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Sure thing.
Iโ€™ve been in Sofia for about a week and a half. When we first got here there was no sign of it really, but there were no confirmed cases until a couple days ago. Now that itโ€™s underway here weโ€™ll see how it goes. I noticed more people wearing masks today and the local pharmacies have been out of hand sanitizer for the last several days (probably masks too but I didnโ€™t ask).
Bars and restaurants on Vitosha street, Sofia were full mid-afternoon today, despite the government announcing epidemics on a national level because of influenza B, closing theaters, schools, recommending closings of universities and such. Everything still going normal at this point.
But every smart person is appealing for isolation as the health care system wont be ae to handle and Italy scenario and it seems thats how it is gonna go everywhere if no changes are made.
bansko could be bad if it hits there. so much of the population is elderly and the medical services there are minimal. for healthy people, not significantly higher risk but the local population is definitely high risk in general.
If you are travelling from Italy, you will be asked to self quarantine www.mfa.bg/bg/embassyinfo/italy
Are they actually checking or just relying on people to be honest?
Romania just had new cases from people lying
I read an article earlier saying police has been checking for people who they asked to quarantine on the addresses they provided. Thatโ€™s what made me check the governmental website. Not sure how the procedure goes at arrivals ont he airport.
So far, most of the staff from the hospital that the government said should transform into one to work with the increasing number infectious cases is quiting because nobody asked their agreement on the topic to switch their jobs from non-infectious to infectious environment.
This is nursesโ€™ revenge as they have been lied to for years by the government their pay will increase and work conditions would get better (most get 300 eur/month and instead of a few nurses working for one doc, it is one nurse works for multiple docโ€™s which is way beyond anything normal, hence the crisis).
In short, do not come here. If you need help, you wont get it. If you get sick and spread it, you will be an unnecessary part of already a huge problem.
China and Italy would look okay to whats about to unveil hereโ€ฆ
To add onto that, the nurses of the intensive cate unit of the biggest private hospital all collectively quite their jobs 2-3 days ago.
That is what happens when you underpay and neglect working conditions for your staff, and lie to them.
Comforting thoughts /s
Iโ€™m supposedly due to arrive in Sofia tomorrow from Milan.
Apologies, but I find your decision particularly ignorant to come form Milan at such a moment.
Consider yourself a contributor
Iโ€™m cutting my stay here short and heading to the UK on Sunday to hunker down there for some of the reasons listed above. I havenโ€™t been here long and am still getting a feel for the culture, but Iโ€™ve been worried that Bulgaria wouldnโ€™t be a good place to be foreigner if/when whatโ€™s happening in Northern Italy happens here.
Sure, your Shengen visa limit and travel is way more important.
kcnbrv I am sorry but this is out of control hereโ€ฆ
Current news discussions about declaring a state of emergency.
Lets see what we wake up to.
Considering how many countries went into "omg shits gonna hit the fan" mode today I would not be surprised
Same thing in the US too. Lots of new developments today
Chatted with my brother this morning and they're still hesitating pulling his son from school. Well now all schools are closed
They closed all schools in the US already? I have to admit, I dont like that guy, but he did pull the trigger on some things quite quickly (eu travel ban)
Sorry not all schools in the US
In the 2 counties in the Seattle area, where my brother and sister both live
Well it's kind of a stupid travel ban that's full of holes but yeah better than nothing I guess? I'm conflicted
Sure it is, also creates a huge mess. But it is also an example of bold moves that might need to be done to contain it early. EU seems to not have a clue what they are doing to this moment
it is also a very thin balance people vs business which is also people at the endโ€ฆ
They closed some colleges near my hometown, to go fully remote
A pause button would be really nice lol
Just give everybody a one month break to chill and watch Netflix or something
Everything is closed as of today for two weeks until march 29 except supermarkets and drugstores.
Yeah. I've been trying to get my Bulgarian friend to prep. He's finally doing it today... Hopefully they'll be okay
I'm most worried about apartment block with shared pipes, considering what happened with the cruise ship and apartment blocks in HK in 2003
I have read from several sources that the virus can travel in close quarters via shared pipes
I'm kind of mixing 2 things up, sorry.
So one is shared/recirculated air, assuming that the filters are insufficient
The other is the bathroom pipes like in the first article.
The common thread is that in both scenario, there's a chance that you will be exposed to contaminated air
I dont think that is a thing here. If it is is so rare I havent even heard of it
As of 18 mach, no entry for citizens of Italy, Spain, UK and Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Chine, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal unless they hold a long-term or permanent residency.
in bansko the mayor sent a message to all hotels to ask their guests to leave bansko and to contact incoming reservations and tell them not to come.
Bansko is under lockdown as of now. No one is allowed to enter or leave
not surprised. it has a super vulnerable population.
(Listening to the live pressconference)
shopping will suck though if you can't get to razlog unless some of the markets that close for summer are staying open.
Iโ€™m in Bansko. Its fine. Everything I need is available at the mini markets in town, that are well stocked and empty of customers (or at least were today).
No panic buying has been evident here.
Everything seems calm.
Sucks if you wanted to move in the next two weeks, but then where would you go anywaysโ€ฆ
Iโ€™m just annoyed that deliveries for online shopping may never arriveโ€ฆ
Eh, having spent significant amounts of time there and as someone who likes to cook, the mini markets don't cut it. :)
True, in an ideal scenario. In emergencies, we can survive with them. Rethink your paradigm.
maybe the corona virus killed us all already and this is what life after death looks like?
social distancing, washing hands every two seconds, walking around with masks...
Nah. Its snowing here in Bansko. Pretty sure that means it canโ€™t be hell.
Interestingly, the reason that Bansko is in quarantine, which was a 9-year-old English boy testing positive for COVID-19, has now been debunked.
That family of 5 tested negative, and the father posted his story on Facebook. www.facebook.com/groups/1794875317452805/permalink/2528550494085280/
This is a terrible story. Did they lock down the place because of this case really? Or just to avoid people crowding up at one place which is unavoidable in bansko. Only two adults are allowed on the street at a time right now and even parks are closed here in Sofia to avoid kds contacts and people gathering.
Aside from that, the supervisor of the snowboard instructors of Ulen school has himself announced he tested positive for the virus and asked everyone who has been in contact lately to self isolate and call a their doctor for further instructions.
A seasonal worker in a restaurant in bansko also has tested positive amongst the first cases.
Its pretty easy to lock down Bansko. Thereโ€™s only really one main road in and out and its a small place. I also never heard anyone mention what the false positive rate is for a CV test. No test is 100%.
But certainly the โ€˜English tourist brings CV to Banskoโ€™ was the narrative reason for closing the resort.
the closure was good. potentially saved a lot of people given the local population is at significantly higher risk than most of the tourists who would likely bring it in.
If that was the thinking behind it then fine, but why was it done on false pretences? And try telling the local populaton that it was good when they have 4 months a year to make their money, visits were down 20% anyway, and then you close 6 weeks early.
I havenโ€™t heard the Bulgarian government announcing measures to support the local people who lost their livelihoodโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ž
i suspect most would rather not die. the local population (not the imported ones that work for high season then leave) tend to be elderly and in poor respiratory health after years of living in the highly polluted environment caused by wood fires in the winter. there is also a high smoking population. so the people who actually are residents are very much high risk. and who knows what the pretenses were. perhaps they thought what they were saying was correct? perhaps someone screwed up? perhaps it was all a big lie. no one knows.
the local govt has a duty to protect the lives of local residents, not the jobs of transient workers who just spend a few months a year in the village.
A friend of a friend was admitted in a hospital as a corona suspect in sofia. 2 positive swab tests. They treated him with anti hiv pills, ran an antibody test 5 days later - none. Go figure.
Released him and put him into 14 days quarantine for being in highly infectious environment in the hospital.
Its the local residents that own the bars and restaurants that the transient workers work in.
This will be devastating for the local economy.
Maybe necessary, but still devastating. Have some empathy...
stating facts does not mean i don't have empathy. again, i'm guessing they would rather not die. perhaps you think otherwise? have some common sense...
โ€˜Donโ€™t worry that youโ€™re poor, its better than being deadโ€™ some comfort that is...
You're a coworker? I'm curious how many local residents you know who aren't associated with co-working...

And personally? Yeah, rather be poor than dead. Poor you can recover from.
Sure, we all get reincarnated anyway...
so whats the plan for bulgaria
lockdown has been extended till the 13th of april it seems
flatten the curve, stay home. that's it for now.
Any thoughts on the differences between Bulgaria and Romania? The most obvious that I can think of is the large number of Romanians who live/work in Italy coming back here and spreading the virus
But neither countries are really doing a lot of testing, so idk if the low numbers for Bulgaria is accurate
no idea really
There are 6k test made in Bulgaria with 330 cases, we are still considered to be very early in the curve for mass testing.
We have been on a very restricted social isolation regime for 2 weeks and are estimated to be 2(+?) weeks behind the western european curve, but being on lockdown so early might change things in our favour. 100k people came back from other countries, 24k are in quarantine, as not all have come back from countries that were rated risky by WHO by the time.
its not so strict to be frank
lots of people walking around, going to the beach, lots of clothing shops are open
They were fining people in the garden in Varna yesterday, was on the news.
oh really??? didn't see that
it still doesn't explain why all the clothing stores in the main street are open..
only day pajama and night pajamas are needed these days
No shops open here in Bansko apart from mini-markets... Very few people on the streetโ€ฆI do see the occasional couple walking, or a car go past, but really not many.
Bansko should be still under quarantine. The rest of the country is only under certain level of restrictions which do not include small stores with direct access from the street if they do not allow people to crowd in.
Great news! Our 14-day quarantine measures are due to end on April 1st. Stores will be open!
(not that I actually need anything)
will bars be open too??
is there a link to read these news somewhere?
Thanks for the replies, by the way!
Bars opening โ€” not realistic
not happening
Great news! I had assumed noโ€ฆ
bars are closed in the whole country, so once Bansko is out of quarantine it means it will go into the kind of lockdown whole country is in, which is not much different to be honest.
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