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Brazil Chat - Meet people when traveling in Brazil on Nomad List

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🛬 ifomfd just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
Iguazú - my favorite place in south America, the triple border, enjoy
Has anybody here gotten or know anybody who has gotten Brazil's digital nomad visa? If so, any advice? Did you get any help?
if you are still around lemme know
Anyone can recommend an english speaking ENT doctor in São Paulo and/or a good private hospital with english speaking staff?
The doctors in this ENT clinic all graduated at top schools and some of them claim to speak English. Not a recommendation, found on Google. Worth texting on Whatsapp.
🛬 kwojsoaidxxsw just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 jiyqlucqqwjyabhve just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
👀 Following. Would like to know as well.
Pipa is on Skift :slightly_smiling_face:
I am studying it to launch it with the village.
for now it seems quite straightforward except that you have to go to the embassy in person
Stay in Ipanema or Botafogo.
I love the food and nightlife, for 4 days I would join local food tours and meet locals.
I would also stay at a more social place like Selina so you can make friends fast and enjoy more.
🛬 nmatwgymoojrxi just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 taeaflxntglzc just arrived in 🇧🇷 Natal, #brazil
🛬 imlwtlkzxu just arrived in 🏄‍♀️ Florianopolis, #brazil
🛬 vdokmxkhx just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 kdrzysyntwocuhs just arrived in 🇧🇷 Belo Horizonte, #brazil
alguém está em Belo Horizonte e vai participar do Fire Festival?
Estou com alguns amigos e vamos morar em Floripa e no Rio nos próximos meses
hey! how long are you staying? uxfrvbtunq
🛬 xyahgtfkzeh just arrived in 🇧🇷 Fortaleza, #brazil
🛬 zlndhyiqtgbspw just arrived in 🇧🇷 Recife, #brazil
Anyone around Pipa in the next 2 weeks?
🛬 jckcjnrdslvn just arrived in 🇧🇷 Brasilia, #brazil
Does anyone plan to come to Niterói?
Assuming you mean São Paulo, the closest beaches are on litoral norte, about a 2 hour drive (you can get a bus to Bertioga). All beaches are great but the best options (which have decent tourist infrastructure) are - Riviera de São Laurenço or Juqueí or even Bertioga.

End of October will be in interesting time to visit though because the final phases of the presidential elections will be happening so if you have the option would be best to have someone who knows the area travel with you.
Yes, I saw that! I hope the elections will only happen for the one round. Thanks for your recommendations!
Is Ihlabela a worthwhile destination?

I haven’t been but heard a lot and everyone says it’s the most amazing experience.
🛬 yttbvrkntaeijxrp just arrived in Ilha do Mel, #brazil
Hi all, I'm planning to come to Rio for Carnivale in February! Any tips about this?
Nice choice, but it depends on your taste.
• much people and crowded zones go to Central Rio, main places such as Sambodromo, Copacabana etc.
• wants to party but in more reserved places Região dos Lagos with more private parties such as Búzios, Arraial etc.
• Stay in the south zone (I recommend Ipanema, Leblon, or Lagoa. But Copacabana, Leme and Botafogo are ok too), If you are getting a Airbnb, don’t stay at Center, Lapa, Gloria, Santa Teresa or any of those places, choose one of the 6 i mention first
• Don’t carry anything that you cant afford to lose (Like your passport for example, leave those at home)
• Don’t be too afraid, during carnival there are a lot of people on the street so the worse it can happen is someone pulling something from you (Like a necklace or a purse) and running (That being said, Situational Awareness in Rio is very important, always keep that up)
• Buy a hidden “fanny pack” (Or how ever it’s called) and use that while on the street, not a purse or anything that can be pulled (They sell those everywhere in Rio for around R$10~R$15, so no need to worry, just buy when you get there)
• Remember it’s a 4-day-party from Friday Night to Tue/Wed, don’t go overboard on one single day to a point you cant enjoy the next day
• Stay in Rio for a few more days after Carnival to enjoy the beaches and the city, it’s worth it
• Always carry sunscreen, you will use it, A LOT
• Don’t forget to stop to eat at some point
• Remember to stay hydrated
• Don’t be afraid of using an entire bottle of glitter a day!
• Have fun!
fvafqmtbxvx thanks!! I already booked the Selina Lapa a while ago as it was the only one available at a decent price... is that bad? Why not that area?
ldglilnwlwy Lapa can be a little sketchy, specially at night, but during carnival it should be ok. The airbnbs in the places i mention are usually in a very bad place, but you are right at the beginning of Lapa and at a hostel, so it’s easy to get in and out. Don’t worry about it. The south zone it’s a little safer, but during carnival there are always a lot of people on the streets so you will be ok 🙂
czyxzhczplm okay good to know, i'll make sure not to be walking alone 😊 should I buy tickets for any of the parades? Or not necessary? And if so which ones/ticket types?
lfhhgotldyy It’s worth to buy a costume and be part of the parade (But they are very expensive), but watching it in person it’s not that fun, so no need to buy a ticker to the parade. If you really want to see, watch it on the TV :P
uftxfmshjxj Ive been to Ilha bela multiple times.. Totally worth it! Let me know when you are going and maybe we can go together! I still have some spots to explore in the island
🛬 ewgyvrbzwiurp just arrived in 🏄‍♀️ Florianopolis, #brazil
🛬 wvgjedanakj just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
Oh awesome to hear! Thanks I’ll take you up on that in October
What’s the best way to get there from São Paulo
🛬 htnpcrsflzwe just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
Hey all, Planning to go Sao Paulo or Rio in October. Any good serviced apartments or col-living/coworking places?
I'm spoilt by the ones here in Bali but google search just show ultra expensive ones.
At least in Rio, the Rock in Rio made the prices skyrocket, they will probably return to normal given time...
About the coliving, I'm also looking for it 😅
oi tudos, todo bem? Alguém sabe como funciona o "nomad visa" para nós cidadãos EUA pra impostos?
Does anyone know how the nomad visa works for us citizens RE taxation?
Just Selina that I know of.
Been working with a Brazilian Portuguese teacher for over a year now and she is looking for a few more commited learners (she only does 1:1 classes). If anyone is looking, strongly reccomend her. She doesn't have a website but I can DM her whatsapp if you are interested.
Just DMed you
Somebody living in Floripa? Just arrived with some friends 🤟
🛬 tugrpqqfehmgpc just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
🛬 rdmxcnzvjshel just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
🛬 wtrhhxjadn just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 txvyakykofvkvdpt just arrived in 🇧🇷 Joao Pessoa, #brazil
🛬 kjyyqhzaop just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
🛬 gdvusyclqqpq just arrived in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, #brazil
🛬 jcshgbacfop just arrived in Jericoacora - CE, #brazil
🛬 eeuettgqwpek just arrived in 🇧🇷 Salvador, #brazil
Im staying at Los Ingleses (north)! how about you? gksruvsoqpoj
This is an interesting recommendation. Those are beautiful beaches (Riviera especially to all appearances) but there are much closer options. Why not Pernambuco area or even Praia do Guaiúba? If isolation is not actually important then Praia Grande, Santos, or Guajará are all within 50m-1h20 from Santos.
Also interested
By car definitely! You can't walk from beach to beach, or count with a public transportation.. by car u are going to enjoy much more. dpjrrmgitsz
qiwltfssirllbbsm you need to be careful when going to Guarujá.. not all places are safe. And it's very easy to put yourself in risk there.. I'm from São Paulo, and the only beach I use to go in Guarujá is in a private condo named Iporanga beach. The offer 100 cars spots daily only, so if you want to go you need to arrive early.
Someone going to the hacktown (in Santa Rita de Sapucaí) by any chance?
🛬 bvawirjizb just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 lonqvi just arrived in Paraty, #brazil
🛬 rfmfixa just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
🛬 tpztgj just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
Thanks for the suggestions 112216063730524160 and 565142499484499991. As a westerner, safety and ease are priorities for me
Since I'm not sure when I'll be back again, I want to make the most of my trip, so I'm willing to fly for a chill beach escape with great food and wifi. Florionopolis and Buzios were also recommended to me, but I have no idea really which spot will check all the boxes.
I figured if I go to Florionopolis I'd need to rent a car to get around the island. For Buzios it seems like it might be a tourist trap?
If you plan on staying longer than a couple of weeks consider registering for the CPF (local identification number), as far as I understand you can do it for free online. A lot of services are only available if you have a CPF -> without I can't even ship some stuff out of the country with DHL 🤯 leaving in a couple of days anyhow so would only have done it in hindsight.
You can use Uber everywhere in Floripa
Very true, even for online purchases. It asked for my CPF, and since I haven't used it in a while I had to find the number. A very important document to have.
Just found it very unexpected, you live you learn
zwkaiioywawxj can probably here 😄
Yep, also can't order food on ifood without it, Rappi works though! znsczhkzrdmvb how exactly can I get it online?
I googled about a month ago and found posts saying it's easy to get online, didn't go further as I prefer not to get into government systems unnecessarily
hsfkmy here it is />
You can translate to English using google chrome in case of need.
thanks :blush:!!! fucgbwufhnxbbzglf
I stayed|in here> for a weekend and found it really amazing. they have 7 different spots to get the sunset and also a really cool bar where the guests have free entrance
I also heard that there’s a company creating a digital nomad community in there, although I haven’t tried it seems really cool
Stayed for one month and will be back on the 21st October, sooo many good accommodations.
What exactly are you looking for? Apartment? Full serviced?
bazourohzm wrong site.

It’s actually us at NomadX creating the project with the government, those guys are a partner accommodation, I stayed there, but the project is for the whole village like we did in Ponta do Sol (Madeira island).

We are actually working with the Brazilian government to create several communities in Brazil, first one being in Pipa.

This is our future website (just a landing page till we finish, hopefully launching on the 1st October) .

The phone card is so stupid! If there’s one thing I hope to change in Brazil is the need to have a CPF for a SIM card. Makes no sense.
is anyone inbound to São Paulo soon from Europe, Asia, or North America? lmk!
I bought a claro tourist SIM card, didn't need CPF for that
I’ll be soon but from South America smiling_face_with_tear
🛬 kgbpqvady just arrived in 💃 São Paulo, #brazil
Anyone going to Eric Prydz concert?
When are you coming xeubeusvtyqifu ?

I will be flying again on the 21st. I just left and I am totally inlove with Pipa and Brazil in general.
Where? Can’t find those anywhere.
Claro store in Rio, Shopping Rio Sul mall -> takes ages though as service is slow
🛬 dsqkevzwfubyyn just arrived in 🇧🇷 Fortaleza, #brazil
How soon is soon? I plan on coming around Nov 15
🛬 kqveqhlfs just arrived in 👙 Rio de Janeiro, #brazil
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