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Albania Chat - Meet people when traveling in Albania on Nomad List

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Anybody on the ground know the current restrictions in Albania? I heard they are instituting a quarantine but can’t find anything about it online. It looks like you need a negative PCR test to get in and there’s an 11pm curfew but that’s it.
Also, which towns in Albania do the nomads like?
Hey U06UADFFS!br />
I've been here for a while now. I haven't heard anything about a quarantine, and I honestly have a hard time believing they would institute one. Besides the curfew, there are very little covid precautions here. PCR or vaccination to enter.

We spent time in Tirana, Vlorë and are currently in Sarandë. Here's what I told another nomad friend who asked the same:

Tirana - capital city, 1m people. Great restaurants, cafes, and cocktail bars. Very walkable, though sidewalks are obstructed and people are not very aware of surroundings. Affordable-ish - you can spend money here, but you can also find places not to.  There's an AirBNB shortage, so rents are higher - I paid $350 for 10 days.  Has all the city things, including a gorgeous park with a lake (3-5 miles to run/walk around. depending on which trail you take), malls, shopping, pedestrian walkways, etc... also, noise pollution, air pollution, and a really gross "river" running through the center of the city.  Construction is common, elevators are not.  Covid precautions include an 11pm curfew, at which time all bars/restaurants/clubs/cocktail bars will kick you out, but no one cares if you are on the street.  No masks, distancing not really a thing.  And everyone smokes.

Vlorë - the larger of the two beach towns I've been in.  Stunning views.  Very touristic.  We were there in high season and it was BUSY. Lotta traffic, lotta people. Walkable within area (city center or beach walk side), but pretty far in between - was a 45 minute walk to the center from where we were, and our area was bustling.  Wifi was not great, cafes were sparse and mostly outdoors/no AC.  Friendly people, terrible service. Zero covid precautions.  At 11pm (curfew) the shisha bar we were in just turned off the lights so it looked like we were not there.

Sarandë - reminds me of a dirtier, more stretched out Amalfi/Positano without the incredible food.  Best views I've seen yet.  Great apartments that are super affordable outside of high season - we've got a 2 br for 500 euros this month, 400 next.  Not a lot of food variety, typical touristy restaurants and shops.  Great promenade along the water for running/not getting run down by crazy Albania drivers. We've arrived just after tourist season and it's not too crowded - we're told it will get even thinner.  Weather is PERFECT, with a high of 28 today and the lows going to 17 at night.  Can be a bit of a challenge to walk around, as the streets wind up and down, and often you have to find a path that will take you down to the promenade - so you can be higher up with better views, or lower down with less walking.  I've seen some cute coffee shops and cafes, but between the uphill walking and my internet being tolerable with 18up/18down, I"ll most likely work from home.   Not seeing any covid precautions so far - a girl who's been living here a while told me most places are also ignoring curfew.
what’s the best place in Albania for beaches?
I’ve heard a lot about the Albanian Riviera but also that it might’ve been ruined by over-tourism
It's offseason, so it's not overcrowded at the moment. The southern part is better for beaches, though I never made it to Durres, TBF. Vlore has beaches all along the city, where Sarande has a beach, but it's not as expansive. There are great beaches just outside of Sarande though - we went to three today
Random photos someone pulled from insta and sent me, not mine
All these seem like inland river beaches
Mostly in the north
Have you been mostly by the ocean or did you go inland?
My flight into Tirana lands pretty late and it seems like it takes many hours to get to the better beaches in the south. Has anybody done Durres? It’s super close to the capital so I’m guessing it’s overtouristed, but maybe not.
Any recommendations on neighborhoods in Tirana? I hear Blloku is nice but maybe too fancy these days.
We spent a week at the Vila Tako Boutique Hotel. The neighborhood was walkable, full of cafes. We’d try that neighborhood for an apartment if headed back.
Looks like that is the neighborhood you mentioned.
looks great, just booked it, thanks! 🙌
Anybody try Dutch Hub for co-working and know if they have fast internet? Download speeds at Vila Tako are <1mbps crysnail
dutch hub has great internet and is gorgeous but the minimum is 3 months
checked on| and it looks like nowhere in tirana does daily or weekly rates
okay turns out if you call they all have a daily rate
Staff at InnoSpace is much nicer and more professional, if you’re looking for coworking in Blleku that’s the place I recommend. Internet speeds were 500mbps up / 55mbps down when I tested them, easily 10x better than Dutch Hub. Also they're on the top floor and have a wraparound terrace with killer views of the mountains.
Destil Creative Hub Tirana

Little way up, but this place is good for CoWorking too
Anybody know if Kasandro Coworking has opened yet in Sarandë?
this looks really nice. thanks for sharing
I spoke with the owner. They're not fully open yet, but would like to have some people come by and "test" out the coworking, let them know where they can improve. I'm headed there next week
yeah I whatsapped a guy named rex there, he said he’d be in on monday, I may stop by as well
I rented a car, driving south to Saranda from TIA today. The youtube videos made it seem like the rumors about terrible driving in Albana are overblown. Hopefully this isn’t hubris.
Oh, it’s an adventure
Stopping any where on the way down?
If anyone is passing through Durres, I highly recommend stopping for lunch at Vertigo, the views are incredible and the food was better than what I found in Tirana
stopped in Durres for lunch but that was it
got in after dark, probably should’ve left earlier
it wasn't so bad but night driving made it harder to spot the wild animals in the road and we almost hit a herd of cows 😬
it’s a 1 bedroom 50m from the beach, 40mbps down, 50 USD per night
how are more nomads not in albania?
The food is good, the coffee is good, the people are great, the coastline is fantastic, visa time is generous - I’m surprised there aren’t more nomads in Albania as well
Kasandro Coworking is unofficially open, I’m working from here today. Alex is letting people work here for free since the interior isn’t fully done. If you’re just looking for a spot outside of the airbnb to focus though, it works fine.
Thinking of checking out the CoWorking today. You going to be around?
ozskaohshs I'm going diving today but the dive shop is right by the co-working, I'd be up for coffee after if you're there
hi :slightly_smiling_face:
Planning to visit Albania in few weeks,
I am trying to find a website with latest tourists requirements on entry like PCR and quarantine information
If you happen to have this link, I would appreciate you share it with me 👏
Also investigating this..
Seems like PCR/Antigen OR vaccination certificate should be fine:
thank you!
I tried to visit Georgia, but they only accept a bunch of specific countries-citizens, and me as Chilean, I am not accepted there because of their covid rules. I am checking if Albania has some similar rules as well
I don't think so
Btw, you can still visit Georgia if you earn more than 2000$/month, you just have to apply for an entry permit online. Check the corresponding channel here in Slack, it should have some info on it.
sounds good, I am going to take a look
thank you Boris!
Staying in Blloku tomorrow night. Trying to decide if I should rent a car and drive to Saranda. How’s internet /electricity at the beach these days?
Good. I did exactly this last week. Stayed in Blloku then rented a car and drove to Saranda. Would recommend. I had a Vodafone sim card which was blazing fast (150mbps) as a backup but the wifi in the airbnb was fine.
🛬 vmkjjrwfwkbetcnc just arrived in 🇦🇱 Tirana, #albania
🛬 hchlpbwhyvasfalrug just arrived in Sarandë, #albania
nhyrhpftkwagrqnk it’s a great drive if you can take a couple days as well, stopping in Berat, Permet and Gjirokaster along the way
Awesome. Will do. Any recommendations for company/website for car rentals?
I went with Hertz and it was good. Almost went with Enterprise but they were slow and the service was better at Hertz. You could probably get a cheaper car and more convenient pickup location if you go with a local outfit, but I prefer big international companies because the process is smoother and you don't have to worry as much about getting ripped off.
thinking about albania for a month starting mid. December... starting from zero in terms of knowledge

• where to go?
• what to see?
• what to do?
• is it easy to get a reliable sim card with plenty of (or unlimited) data?
Hi :blush:
I am moving to Tirana in 2 weeks
Do you recommend any area to stay in? I am checking in airbnb but not sure which areas are good at good price (300-500 usd) for a monthly stay
Blloku or the area near the park are both popular. They are relatively expensive areas for Tirana but you could probably find a place there with that budget.
Cool, thanks for this, going to find a place around that
🛬 heltppoho just arrived in Vlorë, #albania
Just arrived in Vlorë and wanted to warn anyone who plans to come here:
The amount of garbage on the city beaches is shocking. This could be due to recent rainy weather period and also low season (maybe they just don't clean it at this time of the year). The water is still warm enough though, but I cannot imagine swimming in this dump and will be looking for other places outside of the city.

The mountain surroundings look very nice though!
Bummer. Thx for the heads up. Do you have any pictures? I'm curious what it looks like.
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