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Brazil Chat - Meet people when traveling in Brazil on Nomad List

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Hey Brazil nomads 🙂
Just noticed the apple products in brazil are insanely expensive
Wondering how viable it is for me to buy an extra macbook and try sell it in Brazil
Hey ymwmepc this is extremely viable. A lot of people here will travel to the US and will pay their whole trip by reselling products in Brazil. A MacBook can be some what harder to sell, specially with the current exchange from BRL to USD, as it is pretty rare to see anyone using a MacBook that isn’t for work. If I were you I would try to bring an iPhone, they’re much easier to resell, but the profit is smaller with iPhones. You could also checkout Grabr (search for it, I can’t post links), I think they have high fees, but you can bring much more products without having to worry about taxes since hardly any customs officer will try to tax you for bringing a louis vuitton purse from outside the country.
How hard is it to sell the iphones once you get there?
I would like to say it is easy, but I’m not sure how easy it would be. Do you speak any Portuguese? People will ask a lot of questions and try to bargain, so this might be a little annoying for someone that doesn’t speak a lot of Portuguese. I imagine you don’t have a bank account in Brazil, this would limit you in the sense that you wouldn’t be able to sell for someone that couldn’t meet you in person. So you could try using Mercado Livre (it’s like ebay) as they can give you a pre-paid credit card so you could sell to someone through their platform without the struggle of opening a bank account or anything else. But I think you would probably sell it very easily in a forum like MacMagazine’s forum (I can send you the link in a DM if you want).
^ also, be careful with scammers when selling sought after items like iPhones on Mercado Livre. I’ve heard iPhone listings get multiple scam attempts every day.
Yup! Be careful on Mercado Livre, their platform is safe and all, but there is a lot of scammers that will send you fake emails after they bought the product. Without speaking Portuguese it may be harder to distinguish the scam from a real email.
cool, thanks wrhb kmwafkvshwzblb
How is mail from Brazil? I'd love to mail postcards but I'm not sure it's worth the effort if things are similar to, say, Chile.
Not sure how it works in Chile but Brazilian mail (Correios) is OK. If you take your postcard to a Correios agency you should be able to post it easily. Main issue will be communicating with the staff.
Thanks. I'm smiling at the communication comment ... right now communication is often hinging on my ability to comprehend one word per sentence :-)
Yeah, unfortunately English proficiency isn’t great in Brazil 😬
cwdpvawhkwshywyvt just arrived in 🏄‍♀️ Florianopolis, #brazil
wzeyjmw Try olx.com.br|olx.com.br where you can sell stuff to locals for free, it works very well, I have sold electronics etc. But always in a very public place like inside a mall, because the buyer could be armed and try to steal it from you. You need to post the ad in Portuguese.
Also Developers working for international companies often have macbooks paid for by the company, sometimes these companies pay for the dev to travel to Miami to buy it because it’s cheaper than buying inside of Brazil. You could try to post in #_javascript or #_coders and see if you hit any devs who are interested in “ordering” a macbook from you.
Be aware with fake cash though. My friend sold his PS3 for a dude and when he went to the bank to deposit, he found out it was fake. If high amount, better meet at the bank directly and do the deposit in person with you (like we do for selling cars).
At sunset, the drive into Florianopolis from the north is like nothing I've ever seen. Somehow the pink from the west filters through the low hills (which have a bit of cloud/fog cover) and gives everything a pinkish golden glow. This bus ride started out pretty cursed but now I'm glad I didn't fly in.
Ah yes, true story, another danger you need to be alert about. But as he probably doesn’t have a bank account it could be enough to see the bills coming out of an ATM with the buyer.
hssnogjfp hmm, not a solution, most ATMs and banks in Brazil limits how much you can withdraw in a day. Most likely the person would need to draw with the bank teller directly, or even their manager.
Planning a stay here now and was trying to decide fly or bus. Where did you bus from?
also note that officialy your only allowed to bring in 3 electronic devices. if you bring more your supposed to tax them (which will bring up the price to about the same as in the official brazilain apple store). So don’t get caught by customs :wink:

Curitiba to Florianopolis, but any ride at sunset that takes you on the highway near Florianopolis will be similar
And do try to make it out to Barra da Lagoa if you stay in Florianopolis. It's about an hour and a half one way by bus but it's worth the trip.
onvcgiseg just arrived in Campos do Jordão, #brazil
nakfjurbcadfzkfqp just arrived in Porto Alegre, #brazil
Looks like Porto Alegre has a club scene that might actually start before 11 pm. If I luck out, will report back.
More like lounge scene.
You're probably right 😄 If I can hear any live music before 10 pm I will count it as a win
if anyone comes to brasilia, write me! ill show u around, ill be here till feb. xo 🙂
Rua Padre Chagas has some pubs with live music, check it out!
ljlnteftogempw just arrived in Belo Horizonte, #brazil
wlvurfriaiuvqq just arrived in 🏄‍♀️ Florianopolis, #brazil
odnnjromwytvkdmt just arrived in Morada Nova, #brazil
Hey, anyone around Florianopolis?
adiomcpgyzaorh just arrived in Vinhedo, #brazil
My girlfriend and I just arrived in Rio yesterday. We are looking for New Years Eve party options.
heyo! flying to Florianopolis on Thursday from Buenos Aires. Does anyone know if American's need a visa to enter?
I assume you mean US citizens
ynwluhkagtammpogd yes US citizens! Looks like the policy just changed this summer. Thanks for confirming!
Yeah, they changed it recently. A president finally realized what reciprocracy should actually mean. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many Brazilians trying to immigrate illegaly to the US while Americans just want to dance Samba for a week in Brazil…
The Bolsonaro govt, well, you know what they say about stopped clocks. But I wasn't sorry not to have to get a visa.
Anyone know better alternatives to Fogo de Chao in Sao Paulo? I’m sure there are tons!
NB Steak, Barbacoa, Vento Haragano
Vento Aragano is overrated. Go to Casa do Porco, Jardineira Grill, Barbacoa or Varanda. I heard a lot of NB Steak and Rubaiyat, but never went there
```Hello everyone.
I have one question about Sao Paolo.
I'll be in Brazil in February and one of my return flights is from Sao Paolo. I need to switch airports in Sao Paolo and I have 3h50m for that.
I checked on Google Maps and looks like airports are 1.20m ride.
(From Sao Paulo Viracopos Apt Brazil - Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl Apt Brazil)
My question is should I count on crazy traffic jams? Arrival time in Sao Paolo is ~4PM.```
Yes. Just go right to Garulhos once you are in São Paulo. Since you have almost 4h to get there you won’t get late, but don’t push too much.
I’m staying in Sao Paulo and I have a potential Tinder date in São Bernardo do Campo. I know nothing about her or that city.

Am I going to be kidnapped, held for ransom and beheaded? Does anyone want to start a pool? I say my right pinkie gets chopped off first.
Any last words?
Good luck my friend! May the force be with you
I would definitely not go all the way to SBC for a date. Invite her to a bar in SP man, everyone from her city comes to SP to go out.
But if you are the adventurous kind, just make sure you are meeting in proper public place like a bar or restaurant with reviews, photos, etc. I wouldn’t go to her place, that sounds too risky.
Is someone in rio from the nomadlist community? tomorrow is the offical carneval start udujwxdyccvk 🤩
will be there on the last weekend (28th, 29th) raised_handsskin-tone-3
you should come earlier because of carneval if you can!
I’ll be in Sao Paulo during the carnival week. But Carnival in Rio is still going until the 29th. That’s when the champions parade is and apparently there are still blocos on the streets.
For how long are you going to stay in Rio?
I’m headed to SP in a couple weeks … might split carnival week between SP and Rio? I definitely plan to go to the Sambadrome in either/both!
Hey, Guys! I just arrived in São Paulo and here I'll be my home in Brazil for the next three months. I'm planing to be in other cities for a short trips (as Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Rio e João Pessoa) and I'm brazilian, so if you wanna hangout will be a pleasure for me 🙂
I’ll definitely catch up with you. Will be in SP in February 😉
abfkfrffoqtgbb have a nice “Tapioca and Acaí” season lol
brazil starter pack 🙂
Let's hangout 🙂 I'm living around Pinheiros
this week i'm kinda of busy but the next week i'll be better
Sao Paulo is now on no 5 on nomadlist.... Did that ever happen before?
on google maps you can check the approx time for that day of the week and time of the day and it counts in traffic jams
Interesting…It is a great city! It is a little expensive, but other than that it’s just great!
Maybe because of the low brl rates, it brings up the nomad score.
Is not that expansive if you compare with any capital in Europe (i'm not talking about estern europe haha)
+1 for the ntqeevyd hypothesis about the low brl rates
Hey I’m in Vila Madalena would love to connect
has anyone had issues paying for wework as a foreigner without a cpf
I can’t seem to get through the checkout process online
Cool! UR49SSKND. I'll be in SP just at 27/01
the one here in purpina has a checkout process that requires a cpf we haven’t figured out how to get past it yet
I'm in Santos know
sounds good I’ll be here on the 27th
djyabdefld is this process online?
the form looks like this
cool! I can help you 🙂
that would be awesome!
In Brazil they use to ask the CPF (It's kind of fiscal id) to prevent themselfs of frauds
that makes sense
so there is people that use a CPF generator. Sometimes it's enough haha
is the same situation with NIF in Portugal
try out that 1️⃣ 99486912025
what do I put for the CEP?
CEP is your ZipCode
okay giving it a try now to see if it goes through
let me know if it'll work
okay it looks like it possibly went through
the challenge now is that its associating my billing information with my address in brazil and not in the usa
I guess I’m just waiting and seeing if it went through now thanks for your help tnmzjycqxmrcif
did u receive any kind of confirmation by email?
No not yet
I’m on the other side of the city, but why not! ahah
USD ─ $

by levelsio

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