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Argentina Chat - Meet people when traveling in Argentina on Nomad List

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I Western Unión myself money and that works very well
Yellow fever vaccine is recommended if traveling to Misiones, Corrientes or Formosa, there is no risk in the rest of the country.
DolarPalermo (search on instagram), USDT either TRC-20 or ERC-20
about 200k USD? if I understood correctly xsbcmstbfhpcjhce is talking about buying an apartment
I ordered some clothing online from US that was sent by Fedex. Fedex emailed me a letter which I ran through Google translate porque mi espanol es malo. I think I need a customs broker? Does anyone know one? Anyone been in this scenario before?

```We hereby inform that the shipment of reference ######## could not be released, as it did not meet the requirements
of the Door-to-Door Courier regime (Res Ex ANA 2436/1996), being the same in the warehouse of the TCA of the Airport
Ezeiza International.
The reason for the exclusion is as follows:
AFIP - Without CUIT, without CUIL or without fiscal key level 2 (lack of proof)
The reference shipment can only be released to square through the management of a customs broker being a registered importer,
or even private recipients according to the modifications in RG 3628/14. Due in advance and if applicable, have
certificates from third-party agencies involved, prior to submitting to CUSTOMS.
To start the release of the shipment, the original documentation must be withdrawn from our offices located at the Airport.
International Airport of Ezeiza-TCA Offices, paying in legal tender, the sum of USD 126 (plus VAT) for the handling of
documentation and the sum of $1086 per RG AFIP 3244-11, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
• We remind you to process the certificate before the intervening body, if applicable, prior to presenting yourself at customs.
• The original documentation will be delivered to the consignee of the shipment or, failing that, to a representative of the same, who
You must present a letter of authorization from the aforementioned consignee, including the CUIT number if it is a
company, or with DNI and CUIL in the case of being a natural person.
• We inform you that as of 10/17/2011 the Reissue of courier shipments RG AFIP 3196/11 is in force, which provides for
shipments that have not been nationalized within a period of less than thirty days and whose consignee HAS NOT withdrawn the waybill
original airline of our company, it will be forwarded to origin.```
I don't want to go all the way out to the airport to handle this. Is there a service or company I can call based on:
```The reference shipment can only be released to square through the management of a customs broker being a registered importer```
Advice or suggestions?
Oh man that's absolute BS… usd 126??! Ridiculous. It's odd that FedEx didn't handle it… can you post the original message? Translation is pretty bad. From what I understand, it's not strictly necessary to go with a customs broker, you can do it by yourself, filling the forms and paying those bullshit fees. But yeah, time wasted and fees will probably make all this crap cost more than what you actually ordered… import laws here suck
Here's the original:
```Por medio de la presente, informamos que no pudo ser liberado el envío de la referencia ######, al no cumplir con los requisitos del régimen de Courier Puerta a Puerta (Res Ex ANA 2436/1996), encontrándose el mismo en la bodega del TCA del Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza.
El Motivo de la exclusión es el siguiente:
• AFIP - Sin CUIT, sin CUIL o sin clave fiscal nivel 2(falta comprobante)
El envío de referencia solo podrá ser liberado a plaza a través de la gestión de un despachante de aduana siendo un importador registrado, o incluso destinatarios particulares acorde a las modificaciones en la RG 3628/14. Debiendo con antelación y si correspondiese contar con los certificados de terceros organismos intervinientes , previo a presentarse ante ADUANA.
Para iniciar la liberación del envío, deberá retirarse la documentación original del mismo en nuestras oficinas situadas en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza-Oficinas de TCA, abonando en moneda de curso legal, la suma de USD 126 (más IVA) en concepto de manejo de documentación y la suma de $ 1086 por RG AFIP 3244-11, de lunes a viernes en el horario de 9 a 17 horas.
• Le recordamos tramitar el certificado ante el organismo interviniente, en caso de corresponder, previo a presentarse en aduana.
• La documentación original será entregada al consignatario del envío o en su defecto a un representante del mismo, quien
deberá presentar una carta de autorización del mencionado consignatario, incluyendo el número de CUIT si se tratare de una empresa, o con DNI y CUIL en el caso de ser una persona física.
• Informamos que a partir del 17/10/2011 está vigente la Reexpedición de envíos courier RG AFIP 3196/11, que prevé para los envíos que no hayan sido nacionalizados en un plazo menor a treinta días y cuyo consignatario NO HAYA retirado la guía aérea original de nuestra compañía, se procederá a la reexpedición a origen.
Para obtener mayor información acerca de su envío, y evitar incurrir en altos costos de almacenaje (los cuales se incrementan sobre base diaria, y se facturan de acuerdo a las tarifas vigentes de ), rogamos co
If I could go back in time I'd use grabr. Oh well
Oh man looks like you need to get the forms personally at the airport… I don't know about services to deal with this but I guess they exist because it sounds annoying as fuck
🛬 jiprlbnfdoompx just arrived in 💃 Buenos Aires, #argentina
I wonder if customs are in the main airport building or some other office near the airport. Argh. Headache
I think the first transfer is free and afterwards you can waive the fee with coupons, but otherwise there's always a fee.
Yea after some transfers they charge a fee. Just send more and the fee they charge will be less
ah didn't know I was in some new user promo. noted. thanks
I use my friend. He is a solid guy, good energy. Usually better or same as DolarPalermo. Can send his contact.
Forgot to mention, he doesn't ask for passport like dolar Palermo
uydymhbxhx pls send me
I'm looking to make that move mid October too U01GCS72X2A. Maybe we should connect.
I booked Mendoza. I will get there on 20 October, and I'm staying until 14 January. vdlyygzm
Argentina is one of the most bureaucratic countries in the world and has high import taxes. Honestly, I would have avoided shipping something there.

If I were you, I would look for an ex-pats FB group and ask for help there; there should be people there who have gone through the same
Ayyy that's exciting! ojbtkeixgzet You are much farther along than I but it is quite possible I'll be in BA around that time if these final things align. I'm looking at San Telmo but it's still quite very early
They haven’t had a regular promo code for a at least a month.
I'm planning to go to Bariloche for about ten days beginning October 29th. Sandwiching it between immersion classes and friends coming mid-November.
I'll be arriving in BA in a couple weeks and staying in Recoleta. How do people initially exchange for the blue dollar rate when first arriving, to initially get out of the airport and to your accommodations? Or do I need to just suck it up and get a little money from an ATM at the officially exchange rate until I can get to a WU or somewhere to exchange dollars?
there’s a lot of pushback from Uber drivers in taking trips that are paid with card, so Cabify probably will be easier to book
either that or take out from the ATM with the official conversion rate, yeah
I went to the prepaid cab stand in the airport and paid US$36 using a US$100 bill for a ride to Palermo
You can pay for the taxi with a credit card at one of the stands inside the airport.
I'm just going to wait till they return to sender then I'll use grabr
Just in case do try to search in expat groups, it might be as simple as knowing someone, giving a small “tip” and magically settle the issue without forms. Sadly, this is how things work here… but yeah, if the clothes are really not that important, avoid all the stress and just let them sit there until they send all back
Thanks all!
🛬 mjucohkbjz just arrived in 🇦🇷 Salta, #argentina
To avoid further headaches, you might want to look at Grabr.
A popular option to buy stuff outside of Argentina by contact people travelling around the globe and meet them once they arrive.
Grabr act as an escrow that hold customer money until it get the product from traveller
Important note I intend to use it in a couple week for first time. However you might ask to others about their experiences
I just bought some sneakers via grabr. I only heard of it after I already made the transaction above. Everything went great. Will be using again
You can get a new free transfer if you create a new account 🙊
is anyone inbound to Argentina soon from Europe, Asia, or North America? lmk!
I’ve noticed that the fee is significantly higher for US accounts. Lucky those who have a european WU account.
It's odd - when I first began looking at WU there was a $22 fee. But when I arrived in BA there were no fees for the first two transfers. I just paid $22 this week and currently it's showing as $54 for the next transfer (sending 250k pesos). Wild. I wonder if there are any market forces influencing this
I think it's the amount, 250k is a lot
I believe WU's primary use case are smaller remittances so their fees reflect that
The dollar went up again
Last week was around $281 in WU
I’m arriving to Buenos Aires from Mexico in about 10 days.
I’m planning to go to the Lake District for about 10 days at the end of October. I prefer not to hike alone, so if anyone is interested in doing some hiking around there and would like to join, let me know. Or, if you know of any guides or good tour operators around Bariloche, I’d appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
I am arriving in 7 days from the USA
Can anyone recommend an airport taxi service with large vans?
How many seats do you need?
Like 12 lol
Hey all, just wanted to book a flight with Flybondi and pay with Pago Fácil. They ask for CUIT/CUIL - any idea how I can get that number?
You can't, that's like a tax payer ID… strange that they need that…
Today is over 300 🤑
I’ve lived in Palermo Hollywood my first 3 months. It’s nice for nightlife, but in terms of housing - it’s pretty old. Modern flats are rare. So I ended up moving to Recoleta, nicer apartments for sure.
You need to get a residency to obtain it CUIT/CUIL/DNI. However, I’m pretty sure they accept passport.
Heey! Someone wanna link up on weekend? Preferably Saturday
Options are:
• cycling through new parts of city (I usually go 10-15 km)
• lunch (?)
• bar (??)
Yeah they did but were still requiring CUIT/CUIL
As US interest rates go up, the dollar strengthens against other currencies
Hi Kevin. Ask to hqppfqatvcfmdfgbr via Twitter!
🛬 dvyrrgsmgqa just arrived in 💃 Buenos Aires, #argentina
Does anyone know of a good dance studio for group tango lessons near Palermo?
🛬 pcagvippu just arrived in 🇦🇷 Cordoba, #argentina
Hi! I bought a "Personal" SIM card, then tried to activate it by calling 234#. The prompt asks me for a document number, I put in my passport number and it said invalid. I don't have a DNI, how do I get past this step? Cellular data isn't working.
🛬 resrxblw just arrived in 💃 Buenos Aires, #argentina
hey dennis, dealing w something similar. I went to the persona store this morning to try and buy a sim bc i just arrived - the woman told me i need argentinian documentation to get a sim card. let me know if you find a solution
I haven't solved the problem yet but found this
Where can I buy a pair of New Balance shoes here in Buenos Aires? Or can we only buy local shoe brands.
Interested, also !
The shoe police won't show up if you try to buy a foreign brand 🤣
awesome! ty.
Hiya! For anyone who traveled into Argentina recently are there any requirements to show upon arrival?
I wasn't asked to show anything
Didn’t need to show an onward ticket leaving the country?
Great, I meant more of anything post-pandemic. But good to know, nothing to show.
mtuwihklkansg Did you have to show proof of insurance? (I saw that|here.) Im assuming that would be travel insurance or insurance back in your home country.
I printed it out and had it ready, they didn't ask me to show anything.
Had everything ready, wasn't asked for anything (entered a month ago)
rpnvwlllfjhm radqjdneinhca Thats good to hear! What did you print out to show?
pdf from my health insurance company, it seems they routinely provide them
as for onward travel, my flight was roundtrip from my home country
Gotcha, thanks. I am coming on a one way ticket. Planning to stay a couple of months before heading to Mexico, just not sure on the date yet and didnt want to book a flight and be stuck to that date etc.
Anyone planning on coming from US in the next 2-4 weeks? I'm booking an apt from local listings and apparently they will only accept USD cash and I'm running a bit short. If anyone coming in could bring me extra - I'll buy you a nice dinner. Can swap for Zelle/crypto/pesos at WU rate.
FYI, if you need dollar bills Dólar Palermo does USDT -> USD cash. I've used them for a security deposit and it worked fine.
I also heard that Claro has data plan that doesn’t have the DNI logistic problems. You just need to go to kiosco to top up!
Yup, I ended up buying a Claro SIM and signing up online with my passport
it's working, so much better than T-Mobile
Same as Dennis U041M7MQW!
oh wasn't aware. will check them out
thanks iofy
I wouldn’t risk having to book a flight on the spot. Airline May request a return flight, immigration also. It’s a matter of luck. You can “book” a ticket from an 0nward ticket site for less than $20
Anyone have recommendations for Co-living near or around Palermo in BA? 🙂
🛬 xwhpmgpzkysomr just arrived in 💃 Buenos Aires, #argentina
hello everyone! Someone wanna grab a drink or eat something in the weekend?
🛬 przkzaeyhtqs just arrived in 💃 Buenos Aires, #argentina
🛬 trrhoyg just arrived in 🇦🇷 Salta, #argentina
🛬 jegpyyktw just arrived in 🇦🇷 Salta, #argentina
🛬 mkljieqg just arrived in 💃 Buenos Aires, #argentina
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