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Brazil Chat - Meet people when traveling in Brazil on Nomad List

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Peru closed borders and next 15 days lock down. Even though they only have ~75 confirmed cases so far.
RIO — O Rio tem seu primeiro paciente com coronavírus em estado gravíssimo, informou a Secretaria estadual Saúde, em nota, nesta segunda-feira. O paciente é um médico, de 65 anos, que apresentou sintomas de febre, tosse, dificuldades respiratórias no dia 11 de março. Ele não viajou nos 14 dias anteriores ao início dos sintomas e também não teve contato direto com casos confirmados nem suspeitos. Em entrevista ao "Bom Dia Rio", da TV Globo, o secretário de Saúde Edmar Santos fez um alerta para que a população se preocupe e fique em casa.
Any recommendations for smaller, safer towns to wait this out in?
búzios, Angra dos Reis, ilha grande. the internet connection is that good but it's a quiet and calm place for now
Campos do Jordao
People that arrived recently to Brazil, did they make you extra questions when entering the country? Do you think I'll be fine just saying that I'm a tourist?
Don't be scared about the prices in website - he'll make it affordable for us
Not sure if relevant because I entered 11 days ago, but at that point they didn't ask anything at all.
+1 for Buzios (if you're already in Rio). It's close and will be cheap and deserted thanks to corona.
the moderator deleted my message here, so - if someone is planning to go to búzios in april (or around this dates) - just let me know to find out a cool coliving near of the sea - I'll ask to my nomad friends if there possibility to include +1 (or couple) in our home there.
apparently the state of rio has declared a state of emergency? and touristy places will be closing soon. i guess that's good
oh wow they're totally on top of this ....
Wanderson também disse ser contra medidas para restringir voos. Segundo ele, tentar impor "barreiras sanitárias" assim não é eficaz. Já o secretário-executivo do Ministério da Saúde, João Gabbardo dos Reis, disse que não pensa em fechar as fronteiras.
everyone is shutting down borders and they're like "whatever". although I think it doesn't matter because flights are slowly evaporating
Barra da Lagoa, near Florianopolis.
Just saw it on tv
I’m wondering whether or not to go back home (Australia) this week, or wait it out in Rio Grande do Sul
Seems they are taking it seriously here but likely will be hit pretty hard
Also not keen on 25 hrs of Petri dish soup (flights) to get back to Au
wondering the same over here in Costa Rica.
I'm in Rio, from Hungary, that ship has sailed for me imho 😛
Yeah it's not looking good for BR. I expected the government to change attitude this week but so far, nothing. There's a good chance this will be Italy #2, 3rd world edition.
yeah I tentatively looked at flights to lisbon, they're not THAT bad (~$650ish) but I'm not sure they won't be cancelled and that i would be allowed in
I'm not even clear on the schengen closure suggestion - would I qualify to enter portugal as a hungarian citizen? hm
FYI visa requirements (and overstay fines) are suspended until further notice (just went to try and extend my visa)
wow, you just made my day! hahaha
thanks for sharing!
no prob!
rigzqorpmc Consider getting out of Brazil if you can, before the shit hits the fan. It’s a very dangerous place in case of generalized chaos. I worked in Brazil for about 7 years and have friends both expats and locals who are there now who fear that the lawlessness could be insane if say there is widespread unemployment, food shortages, chaos because of the pandemic. Prisons could be run over, the other day 1500 prisoners fled from two semi-open prisons after rioting. Stuff will burn, it did in 2016 when I was there, the army was sent in (but if the chaos is nation-wide they won’t be nearly enough for this enormous country). Hopefully the heat will calm down the transmission rate of the virus, though. But when the people living there are scared about the war like violence that might ensue, we should take notice. Don’t depend on the public hospitals, they are absolutely horrible. You would be received for free as a foreigner, though, if they had a slot for you (but they are mostly filled up with all kinds of tragedies and dying people, people having waited for 2 years for a simple surgery, accidents and bullet wounds…). However, private clinics and hospitals are affordable, but many in this category are small. Some big ones can be very expensive. Security inside of a hospital is also an issue (you don’t want to be there more than necessary – kids getting shot while hospitalized after a “failed” shootout, etc.)
httwgzgbct Don’t wait it out in a cold part of the country, the south will be much worse hit according to the theory that the virus reduces its spread at 26-27 degrees C. Floripa is chilly enough and close enough to São Paulo to be hit hard. Go further north. In the richest district of a good sized city in a high tower you’ll be anonymous and safer I’d say. In small cities you could be found and preyed on as a gringo. People could invent that you’re the source of the virus, rumours spread like wildfire in Brazil and then you’d get lynched on the street…
Stay away from Rio de Janeiro where the rich parts of town are too close to the favelas, they would come down to the rich area if they get desperate for supplies and money
Hey everyone someone has told me they were told there would be a 7-day lockdown / no going out other than for essentials, but I haven't found anything online. This isn't a thing yet, right?
which city are u?
about the quarantine, yeah! we just started the infections in Brasil and - looking forward our government decisions - we are following step by step the mistakes they I've done in Italy. So, you will collaborate a lot if u stay home
is there an official site where i can follow measures without having to sift through other news?
and thanks for the app recommendation!
and yeah I was planning not to really go out
pdhqlcwtvt It's not a thing yet. The mayor published a decree today declaring state of emergency for the city but so far there's nothing on full quarantine. They're shutting down touristic sites, parks, restricting transport, etc. g1.globo.com/rj/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2020/03/18/prefeitura-do-rio-declara-situacao-de-emergencia.ghtml
For Rio-focused news you should look to G1 (there's a dedicated Rio de Janeiro section) and O Globo.
As far as official websites go, they will have status updates, but they can be hard to navigate even for Brazilians. So it's often easier to read the news
About Rappi, here in Peru we are in lockdown for 2 weeks and all the delivery apps are not working anymore.
what the heck do you do then?
also, brazil has locked all of its land borders (except for venezuela?? not sure)
Except Uruguay
ah OK
makes sense
Well, I just go to the store 2 blocks away.
I'm still unsure what to do as I have been for days now. I still think staying put is the best option and I can do 1-2 months. I'm just worried about how stable this place is and also about not being able to fly out even as late as late May. Especially if it goes the way it has gone in Italy.
Ah OK so like everywhere else you can go shop for groceries.
yes. Stores and supermarkets are open during the day but not restaurants, bars. But since yesterday you can't leave your house at all from 8pm to 5am.
If I were you I just would go home if it still possible. If I were stuck in Brazil as a foreigner, I'd go somewhere less chaotic than RJ. Maybe Santa Catarina or Rio Grande do Sul. Or a smaller town and not a capital, one that has good HDI and a decent number of hospitals
I think (I hope) nothing dramatic will happen in Brazil, but who knows 😕
yeah I would leave Rio
I’m deciding between heading home and going to Florianopolis. only 6 cases there (plus it’s a spread out, beautiful place to chill)
the density of favelas in Rio is a covid timebomb
Plus Rio has the most deficient public healthcare in the country, which makes it even worse.
Well flights for me back to Au close next week it looks like. I'm in a small town in Rio Grande Do Sul, and was planning on staying like a year anyway. Well looked after by partner and her family here, but still somewhat anxious as it'll probably turn into Italy, 3rd world version in 25 days. Less old people so probably less bad cases per capita, however worse healthcare and will possibly rip through quickly...... I think I'm staying, already isolating as much as possible and don't want to get quarantined in south africa on way home....

I'd at least get out of big cities if I were you...
hm what about flights I wonder? I'm looking at flights leaving on sunday
That's for internal traveling I think. Not sure but I think to stop flights it has to be a federal decision
ah OK so in all likelihood on sunday (if the flight is not canceled) i can probably still get out?
I doubt you'll have problems getting out. They're talking about restricting flights into the country
Actually... this (updated 5mins ago) does mention canceling all passenger flights after saturday, including international. Though it's not in effect yet and details are unclear g1.globo.com/rj/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2020/03/19/witzel-bloqueia-limites-do-municipio-do-rio-para-transportes-de-passageiros.ghtml
oh shiaat
so i got a flight out sunday morning, hopefully they will still be able to fly in on saturday so i can leave but it's really 50-50
It will probably be fine. The section in the decree about shutting down airports will not be in effect, turns out Witzel doesn't have the authority to do that as state governor
OK cool thanks
Well I’m bailing out of Brazil tomorrow, going back to Au. If Italy is coming everywhere I’d rather be where I’m a citizen. Will let you know if I get stranded halfway. Who knows what the economic fallout of this will be, hopefully Brazil isn’t hit too hard as not as many old people or something
Good luck!
I'm hopeful it won't be too bad. Although the federal government's strategy is confusing, state governors are taking action independently and implementing harsher measures for the more populous states. The health minister claims they're focusing on preparing resources and expanding capacity for the healthcare system while it's relatively peaceful, which will help a lot when the number of cases increases substantially.
I'm in a whatsapp group and someone said at GIG flights are still mostly leaving as usual
as of an hour ago
I bailed. The infection curve is looking bad 😢 Sad to leave but I guess nowhere is going to be very fun for a while. (Still think a villa in Florida would be pretty swell, but I was worried about flight shutdowns).
oh good for you. my flight tomorrow morning is still on. I'm super anxious, pit of my stomach feels like a black hole
I had a cancellation but was quickly rebooked
boa sorte!
I already miss Brazil ... but i guess i miss pre-covid Brazil. Looking forward to post-covid Brazil 🤞
Yeah glad you guys managed to leave.
My gf and I were so sad to leave after only 10 days there...
Hoping to get back there as soon it calms down
Stay safe all
made it home safe to Budapest, yay
yeah I was also sad to leave but staying there would have caused me too much anxiety in this situation so maybe another time
we were in Rio for like 18 days but weren't really out for the last 7 of those days bc of the whole corona thing 😕
I bailed, got back to AU. 90% of flights in santiago are cancelled, I was lucky I only had to wait 24hrs, lots of people there stranded for days sleeping on floor
Yep - spplicuhzitlhd looking forward to post-covid brazil
uh, lucky. I also feel lucky, no hiccups at all, both flights on time, not overbooked, no cancellations, everything went fine (other than incompetent border procedure when entering hungary which had us herded for 3 hours straight with hundreds of other people in an enclosed space for no practical benefit of any kind)
organized crime imposing a curfew in Rio's favelas, just Brazil things
lomlmecnlbucqgbt just arrived in Brasilia, #brazil
ejttewvvnbpmhdcc just arrived in Curitiba, #brazil
Bolsonaro provoke Brazilians as he takes to the street to greet fans and snap selfies today, just after his health minister Luis Henrique Mandetta has asked for everyone to stay at home. Vice prez Mourão says the government lacks coordination while the M.D. leading the epidemic team for the government says Bolso is “cheating” the public.. Various government ministers are demanding a common strategy. Bolsonaro is nearly in full political isolation, while famine is starting to kick in and it takes time to administer crisis packages to the poor. A perfect storm of all kinds of problems on top of each other t
bvmjvlfqfk just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
Jesus fucking Christ
poor Brazilians
I am very happy I decided to leave, they are f.cked with this asshole 😕
It would have been CRAZY to stay, indeed
The city I live in had its first confirmed case yesterday. Luckily the mayor ordered a full quarantine a week ago. If we make it without too many deaths it will be thanks to mayors and governors acting independently from the federal government, often in direct opposition to it. First time BR federalism has been tested in a long while
if it does work out though I can totally see him take credit for it after the fact 😕
which is not to say I don't want it to work out of course
tsfwcldoufjsn just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
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