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Brazil Chat - Meet people when traveling in Brazil on Nomad List

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marco3d 6d
xecqogky small amount should not raise any flag, transfering below 5k I guess you are ok.

No problem man 😀
evandro 6d
If I remember well, it's 2k BRL monthly, not in a single transaction. Brazilians have to pay tax if they received more than 22k BRL per year. So 2k it's kind of 10% of that.
evandro 6d
It's pretty rare to have problems. but as an immigrant, I think that is more complicated.
marco3d 6d
there is another way beyond Wise, I used a few months ago, it's Remessa Online. I'm not sure if it's in english but you can check it out, it works in brazil, I sent money from there to Belgium and also received money from US through this platform. Maybe it can help
dvpita 6d
If I want to send money to a person that person needs to have an account in remessa online ?
Hi. I know from /> that most Schengen countries, in my case Suica, can enter for 90days max per 180 days, no possibility to prolong.
Now I saw on a german side, that it is possible to do a visa run once in 180 days.
Anyone here which can confirm this?

Update All infos, including official ones say it is not possible to prolong for most Schengen PP holders
So I will run for the new DN visa paperwork
Curious what people’s accommodations and coworking has been like while living in Florianopolis. I love surfing, but when I looked at the apartments in Floripa… they didn’t look the nicest. I can forgive that if there are good coworking spots but it also looked like Barra de Lagoa doesn’t have that much in the realm of coworking spots.
Curious what people’s experiences have been like in Florianopolis!
seungju 5d
coworking community wasn’t that big in Floripa in Feb 2021.

Finding a good housing is a bit hard, but there are some good ones.

I recommend this place for coworking space. It’s a bit small. But it has fast internet and good community.

dvpita 5d
Selina seems nice, no?
dvpita 5d
Selina Floripa & Cowork

Selina is indeed a good option, specially if you like surfing
dvpita 5d
Yeah that’s exactly what I want to do, close to the beach
I’m from Floripa so my experience is a bit biased, but anyway I think you can have a really good time in here, the beaches are really amazing specially|Matadeiro and|Praia Mole> (really good for surfing :man-surfing:). there are also a ton of good hiking tracks to do, my favorites are|Gravatá and|Lagoinha do Leste>.
the infrastructure for working remotely from coffees and coworkings is not as great as RJ and SP, but you can find a few good places such as|Café Cultura> and| /> be aware the it can get pretty crowded in the summer, specially in the most famous beaches. the traffic is the biggest Floripa downside imho, but you’re gonna be fine as long as you avoid heading to the center in peak hours, specially near to UFSC.
make sure to visit|Ilha do Campeche>,|Lagoa da Conceição> and|Ribeirão da Ilha> to know the Floripa’s traditional culture
Thanks guys. I didn’t realize there was a Selina there, and I certainly didn’t know it was that close to the beach.

Expect to see me there in March / April!
Awesome. Thank you!
ldbmdtpfys Any suggestions for gyms?
lewis_m 5d
Floripa was great, stayed there for 6 months through COVID. Gets pretty cold come winter time & the whole city sort of dies down a bit.

Campeche is the best area to stay in honestly. Rio Tavares was the nicest spot closest to the beach, Layback, coworking, etc.

It gave me some Chiang Mai vibes a bit once I got my scooter - very different from Chiang Mai of course
lewis_m 5d
But it definitely has a bit of that small town vibe
dvpita 5d
I want to stay in Floripa in a calm area, no traffic and walking distance to the beach.
Where should I stay?
eu4life 5d
Does anyone had issues with drone at airport inbound?. I would like to travel with it, but dunno if there any policies or restrictions. Is there any place to look for it?
debbiec 5d
Payoneer also recently started operating in Brazil, maybe it’s worth checking
dvpita 5d
if I already have wise, do I need payoneer?
dvpita 5d
anyone go from brazil to mexico?

need to go from Natal to Puerto Vallarta in March and all the routes send me through Dallas and are insanely expensive :cry:

if I change from Natal to Mexico city sends me through Miami
Check out the Flight Connections web site, probably will help you to know the routes and choose one good for you.

I know there is a flight from GRU to Mexico City, it can be a better option.
dvpita 5d
Yeah I can’t see that one, weird.
I can even stay one night somewhere , I just would like to avoid the US
I think there are only 2 direct flights from Brasil to Mexico:

michele 5d
he speaks but you need a brazilian ID for a sim
Ingleses its a calm area with many apartments, close do the beach (walkable) but not exactly with a vibe… Which is not a problem if you have a scooter. So you can go to bars, gym, and etc in other places..
Probably Canasvieiras are also a good shot..
I’ve been in and out with drones in Brazil, never had any problem at all|This is a research from SkyScanner>, whole Brazil to whole Mexico, in March. Some reasonable prices from Sao Paulo to Cancun or Mexico City, then you can take a connection in Mexico for a more cheap price.
dvpita 5d
Not just the cpf?
michele 4d
seungju 4d
I don’t really recommend Selina for coworking. It’s only good for the party. Parties there are good. They have a bar with craft beer and indoor skateboard park. It’s more like a party hostel.

good location though. You can rent a surfboard and go surfing. Staying there long term is a bit pricy. but you can’t really walk to the town center or grocery is a bit of walk

The working vibe isn’t really there, and the internet sucked when I was there in 2021.
seungju 4d
I would say Campeche / Rio Taveres is best. Close to Lagoa da Conceição.

Barra da Lagoa is also good, but it feels like a bit old fashioned and mainstreamy beach vibe.

Sambaqi is also very peaceful and laidback. No surfing though

Ingleses and Canasvieiras are also good. It’s a bit more upscale and older crowd.
alvian 4d
I had a trip via Bogota last year. Check Avianca itineraries.
evandro 4d
Wise is better
check options from Bogota or from/through Panama City
My first thought was “somewhere close to lagoa”, but it’s not walkable to any beach.

I never stayed in campeche for more than a day, but many ppl are saying that it’s a good spot.
This place looks good, close to Lagoa (IMO the best vibe to hangout and meet young ppl), walkable to the beach, and the cowork looks nice
São Paulo VS Florinapólis which one has the best vibes/nomad scene/stuff to do? 👀
rm 4d
That's highly personal... Florianópolis smaller (for Brazil standards) city with a beach culture and nice nature. São Paulo massive cosmopolitan metropolis with 100% urban culture. I like them both for different reasons, where to stay would depend on what I'm looking for at the moment.
I was born and raised in SP… imo SP is for the ones who can find beauty in the caos, huge city, u can find anything, many many options. You can find nature, in the surrounding areas, for example you can go to nice beach in 60min, or go to hiking spots, wakeboard and etceteras..

Floripa, still a huge city if you look in European standards, more chill, good vibes, nature everywhere, u can still find many things to do.
pranaym 3d
Dux. They had a pretty good black friday sale.
pranaym 3d
Wise works very well in Brazil
pranaym 3d
I am part of a whatsapp group of gringos in brasil, many people in Rio. Let me know if you want to join.
dvpita 3d
Yeah finally made it work today with a friend.
Needs a few confirmation emails or time
dvpita 3d
For them to activate the account
Thank you. These are the blunt facts I’m looking for. How consistent are the waves / surf at Mole Beach?
I stayed a month in Florianópolis, it was perfectly okay - There’s a lot of beaches to explore and a decent amount of hikes/ nature stuff to see/do. I didn’t find the city/Centro particularly interesting or attractive. The challenge I found with Floripa was transport - I think your quality of life improves massively if you get a little motorcycle or something to jet around on motor_scooterdash
Is Florianopolis bicycle friendly for getting around, or is it more urban sprawled? is any english spoken there - im fluent in spanish, which got me by in portugal, but i'm not sure if it will work in brazil!
also - does Florianopolis have an active nomad scene?
Yes, it's relatively bicycle friendly. They have the infrastructure for bicycles lanes in the city
I don't really interact with nomads when I travel. So I couldn't say - but it's certainly got all the characteristics that nomads desire

As for Portuguese - most people don’t speak English, and if you speak in Spanish they’ll reply in Portuguese. So, I always found it a one-way conversation. I’ve given up on Brazil for this reason, I should of put more effort in learning the language but I can’t be bothered 🤣
rm 3d
I'd say it is bicycle friendly within the neighborhoods... for getting around the city, not so much - and distance between neighborhoods can be pretty big.
rm 3d
Florianópolis is a bit unusual compared to Brazilian cities because each neighborhood almost feels like a different town, and they are pretty isolated from each other. Having a car or a motorcycle makes a massive difference there if you want to explore.
are taxis available? affordable? any suggestions on where to find housing for a month or so?
I agree 100% with U0U13JV6K. I can cycle to the beach, to a mini market and things like that. But can’t go around with your bike
Uber is key 🔑
lfkbjsayoy Uber is the best app in Brazil to get around
Rides usually will be less than 10usd
are the small neighborhoods usfficient to hang out in during the week? like restaurants, small night life? can you cycle to hikes?
It depends of where u are going to stay.. but I’d say yes.
rm 3d
All the popular neighborhoods will have commerce, restaurants, and some kind of nightlife. Each neighborhood has different vibes / crowd and the options will cater to those (for example Lagoa da Conceição is more hippie-ish while Jurerê is fancy)
rm 3d
My favorite neighborhood there was Centro 🤷‍♂️ Lots of options for cafes, restaurants, clubs, the Beira Mar is great for the ocean views and sports, and the logistics are perfect when you're driving (middle of the city so easy to go anywhere).
super random - but are people playing ultimate frisbee in floripa?
has anyone stayed at the selina in floripa? heard any reviews of it?
🛬 geykmtsnlyyuahn just arrived in surfermale_sign Florianopolis, #brazil
slava 3d
🛬 vrnmgsx just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
Never heard about it in Brazil hahaha Beach tennis though is hyped
seungju 3d
I didn’t surf a lot, but consistent waves almost every day. Easy and hard spots. it’s one of the beaches where surfing competitions are held
Okay perfect. Thank you!
I stayed there for a month and a half starting in late feb / early march of this year. Had an amazing time, there was a community manager who organized lots of fun events and I met a lot of great people. I heard that before the community manager came, it was less of a social vibe.

But the coworking space was pretty good, I’ve worked from a lot of Selina’s and this one is above average for them. There is a restaurant / bar as well as a skate park / bar which sometimes has parties there. The standard rooms were very nice, with a balcony (most, not all had this). The micro rooms were more spacious than the other micro rooms i have stayed in.

You can walk like 30 seconds to praia mole and surf. That was not the best beach for my surf level, fast and hollow waves, and very hard to get past the white water unless you can duck dive. But if you ride a short board you’ll love it. Barra da Lagoa is better surf beach for beginners / non - shortboarders and is a short uber away. Praia mole is also a happening beach for chilling or going to a beach bar.

Its location is not really walking distance to much, so I relied heavily on uber to get around the island. Which was sometimes inconvenient but overall not too bad.
#brazil looking for an online Portuguese tutor. Had one from here previously, but lost the number.
vsimon 2d| – I swear by it, and my spoken portuguese ability is proof 🇧🇷
pranaym 2d
Hey, sent you a DM with a link to join. Hope the link works for you.
dvpita 2d
I need to withdraw 5000 reais.
What’s the best way to do it without fees?
🛬 detwgrgpbz just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 pqhkptgzclxewmpst just arrived in Maceió, #brazil
If you use ATM (most have a 1000 R$ limit, but you can do multiple saques and you can do on different Bank Brands's ATMs), avoid Banco24h (25 R$ each withdraw)
Interested on better ways too
dvpita 1d
Yeah that’s the fee I’ve been paying, I’ve heard some banks don’t charge it but I haven’t found any
did you try Bradesco?
dvpita 24h
Not yet, will try this weekend
good luck 🙂 um bom dia para vc
dvpita 24h
Bom dia ☀️
mikecrus 24h
Hey guys! I'm in Sao Paulo right now and looking for people to go watch brazil's game today at 4PM flag-brcall_me_hand
jawills 23h
juqsrgsbom I'm in São Paulo. I can't watch this game, but I'll be watching some of the games in bars over the next few days. You can shoot me a dm
mikecrus 20h
let's do it - just sent you a pm!
+1 to italki. I've took 66 lessons there in last 12 months, and been great. It's just awesome
gnxflmht can’t you just transfer directly to person with wise?
Just ask for the account, CPF, and email. Probably ur going to pay less fees
dvpita 19h
It’s a money deal
dvpita 19h
No bank account
🛬 ocfmgcxdvypchvea just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
eu4life 13h
I plan to be from 4 to 12 in Rio with my gf, if you are available, pin me
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