we’d be up for meeting people along the way if you’re planning a wacky African 2022!
Hey hyhiomlvgpkpm great project!! I only worked from Dar until now, no issue at all! I'm going to be in Zanzibar for a month starting from Saturday. I'll let you know.
Here I met a product designer who worked from Ethiopia and Kenya, so apparently it's feasible.
Would like to know about Mozambique also
Idea Would your work allow more async style comms? I.e. if you know you can get to a good internet spot once a day or so to upload work and handle comms. That might make planning easier as you can pick certain accommodation or coworking spots accordingly.
nomadlist lacks the data on Africa. I wouldn’t trust so much. There’s `Digital Nomads in Africa Community` group in FB.

I heard that Madagascar has fiber internet, and Namibia has good internet as well.

In general, I think any major city that has a coworking space would be fine.

I’m gonna start as a vacation, and stay longer if I find a spot with good internet

I’ll be in Senegal in few months, and I’ll also report back.

I went to Ghana for a vacation in 2019. Accra had good 4g, but my hotel internet sucked. But they have few coworking spaces. In a smaller town like Hohoe, the internet and 3g was super slow, and there were constant power outrages.
Ah I would love async life beqajlnvwtzbyp - if only! I’m in one of those management positions where you’re on Zoom all day…
Soooo what I did is look at “Speedtest. net / global - index” (can’t paste link). How reliable do you think it is? I’ll write some updates here per country - will take a look now.
Likely would be some bias in that from where it would be used from, so I wouldn't use it as a good metric if you know overall coverage is bad in a country.
> this is paradise
Doesn’t go well with your other sentence
> Honestly the first week was a living hell with the worst Wi-Fi.
thinking_face I don’t want to nit-pick, but the second sentence is exactly the reason why I’m hesitant to work remotely from Africa (except SA)
inlduggkkjwz I understand, that is why I am always hesitant to travel to African countries I didn't get any feedback from. It's always a bet otherwise hahaha.

Paradise doesn't mean perfect but it has many great features I can tell. As for the internet I guess it depends what is your job. Now that I found my way, I have a great internet that never fails, but I am not downloading big files or such, barely filling Google docs, using slack and doing (a lot of) zoom meeting so that's enough for that really.
Internet is still an issue in Mozambique unfortunately, the country is incredible.
If anyone is interested, a big community will be announced in São Vicente, Cabo Verde soon. 4 hours flight from Lisbon 😉
🛬 mokmcxx just arrived in 🇬🇭 Accra,Ghana, #africa
Great points! Joined the FB group ktehwvvhr - thanks. It seems awesome! I’ve messaged them. Also will speak to my connections as I look into this.

As initial research, I’m using Speedtest, but, as thbueofhpxgpjv says, I’d need to verify each data point I gather along the way.| Let’s not forget these are likely only for the capitals…

_I’m not focusing on political climate/ activities/ anything just yet. Just trying to do top-of-funnel initial research and rule out places that simply won’t work. Anything with < 15 MB I’m striking through._

sunny Mozambique
25.44 MB mobile; 10.53 MB broadband (who wants to hang out in Maputo though? Besides ISIS. 😬 Actually curious if someone loves Maputo though…) Maybe let’s not go to Mozam just yet people….

monkey Madagascar
39.16 MB broadband (but embassy people I know said Antananarivo isn’t great and I doubt the surf towns are swimming in WiFi. Might be worth asking a surf school or sth on the coast). No data on mobile…

desert_island ~Malawi~
~18.08 MB broadband. Getting low, and no idea about how it is at Lake Malawi.~

ocean Angola
Heard great things about the internet from my friend who set up a co-working space in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, and had set up one (+ incubator) in Luanda too. 24.79 MB mobile and 13.92 MB broadband. Trouble is, Luanda sucks (apparently), there’s awesome untouched surf in the south but he said good luck with the internet. So…

flag-zw Zim
12.69 MB mobile, 15.23 MB broadband. But, Zim…

flag-zm Zambia
15.44 MB mobile, 13.98 MB broadband. Might be worth it

lion_face ~Bots~
~10.85 MB broadband, no data on cell. Seems like a no.~

flag-tz Tanzania
Dar + Zanzi nzmckzsl is on it! 😎 14.14 MB mobile and 15.20 MB broadband. Is there any chance you could run a Speedtest locally and let me know if this is accurate? 🙏 It juuust seems to make my criteria for speed.

gorilla Rwanda
Heard great things from Rwanda Tourism (but I think they’re biased!) about Kigali too. And then save up loads 💰 for the gorillas and die of happiness? 23.49 MB broadband. Solid.

:coffee:~️ Ethiopia~
~22.08 MB mobile, 14.09 MB broadband. Could do Ethiopia, depends on political climate. Injera come at me. Coffee farms too.~ nfmuqhzcv struggled with internet “too slow to load YouTube vid”

palm_tree Senegal
Solid! 22.04 MB mobile, 35.28 MB broadband. Nice…!

satellite_antenna Ghana
13.23 MB mobile, 53.28 MB broadband

princeskin-tone-5 Nigeria
22.91 MB mobile, 17.05 MB broadband. Doable - not sure I’ll love Nigeria.

desert Egypt
23.99 MB mobile, 42.42 MB broadband. Is Egypt cool?

snake Morocco
40.07 MB mobile, 28.38 MB broadband. Seems solid and so pretty.
That sounds appealing, but probably borderline impossible. No infrastructure in a lot of rural Africa and you can't just jump from one major city to the next. But even in major cities in some of the countries you'd have to drive through the Internet blooows.
also, I think Ethiopia/Sudan/South Sudan could be problematic if you also want to get work done, it's probably pretty challenging even as a "regular" traveler
Hey Gábor :wave:

My thoughts too, but I decided surely it’s possible if I’m smart about it. So… I’m thinking, how can I use paid leave for the tough places/ longer drives, and how do I have a local setup on the ground with reliable friends when I enter a country?

And, how can we spread this out over a long enough period of time that it’s not too stressful.
The idea of Sudan/ South Sudan makes me shudder, but the rest I’m okay with.
So I’m thinking it would need to be something like partnering with the co-working spaces of Africa/ incubators or something like this and putting Africa on the map as a digital nomad destination/ certain countries/ cities are possible.
“This route crosses through Sudan” - never seen that before from G’maps 😄
To enjoy it, you'll probably need at least 3-6 months of time off for stretches through the shitty internet portions.
This sounds awesome. I would be down to join some parts of the trip
I would recommend doing stretches within organized group as a vacation rather than cape to Cairo ad a nomad. Companies like overlandingwestafrica specialize in doing that well in a way that you can actually see the fun stuff and enjoy the culture.
but yeah it’s probably not realistic to work full time while traveling overland
There are plenty of nice cities to work out of in most of subsaharan and parts of west Africa, but then you're just rushing from city to city and not experiencing anything
I’ve been to all over Ethiopia in 2019, and you can’t get reliable internet to even watch a YouTube video
I was planning to do a couple of the overlandingwestafrica trips but covid got in the way and have to keep postponing. I've just about run out of English-speaking Africa to visit, so I'm mostly stuck with tours now.
Even in Addis, it’s hard to find a place with fast internet
Thanks! Yeah I was there in 2016 and it was the same. Into the analysis it goes!
Totally agree. Plus, rushing isn’t possible when you’re on Africa Time 😜
So what I’m thinking is spreading it out over a year
What I’ve been doing this year which has been cool has been to set up a base in a country - and then go off to other places from it
IMO, that's probably a better option for most of east Africa. Every country has reliable infrastructure somewhere, but it can be hard to find it. Having a stable home base would make things much easier.
So, let’s take my hometown in South Africa. I was there 6 weeks, left our big stuff there, drove 2h to a surf town (Jeffreys Bay) and lived/ worked there for 3 weeks (surfed + worked). Did the same with Cape Town - and could take a couple of leave days to do a 7 day trip or so.
If I were doing a big road trip, I'd probably do cape-morocco where flying between areas just isn't practical
South Africa travel is easy to find good internet. Zimbabwe/Malawi/Mozambique are nearly impossible.
Ah right, so you mean fly it?
And flying between them means connecting through either Nairobi or joburg
Or like have a base in one country, and shoot of to other countries from it?
Yeah, choose based on either bus interconnections or convenient flights
So I was thinking for Tanzania, for example, be based on the peninsular in Dar, ferry of to Zanzi for a long weekend, fly off to Kilimanjaro and back to Dar, hang out and work in the city and then… fly out to KE?
Maybe base out of joburg for some, fly to more of s-eastern Africa. From there, relocate to Nairobi or Kigali for a few months and travel to neighboring countries from there
This is smart
Forbthe west coast, going by land is pretty much your only option
Never done it… and that’s where I have the fewest connections
Mom’s Kenyan so East Africa’s covered
South Africa, Kenya, and Rwanda can all be solid bases. Sounds like Dar is these days too. It's the rest that gets tough, haha
And pretty much all of east Africa except Mozambique speaks English well too
Once you hit Ethiopia, things get tough. Good for a visit, but working isn't practical. Similar for Eritrea/Somaliland/somalia
Yeah I’m hesitant. Do you think it’s good for a visit? Those countries have… tricky relationships and I wouldn’t want to get stuck into a mess there
Same with the idea of driving through
Would just kind of want it “over” tbh
Eritrea I'd easily visit
Somalia I would like to visit, but logistics are tough/expensive since you need a lot of guards
Always wanted to
My family works in Africa security so I get the guard side of things. There and South Sudan aren’t easy
Haha, security is always interesting.
fwiw, things change fast in Africa, so maybe it’s different now. But I can’t imagine fast internet judging from what I saw at that time.

Looking back, it was nice to be away from all the noise on the internet
Hey, can you recommend any websites I can rent or buy properties in Ghana? Airbnb shows such high prices for rentals that I must check how is the market. What is your experience with renting/ buying land in Ghana?
Hey ktbyxgxgtlasm so like sisjjcdvnk said before, Zanzibar is so-so in terms of internet. I was in jambiani for a few days and it was fine with the phone ( I still could run zoom meeting - without camera though - easily), but the broadband was bad. I'm now in Stone town, I got 16.50 Mb mobile but only 3 Mb something broadband so really not great... I didn't run any test while in Dar, but I could watch Netflix without any issue and run zoom meetings with camera, so for sure it is better there.
Dar certainly much better than Zanzi. Although in Zanzi you can easily get 30-60mbit at night around 2-4am
Ah thanks so much, both of you!
🛬 rncpgiyt just arrived in Zanzibar Central/South,Tanzania, #africa
Hi lkivwijljj :) will be happy to help out anybody who needs information on the following countries Morocco, Cameroon. I visited others like tchad, Ghana and Ivorycoast. So all questions are welcomes prayskin-tone-5black_heart
Will answer u tonight. I may introduce you to someone who can be of assistance
Just so you know that i sent ur info on IG
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