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Brazil Chat - Meet people when traveling in Brazil on Nomad List

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Getting a CPF is quite easy, you can get this done in a couple of hours, I’d recommend doing it for anyone planning to spend more than a month in Brazil
you dont need an address in brazil to receive a document ?
Have you tried submarino viagens?
Will try submarino and decolar next time, thanks Carol and rm !
You don’t get any document, just a number and usually on the spot.
Yes I made a transfer a week ago and it worked too
Hey, I am planning to go to Brazil from London in the upcoming weeks. For the ones who arrived in Brazil recently, any issue upon arrival?
You're coming at the best moment 🙂
hey there! I'm Brazilian and I'm thinking about starting my DN journey ASAP. Any recommendations for the first country? I was thinking about :flag-mx:, but not sure how things are going on there for Brazilians
Family issues… otherwise, I would go somewhere else for sure! :)
If you expand on what you’re looking for then I might be able to suggest a few places
dmtxwbyxerdjyn I have no personal preference, so feel free to suggest any place...however, I just have a Brazilian passport 😅
a friend just spent a couple of months in Puerto Escondido and was super happy.
she’s very into nature stuff and not working so not sure how that would work for us nomads
another friend is now in Costa Rica but same, not working
Have you visited your own country to start with zskeqwcgq 😉 ?
I say "country" but I should say "half of the south american continent" ^^
Disregarding the pandemic, I don't think it matters much as long as it isn't boring. 🙂 I think one of the first countries I nomad'ed from was Colombia, and it was great. Feels similar to Brazil in some ways yet different.
Hahaha Brazilians are not interested in doing that 😂 lxcfgxaael (jk :eyes:)
As another person suggested I think Colombia is a good place to start, Mexico is also amazing.

During normal times Colombia is more international so I like it better (while in Mexico you’ll find mostly Americans), but right now I don’t know how things are in both places.

I’m pretty sure you can also get to east Europe with a Brazilian passport, so if you like the vibe then Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries on the region might be an option.
thank you so much, André!
here are your options right now on a brazilian passport
do you need reliable internet and are you restricted to any particular timezones?
yfsgftpvgsiiom yes, please 😂 regarding timezones, I'm working for a company on Pacific Time, so similar to that would be helpful 😁
well, I've already visited the BR cities I was curious/excited about, so that's why I'm thinking about exploring other countries. I do live in Floripa and I love the city, by the way :)
If I were you I would do Mexico City then, they have fast internet and it’s a good time of year, not too hot yet
then once summer kicks in I’d head to Medellin, weather’s perfect year round there and they have good internet
by autumn, europe may be back open and you’ll have more options
I wouldn’t go further east than that if you are working PST
then if new zealand opens up again and you’re a morning person you can time shift the other direction from there and skip the winter
wow! pretty good insights, thank you!
I used to work PST hours and it made eastern europe / africa / asia too painful but some people manage to do it with alternate sleep schedules like biphasic
not worth it in my opinion, better to just wait until you aren’t tied to those hours
Mexico is great, spent here the last two months. Many Brazilians around, and even more Argentinians. Mexico is an amazing country, but I think at the moment outstands because it has among the most relaxed restrictions, assuming you're not a fan of them.
They didn't close transfers TO Brazil just transfers from Brazil. That's the only change
Anyone in Itacare at the moment? I am here....
Amazonas state, what's good to do there or which location to stay?
Anyone did a PCR test at Sergio Franco ? on their website they say deadline 24 hours "RT-PCR prazo até 24h úteis" sergiofranco [dotcombrslash] testes-covid-19
but when you talk to their chatbot on whatsapp they say "Se você realizou o exame de PCR para Covid-19 o prazo de liberação é de 3 dias (úteis). "... confused 😕
I took a rapid one from the GRU airport, and I got the result in few hours. It was R$350
Thanks ! Rapid one, was it still PCR ?
it was rapid RT PCR
in brazil, how does the housing market work in terms of sales? Is it like the US where people expect to get about 2-5% less than asking, or like Lima and other places where people ask 20-33% higher than they are wanting, …or the reverse like really hot markets like Hong Kong or a few choice places in California where people expect to get 10-20% more than they are asking?
Anyone still in Floripa? Planning 2 months mid April-mid June
How’s the weather year round in Floripa?
I'm not familiar with the housing markets in the countries you mentioned, but as a brazilian I can safely say that people usually expect to get 1-10% less than what they originally asked for
Not only for real state, but the same applies for most of the traded goods in here, is common to ask for a discount and often this margin is already added to the full price
obrigado Gustavo 🙂 uma pergunta de acompanhamento, ha alguma diferença q eu preciso lembrar para imóveis em novas torres?
Por “novas torres” você está se referindo à imóveis recentemente construídos/durante a construção ? Se for isso normalmente os preços são mais baixos, chamamos isso de “comprar imóvel na planta”, meu conselho é verificar a confiabilidade da construtora antes de fechar negócio. Algumas vezes as construtoras vendem o apartamento na planta e acabam não construindo.

By "new towers" are you referring to newly built properties / properties under construction? If this is the case, prices are usually lower, we call this “comprar imóvel na planta”, my advice is to check the construction company's reliability before closing a deal. Sometimes the construction companies sell the apartment like this and end up not building it
Anyone know if visa processing is still paused cause of covid? I read somewhere you can stay until September 2021 without penalty, anyone know if this is true? (Can’t post link)
Best is going to police and they will prolong your stay. Take Portuguese speaking with you.
Because of how much more expensive electronics are here in Brasil, I actually brought a 27" iMac from the USA to here in Sao Paulo.

Now 6 months later that I am planning to leave, I want to try to sell it.

Does anyone have any ideas for doing this? Ideally I'd like to sell to an individual in-person rather than via a site like or where I'd have to ship the (fragile) computer to someone somewhere...

In the US, I'd post an ad on Craigslist and ask around to people I knew, but here that's a bit harder it seems. Appreciate any suggestions!
OLX or Facebook Marketplace are the main ones for in person stuff.

Be aware of scams, specially with people asking you to sell that in another website where they fake the payment confirmation e-mail and ask uber to pick it up. Best way to get paid is with PIX (similar to e-transfer) where the money is transferred (almost) instantly to your account.
^ exactly. I'd also add MercadoLivre to the list
Ahhhh Facebook Marketplace is a good tip. I hadn’t thought of that one. Thanks U020Z9ANHFEbr />
Re:PIX, as a foreigner on a tourist visa were you able to open a bank account? I tried a few times but always failed. If not, how can someone pay you via PIX?
Sorry I assumed you had a bank account. PIX is a transfer between banks, so I guess your only option is to receive it in cash.

I can’t post links yet but if you google “como reconhecer uma nota falsa” there’s an article from Nubank that gives you some tips (google translate if your friend here)
How much?
and i tried to bring my imac 27 from london to brazil they didn’t allow me to check in with it. kinda bs haha so how much you asking for it? I’m in SP now, could take off your hands.. however obviously if you sell for someone in brazil in BRL u might get more than selling for me in USD haha
Hey bkzypbec the computer was purchased January 19th, 2020 so it is a little over 1 year old.

Here are the current prices to buy a 27" iMac new (R$24.249 - R$30.749) in Brasil:

I am thinking a fair price to sell it will be R$14.000 (or USD$2,650), which represents a R$10.000 discount off of the new price (approximately 41% discount).

If you want to discuss it further, feel free to shoot me a DM here or on Instagram :ok_hand:

Here are some pictures of it if you're curious
thats 2500usd, not for me, but add on facebook marketplace. I’ve sold drones and video games there. You meed someone and they give u cash or pix/transfer if u made some brazilian bank
for this price brazilians might be able to purchase it
Hi All, how are you? Who of you have a company in Brazil and is not Brazilian citizens? I want to move to Brazil from September but I need a company on my name for starting the business. Do you know what is the process?
Hey there! I'm a Brazilian citizen working as a freelancer here. Did you get your company sorted out? Need any help?
Hi guys,

I’m currently in Sao Paulo on a tourist visa (no visa needed as a Dutch citizen) and will be reaching the 90-day mark in June. I would like to extend my visa until September, but have not been able to find any information about this. No one seems to be able to tell me what the current rules are, because of covid.

Anyone with experience of extending their visa and/or overstaying? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙏
Hi! Call to consulate on +55 (11) 3097-6644
Thank you, Yuri. I cannot get a hold of them. However, I did just find the following:
• Foreign nationals in Brazil now have until Sept. 16, 2021, to regularize their immigration status before any penalties will apply.
The 'penalty' is like you go to the police the first day you become illegal and only pay the multa for 1 day, then they give you 90 day to leave
(I overstayed like this)
I'm unable to post a link due inactivity, however check letsdeel .com
Hey guys, how’s the covid situation in Brazil at the moment - curious to hear your experiences on the ground
I heard you can go to the airport and see the police for an extension
yes but as I said its best to do it the first day 🙂 otherwise you pay each day 100BRL
UV2TQKD1Tbr />I was just in Rio for a short trip. Most places there were open, but masks required everywhere. Most people even wear them outside, but I didn't and never had an incident with police or anyone else, so I'm not sure if it's required outside.
There probably are regional differences though, so ymmv.
mbxfdqulfxsr It's a fucking mess. Mask always required, everywhere. I live in São Paulo, we are very late on the vaccination program. Most places are opened until 9 pm due to night lockdown. If you are currently looking for party or something related, you should go to another country
Anyone working from some Coworking in São Paulo? Let’s chat tomorrow regarding Digital Marketer? Anderson
Hi Anderson, I've seen a few DN on Youtube talking about life in Sao Paulo as a DN. Really cool videos and insights! Try to connect to them, specially because as a Brazilian you might be able to provide them some support. Cheers, man!
Anyone know anything about paying tax in Brazil as a foreigner? Do I need to get a cpf?
tjrqalamfzale Opa, i’m in sao paulo too due the pandemic. Se quiser se conectar, avisa ai! There is a few places I go sometimes by paulista from santander which isn’t bad. Also, there are coffee shops like perseu that aren’t bad. (don’t recall if they got outlets)
You should worry about it only if you stay longer then 183 days urtufkr
USD ─ $
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